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Baby, Is That You?

Yuehua Ent trainees ( more like Justin X Reader tho ) 


Word count: 4516 

• my Yuehua babies 

• their gfs are debuting in a girl group bUT thEY DON’T KNOW SO SHUSH ;)

• for the wonderful @hahasungqwoomz and her friend Katy 💓 

• ft. WannaWrite Ent’s created girl group, MAUVE ( don’t ask abt the name i went through three different name generators ) consisting of, @hahasungqwoons , Katy, Kang Sanghee, Ryon Hyejin and Ri Minseo 


Justin & @hahasungqwoons ( requested ) 

Seunghyuk & Katy ( requested ) 

Euiwoong & Sanghee 

Zheng Ting ( Jung Jung ) & Hyejin

Hyungseob & Minseo 


@hahasungqwoons ( main vocalist, lead dancer ) 

Katy ( lead vocalist, main dancer ) 

Hyejin ( rapper, visual ) 

Sanghee ( lead rapper, maknae ) 

Minseo ( sub vocalist, leader, centre ) this was done at random don’t @ me pls

ASFJSKAHKSXHKS MY YUEHUA SONS i call every trainee that even though i’m younger than them all omg i need to stop. This was a little bit hard for me but I really liked this concept iTS SO CUTE AW I WANT TO BE IN A GIRL GROUP and i loved creating my own group of girls God bless ya’ll Mauve is debuting under WannaWrite Entertainment ™. Hope you guys don’t mind I changed dance group in ‘girl group’ sorry !! It just seemed more understandable for me this way 😬 


It was never supposed to be a routinely thing. 

Yuehua Entertainment’s branch in Korea was nowhere near the small yet popular cafe you and your best friends hung out at during the one hour break you had between training sessions. All of you knew you had struck gold when the handsome and unreal Yuehua trainees stopped by for a drink. The whole cafe - which was crowded with students and young adults - whispered softly among theirselves at the arrival of the popular Produce 101 trainees.

“Didn’t manager unnie say they were coming to train with Jumin oppa?” Kang Sanghee muttered, talking about one of WannaWrite Entertainment’s solo artists. 

“Lia unnie was going to evaluate their practice. It was some partnership between Yuehua and WannaWrite,” Ryon Hyejin replied, looking up shyly from her waffle to glance at the boys. At that moment, Zhu Zheng Ting, or Jung Jung, decided to look her way too. The pair locked gazes and Zheng Ting waved timidly, causing Hyejin to gasp and blush. It appeared that the Chinese boy found it incredibly adorable, he beamed widely. 

You knew exactly how cute and deceiving Hyejin could be, when you first met her, you babied her and never guessed she would be Mauve’s rapper. Everyone assumed she was the sheepish maknae but being the maknae was Sanghee’s job. On a daily, Hyejin would be so shy she could barely utter two words to other trainees or managers in the building but she could spit fire and roast people when she opened up to them. It was entertaining to watch. 

“Awww! Jinnie! Your face is like a tomato!” Katy commented, giggling away. 

“We should introduce ourselves,” courageous and shameless Ri Minseo said, standing up. 

You grabbed her arm. “No way. We aren’t Mauve yet. We haven’t debuted, there’s no way they would know about us. It’ll be creepy,” you insisted. 

Minseo pouted and nodded sulkily, slumping in her seat. However, that wasn’t enough to stop her. You found your leader walking up to the table where the boys were and introducing herself, she was so outgoing it nearly landed her in trouble. Eventually, she returned to your own table, wearing Hyungseob’s baseball hat. You and your best friend Katy, locked eyes and blushed in second-hand embarrassment for your leader. The redness remained when Minseo pointed out that Justin Huang was shamelessly checking you out. You brushed it off. 

It was quite disappointing when your hour break ended and had to leave the presence of the good looking, almost celebrities. You sighed, tossing away the tray of rubbish into the bin and sneakily taking one last look at Justin’s beautiful face. 

The boys exited a minute after the few of you did, their sleek black car arrived at the doorstep and you assumed they were headed back to Yuehua’s building.

