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Believe In Me

Request: In which Jungkook swears to always protect you—even if you don’t accept him.
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst, Guardian Angel!AU
Word Count: 8,681
Author’s Note: oh my god I finally finished this. I don’t know how I feel about it yet, but I hope you guys like it!!


Jungkook doesn’t remember dying.

He actually doesn’t remember anything much about, well, anything. As strange as it may sound, all he really remembers is darkness. Just an endless pitch, devoid of any life, the only thing to keep him company the whispers and remnants of his own thoughts—even though he’s not even sure he’s had much to begin with. It just feels like he’s floating around in some sort of strange bubble of extended unconsciousness, aware of everything and yet absolutely nothing all at the same time.

He isn’t aware of how long he’s stuck in this stage, caught between the realms of the dead and the living, unable to settle in one for too long, before it feels like he’s being pulled down. As if the carpet beneath his feet have been ripped from below him, sending him spiraling until he’s standing within a white room with no doors and no windows.

It all feels a little bit like waking up, embracing some sort of artificial sunlight that takes the form of blinding lights without a source and Jungkook is left alone to walk, touch the walls as the questions spring in his mind like wildflowers. He’s confused, because even though he doesn’t remember dying he knows for a fact that he’s dead and when he pictured afterlife this is certainly not what he had been expecting. Whatever fantasy he may have conjured up in his mind seem a lot more exciting than the confined space of 4 walls, no end in sight.

“You must have a lot of questions right now.”

Jungkook whirls around towards the voice, sprouting from someone he knows could not have been in the room a few seconds ago. But again, he knows he must certainly be dead because how else could someone have appeared within a room with no windows or doors, an eerie quietness drifting and biting at his skin—a previous reminder that he had been alone.

Up until now.

The speaker of the statement is a man behind a desk, hair a short pale blue color and black framed glasses across his face, fingers laced together and folded upon a file. The man is unfamiliar, yet his smile is one of comfort and a vague recognition, and Jungkook could have sworn he’s seen this man before once in his lifetime. Or, at the very least, he trusts this man almost immediately. It could be a naive part of Jungkook’s original nature, but the man has just appeared to him out of thin air, seemingly willing to answer any question Jungkook dare try to speak—and he seems calm.

Jungkook turns to face the man completely. “I died,” He speaks quietly, clearing his voice when it sounds as if he hasn’t had to use it in years, like vocals rubbing against sandpaper.

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"Fuck me!" and seokjin please!!! OMG fuck I love angry seokjin I want him in me RN

i’m sorry this took forever to write and also turned pretty kinky lmao

“fuck me”

Originally posted by eatjin

With rough veneer pressing into your back and gentle hands, although cunning in nature, sliding up your body, it is all too tempting to edge him on further. His eyes are already bleeding into the color of spilled ink holding an unwritten promise of so much to come.

Fingers tangle in the delicate hairs of his nape, slightly tugging while gauging his reaction, carefully testing the waters. You can feel the tension he emits, a slow burn of frustration and chagrin boiling under his skin, making him ignite a lust for control that he easily exceeds onto you, always so willing under his demanding touch, always so ready to let him free his tormenting demons.

And when his thumb idly presses against your plush bottom lip, you do not hesitate to open up for him, tonge coming to wrap around the digit in an all too suggestive way that has him growling under his breath while never even daring to break eye contact.

His gaze never leaves you, although flickers to your pink lips at times, watching you with clandestine interest as you try to please him. Yet, even with his searching eyes, he misses the glint of mischief that sparked inside of you, the spark that will ignite a scorching heat of teasing and taunting until his placid demeanour crumbles into nothing but ashes.

“Fuck me.” There is no denying your faux innocent as the words roll from the tongue, muffled around his thumb still in your mouth, yet still easily coherent. “Sir.”

It is the last world that flip his switch as his hand comes to rest around your throat, effectively catching your breath in hindrance for more jeering remarks. His lips curl into a cruel sneer as he looks down at you with feigned disdain that does not manage to hide his fervor.

“Say that again, would you, sugar?”

Abandoning your throat he rather opts to grip your hip bones, tips digging into your skin with too much force. While you can finally breath again, it does not feel less like a threat and a promise alike and you know, the second you repeat yourself, you have handed over all control and cannot even hope for mercy as he takes you to his liking.

