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i’m sorry this post took so long to make, it took me a full hour to take these photos and tbh im still not satisfied with it ( ͡ಠ ʖ̯ ͡ಠ) but these are the supplies i use for my headers and notes!! these zig markers aren’t actually the original markers that i use for my headers but they’re almost the same and better actually ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

i don’t know how the bottom pic became so LQ @tumblr sort yourself out pls

from left to right (bottom pic)

  • uniball - signo dx pen (0.38) , bought from popular
  • muji - double twin black marker , bought from muji
  • zig - mangaka flexible marker (fine) , bought from popular
  • zig - mangaka flexible marker (medium) , bought from popular

and tbh i have no idea what brand the last marker is, (i bought it from a friend) but its the brush pen which i previously used in all my notes, it ran out of ink pretty fast though so, don’t recommend 

hope this was useful to the anons that asked about the brushes!! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Tattoo Soulmate!Vernon

  • “Hello handsome”
  • Vernon felt blessed
  • What better way to meet your soulmate besides them complimenting you???
  • Nothing was better
  • Nothing
  • There’s just no way anything was better
  • And Vernon craved for the day that someone would come across and utter those words
  • Of course this also meant he had to look his ABSOLUTE BEST
  • GOD
  • DAMN
  • DAY
  • His soulmate better be satisfied with his face because he works really fucking hard on it
  • Every morning
  • The only times he doesn’t is when he KNOWS he’s not going to be leaving the house
  • Or his room for that matter
  • Hopefully some stranger doesn’t barge into his room ever and the words on his arm end up being sarcastic
  • Oh fuck he never thought of that
  • Please don’t let those words be sarcasm
  • Please don’t let his soulmate find him while he’s busy stuffing a burger in his face
  • He would probably start crying then and there
  • Vernon was always very happy about the tattoo placed on his right arm
  • All of his friends were really jealous
  • Most of them either had something along the lines of “Hello’s” and “How are you?”
  • Or something fucking crazy
  • Like
  • “That’s not a plant”
  • Or
  • “That’s a cliff, you fucker!”
  • Poor Mingyu
  • Everyone prayed that Mingyu would continue living
  • Please don’t fall off of any cliffs, Mingyu
  • Many people would be very sad
  • S o ok a y
  • Vernon has this dog
  • His name is Keroberos
  • Because why not
  • He’s the tiniest dog in existence
  • It’s hilarious
  • Keroberos gets a LOT of attention
  • Like you just can’t hate this dog he’s the cutest little thing
  • Vernon loves this puppy with his life
  • One of his jobs is to take the dog out on a walk
  • Get some fresh air
  • Take a stroll around the park
  • Maybe stop by a corner store and get some treats for the both of them
  • Vernon really enjoys this time
  • He also does it whenever he’s procrastinating homework
  • Homework??? Or take the dog out?? Wow what a hard decision
  • S o
  • One d a y
  • Vernon takes his puppy for a stroll around the park
  • Of course the dog gets tons of attention
  • And then Vernon also gets a lot of attention
  • They’re both kinda gorgeous
  • But
  • Suddenly
  • Vernon hears a small squeal
  • And you run over
  • Scooping the small dog into your arms
  • “Hello handsome!”
  • And
  • Vernon
  • Just
  • “No! That wasn’t supposed to be for the dog!”
  • To which you whip your head in his direction
  • Because???
  • Holy shit your soulmate fucking hell
  • And he suddenly realizes what he says
  • And you both turn bright red
  • You just-
  • “Shit I hit the jackpot”
  • Vernon begins laughing his head off
  • You’re too cute he can’t believe this
  • He leans down and pets the dog that’s still in your arms
  • “While I’m a little disappointed it wasn’t me you called handsome, I’m already grateful that you’re my soulmate”
  • He smiles at you
  • You kinda wanna cry
  • Cause wow??? What did you do in your past life to deserve someone so beautiful and kind????
  • Thank you past you like d a m n
  • “I feel like handsome would be an understatement for your looks however”
  • Vernon turns bright red
  • “Really now…?”
  • He helps you up
  • And then doesn’t let go of your hand
  • And shit man if the both of you were red before your faces are now literal flames
  • Vernon smiles at you yET AGAIN
  • Suddenly you’re hit with a realization
  • “Oh! Uh! You should… uhm.. Give me your number. So we can, y’know, stay in contact?”
  • He (clumsily) types his number into your phone
  • And all you can think about
  • Is how incredibly amazing the rest of your life is going to be
  • But still fuck past you

zaffrei-the-fandom-alien  asked:

Hi! Pretty new to this request stuff but I came across your blog, and I really really like it! So, um (since I liked Quicksilver in the movie and was deeply saddened when he died DX).... What would being best friends-turned-lovers with Pietro/Quicksilver be like?

