sorry this post is not very pretty haha

My first test animation of Wheatley finally jeez

I did this in pretty much a week before I took off to CTN haha oops. He’s pretty rough, but after a year of not being able to animate, I’m just happy that I finally got to animate him!  

I want to work on GLaDOS next, very excited~!


Sorry for the lack of art! I’m almost done with my last project so hopefully I’ll be able to post more stuff afterwords.

In the meantime I figured I’d make a huge art dump with some of my redraws/doodles from the past 4 months. Most of my full-body stuff is pretty wonky so I only included profiles. Nothing very interesting, but for now it’ll have to do ~


Hey hey another post that isn’t relevant to Check Please or hockey but I’m just.. in a pretty good place and I’m feeling very open/like sharing so sorry haha.

But yeah today on my drive home I was thinking about something idk what prompted it I think it might have just been about shirts… but anyway it hit home that I’m having top surgery in like a month and a half?

I’ve been on T for over 5 years now, my name’s been changed for longer, I was able to get my passport gender marker changed last year I think? And was actually able to get it changed on my driver’s license this year. Aside from having to do my injections for the rest of forever and maintaining my current eating choices and workout routine to get my body to where I’d like it to be…. Top Surgery is that Final Step as far as my transition goes.

So like… Huge milestone this summer it’s gonna be… Real Weird. It was always kind of nebulous thing where I was going to do it when I could afford it, but my partners and I were looking for a house and I was like “okay house is more important” and then I was like “okay and I’ll need a reliable car too so like what do” and so I saved my money and was expecting to do surgery years down the line. We bought our current house last March so that was that goal achieved and then president asshole got elected and I decided you know what fuck this I’m doing it. I’m going to make it work this year. I’ve just been making excuses for myself because it didn’t feel attainable so it wasn’t something I felt like I was neglecting ( aka how I protect myself from disappointment haha have no expectations. if you don’t let it feel like a real possibility then you won’t hurt without it ayyyyy) but man. November happened and I decided to do something for myself.

So now it’s scheduled and I’ll be driving down to the surgeon with my mom in July and taking some time off work to recover and then I’ll … Have done a thing that has been on my mind since highschool. So like…. Nearly 10 years now.

I dunno. But im just… Feeling really positive and so grateful to the people that have supported me along the way because I have been privileged enough to have had very little resistance. I just…. Idk.

I know there are a lot of you that are also trans/nb/gq etc. So just like. I’m sending out my love and positive vibes to all of you. And if you ever need an ear to rant to or advice or anything just ??? Know that I am always happy to listen/ offer what I can. I can’t promise it will be decent advice and but I can promise to try my best based on my own experiences and knowledge

Want A Massage?

Alright so I am so very sorry it has taken me so long to post something new and I hope y’all aren’t mad. I just had a solid week of exams and I was working and studying so I’ve been pretty busy but we’re all goo to go now! 

ANYWAY, here’s another one that was requested by an anon:

“will you do a smutty one where the joker is stressed out so reader gives him a massage and it leads to more? thank you ;)” 

I hope you all like it and as always your feedback is very important to me so please let me know how I did haha


You heard the door slam before you saw him. Great, it was one of those days, something must’ve gone seriously wrong. You sat up from the couch and looked over at him. He was fuming, face relative flushed in angry, fists clenched, back slightly hunched. Oh god this was bad.

“Hey baby, how’s a goin’,” you asked quietly, careful to not set off any bombs in him.

“What does it look like Y/N? You think it’s all sunshine and rainbows here? Don’t be dumb, you know how it’s going,” he said angrily. You nodded and turned back to your book. You never let him push you around or be abusive in any way, you were stronger than that, but sometimes he could get a bit mean so you knew it was best to leave him alone.

“Alright, well I’ll be here, let me know if you need anything,” you mumbled with your nose in your book. He looked at you and came to sit beside you. You were laying down taking up the whole purple couch. He lifted your legs and slid under you. “Ya wanna talk about it?” You stayed focused on your book expecting a no from him but instead he shocked you and mumbled a sure. You looked up in disbelief.

