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drew the right now kapow crew because, well…. absurdist humor? object heads? an underappreciated show that only has like five pieces of fanart to its name??? and not one, but three female comedic leads???? i was basically LEGALLY REQUIRED to draw them at some point and here they are

Older brother Namjoon + rest of BTS scolds you PT.14 END

BTS x Reader

Genre: Angst

Namjoon’s Sister AU

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Y/N’s p.o.v

I was waiting patiently for their arrival, I was early. I never liked being late, I hated the thought of making others wait for me, so I stood there waiting. Half an hour passed and I was still waiting. They’re only five minutes late I thought to myself, maybe coming so early wasn’t the best idea.

I was startled when I felt someone give me a back hug. I was ready to start swinging my arms until I heard familiar voices. The person who was hugging me had let go, and turned me to face them.

“Princess, how are you? It’s been a while.” Jin had his hands on my shoulders staring right at me, I felt a little flustered but I managed to smile.

“I’m good, how have you been?”

“I’ve been good too.” He said and ruffled my hair.

“Y/N.” I saw Joonie have his arms out wide open. I hesitated at first but gave him a hug anyway. This was nice, I missed it.

I pulled away and looked at everyone, I didn’t know how to face Hoseok or Jimin. I didn’t know how they felt about me still and it did make me feel slightly uncomfortable. Neither of them smiled at me, or even greeted me so I take it that they’re still mad. Jimin was my best friend, and it hurt knowing that I’ve lost him because of my stupidity. I understand why they may not like me anymore so I suppose I’ll just have to move on and pretend nothing ever happened.

“Let’s get going!” Yoongi piped up and we headed towards the entrance. I walked behind them still feeling some sort of awkward aura between us all, but Taehyung held back and waited for me.

“Y/N…” He called my name softly whilst walking and not turning to look at me.


“I’m sorry.” He turned to look at me but I shook my head.

“Why are you sorry?”

“Because I betrayed you, I never should have told them to come and I’m sorry because you’ve probably lost all trust and faith in me.” He looked guilty, and I admit that at first I was mad but how could I stay angry at him when he never meant any harm?

“It’s okay Tae, I’m not mad at you. Actually I’m thankful to have you in my life, you didn’t betray me. You only did what you thought was best but I was too stubborn and childish to see that, so for that I’m sorry. You’ve only ever done what you could to help me and I pushed you away.” I admitted.

“No don’t be, how about we just call it even?” He said and stopped, causing me to stop beside him. I nodded and he pulled me into a hug. 

“Hurry up!” Joonie complained and we pulled away and rushed towards them again. I was about to walk off when Jin stopped me.

“Are you really okay?” I nodded, reassuring him. But was I really? My best friend hates me, Hoseok doesn’t seem to want to be here, I just wanted to make everyone happy. “So why do you look so conflicted?”

“Does Hoseok and Jimin hate me?” I questioned bluntly. 

“What makes you think that?” 

“I’m just getting this vibe off of them. But it’s okay if they do, I completely get it, this was all my fault anyway so if they do then I understand.” I was hurt, but I didn’t want to show it. I don’t want to continue being that same old weak Y/N who acts like a child and needs to grab attention from everyone. If they don’t like me anymore then I’m just going to leave it.

Jimin’s p.o.v

I overheard her conversation with Jin hyung. Idiot. I don’t hate you, I’m just embarrassed and too stubborn to admit that I was wrong. Too afraid to apologise for being a shitty best friend. How could I even claim that title after what I had put her through. Knowing her, she believes that all this was her fault, but it wasn’t. We all played a part in hurting her, I was someone she trusted but I took advantage of that, I ruined the friendship we had once I had messaged back in the group chat. I should have never said those things, but I did. 

We walked around and had food, I still wasn’t speaking to her. She looked like she was having fun, especially with Taehyung. Did she replace me with him? Not like I can stop her from doing so, but I was jealous. I shoulder barged into Taehyung, who was standing next to Y/N. I continued walking ahead until I heard.

“Oh my gosh, Y/N are you okay? I’m so sorry.” I spun around and saw that Y/N was now on the floor with a scratch on her leg. The force of me walking into him must have caused a domino effect that knocked Y/N over. Now I felt even guiltier, I rushed over to her side as did everyone else.

“Are you okay?” I questioned, she looked at me with tears welling up in her eyes but nodded shyly and looked away.

“Ya, why did you walk into Taehyung like that Jimin?” Hoseok hyung glared at me. “Yeah I saw everything.” 

“It’s okay I’m fine don’t worry about it.” She smiled at us and got up. 

“Small, lets go get you cleaned up.” Namjoon glared at me whilst walking past holding a limping Y/N by his side.

“What the hell is wrong with you hyung?” Jungkook questioned me. “And you Hoseok hyung, why are they two of you so bitter? Can’t you see how hard Y/N is trying? Can’t you see how much she’s hurting? And I don’t mean physically, but emotionally.

“What did I do?” Hoseok complained.

“Exactly, you didn’t do anything Hoseok. You arrived and hadn’t said a single word to her.” Yoongi confirmed.

“She asked me if you two hated her.” Jin confessed.

“What? No I don’t, I’m just guilty for being so mean so I don’t know how to be around her.”

“She’s trying to push it aside and pretend that nothing happened, she’s trying but the two of you aren’t doing anything to help her and Jimin hyung, why would you knock into Taehyung like that?”

“You’re jealous because we’re close aren’t you?” Taehyung interjected.

“She was my best friend, but now you come along, I don’t even know how to apologise to her and you’re making it more difficult for me.” I said in such a bitter tone, I’m sure everyone realised that I was just jealous.

“You don’t know how much she misses you Jimin, and Hoseok hyung you have no idea how bad she feels for lashing out on you. Just have some decency and apologise for a change and stop making her feel like she’s in hell because the both of you are incapable of saying a simple sorry.”

“She misses me?” 

“Isn’t it obvious? She keeps stealing glances at you and after realising you don’t even care enough to look at her face just drops.” Jungkook said whilst rolling his eyes. 

It was silent between us all until Y/N came back, smiling.

“Are you okay?” Hoseok hyung asked her, which took her by surprise because her eyes widened. 

“Yeah, I’m definitely much better now.” Her smile was so genuine, you could tell that she was sincerely happy that Hoseok acknowledged her.

“I’m sorry Y/N.” I apologised.

“Oh no, it’s not your fault I’m just really clumsy I mean I must take it after my brother, I can’t even stand properly.” Namjoon hyung flicked her on the head.

“Not just that, I’m sorry for everything.” She looked like she wanted to cry, but instead she just wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me.

“It’s okay, I just want my best friend back.” I nodded and hugged her back.

Namjoon’s p.o.v

After a few hours, we parted our ways. Y/N and I headed out to grab dinner whilst everyone else went home. Although we practically spent the whole day together, we barely even spoke because of the guys. 

“How have you been small?” I say whilst looking up from the menu.

“Pretty good I guess, how about you?” 

“Same, just busy I guess.”

“You don’t have to have dinner with me if you’re busy you know, I mean you’ve already spent the whole day with me and that’s honestly more than enough.” She looked guilty, how and why does she look guilty for asking to spend time with me? Her brother.

“I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Right, I’m sorry.”

“Why do I still feel so distant from you?” I asked her. 

“I - I don’t know, I’m sorry.” 

Y/N’s p.o.v

I felt like I wanted to cry. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I don’t know how to act in front of Joonie. I don’t want to do anything that will make him mad at me. 

“Why do I still feel so distant from you?” he asked me, that’s something I never wanted to hear, because it’s not what I want and if that’s what he’s saying then it’s my fault he feels this way.

“I - I don’t know, I’m sorry.”

“Will you stop apologising? You’re not doing anything wrong. What happened to you?”

“Nothing happened to me.” 

“Then why can’t you be comfortable like you were before? Like the old times? Why have you changed so much? It’s making me feel awkward and uncomfortable.”

“I, I guess I’m afraid of doing something that you don’t like that will aggravate you. I don’t want to do something that you don’t like. I want to be that good younger sister that you loved before, but I didn’t know that it was making you feel uncomfortable.”

“Why does what I like matter so much? What about the things that you like?”

Namjoon’s p.o.v

“Last time I did something like that, this huge mess happened. I don’t want that again.” She said so quietly I could barely hear her.

“This is because of me?”

“I’m not blaming you oppa, it was my fault. I should have been more careful, I should have looked out for you more and I shouldn’t have done those things that could damage your career. You’ve worked so hard for it, I can’t be the one to ruin it for you.”

“How do you think that makes me feel? I feel like I’m ruining your life because of what may or may not even happen.”

“You’re not, it’s what I chose to do.” 

“But why?”

“You’re my big brother Joonie, I don’t want to let you down. I promised that I won’t let you down but I already broke that promise so I really have to set myself straight. It’s what I’ve always done for you so I’m sorry that I messed up that one time, I won’t let it happen again, I don’t know what came over me because I never got myself into that kind of trouble before but I promise I’ll go back to how it was before.” 

“But you’re not happy.” 

“If you and the boys are happy, then I’m happy too.” she smiled at me, so genuinely. How was she so selfless? How have I never noticed? All I thought about was myself the past few years that I had no idea she was hurting.

After all this time, I’ve finally come to realise, my image, the scolding. Non of it was worth it. All this time Y/N did everything she could to protect my image like she had promised to. But when she slipped up that one time to be a normal teenage girl, we scolded her, we hurt her. I finally realised how hard it must have been for her to neglect a fun life, where she could do whatever she wanted. She was never able to be herself because she didn’t want it to affect us. She put us before herself and we selfishly put ourselves before her, or more like I put myself before her. Is our image really that important if it made those around us miserable? All this time she was looking out for us, for me. But I never did the same for her. 