Requested by @zaffrei-the-fandom-alien


A/N: OMG I am so sorry it took me so long to respond. I have been working on other projects. Thank you so much for the support! I hope this is up to your expectations

A/N 2: I was also pissed when he died, so in this, he’s going to live because I will continue to deny  that he is dead for as long as I live

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

Friends to Lovers with Pietro Maximoff:

- first of all, you would be friends since childhood

- you, him, and little Wanda would run around Sokovia without a care in the world

- he would always tease you because you had always been shorter and smaller than him

- Wanda was the only one who really saw how much he actually really liked you

- you were inseparable for your entire childhood like not even your parents could keep the three of you from splitting up for longer than a day

- when Sokovia was attacked with Stark Tech bombs, the three of you were separated in the chaos, along with your family as well

- you were picked up by disaster relief and relocated to the U.S 

- you were sent to live with a new family in New York since your family was never found and Wanda and Pietro went to HYDRA for the testing opportunity

- as soon as you were old enough, you signed up to train to be a Shield agent because you wanted to make sure that nothing like what happened in your childhood ever happened again to someone else

- you trained for years, eventually becoming an expert in hand-to-hand combat as well as weapons

- they actually put you as an apprentice to Natasha and Clint because of your skill set and dedication

- as you were under their mentorship, the raid on the HYDRA base in Sokovia happened and they brought you since you were from there and still could guide them around

- you stuck with Clint, and when he was attacked by Pietro you took over

- but as soon as Pietro saw you he stopped and whispered your name, causing you to stop and look at him, both silent until he ran away to escape

- cut to when Cap brings Pietro and Wanda to Stark tower so they can help the Avengers

- while all the others are arguing, Pietro whooshes by, picking you up and running with you to another room

- “(y/n), I’ve missed you so much, you have no idea”

- he crushed you in a tight hug that you immediately reciprocated

- “I thought you were dead” 

- “You know it will take more than that to kill me, (y/n)”

- you would smile at each other, and you would realize how much you missed and loved him while you stared into his eyes

- for Pietro, you were the only thing that kept him going in his years with HYDRA

- cut to the whole battle in Sokovia

- you were running through the streets helping people evacuate when you felt a whoosh of air behind you

- you turned around but before you could really see who it was, you felt their lips press passionately against yours

- you could tell by the warmth and gentle touch of the person that it was Pietro, so you kissed back

- “I just wanted to do that, just in case…”

- “I love you, Pietro. We will be okay, I promise”

- “I love you (y/n)”

- as you were helping people get onto the Shield airships, you saw Clint go after a kid that got lost

- since you were his apprentice, you ran after to help him, despite calls from behind you

- you reached him and pushed him and the kid behind a concrete pillar only moments before one of Ultron’s minions fired off their canons

- you felt a familiar gust of wind run towards you, and you saw Pietro kneeling in front of you with a terrified expression on his face

- one silent airship ride and a 45 minute lecture on how you could have died later, Pietro finally shut up, giving you a perfect opportunity to repay him for the kiss that he gave you during the battle

- “I love you, Pietro, for real”

- “I love you too, (y/n), for real”

- Wanda watched from the open door, silently sighing in relief that her brother finally admitted his feelings for you

- your relationship would not be that much different from when you two were kids: never being away from each other from too long, constant teasing

- the only thing that would be different is the amount of PDA

- literally ALL the PDA would happen between you two because Pietro is needy as hell and you can’t say no to him

- what started out as innocent childhood friendship evolved into passionate unconditional romantic love in the face of adversity

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Do you have any advice for young artists who want to improve their art? I draw doodles now and then but I really want to improve my art style. Should I start practicing anatomy? I tend to have trouble drawing faces... any advice would be wonderful.

Hello anon!

Yes, I’d recommend you to study anatomy. The best thing you can do is practice from reference. If you have trouble with a pose or with something in particular, the best thing you can do is look for a reference picture, since it’ll make things easier for you and it also will help you improve your skills.

Something I do a lot when I can’t find references for something specific I need, is to ask someone else to pose for me and take pictures, or look at myself in a mirror. 

