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dudedudedude imagine: remember when shiro said something about the red lion being the only lion to withstand the heat of the stars at marmora hq? so, the team goes to visit the hq again, and this time allura has to go (bring ur leader jazz). bear in mind red paladin lance. this could go either way. one: allura chooses keith to go, and lance realizes it was just an excuse not to take him. or two: allura takes the red lion with lance, but now lance us just another replacement for keith.


I decided to write both scenarios because I love them both! 

I really tried to keep the characters in character 

Allura Chooses Keith 

“I’ll take Keith.” Allura pointed at the male who was staring at the two wormholes, indicating the Marmora headquarters. 

Lance blinked a few times and immediately went into defense mode. “The Black Lion can’t withstand that heat, only the Red Lion can. Newflash I pilot the Red Lion now, so shouldn’t I go with you instead of Keith?” 

Allura was silent for a few moments but eventually spoke “Keith will fly the Red Lion down since he was her paladin before. I understand that you pilot the Red Lion now Lance but Keith still has a very unique bond with her. If anything happens in the headquarters we can rely on Red to keep us safe, because she will do anything to protect Keith.” 

“Also even though Allura is our leader I think we should send the leader of Voltron with her, and this case it’s Keith.” Pidge adjusted her glasses and looked at Lance, “since Shiro went last time it’s only logical.” 

Lance nodded and faced the the screen displaying the two wormholes. He heard the two shuffle out of the room and he tightened his fist in anger? Was that the emotion he was feeling? No it was something different, something heavier than anger. 

Lance walked over to his chair, that was in the room, and slumped down in it. Everything felt heavy and Lance didn’t know why. He watch Pidge, Hunk and Coran talk to Allura and Keith from the Red Lion and he felt the emotion grow stronger. 

Was this an excuse? Did Allura not trust me enough to go with her? That can’t be true, we’ve bonded since Shiro left. Maybe there’s a different reason, maybe she wanted Keith to have another shot at learning about his past. 

Someone asked Lance if he was okay and he gave them a firm nod. Nobody knew what to do and kept him in the corner of their eyes and Lance sat still, thinking. Thinking about why Allura chose Keith over him but no matter how much he thought he never found a solid answer. 

Allura Takes Lance 

“Lance we must go, we only have so many ticks before they close the headquarters off.” Allura spoke as she put on her helmet and made he way down to the Red Lion hanger. 

Lance nodded and quickly approached Red, her particle barrier falling as soon as he entered her hanger. 

After a few minutes Lance and Allura were on their way down to the headquarters. 

Lance felt sweat fall down his back as he maneuvered Red along the path that was displayed before him. 

“So, um princess?” Lance cursed at how shaky his voice was but he was anxious. Anxious that he would mess up and fail this mission.  Keith wouldn’t be anxious. 

Allura turned her gaze towards Lance “Yes Lance, is everything okay?” 

Lance gave her a shaky nod, “yes, but why did you chose me instead of Keith? He is a better pilot after all and his bond is stronger with Red versus me.” 

Allura was quiet for a few ticks, the only noise was the rumble from Reds metal slightly bending under the pressure from the wormholes. 

“Well, I chose you because you are the Red paladin now. Even if your bond isn’t the strongest, Red is your lion now.” Allura gave Lance a small smile. 

Lance nodded. “So if Keith was still the Red paladin you would have taken him?” 

Allura nodded and Lance didn’t say anything else. He focused on flying Red but his eyes kept wandering the more he thought. 

I’m only here because Keith isn’t Red’s paladin anymore. Did I replace Keith? Lance looked at Allura, who gave him another small smile. No, Allura replaced me. I was the Blue paladin now I’m forced to be the Red paladin. I replaced Keith and Allura replaced me. I’m always going to be replaceable aren’t I? Will I ever have a permanent spot in Voltron? 

“LANCE WATCH OUT!” Allura screamed and Lance pulled the controls back. He was heading off the path straight into the wormhole. 

Lance could here’s his team asking what happened and Allura touched his shoulder. “Lance are you alright?” 

Lance nodded, “sorry I was just lost in thought. It won’t happen again.” Lance focus on flying, his thoughts burning in the back of his mind.

I hope you like them!!!!!

Sorry it took so long!!

Thank you <33333

Beautiful (M)

Request- Hi can I request a scenario where you came from the US and went to a fan meet in Korea but didn’t know how to speak Korean and when you get there everyone in the fan meet was surprised but namjoon just goes up to you and have a thoughtful conversation! Thanks. 

A/N- OMG! This is way later then I said it would be… I’m so so sorry, love. I hope you like it x  

This scenario contains mature and sexual themes. You have been warned! 

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You were finally in Korea. You had come such a long way from how to go to a fan meet. Some said you were crazy, wasting money, but why would that matter to them. It was your not there’s. You had always wanted to meet BTS. Their songs always spoke to you. They were so full of passion and meaning. Capturing your attention. So when the opportunity presented itself, you took it. 

Yeah, you didn’t know the language, or know anyone in Korea. But that meant nothing, You were here to see seven sexy as fuck men, and get there new light stick.. that vibrates. You were making your way to the venue, you left early so you could walk around the city, taking in its beauty. You dressed to impress for the occasion. 

Sitting in your appointed seat, you couldn’t understand anyone around you. No one being able to understand you either. You felt lonely, almost regret your decision. Until the seven men walked on stage. You were waiting for your turn to go up, quietly, as you couldn’t talk to anyone. You felt a little stupid for coming. You were only going to meet them for two minutes and that was it. 

It was finally your turn. Walking up to the first member, Jimin. Then V, Jungkook, Jin, Suga and J-hope. Each one of them had made an effort to talk to you, but it was mostly hand holding and smiles. Not that you minded though.. On to the last member, Rap Monster. 