“Someone tried to kill me today.” You were confused, that was nothing unusual.

“Okay. And? That’s definitely not the first time and it sure as hell won’t be the last J,” you commented.

“They got close. They got too close. I almost fucking died today Y/N,” he said, his voice getting louder with each word. By the end of his simple sentence he was yelling out in frustration. You moved closer to him on the couch and wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders.

“Awe I’m sorry baby,” you said as you kissed his bare neck. “Want me to make it better?” He looked up at you, curiosity in his eyes. You ran your hand across his chest and back and then moved up to his tense shoulders. He always loved massages. Your father had been a massage therapist before he passed away, bless his soul, you thought. Over the year and in to your teenage and early adult life he had taught a few tricks and tips, mostly to relieve your own stresses but you found them to be quite helpful, especially on J’s tense body.

“How?” He inquired.

“Well I could give you a massage? I know that always helps you,” you said quietly as you continued to rub from his shoulders to his chest and back. He purred at the feel of your hands. “C’mon, you need it. I’ll go grab my massage oil and a towel and I’ll be back down, or you could come up to the bed with me where there’s more room.” It was an innocent offer only aimed to relieve the man of the pent up stress he holds.

He nodded and followed you upstairs, cheekily pinching your bum on the way up. You pushed open the door to your shared room and plopped down on the bed.

“I thought you were the one giving the massage baby girl,” he commented.

“I am. Now sit your butt down and shirt off,” you ordered. He chuckled at you and proceeded to peel his half unbuttoned dress shirt. You laid a towel down on the bed and instructed him to lie down face down on the towel. You took a seat on his ass and poured some of the lavender scented oil in to your palms. “Might be a little cold,” you warned as you placed your hands on his back, your skin a dark contrast to the paleness of his skin. His muscles visibly tensed but relaxed as soon as you started to move your hands soothingly up and down his back.

Digging the heels of your hands in to the fleshy muscle of his back you started your massage. He groaned as the pressure from your hands started to relieve the knots and aches from his back. You repeated the movements of your hands going up and down his back, working out all of the stiffness. You knew he loved it when you really put everything in to it so you gently pressed your elbow in to the meaty parts of his back. He groaned in satisfaction which made you smile with satisfaction.

“Mmm yes baby, that’s how I like it,” he muttered. You continued your actions, rubbing his tense body with a variety of different strokes you knew he enjoyed. “My turn,” he mumbled without you hearing him.

“Hmm? What was that baby?” Before you could say another word he had you flipped on to your back, him hovering above you.

“Oh my gosh, J what are you doing? Turn back around, I’m giving you a massage remember?” You tried to push him off you but failed.

“Oh I’ve got other things in mind babydoll,” he said with a smirk on his red lips. Your heart raced at the idea of what he might do. “You wanna help me relax kitten?” You nodded and bit your lips. “Then help daddy relax.” He slid down your body, placing small wet kisses here and there. Your breathing picked up as he got closer and closer to your most sensitive area. He slowly licked the inside of your thigh, devastatingly close to where you wanted, no needed, him most. He continued his torture for a few minutes, warming you up, making sure you know what’s about to come.

“C’mon, please just do it already,” you groaned in frustration. You could feel his smirk against your leg. Butterflies were fluttering around in your stomach in anticipation. A shriek left your mouth as he unexpectedly licked up your wet slit and sucked your clit in to his mouth. You felt the cold metal of his silver adorned teeth press against your sensitive skin and it sent a shiver down your spine. You hands immediately flew to his green hair and yanked at the roots in pure pleasure.

“Ah ah ah princess, no touching,” he said as he briefly pulled away, using his hands to pin your wrists down. You writhed in frustration as you wanted nothing more than to pull him closer to you.