Something that’s also important is to start learning the human body’s basic shapes and proportions.

There’s a lot of ways you can do this, you just need to experiment and find what works best for you. There are many examples on the internet on how you can do this, but I’ll leave some here for you:

Basic Figure Drawing
Character Drawing
Basic Body Proportions
Sketching Tips

The next thing you want to get yourself working on is your sketches. This is useful because it’ll help you have less trouble in the general process of making a drawing. Once you start getting the hang of things, you don’t need to measure proportions and stuff too much, it’s just like the general feel of knowing when things are off or not (speaking of proportions and perspective). That’s why working on your sketches is really helpful.

Well, ok, but how do you do that?

There are a few ways to tackle this task:

One is going into sites like posemaniacs, specifically into this little feature they have. This feature lets you see 3D models posed, but only for a certain amount of time. The idea is to try to draw the figure as fast and as precisely as possible. Once the figure changes, it’s over, onto the next one. 

It doesn’t matter what you didn’t do, what matters is that you keep drawing. At first it’s is kinda difficult, so you can time your poses to 90 sec. The idea is to loosen your hand and to start doing things more instinctively and that, as you keep on practicing, you’ll soon be able to draw more and more detailed figures in less and less time.

The next tip would be choosing some pictures… Then, the idea is to take those as references and to draw the negative spaces instead of the figure:

This is most helpful to start learning anatomy perspective, as you learn the general figure instead of frying your brain cells over ‘how is this limb supposed to look like in this position?’

That’s some basic stuff you can start trying out to get better at figure drawing.

Now, onto the face.

Just as the whole figure of the human body, the face also has some basic shapes that can help you in the construction of a face, and some simple measurements to help with proportions.

Then, dividing the face in shapes can also help understand better how things work:

This is also helpful when trying to learn how the light affects the planes of the face. You can try doing this to pictures or you could use it to build your own faces. As you start practicing, it’ll become easier to place the features when drawing. The idea is that you ditch the guides on the long run and start drawing with simpler shapes.

And as I said before, reference is your best friend!

As a last note, I’ll leave you with some links that could be useful:

Several dynamic poses for reference
Several fighting poses for reference
Random skeleton generator for practice (x)
Palette Generator
Another Palette Generator
Some 3D references
DesignDoll and how to use it
Picture references for hair and hairdos

This has been very brief, but I really hope it helps!
And the best piece of advice anyone could ever tell you: be patient, don’t give up and keep on practicing!

Darry/Sodapop BSM Imagine - You get in trouble

(bsm - brother sister moment)

requested by @kattycoops
sorry this took so long

You got suspended from school again from a fight, this wasn’t the first time. Sodapop had to come and pick you up. He took you back to the DX.

“Darry’s gonna kill you,” Sodapop said. “Again.” He said turning the car off. You step out “Won’t be first and the last time.” You told him shutting the door. “Did you at least win?” He asked trying to reason. You whipped around quickly with a smirk, “Name a fight I’ve lost.” You say walking into the DX. Sodapop rolled his eyes.

Steve looked up, “Y/N! You’re home early!” He exclaimed, he was excited you and Steve were the best of friends with small crushes here and there. “Got suspended!” You said with a giggle. “Fight?” He asked. “Yup!” You said pulling a coke out of the fridge. “Ya win?” He asked dumbly. “Does it look like I lost?” You ask. “Right. Dumb question.” He responded. You giggled.

Here comes Darry blazing fire. “Y/N!” He boomed. “Yes.” You say smart. “You get in one more fight or anymore trouble I’m gonna hand you your hind-end. If you don’t shaping up. We had the conversation last time.” He huffed. “Get your stuff and get in the car. NOW!” He yelled. You looked down and nodded.

“Aye! Take it easy on er’! She the only sister we got.” Sodapop said. Darry looked at you, “I’m more starting to think she’s Dally’s.”

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you don't have to answer this but.. do you have, any.. writing.. tips??