“Hey, it’s so nice to meet you.” You say, looking up at him. He has a smirk on his face. 

“I was watching you today.” He states. 

“Oh, really?” You ask. Out of all the beautiful girls here today, why would he be watching you? 

“Yeah. Well, for starters..” He takes your hand in his, his thumb smoothing over the skin on your hand. “You’re probably the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen. NO, sorry, the most beautiful. And you looked sad. A girl as pretty as you shouldn’t be sad.” You blush at his words. He’s leaning in closer to you. “You can’t speak Korean, right?” He asks. 

“No.” You managed to say. 

“That must be lonely. Are you here by yourself?” He asks, smiling down at you. You just nod your head. “Well, that’s good, cause that means your free tonight.” Namjoon lets go of your hand and takes your phone out of your other hand. He types something into and then you see his phone light up. 

“I spent your number to me and you have mine. We can meet up tonight, I have a day off tomorrow.” He winks at you. Your hearts racing. Namjoon touch was intoxicating. You didn’t feel this with any of the other members, just him. His gaze was filling you up with excitement and lust. It was a holiday after all and he could speak English. 

Namjoon leans down to whisper in your ear, “I’ll see you later, beautiful.” And with at you leave and head back to your hotel to freshen up for tonight. You felt like you were dreaming, or crazy. How was it possible that the Kim Namjoon, rap God want to hang out with you. And he called you beautiful, like what? 

It was eleven. You thought Namjoon wouldn’t want to come now. He just isn’t. You wonder why did he gave you his number. To be nice? But he could have just left it at Beautiful. Your getting ready for bed when your phone goes off. You jump over your suitcase to get your phone, on the bed side locker. A message, from my lover. Who the fuck was that? 

My lover- Hey baby, I’m sorry I took so long to text you, I was working. But if you give me your hotel name, I’ll be there in five ;) 

Your heart begins to race, Its Namjoon. 

You- Okay, (hotel name and all that jazz) 

My lover- See you soon :) 

You try to fix your self as much as you can. Rushing around your room to clean it. You were a mess on holidays. You hear a loud knock at your door, shit. You smooth down your hair and walk to the door. Taking in a deep breath and you open it. 

“Hey, baby.” Namjoon greets you. He’s wearing a black adidas track suit and a black cap on backwards. He was stunning, you swear you were dripping at the sight. He raises his hand up, holding a bag. “ I brought the best food in Seoul.” He smiles, showing you his adorable, yet sexy dimples. You smile and step a side letting him in. 

“Thank you.” You take the food from him, as he makes himself comfortable of the sofa. You sit a bit away from, nervous. Opening the food he had got for you. You both dig into the food and chat, about random things. 

“So.. back home, do you have a boyfriend?” Namjoon casually slips into the conversation. You both are laying on your bed recovering from your moutain of food. 

“No, I don’t.” You giggle, you look over to him and he’s smiling like a school boy. He looks back at you, his smile gone his face gone serious. 

“I’m glad.” You smirk. 

“And why would that be?” You ask. 

“Because if you did, I couldn’t do this.” Namjoon leans over and cups your face, smashing his lips onto yours. Your eyes flutter closed, staring to move your lips against his. Namjoon brings you closer so your straddling his hips. His hands are on your thighs, digging his fingers into the skin. Your hands are on his neck and in his hair. You pull away breathlessly. His forehead is on your, gazing into one another’s eyes. 

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Namjoon asks, his eyes full of lust and content. 

“Yes.” You whisper against his lips before reconnecting them. This kiss is passionate and full of new love. Namjoon was like a drug you didn’t want to let go of. How could someone you just met be so controlling of your body. He’s making you roll your hips onto his hardening bulge. Your grinding down on his, his hands are playing with them hem of your shirt. And it’s off. Namjoon moans. 

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful. Since I seen you walking through the park this morning I couldn’t stop thinking about you. And then you were at the fan meet, it’s just my luck.” He flips you over, unbuttoning your shorts peeling your shorts from your body and throwing them away. Namjoon stops when he looks down at you. 

“You’re not wearing panties. Y/N, you’re not wearing panties.” Namjoon stares at your dripping heat. You sit up pressing your lips to his. 

“I know, now fuck me.” You are shocked at how bold you have gotten. Namjoon smirks and grabs your legs and pulls your heat to his face. He licks up and down your slit, kitten licking you. Your a moaning mess, with his skillful tongue in between your thighs. “Fuck, Namjoon!” You moan loudly. 

“That’s right, baby. Let the hotel now whop is making you scream.” He smirks at you. He starts to lick you again, putting two fingers into you at once, stretching you out. You moan louder. Just as your about to come he pulls away. 

“Hey! What are you doing?” You whine. Namjoon chuckles, taking his jumper off to show off his toned torso and then his pants. He wasn’t wearing boxers. “Namjoon, you’re not wearing panties.” You giggle, Namjoon jumps back on the bed beside you and pulls you on top of him. 

“Ahh, yeah this really sexy girl gave me a boner earlier and it was just to uncomfortable to wear any panties.” 

“Ahh, that happened to me. I met this really hot guy and He made me so wet, I couldn’t wear my panties, because I’d ruin them.” You smirk down at him. You reach behind and unclasp your bra. Setting your breasts free. Namjoon started to play with your hardening hips. He smiles. 

“You’re so beautiful.” He places a strand of hair behind your ear, he keeps his hand to your face, bringing you down to connect your lips. You ease yourself down on his shaft, both of your moaning. He sure is big, stretching you out. 

