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I'm sorry but I'm new to your blog and a little confused about your current gameplay family tree, could you explain to me your sims relationdhips with each other, thaaaanks ❤️


omfg anon i made this just for you!!!! 

so this is the scott family (plus extras!) 

  • silas scott is the founder! he was a cute lil skinny bi boy who wanted to make it on his own! 
  • one day he went to a club and met siblings messiah messi and bambi meza!
  • silas & bambi sung a duet, but it was silas & messi who fell in love! they got married and move in together! 
  • eventually, they moved to newcrest and bambi moved in with them (cause i loved bambs)
  • after a while, they wanted kids so bambi was their surrogate for all four of their babs! 
  • welcome farrah scott
  • soon after followed fifi scott (and current heir) and bambs said NO MORE
  • but then fifi died in a fire (she stayed around as a ghost) and bambi was like uhhh i guess ONE MORE but idk silas is sneaky somehow and she had TWINS
  • welcome 2 the fam leo and lulu scott!
  • soooo currently farrah is about to do the bachelorette challenge (which is where the “possible babies” posts come from!)
  • our evil heiress however is in LOVE with wendy hite! wendy is gonna be the gen2 spouse :^)
  • i also havent rly spoke about her parents but she has two mums! adelyn (an alien) and haeju! both mamas have only been featured in this post and this one!

i hope this helped, anon! it’s not overly dramatic so its not super difficult to follow! the biggest difference is that bambi is the kids biological mother (silas is their biological father), but they call her aunt bambs and messi is dad! 

Secrets Undone|| Pia x Harry

Harry had just arrived home from being in the studio. He was currently finishing up small details for his solo album that he would be releasing in a few months. He didn’t think that he was going to be in the studio for so long. He yawned as he set down his keys and wallet as he walked down the small hallway that lead tot he kitchen.

“Pia?” He called out as he went to make himself a glass of water. He wondered where his girlfriend was as he took a sip of his drink. He was going to see if the other wanted to run out to get something to eat with him or if she wanted to just order take out.


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if you don't mind, I have another request: one with a teasing harry, where he sees you scroll on your phone - maybe looking at some videos of him from when he was last gone on tour - and then he comes up behind you, seeing you looking at him on your phone, and then he teases you about stalking him, or being a silly fan who only thinks about fantasy/fanfic harry? idk, is this stupid? xo

omfg no this isn’t stupid cute!harry literally makes my life aah sorry this took so long but is it okay if i make it short? i’ll try to make it as long as i can, though. XOXO (gossip girl) 

It’s early in the morning.

Harry was still passed out next to you, laying on his stomach, snoring lightly. You smile and press a gentle kiss to his temple, careful not to wake him.

But then the fangirl side of you decided this was too cute of an opportunity to pass up. You log onto Snapchat, carefully capturing Harry’s sleeping face in your favourite dog filter, and posting it onto your story with the caption: sleepy head.

You decide that eight a.m. was too early for you to start your day. You were desperately craving a cup of coffee or tea, but you settled for lying next to Harry, scrolling through your Instagram feed, as well as your Twitter.

You sniffled a laugh when you see you’re tagged in a video a fan took of Harry on stage. Or, to be more precise, Harry on stage falling. You immediately like it, biting your nail as you do, careful not to let your shaking frame wake Harry up.

But then one video turned into five, and soon an hour has passed and you are so deep into the Harry Styles tag that it was impossible to claw yourself out of it. Or out of bed, for that matter.

So you were more than shocked when you feel Harry shift from behind you. You stop scrolling. Were you shaking harder than you thought? You’ve come across some downright hilarious ones, but–

Harry mumbles something incoherent, and his muscular arms wrap themselves around your waist. He still has his eyes closed as he murmurs against your shoulder, “Morning.”

Your heart flutters as you lean back into his embrace, echoing, “Morning.”

He peeks over your shoulder, eyes adjusting to the bright glow of your phone, and grins, “Stalking me?”

You try to shut off your phone while simultaneously throwing it to the end of the bed, but Harry grabs it out of your hand. His smile only widens as he scrolls up and down – confirming that you have liked a lot of videos of him on tour. 

