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Sorry for the late TUTOR TUESDAY, but here it is! Today is on clothing folds and was a recommendation from @kitemist, thanks! If you have any recommendations you’d like to see send ‘em in here or my personal! Hopefully I can expand on clothes more soon! Keep practicing, have fun, and I’ll see you next week!

dally & the curtises’ sister - imagine

requested by 2 anons - this is v long overdue im really sorry!
warnings: strong language

The dreaded Monday morning rolled around the corner more quickly than you anticipated. It had felt like only a second since you had fallen asleep late Sunday night and then woken up to the sounds of your regularly bustling house. But Monday mornings were like any other weekday - Darry got up first, then Soda, and then you and Pony. Normally, all that was on your mind was getting to school and finishing the monotonous school day as soon as possible.

But for the past two weeks only one person had been on your mind: the person  you’d been warned countless times by your older brother and two younger ones to stay away from - the one and only Dallas Winston. You knew, or rather thought, that he couldn’t be as terrible as many told you he was. You’d been hanging around him recently… in a way that had been quite a bit more than simply friendly. You knew your brothers would yell at you if you slipped up and let them figure it out, so you usually were very careful when it came to cutting class to meet up with Dal.

Initially, Dally nearly refused to acknowledge you at all, since you’re the only Curtis sister. It was easy for you to see that Dal definitely knew better than getting close to you, but was tempted by the possibility that none of your brothers would ever know a thing. 

So, you were up and dressed and nearly out the door when you finally noticed the commotion in the background.

“C’mon guys, don’t go worryin’ about me,” Pony croaked out from a sore throat. He was jamming a foot into one of his beat sneakers while sniffling. “I’m alright guys, you hear?”

“Are you sure you’ll be okay goin’ to school, Pony?” Soda asked, actually having remembered to button up his DX shirt. 

There had been countless times that Pony had gone to school being sick, so you and your brothers knew he’d be alright. But Soda always asked just to make sure.

“Yeah, Soda, just get to work. I can take care of myself just fine.”

Hearing that, you realized you were in the clear - Pony was going to school and no one would be home. Now all you had to do was go in through the front door of school and leave through the back, so that no one you knew could say that you didn’t show up. But after that, you’d be home free.

You made your way to school, got through the front door, quickly greeted acquaintances who told you greeted you first before finally escaping through the door in the back. Just enough time had passed for you to be sure that Pony was probably at school, leaving the house empty. But waiting for you out the back door was the slightly intimidating figure of Dally, who had been smoking a cigarette. Upon noticing you, he pulled you closer by one of the belt loops on your jeans.

“Where to?” he asked, tilting his head at you a bit with squinted eyes and furrowed eyebrows because of the sun.

“Well, no one’s home, so if you don’t feel like sneaking back into Bu-”

“The Curtis house it is.” He nodded, taking his last drag on the cigarette between his middle finger and thumb before he putting it out. 

You two were at your front door, Dal’s lips on yours, his hands feeling you up as you began to open the door. The door fell open, probably just in time for you to have realized that Soda’s and Pony’s jaws fell open too.

“Y/N! What the hell are you two doing?!”

“Dally get offa her!”

Soda’s voice and Pony’s hoarseness scared the living shit out of you. And so you and Dally had pushed each other away, almost simultaneously taking a step away from each other. You felt your ears get hot, but instead of seeming embarrassed, Dal looked more irritated than anything.

“You said no one was fuckin’ home, Y/N,” he huffed under his breath.

“Well, Pony said he was fine!” you argued, gesturing to the sick kid wrapped in what seemed like three blankets on the sofa.

“Mind you, I am fine, Soda oughta go to work,” Pony, white as a sheet and sweating bullets, managed to squeeze out of a lost voice.

“How ‘bout you shut up Pony! You threw up all over me right after Y/N left!” Soda shot back, pointing at an ugly stain on his blue DX shirt.

You rolled your eyes at their conversation, your heart pounding at the fact that Soda and Pony knew now. Knowing the boys - and the way they knew Dally - it was inevitable that they would tattle and tell Darry. Darry couldn’t know about this - he’d lose it.

“But forget that! Since when were you two-” Soda started, clearly frustrated and struggling to find the words to express his anger or shock at you and Dal. “Gosh, Dally, I oughta beat your damn head in!”

“Y/N, what were you even thinkin’?” Pony quickly added.

“Listen you two, if you do so much as even breathe of word of this to Darry, I’ll-”

“You’ll what?” Soda pushed.

“A word of what?” The owner of the voice you dreaded to hear had just walked in through the door, a white pharmacy bag in hand. You witnessed the expression of disappointment and anger spread across Darry’s face when he realized you and Dally were there. 

“Y/N, why in the world are you here?! And why are you here?!” he asked you first, and then Dally. You looked over at Dally who seemed pretty apathetic before returning your gaze to Darry, unable to find the words to say. And then it seemed to click for Dar.

“No,” Darry said, almost in denial, as if he didn’t believe his eyes. “This is not happening. Ever.”

“C’mon Darry, don’t you think you’re overreacti-”

No, I don’t think I’m overreacting! Y/N, you have a future! Y/N, he’s a terrible influence and I just can’t let you destroy it all over someone like him! Dallas, granted, he’s more or less our friend, but I don’t think I’d like to know how often you been skippin’ school!”

”Whatever, man,“ Dally said, shrugging his shoulders and rolling his eyes. “I didn’t wanna be here anyhow.”

“Like hell you didn’t,” Darry said, glaring at Dal as he left.

And with that, Dally spared you a passing glance as he managed to squeeze between you and Darry in order to leave. Dal closed the door behind him and you noticed that there were no words to explain yourself - you felt speechless.

“God, are you serious?” you managed to choke out.