1. first lines on empty pages are deadly, but there are few better ways of starting a thing than with a joke, and if you don’t have a joke or other suitable funny/engaging line, don’t start at the beginning (if you’ve ever had an english teacher tell you to start with a hook, this is the same principal)

2. start with a very specific thing you want to write (by which i mean a scene/interaction) rather than a vague idea of ‘i want to do ~something~’

for me, i have a whole system that basically consists of throwing ideas at my muse and asking ‘would this happen? would this happen? would this happen?’ until muse says yes to something i like, especially for au prompts

maybe that’ll work for someone else? /shrugs

3. words are words are words and words are bullshit. especially english. to take the wise words of @siderealsandman: ‘english is a fire garbage language’

do not expect it to not be a fire garbage language, because you will be severely disappointed. (not sure about other languages but english is like twenty languages piloting a grammar system so who the fuck knows)

ANYWAY be prepared to fight if you need to, and compromise, too. leave notes to yourself in places where you can’t come up with a perfect word or piece of phrasing, leave entire paragraphs for last if you must. if you get to the end and still can’t write them, consider what your fic will look like without them. it may still make sense, in which case it’s good enough

if you have seven years in which to write and rewrite the same thing in a madcap pursuit of perfection, then be my guest, but for most of us, this is the point at which you post/hand it over to your beta/get it out of your sight however you must

4. figure out what works for you. does hard rap help you write romantic scenes? can you only write at all when listening to canon in D on loop? does music make you want to rip your hair out when you’re trying to think? do you write better in certain word processors? when you can’t see the screen at all? do you like plain text or rich text editors? writing online or offline? in your room under 15 blankets in the dead of night or on sunny mornings in your favorite coffee shop?

the answers to these questions are gonna be different for everyone, so test a bunch of stuff and find what works for you

5. know your limits. how much can you write in how long? how long can you keep focused on one thing? take these things into account, and start small. start with character studies or conversations or worldbuilding or whatever, but start with something short. 100 or 300 or 500 words, 1k or 2k, just make sure you know how to write something to completion.

once you’ve proven you can do that, move up.

if you run in the opposite direction, where swathes of words are easy to create, then i envy you deeply and covet your prowess. this is more for those who are untried and enthusiastic ;;;

enthusiasm is good, but make sure you can make it to 30 chapters before you plan something that will take 50, and make sure you can write something that’s 10 chapters before you plan something that’s 30

i’ve noticed that a lot of the beginning stories that have spiraled out of control and into fame have been little, short, complete stories that the authors then decided to continue because they were inspired (two of the most famous longrunners in the ml fandom started out like that, i know, among a few others i’ve seen in other fandoms)

basically, figure out what you can and can’t do before jumping headfirst into a huge project you’re unprepared for ;;;

6. have fun with it. even if you think no one will like it, even if you know no one will like it. you came here to tell a story, and, sure, you’re probably here selling your soul for your reader(s), but if you don’t enjoy what you’re creating with all your heart, it’s bullshit.

don’t do that to yourself, seriously.

you’re telling a story for your reader, it’s true, but it’s a two-way street, and if you’re not satisfied, happy, enjoying what you’re creating, then it’s time to stop, time to switch tracks and try something new. you’ll just be killing your joy in your craft, otherwise

KEEP IN MIND that i’m talking about themes. i’m talking about plot direction and characterization and the ideas behind your words. what ships, what tropes, what kinks, what content you’re filling your story with, not the wording. remember that english is a fire garbage language that will only work with you sometimes, and don’t give up in despair if you can’t find the perfect word or conjunction

but MY POINT IS if you really love the ‘forced to share a bed’ trope or vampires or gay space aliens or the down and dirty of making parachute pants or, idk, cum inflation, then write it

and give the middle finger to anyone who tries to stop you*

(*from writing. i do not endorse committing actual crimes. whether or not your country has obscenity laws and how strict they are is probably something worth looking into if your loves run in that direction)

basically, if you aren’t convinced that your ideas are just the coolest shit out there, then it is possibly time to do some soul-searching

if you do think your shit is The Coolest Shit, then that’s going to come through. your knowledge and love of your content is going to come through. don’t worry so much about english’s fire-garbage tendencies, and just. love what you do. it’s the best reward to have even more cool shit you adore out there, anyway.

//coughs THAT WAS LONG BUT YES get out there, love what you do, AND HAVE FUN WITH OUR FIRE GARBAGE LANGUAGE ♥

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I want to have a baby.. Gruvia pls Mommy :D

Send me a sentence (and a ship and I’ll write a drabble)

My Condition:

If you send me a fluffy prompt, I’m gonna make it angsty.

If you send me an angsty prompt, I’m gonna make it fluffy.

I’M SUCH A PROCRASTINATOR OMG DX I’m sorry this took so long, my precious bagel (especially since this is super short ugh)! I hope this is good! ><

Rated: T

Character(s): Gray, Juvia

Pairing(s): Gruvia

Gray’s hand hovered over the door right as he was about to knock. A knot formed in his stomach as he continued to stand there, hesitating.