“Fuck, Namjoon you’re huge.” He smirks and starts to fuck up into you, making your place your hands on his shoulders to steady yourself. You start to bounce on his dick. Moaning so loud the whole hotel could probably hear the both of you. 

“Fuck, you’re so tight. God, you’re amazing.” Namjoon pants out before flipping you both over. He’s on top now, fucking into your hard and deep, hitting your g-spot repeatedly. He grabs your hands and licks them with his holding them above your head. He leans down and kisses up and down your collarbones and your neck, leaving purple and blue bites up and down your neck and chest. 

“This feels…. amazing.” Your eyes are rolling back in your head, arching into Namjoon. You could feel yourself beginning to cum. “N-Namjoon, I-I’m cumming.” Namjoon brings his mouth to yours. 

“Cum for me baby.” And you do, clenching around his hard member. He lets out a string of curses and empty’s his seed into you. He rides out both your highs, before collapsing on top of you. Both of you are panting and chest to chest, your erect nipples on Namjoon. He pulls out of you and cleans you up. He pulls the covers over the both of you and the pulls you into him. He kisses the top of your head. 

“That was the best sex I have ever had.” You giggle. 

“Me too, baby.” You look up at him, his eyes are sad. Hes tracing circles on your back with his fingers. “I don’t want you to go.” 

“I don’t want to go.” 

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request: “Can you do a Barry imagine where the reader finds out she’s pregnant and keeps it a secret until she blurts it out accidentally (the dad left her so she’s technically a single mother) and they are all excited for her and Barry decides he wants to be apart of the baby’s life and he and reader end up together” — by anon

a/n: damn, sorry this took so long and is kinda short, anon. hope you like it! :-)

Masterlist + Request here!

    “No thanks, I have to be a good mom and all that jazz.”

    One mere line, and suddenly, it felt like everyone was silently freaking out as they stared at Y/N. Even she has stopped smiling at the little joke she made when she realized she hasn’t exactly told them that she was pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s baby. She was then aware that this was the first time she was announcing it to the whole crew.

    Cisco, who was just about to pour an alcoholic beverage on her glass but was stopped, retrieved his hand.

    “Is it just my ears or did Y/N say she has to be a good mom?” asked Cisco, confusion written all over his face.

    Y/N smiled sheepishly. “No, you heard it right. I’m going to be a mom.”

    Then she started explaining.

    She told them that she has known since the day her former lover left her for somebody else — which was two months ago — and at that same day, she was supposed to tell him about the good news. Though it was obvious that apparently, having a baby with the cheater wasn’t good news at all, but Y/N insisted nonetheless to keep it because she was still the mother. All she knows now is that she’ll have to be strong for both her unborn child and herself.

    Barry Allen, her longest friend, was biting his lip the whole time he listened. He was feeling very angry towards the man who impregnated Y/N and left her. He knew she deserved better. She always deserved better. He just can’t believe thay after acting such a martyr and giving her up for some jerk, she’ll be facing this kind of trial in her life.

    “Wow. Y/N, I don’t know what to say except good luck.” Joe West placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. “Being a parent, it’s no joke, especially if you’re planning on raising it alone.”

    She sighs as if she has been holding her breath since finishing explaining. “I know, Joe. But my mom’s going to be there for me. Not to mention the fact that I have you guys … right?” her voice shook lightly.

    “Of course, Y/N.” Iris hugged her. “We’ll be there for you as you have been for us. This is a blessing.”

    “Thank you so much, Iris.” Y/N could actually feel tears already forming around her eyes, probably because of the raging hormones which made her chuckle.

    Abruptly, Barry stepped closer to where she was. “Uh, can we talk?”

    Y/N, still caught up at the moment, didn’t notice his serious expression nor the tone of his voice.

    “Yeah, sure.” she smiled, following him out of the cortex and to the hallway.

    Once they were out of earshot, Barry began to pace anxiously around her. Y/N furrowed her eyebrows, not knowing the reason why he wanted to talk in the first place since she couldn’t remember anything important that was to be talked about.

    “I hope you’re not about to scold me for not using protection.” said Y/N in attempt to loosen the tension that was already surrounding them.

    Barry stopped and chuckled, finally walking in front of her. “No. I was just about to tell you something important, to be honest.”

    She tilted her head in curiosity. “Oh? Well, what is it?”

    He sighed, “I-I know it’s probably not the best time but I just wanted you to know that even if I’m not the father of that baby, I’ll be willing to live up to the job. That is, if you want to.” he cleared his throat, preparing himself for what he was about to say next. “Er — I’m in love with you, Y/N. I’ve always been, and if you let me, I’ll gladly spend my days taking care of you and your little one.”

    Y/N was shocked at his confession.

    She never reckoned Barry could say such things. She always thought that he has been secretly in love with Iris all along because of how protective he was and seemed to be jealous around when she used to be with Eddie. Besides, Barry never made a move or even a subtle hint that he had feelings for her. How was she supposed to know?

    “Oh, Barry —”

    He didn’t even let her speak for he was starting to seak again. “If you’re not ready, I completely understand.”

    She smirked. “I was about to say that I felt the same way, moron. Did I really have to be pregnant before you gained the balls to confess?”

    Barry grinned at her words. “Probably, yeah.” he played along, only to be playfully punched on the chest by her.

    He caught her fist and slowly, he kissed her knuckles, much to Y/N’s pleasure. She was now blushing and extremely happy at what was happening at the moment.

    “Are you sure you want to raise a baby with me?” she asked, doubt evident on her voice.

    He nodded. “I’m sure. There’s no other person I would think of other than you.”

