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Heya~ I have a full sleeve tattoo and I live where it's almost constantly freezing so I'm in long sleeve shirts almost all the time. I once dated this boy and about a month into the relationship and he freaked out when he finally saw my whole sleeve 😂😂😂 can I get a bts reaction to you being heavily tattooed?


“That’s actually a great way to express how you feel through art.”

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“Where are you going to put my name?”

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“Are you trying to look tougher than me? Your effort’s too cute, sorry.”

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“Ahhhh those are so cool!”

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“My girlfriend is cooler than yours, hyung!”

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“…can I touch it?”

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“I want to do that so badly!”

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This was fun lol. - admin nicole 💕

Reaction to You Saying Something Dirty, but Being Too Innocent to Know What it Means. . .

Anonymous said: okay, so i had this ridiculous conversation with my friend, she always says dirty things but is too innocent minded to know what the alternative could mean. so could you do that for mx and exo. where their innocent girlfriend says something dirty, but then is like , “what? whats wrong? what did i say?” thanks sorry if its so detailed… lol

Reaction to You Saying Something Dirty, but Being Too Innocent to Know What it Means… (This is a long ass title)

[EXO Reaction Here >click]

A/N here’s the last reaction for this request sweet Anonie! Hope you like!

Kai Eonni ~


This would totally throw him off guard. He thought he had gotten himself a sweet innocent angel, but then here you are saying something that gets his friend downstairs excited and his mind running wild. He would be suspicious of whether the innocent side of you was just an act, or if you were really that innocent enough to say something like that with a straight face. Needless to say, this boi would be lost.

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He would respond in a shocked manner as well. He never expected that from you. However, once he realized that you were completely oblivious to what you had just said he would chuckle slightly, his cheeks still a little red as he says, “Jagi, be more thoughtful about what you say, especially in public, okay?” When you ask for him to explain what you had said, he would refuse at first, but if you continue to beg, he would lean into your ear and whisper, “I’ll show you when we get home.” Putting emphasis on the key word ‘show’.

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He would find this a huge turn on. The fact that you’re so innocent, but can say such dirty things, even without knowing what you said, is insanely sexy to him. He would just smirk at you, watching you as you continue talking. To others it would seem simply like a loving boyfriend admiring his girlfriend, but when you look into his eyes, there’s a whole other emotion in them, and it’s not at all innocent.

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He’d find this hysterical and adorable and he’d have no chill. The moment those words left your mouth Minhyuk would be losing it. The combination of your raunchy wording and oblivious facial expression would be pure gold to him. The little shit wouldn’t let you live it down either. He would bring up your mistake all the freaking time, especially in front of the other members just to see you get all adorably flustered. But then he would give you his cute charms to get you to forgive him so you wont be mad at him and will still give him his daily cuddles before bed.

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He would react the most maturely towards a situation like this out of all the members. He would actually grow protective of you, seeing you get flustered while Minhyuk and Shownu laugh like the animals they are would bring out his protective streak. He would help you recover from your slip up and would kiss your head saying, “It’s okay baby, I knew what you meant. Maybe next time try to word it differently in front of these prepubescent children.” Then he would move the conversation along to get the attention off of you, turning all his affection and attention on you. 

*pretend you’re jooheon in this gif*

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He always knew that somewhere inside, you weren’t as innocent as you seem. And he would tease you about this when you two were alone, but never thought that this side of you would come out in public, and he would break into laughter. This would be like a victory for him, and would allow him to tease you in ways he felt he couldn’t before. However, he wouldn’t push it and would still hold back. He would smirk to you and give you a look that sent your heart into your throat from the gleam in his eyes. 

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This would fluster him, but he also wouldn’t be able to hold in his laughter, thought he would try really hard to. He would try to cover for you, but would make it worse somehow. Causing you to get more flustered as well as your boyfriend now. This would just end horribly for both of you as the other members laugh their beautiful perfect asses off mercilessly.

(dawwww isnt he just a doll???)

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BTS Reaction: You doing a sexy dance

minniemousekpophouse said to kpopreactionsforthekpopfans:

Can you do a BTS reaction to their girl friend doing a sexy dance to Jay Park’s Mommae? If you haven’t heard the song then just BTS reaction there girl friend doing a sexy dance.

Thanks for the request :) I sorry it took so long, but I hope it’s ok 


Jin went out to eat with the boys, and you stayed home. Since you were home alone, you wanted to practice dancing. You plugged out phone into the speakers and started to play Mommae by Jay Park. But little did you know, Jin was coming home early. The music was too loud to hear the door open and close. You were hips were swaying with the beat, and Jin saw all of it. He was kind of suprised at your dance, but also a little turned.