END!!! thanks for reading!! 

Jung Sewoon Enemies to Lovers Scenario!

I’ve sort of morphed together two anon requests to create my first Sewoon scenario, enjoy! (You + Jung Sewoon)

  • You and Sewoon were both music majors in college at a competitive music college that accepted very few students
  • You were majoring in piano performance, Sewoon was majoring in music composition
  • Sewoon was your senior at the school, and he was relatively famous at the school for being in a band and composing songs for others at the school and artists
  • In the band, he played guitar and sang, making him the “face” of the group, leading to widespread popularity
  • Because of this, you already knew exactly who he was before even getting accepted to the school
  • However, you (and pretty much everyone else) didn’t have any actual information on his personality outside of his music skills and band persona
  • He was relatively quiet in the classroom, only seen talking with his best friends Jaehwan, Youngmin, and Donghyun
  • (Sewoon and Jaehwan were actually caught wildly giggling together in class once, a rumor that had spread around the school earlier that year)
  • Basically anything that Sewoon did was talked about, but he didn’t really do anything about the attention
  •  You had gone through your freshman year without many problems, it was a pretty normal year
  • So when you returned to school for sophomore year, the last thing you expected was to find that your dorm room assignment was right across the hall from Sewoon and Jaehwan
  • Like you open your door and bAM thats their room ! ! 
  • You were pretty nervous at first about this situation, because lets be real who wouldn’t be… the two were practically celebrities at the school (Jaehwan was highly regarded by the students because of his stellar performance on a singing variety show)
  • It was really cool at first, being so close to Sewoon and Jaehwan on a daily basis, even though you never talked to them lol (I mean, they were practically celebrities at this point)
  • You would always greet them politely, though, at least at the beginning of the school year
  • But that got old FAST
  • The long nights of singing and guitar strumming quickly turned from interesting to heLLISH
  • Like how are you supposed to sleep if the two decide to sing the Jurassic Park theme on repeat at 3 in the morning
  • Soon, you were absolutely tired of the both of them (physically and mentally), and after holding back for weeks, you finally ended up bursting one night when they just wouldn’t stop singing: this time it was Sewoon doing impressions and Jaehwan maniacally laughing in response
  • So in a matter of seconds, you immediately switched from being some harmless neighbor to psYCHO BITCH and gave the two roommates a piece of your mind
  • It really was a frightening sight: you screaming at the top of your lungs in a ginormous t-shirt, your hair going every which way, a consequence of rolling around in bed for hours
  • Jaehwan immediately apologized, but you didn’t hear Sewoon mutter under his breath “this is a music school, what do you expect”
  • (good thing you didn’t hear that, or who knows what would have happened)
  • Anyway you thought it would be all fine and dandy after that, as you headed into your room, but as you closed your door you heard Jaehwan being the idiot he is, claiming that your hair looked like Chewbacca if he “walked straight into a hurricane”
  • You whipped the door back open to scream some more, only to come face to face with Sehwan’s closed door
  • You sighed and gave up, climbing up to your bed to attempt to save the last hours of sleep you had left
  • The next morning, before heading to classes, you met Sewoon in the hall outside your door coincidentally
  • Not the best timing; you were still pissed at the whole Chewbacca thing
  • “Ah, (Y/N), good morning… I see you’ve… improved your hairstyle”, he greeted you, unable to hold back a mischievous smile at his own “joke”
  • It was the first time he had ever called you by your name, but you weren’t starstruck at all; if anything this comment worsened your mood
  • You didn’t have it in you to respond, and just blankly stared at him before walking away
  • Your anger subsided throughout the day, but when you returned back to your dorm in the evening, you were greeted with the undeniably pleasant but to you, angering sounds of a strumming guitar and a quiet voice
  • You dumped your backpack in your room and immediately walked over to Sehwan’s room, banging on the door
  • “It hasn’t even been one day, can y’all just stop fucking playing for one second??” you screamed at the closed door, once again looking like a crazy person
  • “Or can you just go play in a practice room or a common room or literally anywhere el–” you continued, your rant suddenly coming to a stop when the door opened, revealing a calm-looking Sewoon, his soft eyes meeting your gaze
  • You were taken aback: based on looks alone, he really could be a rockstar or a boyband member or a solo artist or a CEO or a male model the possibilities are endless
  • Just like that, your anger was drifting away (Sewoon is Powerful), and it took all your might to keep a stern face
  • But that didn’t last long, when Sewoon finally spoke
  • “(Y/N). You realize this is a music school, right? Am I not allowed to practice in my room? This is for my career as well. Think about that,” he calmly said, closing the door
  • You were unable to respond to that, but still angry: just because it’s a music school doesn’t mean they have to play at night every day… right?
  • Your mind ran wild with insults and angry justifications for his behavior: He really let the “fame” get to his head, didn’t he. His band’s songs are lame anyways, whatever… 
  • But for the next month or so, your sleep was interrupted every day in the wee hours of the morning, after a few quiet hours from 10pm to then
  • Jaehwan and Sewoon thought you would be asleep by then, and resumed their practicing/singing/screaming
  • At first, you would confront the two every day, but after seeing absolutely no change (“we thought you were asleep sorry”), you just bought a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, which seemed to do the job (despite how uncomfortable it was sleeping with them on)
  • Other than those few meetings, you never met with Sewoon – the two of you just mutually and individually decided that talking with the other would not result in anything good
  • Jaehwan seemed politer though, and you always met him with a smile
  • But one night at the end of the first semester, you were surprised to hear a knock on your door – a switch from the times when you always used to bang on Sehwan’s door
  • You were getting ready to sleep, and opened your door… who was disturbing your nighttime routine?
  • It was Sewoon, looking like he hadn’t slept in days, looking like a crazy musician, and your expression immediately turned unpleasant
  • You were prepared to argue with him about whatever he had to say but fighting was apparently the last thing on his mind
  • “(Y/N), Jaehwan’s not here and I really need someone to run this piano verse by for an assignment due tomorrow; I need to experiment with the guitar while I hear it in the background, can you please help me I really urgently need this or I wouldn’t be asking” he rambled, some of his words completely incoherent
  • And how could you be angry at that? For the first time he looked not like this star of the school but instead like a normal college sleep-deprived kid, and you had to admit that was adorable
  • “Yeah, sure, let’s make it quick though,” you said, as he lead you into his room
  • “Sorry about the mess, I’ve kind of been busy lately,” Sewoon muttered as the two of you stepped around his strewn-about clothes and cans of energy drinks
  • You sat at the piano, where Sewoon set a piece of handwritten sheet music on its stand
  • Sewoon grabbed his guitar and sat on the bench, right next to you, your knees meeting under the piano
  • “Sorry about that (Y/N), I’d like to see the music as well,”
  • “It… it’s fine,” you mumbled, the words tumbling out of your mouth as a blush coated your cheeks: the position you two were in was… innocent but intimate
  • “Okay, you can start now,” Sewoon’s soft voice snapping you out of your daze
  • You began to sightread the music, and Sewoon’s guitar jumped out with random notes and chords, melting the sounds of both into a beautiful mixture that satisfied your ears
  • “Oh (Y/N), stop there hold on one second,” Sewoon breathed, grabbing a nearby pen and paper before he started furiously writing notes and rhythms
  • You were shocked at the sight: he really was a true musician, a genius even, and you didn’t understand the amount of effort he put into his songwriting until now
  • He asked you to play again suddenly, and he would pluck out the tune again in perfect harmony
  • At times he made you play a part over and over again before deciding if it was good enough, shocking you with how caring he was about a single measure, a perfectionist indeed
  • This pattern kept on going for hours: Sewoon asking you to play and then telling you to stop when inspiration hit him
  • Time flew by, and you had no idea how much fun you were having – sometimes you added in your own little flairs to the piece, causing Sewoon to add the bits he liked into the music permanently
  • Despite how much you two had despised one another, you made a good team 
  • Sometimes your arms would bang on one another’s while playing, causing the both of you to laugh when wrong notes were hit as a result
  • You really felt yourself enjoying the time you spent with him: as a performer, you practiced a lot, but you had never experienced how much creativity it took to write music
  • He wasn’t just this incredibly beautiful and popular guy: he was talented and hardworking as well, and you felt the respect for him welling up inside of you
  • In the middle of the morning, Sewoon was finally finished with his writing
  • “Thanks so much for your help (Y/N), I would’ve been up all night if it weren’t for you… it’s so much more time efficient when I don’t have to play both parts,”
  • “It’s no problem,” you mumbled back, glancing shyly at Sewoon in response
  • You two stared at each other for a moment, still right next to each other on the bench, before Sewoon’s gaze snapped away and broke the silence
  • “It’s already 2, you should get back to your room,”
  • What?? 2??? Already?? I haven’t even been here that long, you thought, before checking your phone and gasping in shock, making Sewoon laugh
  • You had given up your precious sleep to be with him, and for some reason you weren’t mad at all about that
  • You stood up, ready to leave, but the thoughts you’d been having escaped your mind and out your mouth
  • “That was actually kinda fun, sorry I stayed so late… if you need help in the future just let me know,” you said, immediately getting embarrassed at your own words
  • Sewoon hit you with that charming smile, replying that “it was fun, nighttime is actually when I write best, so this isn’t late for me, no worries”
  • “Oh that’s why you–” you began, realizing that all those noises at the middle of the night were literally Sewoon composing like he had been today
  • You felt like an asshole and quickly bid him goodnight before escaping his room and jumping on your bed to attempt to sleep
  • But even though it was the middle of the night, much past your bedtime, you couldn’t seem to stop your mind from racing and your heart from beating about what had just happened
  • From then on, instead of meeting Sewoon with a glare or ignoring him completely when you saw him, you would subconsciously sneak glances at him or smile or blush and get all fluffy inside
  • You two would actually talk sometimes now, making Jaehwan completely confused on what changed the relationship between the two of you so dramatically
  • You suddenly didn’t mind the nighttime music sessions, and you actually found yourself falling asleep to the sounds of Sewoon and Jaehwan’s voices singing together
  • You weren’t sure if you two were friends now and didn’t know if you should approach him again or what
  • But about a week later, Sewoon approached you himself, thanking you for your help and letting you know that he had aced the assignment
  • You envied his being able to come talk to you like it was nothing (but little did you know that Sewoon had been looking for an excuse to talk to you again after that night
  • “Oh, I’m glad everything worked out, you really worked very hard on that”
  • “Thanks, I couldn’t have done it without your help, (Y/N),”
  • *cue awkward silence of twiddling fingers and stealing glances at one another
  • “Uh, so to repay you for that, if you want I can help you learn some guitar, it seemed like you were really interested that night,” Sewoon coughed out, nervously glancing at you (looking like a complete 180 (or 360 as ong would say) from his confidence-exuding stage presence)
  • “Oh, y-yeah sure that sounds fine, I mean I’d really like that,” you replied, this whole situation not making it any easier for you to focus
  • “Okay, Jaehwan won’t be here again tonight so just pop in when you’re free?”
  • “Sure, yeah, will do,” you replied, the both of you standing there for another second before waving goodbye and walking in different directions
  • For the rest of that day you couldn’t stop thinking about your meeting/lesson/date thing with Sewoon (what was it??) and zoomed back to your dorm after classes, stressing about what to wear and how you looked before giving up and settling for your normal sleep outfit
  • Don’t get ahead of yourself, (Y/N)
  • You had no idea how you had gone from hating this guy to now… whatever you felt about him, but either way you weren’t thinking about it
  • That evening, you knocked on Sewoon’s door, and he opened it for your eyes to be greeted with a completely cleaned room
  • “Wow, Sewoon, you clean up well,”
  • “I assume you mean the room, not me,” Sewoon laughed back at you, as you finally looked at him, wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants lol
  • “You look really good too,” you let out accidentally, mentally kicking yourself as you caught Sewoon’s smile at your response, teasingly raising his eyebrows
  • The two of you walked into his room, Sewoon telling you to take a seat on his bed because that’d be the most comfortable place for you two to sit
  • He grabbed his guitar and sat next to you on the bed, immediately placing his guitar into your hands
  • “Uh, Sewoon, isn’t this your guitar,” you whispered nervously: it must be incredibly expensive, Sewoon was known for being extremely attached to and taking perfect care of his instruments
  • “It’s fine, (Y/N), I trust you, for now…” he replied, poking you
  • He started by teaching you the strings of the guitar and how to hold it, his fingers occasionally brushing yours, and his arm purposefully holding yours to demonstrate how to carry it
  • You felt his chest softly pressing against your shoulder and part of your back, and you thought that there was no way you would be focusing on the actual lesson
  • After that though, Sewoon let you play by yourself, you quickly picking up easy tunes like twinkle twinkle little star and hot cross buns (aw)
  • Your “lesson” thing lasted about an hour, and you actually started learning well – Sewoon was a great teacher
  • The lessons became a regular occurrence, happening most nights if not all, at the same time every day: Sewoon claimed that Jaehwan had an activity every night during that time anyway, so it’d be fine for you to come over
  • (what you didn’t know was Jaehwan was banished to a practice room or Youngmin/Donghyun’s room every night per instruction of Sewoon SLKDFJ LOL)
  • Sometimes your meetings would morph into a jam session, with you either playing like a n00b on the guitar or like a virtuoso on the piano, the both of you having a lot of fun together
  • One day Jaehwan got tired of having to wait forever to leave you two alone, and crashed your party, screaming “JUST DATE ALREADY WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO SUFFER FOR THIS”
  • “Wait, why are you suffering, Jaehwan,” you asked, unknowing of the situation
  • “SEWOON KEEPS KICKING ME OUT SO THAT HE CAN BE WITH YOU BECAUSE HE WON’T JUST TELL YOU ALREADY THAT HE–” Jaehwan exploded before Sewoon tackled him out of the room, slapping a hand over Jaehwan’s mouth, closing and hardlocking the door so that Jaehwan couldn’t even get in with his key LOL
  • “Sorry about that, (Y/N), I was going to tell you eventually but I guess he pretty much did the job for me,” Sewoon mumbled, sheepishly scratching the back of his neck
  • “I am honestly so confused right now, I barely could hear what was going on, Jaehwan honestly just seems psychotic,” you replied
  • “Oh, well…” Sewoon started, grasping one of your hands, “it’s pretty obvious but we’ve been spending a lot of time together and you’re a really good musician and really cute and I like you a lot,” Sewoon spewed out, as you stared in awe at his blushing face
  • He looks… adorable.
  • “UGH FINALLY!” Jaehwan screamed from outside the door (he must be listening lol), but the both of you ignored him (hah take that psycho)
  • “oh- oh? You do?” was all you managed to get out
  • “I mean, if you don’t like me that’s completely fine, I don’t have a problem with continuing to teach you guitar, I’ll just have to charge you now,” Sewoon laughed out, attempting at a joke as he let go of your hand
  • But instinctively you grabbed his hand with the both of yours
  • “No– no! That’s totally not it I mean I really like you too you’re practically a musical genius and you’re really nice to me even though I treated you like an asshole at first and–,” you awkwardly rambled, Sewoon cutting your words off by pulling you tightly into a hug
  • You expected him to say something, but all Sewoon was giggle like a fool and unlock the door for Jaehwan with one of his hands
  • “Hyung you can come in now,” letting Jaehwan fling open the door to find the two of you all cuddled up on one another
  • “EW I’M LEAVING THAT’S SO GROSS GET AWAY FROM ME” Jaehwan screamed, leaving the two of you alone again, laughing at whatever the hell just happened in the past 10 minutes
  • And that was that: you and Sewoon had somehow transformed from enemies to lovers
  • Lots of music dates, you willingly compromised your sleeping schedule to play music with Sewoon, sometimes writing your own
  • Guitar lessons continued, but… they became less innocent than before (I’ll let you decide what that should mean heh)
  • Nighttime karaoke was not unusual, and Jaehwan couldn’t resist participating
  • The two of you learned from one another, and brought different perspectives to writing and playing
  • You supported him at his concerts #1 fan lol and he always came to your piano performances 
  • so darn cuTe yay
  • Music truly does bring people together :’)))