    Barry leaned down and kissed Y/N will all the words that has been left unsaid for the past years of hiding behind what he felt. He was now finally free, he was able to say what he had been meaning to say, and no one can top the euphoria he was experiencing as Y/N giggles and pulls him closer, making him know that she indeed felt the same way.

Jasper Hale X Reader: Sorry We Took So Long

Requested by anon: will you please do a jasper x reader where Aro and Jane torture you but jazz, Carlisle, and come to save you? thanks so much have a lovely evening :))

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*Not my gif

You were taken by the Volturi just a few hours ago. You couldn’t remember anything after that but all you knew was that you were taken by them. They somehow found out by a human that works for them that you and Jasper were mates. Since she desperately wanted to be a vamp. That’s how they found you.

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some headcanons about an AU where Sirius and Remus get to raise Harry together:

  • sirius and remus compete with how many times they can make harry laugh with goofy faces and pranks
  • they also use this technique when harry has nightmares and can’t sleep
  • when harry grows up a bit and get’s stuff (he’s like 5/6 and knows things that older kids in his kindergarten/preschool/whatever talk about) he walks in on them doing the do cause of nightmares again
  • and instantly goes like ‘padmoo ewww’ when he sees a naked back
  • (when lil harry talks to them both he uses padmoo, it’s quicker)
  • ‘at least close the doors, joshua from grade 4 said that i will have to grow up faster do you want to get rid of me’
  • and then there are hysterics
  • and it’s up to moony to save the day while sirius is half dying of laughter and half panicking over being seen by a 5yo
  • after that the grownups use locking charms and stuff to save poor bby harry’s eyes
  • they also teach harry all the good hexes before he goes to hogwarts
  • sirius is the cool parent that shows up for no apparent reason when harry is in hogwarts just to hug his kid, teach him about hidden passages and to annoy snape with his presence
  • remus shows up not too long after sirius to get his bf home like ‘i am so sorry harry i took my eyes off from him for like 5minutes’
  • harry loves it tho
  • he is also the only kid who knows everything about safe sex and a that jazz by the age of 13 and dishes out his knowledge to others
  • there were graphs and pictures when remus and sirius gave him the talk
  • it was a very awkward situation for all involved
  • harry also a gets a ‘good job kid’ letter every times he gets a detention
  • remus and sirius send harry cheesy anonymous letters on valentines day (harry soon catches on and get f&g to send some back to them)

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Since I can't get enough of your writing and you're taking prompts... "I'm not even sorry." For fReyder

Sorry this took me so long - I need to tackle my prompts list chronologically, but I just haven’t been. Here you go.

Time Off (fRyder x Reyes)

Thudding music and garish lights: that was Tartarus. Recently, though, Sara had stopped associating the club with headaches. The name made her think of quiet jazz piano - and the taste of whiskey on Reyes Vidal’s tongue. She was on her way there right now, leaping the puddles in Kadara Port’s slums. No one bothered her as she made her way into the club.

No one was stupid enough to do that anymore. No one on Kadara, anyway.

Sara knocked on Reyes’ door with a little more force than was necessary. She wasn’t even wearing her armour, but a few patrons still sent her looks of alarm. Some even scurried down to the lower level as if they thought she might start something violent. Sara swallowed her frustration, resisting the urge to rest her forehead against the door. All she’d wanted was a vacation. Was that really too much to ask?

She slipped inside the moment the door slid open. Reyes was waiting for her, lounging on his couch with one arm stretched out along the back. He was smiling, of course - he always was, when Sara stopped by - but the smile faded when he saw the look on her face. The door whirred shut, and Sara leaned back against it. She might have closed her eyes, but the sight of Reyes really was like water to the thirsty and fire to the cold.

He was all she wanted, really. He was all she needed.

Sara sighed. “Hi.”

Reyes didn’t reply immediately. He rose from his seat in a single smooth movement, footsteps almost silent as he crossed the floor. His hands settled on her hips, heavy, warm and comforting, and pulled her gently towards him. He smelled like worn leather. His breath tickled her cheek as he pressed his forehead to hers.


Sara did close her eyes, then, folding her arms over his shoulders. He was careful; tender; hesitant, almost - and when his lips brushed hers, Sara couldn’t contain a desperate little sigh.

“God, I’ve missed you.”

She felt him smile against her skin. “But you’re here now.”

Reyes kissed her softly, tongue pushing gently past her lips, and Sara melted against him. He made her head spin with a few teasing licks; raised goosebumps on her skin just by pushing close against her. She tried to chase him when he broke the kiss, but his hand moved to her chest to hold her back.

“What’s wrong?”

Sara laced her fingers behind his neck and let her head fall back against the door. She groaned. “I asked Tann for time off.”

“Hm.” Reyes’ expression darkened. Sara knew he resented the Nexus leadership for how hard they drove her. “And he said no?”

“Uh huh.” Sara tried to tug him back within reach of her lips. He resisted at first, but relented when she gave another plaintive sigh; pressed his lips to her collarbone, dusting kisses along the sensitive skin. “And then I kind of lost it.”

Reyes chuckled quietly. “What does that mean?”

Sara shrugged. She walked her fingers up his neck, sliding the tips through his hair. “I…broke his desk in half.”

Reyes paused, lips hovering somewhere over her shoulder. “You what?”

“Broke his desk in half - and I’m not even sorry.”

He kissed her throat, and Sara could feel him smiling into her skin. “I assume you’re taking your time off, then.”

“Sure am.”

His next kiss was different. It was hard; passionate; hungry. Sara moaned into the air above his head, curling her fingers tighter. The hand on her waist slid down over her ass. He squeezed.

“You’re one hell of a woman.”

