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so i was lucky enough to snag one of @projectnelm’s commission slots for one of my OC’s. can i just say that i woke up to this and CRIED? (happy tears of course)

i cannot put into words how grateful i am for getting the chance to have one of my favorite artists do a piece for me of one of my characters. it’s such an awesome feeling to see one of my beloved characters plucked out of my imagination and depicted so perfectly. 


I was tagged by @andpegqy and @vernkn for the Handwriting Tag! I let myself get betrayed by a gel pen for this ✨ 

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          LOOSELY BASED ON THIS PLOT@bxdyrxck

ophelia and drew were childhood friends. they had always been closed and liked to say nothing and no one could ever get in the middle of their friendship. but, this was their first year of college and things were starting to feel a little different, at least to ophelia. since they’d been living together for a few weeks, it was like the brunette had some kind of awakening on what drew really meant to her. then again, maybe the fact that she had started dating an older guy why was oph was so drawned to her in this new way. a part of ophelia just couldn’t believe drew was serious about this prick and decided to test her. maybe that made her a shitty friend, but she couldn’t help it. she just liked the chase and needed confirmation on whether or not the attraction was all a product of her imagination. when she saw her best friend sitting on the library floor, ophelia smiled lightly and sat next to her. ‘‘please tell me that frown on your pretty face is not because of him.’‘ she said, almost in disgust.


         ❛    no ! stiles, i think i can do this !    ❜      frustrated eyes look down at the math paper in front of her. how long had they been at this ? time felt void whenever she was stuck staring at a paper. so many people      (    people like lydia included    )      made her feel dumb, but she was trying    ––-    so much harder than anyone could possibly imagine. a frustrated sigh passed her lips as she dropped her pencil.      ❛    fine. just a little help.    ❜

At Malia’s apparent adamance to do the problem on her own despite the presumed tension grappling the slope of her shoulders, Stiles compliantly leaned back from where he had priorly hovered, forearms still supporting his frame above the mattress. ❛ Okay ⎯⎯⎯ ❜ but his concede was short-lived when a deep sigh escaped her. ❛ There’s nothing wrong with a little help, Mal ⎯⎯⎯ now let me see what you’re working on. ❜     // contin

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    HER GUITAR CASE IS LUGGED OVER HER SHOULDER   and her heels are all but worn out. luckily, eliza’s almost home. almost home to the place where watercolors stain walls, floors, brushes and necks of her instruments, as well as fingertips and waists where hands linger after tender kisses and gentle pick-me-ups. where fantasy meets reality, and she can’t quite seem to tell the difference between the two.

     of course, eliza is convinced that steve rogers is the actual king of the world, angel reincarnate and savior to all who he’s close enough to even BREATHE on – so why he’s shacked up with her makes … absolutely zero sense. but he IS, and he’s not leaving any time soon, so if she’s lucky enough to hold onto him for this long – she’s not letting this dream escape. not now and not ever.

    her gigs always run late – and she always tells him to get into bed and not wait up for her. especially if she’s been playing in some skeevy bar or cafe  ( sometimes, the only places she can get a steady set-list for for weeks )  – she comes home smelling like other people’s booze and tobacco. the world of a musician trying to make it just enough to feel appreciated in the big, scary planet that is their own is hard enough as is – but luckily, she’s got something really damn good to come home to. she’s already got a giddy little childlike smile on her lips before she even manages to unlock the door ——

       ❛  —- baby, i swear t’god, i thought i was gonna SNAP if someone requested   american pie  after the third time’a playin’ it. good ol’ drunks only wanna hear sing-alongs after their third tequila.  ❜       her back is still turned to the rest of the apartment as she locks up the door behind her, realizing only then and there that poor steve still probably can’t put a tune to the song that she’s just named. they’re still practicing on all the classics that he’s missed. but none of THAT really matters – when she turns around and shrugs her guitar off her shoulder and sets it against the wall, her tired smile grows even brighter. she could write a thousand lyrics about how it feels to look at his face for the first time since she left for work – and it still wouldn’t compare to the way he made her feel in a mere matter of seconds. she reaches out her hands to pull him in for a hug, wasting no time in embracing physical affection —-       ❛  —- i missed you, il mio amore.  ❜

Jikook Internet Friends AU 30


here u are :)) (((sorrysorry for the long wait))) (helloo brazill ppl oeoeoeo)

warning: a sexual joke (oh my god why am i like this)

Where Jikook are going to a Bigbang concert

ayyyyy fanboys!!!! sorry for that last part sorry i m gross but whats a relationship without sexual jokes rlly okkkk yoonseok (kinda a continuation for this chap) coming tomorrow bbs! requests for jikook are closed for now but if you want to request for yoonseok or just hmu, u can do it here!