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Bang! bangbangbang! BANG!

Castiel yelped and carefully extricated his cat’s claws from his thighs. “What the hell?” he grumbled. “I’m sorry, Miss Bennet,” he crooned, holding her close and scratching the softness behind her ears. “It’s okay, it’s okay.” She’d just begun to settle when the booming started again. Cue the claws.

“Dammit!” He put down his book and carried his cat to the linen closet in the hallway, placing her gently on her favorite shelf. She hid there whenever she was nervous, it was her safe space. She wasn’t happy, but she’d be okay there, in the dark.

I’ve got to take care of this, he thought, flinching as the fireworks continued. It’s 11:30 on a Wednesday night. And those are close.

Castiel pushed through the front door into the night, and, sure enough, the fireworks were being lit in the driveway across the street.

“Dean Winchester!” he yelled, stalking across the street. “Do you have any idea what time it is? You probably woke up half the neighborhood, not to mention scaring my cat out of two of her lives.”

The mechanic laughed. “Lighten up, Cas! We’re celebrating! My little brother passed the bar! He’s a lawyer now! And besides,” he added, grinning wickedly, “do you think your yelling did anything to keep the neighborhood quiet?” He winked.

Cas glared. I yell at him and he flirts with me! Typical..

“Sam passed the bar? That’s wonderful! But can’t you find a quieter way to celebrate?” Cas peered into the darkness. “And I don’t see Sam anywhere. Is he enjoying your celebration from inside the house?”

“Naw, Sammy’s with Jess.” Dean’s green eyes glinted with mischief. “The fireworks were for you. How else could I get you to come outside on a Wednesday night?”

Cas tried–and failed–to hold onto his glare. “Dean, I do have a phone,” he said reproachfully. “And you did scare my cat.”

“Where’s the fun in calling?” Dean winked again, and snaked his arm around Cas’s waist. “I am sorry about Miss Bennet, though,” he murmured into Cas’s hair. “I’ll bring her some bacon tomorrow to make up for it.”

“Sure,” Cas snorted, “and you can clean up the mess when she throws it up.”

“Please don’t be mad, Cas. I have a picnic set up on the deck. Come out back with me. We can make our own kind of fireworks.” Dean had both arms around Cas now, and was brushing tiny kisses along his jaw.

Cas relented, turning his face up to capture Dean’s lips with his own. “Alright,” he rasped, breaking away. “I like these fireworks.”

This is my first attempt at writing an au. It’s hard! But kind of fun, too. :)

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Teacher/single parent au or meeting in the E.R au for peraltiago obvs

Thanks for asking, anon!! I love these!! since we’re all in need of some peraltiago fluff this week, here ya go! 

