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Craft                          Summer 2014

This cosplay took me roughly three months to make, it is made from wool felt and weighs around 20 pounds. Thanks to all the cosplayers who made posts about how they put together their gear! I was able to snag some templates from:

Thank you thatgamecompany for making such a game!

★ Underswap Brothers! ★

(Click for speed draw of this)  @mweshmallow

Langst i thought about late at night im sorry

ok so i don’t have a lot of evidence on this considering i don’t have screenshots and i really need to binge voltron again but im making this off of pure memory so hear me out ok? im porbably looking way too deep into this lmao

I think Lance feeling like he’s a seventh wheel is completely justified. 

Alright so everyone has had that moment where you make a joke and everybody just stay silent like it isnt funny, right? Well if you think about it, Lance has those moments every time he makes a joke or tries to lighten the mood, all of the time. Nobody really laughs at his comments or even pays much attention to them in the first place, only gets glares in return.

Now clearly, Lance usually cracks a joke for comic relief, but apparently no one else finds it funny. For example, he comes out of the pod after healing and everyone is happy to see him.  But as soon as he starts talking, people just groan and act like, “Oh, it’s that Lance, he hasn’t changed one bit,” and act clearly annoyed. Even his idol, Shiro, acts fed up with his shit- which in some cases is justified, but most times, it shouldnt matter, he’s just trying to be funny lmao.  Lance probably feels, unwanted, out of place, like he is the fifth wheel because no one really accepts him, and everyone finds him annoying.

Its not even just with Lance’s sense of humor, too.

People always think his ideas are stupid.

For example, the iconic scene where he keeps Keith from running straight into the danger that could get both of them killed, he suggests his alternate idea. Keith- who usually thinks Lance’s ideas are dumb, automatically jumps to the conclusion that his idea is going to be. Before he can argue, though, he works it out and sees that maybe Lance’s alternate route is a good idea. 

People disagree with the way he wants to complete something, in season 2, Lance comes up with the idea to form Voltron in a situation and everyone vouches against it, however 30 seconds later, they end up forming Voltron, like he said, anyway. 

Another reason, people also think little of him, they underestimate him, and that all starts with the Garisson. He was told that the only reason he ever got at his fighter pilot class was because his rival was kicked out of school, and without that he shouldnt have even been there. Again, he feels out of place, and like he doesnt belong. Then, his idol, his hero, Shiro, shows up, and when he finally feels like he has a purpose, like he could accomplish something amazing, but then Keith shows up. Even then, he doesnt give up, he is like “um excUSE ME BITCH I CALLED SAVING SHIRO FIRST” And once again, he doesnt want his rival that always beat him to do that once again. 

And again in season two, there’s clearly favoritism happening between Keith and Shiro, and Lance is jealous of course. Like, he finally gets to meet and work with his idol, and when he wants to go with Shiro on a mission, SHiro chooses Keith over him. Man, I wonder why he’s so overdramatic about it. Its not like he was treated the same damn way at the gaRISSON OR ANYTHING NAHH

No, but clearly, he has an inferiority complex, especially when it comes to keith, because he knows hes better than him in every way.

People in the show also deny that he has any good skills, and even he himself starts to believe it, when sorta venting to the yupper. (i die a little inside whenever i see it)

I loved it when shiro gave him praise for once because it was specifically for him and not directed at the whole time. It was good job LANCE

And honestly the pride on his face was so heartwarming like omg thank you shiro for ackowledging him

im probably going way off track but anyway 

daily dose of what its like in my mind 24/7 lmao

I hope in season 3 they kinda bring his insecurities up again as a sort of conflict i mean- with Keith possibly becoming Black Paladin, Lance is probably gonna be hella jealous and im sure thats gonna instigate a fight between them, and now theres not really a mediator. So. Fantastic…..

