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Queenie. Jacob's pocket watch.

He’d been thinking about his pocket watch all evening and Queenie was beginning to get annoyed.  Every attempt at starting a conversation had been met with a distracted monosyllabic answer before his mind returned to recalling the timepiece in excruciating detail.  She was pretty sure she could make a perfect replica of the blasted thing at this point. 

She’d hoped her birthday would warrant her at least a little attention.

The only time there was a break in the endless tick-tock of his mind was when he recalled the directions to the restaurant - and even that was quickly dismissed in favor of the clock. Putting her irritation aside, she smiled at the host and admired the opulence on display as he led them away from the main hall and to more private dining rooms.  She sighed inwardly. This would have been much more enjoyable if she could share it with Jacob, but his mind was now meticulously tracing the engravings on the back of the watch.

Her irritation was mounting and just when she thought she might scream, the host flung open the door to a flurry of noise.


Queenie’s hand flew to her chest as she stared at the assemblage. The friends she’d made in this new country (and even some from back home) were gathered in the center of the room, while tables laden with food lined the walls. Tina and one of the women she gossiped with as she bought bread from Jacob’s bakery tossed handfuls of confetti into the air while everyone else clapped and cheered. Queenie let out a giggle as she watched a disgruntled Abernathy brush some from his shoulder, before turning her attention to Jacob.

“Is this why you’ve been thinking of that watch this whole time? So I wouldn’t read your thoughts and find out?”

Jacob merely smiled, kissed her hand, and led her into the party.

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Hello! Can I request something about Sirius Black? I haven't got big expectations, I just want him to be old version, not that from marauders era. Oh! It can be first meet with him after Azkaban! It would be fantastic! I love your writing ❤

Hey hon,

Sorry it took me so much time, I wasn’t really a human version of myself. And I ain’t really a fan of Sirius, so forgive me if anything goes wrong.

Name: I knew you would come back

You are sitting in your apartment in London, staring at the newspaper after a long day. “Escape from Azkaban!” it yells at you, with Sirius’s face twisted in a terrifying grimace on it. You sigh, closing your eyes and feeling the slight wind coming from the opened window.

“Hello beautiful,” you hear a tired voice and momentarily open your eyes, staring the dark shadow by the window.

“S… Sirius?” you stand up, dropping a newspaper on the floor, and the shadow moves further away.

“Sorry, I… I shouldn’t have come. I simply have no place else to go, and they are… they are looking for me,” his voice is rather insecure and broken, as if he’s been screaming for the past fifteen years.

“Sirius, you know that you can trust me. Come on, let me… Let me see you,” you make a few steps towards him and carefully put a hand on what should be his shoulder, as you try to pull him out of the dark spot. He sighs and takes a step forward, walking into the light. A moment later, you pull him in a tight hug, trying to hide your face on his bony shoulder, as Sirius pulls you closer, digging his fingers into your back and pressing his head against yours, so you can smell the forest, dogs, and a dirty city on him. “Merlin, I missed you.”

“I missed you too, sweetie,” you grin, feeling that you are starting to cry, your whole body shaking. “Shhh, I am here now.”

“Please, don’t go again…” you pull away and look at his face, noticing every single bruise and cut on the previously flawless and smooth skin. “Boy, you could use a shower. And a doctor.”

“No doctors.”

“I’ll take care of the wounds, just…” you smile at him, feeling how you instantly feel happier just looking at his exhausted, half-dead face. “Take a shower.”

“Y/N,” Sirius stops you, as you are about to let go of him. “Is there… anyone else?”

“Seriously, Sirius? You just escaped from Azkaban and now you ask me about my love life?” he grins and nods, raising his hand to gently stroke your shoulder. “No, there is no one else. You are… you are so…”

“Amazing? Handsome? Admired?”

“Dirty,” you grin and push him towards the shower, honestly feeling that now everything will go better than before. “Take the shower. I will get you a wand you could use.”

“You’re the best?”

“I know. Come on, I’ll get us something to eat after I fix your… uhm… well. everything.”

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Latino!Jason Todd headcannons please :) I saw your other post and was like 'oh! Imma ask for more because I hate my life and am in Latino!Jason Todd hell!'