“Gimme my phone back!” You try to fight him for it, but he exclaims, “You’re so cute! Like my personal fangirl.”

You try to frown, but how could you with his beautiful green eyes looking back at you? Your jaw drops, “I’m not your personal fangirl! I’m just…proud of you! That’s all!”

“Mhm,” Harry teases, letting your phone peacefully slip back into your hands. He pulls you closer, the morning making his voice raspy. “Proud enough to write some erotic fanfiction?”

You try to hide your blush, but he catches it right away. He howls, “You wrote fanfiction about me?? MY GIRLFRIEND WROTE–”

“Stop it!” You smack him with a pillow as his whole body shakes with laughter, making him defenceless. “I had a writing phase, okay? Stop laughing! You’re so rude!”

“No,” Harry makes out between mangled breaths. “It…It’s so adorable. You’re so adorable.”

You give into his kisses, sinking your face in your hands. “Hey, hey,” he tips your head up to meet his. His green eyes sparkle. “How would you describe me? How would you write me, right now?”


“No, I’m not mocking you, trust me,” Harry interrupts. “I just want to know how you see me.”

“Right now?” You ask, a little embarrassed. He nods.

You clear your throat, “Right now, on this bed…you’re like…you’re like one of those too-perfect movie scenes where the girl always wakes up with the right guy and for an instant it’s all perfect. They don’t have to worry about what’s beyond the bedroom – because there is certainly things to worry about beyond the bedroom – they get a chance to disconnect from the world and just…be in the moment.”

“Wow,” Harry grins. “Shakespeare.”

Oh, shut up!”

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Omfg please more jasiperleo headcanons with a cute little stupidly adorable Leo I'm with you on the lack of fanart and fanfiction because honestly this ship needs to be a God itself


(sorry it took so long to reply)

  • can we talk about gardener leo and piper and piper would charmspeak the plants so they’d grow nice and big and pretty, and leo would make the coolest things out of the shrubs, like an eagle or a lion or etc
  • leo is a cuddling bun, he’s a lil bun and total cuddle bun, ok i have so many cuddle headcanons bc like leo radiates warmth so like BRUH it’s perfect but anyway like they cuddle leo so much
  • in the winter
  • in the spring
  • in the fall
  • not in the summer it’s TOO HOT
  • but when they cuddle leo always somehow ends up wrapping himself around them if it’s just two of them
  • but when it’s all three of them piper and jason wrap themselves around leo bc he’s just so TOASTY ok i’m done omg
  • leo built a buford 2.0 ((did buford die or something i still don’t know??)) and he made it have specific settings so when piper or jason is sick and he isn’t there, buford will follow them around the apartment with tissues and advil and freeze/heat packs and what not
  • of course when leo gets sick buford gets pushed out of the way bc piper and jason fuss over him to much
  • whenever leo gets to frustrated with his work and piper or jason have to go find him, they always pull him out of it with a rainshower of kisses and they don’t stop until he leaves with them to watch a movie or take a walk or something
  • whenever jason and him are sparring leo keeps cracking jokes until jason gets to annoyed and just pins him down
  • jason’s always like “guess i win”
  • and leo smirks like “nah from this angle i think i did”
  • whenever piper and leo spar, they’ll fight at first, but leo always get’s distracted by how awesome his girlfriend is and she’ll judo flip him a lot like annabeth did to percy
  • ok so sometimes they’re gone on quests, like just one of them, but it doesn’t matter which one is gone bc whichever two is left at the apartment, leo will set up a cheesy as HELL romantic scene w/ roses and candles and serenade them with his mediocre guitar skills and sexy times always follow bc that’s leo’s secret
  • but when leo is gone, jason and piper talk about what he does and they ask each other which song he sang to them last time and laugh and HEY they have sexy times to but it’s so chill bc no one dramatizes it like leo jeez
  • leo decided one day to go all out and get a hot stuff tattoo anyway except he decided to get this killer flames sleeve and when jason saw it he almost passed out cause DAMN his boyfriend got 300% hotter how is that possible
  • whenever leo comes back from the forges he ALWAYS smells like wood and coal and burning flames and piper LOVES it 
  • they were at a fair once and leo tried to win a big bear for piper but he couldn’t do it so jason stepped in and got it and leo got pissed so piper held the giant bear and jason held leo all the way home

were these cute enough???