Should he knock? Would this be a good time?

Gray bit his lip, cursing his nervousness. His hand wouldn’t move.

Okay…Plan B.

“H-hey, Juvia?” he called through the door, his voice inadvertently cracking at her name. “Are you in there?”

There was no answer forthcoming, and after about another couple minutes of standing out in the hallway, he could no longer stand the pressure. His hand that had been frozen over the door swiftly moved down to the doorknob—which he turned and clicked open before he could think twice.

He pushed the door open slightly and peered inside briefly—and he could indeed see Juvia there, sitting at the foot of their queen-size bed. Her light blue summer dress was rumpled against her figure, presumably from all the time she’d wrung her fingers into the thin fabric. Her long navy blue hair cascaded down her shoulders and face, so Gray couldn’t make out her expression. Her hands were tightly folded in her lap, her body posture tense and guarded—it was clear that she didn’t want to be disturbed.

She didn’t seem to notice him there, but he couldn’t just leave her there alone after seeing her like this. He entered the room, carefully shutting the door behind him as he did so, and sat next to her on the bed. Gray tried to get a good look at her face, but the tangled locks of hair were making it difficult.

Juvia didn’t indicate that she was aware of his presence.

“…Juvia.” Gray placed a hand over hers—Juvia flinched at the sudden contact and raised her gaze to meet his in shock. Her eyes were red-rimmed—she’d been crying.

“G-Gray-sama…” She lowered her head again, fiddling with the hem of her dress. “Did…do you need something?”

“…Yeah…just one thing.” He took her hands into his and lifted them, surprising her once again into meeting his gaze—and this time, he made sure to hold it. “Stop beating yourself up over this, okay? It’s not your fault.”

Juvia could do no more than simply stare at him, stunned for a good minute before she bit her trembling lip and averted her gaze. “B-but—but we—”

“But nothing!” Gray abruptly released his hold on her hands—only to pull her into a tight embrace. “Listen, Juvia; not you nor anyone else is to blame for this, okay? It just so happens that this is how you were born. I know you feel otherwise, but—” His arms tensed around her still form. “—I—I don’t mind at all. If we can’t conceive on our own…we can always adopt. We can still raise a family.”

Juvia was silent at his words for a brief moment, but Gray could soon feel her trembling beneath his arms.

“Gray-sama…!” she whimpered, burying her face into his shoulder and weeping profusely. “Ju—Juvia is s-sorry—she just—I—only want to—want to h-have a baby—!”

Juvia’s sobs grew until she could no longer speak coherently. All Gray was able to do now was hold her in his arms and provide her with whatever comfort he could offer.

They would never have children of their own…but that didn’t mean they couldn’t start a family.


Gifset of favorite (?) Ohno Satoshi’s solo - Requested by @ranchu-chan
Top Secret  - 嵐!いざッ、Now Tour!! (2004)

anonymous asked:

Before your papa!Hak headcanons i didn't know i needed also hakyona couple life, wedding, parenting (and why not, first time too) headcanons. So, when (and if) you have the time...

Of course anon!! I’m always up for Hakona headcanons ♥


  • Their ceremony is small. Ik-Soo is the priest and just the dragons, family and a few close friends are invited. Even though the actual wedding is small, the party in the Wind Tribe afterwards is HUGE ;D
  • Hak stutters through his vows. Yona thinks it’s adorable. 
  • Despite Mundok, Kija, Shin-Ah, Tae-Jun and some others crying during the ceremony, Yona and Hak both manage to avoid tears. Well, that’s until Tae-Yeon runs down the aisle at the end and jumps into Yona’s arms crying “Sister!”. Yona tears up then.

Couple Life:

  • Yona and Hak aren’t too big on public displays of affection, so not many would guess that the Thunder Beast is quite the closet romantic.
  • Though they don’t use many endearments, Yona has made it a habit to call Hak “honey” whenever she’s feeling a little more intimate, because… Awa reasons.
  • Yona soon learns that giving Hak the silent treatment is the best way to get him to talk to her/apologise if they’re angry at each other. Hak can’t stand the silent treatment.

First Time:

  • Their first time is during their honeymoon. It’s slow and careful - less about being extremely passionate and more about just being as close to each other as they can be. 
  • The dragons and Yoon notice that Hak is in an extremely good mood when the two return from their honeymoon. Jae-Ha suggests that Yona sleep with him every night to keep his afterglow going for as long as possible. 