Jason:I died once
Jason: I got better
Jason: because of vapo rub
Damian: Get the fuck out of here

Hey hon! Sorry it took me so long to reply to this ask, It’s been a very busy month. I couldn’t come up with any headconnons on the spot so I decided to make a comic off one of the old LatinoJason Todd headcannons. I kinda rushed since I have to get for work in a bit but I hope you enjoyed thanks for the ask! Also thanks to @jasonsstodd for putting up with my horrible dead puns. 

The Girl Next Door [part iii]

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

A/N: sorry it took so long guys! i’ve been busy with school work and procrastinating to the mAX.

part i

part ii

“The Girl Next Door”

The sound of the alarm going off shook Peter awake. He went through his daily routine, the same motions he’d been doing for four years. That morning, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. May had made him pancakes, which he took two of, and a cup of coffee on the go.

“Bye, hon!” May shouted as she scurried back and forth in the apartment, getting ready to go to work.

Peter mumbled back a reply before slipping into the elevator. But his morning turned upside down when he wasn’t watching where he was going, and ended up bumping into someone. He backed into the person, spilled his coffee, and dropped his pancakes–not onto the floor, but onto the person. Somehow. Typical.

“Oh my god,” the person cried, trying to shake off the coffee. “What the hell?”

“Shit, I am so sorry!” Peter exclaimed turning around to apologize. And guess who it was? (Y/n). “Damn it.”

“Ha, well it’s good to see you too.”

Judging by (Y/n) tone, Peter could tell she was not happy to see him. Groaning with frustration, she gave up on trying to clean herself up while Peter just stood in the middle of the elevator, not having moved one step.

“God, I am just so–” Peter started.

“Clumsy? Yes, you are,” (Y/n) stated with a hint of annoyance. When she saw Peter’s red face, she quickly added, “I’m kidding. It’s okay, Peter.”

“Yeah…thanks,” Peter whispered, frozen.

The elevator door dinged open, and (Y/n) stepped out. She was about to walk away when she realized Peter wasn’t next to her. She flipped her head around and saw Peter still in the same spot.

“You coming?” she shouted, throwing her arms to side.

This incident, however, was the not the only embarrassing accident to occur. Some other interactions included a pencil, a chalkboard, a desk, and a cup. There were probably a total of six accidents, all started by Peter. Each time, Peter felt more and more humiliated. But (Y/n), the victim of all these accidents, felt more and more attracted to him. Yes, he had spilled coffee on her, threw a pancake at her, drew on her clothes, pushed her over while she was sitting in a desk, and had almost stabbed her with a pencil, she couldn’t help but smile every time she saw him. 


“Wait, so you’re into him?” your friend, Michelle suggested.

“No, I wouldn’t say that I’m into him, more–” you tried to explain.

But Liz cut you off, “In love with him?”

The girls laughed their asses off at the thought of you liking the dork Peter, but when they saw that you weren’t laughing as hard as them, they realized that she actually was into him.

“Oh my gosh, after all the things he’s done, you like him?” Liz asked with surprise.

“After the things he’s accidentally done,” you corrected. “He’s kinda cute…”

Michelle and Liz both discussed among themselves who worthy they thought Peter was of you, talking about scenarios and what you should do the next time he does something stupid. But you were lost in your own thoughts, brainstorming what you should do and how you should do them. What could she do to see him in a safe, accident-free environment? How could she even bring it up? She barely talked to the guy except when he spilled stuff on you. 

And then it hit you: a dinner. 

One problem though, how to convince your dad a.k.a. Captain America.

part i

part ii

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Keep Your Hands Off My Girl

Requested by: @cookiemini4

Request: Can I request a Taeyang scenario where you broke with your ex and you are now dating Taeyang but your ex wants you back. Taeyang confronts him at a YG party
A/N: I’m sorry this took so long for me to write, hon. It took me a while to come up with something, but bless you for being so patient! I had to switch it up a little for the sake of the idea, so hopefully you still like it. - J
Genre: Taeyang x Reader
Warnings: Talk of past/present abuse

Disclaimer: As always, the gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owner.

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Juniper: “Well, here they are! What do you think? You won’t find cuties like these in Hoenn, ahaha~”

???: “I-I’m sorry… Could I just have a moment…?”

Juniper: “Hm? Ah, of course! Silly me, just because you’ve done this before doesn’t make this moment any less special. It’s probably more special than usual because this will be your first pokemon as a Unovan citizen, how exciting! Anyways, there’s no rush, hon.”