“I said, fuck me, sir.”

Komahina Fanfiction Masterpost

I thought I’d make this masterpost for AO3 Komahina fics because I love all of these fanfictions, and they need more recognition! I’ve also included summaries and overviews so you’ll know what to expect. If there’s a fanfiction that isn’t included on here, it’s probably left out because this masterpost is really for fics that center on komahina - so there were a couple really really good fics in the komahina tag on AO3, but I left them out because komahina wasn’t the main or secondary idea of the story. Also, I’m including fics that have multiple chapters, so there won’t be any one-shots or super short fics. I really hope you’ll reblog this and check these fics out. If you read them, be sure to leave kudos and a comment letting the author know what you think! Also, if there is an author whose tumblr is not listed below, and you know what their tumblr is, please message me! I’ll edit this and put them in.

Takes place in canon/close to canon

  • Transversal It was always Hinata and Komaeda, Komaeda and Hinata, and it was pretty much strange to see one without the other. Among their circle of friends, there was no one who could have threatened the chance that Hinata had. This takes place during Hinata and Komaeda’s time at Hope’s Peak. It’s a very ingenious story, and creative (not to mention obviously well-written); it keeps you on your toes, desperate to find out what happens next! The characterization is very accurate (except for the characters that are SUPPOSED to be ooc, of course), and it’s very desriptive, attentive writing! Plus, there are certainly many surprising moments in the story. You won’t regret reading this! (It’s one of my all-time favorites and the author is a gem.)
  • Many Hinakoma Opportunities - “And, no offense, but I keep waiting for you to come to your senses and slam the door in my face!“ Komaeda kept smiling as he tapped his fingers on the mattress, watching the faint light from the window catch on his nails. "You’ve put up with my presence for so many nights, I’m starting to wonder about your state of mind, Hinata-kun.” Hinata stared at the ceiling, unsure how to respond. He’d had similar thoughts, truthfully, but it didn’t seem appropriate to agree. Komaeda didn’t let the silence sit for long.“Even for me, I’m probably pushing my luck,” He laughed a little at his own personal joke, “But may I ask for a special favor tonight, Hinata-kun?” (The summary from the third part.) This is a collection that includes a lot of smut - and some really good plot, too! It’s cool if you don’t enjoy reading smut, but if you do - this is some HIGH QUALITY shit right here. And it’s not repetitive at all! Anyway, the characterization is on. point. Plus, there’s fluff - so, overall, this is some really enjoyable writing. The author has made some fanart to go with it as well, be sure to check that out! It’s super cool! (I may be a huge fan… what can I say?)
  • Finally In LoveHe hates the way Chiaki always nods off when he talks to her. He hates Komaeda’s infatuation with hope even more.So, when he begins to find himself slowly falling in love with both of them, he figures he must be crazy. This is so, so, so adorable. Yes, it’s technically komahinami, but it’s just so adorable I had to add it to this list. The dialogue is really interesting… plus the characterization is pretty nice! Overall, it’s believable, which is really important to me personally - if you’re reading something that takes place in canon/close to canon, you want it to be believable, right? Because of that, it’s really easy to appreciate the work!


  • Equivalence Hinata watches him sometimes when he visits, the monitors beeping softly. Still, alive, and breathing. It gives him hope.Everyone wakes from the game, older, guilt-ridden, and determined to save the friends that died in the game. Wow, wow, wow. This is seriously some incredible writing! (This is actually the fanfiction that inspired me to start writing my own, so I can’t stress enough how much I love this!) First of all, it’s believable. Reading it makes you think ‘oh, this could DEFINITELY be what happens after the sdr2 kids wake up.’ Second of all, it’s beautiful - the writing is descriptive and there aren’t any glaring mistakes. Lastly, the characterization. Oh, man, you’d think the author was these kids’ psychiatrist or something. ….I’ll stop now before I get too rambly and make this already long post even longer.
  • Elevation Just thinking his name awakens so many memories and feelings within you that you can barely begin to make sense of them all. Bits and pieces begin to fall into place; but the more you remember, the less sense you can make of it all. This is actually my fic so I can’t really give you an objective perspective. I will say, however, that I have big plans for it, and I absolutely will not update it unless I am completely satisfied with the quality; so, I work hard on it. There’s going to be a slow build because I want to be true to how I really think things would go down after sdr2, but I can promise that komahina will be happening. And there will most likely be a ton of it (because it is my life and at this point I honestly cannot imagine a future after sdr2 where Hinata and Komaeda DON’T end up together).
  • The Mortal CityWaking up is never the hardest part. This is one of those “HOLY CRAP” stories. Basically, I can’t find a single thing that’s wrong with this entire work. Characterization, story, descriptiveness, mystery - all of it is on point. It can get a little gruesome, so check out the warnings in the tags. Also, it’s a darker interpretation of what happens after SDR2, but that doesn’t mean it’s without fluff or happy moments. Definitely, definitely, definitely worth checking out!