15. Meeting in the ER AU

Dr. Amy Santiago (she’s only been able to officially use that title for six months and she’s damn proud of it) is running down the hallway, her dark ponytail swinging back and forth as her brand new white coat fans out behind her like a cape. She always thought being an ER doctor would be a bit like being a superhero, and she’s not wrong, she decides, thinking about the way she must look running through the hallway of Brooklyn Methodist Hospital – a scrubs-wearing, white-coat-caped superhero.

She’s shaken out of her reverie when she runs headlong into the glass door separating her from the ER, dropping the suture kits she had gone to fetch and losing her brand-new stethoscope. What can she say? She’s still a resident.

Furtively looking around to make sure no one noticed, Amy bends down to pick up her suture kits, dropped as her forehead hit a locked glass door at full speed. She catches a few of the older nurses tittering from the nurse’s station on the other side of the door, but she doesn’t take it personally – she remembers three days ago when those same nurses brought her coffee and a muffin during hour 13 of a particularly grueling shift.

Amy takes a deep breath, feeling her hair to make sure her ponytail is still in place and sighs, deciding it doesn’t matter anyway – she’s exhausted and she’s worked fifty hours this week and it’s only Wednesday, so this is as good as it’s gonna get. Instead, she straightens her shoulders and steels herself before taking a step back, tapping her ID against the sensor, and walking into what her new friend Rosa, a fellow emergency medicine resident, calls the “chaos-ridden-pit-of-hellfire”.

A wall of sound hits her instantly – screaming, crying, laughing, small talk, of all things, and the incessant beeping that has come to haunt her dreams on the rare occasions she actually sleeps. Despite her difficulty with hospital doors, Dr. Santiago navigates the ER like a pro, zeroing in on the patient she’s supposed to treat in an instant.

He’s probably about her age – in his mid-twenties – with disheveled hair and a sweaty red face. Red dirt covers his face and saturates his NYPD t-shirt and cargo shorts. She can see from here that gravel is stuck in his bloody knees, and that the long gash on his elbow, only partially covered by a makeshift bandage made out of someone’s tie, and the shorter cut on his right cheek are why she was told to get suture kits. His friend, a smaller man in his early thirties, looks distraught, with tear tracks staining his face. The patient, though, is laughing with the largest smile Amy’s ever seen and gently patting his friend’s back with his good arm.

She stops at the nurses’ station to grab his file before she walks over. The nurse on intake had already taken his basic medical history, which let her know that the man with a captivating smile and – unbelievably – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sneakers is named Jacob Peralta, age 29.

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The Ghost in Apartment 1403 pt10

Reader x Namjoon

Genre: Angst, supernatural, fluff, humor

Warnings: Mentions of death, dark themes, generally kind of sad at times.

Short summary;

Namjoon was a (relatively speaking) normal music producer moving up in the world–until he became a ghost. With no memory of what happened, and no idea what he’s doing still on earth, he haunts his old apartment–consequently bothering its new inhabitant (who also happens to be the only person who can see or hear him).

Part 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Credits: Loosely inspired by the movie “Just Like Heaven”

Soulmates. The word stuck in your head for the next two weeks, and you wondered if you should say anything to Namjoon. Maybe you should, it might lead you to finding answers as to why he was there. But you couldn’t, not yet. It would likely be one step closer to Namjoon disappearing for good, and that wasn’t something you were looking forward to. 

The more time you spent with Namjoon, the more it just felt right having him around. You might get on each others nerves sometimes, but the pros outweighed the cons by far. He was fun to be around, and didn’t mind talking for hours on end at night when you couldn’t sleep, or listening to your stories from work. Sometimes spending time with him would make your heart swell, and you’d get butterflies as like a highschooler. And there was something about the way Namjoon would blush or turn away quickly if you caught him looking at you that made you feel that it wasn’t one-sided. It was probably selfish of you to want him to stay, but that didn’t change the way you felt about it.

Surely it was impossible anyway though, there was no such thing as soulmates… Was there? You had to admit it made more sense than any other reason you could think of for you to be able to see Namjoon. 

You walked into your apartment, liking the fact that you didn’t come home the place being empty, dark, and quiet. Namjoon always had the TV on, and was usually making some kind of noise himself. Tonight, the noise came from the kitchen, and you followed your nose toward the awful smell of burned food.

“What on earth are you doing?” You laughed at the mess that Namjoon had made. There were pots everywhere, was food on the floor, and Namjoon was standing in the middle of it holding a pot–Or, he was until you set eyes on him. It clattered to the floor, spilling it’s contents everywhere.

“You could have given me some warning before you walked in.” Namjoon huffed. 

“Sorry.” You said, walking forward to clean up some of the mess. Luckily, the pot only had water in it so it wasn’t too bad to clean up. “But you didn’t answer my question; what are you doing?” 

“Cooking. Actually, I’m failing at cooking to be more exact.” Namjoon looked sadly around the kitchen. You walked past him to the pot that was simmering on the stove. 

“This looks good.” You said, though it was a bit of a stretch. It was some kind of soup, but the vegetables were chopped unevenly and parts of it looked burned.

“It was supposed to be vegetables to go with pasta.” Namjoon informed you, sounding slightly less disappointed with his food now. “But that didn’t work… So somehow it ended up turning into soup. I was going to stick with that, but it looks weird. So I decided to switch back to pasta and give up on the soup, and that’s when you walked in.”

“That still doesn’t explain why you’re cooking in the first place.” You pointed out, and as you glanced at Namjoon, he flickered in and out of sight. That was happening more often now, sometimes to the point that you couldn’t see or hear him for minutes at a time. 

“I’m fading.” Namjoon said, rubbing the back of his neck. You thought his cheeks might have turned slightly pink, but it was hard to tell. 

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Member: Jikook

Genre: Drabble

Jungkook’s heart felt like it would leap out of his chest, and he could feel the heat rising to his face.
Never in his life, had he been this nervous before.

Glancing down at the envelope in his hands, the boy had to admit that a love letter was a little bit cliche. But there was no way Kookie could confess to the boy in person, and just thinking about it sent another shade of red onto his cheeks.
Biting his lip and questioning his decision for the 54th time that day he gazed at the name on the locker in front of him with conflicting feelings

Just slip it in. No wait don’t, he’ll think it’s weird. Ah, but I promised myself I’d do it… But what if he never talks to me again, no no no, I would definitely die!

Back and forth he fought with himself, until finally, taking a deep breath, he slowly started sliding the scented letter through the slot. With only the tips of his fingers holding on, he paused, about to reach the point of no return.

He shook his head, deciding that it wasn’t worth the risk. No, rather just hide these feelings for now…or maybe just forever. With a sigh, Jungkook was about to pull the envelope out, when he heard the unmistakable sound of Jimin’s laughter.

All colour draining from him, Kookie nearly had a heart attack, panic infectiously spreading throughout his body.
Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, he’s coming this way!
Trying to yank the letter out, he lost his hold on it, and it fell-

Right into the locker.

Jungkook internally screamed, wildly flailing his hands in front of his face. Hearing the footsteps of the older boy draw near, he dived around the corner, pressing his back against the wall and tightly squeezing his eyes shut.

Don’t notice me, don’t notice me. Become a coatrack, oh please let me become a coatrack.

He could hear the lively chatter and friendly conversation being made, one of his friends cracking a joke as they all laughed at the funny remark.
And then he heard it.
The horrid sound of metal scraping against the steel frame, as Park Jimin, opened his locker.

“And I said, how was I supposed to-”


“Hey, what fell out of your locker Jimin?”

Jungkook prayed to the heavens that against everything, his crush might not open the letter. He pushed his whole body into the wall, wishing he could just dissapear into it.

Picking it up, Jimin looked at the letter, a look of surprise flitting across his features.
“It’s a love letter.”
His friends broke out into excited shouts, loudly exclaiming over the light blue envelope.

“Isn’t it a little old fashioned?”
“Jimin, you sly fox!”
“Open it, open it, open iiiiit!”

Jimin chuckled under his breath, a lopsided smile stretching out across his lips. The sound made Jungkook’s knees weak.
“Okay, okay calm down! I’ll open it.”

Kookie’s hands flew to his mouth, covering it as his eyes grew wider by the minute. As if it wasn’t bad enough that Jimin was going to find out, all of his friends were going to know as well. How would he ever show his face at school again? He should just move to Mexico now before all the flights are booked.

Dear Jimin,
I know this is probably very sudden, but I’ve liked you for a long time now.

More excited shouting from the group as Jimin read, and Kookie could feel his spirit physically leaving his body. 

I’m too shy to say it in person, and I hope you’ll accept this letter instead.

“So she’s the shy type,” one of the boys remarked, Jimin grinning from ear to ear.

“Keep reading, keep reading!”

Oh no. This was it. The part where Kookie confessed all his unrequited, mushy feelings and revealed it was him who had written the letter. 
He could just run out and claim it was all a prank. Or just eat the letter before Jimin had the chance to read it. Wait, was Mexico still an option?

I get nervous from just saying hello, and whenever you smile I forget how to breathe. Even though I’m so awkward, you always patiently listen to what I have to say, and never rush me when I stutter. I know I’m bad with conveying how I feel but…

Jimin trailed off, his eyes scanning the letter as realization set in. Hearing the silence Kookie held his breath. Was it gross?
Being confessed to by a guy?

“Why’d you stop? What’s it say!?”

“Sorry guys…I um, don’t think I can read this after all.”

There it was. He was probably disgusted, maybe even shocked too. Even so, he didn’t reveal Jungkook’s identity. Damn it, why did he have to be so nice. His niceness is what got him into this mess in the first place!

“It’s…kind of personal.”

