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【Josuhan in JoJoLand: Where OTPs Come True
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Josuke: *flirty*
Rohan: ?

Josuke: *Tries for a kiss*
Rohan: But I refuse! 

Happily Ever After (Jonathan Groff x Reader)

hey so I know groffsauce is gay and all but I sorta made him bi so that this can be more gender neutral reader insert ya know hope I don’t offend anyone


I looked up other groffsauce reader inserts to get a feel for what he’s like cause I don’t really know him that well and there’s a serious lack of them lol hope this helps out

Request: Hey! Uh, I’m kinda in love with Groffsauce, so could write lots of this: Angst–>fluff! WITH kinda the reader being uber jealous that Groffsauce is flirting and ends up madly confessing. Thanks, and I absolutely love your blog!-Chai

Summary: Jonathan and Reader decided to spend their day off together, but Jonathan tends to focus on everyone else rather than the Reader.

Warnings: Reader is slightly bitter, jealously, few swears

“Did you find everything alright today?“

“Yes we did! Thank you, darling,” Jonathan replied to the girl behind the checkout counter, much to your displeasure.

Today Jonathan had a day off and he had promised to spend it with you, his bestfriend. The plan was to go on a shopping spree at the mall, Jonathan reassuring you he’d pay for it all. You were beyond excited to spend the day with him, your secret crush, but that excitement soon turned to annoyance as he began flirting with just about everyone you came in contact with.

“That’ll be $45.64,” the cashier said after scanning the jacket Jonathan insisted on buying after seeing your eyes linger on it.

He pulled out a fifty from his wallet and handed it to her. He said, “Keep the change.“

“Thank you, sir. Have a nice day,” she said, handing him the shopping bag with a big smile and a slight blush on her face.

“You too,” he said with a wink before he exited the store, you trailing like a lost puppy behind him. You knew he had the right to flirt with whoever he so pleased, considering the fact that he wasn’t in a relationship with you or anyone else. But it seemed reasonable enough to believe that he should focus more of his attention on you during your day together, right?

“You hungry?” Jonathan asked you, snapping you out of your slightly bitter thoughts and back to reality.

“Starving,” you told him before suggesting, “Food court?”

“Food court,” he agreed, taking your hand in his as you walked through the mall. You smiled at the contact, glad that his attention was finally back on you. Unfortunately, it didn’t last very long.

“He really seemed to like you,” you remarked as you walked away from the restaurant booth. 

“No kidding,” Jonathan said, showing you where the cashier had scribbled down his number. You internally groaned as the two of you sat down at an empty table. The employee had gotten on your nerves as you ordered your food, or at least attempted to order your food. It was a bit hard when his complete attention was focused on Jonathan.

Curiously you asked, “Are you gonna text him later?”

“I don’t know, should I?” he asked, taking a bite of his food afterwards.

“Do whatever the hell you want,” you responded, then taking a bite of your own food as well.

Jonathan raised a brow at your sudden change in tone and asked, “You okay?”

“Yeah, um, actually.. can you take me home once we’re done eating? I’m not feeling too good,” you asked him, entirely fed up with being pushed to the side.

He appeared surprised by your request, but still agreed, “Yeah sure, if that’s what you want.”

“Thanks Jonny,” you said, continuing to eat your food.

“What’s the matter?” Jonathan asked, concerned for you.

You sighed, “It’s nothing.”

“You know you can tell me anything, right?” he reassured you.

With a slight smile you told him, “I know.”

Less than an hour later, Jonathan pulled up into your apartment complex. He parked in a designated visitor’s spot, then turned to you, “You sure you’re alright?”

“Fine,” you said, smiling at him. He returned the smile before being interrupted by his phone going off. Both of you glanced at his screen resting in the cup holder. You read the name of who sent the text and asked, “Who’s Zach?”

Jonathan picked up his phone and typed out a reply as he answered your question, “The guy from the food court.”

“You actually texted him?” you asked astounded.

Jonathan was very nonchalant with his response, “Yeah, I figured why not?”

“Right,” you scoffed. You unbuckled your seat belt and opened the car door. With a mumbled goodbye to Jonathan, you shut the door behind you and started heading towards your apartment.

You heard a car door shut, followed by a few beeps that signaled it had locked and Jonathan shouting, “Hey! Y/N! Wait up!”

Despite his pleas, you kept walking without daring to look back at him. You reached the door to your apartment and pulled out your keys, finding it a bit hard to work with them as you tried to hurry. Jonathan caught up to you as you frustratingly fumbled with your keys, placing a hand over yours in an attempt to steady them as he asked, “Woah, hey, what’s the matter?”