  • Impossibly (Un)LuckyIt shouldn’t be possible. And yet, here he is.But then, Komaeda had always been impossibly lucky. Or was it I who was impossibly unlucky? This was the first komahina fanfic I got really into - I ended up printing out the whole thing just so I could read it on the go! You’ll end up wanting to read it over and over again; It’s really, really nice writing, and it’s easy to get into the story. There are moments where it’s a little OOC, but it’s never bad as far as that aspect goes. Plus, it’s an interesting concept and AU. All in all, you’ll definitely enjoy yourself while reading! There are so many cute moments!
  • Long Road To NorthThere’s nothing as hopeless as a life being a regular salesman at a regular office. And after waiting for years for his life to change, he can’t contain his excitement as he finds himself threatened by a knife, held by a brown-haired stranger on the run. Where Hope’s Peak Doesn’t exist. Komaeda’s past and luck is the same as in the game, but Hinata’s past has been altered with canon. It’s pretty well-written and you can tell it’s been thoroughly planned out. Great characterization! …Also… I love works where you get to experience Komaeda slowly realizing how in love with Hinata he is…. 
    • Author: @urponators-gayo
  • The Bridge Of StarsIt’s funny how much things have changed over the years but I hope those feelings of yours are still the same Hinata-kun. I wish I could cheer you on from here but the way things are now, the only thing I can say is: best of luck. This takes place in the 1920′s, and there will be 33 chapters in all once it’s completed. There’s a lot of angst (but it’s not without fluff, don’t worry!) and reading it makes you reeeeeeally want to give Komaeda and Hinata giant hugs. It’s super super well-written! I haven’t noticed a single grammar or spelling issue throughout the whole thing. In all, the characterization is superb, it’s easy to become invested in the story, and utmost respect goes out to the author for writing a believable story that goes with the time period! 
  • The Weeping WisteriaEleven year old Hinata Hajime starts working at the castle not knowing what his true purpose is. He befriends the Crown Prince, Komaeda Nagito and vows to stay by his side. But as time goes on and Hinata realizes the painful truth about his ‘job’ and his friend’s true nature, things start to change. Amidst growing chaos and despair, the Kingdom is falling to ruin and Hinata struggles with being unable to do anything to make things better and not knowing what to do about the loyalty he had sworn to a boy he no longer knows. Mai is a goddess, I swear. This fanfiction should go down in history. It’s a very intricate story, and, as with The Bridge Of Stars, there doesn’t seem to be a single mistake in the whole 34-chapter fic. It’s heartwarming, saddening… It keeps you on your toes… The characterization is beautiful… Just please read this. I promise you’ll love it.
  • Love’s ScriptHajime Hinata and his classmate, Ibuki Mioda, are big fans of the Danganronpa series. When the audition for the live action adaptation of the second game is announced, Ibuki is determined to play her favorite character… and she expects the same from Hinata. At first reluctant, he agrees to go with her… But did he make the right choice? Is he even going to survive?! A non-despair AU where nobody dies and the nerds have fun playing in a TV show. I LOVE this AU. It’s just so much fun and so perfect for the cast. Plus this is very well written and has amazing characterization, I just can’t get enough of this! You’ll have a hard time putting this fic down, that’s for sure!
  • Words Will Be All That I KeepHe’s talking about me. Up there, clearly, to all of these people. He’s talking about me. Would he be as blunt if he knew that I was here? Probably. It’s Komaeda. If he knew where I was standing, he’d probably wink at me, and then blush profusely when he saw me later on. *** AU where Komaeda is a writer and Hinata is a trainee therapist. They dated in college and now Komaeda’s written a book. This is so good?? I feel like the plot really suits the both of them. The characterizations are great, the plot draws you in, and there aren’t any glaring errors! What more could you ask for from a fanfic, really?
  • Hajime’s Adventures A collection of stories of Hajime’s adventures throughout college centered on Komahina. All of the stories are in the same cohesive timeline and are in order (unless specified otherwise). Just fun exciting stories that the group goes through in college. No mental illnesses. This is SUCH a fun fic to read. Not only does the whole sdr2 gang get into some insane (and hilarious) adventures, but there is so much komahina content it’s crazy! And it’s certainly unique; I mean, in one chapter Komaeda comes home early from a school dance to slow dance with Hinata, and in another the two of them end up checking out a sex shop, where Komaeda persuades Hinata to try on some cuffs. Also the relationships Hinata has with everyone is so precious!! He’s close with everyone in some way and you can feel the whole gang looking out for him… And, of course, he and Komaeda are close. Anyway, it has cute moments, sad moments, infuriating moments, sensual moments… Personally, I couldn’t get enough; when I first started reading this I ended up pulling an all-nighter, it’s THAT kind of fic. A must-read! 