i’m sorry if they’re not i don’t think i’m very good at cute stuff but i hope these are sufficient??

thank you for sending the ask!!! :)


“Don’t let go,” Kurapika said. Calmly. Seemingly unperturbed by the fact that he had turned from a controlled electric field into a force of nature. “Just let it burn out, it’s alright. It’s just St. Elmo’s fire, perfectly safe. You did nothing wrong. Leorio?” He could say nothing in reply. “Leorio, are you listening to me, you did nothing wrong. I had speculated this would happen.”

There was only one question on his mind.


this is my piece for the hxhbb!! I got @the-smallest-kurapika ‘s fic Cauda Pavonis (which is on AO3 go read it!!). it was such an honor to read this fic (even though I was slow with it) and it was so so good! i’m am honestly so amazed by how wonderful this fic was it was so magical (*wink wink*) and the writing is superb. 

it was a beautifully written dreamseer AU and i cried when i finished it. it was honestly so so good I could go on and on about it, but please go read it.  70k+ words that are completely worth it.

i feel so lucky to have gotten to draw for this (even though i feel I can’t do it justice) and i definitely plan to make more pieces in the future for the fic in general!! i just ran out of time lol. this whole experience with the hxhbb was so much fun and a great way to get to know people and their work. thank you

Anon asked: Hey :) Can you write an Imagine with Austin Carlile? (Y/N) and Austin are friends with Benefits, but Austin one day comes to (Y/N) telling her he does not want to do things with her anymore because he got a girlfriend. This makes (Y/N) upset , (Y/N) does not answer his text or anything for a week. Austin comes to confront her at Starbucks where (Y/N) loves to be at . (Y/N) tells him the truth . You decide the rest.

Anon asked: May I say that you write the sexiest smut ever like omfg please write more Austin carlile smut, I don’t even car what it’s about you’re so good at it unf

I’m sorry this one took me so long to get done, but I really hope you like it. It only took forever bc its long okay  -A

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I wanna be a reporter. I can’t believe I didn’t see it before. Being a reporter is about connecting with people, it’s about finding hidden truths and sharing it with the world, it’s about service, and about telling stories that need to be told in order to make the world a better, more comprehensible place, and it’s going to make me the best version of myself ‘cause it will definitely push me out my comfort zone. This is it for me, this is my calling.


Natasha is a huge part of the sequel because you do want to concentrate on the people who don’t have their own franchises. Although she’s in ‘Cap 2’, [and] she’s great. She was the most fun for me because she’s not a hero, you know, and it’s something that I read - and I feel bad that I can’t remember who wrote the book - but it’s in one of the books explaining, ‘Those guys are heroes, you are a spy. It’s a different thing - it’s a different skill set - and you don’t have any of their moral high ground or ay of that good stuff.’ And that just makes her so interesting to me. So yeah, the stuff I’ve got going on with her in the second one is killer.” - Joss Whedon on plans for Black Widow in Avengers: Age Of Ultron 

I just hit 1k, (thank you so much guys!!) so I thought I’d do one of these for all the amazing people I follow xxx

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1976 | alcohol and cuddles

It was their ritual, at least twice a month they did it: they would get a bottle of firewhiskey and would have a slumber party for the two of them. This time it was her dorm, that’s why Marlene was lazing in her bed, waiting for Dorcas to come. Only when there were knocks on the door, she smirked.

“What took you so long?” She asked, moving aside, making some room for her best friend.


i am such trash what is this welcome to my first follow forever! this is a million years overdue but it seems being out of school hasn’t deterred my procrastination skills in the slightest *quietly sobs*

I just recently hit 800 followers!! I’ve had this blog for sooooo long, but I went through a hundred and two different phases so thank you to those who continued following me even though I didn’t post content they liked/followed! Thank you so much as well to those blogs who followed me when I just got into Seventeen! you guys are the reason why I really got into Seventeen so deeply haha

special mention goes to the lovely participants of Project Toothpaste! I couldn’t have done it without you guys! 