“I need more, please J, I need more,” you begged. He plunged a finger in to your dripping heat and started pumping quickly, brushing your g-spot with each hard thrust. He soon added a second finger, the intense waves of pleasure bringing you close to your first orgasm. He lapped at your clit and curled his fingers deep in your pussy finally bringing you face to face with your orgasm.

“Yea baby, cum for daddy, cum for me baby girl,” he whispered in to your pussy. The husky tone of his voice matched with the deliciously sexy words sent you flying over the edge. He continued his assault on your clit as your body convulsed due to the pleasure. He groaned in to your pussy and licked you clean before coming up and smiling his metallic grin at you. “Much better baby girl, much better.”

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Hai Eden! I noticed you haven't been posting much on this blog - are you alright? Sorry if I seem a bit obstrusive and busybody haha

Originally posted by headlesssamurai

Hi sweet anon!  I actually appreciate you checking up on me and making sure everything’s okay! 

Lately I’ve just been working on a steady stream of commissions, which I’m very grateful for, and also working more on project-type things as opposed to single drawings, such as @midnightstarlightwrites‘ and my fic WDDM, and a new one I’ve been working on with my friend @maerynn-blog!  However, that means updates will come a little slower than usual because that means I have to draw a few drawings at a time before posting.  (Plus my free time is pretty limited since I’m a mom of small kiddos)

Anyway, I hope you like what we have in store, and thanks for your Ask!  It’s nice when people care!  <3


stream dump! it was pretty lit for the first part, thank you to everyone who came, i had a wonderful time!

in order

- summer mari and adrien: tori

- chad noir and marinara sauce: the whole trash squad

- chloe and lila flirting: a portion of the trash squad

- tamar (oc) : disco

- adrinette prom: grace and the trash squad (ft. blue steel)

edit: i know the kids are missing. there is a reason i swear

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hiii !! sorry if youve already been asked this but you said you had an accent in one of your recent posts soooo i was wondering what kind of accent is it, like where you're from? haha idk if this wording makes sense english isnt my first ha but i think accents are very cute btw !!

idk if arabic is an accent but if it is it’d be that? like it’s not that strong but at the same time it comes through at very random times. i’m pretty self conscious about it too so idkkjkfjdks. also i’m from bahrain! and your english is great don’t worry!! ❤

Biker's Doll Chapter 1

So thanks to my friend who is awesome and giving me link to a converter.

Sorry if it’s soft? My sound recorder didn’t pick me up very well even if I was pretty close to the microphone. 

I did my own work first because I have to get permissions from the authors of the other stories first before I post those. I have a few other ones I’ve done, both for Ishimondo and *surprise* Batarou fics. (I am a big nerd and I don’t care). 

One last thing before I shush: Gonna put these in the derpyflowertalk tags since I’m technically talking. Makes it easier for me instead of making a new tag haha

Just the thought of disgustingly cute domestic tiznes gives me life, tbh

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what are some of ur fave (gf) fics? just ones you'd recommend. thanks!!!

Oh man, where do I start? I don’t know what exactly would tickle your fancy, so I hope you don’t mind if I kind of have separate categories. I’m also just gonna explain the multi-chapter fics, and maybe a couple one-shots. (AND I’M SORRY I KIND OF WENT OVERBOARD WITH THIS. AND I HAVE OTHER FICS TOO BUT I WANTED TO GIVE YOU AND OTHERS AS WELL A VARIETY OF GF FICS TO READ.) Also sorry this’ll be a long post…

If you want something that’s pretty angsty/suspenseful/has some drama, I’d recommend the following:

Mystery Twins: This has to be one of my favorite gf fics. Very well written, and it has a really good plot. I’m currently waiting for the next update, haha. It’s an AU fic, and it’s about Dipper and Mabel being orphans, and they abruptly end up with Stan as a ‘temporary’ guardian. (He doesn’t technically own them, so there’s a lot of issues that revolve around that. But that’s what makes it great. And there’s a lot more than that, but I don’t want to give out too many details, haha. Also, Stan and the kids aren’t related in this story. Just an FYI. ALSO STAN AND FORD ARE BUDDIES IN THIS SO. YEAH.) Excellent read. It’s not finished yet, but it’s updated pretty often.