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Yoongi had told you he would most likely be home late from the studio. You took advantage of the empty apartment to practice dancing. You turned up the speakers and play Mommae. You had the music too loud to hear the front door open. You hadn’t noticed Yoongi smirking at you until you turned around. You face flushed red as he laughed quietly.

“I didn’t know you could dance… like that at least

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You had decided to go with Hoseok to his practice. You sat in the corner and watched them practice there new choreography. After a while, the boys were tired and decided to take a break. But Hoseok was still full of energy and challenged you to a dance battle. He knew you could dance, but he didn’t know what he was in for when he put on Mommae. 

“You first.” He said. You smirked at him and moved your suductively while in sync with the music. His eyes grew wide and he quickly stopped you.

“Yah! Don’t dance like that infront of the other boys!” He laughed and held your hips still.

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Rap Monster:

Namjoon was in the shower, and were bored out of your mind. So you decide to dance to pass time. You turn on Mommae by Jay Park, and stand up from the bed. You walk to the middle of the room and move your body to the beat of the music. You couldn’t help but let out a laugh when you heard Namjoon playing singing along to the song in the shower. Or at least you thought he was in the shower. He stopped singing and you looking over your shoulder to see him walking into the room. He was smirking as he leaned on the wall.

“Don’t stop, the song’s not over yet.”

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You and Tae were just hanging out with the other boys, and out of no where he asks you if you know how to dance. You deny it shyly and your face turns red a little. 

“Don’t lie Y/N!” Jimin laughed, “ I may or may not have saw you dancing the other day.”

You eyes grew wide at Jimin, and Tae was looking at you with wide eyes as well. Jimin continued to laugh as he pulle out his phone.

“It was this song I believe.” He said and put on Mommae. Your cheeks grew red and Jimin pulled you off the couch. Tae kept his eyes on you as you finally gave in and started to dance. Tae’s jaw dropped your movements, and he quickly grabbed a couch pillow to cover his growing boner.

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Jimin was the type of guy to sneak up on you at the worst times. Today, you thought Jimin would be out all day, so you decided to practice your moves while the house was empty.

“Jagi- oh hello~” He smirks as he closes the front door. Your music was too loud to hear him enter, so you just kept on moving like no one was watching. That was until he walked behind you and placed his hands on your hips.

“Jimin! How much did you see?” You asked worriedly.

“Enough to make me feel some type of way.” He smirked at you while wiggling his eyebrows.

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You decided to suprise Jungkook while he was at practice, just because you missed him. When you got to the practice room, only his choreographer was in there. He looked up and saw you.

“They went to get lunch.” He smiled. You nodded and got an idea.

“I want to suprise Kookie with a dance routine.” You said bluntly, “Could you possibly teach me a small routine?”

“Yeah, of course!” He laughed and played Mommae.

About an hour later, the boys came into the practice and saw you doing a seductive dance.

“Yah, you’re suppose to dance for me, not him!” Jungkook shouted with jealousy.

“He was teaching me a dance to show you.” You nervously laughed while the other boys whistled at Jungkook, and he turned into a flustered Kookie.

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I hope it’s okay :)

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Can you do the one where lance get hit and blue starts freezing up and he gets frostbite? It's to long to post the whole in the ask Lol-- and since it's ok to ask more, i might ask for another... I'm sorry i just like the way you writeÕ_Õ

Yeah. I like that one too. And it’s no big deal. Honestly I’m so happy you like my Prompts so much. Feel free to ask away as many as you like.


Lance was still dealing with the after affects of the last mission they went on. Blue was malfunctioning, and there was honestly no problem with any part of her. Her controls and armor were all fixed, but somehow she still was “broken”. The insides of Blue’s cockpit was freezing cold. The controls even colder against Lance’s warm hands.

He had to spend hours training I the freezing cold of Blue’s cock pit. Some days his fingers only turned a light blue from lack of warmth and blood flow. The longest mission they had gone on was wrecking Lance’s hands. As he fought his fingers turned numb and he wasn’t sure how he continued to pilot Blue and fight.

He guessed it was the adrenaline and the wish to not let down his team. His brain always supplied with him useless depressive thoughts and they only made him work himself to the brink of danger and exhaustion. His hands were slowly turning more and more of a dark color during he current mission. It had been hours.

They were stuck fighting for hours on hours. Finally. Thank the stars it was over finally. Lance was shiver and his cheeks and nose were a bright pink and his hands and fingers were an unnatural purple and blue color. He had been able to hide the pain they gave him so far. It they had never gotten this bad.

