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I found an old picture of my first betta, Geralt! (I also called him Kyogre) and my kitty Katniss watching him. Sadly I wasn’t a good fishkeeper at the time and I hadn’t done any research, so looking back he didn’t get the best of care. Sorry Geralt, you deserved better, SIP bby. It’s been a while since I’ve had him but I think he deserves to be on my blog too, especially since he was my first bby!

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I'm already lying several days in my bed and don't feeling well but your baby Lance gif just made my day. Thank you :)

ahhw i’m so glad it cheered you up!! here is a super floppy bby lance just for you, have a good day, sweetheart ; v ;))

some headcanons about an AU where Sirius and Remus get to raise Harry together:

  • sirius and remus compete with how many times they can make harry laugh with goofy faces and pranks
  • they also use this technique when harry has nightmares and can’t sleep
  • when harry grows up a bit and get’s stuff (he’s like 5/6 and knows things that older kids in his kindergarten/preschool/whatever talk about) he walks in on them doing the do cause of nightmares again
  • and instantly goes like ‘padmoo ewww’ when he sees a naked back
  • (when lil harry talks to them both he uses padmoo, it’s quicker)
  • ‘at least close the doors, joshua from grade 4 said that i will have to grow up faster do you want to get rid of me’
  • and then there are hysterics
  • and it’s up to moony to save the day while sirius is half dying of laughter and half panicking over being seen by a 5yo
  • after that the grownups use locking charms and stuff to save poor bby harry’s eyes
  • they also teach harry all the good hexes before he goes to hogwarts
  • sirius is the cool parent that shows up for no apparent reason when harry is in hogwarts just to hug his kid, teach him about hidden passages and to annoy snape with his presence
  • remus shows up not too long after sirius to get his bf home like ‘i am so sorry harry i took my eyes off from him for like 5minutes’
  • harry loves it tho
  • he is also the only kid who knows everything about safe sex and a that jazz by the age of 13 and dishes out his knowledge to others
  • there were graphs and pictures when remus and sirius gave him the talk
  • it was a very awkward situation for all involved
  • harry also a gets a ‘good job kid’ letter every times he gets a detention
  • remus and sirius send harry cheesy anonymous letters on valentines day (harry soon catches on and get f&g to send some back to them)

Kiho (Kihyun x Wonho) moodboard for @monstax-trash-valora 

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     Now this was an unfamiliar smell, was Kuchiki’s only thought as she mindlessly let her nose guide her。 She had become curious as to what this new smell was that she had forgotten whatever it was she was previously tasked to do in order to investigate this foreign scent。 After being lost in her thoughts, the small Shiba-Captain ended up jamming her nose against the source, causing a small grunt mixed with yelp to escape。 Looking up at the source, she almost couldn’t understand what she was both seeing and smelling。

     Quickly realizing her actions, Kuchiki snapped out of her stare,oh fuck I’m sorry I just kinda got。。。 carried away。

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Could I please request either a yoonmin or jihope fic with the following prompt: "I don't want to just sleep with you. I want to sleep with you, and wake up with you and do everything else in between with you, too." Angst, with optional happy ending! Thank you!! xx

For Jimin.
rating: t
warnings: swearing, implied sexual content

word count: 2151
crossposted to ao3

Yoongi wants more than heated nights that fade into lonely mornings. He wants Jimin in every way, even when he settles for having him in any way.

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Tell Me Why We Shouldn't (Oliver Sykes Smut)

Can you write one about austin carlile or oli sykes? Where y/n is dating harry styles and somehow they meet and austin or oli is like “oh my god you’re Harry’s gf” and they start to talk and she tells him that harry is mean to her sometimes and fluff and tears. Maybe they end up together x