Guys i feel like a lot fo stuff goes right back to shiro, how lance probably aspires to be like him, or be good in his eyes and therefore be good for the rest of the team but hes having this inferiority complex because he feels unappreciated. Like hes just that annoying guy they dont really need and they could replace him if they wanted to, and keeping all of those thoughts hidden or masked by this confident facade is like

lance youre gonna break at some point 

I hope lance gets the recognition and the acknowledgement he deserves in season 3 i swear he better not be tossed under the rug.

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Hello! I'm a new follower and I'm in need of new blogs to follow;; can you recommend me some good vixx (and other groups if possible) blogs to follow? [ OTX(Number of members), Member, ENG Translation, OTPs, GIF / Edit makers, Rap / Vocal / Dance lines, Maknae / Hyung / Eonnie lines, Birth year lines etc etc etc ] Thanks in advance!

hi, hello~!! and yeah, of course~! (most of these blogs are ot6, but i want to categorise them according to their biases)

gif/edit makers = ♥ *my vixx gif makers recommendation post*      source blogs = ★

!!! translations: @fyeah-vixx & @starlightsgift !!!

cha hakyeon / n (@.@) :

@bottomhakyeon, @chahakyeo ♥, @chakawaii ★, @cha-squad, @ch-y +( /ㅁ\ ) ♥, @destroy-hakyeon, @hakyeons ♥, @hakyunie ♥, @hyde-leo-from-n, @nxnight ♥, @shit-vixx-say +(ㅇㅅㅇ) ♥, @tranquies ♥, @vixx-syndrome ♥, @wink-fairy +(ㅇㄴㅇ)

jung taekwoon / leo (ㅇㅅㅇ) :

@aclockworkleo +( ‘ㅅ’ ), @at-taekwoons-mercy +( /ㅁ\ ) ♥, @chained-up-taekwoon ♥, @coffeeprinceleo, @coffee-taekwoon, @darkest-angels +(ㅇㄴㅇ)+( ‘ㅅ’ ) ♥, @jaetaeks, @jongtaekwoon ♥, @lattefairy +( /ㅁ\ ), @phoenix-vixx-fire ♥, @prince-taekwoon ★, @smilange +(ㅇㄴㅇ ) ♥, @smilingtaekwoon, @taek-danada +( ㅡwㅡ ) ♥, @taek-squad, @taekswoons, @taekwoonies ♥, @wonsiks-hamster-taek ♥, @xxinkeyxx ♥, @yuu-jin

lee jaehwan / ken  (ㅇㄴㅇ) :

@fan-girl-zone ♥, @fyken ★, @hong-buns +( ㅡwㅡ ) +idk/VIXX ♥, @jaehwanswife, @kennocchio, @kensshine +( /ㅁ\ ), @leejaehwan, @naehwan, @officialjaehwan

kim wonsik / ravi  ( /ㅁ\ ) :

@19930215 ★, @bfwonsik ★, @fluffsik, @gothshik +(ㅇㅅㅇ), @justforshik ★, @kimwonstop, @rapperravioli, @ravbin ♥, @ravinglunashik, @ravsik ♥, @rav-squad, @taekmyravioli +(ㅇㅅㅇ),@the-love-equation-has-n-error, @wonsik-chic, @wontaec +(ㅇㅅㅇ) ♥, @wontaektv +(ㅇㅅㅇ) ♥, @wowshik

lee hongbin / hongbin ( ‘ㅅ’ ) :

@hongbeanbong, @hongbin-gifs ♥, @hongbyn ♥, @hugbin ♥, @kongsook ♥, @kong-tv, @leehongbins ★, @reila-ravkong +( /ㅁ\ ), @royalbins ♥, @saltykong +( ㅡwㅡ ) ♥

han sanghyuk / hyuk ( ㅡwㅡ ) :

@baldravi +( /ㅁ\ ), @chyogi ★, @fyeahhyuk ★, @hansanghyuked ♥, @hansanghyuks ★, @hyuk-squad, @sangthyug ♥, @sprouthyuk ♥, @taekhyuks, @vixxmyheart ♥,

otps/ot6 :

