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Y'all I saw the Great Comet of 1812 this afternoon

Great comet
• ok so to get to our seats we had to walk up some stairs to backstage where I saw a Chandelier from another show it was real cool
• also we entered onto the stage through the giant doors at the back of the stage…you know the dramatic entrance doors
Act one:
• the full cast was there
• I cried during the prologue
• so much was happening omg
• oak fucking owning his accordion
• Natasha’s ‘spot’ was to the right of me so she was standing like right in front of me
• Lucas was to the left and was fucking gorgeous
• fucking Helenes dress is even prettier up close like omg
• Dolokhov has better eyeliner then me
• the cast when sitting on stage is like right there like they are in your face and it’s beautiful
• also the mezzanine is fucking beautiful
• everyone in the room had such being smiles on their face during prologue
• then BAM it’s Pierre
• I also cried during Pierre
• fucking Oak owning the piano
• it was just really overwhelmed
• BAM time for Moscow
• it’s gets really quiet and Denee is standing in her spot again right next to me
• then all of a sudden Marya is yelling
• literally everyone jumps is funny as hell
• every once in a while either Marya, Natasha or Sonya would just come stand in front of our seating thing and smile
• it was so pure
• Also during the private and intimate life of the house the prince (too lazy to spell his name) literally was just whispering ‘not in my house, not my house’ over and over when Natasha entered
• ok nothing to exciting happened until no one else
• guess who cried
• ME
• the light all go blue and Natasha is right in front of us and she just spins and in the very moment I swear to god a true princess was in front of me
• I cried when the fake snow starting falling like it was fucking gorgeous
• also so the Opera
• honestly wtf
• so the guy who plays Balaga literally plays like 12 different roles and it’s really funny
• the Opera was still weird as fuck
• I got a piece of confetti from it so that was cool
• Natasha face during the Opera was funny as hell
• Anatoles dramatic entrance was great
•Also during the Opera Lucas got in some women’s face and she kissed him twice and Lucas just started laughing it was real cute
• literally Helene and Anatole during the Opera was literally sex wtf
• Lucas is also a really small person like he looks tiny
• then Oak looks like a giant like his hands are huge omg
• ok so the fucking Duel
• I still had no idea wtf was going on because intense strobe lights
• but at one point my mom fucking JABS me in the side so I turn to look at her and what to I see
• *heavy breathing*
• like he came down into the little seating thing we were in and shit
• so I’m freaking out and then I notice
• this boy be holding a whip
• there’s also a female ensemble member in the little seating area too
• this fucker WHIPS this girls ass
• like real Kinky
• Jesus Christ
• then all the lights came on and it was the duel like Jesus
• the actual duel part was pretty great
• ok so the lighting is all dramatic and it’s really pretty
• then Oak starts singing and it was like angels came down from heaven
• like Dust and Ashes does not make me sad like I can listen to that song and be perfectly fine
• but I was just a mess like I was tearing up
• if you look at the mezzanine there’s the entire cast minus oak just standing in a straight line singing and the lights are dimmed over them and they look like literal angels and I was tearing up at the point of the song but then my dad pointed out the mezzanine and I fucking lost it. It was truly magical
• everyone was crying during that song
• I actually cried the foundation around my eyes off my face
• I was a mess
• ok so after that emotional mess we GO TO CHURCH
• literally Sunday morning is so funny to me
• like it’s all dramatic with Natasha and Sonya talking about the future and shit them Marya just runs down the stairs screaming ITS TIME TO GO TO CHURCH
• it’s funny as hell
• literally Marya and Sonya sit on one of the stair cases and pray for the rest of the song
• it’s great
• Charming is amazing
• Natasha is literally so fucking happy during this song like awwww
• Helene has a different dress on and its somehow even prettier then the first one
• like I need Helene to style my wardrobe
• the song is beautiful
• Amber Grey is a true angel like god bless
• to prove my point during the Ball Helene walks out with a pair of black and gold wings on
• literal angel
• the Ball was magical
• like Lucas was so hot omg
• and Denee was so pretty
• they started dancing and I started crying
• I got hit with a dress like 5 times by one of the ensemble girls but that’s okay because the dress was really soft and like I appreciated it
• the very end of the Ball like the part we’re Natasha is like ‘I will love you Anatole’ that entire part is my favorite part of the entire show like it’s so beautiful and the notes just hit me hard