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the8soo: gen gen gen, my lovely gen. you were my very first close friend on tumblr and I’m so happy I got to meet you. I don’t think I would’ve been as confident and carefree on tumblr if it weren’t for you taking the first step and offering the hand of friendship to me. I love you and thanks for being really fucking amazing. (also good luck on your studies!! I know you’ve been working extra super hard haha) let’s be friends for as long as we can!

l-eechannie: you little shit who changed your url without telling me. You are such a precious human being and I am really happy you worked up the courage to message me because I can’t imagine life/tumblr/the internet without you. we could have been twins if it weren’t for the tiny issue of age difference (and birthdays lmao) but I consider you one of my best friends and I’ll love you forever! here’s to a long-lasting friendship :)

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chelseaa143rice: (your url is so boring yo) my crazy kpop friend!!!! you’re literally like the only person besides my sister irl who understands my kpop obsession and we totes need to talk more at school! too bad we most likely won’t have classes together next year bc I’m taking 5 APs (kill me pls) but let’s hang some time yeah?

I probably also forgot some irl friends but I wasn’t going into this thinking I was going to emerge completely successful so I’m very sorry and I still love you haha. I’ll end this here before it gets too boring oops. Thanks everyone for being amazing and making my experiences on tumblr something I’ll never forget!!

1. You're in a serious car accident (requested)

Sorry it took so long, i was trying to find a way to make them all different

Luke; I was waiting for Y/N to me call back seeing as she told me she would over an hour or so ago, so to pass the time I was scrolling through twitter. One girls tweet caught my attention, “I wonder how luke is coping” coping with what? I brushed it off, continuing on until I saw a second one “I cant even imagine what Y/N’s family is going through, and luke omfg I cant deal its too emotional.” I quickly exited twitter and called Y/N’s parents, come on answer goddamn it.  “Luke!” Y/N’s mother’s frantic voice came through, cracking at the thought of having to recall the events to someone else again. “Whats wrong? What happened?” I immediately cut in, the thought of not knowing causing the panic to rise. “Its Y/N. She was trying to get out of the way of a high speed police car chase, and as she was swerving she..she…oh Luke!” She broke down once again before taking a deep breath and continuing, “she drove head on into a tree, shes lost so much blood, right now shes in emergency surgery and theres a 30% chance of her surviving and a 10% chance of not getting brain damage. I don’t know what to do, I’m so sorry Luke, but I have to go talk to the doctors” Her mother hung up, leaving me lost as to what to do.

Ashton; I lightly punched ash in the shoulder as he continued to tease me about how having to window down destroyed all pervious efforts of my hair.  When I looked back at the road I saw that Ashton had moved too close to the other lane, causing me to yell. “ASHTON!” He quickly moved back to where we were meant to be, him chuckling at my hyperventilation. “Sorry babe” he apologised while laughing. “You’re such a dick” you shook your head, trying not to imagine what would of happened if you didn’t notice earlier. You looked back up to ash, him quickly looking at you before his eyes darted to the passenger window which you were in front of, his eyes widening in fear. “FUCK Y/N STAY DOWN” Ashton quickly yelled before you felt a sharp pain up your body, another car slamming into the side of you causing the car to spin, glass to shatter and your head to slam into the car sides.  Quite soon after everything was black and numb, you couldn’t hear anything nor see or feel, complete and utter darkness.

Michael; you were in your car driving to mikeys, when a drunk driver had hit your car causing it to flip. To say you were in immense pain would be a lie, even though you really should be.  From the impact of the car rolling, some of the metal car frame bent inwards, piercing your chest and pinning you to your car seat, but you were in too much shock to feel anything and the blood rushing to your head from being upside down for so long didn’t help. You were currently listening to a firemen trying to calm you down and going through how they were going to get you out safely, when michaels distraught voice came into hearing range. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CANT GO SHES MY FUCKING GIRLFRIEND YOU PRICKS! No, you know what? FUCK YOU ALL” You could hear a commotion of yelling before you saw Michael next to the fireman you were previously talking to. “Excuse me sir, but I don’t think you are authorised to be back here” The man said looking at him with a stern gaze. “Please stay” your quiet voice broke the stare off, causing bother to look at you. “Its okay baby, we’ll get you out okay  y/n. You understand me? You’ll be okay.”