@fuckyeahkenbin (ㅇㄴㅇ)+( ‘ㅅ’ ), @fychasang (@.@)+( ㅡwㅡ ) ♥, @fyeah-raken ( /ㅁ\ )+(ㅇㄴㅇ) ♥, @fyleohyuk (ㅇㅅㅇ)+( ㅡwㅡ ) ♥, @fywontaek (ㅇㅅㅇ)+( /ㅁ\ ) ♥, @kenbinnie (ㅇㄴㅇ )+( ‘ㅅ’ ) ♥, @keoimnida (ㅇㄴㅇ)+(ㅇㅅㅇ), @kim-ghost-sik ( /ㅁ\ )+VIXX ♥, @neo90liners (@.@)+(ㅇㅅㅇ) ♥, @paetoi (ot6), @vixx-otps (ot6) ♥, @v-i-x-x-gifs (ot6)

+ @thevixxforest ♥, (please tell me ur bias ;-;)

Hello everyone! Since I’m almost to 2k, I decided to do my very first follow forever. I never expected this blog to get as much attention as it has and I am very thankful to everyone who follows and supports me. Everyone mentioned in this post are some of my favorite blogs on here, if you don’t follow them yet you definitely should! Also, I am sorry if I missed anybody. I’m sure I probably did so if I you don’t see your name please don’t take it personally! I love everybody. <3

Special thanks:

@atllimelow- my love. You are so special to me and I love you very much. If not for you this blog, and me, would probably not exist anymore. Your friendship means more to me than I can ever express to you. 

@annathepineapple- my very best friend in the entire world. Absolutely the best and greatest person I’ve ever been honored to call my friend. If not for her, I would’ve gone crazy by now. She keeps me sane and always deals with my stupid shit. Also, my favorite Josh Dun hun! 

@gaskarth- first off, credit to the lovely gif of Alex goes to Aiden. Thank you so much for making it for me, I love it very much. Aiden has had one of favorite blogs for a very long time and now I’ve been lucky enough to call him a mutual. Such a blessing. :) 

@poppunk-merrick- one of the most genuine people/friends I’ve met. Sch a sweet person and great friend to have if you’ve ever been lucky enough to talk to her. 

@riansdrums- special shoutout to Vitti for always messaging me when I’m sad. Thank you for caring and being such a sweetheart. :) 


@2ndbest, @abloglikewar, @ahcalamity, @alexalltimelow, @alexalltimeloww, @alltimeeyebrows, @alltimehellalow, @alltimehoeplscum2brzl, @alltimelaws, @awgaskarth, @awgaskarths, @alltimelowaremyfuckingheroes, @amerrickan-candy, @awilliamg


@b4ilmeout, @baelorjardine, @beaniedawson, @bakakarat, @barakatforyou, @barakatjack, @baratkat, @barasmurf, @benbarlyo, @blackhairjack, @bootygaskarth, @cinderblockgaskarths, @dancingwithalltimelow, @dear-alex-gaskarth-count-me-in


@edge-oftonight, @edgoftonight, @effyesalltimelow, @everythingatlymas, @feministgaskarth, @flathairjack, @flykat, @forbaltiimore, @fuckyeahitsalltimelow, @fvck-atl, @fvturehecrts, @gaskarth-omg, @gaskarthx, @gayisnotasynonymforjalex, @gskarth


@hailrian, @i-wanna-be-your-lost-girl13, @iamkidinthedark, @jackbarakitty, @jackkalltimelow, @jagkingoffjack, @jaseygae, @jbmaan


@kidxinthedark, @kisskarth, @kidsinthedark, @lankyboybarakat, @lankyjack, @mermaid-merrick, @merrickzack, @merrikattrashcan, @missingsatellite, @niceboobsbarakat, @notyoujack