Admiring the Yuehua trainees was a memory that would last forever. 

And Hyungseob’s hat would remain on Minseo’s head forever. 


It came as a complete shock when Katy nudged you in the ribs, mumbling about how Euiwoong had stepped into the cafe again. You looked up from the pile of homework the two of you were currently swamped in, a reason why the rest of the group decided to rest in the practice room instead. 

Your gaze met a familiar blonde boy’s one, his cheeks tinted pink and he pulled his black face mask higher up to hide them. You found it insanely adorable and your heart thudded unnecessarily fast.

But… why were they back? There were plenty of good and well-known cafes around Yuehua’s studio. They literally drove halfway across Korea for this place.

One side of you wanted to believe that they hoped to see you again but the other, more realistic and rational half believed they had business with WannaWrite Entertainment again. Why wouldn’t Yuehua work with WannaWrite? Both companies were well to do and provided ample opportunities for artists. You thought about all the special classes that were provided for the trainees, ranging from sex education, mental health and extra schooling support. All trainees could only enter with a high school diploma or working towards one and the managers tracked your school work. 

It was stressful managing school and trainee life but hadn’t the CEOs then insisted on giving trainees Sundays off? And you even had a travel pass that lasted a week to escape reality. 

Once, CEO N had paid for every staff to venture on a weekend relaxation trip to a beach resort in Phuket. 

Where did all this money come from? 

Sanghee swore that CEO L and N ran around robbing banks in broad daylight.

Or it could be that they represented some of Kpop’s most popular artists and made millions out of them but the artist gained billions more because ‘it’s their money they worked hard for and therefore the company will only take 15%’ ( its q little but a lot at the same time i did my math im bad at math tho )  Why wouldn’t Yuehua join forces? 

“Excuse me,” a voice interrupted your train of thought. 


Where was Katy? 

Oh, she had to 'go to the ladies’. 

“Um, yeah?” You replied and nearly smacked yourself on the head for how lame that sounded. 

“Uhhh, my friend… Hyungseob had his hat taken from him by one of your friends?” His eyes kept shifting from your face to the wall behind you and then to your math textbook. “Oh! I know how to do this sum. Do you need help?”

Truthfully, you didn’t. But a cute guy was offering to help you so… you nodded eagerly. “Oh! Sorry about that, I can call her to return it to him. And wow, you must be really smart! I’m struggling with these. Ugh!“ 

Ew, you cringed internally at what you said. He’s most likely freaked out by that.

To your surprise, Justin didn’t shrink back and escape to his table but pulled a chair out and sat down, chuckling. "I’m Justin by the way, but I suppose you know me… I mean, I’m a Yuehua trainee, I was on Produce-” he stopped short when he saw you giggling away. “Ahh, so you do know me. Please see me as a potential friend instead of a celebrity!" 

You nodded, understanding how he felt being a fellow nearly debuted trainee. You had to bite your tongue to stop yourself from introducing as "Hi, I’m Mauve’s Y/N” or “Hello, I’m WannaWrite Entertainment’s trainee, Y/N”. 

No, introduce yourself like a friend would. 

“My name’s Y/N,” you finally said, regaining your voice. 

“Y/N,” Justin tested out your name and it rolled perfectly off his tongue. “Such a pretty name." 

"Yah! You’re supposed to be helping her not flirting with her.” You didn’t even realise that Seunghyuk had walked over, Zheng Ting by his side. They flashed cover worthy smiles at you. 

“Hello Y/N, I’m Seunghyuk and-”

“I’m Zheng Ting! Or… Jung Jung." 

Katy returned to her seat and smiled meekly at the boys, taking a sip of her drink. Seunghyuk slid into the seat across her. "Hi! I’m Seunghyuk." 

Oh no! Manager unnie is going to be so angry with all the controversies after pictures are uploaded onto fancafes! 

But it was hard to ignore their advances so you let it slip and enjoyed Justin’s company.


 To cut the long story short, Minseo asked Hyungseob out after a month of being his friend. That was Minseo for you. 