“I’m only lookin’ out for you, Y/N,” Darry said, after a sigh of disappointment. “I’d never try and steer you in the wrong direction.” 

“I get that, Darry. And I appreciate it. But you gotta trust that I can look out for myself.”

“Well as long as Soda, Pony, and I are breathin’, we’re the ones lookin’ out for you, y’hear?”

I saw a post in the jjba tag about a week or so ago, that said something like 

“Why do most people hate Anasui but like Yukako? they’re basically the same character! If Anasui was a lesbian I bet everyone would like him then uwu" 

I’ve been thinking about it lately and it’s like… honey… Yukako actually becomes a better person after the incident (or at least, she stops being a destructive asshole towards Koichi), Koichi accepts her and returns her feelings, and they become a cute and happy couple. 

Anasui on the other hand never gets over his obsession with Jolyne, or his hostility at anyone that tries to get close to her, and Jolyne never returns his feelings so their relationship goes nowhere… 

And there’s the fact that Anasui’s a murderer and is fairly older than Jolyne; the latter doesn’t REALLY matter since Jolyne is of legal age, but still: his situation with Jolyne is very obviously different from Yukako’s. 

…This doesn’t have anything to do with gender either? I’ve seen plenty of people who dislike Yukako because of how her kidnapping thing was never properly resolved, and plenty of people still love Anasui anyway, just like how terrible characters like all of the villains are adored in the fandom.


Hey friends!

It’s Meg here for TUTOR TUESDAY! Today is part one of drawing trees. I’ll do a tutorial on painting trees next time! This was a recommended tutorial, and if you have any tutorials you’d like to see just send em in here or at my personal! Have fun, keep practicing, and I’ll see you next week!

Omg I am so late for @lanceweek ! Free day was a good opportunity so I coloured my entry for @voltroncoloringbook

Yeah, Lance and Blue again nobody can stop me
Mini lions would be super cute !  💙

More Adrienette for the soul


Folded Clothes for The Sims 4

Hey, happy new year !

Again, sorry for the lack of news, I don’t play with my Sims a lot lately. But I’m fine, newt week, I move in my new appartment, and you can’t imagine how exited I am. I have to buy almost all the furniture, it’s like building a starter house in the sims, with my budget :o

So ! I created these folded clothes long ago, but at first, I wanted to include them in a bigger set. But it’s a bit hard to find the motivation to create furniture when you already work on 3D stuff all the day. :p

  • Two items are included : a single folded clothes, and a stack of three.
  • You can stack them. If you want to create a column of clothes, you can do it !
  • Each item has 20 different colors options.
  • Polycount : 258 for the single one, 546 for the stack.
  • Price in game : 12§ for the single one, 36§ for the stack.

Download : SimFileShare

And if you like my creations, feel free to make a donation ! ;)

And if want to edit one of my custom content and share it, or use it as a base, please just ask. Don’t re-upload my content and claim it as your own !

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA ONE VERY LATE FANART– this sucks- being sick for 2 weeks sucks– :’‘‘y and i’m not feeling 100% better just yet– /cries/

anyways this is a (LATE) fanart when the day that Yoga vid release and i got REALLY sick and i couldn’t finish it at the time. so i hope you all can forgive me and @markiplier himself (sorry dude!) :’’’’y

hope y’all like it.. or i dunno eeehhhh

Hello everyone! To celebrate NCT Dream’s 1st win (edit: and 2nd win!!), and to show my gratitude to our amazing fandom for always loving and supporting the boys, I am hosting a small giveaway~ thank you to @onyourmarklee for inspiring me ♡♡♡


  • 2 sealed ‘NCT Dream - The First’ albums 
  • 2 unfolded ‘NCT Dream - The First’ posters + tube 

2 winners will be selected randomly to receive 1 album and 1 poster each


  • This giveaway is open internationally and shipping is free :) 
  • If you are under 18, please receive permission from your parent or guardian before entering 
  • Please be prepared to provide your name, address and contact details
  • Please keep your ask box or inbox open when the giveaway ends so I can notify you if you win 
  • Please respond within 48 hours or I will have to choose another winner 
  • Winners will be chosen randomly via an online generator 

Entry Requirements:

  • This giveaway is open to all NCT stans
  • Reblogging this post gives you one (1) entry
  • Likes are not counted as entries but can be used as bookmarks 
  • You can gain an additional entry if you submit a reason why NCT Dream or a particular member is important to you, no max/min word count 
  • Following me is not required but is much appreciated 
  • Please continue to support NCT Dream and the rest of NCT~ 

8th March 2017, 00:00 AM KST - 2 weeks from now and on Koeun’s birthday

Once again, thank you everyone for always showing NCT your limitless love and support! Good luck, remember to drink water and have a great day~ ♡

A lot of people asked for this one (you all sinners), so I decided to took my time and made an animation. And that’s why it took me almost 3 week (so sorry for being late!)

I was going to colored it but photoshop is crashed on me tonight. So…maybe later…who knows. There are some obvious mistakes cause like…this is my 5th animation?but is a good practice and i actually enjoy doing them.

Kiss art challenge

(I’m not taking more requests, I’m just finishing the ones I’ve previously had)

Victuuri Week

Day 2AU: Historical, Time Travel

Something like an AU where Victor and Yuri are treasure hunters and can travel in time to find lost relics and learn about the different cultures along the decades. Also I tried to give them a Steampunk look because I thought it would fit in the prompt ;D


Lapidot Week Day 2: Dancing/Ice skating

Peri!!! on Ice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Sorry I got this one late :3 decided to use my human au for this prompt so here have Peri as a beautiful Katsudon who can’t see shit rn and Laz as the sexy couch ‘cuz I’m also a Victuuri trash and wanted to draw lapidot with their matching outfits


Being cute and interacting with fans, Detroit, 8/29/15