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@sadkarth, @safelitlehouse, @solongsldier, @stayawakealex, @stresskarth, @takecoveralex, @takemeouttosea, @thatlowlife, @tidalwav-s, @ughjackbarakat, @ughzackmerrick, @uunderapapermoon, @vampiregasxarth, @wokeupingaskarthsbed, @wtf-gaskarth, @zxckmerrick

Car Radio

This was requested by @blue-greenstylinson a while back. I’m so sorry it’s taken so long to get out! (You’re a sweetheart for being so patient with me, I swear hope I’ll never let an ask sit this long again. You’re the best!) -Emma

Also I couldn’t decide on what type of drug Tyler would be so I made him like two types

The music at the party made it near impossible for anything to be heard in the house. This didn’t bother Tyler at all. In fact, it pumped him up even more. This was the first party he had been to in California that Mark wasn’t hosting, and he had been really looking forward to this. Unlike at Mark’s parties, Tyler didn’t have to worry about something being posted on Mark’s channel. Tyler didn’t mind being on Mark’s channel, but he always found himself holding back on drinking when he knew the party would be posted about. He didn’t want to set a bad example for the fans.

This party was different though. His friend Luca was hosting it, and unbeknownst to Tyler, Luca had quite a wild side.  It wasn’t long before Tyler was handed a drink, and over the course of the night he had downed enough drinks to put a college frat boy to shame. 

After doing some shots with Luca and some of his friends, Luca made a suggestion that blew everybody’s mind. 

“Hey, hey, guys. Karaoke?” 

Tyler gasped. “Luuuucass you'rea geniuss that sounds uh-mazingg!”

Luca laughed. “Scheid, I think you’ve had a little too much to drink. I think you’re good for now.”

Tyler pouted and followed Luca to a little makeshift stage where the karaoke machine was placed, slightly stumbling  along the way. Luca cut off the music, causing everyone to stop and groan.

“Hey bro! Turn the mussic back on that was my jam,” a voice yelled.

“Calm down, calm down. I was thinking it would be fun to do karaoke. Any takers for the first song?” Luca announced.

“I’ll go first Lu,” Tyler offered, stepping onto the stage. 

“You sure Ty? What song?”

Tyler nodded. “Surprise me. And I just want to say Luke,” Tyler burst into laughter. “Luke, I am your father.” More laughter. Luca rolled his eyes and passed Tyler the mic. Not too long after, Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” filled the room. 

Tyler able to get through the “Ice ice baby” parts, but he made incoherent noises during the rap parts. He stupidly danced during it, earning cheers from the crowd. This encouraged him to dance more. In the middle of a move that looked like a hybrid of the tranky doo and a mime riding a motorcycle, Tyler got too close to the edge of the stage and tripped off of it. Luckily for him, he landed on his feet, but crashed into the guys standing by the stage. Luca quickly rushed over to him. 

“Woah there Tyler, I think you should go. Gimme your phone, lemme call somebody for you.” 

“Ooooh, Ethshould come he would love this and he would have so much fun. Lucky you are so smart today.” Tyler continued gush about Ethan to Luca, who quickly grew annoyed by it. 

“Well, I texted the Ethan guy in your phone, who I’m assuming is “Eth”. He should be here any minute now.”

Tyler gasped again. “Ethan’s coming here?! Oh god I hope he’ll wanna hang with me, he’s reeeally cool and I’m not, and he just-” Tyler suddenly sniffled and his eyes slightly began to water. “Lila he means a lot and I really hope he shows.”

Almost as if on cue, Luca spotted some tiny kid with bright blue hair looked around, confused. 

“Tyler, is that your friend?”

Tyler turned around and barreled towards his friend. 

“Ethy you made it! I missed youu!” Tyler exclaimed, tackling Ethan in a hug. Ethan had to pry Tyler off of him.

“Well of course I’d come, wait are you crying? What’s wrong?” Ethan observed. 

