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Speed of Sound

Word Total: 877

Request: Anonymous asked: Could you write one where the reader and Poe were childhood friends and when he comes back from a mission she confesses his love for him but he doesn’t understand she means romantically at first?

Pairing:  Poe x Reader

Notes: I’m sorry it took so long, writer’s block

You quickly removed your helmet and hastily made your way down the X-Wing. “Well Y/N, you’re on the way to becoming the worst pilot in the Resistance” Putting your helmet under your arm you turned to the owner of the voice and groaned. “Good thing, though, you can actually repair it this time” Jessika grinned patting the damaged part of the X-wing as you rolled your eyes.

You put your helmet down and observed the damage. From a very deep hole, smoke came out from the back of the X-wing. You scratched the back of your neck as other pilots went passed you and Jessika gaping at your X-Wing. “I— “

“Is not a game Y/N, you could’ve had died” You nodded crossing your arms. “Is now or never, you might as do it; now that you came out alive from that mission. Who know what tomorrow bring?” She smirked tapping her foot against the concrete floor.

“Sika, I can’t. He is the best pilot in the Resistance and as you said I am the worst let—“

“No, you will go and tell Poe that you like him. And of the story, if he says he doesn’t like you; well he’s lying”

You sighed fidgeting with the sleeves of your orange jumpsuit.  “Do you have to be here?” You inquired looking over your shoulder; Jessika only grinned and gave you thumbs up.

“I am here for support and to make sure now you tell him. I am tired that you complained about him all the time”  

You turned around waiting for Poe’s X-Wing to appear. Maybe this was a bad idea. “Can I do it another day?” Sika looked at the sky and pointed at the descending X-Wing. “No, I can’t; I am coward. Maybe she doesn’t like me. I am just his best friend. Yeah, don’t want to ruin that friendship”

You turned around ready to run. “Y/N”

Poe put a hand on your shoulder and turned you around. “What’s wrong? Did your mission failed again?”

You turned red and removed his hand from your shoulder. “Of course not, everythi—“

“What? Really” Of course BB-8 had to be a noisy droid and give you away. “How in the name of the galaxy, you manage to do this?” Poe gaped at the now noticeable hole in the X-Wing. “How did you manage to land?”

You growled and turned to the direction of Jessika and BB-8. “I’m awesome” You sarcastically said as Poe inspected the damage in the X-wing. “Poe, I need to tell you something very important” Poe just nodded and kept investigating the whole. “I am serious, Poe”

“Hi, serious; I am Poe. Poe Dameron” Poe grinned at you; you flushed and narrowed your eyes. “Sorry, sorry. What is so important?”

“I—“Taking a deep breath you get closer to Poe. He looked down at your focused by your sudden action. “Like you” and like a wildfire in dry season, redness invaded your whole face.

“I like you too” Poe hugged you against his chest. You could smell his particular essence, X-Wing fuel, motor oil, a masculine musk that it was so Poe. “You’re my best friend”

You groaned frustrated and laid your forehead against his chest. “Not like that”

“Why do you mean not like that? I am not your best friend”

You took a deep breath and took a step back; taking his face with your hands you looked at him. Yes, your face was red as lava; but you didn’t care he need to know and you need it to say it aloud. “I really like, like, like you”

Poe tilted his head and his curls tickled your hands. “Did you injured in your head?” he said in a slow manner. You threw up your hand in the air. This was useless.

“Poe. I like you, not like a friend. A like you’re more than that”

“Yes, because I am your best friend. Come on, let’s go to the doctor for a check—“

“I fucking love you alright” You shouted at the top of your lungs. Everybody that was on the base stopped and looked at you, your hands directly went to the back of your head. “I—“You nervously smiled trying to look for a route of escape. Maybe you could run to the forest and forever live like a hermit. Yes, that was a plausible option.


“I should go, you know for a check-up” You nervously laughed but closed your mouth when Poe marched up to you and took you in his arms. “Poe?”

His breath tickled your nose. “What are you doing?”

“What I should done the first time I saw you”


“I like your hair when it’s down” You shook your head. “And this”

His lips landed on your soft ones. “I like you too”

“Like a friend, friend or love like?” You joked and Poe took you in his arms caressing your hair. Poe laughed and inclined to kiss you again.

“Those that answer your question”

You shook your head putting your hand behind his neck, playing with his curly hair. “Hmmm… no… I need more convincing” Poe rolled his eyes and leaned once again to kiss you

“Get a room!”