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Brooklyn Beckham Imagine


I was sitting with my family at my Grandparents for dinner when I got a message from Brooklyn

*text: from Brooklyn :Hey babe, I’ll be on my way in a few minutes.*

I stared at the message confused. He typically didn’t call me babe, and I wasn’t home, which he knew…

*reply: uh, Brooklyn. I’m not home?*

I got another text from him saying that I just texted him saying I was home. That’s how I realized he was probably texting another girl.

*brooklyn, you realize this is (y/n)? Right. I didn’t text you that.*

*oh…shit..(y/n) it’s not what it looks like…*

I excused myself from the table and wen to call him. “So Brooklyn. Whose your babe? Are you cheating on me?”

“honey, listen…”

“Brooklyn, don’t Give me some stupid story. Be honest with me right now.”

“To be honest, Ya…” There was a long pause. He was waiting for me to reply and I was trying to keep my cool. “Hon? I’m so sorry. . I’ll go over there, end it and it’ll never happen again.”

“Don’t bother. I’m ending this one. Have fun with your ‘babe’. Goodbye.” I hung up. Took a few breaths before rejoining my family. He kept trying not to call and text but I just ignored them all.

I didn’t need someone like that in my life.

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ϟ: How much does your muse value sexual intimacy?

Saeko certainly does value sexual intimacy but this sort of aspect takes a backseat in her life so to speak, she sees it in a favorable light but in the face of other things it certainly takes a minimal role in her list of priorities. The top priority she has it getting home by any means necessary…even if that means eventually leaving her new friends behind to do so.

Sorry I took soo long to get this out for you hon D: @saya-igarashi)

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7, 16, 22 please hon❤️

Hey Anon, thank you for the ask! Sorry it took me so long, I was at work all afternoon.

7. Who do you fantasize about when you’re alone?

Tbh, I don’t really have anyone I fantasize about. Is that weird?

16. If you had a sexual “to-do” list, what would be on top of the list?

Hand holding.

JK, it’s having someone use a strapon on me.

22. List your kinks.

The ones that come to mind are crossdressing, strapons, and being tied up.

Jack the Burglar

Inspired by this post by @zimmboners

Eric Bittle woke to the sound of boxes crashing in his attic.  He jolted upright, pulse hammering in his throat.  Throwing the covers off, he scrambled out of bed and searched frantically for a weapon to fight off the ax murderer/wild animal ransacking his house.  All he managed was a goalie stick left behind by the previous resident of his room, but it would have to do.

Creeping around the squeaky floorboards, Eric made his way upstairs.  The sound of shuffling cardboard and a distinctly male voice was audible on the other side of the door.  Steeling his nerves (and bracing for death), he let himself into the attic, stick hefted onto his shoulder.

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Heeey lovee can you do an imagine with harry for me where you have a daughter and she is such a mommys girl and harry is jealous and one time he tells you that he feels like you are ignoring him P.s. The baby is only 2 and a half

Sure thing, hon! Sorry it took so long to write and I hope you like it! :)

*Reader discretion is advised, suggestive themes


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EXO’s Reaction to Finding Out Their Daughter Has An Abusive Boyfriend

@lovelygroovywerewolf Here you go, hon! I’m sorry I took so long with this. ^-^

Also, to everyone, I’m SO sorry I have been so incredibly inactive the past couple days. I’ve been super busy with holiday planning, so hopefully after the next couple of days, I’ll be able to update more frequently. That being said, MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone! I hope you have a wonder-filled holiday, full to the brim with all sorts of joy and good times~♥

Baekhyun: would have a hard time handling a situation like this. He’d be bursting with hateful words about your boyfriend, but he’d likely know that him spewing such things wouldn’t help the situation, so he’d try to refrain from doing so.

Chanyeol: wouldn’t even give you a choice in the matter. As his daughter, he’d all-but-forbid you to see that boy again. He’d hate that he hadn’t noticed the situation before it got out of hand. “I’m sorry I didn’t realize before…But, you can’t see him anymore. I won’t sit by and pretend everything’s okay between you two!”

Chen: would be trying his best to convince you that you deserve someone better than your current boyfriend. He’d understand that it’s a shitty situation to be in, but it would kill him to see his daughter in such a position.