Outfit Tell Me Why We Shouldn’t (Oli Sykes Imagine) I waited at the coffee shop for my boyfriend Harry Styles to meet me. We had been dating for a couple months, and believe me, it wasn’t easy. The fans, the hate, we couldn’t even go outside to go for a walk. We finally found a quiet coffee shop on the outskirts of town to have lunch at, and I was excited to have some one on one time with Harry. My phone beeped and my excitement quickly dissipated. “We can’t hang, fans and traffic are in the way.” That’s it? No, ‘sorry let’s reschedule,’ or 'come home and we can hang out here?’ I hated to admit it, but Harry didn’t always treat me right. He treated me like I was nothing to him. I tried not to let it get to me, I knew he had a lot going on in his life, new albums, tour and his friends. I just wish he’d spend more time with me. I was pulled out of my thoughts as my table was bumped by a man with slightly long wavy hair. My eyebrows furrowed and I glared at him. I instantly stopped when I saw who it was. It was Oliver Sykes of Bring Me the Horizon! I stared at him, my mouth slightly open. I shut it quickly as he looked for an answer to say. “I’m so sorry… Aren’t you.. Y/N L/N? Harry Styles girlfriend?” He asked. I quickly shushed him. “Not so loud! Your Oliver Sykes… I love your band so much!” I whisper yelled. He pulled the chair out in a 'Can I?’ gesture. I smiled and crossed my arms on the table, waiting to hear what he had to say. “Wow, what are you doing here?” He asked me.  “Well, Harry and I were supposed to have lunch here, but he got caught up in something.” I said, looking away. “I don’t know why he would cancel on such a pretty lady.” He smiled at me. I blushed and took a sip from my tea cup. “Well, its not the first time he’s canceled on me..” I muttered. “What do you mean?” God, he was so hot. He had an adorable accent as well. “He just… Ugh, how do I explain this? He doesn’t spend much time with me. I mean, I can’t really blame him, he has a lot to do.. But, I just wish he would pay more attention to me, y'know?” I vented to him. God I must’ve sounded so desperate. Oli smirked at me. “If you were my girlfriend, I would treat you much better than that. Especially since you’re so beautiful.” He said to me. “That would be nice..” I said. Fuck? Why the hell was I saying this? “I’m sorry if this offends you but, I think he doesn’t deserve you.” He said as I looked at him with a confused look. “What?"  "If he can’t treat you right, then leave him. Be with someone who understands you.” “I can’t leave him.. Imagine all the hate I would get…” I said, looking down at my tea cup.  “I’ve debated leaving Harry more than once, maybe more than I’d like too. I know what would happen, I would be all over magazines,  the fans would double the hate. God I already get so much hate as it is… I just don’t know.” I said, my eyes filling up with tears. Oli put his hand on mine. “Please don’t cry… How about we go somewhere more private?” He asked. I looked up at him. “Like where?” I asked, sniffling. “My place maybe?” He said suggestively. Was he hitting on me? Did he like, wanna get with me? My mind swam with thoughts, but I cleared them away quickly and agreed to go to his house with him. ~ After arriving at Oli’s house, things got a little… well heated.  Our conversations turned to saying how much Harry didn’t deserve me to Oliver repeatedly complimenting my body. In a second he had me underneath him and we were close enough, our noses touched. “Tell me if you want me to stop.” He said, kissing me on the lips. I closed my eyes, kissing him back. I honestly shouldn’t be doing this but what Oliver said was true. Harry didn’t deserve me. If he wanted me, he would’ve treated me better. I ignored all of that and moved my hips in rhythm with Oli’s. He groaned and moved his hand up to cup my breast. The kiss got more passionate and I rubbed my hand where his package should be. Oli pulled away and smirked to me as he pulled off my shirt. He stared at my body in awe for a few seconds then slowly unclipped my bra. He took one of my breasts in his mouth, rubbing the other in his hand. I moaned and Oli grinned up at me. He peppered kisses down to my waist then back up to my mouth again. “Fucking tease.” I moaned to him. He laughed, rubbing my inner thigh and pulled my skirt up a bit. For a few moment, I let him drink in the sight of me and then I pushed Oli over so he was underneath me. I played with his waistband and grabbed his cock through his pants.  “Who’s the tease now?” He groaned as I slowly undid his pants. I pulled down his boxers and took his member in my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down, my hand rubbing the untouched part. Sucking my cheeks in hard and rapidly moving my head, I looked up and Oliver as he gave another loud moan. “Fuck, Y/N. This is what Harry’s missing by not hanging out with you.” He said, stroking my dirty blonde hair. I tasted the precum in my mouth and moved him faster into my mouth. “Y/N.. I’m close.” He moaned. I took him out of my mouth for a few seconds and licked up his cock before putting him back into my mouth. I rubbed the untouched half furiously. I hummed against him, sending vibrations which triggered him to cum into my mouth. I swallowed, then pulled my bottoms off, and slowly lowered myself onto his length. “Oliver…” I moaned as I began bouncing up and down on his lengthy member. He thrusted deeply into me and his hands rested on my hips, pushing me very deeply into him. I moved my hips into circles as Oli moved his body to get a better angle.  “Oli!” I moaned loudly. He took one hand off of me as he rubbed my clit furiously. I flung my head back as he thrusted deeper and deeper into me. I rolled my hips, leaving no part of my body untouched. Oliver hit my g-spot and I gasped. He must’ve heard me and he thrusted deeply into my special spot harder and harder.    “Ugh! I’m close!” I moaned. I felt a knot tie in my stomach as he thrusted harder into me, using both hands to push me down as far as I could go on his length. “I-I know… Just let it go!” He said. I screamed as I felt my walls clench around his length, my orgasm spilling everywhere. I climbed off of him and onto his chest, kissing him on the lips. “This is an awkward time to ask this… but will you be my girlfriend?” He asked me. I smiled and buried my head into his neck.  “Yes.” ~~ 2 years later ~~ I felt a pair of arms wrap around me as I felt a kiss on my neck. “Oliver, stop it.” I said, trying to concentrate on the pancakes I was cooking. He sprinkled kissed up and down my neck. “I’m so glad your mine and not Harry’s.” He said. He rubbed up and down my hips as he continued to kiss my neck. Two years ago Harry and I broke up and Oliver still liked to remind me why we were together. So I could be treated right. “I’m all yours.” I replied, kissing him on the mouth.