Mabel’s Choice: This is another one of my favorites. Also really well written. It’s not finished, and sadly it hasn’t been updated recently, but I still recommend it. It basically revolves around when Mabel has to decide whether to push the button to shut down the portal in Not What He Seems, and there are consequences that result from her choice(s). It’s really good, and I’m awaiting the next update still, haha.

I Want to Come Home (This one revolves around Stan and his father, after Stan gets kicked out of the house. It’s a good read. And it’s a one-shot.)

Be Good to Him: Okay. This is a pretty good fic, and I love it a lot. It’s a ‘what if’ fic, and it revolves around what could have happened if Mabel chose to receive comfort after overhearing Dipper and Ford’s apprentice conversation through the walkie-talkies (and it’s a multi-chapter fic). It has a really good turn out, and lots of family bonding going on. I’d recommend it if you’re a sucker for Pines family bonding fluff like me, haha.

Events Understood (This is a long one-shot over the Stan Twins and their relationship. Ford basically ventures through Stan’s mindscape and views some of Stan’s memories. It’s a good read.)

What He Didn’t Know (This one-shot also revolves around the Stan Twins. It also involves Ford going through Stan’s mindscape. But this one doesn’t exactly have a good turn out. But it’s really good.)

What’s Owed: I really love this one. It’s an AU multi-chapter fic, and it’s about Stan having some deal he made in the past, and now his ‘payment’ is due. Stan disappears, and Ford, Dipper, and Mabel have no idea what happened to him. And it goes on from there. Don’t want to give anything away, haha. It’s really good, and it’s one of my favorites. And it’s complete!)

Debts Paid (This is a sequel to ‘What’s Owed.’ It’s a multi-chapter fic, and it’s updated fairly often.)

The Time Wish

: This one’s really interesting. Stan gets the opportunity to go back and try and change a part of his past. Which in this case, it’s back when Stan was asked to come to Gravity Falls by Ford, and well, you know the result. I enjoy reading it, and I’m currently waiting on the next update. And it’s updated pretty often.)

If you want some family bonding one-shots/fics, I recommend the following:

Empty Feeling: this one-shot isn’t exactly a bonding fic, but it takes place after AToTS, and revolves around Ford noticing the bond Stan and kids have together, and he ends up longing for that connection as well. It’s pretty good! If you just want to read something short and simple, feel free to read this.

Sick (Dipper & Mabel bonding fic)

Second Opinion (Dipper & Mabel bonding fic)

Apologies (Ford & Mabel bonding fic)

Hug it Out (Stan & Mabel bonding fic)

No More Candles (Stan & Soos bonding fic. I consider Soos a part of the family, too, haha.)

A Pines Family Christmas (it’s not in season, but there’s a big variety of family bonding. it’s pretty cute and enjoyable to read. Also it’s a series of one-shots/drabbles, so there’s a lot of short stuff to read.)

And these are some of my favorite AUs that have some really good fics:

Big Dipper AU (Dipper is older than Mabel by 3 years): one-shot || you can find other one-shots and other stuff here

Orphaned Twin AU (The twins’ parents pass away when the kids are around 6 years old, and are taken care of by Stan): one-shot || you can also find other one-shots and stuff here

Timestuck AU (Mabel ends up back in time 10 years after Stan is kicked out of the house, and Stan takes her under his wing while they figure out how to get her back home): multi-chapter (finished) || multi-chapter (finished)

And if anybody else wants any other certain recommendations for fics (like more family bonding fics, etc.), feel free to send me an ask for more!

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Do you think you need a certain age to begin an art blog?

Hey anon! 

