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/rolls in/ I haven't sent a message in a long time T-T but since Uni starts on Monday for you, GOOD LUCK! I said this a lot but still, I gotta say I FRIKIN LOVE THIS BLOG AND JIN AND THANK YOU FOR BLESSING US WITH YOUR HARD WORK ON THIS ASKBLOG. /gives you a hug/ I hope you have a fab day/night. (/´ิ∀´ิ)/*•*~*•

( AH THANK YOU !!! :’’’’0 <3333

This is so encouraging aha. I will keep trying my best !! )

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Hello! I saw your icons page and I was wondering if I could request some icons of Kenma? ;w;

hey buddy !!! i’m so sorry for the late reply but sure i’ve done some !!!!! i’ve done 12x anime icons (9 colour + 3 b/w) : o here’s the preview:

all the rest of the icons you’ll find on my icons page (click the ‘requests’ tab to see the kenma ones)!!!

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Hi, new follower, I really like this blog! I like your drawing style and your muse is so interesting. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


In all honesty your support helps to push myself forward, and I keep these messages in a special tag to look at when I’m feeling down with myself or my work…. It truly means so much to me ///

I’m so happy you find this blog and Griz interesting and I hope my work keeps being of interest to you, friend! I will keep doing my best so you guys can enjoy the orange boy’s shenanigans, hahaha<3 ))

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Who is favorite David Tennant character, and favorite thing he has been in? They don't have to be from the same thing.

Honestly, don’t hate me please don’t hate me for saying it, but my favorite character of his is Kilgrave, and not because of Kilgrave’s actions and history as villain, but because David Tennant gave that bastard so much depth. And honestly I can relate to that character minus the whole controlling people thing and other stuff he has done which is completely horrible, but not going into that. It’s bad what he did, but people can relate to him minus the evil shit he has done. Sorry, I didn’t mean to go off about Kilgrave there, but if I say I straight out like him then I get attacked. And as for favorite thing he has been in that will be Hamlet, and sorry for the long post and the late reply. 

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tomarry au where voldemort wins the war and harry is becomes his prisioner

Sorry for the late reply with this!

- So when Harry walks into the Forest, Voldemort decides to use Legilimency on him to make sure it wasn’t a trick. And seeing as Harry had the shock of discovering he was a Horcrux on his mind, Voldemort sees it easily and knows he can’t kill Harry

- Voldemort makes his followers leave, Stuns Harry, and takes him to his lair to become his prisoner before faking Harry’s death by killing Hagrid and changing his body to look like Harry’s

- Voldemort isn’t sure how delicate the Horcrux is so he decides against torturing Harry, and instead treats him like something precious which of course freaks Harry out. Harry is angry and desperate to escape but he can’t because Voldemort has him so well locked away

- Voldemort naturally decides to manipulate Harry into liking him so they eventually Harry will be loyal to him. He ‘rewards’ Harry for good behaviour by giving him information about his friends and the outside world, and tells Harry when he knows a prisoner and what Harry can do for Voldemort to save his friend

- Eventually, despite Harry’s resistance, his mind starts to break under Voldemort’s manipulation, and he stops fighting and gets very Stockholm Syndrome about the whole thing. Voldemort starts asking Harry to torture certain prisoners, mainly child abusers as Voldemort discovers about the Dursleys, and Harry does as he’s told. 

- Soon enough Harry is a brainwashed puppet of Voldemort, becoming his consort, and is disguised so nobody else knows his identity. Harry basically takes care of the Muggle/Muggle-born prisoners who have done bad things in their life, especially to children

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I read your post about Lysandre being emotionally abusive towards Alain and I completely agree with you but I also think Lysandre might actually care about Alain in his own twisted messed up sort of way? In episode 4 of the mega evolution specials Pakira/Malva tells Lysandre "I now know the reason you like that kid," and Lysandre smirks. That gave me the impression of a kid showing off their favourite toy to their friend (if you get my drift.) What do you think about that scene?

Another thing that stuck me as odd is the fact that Lysandre called for Alain after the prism tower attack, despite there being no real reason to do so. Alain fufilled his task (he gathered enough mega evolution energy to control Zygarde) and Lysandre knows Alain wants to protect people ergo Alain would never join him. So why did he still put the effort (send people for Manon) for Alain to be brought to him?

First, sorry about the late reply! I had to think about this one, heh. Linking back to the original post, here (including additions).

I think a part of it is that he still thinks Alain could be of use to him? Like, Alain has been useful to him in ways other than just gathering ME energy (like finding Mega Stones and facing angry legendaries), and he could potentially use Manon and Sycamore’s safety and lives as leverage to get him to obey. If he has Manon under control, then he can get Alain under control - that’s a major part on why he didn’t act when Satoshi was captured, since Celosia had literally just confirmed that someone had been sent out to collect Manon. He had a really awful choice between Manon’s safety and Satoshi’s. Also, Lysandre might genuinely believe that Alain will have no problem siding with him, so long as Manon and Sycamore are safe.

Another part of it could be possessiveness, like you mentioned. Alain is sort of a clever toy or pet that he can make do things, and he’s fond of Alain in that sort of way. It’s definitely not genuine affection or love, but it is like… yeah, like you said, like a favourite toy.

