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ok so how about Hanzo / Mccree / Symettra / Junkrat / call for their S/O, but they're reading a book or whatever and they're too invested to get up and respond. how do the peeps get them up?

d u d e  get a load of that dick joke


- he’s fairly chill about it, pretty understanding that it’s easy to get immersed in a task

- he probs does it too a lot

- likely taps their shoulder lightly and attempts to get their attention calmly

- if this doesnt work, he might whisper in his s/o’s ear, just to be irritating


- depending on his mood, he can be a daydream or nightmare fuel

- in a calm mood, he’ll wait or try and gain his s/o’s attention calmly, similarly to hanzo

- in an un-calm mood, he’ll tickle his s/o senseless just to get their attention

- he’s a smol bab, just wants attention from the one he loves


- sits in front of her s/o and waits for a little

- if it’s really important, she’ll like, put her hand on the book, as if she was gonna take it

- that gets her s/o’s attention v e r y  quickly


- he is a nightmare

- repeats the word “hey” and his s/o’s name and/or cute nicknames repeatedly

- has anyone considered junkrat as having adhd?

- he has so much energy

- potential warning that he’d jump on his s/o’s back to get their attention

- similar to mccree, also a smol bab, loves his s/o and loves that he interests them

shades of wrong (m)

Summary: In which you’re sure you’ll hate Park Jimin with every fiber of your being for the rest of your existence, even after he is assigned your tutor for History of Magic.
Pairing: Jimin | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Smut; Harry Potter AU 
Word Count: 17,321
Author’s Note: This got insanely long, and I apologize but also not really. Inspired by @jeonbegins + her really dope HP Slytherin Jimin AU edit. I also had a little conversation with @minsvga about this and she helped me figured out the basic idea for what this story has become; and @chokemejimin has asked to be tagged in my HP work so here you go my dear!!!


No matter how hard you try, it seems as if you are always bested by Park Jimin in every aspect of life: from Quidditch to school to class popularity.

And you absolutely despise him for it.

Granted, it’s probably because he’s always simply excelled in everything while you could only manage the minimum requirement for things outside of the sport you’ve grown to be so passionate about—but that’s only deepened your dislike for the boy. It’s been like this since the pair of you were children, a rivalry already planted between you even before you knew what the term meant. Truthfully, it was pretty much written in the stars that you would develop some deep-rooted grudge against Jimin, for he was organized into Slytherin while you were put in the fiery red and gold of Gryffindor.

Beyond the clashing Houses that have officially formed your backgrounds, it doesn’t help that the boy has seemed to uphold a particular interest in doing whatever he could to see you fidget or watch you squirm or just catch you at your worst moments—although you humor yourself on the idea that these unfortunate incidents occur to you because of Park Jimin’s constant hovering. It’s a habit that’s grown since the first week of your admission into Hogwarts, in which your big mouth scored you your first detention with the infamous Professor Snape.

It’s a moment that marks the beginning of an unspoken battle between the pair of you—in which you would constantly attempt to prove yourself better than Park Jimin and Park Jimin doing everything he could to make sure you could never have that victory. During the first two years of school, this would mean beating you on every exam, knowing the answers to every question and teasing you for not knowing. Professors putting Jimin on a pedestal, marking him up as the ‘ideal student’ and unknowingly intensifying the dagger of hatred you wished to plunge deeper and deeper into his chest.

When you are twelve, you are told that there is certainly no way for you to truly despise of something (or someone)—for you are young and naive and not entirely capable to understand what it means to hate something with every fiber of your being.

But they’re wrong.

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Anonymous asked: “Can you gif when Clarke says “the things we’ve done to survive, they don’t define us” and when Bellamy says “who we are and who we need to be to survive are two very different things”?”

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Literally and jily headcanons. Or wolfstar headcanons. Maybe morning headcanons?

This is a little different to what you asked for but here are some jily-morning headcanons:

  • Lily is not a morning person. She’s a go-to-bed-at-2am-wake-up-at-2pm kinda person. 
  • James is the worst kind of morning person imaginable. The I’ve-already-run-5k-and-read-3-books-before-8am kind of person.
  • So their morning routine is a little odd, but they make it work.
  • James is always up first and tends to do all sorts of odd jobs until a “normal” hour, when he usually brings Lily a cup of coffee (the only effective way of waking her).
  • He won’t admit it, but sometimes he lies there staring at her, until he mentioned this to Sirius who called him a creep (he didn’t really stop, they’re married it’s only a little creepy)
  • Night times are a different story. 
  • While James can stay up late, he generally cannot function after 9pm, which is when Lily is always her most productive.
  • So the roles are reversed, and Lily bounds around doing all sorts of productive things while James crashes on the couch with a book and a cup of tea (or he just goes to bed, but has to suffer Lily’s comments about old age)
  • When Harry comes along all sorts of things change, and their nice routines are almost entirely thrown out.
  • Harry has zero sleeping routine at first and both James and Lily savour any sleep they can get.
  • After a few months Harry, like his dad, is up at the crack of dawn.
  • Lily swears she must’ve done something awful in a past life to end up in a house full of morning people (but non-so-secretly enjoys the morning coffee and breakfasts made by her boys)