This is kind of a hard question, it really depends on the person. I think you can start posting your art as long as you understand these key things:

  • You have to be able to take criticism, in particular constructive criticism, and not take it as an attack on you and your art. And if it isn’t constructive, you have to be able to not take it personally, and shrug it off. There can be a lot of mean people out there who don’t take into consideration how young/inexperienced an artist is before commenting on their work, which can be pretty damaging to younger artists.
  • You need to understand that if your art “isn’t popular” or doesn’t get a lot of notes doesn’t mean you’re a bad artist. A lot of people get caught up in how popular they are and it can be discouraging. But you just gotta keep pushing, draw what you like and keep improving. You’ll become more well known over time and as your art improves.
  • You gotta know what’s considered plagiarism. I’ve seen a lot of young artists innocently copy other people’s art not knowing it’s stealing (most commonly seen when somebody makes a character design that is waaaay too similar to somebody else’s). Even if you’re not purposely plagiarizing, if it’s bad enough, it could potentially hurt your reputation, or even get you kicked off the site.
  • Likewise, you need to know your rights as an artist. You gotta be able to recognize when someone is stealing from you, or trying to take advantage of you (asking for commissions with exposure as payment, others selling your art without permission), or even when you’re setting yourself up to be taken advantage of (underselling your art, which hurts the rest of the artist community too), and you need to know how to handle these situations, which can be very stressful.

All these things require a certain level of maturity to understand, especially being able to take criticism. When I was around 13/14/15 my self esteem was pretty low, and I think if I’d tried posting my stuff I wouldn’t have been able to handle critiques. But as long as you understand these things, I don’t think it matters what your skill level or age is. 

Djinn Dreams

SPOILER ALERT! This post includes things that could ruin the entire storyline of the fic for you.

Hey all you lovely shippers out there. I know I have been saying this a lot lately, but I’m sorry for not posting that much. I feel like my life has suddenly turned to be a fanfic of its own, haha. Seriously, there have been things like changing jobs, breaking up, hooking up, almost getting pregnant (Admin A did find this one extremely amusing, fuck you very much), moving, studying, parties weird as fuck, training for the Finnish Championship competitions, studying more…. I didn’t know my life could be weird like this! Anyway, even though I have been pretty tied up with my crazy-ass life, I have been reading something whenever I have had time to do so. You all probably know about my love for Djinn fics, right? Well, if you are new with us and have no idea what I’m talking about, go and check our magic tag in HERE for more Djinn fics. I just can’t get over the fact that I love these, so here we go, once again.

Only a couple of weeks and then this semester is over and I’m most likely capable to read and blog more, but meanwhile I hope you’ll be happy with us blogging a little bit less than usual. – Admin J

Title: Out of My Head

Author: casual_distance

Rating: Mature

Words: 8,455 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: This is actually one of the fics I have found by an accident. No tags and no nothing that could tell this isn’t just an AU story but a Djinn fic, but I’m so glad I found it since it’s one of my favorite Djinn stories ever! It’s funny and I love the basic idea, and it feels so much longer than just 8k. Grease is one of my favorite musicals slash movies ever and I think it actually fits very well into Destiel wolrd, so it’s surprising that there isn’t many Grease AUs out there. Though this one isn’t an AU story after all, but anyway.

Summary: Some romances, Dean finds during his senior year at Rydell High, are ostentatious, filled with public arguments and lots of singing, while others are hidden things kept tucked away.

( Read here )

Title: The Apple Pie Life

Author: avenge_the_angel

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 4,728 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: Something was off with this fic. I mean, this is my favorite subject of all times and I pretty much love all the fics (okay, not all of them, but you get the picture) in this tag, but this didn’t work for me. I really loved the husband slash daddy Cas and there weren’t any huge mistakes but it just… I don’t know. Plus the ending failed. I mean, why couldn’t Cas just take Dean to hospital? Just asking.

Summary: A car accident took Dean’s memories. He can’t remember closing hell, or saving the world… again. He doesn’t remember his two children or marrying Cas. But he wakes up to a life he’s always wanted, a life he never thought he would have. He’s being handed a chance to have the normal life he should have had. But when has luck ever been on his side?