“I’m not crying there was just this ummmm, this craazy curse that makes a water fall on my face.” Tyler explained, thinking this is perfect, he’ll never know.

“Uh, huh. Now who’s Luca? I want to thank him for getting me.” Ethan asked, looked around again.

“I’m Luca. Thanks for coming for him. I know he appreciates it. He would not be able to drive like this. Here’s his phone. ” Luca stepped forward and held out Tyler’s phone.

“Thanks man, I appreciate it. Tyler are you ready to head home?” Ethan directed his attention back to Tyler. 

“Ooooh, youre taking me home? I cant waait. Bye Luccyyy.”

Ethan struggled to get Tyler in the car. Once on the way home, Tyler became suddenly interested in everything in the car. 

“Eeeeth, can we do karaokaaay?” Tyler begged, opening and closing the air conditioning vent.

“Karaoke? I guess.” Ethan answered, turning on the radio. Tyler cheered. The song on was “Chandelier”. Tyler began screeching along with the song and Ethan couldn’t help but to laugh and sing along. The rest of the ride home went like this. 

As they neared their house, “All of Me” began to play. Tyler belted along, messing up the lyrics, and then completely improvised the chorus. 

“ ’Cause ooooliveee meat  rubs ooooliveee juice, blue blue blue blue hair all your hair is blue blue blue. Give your soull to me, give my soull to you. I like your bluee face ohhhhhh ohhh.”

Tyler finished his version of the chorus as they pulled into their driveway. His version caught Ethan off guard, and he blamed it for Tyler being drunk. That didn’t stop his face from flushing.  

“Ethan did youu like my song for you, ohmygod you are so red are you sunburnt? I’ll fight the sun for you.” Tyler became concerned while he examined Ethan’s blush.

“No, no, no. I’m fine. Let’s get you to bed, shall we?” He avoided the subject of his flushed face and helped Tyler out of the car.

“Okay! Bye-bye Mr. Radio!”


A while ago I offered Minuiko to draw a pic to thank her for her awesome Jasico art and she suggested the goblet scene, which was a great request. I’m sorry it took me so long (did you think I had forgotten ? ;p) but finding a satisfying way to depict the scene wasn’t so easy, as I really wanted to include meaning and subtext ! I hope I succeeded, anyway I have to post it now or I’ll end up touching it up forever !!! ^^;; (I’m in this kind of period where I can’t be satisfied with my art. Again.)

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Hey, whats you top five dresses, jeans, skirts, hairs, shoes? Love you!

hi, i’m sorry this took me forever to answer! i’ve answered hairs and jeans (sort of) previously, but i can do another updated hair faves if you’d like! buckle in for a long ass faves post

1. citrontart’s lazy loafers
2. slyd’s classic mules
3. slyd’s super stars 
4. madlen’s serafino sandals
5. mysteriousdane’s adidas gazelles

1. rusty’s high rise denim skirt
2. sondescent’s denim skirt
3. trillyke’s black skirt
4. citrontart’s verseau skirt
5. serenity’s kat skirt

1. serenity’s euphoria dress
2. waekey’s lazy dress
3. sentate’s monica dress
4. pickypikachu’s fortissimo dress
5. rusty’s turtleneck dress


Awhile ago I saw @portentous-offerings make a post about how Marinette’s parents would react if they found out she was ladybug in response to an anon question, and she said something about her parents sending food with her on patrols to share with Chat Noir and it made me think about how touched he would be if parents who’ve never even met him were looking out for him when he barely even has one parent on his side at home. 

