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Winter Solangelo

I got a request for some fluffy Solangelo and I wanted to give it a winter spin! (Man this took my a while to get to. Sorry.) 

-Nico is perpetually cold. 

-He really likes Holiday sweaters but being that he has to keep up his ascetic he only wears the sarcastic ones. 

-With the exception of a couple sweaters Hazel knitted for him. 

-Will is the human embodiment of Christmas spirit.  

-The Apollo cabin is always the first decorated and Will starts suggesting Christmas songs at the bonfire in November. 

-Nico finds this equal parts annoying and endearing 

-There are several little Holiday type events that happen in camp half blood

-Will makes Nico go with him to all of them

-Nico doesn’t actually mind that much. If nothing else there’s always free food, and Will’s cute when he gets overly excited. 

-Holding hands through gloves

-Nico hates Christmas movies. Will loves them. 

-The Nightmare before Christmas is the only one they can watch together

-Nico Will never admit how much he likes cuddling with Will when it’s cold outside. The boy is just so warm. He’s like a human space heater. 

Paul: ! TORD!

Paul: …the fucks wrong with you…..

Tord: ….

Tord: Tyler, get a room set up with edd,matt,and tom in it. its about time i reveal who their captor is.

Tyler: I cant do that sir, While i can get edd and matt, toms gone missing

Tord: ….- sighs- get who you can, ill search for tom myself. 

                                        ACT ONE: BEGIN

Squeeze My Hand So Hard It Hurts

“Whenever I’m said, my mumma tells me to squeeze her hand so hard it hurts.”
You looked up at him, eyes shining with tears. “Why does she do that?”
“She says that’s how you remember that the person whose hand you’re holding is always with you. And it always works for me.” Ashton extended his hand to you. “Do you wanna?”
Your eyes went from Ashton’s hand back to Ashton’s face. “Okay, Ashton.” 

or, the story of Ashton and the love of his life. 

Please read and tell me if you like it!!!! 

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anonymous asked:

Hey, I don't know how to word this because I'm so afraid that it might sound offensive, I absolutely don't mean it that way! You have a lovely blog and I love the style and content ... but... is there any video that you'd recommend (on youtube) that wasn't edited and shows their "sweet vibes"? I've re-watched so many panels now but I can hardly see it. I'm sorry if that sounds like I'd try to find "something against it", I'm not! :) Just trying to see it the same way you guys do. :) Thank you!

don’t worry, that’s alright! so here’re some videos i would recommend:

pinkheichou  asked:

Okay for that naughty ABC thingy... Eren and Levi (Ereri) and D, K and V ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


D = Dirty Secret 

He once jerked off in the bathroom when he was in high school. Not very shameful but don’t tell Levi or he’ll deep clean him. Again.

K = Kink

Objectification kink. He just wants to be used and useful.

V = Volume

Loud. Not just with the sex noises but because he likes to talk during sex. He’s a big fan of dirty talking Levi into a blushing mess.


D = Dirty Secret 

He once didn’t flush his clean up tissue after masturbating. He just left it in the bin. Scandalous. 

K = Kink

He finds it quite attractive when people don’t find him intimidating, so he likes to be dominated and roughed up a bit.

V = Volume 

Very quiet. It’s relatively easy to get him loud but he finds his own noises a little embarrassing. 

The Headcanon Game nsfw

My review of Waiting for You.

The film itself is enjoyable but nothing particularly special.

Taking place for the most part in it’s French setting, the cinematography is generally unsettling.

You cannot relax between the time cuts and the eerie silences. Which makes you highly aware of everything little sound and movement.

Colin for his part as Paul is flawless. Perfectly embodying the mannerisms of the 20-something who doesn’t know what to do with their life.

As Paul sleeps with his arms wrapped around himself in some sort of half-hug you feel his loneliness and directionless even more viscerally, and you can’t help but route for him even as his actions boarder into more questionable territory.

The camera truly loves Colin, with close-ups abound. His fluffy, and just this side of unkempt, curling around his ears.

The plot is not the strongest, many things are left unsaid, the viewer left to come to their own conclusions about somethings. But it does hold interest none the less.

After the film, Charles answered a few questions, saying:
- They do want to have a mainstream cinema release, but they are still struggling to get it, so will continue with the screenings as a part of film festivals.
- Charles approached Colin about the role after discovering him in some interviews online.
- Colin wrote a partial essay on his character, and his lines. While on the other hand Fanny made no notes, and played her character mysterious.
- Colin and Fanny were kept separate during rehearsals so their final meeting could be more genuine.