All of you grew close to the Yuehua trainees and manager unnie couldn’t care less because the companies were working closely but the thing was that… none of the boys figured out that you guys were trainees! 

Crazy right? 

Then again, WannaWrite hadn’t released much information about their new girl group. They publicly announced that a new group was in the making but any news of the final lineup had yet to be released. So, your new friends had no idea who you actually were. Mauve members couldn’t speak about anything until teasers had been published. 

You figured they hadn’t had much time to do any snooping either. It was three months to debut anyways. The album was nearly finished after all the endless nights spent recording. Manager unnie had already finalised the schedule for all the publicity events and the final contract signing with the CEOs would be next week. The five of you had trained until you were bone-tired for debut stage. All the hard work would pay off. You and Katy were working super hard on the choreography and you longed to ask Justin for help but… but they couldn’t know.

You stared at Minseo and Hyungseob, the couple cuddled in a booth in that cafe they met in, laughing and engaging in playful banter. Minseo forked a cut piece of waffle and fed Hyungseob. 

How affectionate.

You just hoped that their relationship wouldn’t be destroyed when he knew the truth. Katy and Seunghyuk were also growing close. There were times she left the dorm on Sunday alone, updating later with pictures of her and him at the movies, skating and eating lunch. It was really sweet to see your friends getting into relationships yet they never lost focus on the big debut. 

Sanghee tapped into her more quiet and shy side whenever she was around the bubbly Euiwoong. She was slightly more outgoing than Hyejin but she couldn’t show much of that side. Regardless, you saw the way Euiwoong looked at her. 

He was falling hard. 

Let’s hope the truth wouldn’t crush him. 

You rested your head on Justin’s shoulder. Lately, he had been getting extremely affectionate and caring towards you. Skin ship was a given every time you met. He just had to find a way to hug you or entwine his fingers with your own. It was clear he liked you more than a friend but you weren’t sure if you could deal with the pressure of being an idol and date one at the same time. You liked him too, you really did. 

"Jung Jung’s trailer is coming out next week,” Justin said. “It’ll be good. I hope you anticipate mine." 

You smiled at his cheekiness, but that was one of the things you adored about him. "Of course! I expect your debut to go well, you’ll be successful, I’m sure of it,” you convinced. I hope you look forward to mine too, you almost added but you couldn’t go behind the rest of your friends’ backs. Everyone agreed not to say a word and it was even in the contract. 

Justin had been texting you almost every day and your group chat with the Yuehua boys was never inactive but teaser shooting was going to begin soon and you would never have time for your phone then. Two weeks from now, another short introduction video and the second experimental song would be published. 

Let’s hope they’ll be busy with their own debut. They haven’t discovered our first experimental song and video yet but those have been getting pretty popular. It’s the world’s first look at the highly anticipated 'Mauve’. 

You sighed, lacing your hand with Justin’s. 


The concept of the teaser photos for the album was simple. You actually liked your outfit and felt every bit of a team. Everyone wore white and one item would be of a shade of mauve. The location was somewhere in the suburbs. 

Katy, who was sitting next to you in her makeup chair was practically glowing even without her highlight. You knew something was up, so you smacked her thigh. 

“Ouch! Y/N! Bruises show up on camera!” She shrieked. 

You rolled your eyes. “It wasn’t that hard. What’s up with you? You’re so… happy?” She was one of your closest friends, you never kept secrets from each other. 


"Okay, okay! Oh my god, um. Okay. Seunghyuk asked me to be his girlfriend!”


That wasn’t just from you, but the rest of the members and maybe even the staff.  


"He texted me to meet him at the park and then when I reached, he gave me a bouquet of flowers and asked me! I said yes! And then he treated me to ice cream, it wasn’t convenience store ones but from an actual parlour. I don’t mind convenience store cones though,” she explained in detail. 

'Ooohs’ and 'ahhs’ filled the makeup tent. 

Then, Sanghee admitted that she had asked Euiwoong to be her boyfriend too. It was a daring move. 

3/5 of Mauve was attached to 3/5 of Yuehua boys. 

No matter what, they agreed to stay as friends even if they broke up.