Hello my lovelies! I currently hit 500 followers and I’m so shook. I never thought that I would even reach such a large number. I figured since I hit 500 followers, I should do my first official Follow Forever!(♥→o←♥)

I can’t believe i even hit such a large number. I remember getting 20 followers and cried because that was so much for me?? And now with 500 of you lovelies, I’m just so happy. I made this blog back on the 15th of March, 2015 with my shit posts and gifs. My first ever reblog was a VIXX meme (I’m saying this bc I’m literally staring at my archives). Words can’t explain how happy I am to hit 500+ followers! ʕ*ノᴥノʔ

I’m just going to be tagging the blogs I follow, my mutuals, and my fav blogs overall in this post (in alphabetical order of course~) under the “keep reading” because I don’t want to make this post as long as it is already, but like I said, I’m thankful for all of my followers, and it makes me so happy knowing I have your support! I’m sorry for those of you who I don’t follow back, but I still see you in my notifications and you guys make my heart so happy!

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I think I have enough ex-villan besties for now. But I’ll keep an eye out for strays.

(In the 616 universe, the Black Widow starts off as an Iron man villan)


Emma Swan Appreciation MemeDay 15 ↠  Free choice

From a lost little duckling to a beautiful swan, thank you so much Emma for an amazing journey. You taught me so much about hope, love, fighting on, standing up for what you believe in and never giving up on myself. I’m forever grateful, you changed my life.

For my fandom soulmate @fakeahstew because I am a sucker for a good prompt and any chance to write over protective FAH Geoff.

It’s half past midnight when Gavin stumbles through Geoff’s front door, ears still ringing from the knock to the head, dried blood sticking to his face. He doesn’t know the men who attacked him, he’s done enough research on all of Fake AH’s enemies to know which goons belong to which crew leader, but he does know that one had been wearing heavy rings on his left hand. His jaw throbs with the memory.

Geoff isn’t home, it’s evident by the eerie silence that has settled over the penthouse. There’s something unsettling about an empty apartment, especially one usually bustling with noise, and Gavin almost turns around and heads back to his own place, but he knows if he tries walking home now he’s going to end up passing out on the sidewalk. So he shrugs off his unease, closes Geoff’s front door, and staggers towards the bathroom.

He does quick work cleaning up most of the blood, but nothing can hide his bruises. He looks like he’s gone five rounds with a brick wall and lost; the right side of his face purple and swollen; a deep gash running down his left cheek. Getting punched did nothing for his nose, but he can’t really help genetics.

Gavin debates hiding this from the crew, but even he can’t delude himself into thinking they’d believe him if he told them he had to leave town suddenly just so he could hide out in his apartment for a few days. He’s going to have to tell them, and they’re going to be pissed.

The front door opens and he hears Geoff shuffling around his living room, muttering to himself, and Gavin meets his reflection’s eyes. It’s now or never.

He backs away from the mirror, heading back into the front room, watching silently as Geoff sifts through his mail. He gives the stack an unimpressed look, tosses it onto the counter, and turns to see Gavin watching him.

He lets out a surprised yelp, clutching his chest, and says, “What the fuck?! You asshole!”

He reaches for the light switch, but Gavin says, “Before you do that, I should probably warn you…”

The light snaps on and Gavin winces, shielding his eyes, listening as Geoff swears under his breath.

“Who did this?”

“Geoff, listen…”

“Who,” Geoff demands, already across the room, gently tilting Gavin’s head to get a better look at his wounds. “I want names.”

“I don’t know,” Gavin admits, hissing softly when one of Geoff’s fingers grazes his cut. “I think they thought I was someone else. A bit stupid, on their part, to not bother asking.”

“This isn’t funny.”

“I know.”

Geoff frowns, putting his hands on his hips, studying Gavin for a long moment. He must come to some sort of decision, pulling his phone from his suit pocket and hitting three on speed dial.

He listens to the cell ring a few times before someone picks up. Before they can say anything, Geoff says, “Meet me at the office, twenty minutes.”

“What are you gonna do?” Gavin asks when Geoff hangs up, giving him a wary look, but Geoff doesn’t respond, already heading towards the door. “At least lemme come along.”