• I cried during that part
~ intermission ~
Act two:
• still not recovered from act one
• letters was intense
• there were people everywhere
• a bunch of guys came and sat with us and handed out letters
• I did not get one
• I am sad
• but still it was great
• also Natasha and Anatole did the just say yes thing right In front of me and Lucas’ facial expressions were amazing
• I love Sonya and Natasha….the song that is
• the hurt on Sonyas face was insane like Ingrid is such a good Sonya god bless
• Natasha got really fucking pissed when saying I hate you
• Sonya alone made me cry
• it made my dad cry
• it made everyone cry
• hell it even made Sonya herself cry
• so much fucking emotion coming from her it was amazing
• during preparations Anatole was just walking around with shaving cream on his face
• it was pretty great
• fucking Balaga
• we did not get shakers
• that didn’t fucking stop me from bouncing and fucking smacking the table in beat to the song
• everyone was having so much fun omg
• like the audience went fucking insane with the shakers
• good times
• Balaga did this thing were he slid across the stage and was right in front of us
• it was really funny
• holy fuck the abduction
• one of the ensemble members came down into our seating thing again and was like raise a glass…raise something literally anything just put something in the air
• it was fun
• during the part where Anatole is like ‘everyone raise a glass’ he held out the woah part really long and it was impressive
• also during that part Marya got really excited and was bouncing up and down and honestly it was so pure
• she’s so cute
• during the Abduction Marya and Helene make the Fuck out for like 3 minutes like amber grey had lipstick all over her face
• it was literally fucking insane during that song
• the second Lucas grabbed that violin I like yelped
• I was not ready for the green coat and violin
• so attractive
• during the 'first we have to sit down’ part you could hear Lucas asking the girl in the row to move over a bit for him to sit and it was really cute
• “can you just move over a little bit. Just a little. Thank you so much.”
• pure
• the girl like laughed or something then Lucas started laughing and his laugh is so cute
• even more pure
• also during that song one ensemble member came down into our section, handed his guitar to the lady sitting behind me and said “ hi can you please hold my guitar just for a minute. I have to go dance. Thank you very much” it was really funny
• in my house was amazing
• like I love Grace McLean
• her voice is stunning
• she was standing really close to us for most of it and the hurt expression on her face omg
• Marya was very sad
• a call to Pierre was great
• during Pierre’s what’s oak kept getting like mad and it was really funny because during the last one is like balled his fists and like looked the Hulk
• the incredible Oak
• find Anatole wasn’t too exciting except for Helenes costume change which now was literally just a corset and really short shorts and a long ass silk robe
• she still looked like a queen
• Pierre and Anatole is probably one of my favorite songs
• so much agression omg
• literally Oak just fucking slams Lucas down like five times
• It was quite amusing
• also Lucas’ hair got really messy during this song and it was really cute
• I fucking melted during the high note
• like shivers went down my spine
• it was beautiful
• Natasha very ill was really upsetting because it’s every character besides Anatole on stage just sitting down crying while Sonya sings
• like Helene was sitting by us and was just crying
• it was sad man
• Andrey is a prick
• toying much about Andrey and Pierre except for at one point Andrey like pushes Pierre back and it looks so intense
• Pierre and Natasha
• I cried again
• Denee still looks like a princess even while in pajamas with messy hair and no shoes
• Natasha like sobs during this song and omg it was upsetting
• like Pierre is so gentle with her and Natasha just looks so fragile
• during the speaking part I just cried like omg
• the last song
• I fucking sobbed
• like Oak was so fucking good and the 'comet’ was so pretty up close
• generally the lighting for that song was beautiful
• so all in all I cried like a baby
• a lot
~ Stage door ~
• holy shit
• ok so they were filming for something with Ingrid so that was pretty cool
• I got to met Oak
• fucking kill me
• he’s so nice
• omg
• I love him
• also I met Ingrid
• she’s so pretty
• I met the girl who played Mary
• and the guy who played Andrey
• and Dolokhov
• and a bunch of ensemble
• it was great
• so after a while we were walking around and my mom was like look across the street
• the guys who play Andrey and Dolokhov were just walking down the street it was great
• also I saw Anthony Médina and he was taking pictures with fans and he was really cute omg I regret not getting a picture