D.O: honestly would not know how to proceed with this situation. It’d take every ounce of self control not to completely lose his shit on someone who was brave enough to abuse his daughter, but he’d know that may just make things worse. He seriously seems like the type of father that wouldn’t hesitate to get outside help in this scenario.

Kai: would convince you that you could do so much better than a guy like that. He’d play up all of the great traits about you, building your confidence so you can leave the guy. “You’re smart and beautiful, and you can land someone so much better than him.”

Kris: would be absolutely livid that some messed up kid would dare to lay a hand on his daughter. He’d probably be the kind of father that would confront the kid about it, scaring the living daylights outta him. “Who the hell do you think you are? Laying a hand on a woman is bad enough, but you chose my daughter? Bad move, kiddo.”

Lay: would be absolutely broken when he found out. Sure, he knew he could be a bit of a space cadet from time-to-time, but how could he miss something that was likely so obvious? He’d partly blame himself for not being able to step in sooner, but he’d focus on your comfort, regardless. “I’m sorry I couldn’t help you before now, I wish you would’ve told me earlier. But from now on, I won’t let him lay a single finger on you, okay? I promise.”

Luhan: Omg, your boyfriend would be in for the rudest awakening ever. Luhan wouldn’t bother restraining himself in the slightest if he saw your boyfriend after he had found out that he was abusive. He’d honestly bitch him out and, even though Luhan’s on the small side, he’d likely put a good scare into the kid. “My daughter deserves so much better than your sorry ass! Don’t bother even talking to her from now on, she’s going to find someone to treat her right!”

Sehun: would honestly be super bothered by the entire situation. He would’ve thought that he had raised a smarter daughter and wouldn’t understand why you would stay with someone who abuses you. “Why would you stay with such a jerk? Surely you know better.”

Suho: would be the type of father to encourage you to leave him, even going so far as to offer to tag along with you, knowing that you may just be afraid of the consequences of breaking it off with him. “It’s okay, Y/N. I’ll be by your side, and I won’t let anything more happen to my little baby~”

Tao: I’ve said this before, but there’s definitely reasons that Tao has Wushu experience under his belt, and this is a moment that may help him. Not that he’d blatantly whip the boy’s ass, but if you weren’t willing to break up with your boyfriend, Tao would keep a close eye from then onward, being totally ready to jump in if need be.

Xiumin: would know immediately when shit started happening, but he’d wait for you to come to him with your problems, since he didn’t want to be a pushy father. When you felt comfortable talking to him about it, he’d remain calm, listening intently to your trembling voice. “If you’re scared, just know that you don’t have to worry. You’re my daughter. I love you and I’ll protect you with everything I’ve got.”


Request: My Family

Request: Whenever you get the time, I’m in no rush, but could you please write one where the reader has a sister that TFW didn’t know about until she gets a call in the middle of a case from said sister about how her boyfriend is not the greatest and is trying to get her sister’s kid taken away. Feel free to expand on how you will, when you get the time of course! :) (Thank you! :) )

Word Count: 1,236

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks!<33

“So, Ms Jones…” You’re about to ask another question when your phone buzzes violently in your pocket. You look at the caller ID and after a moment, you stand up, “My apologies. I have to take this.”

You leave the room, letting Sam, Dean, and Cas take over. You answer quickly, slipping out the back door.

“Woah, woah, wait up.” You stop the caller, who immediately begins crying down the line at you, “Slow down.”

You pause as she tells her story, and you frown, walking down the the Impala as you listen, occasionally reacting to something she says. You become increasingly angry, getting into the car and waiting impatiently.

“Hold on, okay? I’ll be there by morning.” You promise, ending the call.


“So, who was that? Secret boyfriend?” Dean asks as the three of them get into the car. You shake your head.


“Then who?”

“It was my sister.”

“You have a sister?” Sam asks, turning to you. You shrug, nodding.

“Yeah. Three years younger.” You tell them, “I just… keep her quiet. Don’t want anyone to know she’s around.” You admit. You get strange looks from all of the guys as Dean pulls away, driving off back to the motel so you can change out of these stuffy suits, “I’m going to head back up to my hometown tonight. You guys… just let me know where you’re at.”

“What’s happening?” Cas asks, and you take a breath.

“She was with this guy for years, and they had a kid together. He’s about two – beautiful kid, man. Adorable. But this ex is trying to get him taken off of her, saying she hasn’t got enough family support, so I’m going to head down and threaten him.”