  • Fragile Hope - "Hinata-kun,“ Komaeda glanced up, struggling to keep his eyes open. "I’m happy you’re here with me,” he mumbled before falling into a much needed sleep. Hinata smiled and wrapped a blanket around Komaeda. “You’re welcome,” he whispered. Uh oh. This fic includes sick Komaeda! I know, I know; you want to forget about Komaeda’s dementia/cancer as much as I do. Even so, this fic is really, really good, and you shouldn’t let Komaeda’s sickness stop you from reading it! It’s adorable, really. Hinata and Komaeda are so close in this… And you can feel how worried Hinata is for him… Plus there’s some really adorable, heart-warming fluff…. Reading it kind of makes me want to cry… but in the best way. 
  • Lattes and Fluffy CloudsHinata Hajime isn’t really quite sure what draws him into Hope’s Coffee Shop every day. He tells himself it’s just the amazing drinks, but the other half of him insists it’s the barista with the fluffy, white hair that takes his order. This is SO CUTE you guys. Finally a coffee shop AU to add to this list lol. The plot, characterization, and style is all on point! Overall its just too goshdarn cute.
  • Detectives/Detectives: Rip Your Heart OutCrouching down behind large boxes of… well Hinata doesn’t know what’s inside them and, frankly, doesn’t want to find out, is himself and his new partner, Komaeda.“This is by far your worst idea yet!” Hinata whispers aggressively, clenching his teeth and glaring daggers towards the slightly taller albino, “'Let’s go in unarmed, we’ll be in and out, they won’t even know we were there’” Hinata murmurs, trying to do an impression of Komaeda’s voice, making large hand gestures as he does. This fic gives you the feeeeeeels. Seriously, the two of them are so cute, and you can really feel how much they care about each other! There are some sad/angsty moments, especially in the sequel; but that just makes the story better!
  • Love Is DangerousIt happens so quick my brain can’t even register it. But a car comes in the opposite direction, bibbing at the other driver. The guy in the large car panics and swerves to his left, hurtling at an unbelievable speed towards me.“HAJIME!” I hear Makoto yell on the top of his voice, almost screeching.I push myself off of Makoto’s car, but before I can even move, I’m pushed to the floor. I land on my back, hitting my head on the pavement. I slowly raise myself up on my elbows and look up to see Komaeda looming over me, his hand against the large car; a giant dent is encased on the metal. Yes, it is a Twilight Au, but listen - the author stated they were changing it to fit their idea, and it’s SO MUCH BETTER THAN TWILIGHT ANYWAY. (I mean, if you like twilight that’s fine, but in my oh-so-humble opinion, this is MUCH BETTER.) I especially like the different relationships included in this story; Hinata and Naegi’s close sibling bond, HInata and Kuwata’s friendship, and, OF COURSE, everything between Hinata and Komaeda. They’re just so cuuuuute. Can’t wait to see how this fic goes! 
  • For Your Entertainment It’s theatre season once again, and Hope’s Peak Academy has just announced their spring musical; The Drowsy Chaperone. And when the new kid, Hajime Hinata, wins a main role in the cast, he’s thrown together with a strange cast of characters, including Nidai, the overenthusiastic boy whom you might not expect to be as good as he is at directing, Kirigiri, the silent but skillful stage manager, Sayaka, the flirty girl who’s perfectly suited to the spotlight, Sonia, the student who arrived from Europe last summer and captured everyone’s hearts with her charm, Tanaka, the animal trainer and lover of the occult who displays an unexpected talent for the stage, Chiaki, the quiet and sleepy but dedicated gamer who runs the sound and lighting booth, Junko, the bubbly choreographer who scares the living hell out of everyone, and Ishimaru, the loud, uptight prefect who seems out of place onstage but has a neverending supply of enthusiasm to make up for it. Will the drama club of Hope’s Peak be able to pull together a completely student-run musical in just two months? (Probably.) Will everyone retain their sanity? (Probably not.) That was a long summary so I’ll keep this brief! This story is cute, funny, and it’s a unique AU. The characterization is nice, the writing is strong, and pretty much the whole gang is involved. It’s super fun!
  • You’re Live on Monomi Radio! - Hosting a late night radio show was the least of Hinata’s problems. In which two punks become local celebrities, Nanami plays the cupid and Hinata’s favorite caller hits on him. It’s awesome. This was so. Funny. OOC, but they’re supposed to be. The banter between Nanami and Hinata is hilarious! You’ll actually laugh out loud. Plus, the whole thing about how Hinata and Komaeda start talking to each other, and listeners start shipping them? Perfect. I can’t get enough of this!