Sara couldn’t get close enough. She wanted to be part of him; to blur right through him, maybe, or at least to feel his heartbeat sync with hers. She adjusted her footing, trying to pull him even closer, but he took advantage of the movement to push his thigh against her instead. Sara inhaled sharply. Almost despite herself, she rocked against him. “Reyes -”

His lips moved back to hers. Sara opened her mouth to let him in, gasping for air in the scant seconds he gave her to breathe. That hand on her sternum was unbuttoning her shirt. Sara clung to his bicep, willing those bunching muscles to work faster; to hurry up, for fuck’s sake; to pin her down and make her feel -

They both froze when they heard the fabric rip. Reyes looked down at the ruin he’d made of her shirt, blinking like she’d shone a spotlight in his eyes. It seemed to take him a moment to understand what had happened.

“Shit,” he muttered.

Sara laughed - more than a little breathlessly. They were both breathing hard; clinging to each other with trembling fingers. Sara could feel a flush creeping up her neck. Reyes’ pupils were blown wide.

Jesus. It was scary, sometimes, how desperately she wanted him; how desperately he wanted her, too, and how little anything else seemed to matter when they had each other within reach.

Reyes’ eyes flicked back to hers. Buttons clattered to the floor. He watched her intently as he slipped his hand inside her shirt, the pads of his fingers skimming the curve of her breast. Sara’s fingers bit into his arm. There was blurring on the borders of her vision. There was something hot and tight coiling in her belly. Reyes had her pinned against the door, his thigh between her legs and his hand inside her bra -

“I’m not even sorry,” he breathed.

Ohhhhh my Goddddddd.

You guys don’t even gfucking kno how fckin long it took me to get this to post with all the italics and the bolded words and I just Jesus Christ it was way simpler than I though t and I’ve been over shooting this whole time and I am just…… overwhelmed. 

This is the fic I was telling you guys about earlier, the one where Dean and Cas are in high school and they sext for the first time. It didn’t come out exactly how I wanted but hey, at least it got written.

There’s an illusion (lmao is that the right word) to bottom!Dean and top!Cas which is just totally crazy since I usually write Cas as the bottom but you know what they say about switching stuff up!!!!!! (I have no idea what they say.)

There’s some humor and fluff and it’s not crazy sexual so don’t be intimidated. It’s about 2.9k words (I had no idea it would end up that long???) and please appreciate it since I took twenty years of my life away to make sure everything was bolded and italicized. Dean’s texts are in bold, Cas’ are italics. I only went over it like once so there are definitely mistakes. Don’t sue me.

@dirtymish, @envydean, @fvckingcastiel, @snowangelcas, @jazz-winchester and undoubtedly someone else who I am forgetting (if I am I am so sorry) ya’ll all wanted to be tagged so here you are!!!

Side Note: It’s literally fucking four A.M. so if I sound drunk or if this fic is just all over the place then that is why I promise.

ao3 link

It had been about a week since Cas had seen Dean and he was totally and utterly done with the fact of it.

Cas’ family had rented a cabin somewhere completely obsolete in hopes of some time together for the winter season, that space between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Cas, being a normal teenage boy, had been quite begrudging about the trip, especially since his boyfriend, Dean, would be miles away from him for the duration of the trip.

They had kissed goodbye and Cas had promised Dean it wasn’t the end of the world, even though Cas wasn’t so sure about that. They had both promised to keep in touch, and for the most part they have been, Dean texting Cas or Cas texting Dean sometimes during the day, sometimes at night to say goodnight. So, it’s no surprise when Cas has just finished dinner and is heading off to his room to try and relax alone when his phone buzzes in his pocket. It’s a miracle that he even gets reception, but he’s definitely not going to question it.

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Hello! I'm a big fan of your blog, I really love your writing (actually, I read something every night before sleep, it's one of my favorite moments of the day) and I really wanted to ask you a scenario, I hope you can do it. How would be if Candy was a dancer? Like ballet, jazz, hip-hop or another gender. I would really like to read how guys discovered that. Thanks for your attention and I'm sorry for my bad English (Brazilian girl here). Love your blog, love u! Bye!

Hello! Sorry this took so long and thank you for your patience. And thank you for being a fan!!! I love the idea of Candy dabbling in Ballet, and maybe with a mix of hip-hop energy. Like in the movie “Save the Last Dance.”

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He went with his mother and Amber to a ballet they had tickets for, much to his annoyance. But it was a chance the three of them could spend time together. His father had to work, so he was roped into coming so the ticket didn’t go to waste. And Candy was busy that night, so he couldn’t get out of this. Once the curtain was up, the dancers pulled off spectacular and dramatic moves with such grace that Nathaniel was actually enjoying the performance. And then , one dancer caught his eye. They looked familiar. After he was able to get a better look at their face, he realized it was Candy. He was stunned. His mother and Amber didn’t seem to recognize her. He said nothing to them but paid closer attention to Candy as she danced. He would have to buy her some flowers after this was over.


Candy had approached him, with quite a bit of hesitation and nervousness, asking if he was busy one night. He didn’t have any plans in particular, and wondered what she had in mind. She confessed to him that she has taken ballet lessons for the past few years and was performing tonight. She was wondering if he’d like to come. Ballet wasn’t really his thing, as he found it a bit boring. He started to mock the idea of ballet at first but stopped. Castiel saw her face after he said something and became aware that this was important to her. He apologized and he assured her he could spare one night for her to watch her perform.


It was rather straight forward, yet a bit of a surprise. He and Candy were out enjoying dinner one night with Rosa and Leigh again, when she spoke up. She had tickets for a ballet performance that was showing next weekend and asked them all if they wanted to go. They all happily agreed, Rosa taking the three tickets Candy handed over so they wouldn’t lose them. When Lysander inquired how she came by the tickets, Candy announced that she would be in ballet itself and all performers were given so many tickets to pass out to family and friends. He was taken aback. She never mentioned being a dancer of any kind. Rosa and Leigh looked just as surprised, but now they were all excited to see her perform. Lysander especially.