( Read here )


Dream a Little Dream

Author: destieldrabblesdaily

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 3,186 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: Castiel’s POV, yippee! It’s unfair that Dean pops into Cas’ weird domestic (and sexy) dream about him and he’s cool with it. If a Djinn would attack me and the guy from my dream would end up into my dream I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t never, ever wanna see me again.

Summary: Written for the prompt: Castiel goes after a Djinn but gets captured, and of course his dream world is all about Dean and him being happy together, so he’s very disappointed when Dean and Sam save him and he wakes up…

( Read here )

31.07.16 sorry for not posting! Tbh these last few months I have barely been studying :(

Okay I don’t know if anyone wants to hear this but… basically a few months ago I moved rooms and instead of keeping my study table separate from my room, I decided to study in my room. Worst idea ever! When I got my trials results back (a pretty big test) for some of my subjects I didn’t get the results expected :(

Fast forward a few weeks of being very disappointed in myself I decided to step up my game and here I am back on tumblr (and studying) more motivated than ever :)

Sorry Thursday is missing, didnt even open my journal that day haha

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Maybe Mabel isn't running away from something. Maybe she's running too someone....

It’s definitely a possibility. Anything can happen in the next episode. (By the way, buckle up guys, and prepare yourselves for some theorizing, haha.)

Though what I’m gathering from the trailers that we’ve seen, I can see her getting upset over what occurs in the next episode. The episode description does say:

“Mabel decides to plan for her and Dipper’s 13th birthday party. Meanwhile, Dipper ventures below the town to find its most shocking secret.”

Obviously from what we’ve seen is that Dipper and Mabel’s 13th birthday is coming up, and Mabel is very excited. And may I mention that from what we saw in Blendin’s Game, Dipper and Mabel have spent every birthday together.

“We’ve shared every birthday together, so we know how to make them perfect.”

I’m also assuming that they may have planned some things together for some of their birthdays in the past as well? 

Anyways, with that in mind, as well as their 13th birthday coming up, Mabel’s stoked and ready for their birthday to come up, and brings it to Dipper’s attention. She’s already ready to start planning for their special day, and I can see Dipper being all up for it as well.

But obviously something will go wrong around town. Something big, and we see Ford in the teaser/trailer announcing it, and confronting Dipper about it. We obviously see Dipper being with Ford revealing some shocking secrets of the town, though did you happen to notice this? And what Mabel says?

“It’s okay, Dipper. You should totally go with Grunkle Ford to save the world, or whatever.”

I could see Dipper agreeing to help Mabel with party planning, but once Ford brings the issue up and tells Dipper he’s the only one who could help him, Dipper probably doesn’t know what to do. And based on what I just mentioned above, Mabel is telling him to go ahead and go, and that she can do the planning on her own. And Dipper goes, and leaves Mabel to handle the planning on her own. 

Though throughout the day, we see Mabel probably trying to plan for their party, but from the looks of it, things don’t go quite as planned.

Perhaps maybe her friends are busy? She’s saying goodbye to them? Who knows. But obviously whatever went on, it’s starting to make Mabel feel a little upset. Things don’t exactly go her way, and it could lead to her sitting somewhere alone as we see below.

From the recent trailer, it seems like she’s trying to contact Dipper here, though he can’t stay in contact with her for long due to things happening below the town with Ford. And I think by then she’s realizing more that ever since Ford came through the portal, Dipper has been spending a lot of time with him, and/or maybe that she’s realizing that their summer is ending, and that means they’ll have to leave Gravity Falls. Eventually Mabel heads back to the shack, and is still upset over what has happened throughout the day. Dipper is still out with Ford, and it looks to me her friends aren’t around to comfort her now.

Though, I’m assuming once Mabel is back at the shack, Stan notices her looking down and comes up to the attic to try and comfort her. :’)

But once Stan leaves, I can see Mabel reflecting over what’s been happening (maybe over what’s happened during the day, and the whole summer too, since she does have her scrapbook out). She waits for Dipper to come back, and when he eventually does, it looks like he comes back pretty late.