“Guys, we can’t hide forever. We have one song out and a few introduction videos but we’re going to be Mauve. We’re going to debut. They just haven’t seen our videos and they don’t know what they’re in for. We should tell them,” Minseo suddenly spoke up. “They won’t be dating normal high school students but idols like them. I really want to avoid all the controversy and scandals, we need to talk with them." 

Hyejin nodded, "Why haven’t they figured it out? I mean, we’re like number 5 on Naver search. Everyone has been waiting for a confirmation of the lineup, now they have it.”

“A step ahead of you girls, to avoid them knowing, their manager has limited their contact with the internet but they’re also working hard on their own debut. We’ll make sure to sort things out with their managers before your debut, rest assured, they don’t know anything. Focus on today’s shoot.” Your manager informed. 

Shifting in your seat, you adjusted the light mauve coloured beret on your head and shuffled your black ankle boots together. Nerves were getting to you and it didn’t help that you felt guilty for not letting your good friend’s in on this. 

Katy played with her purple fishnet tights which were tucked into black combat boots. Her pocket tee and tennis skirt were white in colour, like your shirt and ripped jean shorts. 

Hyejin wore a huge oversized purple button down which was tucked into a sleek white skirt with a huge silver ring at the zip. Her eyelids were dusted with a soft lilac eyeshadow. Like the group, she too had black shoes. 

Minseo had a really cool closet. Her body was shown off with the white sleeveless body con but she wrapped a shirt similar to Hyejin’s around her waist and pulled on knee high boots. 

Sanghee’s look was more playful. Her top was rather professional, the classic long sleeved white blouse but it was half tucked into tapered mauve booty shorts. She also had a lilac tie that hung neatly around her neck, a strong contrast from Hyejin’s velvet choker. 

“Minseo! It’s time!" 

You would be up next after your leader, your hands shook and palms began to sweat.

Breathe, you can do this. Justin’s going through the exact same thing, you can do this too. 

Your haze fell to the floor. If only he knew…….




Seunghyuk: guys, katy isn’t answering my calls 

Justin: me too! Y/N’s phone seems to be turned off. 

Hyungseob: relax, Minseo told me she had a whole day school trip that’s why

Justin: Y/N and Minseo aren’t in the same level! Do you think she’s okay?

Euiwoong: she should be, don’t worry about them. they can hold their own 

Zheng Ting: Hyejin is also MIA. Maybe we should go visit them? 

Hyungseob: we don’t even know where they live….. 

Seunghyuk: isn’t it weird that they’re always together? Wouldn’t their parents want them to come home?

Zheng Ting: i think Hyejin and Sanghee share a dorm because they traveled for school so yeah 

Euiwoong: they’re probably busy too, has anyone talked to manager hyung about our relationships? 

Hyungseob: he told me it’s okay as long as we don’t go public until well after debut promotions have ended 

Seunghyuk: I wonder if they’ll even let us date……you know 

Justin: whatever, let’s just hope for the best and focus on our debut now 

Justin: but I miss Y/N so much!


"Hello?” you answered your phone, not even bothering to hide the exhaustion in your voice. Filming the teasers had just wrapped up, it was late at night and you struggled to clamber back into the limousine. 

“Babe? Is that you?" 

Omg what?


He called you 'babe’! 


There was a long pause. 

"Uh, yeah. Hi Y/N, oh! You sound tired? Are you okay? You should sleep!" 

"Uhh, yes! I’m fine, just tired…um, Katy and I were working on a school project…and I think… t-that I feel asleep on the table,” you lied, feeling guilty. Katy and Sanghee shot you suspicious stares, Hyejin and Minseo were cuddled up, already asleep. 

“Ahh, don’t work yourself too much. Get some rest,” Justin said, his voice was calm and soothing, you smiled brightly despite the fatigue. 

“Shouldn’t I be saying that, you’re an idol. You are too hard on yourself, rest well okay? I’ll buy you lunch after your debut stage." 

Sanghee wanted to remind you it would be dinner and that Mauve would also be debuting then but she clamped her mouth shut and texted Euiwoong instead.