Alright fandom, I’m about to bring up a topic that has pissed me off for way too long. Way back to one of my favourite arcs, Book of Circus.

A topic that has not only been something personal to me, but another reason that Sebastian Michaelis is one of the most disgusting characters and if SebaCiel was real, it’d be indeed a heavily toxic relationship. Also, a counter argument to everyone that brings this up as a point to hate Our!Ciel.

Today, I’m going to discuss my heavy belief and theory, that during this scene, Ciel was forced into a PTSD attack.

Look at the following three pictures.

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) -  a condition of persistent mental and emotional stress occurring as a result of injury or severe psychological shock, typically involving disturbance of sleep and constant vivid recall of the experience, with dulled responses to others and to the outside world.

With this in mind, PTSD has to be triggered by something, not just when Ciel walks in and sees the exact duplicate of a room he was trapped in for a month. These three photos are so important because it shows exactly how this connected to that day. The doctor representing the cultists, Ciel is now forced to remember all those terrible memories, his traumatic memories scratching the surface. How heavily these two scenes correlate is so important.

Do you understand what I am trying to tell you?

At this exact moment in time, we lost Ciel, he was gone and reliving everything. The outside world completely falling apart to him, having no idea what happened anymore after this moment.

Now, showing the actual attack.

‘Stop it’.

‘Stop it’.


What do you assume from the black text boxes? To me, this appears to be happening in Ciel’s mind, he is now reliving this all over again until the end of the arc. I will go more in depth in that later.

Right now, he is calling out to someone right now, he wants someone to get him out of this hell hole, just like he did that day.

My point is, and I can’t stress this enough, he believes he is back there in the cage, and he wants out. He is gonna do everything to get out.

To make more sense of this before moving on to my next point of the actual PTSD attack, here are the symptoms of an attack.

Behavioral: agitation, irritability, hostility, hypervigilance, self-destructive behavior, or social isolation.

Psychological: flashback, fear, severe anxiety, or mistrust.

Mood: loss of interest or pleasure in activities, guilt, or loneliness.

Sleep: insomnia or nightmares.

Also common: emotional detachment or unwanted thoughts.

Now, I have put in bold the ones Ciel is suffering from AND signs that he has shown previous to this. Guilt and nightmares are the biggest examples of that.

Right now, he is having extreme emotional detachment and unwanted thoughts, with flashbacks fueling fear and severe anxiety. He is suffering much more than what he appears to be.

Now, here is my second point to this that involves Sebastian:

For anyone that wants to argue that Sebastian isn’t as bad, or he sincerely cares for Ciel. I’m about to throw those words back in your face.

Sebastian Michaelis is a demon, he does not give a single fuck about our!Ciel, sorry if I have to be the one to tell you this, but he doesn’t and this is the first example I’d give anybody to show them.

‘Young master, is there something you’re afraid of?’

‘You’re outside of the cage right now, my Lord.’

‘Call my name.’

Those sentences, are the biggest forms of manipulation I’ve ever seen coming from this demon. He didn’t break Ciel out of the PTSD attack, I’ve seen other people saying that, but that is far from the truth. I will show that through the next set of pictures. 

Right now, I want to explain what I believe to be Sebastian’s intentions. This goes if he understood what was happening or not. I start to believe more and more that he did, because focus on the look on Sebastian’s face. He is smirking, he seems more than pleased by the situation because he gains from it. He tells him to call his name, say it, because Ciel believes he is in the cage and has just called the demon to come and save him. Sebastian, being aware he wants to be saved, he wanted help, used him, his asthma and PTSD attack, and he did it to make not only their contract stronger but to make Ciel’s soul better.

Revenge, sorrow, pain, all these things that make Ciel’s soul the best that it is, the want to be stronger than his enemies, Sebastian knows this.

Sebastian used this for his own agenda, he didn’t do it because he wanted to help Ciel find himself, because he didn’t. All that demon wanted was to help himself with his meal, that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

When Ciel then acts out, screaming to ‘kill these guys’, you think he means the doctor and Joker right?

I’m afraid, far from it, saying Ciel is mixing his reality with the past, he believes he is telling Sebastian to kill the same people he already killed three years ago. He does not remember the reality before him. What he is seeing, is so much different than to what you and I were seeing.

The most important point in this post is:

Ciel had no idea who he was killing, he thought he was in the cage, he didn’t care who died, he wanted the cultists stopped.


Another message (SebaCiel):

I don’t care what you ship, I really don’t.

However, if you look at this scene and sexualize it, I don’t mean ironically (joking is fine), I mean you truly look at this and think this is a great example of SebaCiel, I’m sorry, but you piss me off and quite frankly I feel you are not only spiting in Ciel’s face, but the people who suffer from PTSD.

Have you ever seen someone have a PTSD attack? It’s terrifying, it is one of the hardest things to deal with, pulling someone out of those memories and making them feel safe again-. It is difficult, and I’ll say it once more.

No, Ciel calling Sebastian’s name, did not break him out of his trance.

To romanticize and sexualize PTSD and his asthma attack is disgusting, and a pathetic way of filling your yaoi quota.

Off of that rant, I’m gonna move on to the last bit of this.

Burning the children.

As you can see, Ciel just denied the Queen’s orders.

Ciel just denied the Queen’s orders.