He was out for his afternoon run one day and passed through town. Racing passed shops, boutiques, and businesses. As he he stopped to take a break and sip from his water bottle, he glanced up and saw some girls his age in a window, all of them in a leotards and ballet shoes practicing positions. He quickly realized this was a dance studio. And that’s when he saw something that he wasn’t expecting. Candy was in the middle of the group in line. Then she came forward towards the instructor and he watched as she performed a routine, flawlessly in his opinion. He snapped out of his gawking stupor and ran off so he wouldn’t be seen watching through the glass. But he would definitely have to ask her about this later.


He had stayed late after school one day, hiding out in an empty room playing a new game he had. He did feel a bit guilty for not taking the time to walk Candy home, or at least to the park. It wasn’t like he was ignoring her…he just lost track of time while playing. Armin wondered if she had already left. As he walked down the hall and out of the school, he didn’t see anyone else around. Then, he heard some music playing in the gym. He opened one of the doors and peered inside to see what was going on. To his shock and amazement, Candy was balancing on her tip toes and twirling around the gym, practicing ballet moves. Armin quietly snuck in and took a seat on the sidelines to watch. When she was finished, he clapped and Candy was startled. But when she saw that it was Armin, she blushed and gave an awkward bow.

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"Would you write a scenario for me about v where his girlfriend isn't ready for sex yet so they get off by dryhumping? Can you make it smutty? I'm embarrassed now but oh well~ ^^" I really loved this scenario! How about instead of V it be Suga?

Here for the rest of the series

Here you go my lovelies, sorry it took so long ~ Thank you all for requesting for this, it makes me happy *flowers for all of you* Yoongi and his body is ready

*Warning: Explicit Content

Dry Series; Suga

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Finally uploading my take on suzie-gurus headcanon of mob boss Bog bumping into a doorframe while chanteuse Marianne hoists the slit of her dress a little TOO high to fix her garter. Sorry this took so long hun.<:{ Tried to capture the sensuality of this moment which will later spur inspiration for some rather spicy looking moments of Marianne-cough-sliding across piano suggestively-cough Bog is frustrated as usual.:D Little does he the effect of slightly opened shirt and loose tie to a certain sultry singer. I also did more “lippier” Bog because Krocatoo’s art is such delicious eye candy for inspiration.^^

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oumami prompt: amami gets lost in the middle of the night and loses his cool, and ouma finds him and has to help calm him down?

TADAH. im sorry this took so long this one. is long. its like 2200+ words. also i tried a different take on their personalities. also im pretty this fic isnt what you were requesting at all but its what i churned out. sooooOOOOO. JAZZ HANDS. 

warnings for: blood, cursing, amami crying, being lost, 

also read it on ao3 here if reading it on my theme is too hard


Leaving his dorm hadn’t been a good idea, Amami realized as he passed the same classroom door for what had to be the 4th time that night. As if being trapped in the school wasn’t enough, it seemed to be long, endless, and a maze of doors and stairs. It didn’t help that Monokuma shut off most, if not all, the lights in the school at 10 PM and that the dorms did not have their own bathrooms. 

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Not so Secret

Hi I was wondering if you could do a fic that y/n and Dan are dating but they don’t want like their friends to know (Louise, Zoey, Jack all that jazz) but they find out? Love your blog btw :) x

Thank-you so much, sorry this took so long and I hope it’s okay xxoo

Dating Dan was great, but keeping it a secret.. Not so much.
It didn’t bother you, but at times it could get difficult for example, now. You were currently driving to a restaurant where you were having dinner with all of your YouTuber friends which of course, included Dan.

You weren’t sure how long you were planning on keeping it a secret, but everyone shipped you two, and you didn’t want to give them the satisfaction.

You parked your car out front, checking you looked alright in the review mirror before heading inside. It was hard to find them all as you could easily hear Louise’s excitable voice.

“Y/n!” Zoey cheered as she was first to spot you. Everyone turned around, greeting you in their own ways and giving out hugs and smiles.

“I saved you this seat!” Louise exclaims, patting the wooden chair on her right.

“Oh, I think she’d rather sit next to Dan” Phil slyly adds, receiving a not so secret kick under the table from Dan. You see, Phil was the only other person that knew about your relationship, and god did he love teasing you both about it.

“Nah, Dan smells” you joke as you sit beside Louise with a smile on your face.
Your phone vibrates on the table, Dans name lighting up the screen.
You quickly reach for the phone before anyone sees

Dan: you look gorgeous tonight xx

You can’t help but smile at your phone before replying.

Y/n: thank-you :) you don’t look too bad yourself ;) xxoo

“Who are you texting?” Louise asks with a hint in her voice

“Just a friend” you reply casually, avoiding eye contact with anyone although you could see Phil’s smirk.

“And who are you texting Dan? Are you y/n’s "friend”?“ Phil questions, God damn it Phil!

Everyone looks between the both of you, waiting for a reply

"I was uh.. Telling y/n that she smells worse…” Everyone laughs and the conversations go on, but every time I look up at Dan he’s always smirking and winking at me. I thought it was fine, no one had noticed until once again… Phil.

“Do you have something in your eye Dan? Cause you keep winking at y/n” you just wanted to rip that little smirk off of his smug face.

“Yes I do have something in my eye actually” Dan States matter of factly, winking a few more times which makes everyone giggle, including yourself.