Calum; All I saw was red. Crimson red. The wet and sticky substance coated y/n’s body, shattered glass sticking out of so many places being the cause. A constant ringing echoed through my eardrums, mixing with the scream y/n let out just before we both blacked out. I opened my eyes again when my senses kicked back in. “Please be breathing, please be breathing” I repeated over and over as I undid my seatbelt and lent over to check y/n’s pulse. It was there, but very faint. I could hear sirens in the distance fading in and out. Help was coming. I looked at y/n’s face, which was white besides the deep red blood oozing from her forehead. I quickly sat up in bed, sweat dripping off my body. “Hey, its okay, just breathe” Y/N soothed whilst placing her hand on my back. I turned to her and grasped her face in my hands and examined her. No cuts, no blood, nothing. “It was just a bad dream cal, its okay” She said bringing me back, causing me to wrap my arms around her tightly. “You’re okay, you’re not hurt. It was only a dream, oh thank god” I muttered breathlessly. 

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Could you plssss do a blurb where you're in like a public place and you're listening to blink and luKE HEARS AND SHYLY APPROACHES YPU AND YOU THINK HES LIKE A GIANT OMFG

i was gonna make it into a better formatted thing but my feels are everywhere and i can’t be expected to properly do anything rn okay it’s kind of long so read more but yeah sorry it took forever btw whOOPS

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bellamy + clarke zombie apocalypse AU [bc u slay my entire ass my love]?

okay I’m so bad at zombie apocalypse AUs so here’s a Mad Max: Fury Road Au- I hope it’s okay! sorry it took a million years, it’s bc of who I am as a person

When Bellamy Blake comes to, the first thing he registers is the burning of his back. As he slowly takes in his surroundings, he remembers the needle, the awful sting as the War Boys carved information into his back. They had finally captured him last night, after weeks on the run. They cut his hair and extracted some bone marrow before shoving him into the cage he’s in now, hanging from the wall with a drip flowing his blood into the vein’s of one of the sick War Boys.

He’s still waiting for the day when his survival instincts finally shut up and tell him it’s not worth it. Now that he’s lost Octavia, there’s not much to live for anymore.

“Treason! Betrayal!” A War Boy comes sprinting into the dungeons, heading for the pile of wheels in the corner. They all look the same: pale, bald, and sickly, with tumors and growths sprouting from random appendages. “There’s an Imperator gone rogue!”

“An Imperator? Which one?” The War Boy draining Bellamy’s blood perks up and turns to look at the other. When he turns, Bellamy can just make out his name, hastily tattooed at the bottom of his neck, right below the symbol of the Immortan.


“Griffin,” the other War Boy says, grabbing a wheel. Murphy’s eyes narrow and he draws himself up to his full height.

“That’s my wheel. You’re just my lancer, Dax.”

Dax smirks. “You can’t go anywhere without your bloodbag. This is my ride.”

Murphy lunges forward, grabbing the wheel and slamming his forehead into Dax’s. The latter stumbles backward, losing his grip on the wheel, and Murphy rips it free of his hands.

“We take my bloodbag with us.” He looms forward over Dax, grinning widely and showing off his chipped yellow teeth. “And if I die, I die historic on the Fury Road.” [AO3]

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Preference #20 - I'm Not The Only One by Sam Smith (part 2)

Anon: Can you please make a part two to I’m not the only? Please and thank you if you do