Dean chuckles, “Looks like we’re taking a detour, kids.”

“What?” You frown at him in the mirror. Sam agrees.

“You definitely need some big scary friends to back you up.”

“You just want to tease me about my hometown.”

“And that.” Dean chuckles, “Seriously, though, this asshole isn’t going to get away with this.”

“Agreed.” Cas concurs, “It seems he needs a stern talking to.”


You stop off at the motel and Dean calls someone else to come and pick up the hunt where you left off. It’s a long drive to your hometown, but you could care less – you just need to get there and be there for your sister.

On the drive, you end up talking more and more about your family life, back home. Your parents – ex hunters – had died when you were quite young. You’d been fifteen and she’d been twelve. You’d hidden from social services, not wanting to be split up, and made it until you were eighteen and she fifteen. When she was sixteen, she met Anthony, and they struck it off. You, on the other hand, had discovered the world of hunting and were quickly investing yourself in that. You’d been going through a box of your parents’ things and found an old journal.

The second she was in college you were off, travelling the country under the guise of a road trip. You’d send her souvenirs and money – enough to keep her going – and slowly cut off contact. You still talk, of course, but nowhere near as much as you’d like. To keep her safe. Always to keep her safe.

“But,” You finish, “She’s my baby sister and I’d do anything for you.”

You make it there late in the evening. The front door is open, instantly making you suspicious. You tell the guys to wait outside, before slipping into the house.

Stay away from my son.”

He’s mine just as much as he is yours. I have every right to him.”

I’m his mother.”

I’m his father.”

“And I’m his aunt.” You step into the room, shooting an apologetic smile at your sister, “Sorry it took so long, hon.”

She stares at you in shock for a moment, before nodding, “No problem.”

You whirl on the guy, who’s gone slack-jawed at your appearance.

“Anthony, right?” You ask, and he nods slowly. You know him. Of course – for a few years, he was a regular at the house. You offer him a sickly sweet smile, “What’s your problem?”

“She’s – she’s not fit to-” He stammers, before regaining his composure, “She’s not fit to raise my son.”

“And you are?”

“Well… yes.”


“I can provide for him better. She doesn’t have anyone – you’re the only family she has and you’re gone all of the time. Me? I’ve got parents, grandparents, sisters, a brother…” He lists, as if it makes him better than the pair of you. Your facial expression hardens, and you take a step towards him.

“Well, guess what, asshole?” You say softly, “I’m here now, and you have three seconds to be out of her life for good.”

“What makes you think I’ll listen to you?” He’s a whole head taller than you and a lot wider. He puffs out his chest, trying to seem threatening, and you laugh.

“I’m a lot stronger than you, bucko.” You counter, “And a lot scarier. You want to go a few rounds? Prepare for a concussion.”

“Y/N, don’t.” Your sister says timidly, and you raise an eyebrow at the guy in front of you. He seems personally offended, but takes a vague half-step back.

“Now listen here, alright? You leave her alone. She’s a better mother to that kid than any mom I’ve ever seen – and I see a lot with my job – and you don’t get to say otherwise. I have friends, too-”

“I bet they’re not scary.” He sneers. You laugh humourlessly.

“See for yourself. Boys?” You call. A moment later, there are three men in the doorway, “These guys are some of the deadliest you’ve ever seen. I’m not gonna go into details. But the thing is, Anthony,” You say quietly, “You bother my family again and all four of us will hunt you down. We have guns. Don’t understimate us.”

You enunciate each word slowly and clearly, easily scaring him. He scurries past the guys, and you hear the door close. Turning back to your sister, you shoot her a smile.

“Sorry about that.” You say, but before you can explain further you’ve enveloped in a massive hug.

“It doesn’t matter!” She exclaims, “You came!”

“I promised I would.”

“Yeah, but…” She shakes her head as you hug her back, “It’s different. It’s been a while, Y/N.”

“Tell me about it. How have you been?”

“Me?” She grins, “I’m working part-time at the doctor’s surgery in the town. I think I’m gonna train to be a midwife next year. But what about you? And your friends! I mean… friends or friends?” She waggles her eyebrows suggestively and you laugh.

“Just friends.”

She pauses, and her face falls a little, “You’re not just going to go, are you?”

You’d planned on it, but now you’re here…

You look back at Sam, Dean, and Cas, who all give encouraging nods. You nod too.