“What’s the matter!?” you shouted back, yanking your hands away from his. “How about the fact that someone who’s supposed to be my best friend has been ignoring me practically all day? The fact that you clearly would much rather be off flirting with some pretty girl or some cute guy instead of spending time with me?”

“Y/N, it’s not like that. I–”

You continued your rant, “And to make matters worse, I’m the complete idiot who just had to go and develop feelings for my best friend! Silly me for thinking there was even the slightest chance you’d actually feel the same way.“

“Y/N listen–”

“But of course you don’t feel the same way! That type of cliché romance bullshit only happens in the movie, doesn’t it? There’s no Happily Ever After’s after all, is there? Just–” you were cut off by Jonathan spontaneously placing his lips on yours, silencing you. You nearly kissed back, but opted to instead push him back and ask, “What the hell was that?”

“If you would have let me speak,” Jonathan calmly spoke, “I was trying to tell you that you’ve got it all wrong.”


He took a step towards you and took ahold of both your hands. He said, “There’s nothing I would rather do then spend time with you. And you’re not the only idiot here, alright? I’ve fallen for my best friend too.”

“Really?” you asked, not even trying to fight the smile that grew on your face.

“Really,” Jonathan confirmed, leaning in to close any space between the two of you. Your lips met and this time you were more than happy to kiss him back, knowing that your feelings were mutal.

You two soon parted, both smiling and blushing like crazy. You commented, “So maybe Happily Ever After’s do exist then.”

Jonathan held you close and said, “For us? Without a doubt.”

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I love your writing and have been admiring it for a very long time, I was wondering you could write a sterek AU with the prompt: "we casually hook up at parties sometimes but this time you got so drunk you couldn’t make it all the way back to your dorm so i let you crash in my room because it was closer and it turns out you’re really cute when you wake up in the morning, fuck" Im not even kidding I need this like air

The first time it happens, the music’s too loud for Derek to hear much. All he knows is that Stiles (Derek had to ask him to repeat his name, twice), was wearing extremely tight, extremely flattering jeans, and he spent the entire evening looking at Derek. Their eyes would meet and he’d smirk, take a sip of his beer, look away, make Derek want him to cast another glance his way. 

So, he’d done what he did best, and hovered in the corner, nodding along to whatever anecdote Erica was shouting in his ear, and kept one eye on Stiles. Eventually, when Erica abandoned him to start up a slow grind with Boyd in the living room, Stiles had sauntered over. 

“Your girlfriend looks like she’s having fun.”

Derek had snorted, shaken his head, “Not my girlfriend.”

“Huh,” Stiles had held his eye, the twitch of a smile on his lips, “So, you’re single and ready to mingle?”

“Not exactly.”


“I’m not a fan of mingling.”

“Single, but a hermit?”

“Pretty much.”

Stiles had given him a purposeful once over, drained the last of his beer, “You feel like comin’ out of your shell for the night?”

Derek laughed, “Do lines like that ever work?”

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I Still Choose You || Klaus & Rebekah {devilishbrat}

A rough ninety years had lapsed since the Hybrid had last breached footing upon the infamous city so-named as ‘windy’, enduring those years, he had done so without Rebekah – his sister of centuries.  The sister of whom in face of all infliction and brutish betrayal, acquried affirmed stance beside him, both in mind and in body. The sister who had forsaken him. And out of consequence a disposition of forlornness had invoked, he’d delivered the impulsive act of neutralisation Klaus had practised upon two of their brothers centuries prior. However, the punishment daggering by cause of his own hand orchestrated over those its target struck, in specific regards to Finn and Kol, had induced majority displeasure towards said targets.

Yet, Rebekah’s fate bore the brunt concerning sheer surety of a loneliness confirmed to be fault of no soul but his. Nonetheless, his everlasting pursuit of triggering the gene innate within, and what he believed to be his prerogative in initiating, he had fuelled focus upon in hope of utter gratification. Now the task had seen completion, the by product that unleashing his true form resulted in drew a single goal only: the goal of producing more of his kind – an army whose sole purpose was unshakeable, unadulterated loyalty towards him.  A devotion his family alone failed to achieve. Though now, even promise of an assured adherence could amount to no mass proportion of joy in comparison to the allegiance the woman below him obtained long ago. 

Peering southward, he trolled his gaze over his sleeping sister. Reaching towards her, centre, he retrieved the dagger with fluid ease, sliding the weapon into his jean pocket, his eyes transfixed in secret hope. caressing the cushion of his thumb against her dry, age-worn facial composite, he smiled. 

“Time to wake up, little Sister; I’ve missed you.”