  • KomaHina Drabbles - You make me fall deeper into your spell. And then I’ll end up making a mistake. I’ll end up telling you how I really feel. That would only drive you away. That would make me predictable wouldn’t it? You would have calculated that our physical relationship is something that would nurture the fondness that I have for you. Then would you leave me? I would probably fall deeper into despair if you were to leave me. I would fall into a puddle of tears and grief. (Unfortunately, there wasn’t really a summary of this fic, so I picked out a bit of writing from the 1st chapter. I hope that’s okay.) A lot could be said about this fic, but I’ll keep it simple; it’s well-written, it’s entertaining; it can be serious AND extremely cute and fluffy. A lot of the chapters can be considered part of the same verse. Also, the chapters include very interesting interpretations of the character’s lives and relationships! It’s really enjoyable. It can also be considered kamukoma; both pairings are included. Oh, and it also contains a lot of smut.
  • All Manner Of Sins[30 Day OTP Challenge (NSFW version), chapters have individual summaries and content warnings.] This is HIGH. QUALITY. NSFW. There’s a bunch of different scenarios and ALL of it is super well-written and intricate! Honestly, it’s a must-read! 
  • unabashed debauchery - The scent of Komaeda’s soap clinging to his skin and the green jacket hanging off his shoulders might as well be an advertisement to the world: “I’m banging Nagito Komaeda”. What can I say? It’s super high-quality komahina smut. And you’ll love every word.