As he got out of Blue he sighed in thankfulness to the warmth of the castle. Thankfully his hands were covered with gloves but they were still freezing cold. Cold enough to burn a little bit of prolonged touch ensued. The team high fives and as Shiro gave Lance a high five Lance winced in pain.

He shuddered as a burning feeling ran from his finger tips up his arms slowly. He could barely move his fingers and they were numb with cold and he held them close to his body as he smiled with team. Shiro narrowed his eyes at Lance’s actions and quietly huffed. “What’s wrong wth your hands Lance?” Shiro asked suddenly.

Lance’s eyes widened and he pulled them closer into his chest. “It’s nothing..” he mumbled and looked away. Without another word Shiro closed the distance between them and grabbed Lance’s wrist and yanked off the glove. Lance winced and looked away at the terrified gasps of the team

His hand was a dark purple and almost black. At his finger tips. “Lance..” Hunk let out in worry as he looked at Lance’s hands. “How long..”

“About a week or two…” Lance replied. “It wasn’t that bad until now. We usually only trained for about an hour and a half and nothing happened but the hours of this mission, I guess, took a toll on them. Blue has been malfunctioning and is freezing cold inside. Everything is fixed about her but she’s freezing cold inside…” he mumbled in defeat.

The team was silent, unable to believe they hadn’t noticed at all. Especially since they trained every day about three times before eating. They just didn’t know what to say as Lance was ushered to go get healing before his hands were completely done for. The team was silent, guilt laying over them like a weighted blanket. Had they really been that blind to never see until now how Lance flinched at the high fives and how burning come his hands had been..?

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What does ANGST mean?

So @littlestdanvers asked me awhile ago how I define angst, and like the locked vault she is, she remembered my definition when I blanked! 

But here it is! ANGST is something that makes you impatient or stressed about a storyline, but still keeps you hooked

So Kara and Lena’s conversation plays on a variety of emotions and simultaneously hooks you into wanting more! 

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Hello Mod! I have Volume I of TPoH and I love it soso much. I would love to throw money at you for a second volume. Is that something that will ever happen? I know you're busy doing art! But I thought it couldn't hurt to ask. Have a great day!

I really hope so, but I am still trying to find someone who can distribute the books! the manual effort of parcelling and carrying them to the post office is getting too much for my hands to cope with and a second volume would make a huge surge in work on that end- if all else fails I’ll self publish again like with Volume 1 but I am really hoping to find some pro help for the task

She’s a child

Requested by “Hiii how are you? Can I have a request if you’re still doing them. Where you’re Ethan and Graysons younger sister (like 16) and they do a video where they go through your unopened dms and get protective because of all the inappropriate comments you get from random guys and girls.”

A/N: sorry this one took so long to get up and it’s pretty short too. Been super busy with school and getting all my makeup done since I’ve been very sick lately. Hope you enjoy none less and requests are always open! ♡

warnings; none except horrible transitions.

“What up everybody! We’re back!”

A grin broke onto your face at the sight of your older brothers happy expressions. 

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So, as you may have noticed from the asks currently on the blog, one of the newer admins stole texts word for word from @bangtanhmu and changed the idol’s name. As soon as I saw the asks saying they’d been plagiarized, I checked the links an anon sent and immediately deleted the post. I wish I had seen it sooner, because that post was up for a day or two, which is far too long. The post has been reblogged already and is out there forever now. I have also messaged the person who had their work stolen personally and apologized.

One of my biggest fears when I was looking for new admins (all the old ones are people I know personally and trust) was that whoever I hired on was going to steal other people’s work or do something to harm this blog. As you may or may not know, this blog was not originally mine. It was handed down to me because the original owner left, and I was the only admin left. Because of that, I have always wanted to make the og owner proud. I’ve had my work stolen in the past, and it’s an awful feeling.

The admin who stole those texts, Ashli, has been removed from the blog and is not welcome back. I have also deleted the other new admin (partly because I can’t get a hold of them, and because I don’t want this to happen again). From now on, the only admins on this blog will be people I personally know and have a lot of trust in. All of their old posts will be deleted, and the requests will be redone. She told me none of the others were stolen, but I’m not taking that chance.

Ashli has apologized, and hopefully she won’t do this again. She told me it was because she hadn’t posted in a while, and felt pressure to make something good. I would much rather leave the blog dead for a few days until someone has inspiration rather than plagiarize. I have never had deadlines for any of the admins and never advocated for stealing or plagiarizing. Feeling pressure is not an excuse to steal. I wish she just would have told me she was having a hard time coming up with something, because I wouldn’t have minded at all.