Anon: You should do a part 2 of im not the only one by sam smith Imagine!! It was so good

wOW sorry this took so long omfg

Read part 1 here


I stood in the kitchen, attempting to make dinner. As I chopped an onion, I tried hard not to notice how bare my left hand looked without the ring that had made its home there for the past four years. I heard a car pulling into the garage and the fumbling of a key in a door followed. “Hey babe,” I heard as Ashton made his way into the kitchen. I didn’t turn around but I soon felt a stubbly chin nuzzled into my shoulder and a kiss on the cheek. I walked to the fridge and he followed. “Babe?” he tried again, met only with my stalking away to the kitchen table where I sat silently and averted Ashton’s suddenly concerned gaze. He sat down across from me. “Y/N, talk to me. Whatever I did, I’m sorry.” Wordlessly, I slid the bill for flowers I’d gotten earlier in the mail over to his side of the table. Once he registered what it was, he visibly gulped. “Y/N it’s not what you think…” He tried. At this, I couldn’t help it and burst out in cynical laughter. “Don’t even try that with me. There’s more. And that’s not our address, Ash.” He opened his mouth to speak. “Save it. I’m spending the night at Y/F/N’s. I’ll come back when I’m ready for you to explain yourself without murdering you, because frankly, I’m barely controlling it right now. Goodbye,” I said, taking the bag I’d packed and closing the door on the cheating scumbag who I’d thought was the love of my life.


I thought I’d been crying quietly unheard in the bathroom, like I had every night for the past few months. But when I finally wiped my eyes and opened the door I was met with a concerned Calum. “What’s wrong, baby?” He asked, and attempted to fold me into an embrace. I backed away and tried to stop the next flood of tears his action triggered. “I’m fine,” I tried, but my voice broke and betrayed me as the first tear leaked out. “I wish you would just be honest with me, Y/N,” he said, wiping the tear with the pad of his calloused thumb. “You would, wouldn’t you?” I whispered. “What?” He asked as I lowered his hand from my face. “It’s you, Calum. It’s you that’s got me this way, and it’s taken you this long to even notice anything was wrong.” A weak laugh shook through my body. “What are you talking about?” He said, looking scared. “The girl in England, Calum,” I said, a shocking calm in the words despite the turmoil they’d caused me for months. “How…how…” He trailed off and took a few steps back from me. “I’ve known for six months, Cal. It’s okay. I think I’ve almost forgiven you.” “Then why have you been crying in the bathroom every night? If you’ve forgiven me?” He questioned. “Because it hurts. It hurts because you betrayed my trust but I still need you. I cry because I’ll never be able to be without you, even though you did this to me,” I said and saw tears clouding his own eyes. “I’m so sorry, Y/N, I’m so, so sorry,” he said and I pulled him into an embrace and we stood there and cried, the pain of what he had done taking over both of us.


I woke up the next morning laying pressed up to a sleeping Luke and with a killer headache. I rolled out of his grip and groaned, waking him in the process. “Morning,” he said, his voice heavy with sleep. “Yeah,” I said, getting out of bed and heading down to the kitchen in search of coffee and an Advil. I was just pouring myself a cup of black coffee when I heard Luke’s footfalls behind me. “Can I have some?” He asked. I wordlessly shoved the pot into his hands, the annoyance I’d felt towards him last night coming back. He looked taken aback but didn’t say anything. I took my coffee and went to go sit in the living room, Luke not far behind me. “Y/N, what’s wrong? Did I do something?” He put his hands up as if to surrender. “Can I see your phone, Luke?” I asked instead of answering. His eyes widened. “What — why do you—” “Hiding something?” I asked, cocking an eyebrow at him. “No, I just—” “Then let me see your phone,” I cut him off. He slowly reached into his pocket and handed me his phone. I opened his snapchat and scrolled through the list of people he’d been snap chatting, seeing more than a few girls who I knew were trouble. He looked over my shoulder, hanging his head. Then I opened his iMessage, revealing similar evidence. “That’s all I needed to see,” I said. “I suggest you leave and come back when you’re ready to apologize for being such an idiot.” He silently complied, leaving me to wonder if he would ever actually stop this nonsense.