EDIT: Fics that have been crossed out are no longer on AO3. A few more fics have been added as well.


When Seungri and S/O Are Too Stubborn to Apologize After a Fight

(omg I know this took forever I’m sorry lmao)


it’s still kaworu’s birthday i’m not too late!!

i’m not good with character deconstructions or whatever and i had to rush this in order to make it on time for this angel’s birthday but my idea was along the lines of kaworu making his own choices since being with seele, the idea that “kaworu” does not matter (’merely a tool for instrumentality’) is repeatedly engraved in his mind and maybe he thinks about it though kaworu seems pretty cool most of the time! but with shinji, he probably truly felt/feels love for being who he is!! idk! something like that but anyway!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAWORU!!

SUPER BELATED GIFT FOR MANDY (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ ♡♡♡ i hope you like it lots bb <333333

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If you could have designed DA2, what would you have done? Like, complete power over storyline, character-development, etc.?

Oh man, that’s kind of a huge question haha. I’m gonna put some limits though, because otherwise it’d literally be ‘design the sequel to Origins completely from scratch!’ which is kind of terrifying XD But let’s say the big stuff remained the same (the Expedition, the Qunari, Anders doing the thing), and basically give you a list of things in no particular order I would’ve liked to see:

  • More dialogue/scenes with companions. More like DA:I in volume, but with the same sort level of ‘personal warmth’ you get in DA2 (I personally found the relationships in DA:I to be a bit lacking in that department, though the volume of interactions was much better)
  • No rivalmances, or at least ones that don’t make everyone uncomfortable
  • Also work on the flirt timing a bit for everyone. And make it so Anders will mention Karl to a female Hawke because that’s so out of character it hurts. The dude literally just said he was an abomination (in his mind). You think he’s gonna shy away from saying he’s bi? Also make it so that conversation with a male Hawke isn’t presented as a giant, flashing ‘I’M QUEER’ sign. Basically re-time that entire conversation, and de-gender it. That whole bit is so important to his character but it wasn’t done properly in either case, imo
  • Being able to give Anders a cat. Or a fancy quill. Or a new blanket. Literally anything but that amulet, really, as his gift
  • ANDERS SHOULD APPEAR WITH HIS HAIR DOWN AT LEAST ONCE and if Hawke is romancing him there should be a ‘run fingers through it’ button
  • Also options to hear Anders’ manifesto in the friendship. And to help him write it. And actually support him after he blows up the Chantry
  • Also I think that in a very specific case, Anders will actually confess his plans to Hawke. But only if the following criteria are all met: Hawke is 100% friend, romancing him, and has literally never picked a single anti-mage option in dialogue/quests/whatever during the entire game, whether or not he’s in the party. Basically if they’ve proven they really will support him. He’ll still be evasive, but he’ll eventually confide in them
  • A Justice that wasn’t literally reduced to a poor allegory for mental illness
  • Also option to actually talk to Justice if you bring him into the Fade. Or at some other point. JUST ACTUALLY BEING ABLE TO TALK TO HIM OKAY
  • There should also be a ‘hug’ button for every single one the companions. They deserve it
  • Especially one to hug Anders during Legacy. He needs so many hugs okay. So. Many. No amount will ever satisfy me
  • More importance placed on class and specialization in story (like Anders and Fenris should be miffed if Hawke is a blood mage, among others)
  • Mage Hawke not being somehow free of what that means (i.e. no cutting of the ‘pursued by Templars’ quest)
  • DLC companion that is actually pro-mage (either instead of Sebastian, or as an entirely seperate DLC) to even the balance a bit
  • Also allow options to get the companions to understand each other better because it’s kind of weird to me that even after 6 years of running about together, so many banters in Act 3 are rather confrontational. I don’t expect everyone to be all ‘best friends 4 lyfe’ but still. Some mutual respect/understanding should begin to happen. YOU IDIOTS ALL HAVE SO MUCH COMMON GROUND FIGURE IT OUT ALREADY
  • Ability to get involved in banters like in DA:I. So when one starts talking shit to another one, you can get involved with that
  • Not hiding half of the important stuff about the Circle/Chantry in ambient dialogue
  • Give us a way to actually give money to half of the poor in Kirkwall. Hawke has more than enough to give
  • Citadel-style DLC to hang out with the crew more (lbr I want a Citadel-style DLC for every Bioware game ever)
  • Some actual interaction with any surviving sibling later in game, regardless of faction. Sure, they’re not going to be hanging around the whole game, but they could have some quests of their own
  • A way to find out Meredith’s history while still being pro-mage. It’s actually really important

Uhhh I’m sure I’m missing some?? But that a not so short list at least of what I, personally, would have liked to have seen in DA2. I mean, I love it, but we all know it’s not a perfect game. I know there’s more improvements I could make, but that covers a lot of it.

Betrayal // Draco x Reader (Part Five)

Feel free to send requests HERE

(a/n: ayyy blaise is in this chapter and i made him gay cuz i feel like this fic is way too hetero tbh!!! also its fairly long but there’s smut as well so ya’ll better appreciate (i get really bored when writing smut lmao) sorry it took forever but it was longggg and i had exams)

Warnings: swearing, sex sex sEX

Word Count: 4.6k

Part Four

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lyssa’s long overdue follow 4ever

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