  • Both Yona and Hak are pretty lenient parents, and very open to letting their kids do what they want to. Of the two though, Hak is the stricter (his overprotective streak has been around for longer)
  • All of their kids go through a “Ma, why don’t I have red hair like you?” phase. Every time, Yona just smiles and tells them that she is jealous that they got such a lovely hair colour from their father. 
  • Neither Hak nor Yona would openly admit that they’ve spied on the other rocking their baby to sleep and singing, and that they’ve loved the sight.

I hope these are okay! X3

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Hi, senpai~ I am writing to you from Russia (in which is for about minus twenty now :D) I really like your blog, you're amazing O3O Can I ask you to write a reaction of "Attack on Titan" boys, when their s/o said "We have been together for a long time, so how about sex?" :D sorry for my not very perfect English~

((Hello dear kohai from the motherland! sorry this took so long DX))

Eren: He would be absolutely shocked, not really shocked about his s/o wanting such a thing more so that they just said it out loud like that. To him things like that are a private thing, the sort of thing you don’t say out loud I mean what if Captain heard them!?

Armin: He would blush and cover his face. He would be so stunned and embarrassed, how can they just blurt that out so suddenly? Yeah sure he wanted to do it to but hearing them say it so bluntly would make blush like crazy. 

Jean: He would try to act like it didn’t shock him at all like he saw it coming a mile away. Who can resist the Kirschtein charisma? But he would really be surprised since when did they want to? How long were they waiting? Why the hell did they so it so bluntly!?

Marco: He would reply without thinking, a quick “No!” would burst from his lips. He would be blushing and waving his hands trying to come up with a plan. He would backtrack and ask them to say that again just to be clear. He would politely ask them to not say such things so loudly but he would meekly nod and plan out how this was going to take place.

Reiner: He would just grin and agree without much hesitation. He liked that his so was so open and straight forward with him. They want sex they get sex simple as that.

Bertholdt: This baby elephant right here would be sweating and blushing so badly that his s/o may thing he’s going to pass out. He would stutter out an apology and try to think of how to respond to them. Bertl would probably say no at first since he would need time to prepare for something like that. But he would calm down and meekly agree.

Connie: He would be the most stunned. He would be the one to ask most of the questions, really? when? what time? do I need to bring anything? where do I get contraceptives? Should I shower first? Are you for real? Like for real for real!? He would be excited because this means that they are moving to the next level.

Levi: He would just shrug it off at first but once it hits him that they just said what they said he would look at them with wide eyes. He might cough on his tea if he was drinking any at the time. Sure he didn’t mind they wanted to he could use a release to be honest. But really? your gunna say that out loud!? if the Shitty glasses heard you she’d never let me hear the end of it.

Erwin: He would just chuckle and calmly agree, yes yes we will now finish your paperwork. The sooner they finish work the sooner he can rock his s/o’s world. Erwin wouldn’t be to surprised to hear his s/o speak their mind so freely, it is one of the things he adores about them after all.

Mike: He would blush ever so slightly and try to process what he heard. Mike is always such a calm man but even he can be caught off guard. He would clear his throat and respond to them the best he could. Later on it would be a fond memory for the two of them, one of those stories they will remember at odd times like while they are doing paperwork or something.

Heh…yeah. So…remember when I said that that was gunna be the last picture I forgot to post?? Well… (This one I drew like, three months ago, but I lost it in my sketch drawer UGH DX)

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Hi, so um, I've recently started to read your works (aka, I found one then read through them all) and I just wanted to say that I really love dad Sendak and baby Lance. It's the best thing ever. I was wondering though, with Sendak raising Lance, wouldn't Lance be like super freaking bamf? I mean, Sendak is super over protective, but wouldn't he also teach his boy how to be able to take down larger opponents and to protect himself? Lance could be an amazing fighter with papa Sendak raising him!

Hello dear, I’m so sorry it took me so long too reply to this! (Currently moving, so it’s been hectic. DX)
Thank you so much for reading my works. It makes me really happy that you enjoy Papa!Sendak. As for the questions.


Lance does know how to fight! Sendak made sure to teach him everything he knows. What to do to take down multiple species of aliens including glaran and human. He knows an arrange of weapons, but does best with his guns.