“Look at him, he’s blushing!”
“Geez, leaving us hanging like that. It was just at the good paaaart~”

Jimin smiled apologetically at his friends. “Sorry sorry. Go on without me, I’ll catch up with you okay?”

“Fine, but you better tell us about it later.”
“See yah round Casanova!”

Kookie heard the lively group - still gossiping about the letter - leave the room (luckily through the other exit). Jimin slumped against the lockers, and Kookie heard him sigh.
Was his letter causing trouble for the older boy?

“What the hell…” the orange haired boy murmured.
Why does he have to be so freaking cute?”

It took a full half-a-second for Jungkook’s face to become flushed with colour. His stomach did five flips, before he sank down to the floor.
Oh my gosh.
He covered his face with his hands, his heart going a mile a minute.
Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.

Jimin said-
He called him-
Aaaaah, of all things he-

As Jimin put the letter into his pocket, and turned the corner to go home, he couldn’t help but hide his smile behind the back of his hand.

Because on the floor, with his knees pulled up to his chest and his hands hiding his face, was the licorice-haired boy. He was pressed against the wall, and red all the way up to his ears.

Jimin could feel warmth seep into his cheeks.


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Your tim angst is killing me, could you write maybe some comfort for him?? and like red robin!tim not robin tim if you are up for it

Um. I tried? This was supposed to be a short and sweet moment with Bruce checking up on Tim but some angst managed to creep in anyway. (In hindsight, Bruce probably wasn’t the best choice for purely fluffy comfort…)

On a side note, awkward dad Bruce is my favourite kind of Bruce.

Bruce shifts his grip on the plastic bags in his hand and knocks on the door. He tries not to fidget while he waits, smoothing down the material of his suit jacket and telling himself it’s because it’s creased from hours sitting behind a desk, but by the time the door finally cracks open it’s taking conscious willpower not to straighten his tie or readjust his cuffs. 

“Hi,” he says.

Tim blinks at him. His hair is mussed, eyes half-lidded, jacket and tie gone, top buttons undone, but still in his suit from WE. Probably woken from a nap by the knocking. Bruce feels a thin shiver of guilt about that (to add to the many, many other things he feels guilty about). “Hi,” the teen replies, almost wary in the way his eyes flicker over Bruce’s face and down to the bag in his hand. “Did I forget something?”

As though Bruce can’t show up at his son’s apartment just to visit without an ulterior motive. "No. I just thought I’d drop by, see how you’re dong.“ He hefts the plastic bags a little higher. “I brought dinner.”

“Oh.” Tim’s nose scrunches slightly, lips moving to form some silent question that Bruce would put money on being “why?” But he just takes a step back and pulls the door further open, a belated invitation accompanying the gesture. “Sorry it’s kind of messy, I’ve been a bit busy lately…”

Empty words to fill an awkward gap, because the apartment isn’t messy at all. Bruce moves through the living area to set the bags of takeout on the breakfast bar of the open-plan kitchen and notes nothing more than an empty coffee mug, Tim’s laptop and a precarious stack of paperwork on the coffee table to indicate that a young adult teenager even lives there. “It’s fine,” he says anyway. “Taking in Jason desensitised me to mess.”

Tim smiles at the joke, but it’s forced, and the way his head dips and shoulders tense looks like he’s trying to sink into himself. Bruce winces; Tim’s always been a little funny about Jason, quick to defend him but even quicker to shy away from anything resembling banter.

“Where do you keep your plates?” he hurries to ask. His turn to cover the ensuing awkward pause with inane chatter Tim slips past him, the whisper of his clothing barely brushing Bruce’s back, and pulls out two plates and two sets of cutlery. They work in silence to serve out the Indian dishes and it’s only once they’re sitting on the couch with the TV chattering away with a news report that Bruce finally clears his throat to break it.

“So how’s work?”

Tim snorts. He swallows his mouthful then spears another forkful of butter chicken and rice before asking, “You really want to do this?”

“Do what?”

“Bruce.” Tim sighs. He sets his fork down with a clatter then turns to give Bruce his full, incredulous attention. “We work in the same place. We saw each other four hours ago. In fact, we see each other almost every day. Do I need to continue? Because I can make a list, starting with the fact that you never make small talk. And you never invite yourself around with takeout. And you never-”

“Tim.” All it takes is that one, firmly spoken word for his second youngest’s jaw to snap shut, for him to turn away to glare out the window as though it will alleviate his frustration and confusion. Bruce sets his own fork down so he can run a hand through his hair. “I know I’m not the best at… all of this-” He can’t quite see his face, but he’s pretty sure Tim rolls his eyes at that. “-but I’ve been back for several months now and I feel like I haven’t seen you at all outside of WE, and that’s hardly the place to properly ask how you’ve been.”

What with walls with eyes and employees with ears, eager for any tidbit of gossip about anyone with the last name Wayne. Any casual allusion to their nighttime activities is treated with the utmost caution; even if Tim had cracked ribs or a bullet wound, he wouldn’t dare to say it. And it’s not like Bruce can just check for himself since Brucie is just a bumbling, oblivious billionaire not a world class, analytical detective.

“I’ve been fine,” Tim says eventually. His eyes dart toward Bruce before dropping down to stare at his plate. “Sorry,” he adds a second later. “I didn’t mean-”

“It’s fine,” Bruce interrupts. “It’s just…” I miss you. "Even though you’re not technically under my care anymore, I still worry.“

Tim is biting his lip, still staring at his plate. Silence stretches between them for the third time and Bruce is beginning to think he’s made some kind of mistake when he hears a soft, “Thank you.” And when Tim lifts his chin to meet his gaze, his smile is real. “For dinner and…”

Bruce squeezes his shoulder. “Anytime.” On the TV, the intro for some new reality TV show is playing, an upbeat melody to offset the more serious mood in the apartment. Bruce clears his throat, “Now, how about a movie?”

Tim’s posture relaxes, eyes lighting up as he suggests, “The Princess Bride?”

“Sounds good.”

And when Nightwing taps on the window a few hours later to see if either of them are going to be patrolling that night, Bruce waves him away. He smiles down at the teen sleeping against his shoulder, brushing back his unruly hair and dropping a kiss on the top of his head. The slight movement dislodges Tim enough that he slips forward, head coming to rest against his adoptive father’s neck. Bruce tightens his hold around his shoulders and Tim sighs softly, curling against his chest. He’s surely going to have a crick in his neck in the morning if he sleeps sitting upright but Bruce finds he doesn’t care, more than willing to suffer a little pain if it means providing comfort to his son.

Breathe | J.A

Requested: Yes, weeks ago I’m so sorry It took me forever

Warnings: Anxiety and anxiety attacks ft. Fluffy Jack

The boys had gone to pick up food while you stayed at the house, you told Jack you were tired when in reality you’d been having bad anxiety and needed a moment alone. It had been building up all day, and you could feel it getting too much. 

You ended up sitting in the corner of the room on a chair, hugging your knees to your chest. The movie playing on the TV suddenly became much louder, yet you couldn’t focus on a word any of the characters were saying. Your hands were shaking uncontrollably and so were your legs, which made you clutch them tighter into your chest. Of course that just made it even harder for you to breathe.

Your heart figuratively dropped into your stomach when you heard the front door open and the noise of your four best friends and boyfriend travelled towards where you were. 

“We have food-” Jack cut himself off when he saw you. “Y/N, what’s happening?” Worry laced his voice, having never seen you like this before. 

You could barely breathe never mind explain it to him, but you managed to snap your head up and struggle out one word. “Attack.”

Realization struck him straight away, he’d never witnessed it but he’d heard you talk about your anxiety attacks multiple times. Jack didn’t have to time to think about what he should or shouldn’t do, so he let his instincts take over instead and pulled you out of the chair and into his chest. 

“I’m here, you’re gonna be okay.” Jack tried to mumble comforting words to you hoping he’d be able to help somehow. You were grateful that he was trying but you just couldn’t control what was happening. 

The living room felt like it was getting smaller by the second, almost like the walls just decided to close in on you. You could feel the eyes of the other four boys burning into you, Jack was still trying to calm you down by rubbing his hands over your back and your arms. 

The entire world was buzzing and spinning inside your head and now your brain had started filling up with unwanted thoughts like, ‘Why are you such a burden to these people’ or ‘You’re such a mess you don’t even know how to breathe properly’ and worst of all ‘Jack deserves better than you’ which seemed to come out of nowhere. Tears were streaming down your face at this point and had started to distort your vision. 

Your blurred vision on top of your shaky legs only made you panic more, your cries turned into full on sobs and you all but collapsed further into Jack’s chest.

“Y/N, babe stop.” He moved you away from his chest just enough that he could guide you to the couch. Your eyes stayed on the ground the entire time, you were dealing with probably your worst attack to date and you hated that it was happening in front of all of the boys. Especially Jack, you had managed to avoid him seeing you like this until now. 

“Keep your eyes on me, okay?.” His voice stayed soft and calm, despite the intense worry growing in his mind. 

Out of the corner of your eye you could see the other boys still standing there, Daniel had taken the bags of food to the kitchen. It was probably cold by now but none of them seemed to care. They all just watched you with scared eyes. 

You had no choice but to look at Jack, to stare straight into his beautiful, big, brown eyes. “I’m-” Your voice was nothing but a whisper, it just wasn’t possible to talk properly while hyperventilating this much. 

“Shh, just take a deep breath.” You gulped and continued to stare at him, you’d looked into his eyes a million times before but suddenly they looked different. Mostly because you were analyzing every detail about them in an attempt to bring your mind back to reality. 

His hands were now placed on both sides of your face, his thumbs caught any tears that were still falling as he went back to mumbling comforting words to you. Only this time they were helping. 