The relationship between an abuser and their victim can be… complicated, especially in this case, where Alain wasn’t aware of the abuse and manipulation. He got the effects but didn’t have the insight to recognise that how Lysandre treated him was appalling. He even silently confirms to Manon that Lysandre is almost as, if not more important to him than Sycamore (in TSME 2), and I would not at all be surprised if there was an element of Stockholm Syndrome after everything is said and done. But the reverse is also true - while Alain feels strongly about Lysandre despite his abuse, Lysandre might also be fond of Alain, despite also seeing him as a useful tool to be used.

It doesn’t make the abuse any less reprehensible - if anything, it makes it worse since he does actually like Alain, but he still chooses to treat him as a tool - but it does make it less black and white than ‘abuser hates victim, victim hates abuser’. One reason why emotional abuse is so insidious is that even after recognising that it is abuse, there can still be complicated feelings there, in all involved parties.

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where do u download your tv shows

sorry for the super late reply, i was trying to wait until i could get on the computer to answer this. but i used to torrent things but my brother got me in trouble for it so now i get most of my stuff from twitter. some good accounts to check out are starlingarrows (arrow), beaconscounty (teen wolf), downloadsinhd (scream + others), logolesssquad (gossip girl + others), xlogolve (various), lovelylogoless (various), logolesshq (various), and haysdownloads (various). i’ll update this post if i remember anymore i like.

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Your art is so goddamn captivating I genuinely hope that you have a TV show someday just so I can buy merchandise of Ka-Jericho and crew <333

You’re loving and beautiful words make me moist.
Lol, thanks bro! Sorry for the late reply. 

I was tagged by @iamjustmehere777, sorry for the late reply!

rule: answer 10 questions then tag 10 people!

Last movie you saw
: I just remembered I watched The Martian with my cousins at the end of June!
Last song you listened to: A What’s Up cover in a minor key
Last show you watched: Steven Universe
Last book you read: Must’ve been Blue Lily, Lily Blue
Last thing you ate: Banana with peanut butter and chocolate chips XD
If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be: I’m pretty content right where I am now tbh
When would you time travel to: Probably like. Back to when the first plants started colonizing dry land. Or maybe back to the Great Dying to figure out exactly what caused it
First thing you would do with lottery money: Not sure tbh, maybe buy a house or a piece of land
Fictional character you would hang out with for a day
: Take a wild guess XD. Probably Pidge and/or Hunk and/or Shiro. Hiccup would be fun to hang out with too, not least because DRAGONS
Time right now: 5:50pm

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lol for me, minwoo is closer to sanji since he's very good at flattery and makes women swoon with his words (lol tho females like minwoo waaaayyyy more than sanji), and hyesung as usopp idk why i like to imagine him being a silly bff with eric as luffy HAHAH

omooona ~ sorry for my late reply @_@ great point! ahhh if they can only somehow do something like this or if i am even skilled enough to draw something like a cosplay for all of them it will be brilliant :D

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Hey C! How are you? I have a completely hipotetical question for you. As in, I don't think anyone other than H knows the truth, but i would still like your opinion. Is that ok? ^.^ What do you think of H's Brazil tat? I mean, he either got a tat for a place he barely knew (possible, he has lots of stuff), or maybe something happened there, possibly with L, that he wanted to remember by? Thanks, love?












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The joker probably made Harley take private swimming lessons after the car incident 😂 anyway I love your blog❤️😊

Thank you! 💕 Omg I never thought about that, but I totally think you’re right XD 

Joker: *about to throw Harley in one of their fancy indoor pools*

Harley: “NO! Puddin, I’m not ready!’

Joker: “1-”

Harley: *squeels and climbs up his shoulders*

Joker: “2-”

Harley: “No, no, no!”

Joker: *throws her in the pool and laughs his ass off*


Joker: *gives her a floaty ring to hold onto while still cackling*


rio and evie on their gay space roadtrip <3

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do you have any heltzbert hut/comfort headcanons? Like with all erin experienced with bullies...

oh man oh man

  • holtz, being her vibrant self, sometimes just flings her arms around randomly while talking. and erin being always used to ducking or running or being pushed around as a kid, she involuntarily flinches at holtz’ movement. it breaks holtz heart to see that THATS erin’s second nature now 
  • one time holtz finds erin frustratedly looking at her whiteboard. holtz asks “what type of problem is it champ?” and erin just screws her eyes shut and holtz realises she’s holding back tears, her shoulders shaking.
  • they sit on the floor of the kitchen eating pringles and erin tells holtz how bullies at school used to tell her she’s too crazy to be smart. holtz holds her and tells her she is the brightest person she’s ever met
  • “what about dr. gorin?” and holtz shrugs, like what she says is the absolute truth.“she’s got nothin’ on you ez”
  • erin wakes up from a nightmare, from kids pushing her around and yelling ‘freak’ and ‘ghost girl’ at her face, spitting venom. she gets up to get some fresh air and open a window in the living room. 
  • yet holtz is already up working on a new invention and erin wipes quickly under her eyes of tears as she says “oh holtz, what are you doing up?” and holtz shrugs like its not 3am in the morning. “working, you?”
  • “nightmare” “wanna talk about it?” and erin holds her arms across her stomach protectively, feeling safe for the first time in a while with holtz and the moonlight. “not really” 
  • and holtz just nods and shrugs.“oh, cool. wanna help me on this new invention? I call it the “erin gilbert’s ass kicker!” 
  • erin laughs, shaking her head and walking over as they spend the night laughing and inventing and drumming beats with screwdrivers.
  • everything in erin’s life feels like it can be okay again.