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Shiro wasn’t quite sure what it was with him and exploring  that led to him meeting new beings but here he was again, minding his own business when he was quite sure he’d seen something. Maybe it was his imagination. He sighed as he relaxed against his lion, popping off his helmet. HE was glad to be getting some alone time. He loved his team, but he just needed to be alone sometimes.


Listen to me. A ceasefire is not a betrayal. What you did on that battlefield stopped a war. Your legacy will be peace.


Cassandra possessing the Doctor for mr-thickity-thick-thick (happy belated birthday lily!)

the signs as (famous) marvel characters
  • Aries:Daredevil
  • Taurus:Spider-Man
  • Gemini:Cyclops
  • Cancer:Starlord
  • Leo:Wolverine
  • Virgo:Nick Fury
  • Libra:Black Widow
  • Scorpio:Deadpool
  • Sagittarius:Juggernaut
  • Capricorn:The Winter Soldier
  • Aquarius:Magneto
  • Pisces:Loki