“It’ll pass, you’ve dealt with this before.” 

“You’re strong, Y/N.“

“You’ve got this, baby. Just breathe.”

“I’m not going anywhere.”

“I love you.”

Within the next few minutes you’re breathing started to become steady again and Jack let go of you. You looked at him in confusion, until he lay himself down on the couch and opened his arms for you to crawl into. 

Anxiety attacks effect people in different ways but they always left you exhausted and drained, you could breathe normally again but your hands and legs were still shaky and numb. The rest of the boys dispersed into other rooms, giving you and Jack some privacy. Dinner was completely forgotten about for the time being.

Silence passed over the room, it wasn’t an awkward silence but it was kind of heavy. You hadn’t told him what set you off or about the awful day you’d had prior to spending the day with him and the boys. To Jack’s knowledge you had been doing great all day. 

“I’m sorry.” You looked up at Jack to find him already staring down at you, it made your heart flutter but you couldn’t help but feel guilty for ruining his night. 

“What for, baby?” He furrowed his eyebrows together in confusion as he spoke. 

“I never wanted you to see me like this, Jack. I’m a mess and it’s embarrassing.”

He sighed deeply and suddenly you wished you’d never spoke. What if he really did think you were embarrassing but just didn’t want to tell you? Or what if he didn’t want to be with you because you were too messed up for him? 

Jack sat up, pulling you with him so now he was sitting behind you with his arms tight around your waist and his chin on your shoulder. 

“First of all, you’re not a mess. You’ve been through a lot and I wish I could make it better for you but that doesn’t mean you’re any less perfect in my eyes.” You felt the air of his breath against your skin as he spoke, sending goosebumps all over your arms. “Second of all, don’t shut me out. I want you to know that I’m here for you, whenever you need me.”

You placed your hands on top of Jack’s and removed them from your waist, allowing yourself to turn around and sat on his lap facing him instead. It didn’t take long for his hands to reappear at your sides. Tears started clouding your vision again but not because you were upset. These were tears of finally being understood after such a long time of suffering on your own. 

Jack noticed your glossy eyes almost immediately and the same worry from earlier flashed back across his face. “Are you upset? Please don’t cry.” 

You laughed a little at how over protective he had become over your emotions. “No, no. It’s just that nobody’s understood or been so nice to me about my anxiety before.” 

“They’re idiots, but that doesn’t matter because I’ve got you now.” Jack sighed again but contently this time. 

A laugh left your lips once more when you remembered about the food that the boys were so excited to go pick up an hour ago. “What about the pizza?” 

“We can heat it up later, right now I’m going to cuddle with the strongest and most beautiful girl I know.” He was smiling right at you, something he’d been doing a lot more since you started dating. 

It was impossible not to match his smile, he made you feel safe and at home in his arms. 

“I love you Jack.” 

“I love you so much more.” 

This has been in my drafts for weeks and I suddenly got enough motivation to finish and even though I’ve had plenty myself I find it kind of hard to write anxiety attacks in a way that makes sense so I’m sorry! 


Frank Iero and The Patience | Acoustic Set | Baltimore, MD | 4/22/17

-Frank talks about singing “25 Minutes to Go” to Miles until he realized it’s kind of a messed up song to sing to a child

-The Patience trying to play playing a bit of “2.5mg Just Ain’t Enough For Me,” and Frank being sassy when we applaud.

-A fan asks about the EP coming out (I THINK), and Frank gives an estimated release date. 

(I’m so sorry the quality is shit. I was trying to film without looking and, ironically enough, the acoustics for the acoustic session were AWFUL). 

His Cinnamon Roll chap 2

Originally posted by ciutae

His Cinnamon Roll

Hoseok x reader

AU: Thicc girl x jhope

Warnings: Mentions of self hatred, depression,18+ material

Subject: Angst, Romance, Smut (maybe idk yet lol)

Part 2 / ?   

Previous part  / Next Part


You hated yourself…

well more like your body…

You hated how you had to wear shirts three times other girls sizes just so you could feel comfortable but then it would be very clear that you were bigger than others. You hated how your thighs flattened like large pancakes when you sat anywhere, how they chaffed so easily in shorts…  

You watched as your friends experienced love all around you. Smiling and cheering them on for being happy while you silently knew you would never be loved because of your size.

But when your walking home one day you meet a mysterious guy asleep under front yard tree, hat covering his identity as the wind blew autumn leaves down over his body.

Jung Hoseok was his name…

a name you came to love…

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pairing: lin x reader

warnings: they’re so in love it’s annoying + some cursing

words: 1402

summary: lin and reader have been crushing on each other for a long time but they’re both oblivious. renee, pippa and jasmine get tired of this and decide to set them up.

notes: it’s five am and i’m kind of a mess, i’m sorry if this is also a mess.

send me requests!! | part 1 and part 3


After meeting the cast, you guys started hanging out more frequently. You soon became really good friends with all of them, but you were closer with Pippa, Renee and Jasmine. You were convinced the three were sisters in real life. At the moment, you were sitting with them while they were on a break from rehearsals.

“So,” Pippa started, looking at you with a smile, “What can you tell me about Lin?”

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Hi Jess! I'm curious how you colour your lineart like the nitw thing you just posted, it looks kind of like an animation cel almost with a bit of a shadow behind it or something? Sorry I'm not phrasing this super great I hope you understand what I'm getting to. It looks really cool and I love your style!

I totally understand what you’re talking about! It’s super simple :D If you use Photoshop, here are the quick steps: 

1. You double click on your lineart layer, a menu titled “Layer Style” will pop up

2. Click on the “Outer Glow” tab on the left  

3. Mess around with the settings! I usually change the color and opacity depending on what the color of the lineart is (I would recommend using the same color as your lineart).  I usually take it off of the screen blend mode and then put it on either normal or multiply.  Also, I keep the spread and size pretty low, or else it just looks too wonky.  

That’s basically it on how I do it on my end! I hope that helps and makes sense? I need to get better at explaining my process lol 

just like always, we’ll be together

Genre: fluff x
Pairing: Reader x S.Coups
Summary: Seungcheol has planned a little surprise for you on Valentine’s Day. A lil best-friends-to-lovers fic, I guess?
Word Count: 1,807
A/N: This is for you @aureatina! Thank you for being my tumblr friend <3 Sorry this is kind of a mess! 

Your name: submit What is this?

You sat on the bench, looking out absent-mindedly at the little park. There wasn’t much to it. It was as plain as they came, a relatively flat set of fields, rimmed with trees and peppered with benches. It was totally average, but you didn’t mind. You had a lot of happy memories associated with it, times spent with good friends. It was particularly green today, brought alive by the coming of spring. It seemed to have come early this year. The trees were beginning to fill out, full of little flowers and the odd bird. They were chirping, a sweet sound that you could almost convince yourself was some sort of ode to love. It was Valentine’s Day, after all.

You sighed, looking down at your phone. Seungcheol had told you to meet him here at 10:30 in the morning. He was planning something. He hadn’t said that he was, but you knew him well enough at this point to know that he had a plan in mind. You weren’t entirely sure if you should be excited or concerned. With Seungcheol, things either went really well, or they crashed pretty quickly. It made a friendship with him full of excitement. You never quite knew where things were going to go; would you end up having one of the best days of your life? Would he accidentally get into a fight? Would you have to drag him away from an intense competition with a kid at the arcade? Who knew? Not you.

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"Stay warm" for Jhope (Drabble game! 😃)

Originally posted by yoongis--babygirl

BS: J-hope | 01 

“Hobi I need a favour.” Yoongi spoke into the phone. Hoseok looked between the comfort of his bed and the clock that read 3 a.m. He had just arrived home from the studio and his only planned destination was his bed. That didn’t involve a call from Yoongi. 

“Hyung, I’m kind of busy.” Hoseok mumbled. 

“Doing what?”

“You know, just what normal people do. SLEEPING.” he said, glaring at the wall as if it was Yoongi himself. 

“Come on Hobi, please. I’ll owe you one.” Yoongi begged. 

“Fine.” Hoseok gave in all too easily, just as Yoongi knew he would. “What is it?”

“I need you to pick up my sister. Her flight lands in an hour or so.” 

“She’s coming to Seoul? I thought she’s studying at Daegu?”

“Yeah but my parents are fed up with her attitude so they’re dropping her ungrateful ass on me.” Yoongi grumbled. Hoseok was taken aback by the spite in Yoongi’s voice. But he knew Yoongi had a rather rough way of displaying his “love”. “So will you do this for me or not?” 

“What are you doing anyways? Why can’t you pick up your sister?”

“I’m uh…slightly busy.” he mumbled an incoherent excuse. He thought he heard a female voice in the background, but he couldn’t be sure. “Will you?” Yoongi asked again. 

“Ugh hyung, fine.” 

“Thanks, Hobi”

“But-” before he could say anything Yoongi had already hung up the phone. Hoseok found himself staring at his phone in disbelief for a while. Did this call really happen? Maybe he was just imagining it. Maybe he was dreaming. He could atleast say that was the case. He could just go to sleep.

He sighed. 

He couldn’t do that. He just didn’t have it in him to leave a girl stranded at an airport. With one last longing glance at his comfortable looking bed, he finally turned around and headed out. 