Again, I am so so sorry to @bangtanhmu, and I am more than happy to do anything I can to make it up to them. I will never ever let this happen again on this blog. We’ve been around for a long time, and with 3,000+ followers, we have no excuse not to be making quality and original work. I am so genuinely upset this has happened, and I am so sorry I wasn’t able to address this sooner.

Thank you so much for sticking with us. We are not people who advocate or tolerate stealing other people’s work. If you have any more comments or questions, you are more than welcome to send in asks or message me personally at @beccaperson

~Admin Becky

  • Ranma: I'm here to stop the senseless raid of panties!
  • Happosai: 92.
  • Ranma: This has gone on for too long, and now you’re going to pay!
  • Happosai: 355.
  • Ranma: I am… I… what are you…?
  • Happosai: No. Go on. Continue. Don’t mind me.
  • Ranma: And… I'm the one who will stop you!
  • Happosai: Oh, wow. 419.
  • Ranma: That’s it! What the hell are you doing?
  • Happosai: Oh, sorry. It’s a little hobby of mine. I hear these heroic speeches so wearily often. So I started keeping a mental list of how often I hear certain lines.
  • Ranma: You… you insane bastard!
  • Happosai: 190.
  • Ranma: Yeah? Well, uh… I'm going to… fuck your face!
  • Happosai: Oh, oh, my! 12.

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Not a request... Do you know of any other mysme blog where I could request some NSFW Zen? I know your headcannon are coming up but I want something more personally specific and your requests are closed.

Aww honey im so sorry! Yeah specific requests have been shut for a while because I didn’t want to take on things that so many people would be waiting for such a long time for :( I hope to reopen them soon!

@casualpastelgay is a zen fangirl and i think her requests are awesome and her smuts are lovely 

@avistella is an amazing zen writer as well but i don’t know if her requests are open

@victuuri-on-ice-is-gay I’m pretty sure takes nsfw requests and is pretty awesome too 

@mysmekitten also does nsfw but I’m not sure if she’s open either… 

Anyone i’ve tagged please feel free to reblog/tag any other blogs that come to mind that can help this lovely nonny out!

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how have you been shipping joohyuk and sungkyung since 2014??

Umm so I found out about NJH through AKMU’s 200% which came out in 2014 and I thought he was really cute so I was looking for pics of him when I came across a photoshoot he did with LSK.. and I thought she was really pretty so I looked her up too and found out they were both from YG K+ and being the YG stan I am, I thought they were adorable and I’ve been shipping them since haha
So then I’ve seen most of the dramas they’re had significant roles in.. I was so happy seeing them together in Cheese in the Trap but then they were both the leads in WLFKBJ and I was literally jumping with joy LOL
Here are pics of that 2014 photoshoot hehe you’ll see why I shipped them way back then~ 

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hi!! so ive bought your prints at supanova for a couple of years and as an artist i hope to have a table sometime in the future!! ive looked up a few guides on tabling for the first time i was just wondering how many prints you order for supanova specifically bc i assume the circumstances would be different for different cons?? sorry if this question is asking too much! thanks!!

aw thank you so much for comin and visiting me for so long wah!!!! ;; 

tabling for the first time can be super scary and intimidating! but i can say that the experience itself is super super fun and you make many friends along the way!!

for prints you gotta look at whats popular and look at what other people are selling and how well those things sell. for stuff that i Know is popular, i’ll order like around 10~20 and for stuff that’s like, a risk, i’ll order around 5~10. in general though a qty of 10 is my average for my prints!

i think when i first tabled i had around 5 print designs? i dont remember (it was like almost 4 years ago now omfg) AND NOW I HAVE LIKE. 20~30?! 

im not sure if you are gc or brisbane based, but i get my prints done at snap printing on ann st and they have been absolutely amazing to me. defs recommend using them. 