All throughout dinner, Phil makes his teasing comments, which everyone continues to brush off. Dessert is served and it looks delicious, you instantly dig in, moaning at the taste.

“Aren’t you gonna be cute and share you desserts” Phil questions once again.

“Ow!” Jack exclaims randomly

“Sorry…my leg had a spazzum” Dan apologises, obviously he had meant to kick Phil.

You couldn’t wait till everyone had left, and you and Dan could abuse Phil and his stupid remarks.

You all finished, and after another 20 minutes of casual conversation, you said your goodbyes and headed out to the cars.
When no one was looking, Dan pulled you to has car and climbed in, instantly connecting your lips to his.

“I hate Phil, but you look fucking beautiful tonight” Dan States before connecting your lips once again. The kiss starts to get heated as your tongues massage each other’s.

*tap tap*

You both pull apart and look to the window beside your heads, jumping fun surprise as there, peering in at you is a bunch of smirking youtubers.

“You left your phone!” Louise says with the biggest grin

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Hi, again! So I have an idea where, Steve and reader are dating, and one morning reader is making breakfast and singing and dancing really obnoxiously to music and Steve comes in to try to talk to reader but reader won't shut up despite everything Steve tries. So then he shouts over the music "I love you" and reader stops dancing/singing and major fluff. Reader is also an avenger, and lives at stark tower. Thanks!

Here you go!!

Word Count: 1,058

Y/N: your name

             Lovely day for a dance! Steve x Reader

It was the first Saturday in about 3 weeks that you had the entire day off, so you were celebrating. Even though you didn’t have the alarm set, you still awoke earlier than you hoped, so you took your time to throw on running shorts and throw your hair up in a top bun. Your boyfriend Steve’s black shirt was just big enough to hang down to the hem of your shorts, but it was still good to reveal your shape. You decided to make a breakfast while Steve was gone on his morning run. You shuffled down the stairs of Stark Tower and made your way to the kitchen.
“Good morning, ma’am.” JARVIS greeted you and turned the lights on.

“Morning, JARVIS. How about we get some tunes going to start the day?” JARVIS obliged by turning on your programmed playlist which then resonated through the open spaces of the Tower. Everyone else was either on a mission or at the facility. Steve was the only one not working, but he always had to go run before doing nothing for a day.
You pulled out your ingredients to make your famous French Toast and continued to dance and sing into the spoon while everything was cooking. The aroma of vanilla, sugar, and bacon wafted around you. The fragrance of coffee began to swirl as well while the grounds steeped in your french press. The music genre changed to jazz, as per your request to JARVIS, and while Sinatra was singing about New York, you spun around and saw Steve standing in the open walkway. You strutted your way over and grabbed his hands.

“Come dance with me, Babe! Breakfast is just about ready.”
“Y/N, I really need to-“
“Nope!” You pressed your hand on his lips. “Dance with me, Steve!” He obliged for only a minute, spinning you and bringing you in.
“Okay, now let me-“ You scooted out of his grip and went back to the counter and plated up two plates and set them at the breakfast bar. You heard Steve try to say something over the music, but Sinatra was just too loud, so it caught you off guard when Steve spun you around and yelled over the music.

“I’m in love with you, Y/N!”

You stopped and dropped down off of your toes to steady yourself on the floor.

“JARVIS? Turn it down for me, buddy.” The music faded as the song changed and the smile on your face faded with it. “What did you say?” Steve’s hands radiated heat on your waist and he let out a long sigh. Those blue eyes looked as ice as he looked into your own.

“I am in love with you, Y/N.” He let out a small laugh and ran his hand through his messy post-run hair. “I can’t- I can’t get you out of my head, no matter what I do. Your the only thing that keeps me going, to keep me sane with all of the crap that we deal with in our work. If it weren’t for you, I don’t think I’d be able to handle all of it. Every moment that I am around you is better than the last and I just know that you are the one for me.” He continued to watch your face, trying to read a reaction from you, but you were an agent and were very capable at keeping emotion off of your face. Even though you didn’t show it, you were flying! You had been in love with this man since before you officially started dating. You only kept it to yourself because you enjoyed his company and didn’t want to scare him off. You had been together for seven months now and you were aching to tell him that you loved him. You just didn’t want it to blow up in your face, so you kept it quiet and never led on to it.

“C’mon, Y/N,” he looked down away from your face, “give me something here. Please?”

You responded in the only way you thought made sense. You cupped his jaw in your hands and felt him clenching as he waited for you.
“It’s about time, Rogers.” You smiled and pulled back up on your toes to press your lips to his. You moved your hands to his hair and felt the warmth of his chest as he pulled you close. You couldn’t help but smile into his kiss and speak when he moved his mouth to your jawline. “I love you so much, Steve. You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting.”

“Sorry,” he continued to kiss your neck and come back up to your lips, “I’ve been known to be the leading expert on waiting too long.” He kissed you one more time and set you back to your flat feet. “Hey JARVIS?”

“Yes, Captain?”

“Go ahead and turn that music back up for me. I’ve got a dance to finish.”

“Of course, Sir.” The jazz turned back up and began to echo through the tower again. Steve took your hands and spun you in circles and the two of you worked up quite the appetite for breakfast. Naturally, it needed re heated because the dancing went so long that it got cold.
But, that didn’t matter because you sat next to the man you loved and was able to say over and over again just how much you loved him.

Steve insisted on cleaning up since you cooked, so you watched him load the dishwasher and wash out your French Press. He leaned over the counter and kissed you again.
“How about this: I go shower real quick while you pick any movie you want and I’ll meet you back down here with the big blanket from your room?”

“Any movie?” You couldn’t help but smile like a child at the thought. You had a favorite movie, but it was a chic flick, so you never asked him to watch it with you. That would change today.