"Okay! Looking forward to it. Thank you Y/N, goodnight!" 

You sighed and leaned your head against the comfortable headrest, closing your eyes and shutting the world out. But all you could think about was how happy you were when you heard Justin’s voice and how he had called you 'babe’. He seemed just as tired as you were but still reminded you to take care of yourself. He was so kind and caring, what more could you ask for? 


One month to both debuts. 

Only one more month. 

The last of the teaser photos and videos had been uploaded to the official website, Twitter and Instagram. The response had been positive, everyone seemed to love the group.

Manager unnie was in the process of preparing the VLive channel as she handed you your new schedule. 


Every single day was packed with activities, be it promotions, interviews, talk shows….it was crazy. 

“If the album does well, we might even secure a deal with Moonshot. Keep pushing on girls!” She cheered. 

You knew not all rookies had such amazing opportunities, it had to be the work of the managers and CEOs, you were forever grateful. Mauve was going to be popular and successful. You just wondered how your boyfriend hadn’t figured a single thing out.

It was shocking. Justin often called late at night and apologised for not texting you throughout the day. You found it sweet but really didn’t have any time to check your phone or text back. When Euiwoong invited you girls to their first debut stage, Sanghee and Minseo were unsure of how to pull it off but Katy and Hyejin persuaded them and they replied. 

“How can we not support our boyfriends in a special time like this?” Hyejin had scoffed, combing through her newly dyed platinum blonde hair. 

Minseo wasn’t extremely satisfied with her new bangs but she kept her mouth shut and insisted that the stylist unnie would style it prettily for her. She left her hair in a mess usually but it naturally became unruly after every practice.

Drenched in sweat, you collapsed on the dance studio’s floor, Katy pushed a water bottle into your reach. You took a huge gulp from it. 

“We aren’t done yet, this is just the beginning.” You nodded with vigour, agreeing with Minseo. 

This was the final stage, you had to give it your all.


The debut album was dropping today. The whole internet was talking about it. You felt a bit bad, the Yuehua boys had just debuted a few days ago yet all netizens were anticipating was Mauve’s debut. Also, it was leaked that members of Mauve were close with the Yuehua boys and people had starting the shipping. It wasn’t like you minded too much. 

It became some sort of inside joke that everyone except your own boyfriend knew about your debut. Their manager had gone to great lengths to keep the news on the low. They’d find out in a day’s time, when it was time for MNET Countdown. 

You ran a hand through your hair nervously, sitting on the plush sofa seat together with the rest of your group. The album had been released. Manager unnie went through multiple details about your new schedule but all you focussed on was the numbers flipping every second as someone bought the album. 


You nearly jumped out of your seat. Hyejin reached over and squeezed your hand. "Concentrate a bit more. I know you’re nervous,” she whispered.

“Okay…and, that should be about it. Remember, be ready for hair and makeup by 8am tomorrow before we drive to the venue, okay? You girls can go.” All you caught was the last bit, you rubbed your temples and huffed. 

At least you’d finally see Justin and the rest of your friends tomorrow, and you’d be able to watch their performance. 

“We have the day off. Where should we go? Uh, with security of course,” Minseo asked, clapping her hands excitedly. 

“Let’s go shopping at Gangnam!" 

"I want ice cream!" 

"Let’s just go back to the dorms and sleep.”

“Sanghee, no. I want to go to a hedgehog cafe!" 

All of you started bickering about what you should do as a team. It would be fun to go out and have a break and breathe the air of freedom once again. Katy practically shoved you up the stairs to the dorms. 

"Change! We’re going out!”


You admired the shiny black leather jacket you bought for Justin as a congratulatory gift and the glimmering pendant that hung around your neck. You tried to avoid the cameras as much as possible but of course, there was bound to be pictures uploaded somewhere.

So far, your Yuehua friends hadn’t talked about anything related to it. You sent a text congratulating them on a good start, they replied late with tons of thanks. Justin even sent you a selca to make up for his absence. But you’d see him tomorrow. 


Debut stage. 