I wasn’t planning on doing this but you know what I can’t take this anymore. For the last two years being involved with someone that I never knew would become so important too me. The way things happened were fucked up, yes. Going from hiding things to being open and people hating the idea of it. But we were happy. But apparently I asked for too much. I wanted your attention and your affection. I wanted you to be down for me the way I was down for you. But you never could. You say I’m mad because you didn’t give me what I wanted? I’m sorry but if you’re in a long distance relationship and you choose to not FaceTime or you pull excuses to not spend time with them that’s not cool. FaceTime, phone calls, quick trips, etc. are all needs in a long distance relationship not a want. Yes, you’d call me and I appreciate that. You went out of your comfort zone. I treated you the way you deserve to be treated. With such tenderness, understanding, patient. You knew I was in love with you years ago and it didn’t scare you, it made you happy. And you fell in love with me back. It wasn’t perfect. We fought a lot. But at the end of the day we still chose each other. But it gets tiring waiting for someone to see things from your perspective cause I definitely could see yours. Never would I try and control you and get mad at you for doing things. But here’s what you never saw. You never bothered to give me the time of day like you were giving other people. The one thing I loved about you dearly was that you go out of your way for people. You never thought to go that extra mile for me. You were content with texting 24/7 and I just wanted more. I wanted our connection to grow and I wanted to grow more with you. I ended things because I needed too and had to do it for myself. Yes I was a dick about things but it gets tiring when I would bring up something that is a constant bother to me and it never got fixed. You were fantastic to me just like I was fantastic to you. I guess I just expected too much. Now you’re saying I didn’t treat you right and that makes no sense. Cause I’m sure I didn’t deserve to be cheated on 3 times. You know I was in the wrong for picking fights and not communicating very well with you and that’s on me. I know the wrong I’ve done. I’ll get blamed for this like I always get blamed for everything else.

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I was trying to find jenniesims objects like their pokemon toys that everyone seems to have except me. I didn't know they did photoskin. I don't like photoskin stuff either. I'll keep searching to see if I can find some of their objects.

Oh yeah they did objects too, I completely forgot they had also those. (I mostly make Sims so I rarely look at buy/build stuff anywhere) That said, Pokemon toys sound like something that would be popular among many people so it’s likely that someone has at least those. Good luck on your search and sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. The only things I keep finding is their Sims 3 and 4 content and links to their long since dead forum. :(

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I miss "fic rec friday" so very much...

hey anon! this probably isn’t the response you were looking for, but it’s a post i’ve been putting off making for months.

first, it always makes my day to know that someone enjoyed those posts as much as i did! so thank you!

i’m sorry i just kinda stopped making fic recs without saying anything about it. i kept telling myself i’d get to it next week and next week and next week. i had one million explanations as to why i wasn’t getting around to them. but. i guess there are only a few important ones.

because i miss doing fic recs too. in a way. it’s such a fun way to be engaged in fandom and to create things with low pressure. i really enjoyed making them for a long time. and i recommend it, if anyone’s looking for something to add to their fandom!

but it stopped being as enjoyable for me sometime last summer. it turned into a chore that was weirdly stressful. it felt like something i had to do–more work instead of a fun way to play and relax.

this turned super long so i’ll stick the rest under a cut.

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Hi! I saw your post about binders for all orientations, and I wondered if that applied to top surgery as well? I'm a female, but kind of androgynous? Also, I'm ace too, so hi fellow ace friend!! Sorry if all this comes off as really rude or offensive, I'm just unsure

It definitely applies the same!

Honestly, when I had my top surgery, it had a bit less to do with my being agender than it did with the fact that I just really -hated- having boobs in general.

It was the very best thing for me personally, and so long as you’re sure it’s the right thing for you, top surgery can be for anyone. :D
Technical difficulties, part 2

RE: this post
Thank you for the nice replies!! :’)) I should respond to replies more often,I’m sorry

Good news: The SATA-usb cord arrived and it works. The HDD isn’t dead either: looks like I’ll be able to save my TS2 saves/files!!

Bad news: the PC arrived too, but.. It doesn’t work. It just bleeps, doesn’t boot. There’s something wrong with its memory, maybe..?

I sent an email to support, waiting for reply.. I’ll probably have to send it back for repairs. Dunno how long that will take. At least this one definitely still has warranty!!!

This just feels unreal. How can one person be so unlucky with tech stuff? HOW?
This sounds pathetic, but I’m seriously about to cry right now. Ugh. :/ So frustrating.

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I remember finding a post once and it went something like this; Other Video Game Writers: Ughhh! Writing strong, independent female characters is just too hard! There's no way this can be done! The Pokémon Writers: *All the female Trainers suddenly pop up* I'm sorry, what was that? Uh-huh.... that's what I thought. -Smol Fitey

//Literally you just… don’t make them weak, helpless, damsel in distress sex models only out for the romantic affections of the overly-masculine male protagonist.

Now, sprinkling like one or two of those traits in there is okay, but so long as they’re not the core focus. Female characters can be hopelessly in love with a a guy- that’s fine, it happens, but like as long as that’s not their entire character arc and they have other strengths and weaknesses aside from “Literally only cares about Male protag A”

Pokemon does that right I think- especially since 9/10 times the female characters are some of the strongest. To this day people STILL Fear Cynthia and I think that’s something to be respected- that ten years after a games release, one girl stands out as one of the most terrifying trainers in the game- in the entire series really.