Lance still isn’t that great at hand to hand, but he can hold his own for awhile unless someone more experience is placed up against him. Sendak has protocols for this though, so Lance will be alright. 8D

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KBTBB- Having a bad day

Ok sooo…. this should’ve been up earlier xD sorry about that u,u actually this was meant to cheer @tresspadesmaids up, since senpai was feeling a bit down, but I really took quite a long time to write it soooo… Dx 
Oh well, this is dedicated to every person who for some cause is feeling bad or had a bad day, is my second kind of headcannon so please go easy on me u,u 
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Eisuke- You got to the penthouse in middle of the night after one of the most rough days of all, making mistake after mistake at work and being scolded each time, you absolutely weren’t in the mood to be ordered around anymore, but with your bossy boyfriend you should’ve known better.
“you’re late, make me coffee”- he said coldly, without any energy left to argue back, you went to fulfil his demands. You put the cup in front of him, totally oblivious of his curious stare, you went straight to your room, crawling to the bed as you cried a little due to stress and frustration, at some point, you fell asleep. It wasn’t long before the feeling of a nice and warm hand caressing you hair woke you up, through your eyelashes you could see Eisuke besides you, he gently touched your cheeks, tracing the mark that the tears left, for a moment there, he looked a bit, concerned?, it was only a moment though, because soon enough he regained his perfect poker face.
“I know how hard you work, its okay to have mistakes sometimes, so you don’t have to overdo it”- his kind words made their way to your heart. ‘How did he knew?’ You thought, but how wouldn’t he?, it was Eisuke, ‘the king’ after all
“was the coffee that bad?” - you tried to sound cheerful, he giggled, a rare sight even for you.
“Don’t be silly, your coffee is always delicious”- he said with a smirk
“thank you Eisuke”- you whispered as a sweet smile appeared in your lips. 
“if you have the energy to be grateful, better show it to me with actions rather than words”- he grined teasingly as he got on top of you, yet, his ears were a bit red.
“w-wait, weren’t you being considerate?”- you asked panicking a little
“don’t be ridiculous, who’s gonna help me relax if you are depressed?”- he then lowed himself to your lips and kissed you passionately, even though his mouth was demanding and rough, his hands were gentle as he caressed your body, melting you with his lovinly touch and making you forget about your day.

Soryu- You sighed as you took your stained clothes off, you couldn’t said that it had been the worst day ever, but it was pretty close to it, first you lost your favorite bracelet on the chaos of the IVC, then Erika scolded you for who knows what reason, after that you got caught in the rain without an umbrella while making an errand and finally, just when you where arriving at the hotel, a car passed by at full speed and stained your clothes with mud. So there you were, in the suite that you shared with Soryu, feeling utterly depressed, you got into the tub hopping to wash the unplesant feeling of the day; just as you put yourself in the water, the bathroom door opened letting your mobster boyfriend in, halfnaked. Inmidiately after he saw you, he looked away, blushing deeply.
“sorry…. I didn’t realize that you were here”- he apologized, you were trying to cover yourself up.
“Ummm it’s okay, but ummm can you please leave?- you tried to sound chill when actually you were red as a lobster, suddenly he looked as if he had the greatest idea ever. 
“Actually this is a good opportunity since we haven’t bath together for a while” -he said slightly smirking
“waaa”- you didn’t have the time to protest since he took the rest of this clothes off and got into the tub with you. After you nearly got overheated because of your boyfriend’s fault, you two were relaxing in the sofa when he suddenly took something out of his pocket
“I almost forgot!, this is yours right?”- he asked puting a bracelet in your wrist, you recognized it at the moment.
“this is…. how do you…?”
“it was in the IVC floor, you must have been working really hard for you to lose something that important”- he said in a sweet tone- “you know that I’m proud of you, since you work so hard, just please don’t overdo it”- Soryu looked a bit troubled, but then he proceeded to kiss your forehead and cuddle with you, maybe the day wasn’t that bad after all.