“Y/N?” I heard behind me at the 5SOS concert I’d attended, still friends with the other boys despite my break-up with Michael four months ago. “What are you doing here?” The fan who had recognized me asked. “Are you back with Michael?” I smiled through the sharp pang the question had given my heart. “No, just here for the same reason you are,” I grinned at her, the understanding look she gave me reminding me just how much I’d always loved Michael’s fans. After snapping a picture with the girl, I made my way to where Luke had told me to wait after the show. Not long after that, a member of the crew found me and escorted me backstage, where I was greeted with a bear hug from Luke, Ashton, and Calum. “Hey guys,” I said, laughing. I quickly scanned the surroundings for Michael and Luke noticed. “Don’t worry, he’s back in the bus,” he assured me. “How…how is he?” I asked, the pang from earlier returning. “He’s good,” Ashton answered, averting my eyes. “Honestly, guys,” I pleaded. “Not so good,” Ash amended. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. “Tell him I’m still sorry,” I said. “I’m still sorry, too,” I turned to see a sheepish Michael leaning up against the doorframe. “Oh! Hi,” I said, the familiar green eyes looking sad and tearing me apart. The other boys must have left to give us space because the next thing I knew we were alone and I was warily walking towards him. “I made a mistake,” I whispered. “I shouldn’t have thrown us away, you were right.” “Y/N—” he started but I cut him off with a kiss. “I need us to try at least one more time,” I admitted. Maybe I would regret this, but as he pressed his lips to mine again I knew he was already healing the part of me he’d broken before.

Poison Kiss ENGLISH Full
Quartet Night
Poison Kiss ENGLISH Full

FINALLY! The full version is out XD! Sorry it took so long! I’m getting ready to go on a 10 day vacation with my honey~*

I loved this song ever since I heard it! THEM LYRICS ARE SUGGESTIVE THO OMFG. Anyhow without further ado, get ready to basically make out with Quartet Night xF!

Original Artists:

Aoi Shouta-Ai Mikaze

Suzuki Tatsuhisa- Ranmaru Kurosaki

 Morikubo Showtaro- Reiji Akaba

 Maeno Tomoaki- Camus

Adapted to English by: Mana



Give Into Temptation

My Promise To You

I’ll Rock You Hard

With My Deep Emotion

Hey listen to my voice

Let your hair fly freely

A lesson of the night

Slowly, slowly…

Gently put your left hand

Entwine it with my right

searching desperately for

Love’s Destination!

Now pretend that you can’t see the clock ticking…

I would like to see you come as you are

Maybe try putting your ear up against my chest~

The distance between you and my heart is…


Drive me insane with love Poison Kiss!

Rocking Hard, Rockin Hard!

A bewitching Posion Kiss

More and more and~

An eternal Poison Kiss (AH~  As my heart is climbing!)

I’ll give you a Poison Kiss!

Please feel this my Love!

Burn up with this Love!

Believe in this Love!

Love’s all! QUARTET NIGHT!

On top your upper lip

The pain is left behind

I’ll rewrite over it

The Game is Starting 

Next with everything I’ve got,

I will test your limits

There is no logic

In this passion!

We don’t need to communicate with words dear~

You have to discover it with your heart <3

A sigh filled love song, eyes blurring up with tears~*

I want to hear your song as loud as I can!

Ready? Ready? Ready!? AH!~*

I need a Poison Kiss just like this!

Wanna be you, Wanna be you~

The most toxic poison-soaked kiss!

Ride On! Ride On!

Greater Poison Kiss! (AH!~* As my whole skin trembles! <3)

Through out this Poison Kiss! 

Please feel this my Love!

Burn up with this Love!

Believe in this Love!

Love’s all! QUARTET NIGHT!

Go wild on your instincts alone! Don’t worry hun, its alright!

That’s it just like I taught you, Now please hurry!!!

Both of us are exposed, here in our Midnight Dance

As I sing in your ear~*


Drive me insane with love Poison Kiss!

Rocking Hard, Rockin Hard!

A bewitching Posion Kiss

More and more and~

An eternal Poison Kiss (AH~  As my heart is climbing!)

I’ll give you a Poison Kiss!

Please feel this my Love!

Burn up with this Love!

Believe in this Love!

Love’s all! QUARTET NIGHT!


Hope you enjoyed their kisses  ;D <3