“I think I can hang around for a little bit. Now, where’s that nephew of mine?”

witchunters  asked:

Auror!Harry & Healer!Drarry meeting at the ministry since a long time please?

Hey hon!! Sorry I took so long on this. 

The way I saw it, they are meeting for the first time in forever in a ministry ball. Harry, of course, kept buying the emerald green dress robes because he doesn’t know anything about clothes. Draco, on the other hand, is fancy as fuck.



Anonymous said:Sorry to be a bother I really admire your writing but I was curious if you can do a percabeth in number 1? Kisses


btw, number 1 was a soulmate AU <3

Sorry I took so long, babe. These words had been driving Annabeth crazy almost her whole life. They would be the first words her soulmate would say to her. She wondered every day what kind of situation would cause him (or her… or them) to say that extremely specific sentence. Some days the words completely ruined her mood, others she decided just to be happy she had words. Some people didn’t get any, they would be alone for their whole lives. That was a miserable way to live.

Over the years, the words seemed like they would never come, Annabeth had almost forgotten them completely. She would’ve forgotten them entirely if they weren’t tattooed on her arm.

These days, she pretty much went about her normal life, she’d finished college and had a job already, so life was going pretty good. One night, she decided to treat herself by going to a bar. She didn’t normally drink, but she’d just gotten promoted, tonight was special. She ordered a nice sweet drink and relaxed as she drank it.

“Hey, how you doing sweetheart?” said a husky voice beside her.

Wonderful. A greasy, drunken, fat guy had just taken the seat adjacent to her. “I’m fine…” she muttered, not wanting to cause a scene.

“You free tonight? A fine young thing like you, and a handsome guy like me could have a lot of fun back at my place…”

“I… I’m all set, thanks…”

“Come on, hon… I don’t bite…”

Suddenly, a rather tall guy scooted in between Annabeth and the grease ball. He placed a small bowl of pretzels in front of her. “Sorry I took so long, babe.” he said, kissing her cheek. “Pretzel line was really long.”

A million thoughts ran through Annabeth’s head at once. Oh my God he’s my soulmate. He’s so hot. He’s saving me from this slime ball, he’s perfect. All she could manage to get out was, “Thanks.” Great job, Annabeth. You couldn’t come up with better first words to your soul mate?

“You two having a nice conversation here?” he asked, shooting an overly-friendly smile at the slime ball.

The slime ball grunted. “I was just leaving.” he muttered, stumbling off his stool and toward the opposite end of the bar.

“Good riddance, ugly…” the new guy muttered. He looked back to Annabeth. “Are you alright?”

Finally able to shake out of her confusion, Annabeth smiled. She nodded, pulling up her sleeve to reveal her words. “Much better.”

The new guy smiled, pulling up his sleeve as well, revealing the word Thanks. “My name’s Percy. Sorry I took so long, babe.”


Request from Anon: Can you make a text where bts’s little sister ( like 13) has her first period and is scared? Tnx love ur blog btw? ( if there is a limit to members you could do the maknae line)

There’s not usually a limit, but I just did the maknae line because I didn’t want to get redundant. Hope you enjoyed it hon and I’m so sorry it took me so long to finally get it done. Requests are open!!


Hi my sweets, 
I’m sorry this took so long for me to do. I didn’t plan for me to take this long, but when I got my job my freedom became complete poop, and when I did have free time It was mostly spent on World of Warcraft. Forgive me. 

Now that my World of Warcraft time ran out I have more free time to finish projects for the sims and do my wcifs. That were suppose to be done weeks ago. huehue.

Now to get started.

  • nnessax3 - They are currently a wip by me, I have more stickers I want to make for my sims sorry hon. :c
  • The pose is by the amazing and talented flowerchamber. Here.
  • Okay I use a lot of skins. From different places But the skin you’re currently talking about is by Chisami, Here.
  • They’re not shorts, They’re my recolors of Chisami’s Skinnies. You can find them here.
  • I believe the lips I use on Kotomi are by Juoo, Here.
  • The bracelets are from Salem. They come with a cute choker. Here.
  • I’m pretty sure by now you saw that I did not make these horns. They’re from azentase. Here.
  • This adorable shirt is from missischibiusa. Here.
  • I use a lot of SClub eyebrows. They’re the best

I’m sorry I took so long. Forgive me. ♥