Baba- You were laying in your bed feeling utterly defeted by the bullying Erika and her sidekicks did to you, drowning in your own frustration and powerlessness, you failed to hear your window being open. Baba entered the room and saw you with a gloomy aura all over your bed, he thought of embracing you from behind, but seeing how depressed you looked, Baba decided to make something to cheer you up, so he slipped quietly into the little kitchen and prepared you all your favorites. As the delicious smell invaded the room, you looked up to see your beloved boyfriend right in front of you with a tiny bouquet of roses.
“Baba!, what are you doing here?!” -you asked startled.
“I came to surprise you princess!”- he answered cheerfully- “since a little bird told me you weren’t feeling good”- a wink added to his usual sweet talking. You could feel how your lips started to curve in a smile as you took the flowers.
“Just for you to know, the fact that you are here, makes me feel a lot much better”- you said, as you felt your frustration fading away, you looked at him with grateful and gentle eyes. Baba covered his face with a hand, you tilted your head puzzled, and before you noticed, he was already on top of you
“Oh you really shouldn’t say so cute things princess”-he said with a smirk- “makes me want to eat you instead” -His words were teasing yet his ears were blushing
“B-Baba, the food is going to get cold!”-you said as you started to blush
“Oh don’t worry about it my sweet ____ I can always heat it again, but right now I’m really looking forward to make love to the most beautiful woman in the world, the one that I love with all my heart, all  night  long“- he said emphasizing his words with a lustful yet sweet look, your eyes widened at the statment as Baba sealed your lips before you could even protest, not that you could said something against it anyway.

Ota- When he arrived to his studio, it was stangely calm and quiet, since, supposely, you were in there.
“Koro?”- he called as he turned the lights on, then he saw you. You were fast sleep in his sofa, a trace of tears in your cheeks, Ota got worried, what could have happend so you tired yourself out crying like that?, the answer came faster than he expected as your phone light up next to you with a new message, he didn’t want to see it, but the word annonymous caught his eyes, he took the mobile and unlocked it, what he saw let him speachless. Threre were a lot of hatred messages directed to you, saying all kinds of stuff, the most recent said “you don’t deserve Ota, you stupid whore, just vanish and let him be happy already”, some of them were from weeks ago, why hadn’t you tell him?, he knew the answer, you didn’t want to worry him.
“____”- he whispered your name sadly, he decided to make something to cheer you up, something that showed him that smile of yours that he loved so much; so he quietly took out his jewelry material. When you woke up, just a few hours later, you saw Ota focused on his sketchbook, your phone buzz again, but you didn’t want to look at it as you knew what awaited you, you sighed in response, Ota noticed you and came to the sofa
“Koro, you are awake”-he said playfully, then, without notice, he embraced you
“O-ota?- you exclaimed flustered, when he let you go, you felt a weight in your neck, you looked down and saw a necklace with a tiny bird covered in a stone that you knew too well- “Alexandrite”- you gasped, Ota nodded in return, his cheeks a little red
“Everytime you feel sad or upset, I want you to look at it and remember that you, and only you, are my bluebird, so, remember this, only you can make me happy ____”- he sealed his words with a kiss while tears of joy formed in your eyes.

Mamoru- When you finished the late shift you thought you couldn’t feel worse but when you arrived to the suite both you and Mamoru shared, the world proved you wrong. You colapsed on the sofa, victim of an intense fever and headache, before falling asleep, you were able to wonder if Mamoru was at work or in the lounge. A few hours later, a fresh feeling in your forehead woke you up. 
“Jeez kid, don’t go worrin’ me like that, dammit it”
“Ma-mamoru” -you whispered his name with a fuzzy voice yet feeling a bit better.
“Ya awake? Don’t push yourself kid, here, I got medicine for ya” - he said with a devious smirk, he took the pill and a bit of water, then he lowed himself to your face and kissed you, opening your lips he passed you both the medicine and the water, you swallow as fast as you could, yet he still started to tease your tonge, you could feel you body temperature slowly incrising but for a total different reason than the fever. When he sepparated himself of you, you were redder than before, if that was even possible.
“not fair”-you muttered covering your face with your hands, the feeling of the kiss still lingering in your mouth
“And what about that cute reaction of yours? That ain’t fair either” -he rebucked slightly embarrassed. You looked down for a moment and realized that you weren’t in the sofa like before, instead, you were laying in the bed
“Ammm Mamoru? D-did you carry me to the bed?”- you asked looking down feeling somehow self-conscious, because of that you missed the blush in your lover’s face
“Ye-yeah, ya gotta problem with that?” -He said sheppishly, your shyness rubbing on him- “sleep now sweetheart, ya gotta rest real good so you can pay my attentions with interests”- he showed you a sexy grin that made your heart beat faster, your big and beautiful eyes glued to him - “come on kid, sleep already, I ain’t gonna go nowhere”- Mamoru said in a sweet voice, finally, your tiredness got the best of you and you started dozing off, before falling completely asleep you could heard him saying- “sleep well sweetheart”.