The two start conversing, and I’m going to assume it’s over Mabel realizing that summer is almost over for them, and/or  mentioning that Dipper left her behind all day to go with Ford. And due to Mabel bringing that up, Dipper may bring up that she was the one that told him that it was okay for him to go with Ford. And this will probably lead to what we see below from the SDCC trailer. An argument between the two. 

And in the end, I can see it leading to Mabel getting so upset, that she leaves the shack by herself (either out of sadness, anger, or fear? Maybe a combination of all three? I’m not sure.)

But if this turns out to be true, this most certainly cannot turn out good. Maybe she thinks of a way to try and fix things? Maybe she runs into someone? Or is approached by something

She’s outside the shack (no longer protected both mentally and physically), alone and vulnerable, and to a certain someone, this may be the perfect time to strike. Or she could come across anybody, really. Who knows. 

AND THIS IS ALL JUST ASSUMPTIONS. I could be completely wrong, and to be honest I don’t think I really pulled this all together very well, but I was just writing out what I was thinking, hahah. All I’m trying to get out is that something’s most likely going to happen to Mabel by the end of the episode, and from what we’ve been seeing from the trailers, it certainly can’t be good.

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Hai tou! I wonder what kind of fountain pen should i start with? Under 10$ if possible too? Thank you ^7^

Hello!!! ^O^ All of the pens I’ve mentioned in this blog before are over 15$ and up! Its usually hard to find good pens under 15$ haha _(:3」 ∠)_ I only know of little that are under 10$;; I’ll go over a couple of good starter pens for you! 

Sorry that this post is gonna be long, but I have a lot to talk abt fountain pens : 3 cc;;; These are all opinions and they might be biased along with taste and preference haha o)-<

Keep reading

It’s the holiday season, which means it’s that time of the year when you tell people how much you love and appreciate them.
You all bring so much happiness and love into my life. Thank you all so much for your love and friendship. Every time I see your posts on my dash/read a message you’ve sent me a huge smile appears on my face. I love you all so much, tumblr would suck without you guys. <3 (sorry if you’re not on this list, you’re all very special to me and I’m pretty sure I forgot a lot of people, I’m very bad at keeping track haha, I love you all. <3) 

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First of all, I would like to wish Jung Hoseok-shi a happy birthday. Honestly, I will say that I don’t know well each of the Bangtan Boys’ members personality including my alien, you know who I’m talking about /laugh out loud/ as I’m very new to this lovely hiphop boy-group and I not yet watch many of their shows. I am dissappointed with myself. But for the first time I saw Jhope was when I heard my not-so-baby sister laughed like a cow infront of her laptop. Tch she was watching Bangtan Bomb, no wonder. Heh! That’s when I started watching them and totally forgot, more like forget my old favourite group. There are many graphics or gifs for JHOPE DAY that I reblog and I always read the caption written below it. I enjoy it, truthfully. So Jhope oppa /puke/ please stay healthy, cheerful and handsome. Don’t forget to smile because you’re very cute when you are.Not to forget your sexiness too. lol I love you and ARMYs love you. We really do!

Okay, now. It is the time. Lemme introduce myself. Hello dearest, babes and dudes. My name is Ina. As you can see, this is my first follow forever ever. I know I’m lazy and all that’s why I did this along with my JHOPE DAY speech. For all my followers, thank you very much as you can stand my crappy posts and edits. And those who I follow, GOSH I LOVE YOUR BLOG MANNNN. haha excuse me for my dumbness.

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Have a very good day everyday, everyone!^^ p/s ; sorry this is not pretty ;(

My boyfriend interrupted my silly selfie ;_;

Haha ANYWAY Sorry for the infrequent updates Ive just had pretty bad art block. Thankfully I’m finally feeling inspired again, so expect new posts very soon.

I hope you’re all well, also hello to any recent followers!!