“Any movie!” He kissed your nose as you hummed in excitement.  “I’ll be back down soon.” He left you in the kitchen to go get cleaned up. The day was still young, so you were convinced that this would be the best day off you ever had.


Feysand-“Midnight Closures”


i’m so sorry this took so long, ugh, there hasn’t been a fanfiction out in like, forever! i gotta change that. i’ve been super busy lately, between balancing multiple events, but i HAVE to get this fan fic out. as you can see, i’ve blended the two requests in the pictures above, i hope your alright with that!

side note-so um. smut. nsfw. you know;’)

characters copyright to sarah j maas

additional characters copyright to me

*jazz hands* *whispers* FEYSAND

She awoke, gasping, begging for air to rush back into her throat, and Rhysand immediately sat up beside her.

His citrus and jasmine scent swelled around her, and she shakily grasped the sheets, forcing herself to swing her legs off the bed, and into the floor. Rhys growled, and grabbed her arm-not hurting her, trying to keep her upright. “Feyre,” he purred, low and vicious. “Feyre, tell me what’s wrong.”

“Nightmare,” she wheezed. “Tamlin.”

Rhysand’s eyes were suddendly full of understanding. “Come on,” he growled. He scooped her up off her wobbling legs, and carried her to the clean and classy bathroom. Gently, he set Feyre down near the toilet, where he held back her hazelnut-red hair. He murmured, “I’ve got you, it’s alright, let it out. You are not at the spring court, you are the night court, where you are free to heal.”

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Don't Know What You Have - Luke Hemmings Imagine

“I’m in love.” With those words (Y/N)’s world came crashing down.


She took a deep breath and put down her book, she looked over to him and pretended to take an interest in the subject, “Oh? Who is she?”


Luke grinned and bit down his lip, “She’s one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I met her today, she was the photographer for this magazine. She was amazing (Y/N).” As Luke finished his sentence the rest of the group walked into the front room.


“Who’s amazing?” Calum asked.


“Our photographer today, remember her?” Luke asked with asked with a dumbstruck look on his face. (Y/N) wanted to do nothing but slap that look on his face.




“That’s her name!”


“You’re in love with this girl and you didn’t even know her name?” (Y/N) scoffed, causing Ashton to choke on his biscuit.


Luke ignored the two of them, “Do you think she’ll say yes if I ask her out?”


Each of the boys quickly glanced at (Y/N) who was sporting a nonchalance look, “Don’t you think it’s a bit forward mate? I mean she might have a boyfriend, you know.” Michael piped in.


Luke gazed at Michael, “Even if she did have a boyfriend, I’ll wait for her. It seems like she’s on of those people that are worth waiting for. I think she might be the love of my life, guys. She’ll be worth it because I think I know somewhere that she’ll be the person I’ll marry.” Luke finished his speech with a smile.


Halfway through Luke’s speech (Y/N) felt her eyes begin to water and her heart begin to constrict in her chest. She mumbled a quick ‘excuse me’ and walked out of the room, Luke was too into his speech to notice (Y/N) getting out of the room.

(Y/N) closed the back door and walked to the bench in her garden. She sat down and willed herself not to cry, unfortunately she was too weak and began to break down. “You okay?”


“Just dandy, thank you.” Was her reply, the person scoffed and sat down next to her.





“You can talk to me you know.” He wrapped his arm around her and tried to soothe her. “Luke’s just being an idiot right now. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”


“What if he does? What if this Abi chick is the love of his life? I’m just wasting my life, Ash.” (Y/N) leaned back into Ashton and began to wipe her tears away.


“Well I’m going to start with this. There are many things that are wrong with what you just said. First of all, this Abi chick is not the love of his life. He’s just in this stage where he thinks she is, but everyone knows he’s already found the love of his life, which is you,” Ashton nudged her and she chuckled, “The second being you never waste your life if you’re waiting for something that’s worth it in the end. Luke is going to see sooner or later, hopefully sooner that you are the love of his life.”


“What if he never does?” She mumbled.


“Then, excuse me for the foul language but he is a fuck wit.” (Y/N) laughed loudly and Ash grinned, happy to see that his friend is happy.

Luke came out of the house to find where Ashton and (Y/N) went off too. He found them sitting on her bench and he frowned, she only came here when she was extremely upset. Luke crouched behind the bush and listened to their conversation, trying to find out what has upset her.


“Do you think you could ever forget your first love?” He heard (Y/N) ask.


“No. Sure you might fall out of love with them but they’re always in your heart, considering they were your first love.”


(Y/N) laughed, “When did you become so smart?” Luke looked higher and saw (Y/N) gazing up at Ashton. He didn’t know why but he felt uneasy.


“I was born smart, I just don’t show it. I have a reputation to uphold.” He smirked at her and she laughed.


“Oh Ash, I feel sorry for your future wife.” She teased as she pinched his cheeks, “But then again, thank you for tonight, you, you helped me. Thank you.” She kissed his cheeks and he gave her a goofy smile in return.


“You’re welcome my lady, now shall we return inside and order some pizza?” Ashton jumped off the bench and held out his hand to (Y/N).


“What a gentleman.” She took his hand and walked back inside.


Luke got out of his hiding spot and looked to where (Y/N) and Ashton were walking. He didn’t know why but he felt a sudden urge to punch Ashton in the face, multiple times.

A/N: Hey! I’m back and I’m hopefully writing again. Sorry  I took such a long sabbatical, but hey I’m back. Anyway this is my first ever 5sos imagine ever, so leave review and all that jazz. Plus this might be a two-shot if people are wondering. So leave me a message if you’d like the second part. Thank you for reading. Follow if you like!