Sanghee tugged on your skirt, insisting that it was too short and was showing too much of your black dancing shorts. She was so frantic, her fishnet tights had nearly ripped twice. “Euiwoong might never look at me again!” She wailed, pulling at her shirt. 

Minseo - who was the most calm - rolled her eyes. “Please! He won’t, we never lied to any of them. Some things just aren’t meant to be told… yet. Relax." 

Katy shot you a small and nervous smile as the two of you were being outfitted with the microphones. It was a rush, running to watch your friends perform and then back because there was only one other group before yours. 

Hyejin warmed up her tongue as you stretched, making sure you could do a proper split for the choreography. It had been modified to push you to test your limits as a dancer. 

"Yuehua is on!” Katy hissed and signalled for the rest of you to come quickly.

They squeezed all of you into the sound booth. 

As Justin awoke from his beginning pose, you saw a flash of confusion in his eyes as he scanned the crowd for you. His eyes found yours and his jaw fell slightly, luckily, the choreography called for a spin and change of position so he couldn’t afford to divert his focus. 

“I think Seunghyuk saw me,” Katy muttered. “He looked so… shocked and…I don’t know." 

Minseo nearly waved her hands up in the air and screamed 'Hyungseob’. She settled for a more subtle and cheeky wave. 

Their performance came to an end and the group was rushed backstage before any questions could be asked. You ran in heels to your spot in the wings as the other group proceeded out to take their places. There wasn’t any sign of Justin or any of them. 

"Don’t worry. They’re sure to watch you guys. I think they finally put the pieces together. Just go out there and give it your best!” Manager unnie encouraged, patting all of you on the shoulder comfortingly. 

You inhaled a deep breath. 

Debut stage was here. 


“I swear! I swear it was her! It-it was- was them!” Zheng Ting stuttered out, his face flushing red. 

“Yes! It has to be! Minseo even waved to me! Oh my god, my girlfriend is an idol too!” Hyungseob exclaimed in disbelief. 

“That’s ridiculous! But hey, that new group that everyone’s been talking about is coming out next. I haven’t actually watched anything of theirs though,” Euiwoong admitted. 

“Let’s go and watch them." 

Seunghyuk lead the way to their seats, he nestled into one of them, anticipating the performance. 

"Mauve? Don’t they have a reality show or something? Like a debut battle? In the early stages without the final lineup? Something like that,” Justin gossiped, he sat at the edge of his seat and nearly fell out of it when the spotlights flashed on. 







You tried to find them in the sea of faces but couldn’t and decided to focus on your stage instead, that could come later. 

"No way, my-my girlfriend is a Mauve member!” Justin shouted. 

Hyungseob’s jaw touched the floor, he gazed in amazement. “My girlfriend is the leader of Mauve!" 

"Hyejin’s a rapper? Oh my goodness! What?”

“Woah! Y/N and Katy are killing the dance!" 

They had never been more starstruck. 

"Wait, did everyone but us know?”


“I feel like an idiot,” Justin groaned and covered his face. 

“But for Y/N, I’ll be anything." 


"I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU SANG SO WELL!” Minseo praised Sanghee, embracing the maknae. 

Sweat was trickling down your face but you felt so energised and powered up. So the second you spotted Justin approaching, you ran and launched yourself into his arms, laughing. 

“You did so well babe! I’m so proud!" 

"You were incredible! I really loved your stage!" 

"When were you going to tell us?” Seunghyuk interrupted. 

Minseo blushed guiltily.

“We thought you guys knew and it was in our contract that we couldn’t speak much about it anyways,” Hyejin said smoothly. 

Euiwoong dismissed it with a wave of his hand. “Whatever, I’m just so happy for all of us! Let’s go for pizza!" 

No one objected.

So, hand in hand, you walked out of the venue with your boyfriend, surrounded by your good friends… and some security.

Justin held you close to his side. "You know I’m proud and happy for you right? You’re amazing and you’ll be stealing everyone’s hearts soon!” You commented.

He laughed and caressed your face. “The only heart I’d ever want is yours.”

