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Peculiar Log #3: Randolph and Lucy Madison

Names: Randolph the Alligator and Lucille “Lucy” Madison

When separate from each other, Lucy and Randolph do not appear to be peculiar. However, upon physical contact, the two share a telepathic and empathic connection. Randolph shares his thoughts and opinions to others through Lucy, and others find him to be surprisingly polite and intelligent. In fact, for many years Lucy has insisted that Randolph should be taught in school just the same as any boy or girl, but so far no one has volunteered to be the alligator’s teacher.

Lucy and Randolph first met at a travelling fair that came to Lucy’s hometown, where Randolph was on display. Upon seeing the poor gator, Lucy felt it was her duty to rescue him. Randolph, wanting a way to escape the fair, let Lucy grab him and hide him in her coat. Since that day, they have been nearly inseparable. It is unclear whether their peculiarity is exclusive only to the two of them, as Lucy has never touched another living gator and has never expressed that Randolph experienced telepathy with other humans.

After running away from home when her parents notified the police of an alligator in their house, the two eventually found their way to Miss Kite’s loop outside of Philadelphia in 1938.

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Listen to me. A ceasefire is not a betrayal. What you did on that battlefield stopped a war. Your legacy will be peace.


Cassandra possessing the Doctor for mr-thickity-thick-thick (happy belated birthday lily!)

the signs as (famous) marvel characters
  • Aries: Daredevil
  • Taurus: Spider-Man
  • Gemini: Cyclops
  • Cancer: Starlord
  • Leo: Wolverine
  • Virgo: Nick Fury
  • Libra: Black Widow
  • Scorpio: Deadpool
  • Sagittarius: Juggernaut
  • Capricorn: The Winter Soldier
  • Aquarius: Magneto
  • Pisces: Loki