Geoff stops at the door, hand clutching the knob, head down, and Gavin knows, knows with everything he has, that Geoff wants to say no. That he would gladly put his entire crew into a bubble if it meant they’d stay safe, but he also knows they’re criminals. They’re bound and determined to do as they please, and if Gavin is motivated enough (which he is), he’s going to find these people with or without Geoff’s help. It’s a lose-lose situation on his part.

He sighs and says, “Fine, but I make no promises that you’ll get the kill shot.”

“Thanks, Geoff.”

I found an old picture of my first betta, Geralt! (I also called him Kyogre) and my kitty Katniss watching him. Sadly I wasn’t a good fishkeeper at the time and I hadn’t done any research, so looking back he didn’t get the best of care. Sorry Geralt, you deserved better, SIP bby. It’s been a while since I’ve had him but I think he deserves to be on my blog too, especially since he was my first bby!

Morning Coffee: Love & Lust.

read part one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

warning! smut in this chapter. this is pretty vanilla and cliché for a few reasons: i imagine that’s how it’d be between these two particular characters their first time, and also this is my first time posting smut. may seem as though it’s moving slow but that’s the point, please don’t judge me too hard for this as i tried my best! also if you asked to be tagged and weren’t, i apologize and please send me an ask. and sorry this took forever, i had exams.

↳ Part Eight.

Originally posted by babyspencerreid

You had wondered many times within the past couple months if and when you and Spencer would sleep together. He had only mentioned sex once before to you and it was an innocent comment about his experience– with heated cheeks he admitted that he had nearly none, he had only slept with one person one time. You assured him it was nothing to be ashamed of because it truly wasn’t, plus it was none of your business who he had chosen to share his intimate moments with before he had been with you.

You had more experience than him in bed but had only had a few partners since you preferred to have a strong emotional connection with the person you were sleeping with. Save for the few one night stands here and there, which always contributed to your loneliness rather than getting rid of it.

You were currently on the couch in your apartment, Spencer’s body was pressed up against you as his lips feverishly moved with yours. The music that you’d turned on earlier was long forgotten but it still echoed in the back of your head as you heard the meaningful lyrics of the sweet song.

Spencer’s hands were cupping your cheeks as his tongue poked out of his mouth and touched against your bottom lip. He’d always adored your lips, the shape and color of them along with the way they moved when you kissed him or when you spoke. 

He was sat upright with his back pressed against the couch but his head was turned to the left side where you were. In an attempt to get closer you pulled your knee to the other side of him, straddling his lap without breaking the kiss. You ground your hips down on his for some friction without it even being intentional but he didn’t seem to mind, and the moan that escaped his mouth and fell between your lips proved your assumption correct.

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Devoured •

Ash’s Writing Challenge (3) - Little Red Riding Hood - This is the story behind Negan’s red scarf - [continued]

Negan x Female Reader

A/N:  This is a short story based on the Little Red Riding Hood. <33 This is a three part series for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash challenge xx I’m sorry this took forever to post I’ve been in a bad writing rut >.< –  Special shoutout to this beautiful soul @daintyunicorn for helping me out in my time of need <33  <– you guys…her work is FIRE, if you  haven’t checked out her stuff, her one shots are soo good, and ‘The Hills’ is one of my favorite fics!


The Wolf (1) || Masterlist

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Beware the charm of men. 

Since you were a teenager, you were taught that no man looks at a woman with honesty. That the minute they lay eyes on you they are consumed by lust. They will use their wits to ease you into their trap and then devour your mind, body and soul the instant chance they get. Those words were implemented by your grandmother, and they lingered in your head as you sat down next to the handsome stranger. You were the last person that wanted to admit she was right, but you couldn’t ignore how unsettled you were. You glued your eyes to the deteriorating wood, admiring the fire dancing wildly atop of it. 

Noticing you avoid his stare, the man responded with a sigh and rested his forearm on his knee while extending his other leg out to get comfortable. “What happened to your group?” 

“Pardon me?” 

“You mentioned that you haven’t been on your own that long, which means at some fucking point you were with others. What happened?” 

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