It wasn’t long before Hoseok parked his car and headed inside the airport and to the terminal that Yoongi had texted him. He had met Yoongi’s sister once before during their pre debut days, and it was more of a wave and nod than anything really. He remembered that she was maybe a year or two younger than he was, and slightly punk looking back in those days. He had no idea if she would still look the same or not. He stood at the arrival area, looking around with drowsy eyes. His eyelids felt too heavy to lift and his body cried for sleep. He leaned his head back, pulling on his face mask. What if he just closed his eyes for a few seconds…


He jerked awake, dropping his phone that had been resting on his lap. He looked around till his eyes landed on the individual who had called him with such conviction. And then he saw her. And he was left blinking a few times because…this was not the girl he had remembered.

“You are Hoseok?” She asked him. 

He nodded, pulling down his face mask to give her a smile. 

“Its nice to see you again, after so long.” He grinned. “How have you been? You’re brother always talks about you.” 

She snorted at his words. 

“Yeah, I can imagine the things he says.” She remarked under breath. “It took me forever to find you, didn’t realize you were flying in from another city as well.” He was about to correct her when he stopped, realizing that she was being sarcastic. And right than did Hoseok see the stark resemblance, an almost mirror like image of Yoongi’s temper standing in female form. When Hoseok didn’t say anything, she arched her brow. “So, are we spending the night here? Shall I take my sleeping bag out?” She snapped at his lack of response. 

Hoseok just stared for a while before giving her a small smile. That only seemed to piss her off even more. He stood up and gestured for her to start walking. 

“Ladies first.”  


They got in the car and were on the road in no time. 

“So, I’ll drop you off at Yoongi-hyung’s” Hoseok said.

She was leaning her head against the window, her eyes lazily shutting and opening. Hoseok took a few side glances of her and couldn’t help but realize how adorable she was…when her sharp Yoongi tongue wasn’t on fire that is.

“His house? He texted me saying that I’m staying over at yours for tonight.” She said. 

“Mine?” Hoseok couldn’t believe his hyung. 

“Apparently he has ‘someone’ staying over.” She rolled her eyes. “As if I don’t know who it is.” She said more to herself. 

“Well hyung could have told me. How very brotherly of him.” Hoseok muttered at the lack of responsibility Yoongi was showing. 

“I’m sorry, is this going to be a problem?” She suddenly asked, her eyebrows furrowed together.


“Am I burdening you in someway? Because if this is too much to ask for then I don’t need any favours. You can drop me off at a hotel. I don’t need these snarky side remarks.”

“Woah.” Hoseok stopped her rant. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to offend you. And that ‘side remark’ was for hyung, not you. I’d love to have you over.” He quickly explained. She glared at him for a while longer. 

“Oh.” Was all she said, before turning to face the front again. 

“Hey does the hot-headedness run in the family or…?”

“Excuse me?”

Hoseok chuckled. “I think I got my answer.” 


They finally arrived back to Hoseok’s apartment where he roomed with Jungkook. Jungkook must have been asleep by now. He unlocked the front door and brought her bag in. He offered her his room, simply taking a pillow and blanket for himself. She didn’t agree, like he imagined, instead insisting that he take his own room and she can sleep on the couch. Hoseok chuckled, shaking his head. He told her he could never do that. She insisted he could. Hoseok continued to shake his head no and it seemed her temper was growing. When Hoseok said he could do this all day, she quickly gave in because the thought of keeping Hoseok up any longer for her needs didn’t sit well with her. She didn’t like accepting favours, and he learned that all too quickly. After that he let her take a shower in his bathroom and get to bed as he slumped down on his couch and quickly fell asleep. He couldn’t have been asleep for more than hour when the noise of something breaking woke him. Hoseok sat up immediately, looking for the source of the noise. He walked over to the kitchen to find her crouched on the ground over a broken tea cup. She was picking up the pieces. 

Fuck” She suddenly hissed as she pulled her hand back. Hoseok reacted immediately, darting forward. 

“Did you cut yourself?”

She turned around, surprised by Hoseok standing behind her. 

“Yeah, its just a prick. Its okay. I’m sorry I broke your cup. I was trying to make some tea. I couldn’t fall asleep and -” Her explanation was left hanging as Hoseok had already pulled out a bandaid box and had her finger between his hands, wiping away the blood gently. She watched him concentrate on her finger. She noticed how soft his features looked. Noticed how close he stood. His tongue was sticking out slightly as he worked on her wound and the concern in his eyes was kind of…heart warming. She wasn’t used to that. 

“There.” He said. Finally taking a step back. 

“Thanks. I’ll clean this up.” He shook his head. 

“I got it.” He set tea for the both of them and grabbed a dustpan to pick up the pieces. 

“I’m really sorry Hoseok.” She muttered, as she watched this clearly exhausted man work on cleaning up her mess. She really did feel bad. 

“Its fine.” he smiled at her. He always smiled, she noticed. It was so weird. And every smile was so genuine. He seemed to have a world of patience, which completely amazed her because everyone she knew, including her brother, was always done with her in the first ten seconds in meeting her. It was refreshing and ….strange but nice. “Why can’t you sleep? Jet lag?” 

She nodded her head. He tossed the pieces away and finished up tea. 

“We can watch a movie, if you like?”

“Don’t you have to get some sleep.”

“I’ll manage.” Hoseok replied, leading her to his living room. She took the blanket he offered and they flipped through channels till the Jurassic Park movie came on. “Do we have to?” Hoseok asked as she kept it on that channel and got comfortable. 

“Don’t you like it?”

“Its kind of not my thing.” he mumbled.

“What, scared of dinosaurs Hoseok?” She chuckled. But when she noticed he wasn’t laughing, she gasped in surprise. “Are you seriously afraid of this movie?”

“This and many more. And its really not that funny.” He mumbled, pulling up the blanket to his chin. 

“I’m not laughing at you, I swear. I’m laughing at how adorable you are.” She said between fits of giggles. She was too far gone at the idea of his horror movie phobia that she didn’t even realize her words.

Adorable.” he stated with a grin.

“Did I say adorable? I meant…”

It was his turn to chuckle at her flustered state. “Fine, keep your movie on. I need to get some shut eye anyways.” He said, leaning his head back and closing his eyes. 

“Is the volume too loud?” she asked after a bit. When she looked over, she saw him already fast asleep. She smiled, gently pulling more of the blanket over his sleeping form. “Stay warm.” She whispered. 

When she pulled her hand away, he suddenly caught it. She froze. She looked up, surprised, but saw his eyes closed. He was still asleep. To her utter surprise, he leaned his head all the way down till it practically fell onto the pillow on her lap. He brought her hand to his head and she immediately caught on. Smiling to herself at how ridiculous this must all be. Nevertheless, she began to slowly run her fingers through his hair as he slept. 

She had never admitted this to anyone. She vowed never to do so. But, now in this moment, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to admit. 

“Jung Hoseok,” She whispered, as she continued stroking his forehead gently. “I’ve always had the biggest crush on you.” She bit down on her lip, amazed that she had actually said it outloud. 


She stopped breathing. She looked down to find his smiling…and very awake face looking back at her. 

Aethelrik fic

Title: Bread And Apples (1/1)
Pairing: Aethelrik (Aethelflaed/Erik)
Fandom: The Last Kingdom
Rated: Explicit (tw for difficult childbirth, if there’s anything else I need to add a warning for please let me know and I will xx) 

Summary: Her heart is singing with the wind. She loves him, she loves him, she loves him and it’s gentle and kind and everything she’d always known in her chest it would be.

Aethelflaed fights, and remembers.


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Not One, but Two

Rating: M/E

Summary: Everything was fine until his orders came down - not great but fine. Once he was gone, however, things really got out of hand. Erza didn’t know how she could possibly keep the secret but she needed to. Jellal didn’t deserve more stress and Erza couldn’t handle the thought of more loss.

Note: In the process of avoiding responsibility and life in general, I watched a video on Facebook of a couple who had twins but didn’t tell anyone she was pregnant with twins. They filmed a number of reactions and I was like OMG HOW CUTE and decided I could totally make a fic out of that. Somewhere along the way my brain got confused and this turned from fluff to angst. This won’t be too long but it will be multiple parts because I am a narcissist and require immediate gratification.

Also posted here:



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Because I'm on a kick from Sun/Moon, Red/Green, awkward family meal or character a gets poisoned, your pick!

I just decided to ten-minute-prompt-ish, comment-box write this. It’s been long enough. Maybe you’re still around, anon~ I’ll probably do a bit of editing and throw this and the rest of these flash prompts up on ffnet and ao3 later anyhow. Why not? But for now enjoy this messy thing:

Nothing makes a family meal awkward like food poisoning after all.

(Oh, yeah, this is also Language Pathology Red. That’s why his grammar is all messed up.) (oh, also some ppl eating Gyarados. sorry.) (also not 100% set in how to balance Leaf’s personality.)

The sad thing was that none of them could cook. Not really.

Daisy had done her best during those strange years in Pallet Town, that Green was happy to say he barely remembered. She had made things like eggs, and pasta with canned sauce, and vegetables heated from frozen packets. The kind of thing that was never quite good, but you couldn’t screw up and make it bad either.

Well, in Pallet Town you could always count on Delia’s lunchboxes and dinner packs so, even if Daisy royally screwed up, there were things to fall back on.

Once outside of Pallet Town, Green, himself, had gotten very good at the art of making sandwiches. It became a kind of strange ritual, stopping outside the groceries in the various cities and town scattered around Kanto, and piecing together bits of lettuce and ham and cheese on top of the plastic wrapper for the loaf of bread. If he made sandwiches out of the whole loaf, it could last a couple of days on the road until he made it to the next town. And on the road itself, he was usually lucky enough to find apples and berries which he would melt on the fire into a sweet syrup.

Red was likewise good at turning cans of preserves and gathered herbs and root vegetables into stews. And packing cornmeal and rice to turn into pots of gruel.