Sorry for the small mistakes and I hope you like it!


This took really long i’m sorry!
At first it was more high-pitched but it made everything so slow and laggy? So have the slower version ;v;
This was request by: Stussy Gaming!
Anyone can request anything at any time, just inbox me or something!
But this DID turn out pretty crappy, didn’t it..?
Anyways.. I hope you enjoy it ;;
As always credit for the drawings! Especially Chloe my egg


I tried to upload those videos on Youtube but YG was quite to block them every f*cking time. So the only option I found was Google Drive, I hope it will be ok.
I’m really sorry for the shitty subtitles (they don’t stay long enough sometimes ughh -.-’). I really did my best, enjoy guys :s

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Cute like Honey Bread (yoonmin vet!au oneshot)

Title: Cute like Honey Bread
Length: 1234 words
Pairing: Yoonmin
AO3 Link:
AFF Link:

Written for my lovely child, heungttae​.

Yoongi worries for his sick puppy. Doctor Park is pretty cute, though.

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I got tagged by @kpopthirstaddicted~~  Sorry this took me so long, it got buried in my likes! Thanks for tagging me tho bb!

A~ Android or IPhone? - iPhone
B~ Background? - Hobi from the newest set of comeback photos
C~ Current Time? - 8:33PM
D~ Drink You Last Had? - a glass of moscato
E~ Easiest Person To Talk To? - on tumblr I haven’t been talking to too many people lately not because they’re not easy to talk to but because I have a lot of anxiety about bothering people!  so talking has been tough but I have been talking on and off with @kpopthirstaddicted and @everybodykpops and @narrysmileforme
F~ Favorite Song? - Hanson’s “Never Let Go”
G~ Grossest Memory? - The one time my roommate made chorizo and going to the bathroom felt a lot like passing napalm for three days straight.
H~ Horror Yes or Horror No? - before my early twenties, horror movies were totally my thing, but these days while the movies don’t scare me themselves, my subconscious gives me way too many nightmares afterwards
I~ In Love? - if all my biases/faves count, sure lmfao
J~ Jealous of People? - yeah :/
K~ Killed Someone? - ………….. ;)
L~ Love at First Sight or Should I Walk By Again? - you’re gonna need to walk by a few more times
M~ Middle Name? - Leigh
N~ Number of Siblings? - five, all younger, lol
O~ One Wish? - I want to just be wealthy enough that I don’t have to debate making a $50 purchase
P~ Person You Called Last? - my brother 
Q~ Question You’re Always Asked? - “how can you like ‘insert thing here’ so much??”
R~ Reason To Smile? -  my sister and toddler nephews
S~ Song You Sang Last? - Do As Infinity - Fukai Mori
T~ Time You Woke Up? - 10 this morning
U~ Underwear Color? - green, lol
V~ Vacation Destination? - France, in like five days lmao
W~ Worst Habit - belittling myself
X~ X-Rays? - a few times, pulled my shoulder but thought I might have had a dislocation, broke a toe, too many suspected fractures from twisted ankles to count
Y~ Your Favorite Food? - dessert!
Z~ Zodiac Sign? - Cancer

I’m gonna tag @narrysmileforme, @nothinmoretosay, @runaway-timeout, @xiuminnie-mouse, and @spoopy-malum :)

mrsashketchum  asked:

KIRSTE I JUST REALIZED U HAD OCS (im sorry im the last to know about this hahaha) and your oc blog name is everglowe so i keep thinking about the song Everglow by Coldplay which i think you would like?? (your ocs are so adorable by the way i love them all <3)

i had to go listen to the song, but it’s so pretty! i really do like that you associate the two things! ahhh thank you so much bb! me and my ocs appreciate and love you so so sooooo much~! ♡♡♡♡♡

sorry this took so long to reply to but i really wanted to draw something for it and this has been my first day off for awhile!

Spoiled // Minicat

A/N: For @jaysketchin, sorry this took so long. Send more requests if you have them. Thanks for reading. (:

The hustle and bustle of the emergency room was definitely not a sound that Mini Ladd had ever gotten used to, nor did he want to get used to it. All the beeps and buzzers, and sounds of doctors shuffling by, it annoyed him. Of course, he knew they were just doing their job, but still, he didn’t like being here, and he didn’t like the circumstances he was here under. It had been two hours at the very least that he had been here, and he was tired of waiting. So, he did the only reasonable thing, and went up to the front desk to inquire about Tyler.

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