“Wait…was that a reference to our song…that Sanghee wrote?" 



anonymous asked:

well here we go so i have i super crush on my best friend she's a straight girl pretty bad etc but after more than a year i thought i as getting over it you know? until last night i dreamed that she was kissing a boy right in front of me and it broke my heart. i don't know what to think now. am i really got over her or the dream is a sign?

dreams can come out of nowhere, and they don’t always mean something, but if you felt heartbroken maybe you could still be into her a little? if you saw that in real life would you be heartbroken? it seems like its been a while but it can take a long time to get over people, at least for me it can. crushing on straight girls is the worst, and i cant even imagine it being my best friend so sorry about the whole situtation :( i hope it works itself out though!

tell me about your crush on anon! or off anon it makes no difference to me!

Who is the antagonist of Pilot? + who is the mystery woman?

So in Deo’s Pilot webcomic, the antagonist hasn’t ever been revealed. There have been little hints and clues for us here and there, but no confirmation. I’m going to say the top 3 candidates for the role. Also, who is this recent mystery woman? Who could she be?

1. Pilot himself

Pilot, the lovable main character of the series. People will wonder, ‘how is he the antagonist? He’s the main character!’ Deo has actually said this before about Radiocative, the main character can be an antagonist so is this a possibility? Another thing people will say is ‘Pilot can’t be an antagonist! He’s too nice!’ Sorry to say this but, even antagonists can be good people, but against what the good force is. Like in the movie Wreck-it-Ralph. In his game he was the antagonist, but he was a good person. However, I doubt its Pilot. Deo said that this person is more powerful then the OB Mafia and Countdown, Pilot cant step on grass without crying and saying sorry.  Its just really unlikely.

2. Mahogany Brown

This one seems a little out of nowhere but it has solid evidence. Like Deo said this person is more powerful then the OB Mafia and Countdown. They never said what type of power. You could definitely say that Mahogany has lots of political and social power. Definitely more then the OB Mafia and Countdown. Also her and Vendetta’s “Theme” is Undisclosed Desires. Its sung from what seems to be Vens perspective. Part of the chorus is “ I want to reconcile the violence in your heart I want to recognize your beauty is not just a mask
I want to exorcise the demons from your past.” Mahogany being violent, her beauty being a mask, and exorcising demons from her past? These seem to be all the traits of a villain figure. Not only that but, in most stories the villain figure is rich, and powerful. Also, ‘Demons from your past’ stands out to me a little either Deo just picked the song because the instrumental version sounds cool, or because the lyrics describe their character.

3. Mystery Woman

This one I don’t have much evidence for… however, she shares a song with Mahogany, and it could be the same reasons. However, Deo has drawn what she looks like before. Why do they continue the blacked out question mark woman? Why don’t we know her name? If Deo already has a name and look for her, why are they hiding it? Could it be because that shes the mysterious force? The mystery villain? The hidden evil? In most cartoons/comics, When you can’t see someones eyes, that means they have hidden intentions. Could this be true for the mystery woman?

Maybe I’m just looking WAY far into this… Maybe the antagonist is someone we haven’t met yet.

Who is the mystery woman?

1. Mahogany’s mother

In the stream, lots of people said she looked like Neme Mahogany with short hair, while she does share a strong resemblance to her, there is more evidence. They both seem to share a song, a song they share with their lovers. Also from what I’ve seen, Deo has never mentioned Mahogany’s mother once. Maybe she left Bryon after having Mahogany and found INDEV? Maybe she found INDEV and later left and met Bryon and had a child with him? Apparently we’ve already seen Mahogany's mother, plus shes dead currently.

2. Doll

Once again, Deo might already have a name for her, but isn’t telling us. They said that they already have a design for Doll, but they aren’t showing us. Could this be Doll? Can we finally match a face with a name? Maybe this is Doll pre Michael. Pre Jerry, Faith, and Felix. After all they seemed very comfortable welcoming a robot as their son. Maybe from already knowing and trusting one. Deo said that Doll had been with Michael for years already and that the comics with the woman take place 3 months after Pilot began.

3. The antagonist

I’m too lazy to rewrite this part, I said it above.

What do you think? Are any of these possible? Am I just ranting to myself?