If none of them could really boast true culinary talent, though, at the very least all of them had practical skills borne of the necessity that was raising children or Pokémon or having spent time on the road.

All of them except Leaf. Who had bafflingly enough done all of these things and still come out of these experiences without learning a goddamn thing.

Green felt a bit, well, green, stirring the stew. The seaweed flakes spun in the pale liquid. The chunks of Gyarados filet smelled a bit too strong.

“Eat!” Leaf commanded. She had her arms crossed over her chest.

Her Ditto was resting on her shoulder. In the form of a Spearow. It cawed, offended on her behalf.

Remember that one time at the park, where the lady was feeding the Pidgey and Spearow? And you took her bag of birdseed and threw it at me and set the whole flock on me? Because you knew I was terrified of bird-types? Yeah~ I’m over it now~

Leaf had smiled maliciously at him. She was not over it.

There’s something nice about how frank she is though. Daisy had blushed so very slightly. It was the only hint that this was an emotional subject. It’s never a slow boil. She wears her pettiness and grudges on her sleeve. It’s kind of cute.

The only thing that kept Green from disagreeing with Daisy was that Gramps also was not fond of Little Miss Squirtle Thief. And Green was loathe to agree with Gramps on anything he could afford to not agree with him on.

“It’s terribly rude for the two of you come visit someone, and then not eat any of the food they serve you,” Leaf had frowned expectantly.

The comment was theoretically directed at both of them, but Leaf’s eyes were locked on and narrowed at Green. Red didn’t look up from where he was munching on a couple of sweet potato fries with Pikachu and Eevee and Persian crowding his lap. He was moving swiftly through the fries, with their help, towards his main dish – a take-out bowl with eggplant and tofu over rice.

“It’s not my fault you forgot to provide a vegetarian option for Red!” Green protested.

“Maybe,” Leaf allowed. “But it certainly is your fault if you can’t bring yourself to eat your sister-in-law’s cooking in good will.”

“Didn’t realise you had married Daisy in the meantime,” Green snarked.

“Didn’t realise you were as much of an asshole as ever,” Leaf snarled. “Oh, wait, no- I’ve been saying that the whole time~”

Eevee hopped down from Red’s lap and jumped over to Green. She climbed up onto the table and sniffed at Leaf’s seafood stew, before turning away from it, leaving it untouched.

“I bet it’s poisoned,” Green said.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Leaf scoffed. “I’m not going to poison Daisy or myself.” She sat down at her seat across from Red and dropped a spoon into the stew. She slurped up a couple of greedy spoonfuls like it was nothing.

Green couldn’t help but notice that his own name wasn’t included in that list.

It was at precisely this moment Daisy re-entered the dining room.

“It seems like Junko is doing okay. Rina’s mom just sat her down to watch an after-dinner movie.”

Leaf seemed to transform in front of his sister.

“Of course Junko’s doing okay,” she soothed, rubbing at Daisy’s arm. “Try to relax.”

Daisy smiled. And Green felt magnanimous for a moment. Whatever made Daisy and his niece happy.

But then Daisy turned and smelled the bowl of soup Leaf put out for her and looked a little nauseous.

“Um…” she stood up. “I think I’ll just call Rina’s place again and make sure Junko took her after-dinner vitamins.” She fled the room.

Leaf looked a little betrayed.

Green sighed. He was about to call off this whole dinner entirely, when Red reached over and grabbed his hand out of his lap.

“Leaf’s nice,” he said, quietly, squeezing Green’s hand tightly. “Don’- worry. She would came around.”

Red’s eyes were soft and confident, and Green inhaled and remembered he could bear this. Dealing with Leaf and her cooking was worth having trips to Celadon with Red and his sister.

He reached forward and took a dinner roll from the basket on the table. He tore it and dipped it in Leaf’s stew, hoping soggy bread would make it more palatable.

It didn’t.

Only Red and Junko were safe the next day, saved by vegetarian take-out and sleepovers with friends respectively, when a deep wave of food poisoning swept over the household.

In the guestroom, Red dabbed a damp washcloth over Green’s fevered forehead. He would probably do the same for Leaf and Daisy shortly.

Junko walked in, leaning heavily against the side of Red’s Persian, who magnanimously allowed this.

“Uncle Red, will Mama and Leaf be okay?” Junko asked worriedly.

“Can only hope Leaf won’t be okay… That she won’t live to cook another day…” Green complained under his breath.

Red shushed him.

Green wanted to say more, explain to his niece just how substandard Leaf was, but nausea overcame him and he had to rush to the bathroom before he could say any more.

i guess they thought wrong

Originally posted by leaderirene

request by anonymous

red velvet’s joy x reader

short scenario

request: “can i have a red velvet joy reaction when you both girl idols working on a film but everyone thinks you hate eachother”

summary: you and joy both have a romantic scene in a drama, but each of your costars feel tension between the both of you.

i’ve created this as a scenario where joy and the reader actually have feelings for each other and act in a drama. hope you’re satisfied, anon!


“cut! break, join back in an hour.”

you quickly walked off of set after filming a scene of your new drama. your company thought it would be good to have you acting in a drama that represented a big issue many people faced today. that was being part of the lgbt community.

your company was sure that being part of such a drama would bring much attention and also draw some of it to your group. not only the theme and plot of the drama, but also who you were acting with.

park sooyoung.

you weren’t too sure about it since sooyoung, who was widely known as “joy,” was much more famous than you and had plenty of fans that probably didn’t like the idea of her kissing someone else on screen. still, you had no say in the matter.

“y/n, are you alright?”

your thoughts were caught off by the voice of your fellow costar, eunja. the two of your grew very close while working on set, though it had only been about a month.

“fine,” you assured her. “only thinking.”

eunja said nothing for a moment before breaking the silence.

“did something happen with you and sooyoung?”

“uh, no?” you were confused at the sudden question.

“oh come on. don’t play dumb.” she rolled her eyes. “did you two… get in a fight or something?”

“why would we?” you sighed. “eunja, nothing happened between us, okay? she just doesn’t seem to like me much. but nothing happened.”

“i don’t get why you guys have to hate each other,” she mumbled under her breath before looking back up with a sudden thought. “oh, minji told me to remind you to pick up a box from her trailer.”

“right, she told me. i’ll see ya.” you waved before spinning on your heels and exiting the building to the other actress’s trailer.

in just a few minutes, you reached the trailer that had the words “HAN MINJI” written across the door. you knocked loudly on the door to make sure no one was inside, though you knew it was unlocked.

“what do you need?”

you were greeted by the negative attitude of park sooyoung.

“i need to pick something up. what are you doing here?”

“nothing,” she sighed and closed the door after you walked inside. “make it quick.”

you looked around the trailer and saw a box labeled “MIN-JI” on a high shelf. you walked over to the shelf that was a little bit too high for your liking.

you struggled to get the box, jumping up and stretching your arms for what seemed like 5 minutes long before you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist. you were lifted off of your feet just enough so that you could reach up and grab the box easily. you were finally set down to the floor.

you turned around to face sooyoung as you felt your cheeks heating up. she looked at you and then looked down, her cheeks a light pink.

“thank you,” you said in a small voice, still wondering why she would want to help after she spoke to you in an unfriendly manner.

“don’t,” she responded. “it was really nothing.”

you both stood in silence for a long minute while looking at the ground before you decided it was time for you to head back on set.

“i should probably go bring this to minji…” you began to walk off but stopped in your tracks when sooyoung finally spoke.

“i’m sorry,” was all she said.

you turned around to see her looking down and playing with her fingers.

“for what?” you asked.

“the way i’ve been treating you,” she looked up. “i know i’ve been quite a bitch, but i guess it’s because i’m not good at expressing my feelings. and since we have to do these romantic scenes i just kind of get frustrated because i wish it was more than just acting, but you probably hate me now because i messed it up at the very beginning.”

“sooyoung, slow down. you’re rambling.”

sooyoung looked down before looking back up. your cheeks heated up once again.

“more than just acting?” you repeated her words. the girl in front of you was a blushing mess.

“i totally understand if you don’t feel the same,” she whispered.

you were at a loss for words and could do nothing other than avoid eye contact.

“um, i should go now. we should be back on set in 5 minutes.” she cleared her throat. “i’m sor-”

“if you wanted to go out with me, you could’ve just asked.” your words came out much more bolder than you expected.

“wh-what?” sooyoung blushed much more furiously; you didn’t think that was possibile.

“do you want to go on a date with me?” you were still shocked at yourself, unsure of where your sudden confidence came from.

sooyoung cleared her throat and looked back up at you, regaining her own courage and confidence.

“yes, i would love to go on a date with you, y/n.”

she smirked before locking her arms with yours. you still had the box held tightly in your other arm while the other was interlocked with sooyoung’s arm.

the two of you were about to walk out of the trailer before the door opened to reveal minji.

“oh, y/n, i was looking…” her words trailed off and she laughed awkwardly.

the situation that was laid out in front of her was quite obvious. you were both very flustered and had your arms locked together.

“i’ll meet you guys on set…” minji walked out of the room. outside of the trailer, the two girls heard a “well they don’t hate eachother, you owe me.”

they laughed. the sound of your laugh lifted a huge weight from sooyoung’s chest. she was happy that she was able to treat you how she wanted to from the very beginning. she was very relieved that you didn’t hate her, though she thought she deserved it.

“everyone would be shocked, don’t you think?” you wondered.

“i mean, they did think that we hated eachother,” sooyoung started, “but i guess they thought wrong.”

you both walked out of the trailer, leaving your previous worries about the other behind.

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