He’s never done that before in his entire career, isn’t that off to you?

Of course it is, because he in his mind doesn’t work for her yet, what Sebastian says to him is not processing to him. Sebastian isn’t aware of this more than likely, but I promise you nothing anybody is saying is entering Ciel’s ears and he is understanding it unless it relates to that day. When he says to burn down the place, he believes he is getting rid of the place that caused him aching pain and suffering for an entire month. Not just for him but his beloved brother.

Reliving these memories, Ciel wanted nothing more than it to go away.

Let me say again, Sebastian asking if he was ‘sure’ wouldn’t have helped at all. To open your mind a bit, here are the very few ways to help PTSD. Most of the time the person needs to take medication and probably go to sleep.


Cognitive behavioral therapy - A talk therapy focused on modifying negative thoughts, behaviors, and emotional responses associated with psychological distress.

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing - Psychological treatment that reduces the stress of traumatic events through eye movements.

Exposure and response prevention - A talk therapy based on exposing feared or traumatic experiences within a safe setting in order to help reduce any associated psychological distress.


Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) - Eases symptoms of depressed mood and anxiety.

Now, these are modern treatments, which are very few to begin with.

You know what they had back then? Nothing. No, that is not a joke, PTSD was not recognized until 1980. So needless to say, Ciel was fucked, and the only and best way Sebastian could’ve helped would’ve been knocking him out after killing the threats. Not even quite sure if Ciel would’ve been okay after waking, or if he’d even remember what happened, which would’ve been best because now he has the guilt of killing all these children for the rest of his life.

To all the people that use this heavily as a point for disliking Ciel:

I’d just like to say, you don’t have to like Ciel, but don’t you EVER come at me with this shit and telling me how it’s his fault. He didn’t want to do that, if Ciel had been in his right mind and knew what he was doing, he would’ve never made the move he did.

He thought he was killing the cultists all over again.

After all the comments, discussion and controversy with this that I’ve seen, from fulfilling fangirl’s yaoi dreams to completely blaming Ciel for a serious mental disorder, I have to say-

The conversation around this entire situation in Book of Circus inside this fandom, is beyond disgusting to me.

Sorry for my amount of salt in this post, but this topic to me is personal, and I’m tired of it being treated not as seriously as it really is.

This is my theory, my opinions on Ciel’s PTSD, and I don’t believe he should be blamed for something he didn’t ask for.

I apologize for rambling, that’s it.

either way anyway i just want you guys to know that im spiralling a bit right now and im not doing so great and ive fallen into bad habits i thought i left behind so if my blog is negative or miserable or i make concerning posts im really sorry but stuff isnt great right now

if you want to unfollow i completely understand bcos i know some people cant handle negativity when theyre trying to be positive and i respect that 

but just. a heads up

anonymous asked:

If I may ask, what is this "little theory" of yours that you said may be coming true?

(the question comes from my tags on this post

I’m really sorry for the delay, anon! I was going to answer this but then sth happened and I couldn’t concentrate so now here I am:

Well, it’s not a theory per se, more of headcanon maybe ??

I was discussing Kuro with my boyfriend around the time of the filler chapters (aka, the idols) and even though he doesn’t read it, he told me that it was odd for him how our!Ciel wanted to have great power and become an Earl with everything that such a nobility title involves. His reasoning was that if you have the chance Ciel had, you’d wish for more than you ever had, not for the exact same, you know? And so, he thought that maybe Ciel wasn’t actually a Phantomhive, but just a regular kid who came across this opportunity to be a nobleman. 

Now, I was sure that Ciel was indeed a Phantomhive, so I accepted half of his theory because it does make a lot sense! 

So now, with these developments, and considering real!Ciel’s condescending attitude, everything seems to indicate that our!Ciel was ‘’the other one.’’ RCiel was the future earl, he was to marry Elizabeth, he was the strong, healthy and cheerful one, while OCiel was kinda the forgotten one. That’s why that night he made the contract, he asked to have everything that may have been denied to him in the past, and it’s totally understandable. Maybe he just wanted to know how it was to be like his brother, the one to have it all and be appreciated by everyone.

So now I think that moments like this:

or this:

must’ve really hurt our!Ciel, you know?

enfperks  asked:

Hey so I'm just getting into astrology now and idk where to begin! Whenever I look up the astrology tag it just confuses and frustrates me. Are there any tests I should take? Posts I should look at? Blogs I should follow? Thanks so much for you help 😄

sorry for the late reply! 

You should first and foremost get your natal chart calculated if you haven’t already, is great and can show you some more insight such as your chart pattern. which aspects you have the most of, etc. 

you should also check out my beginner tag! It’s posts that i think would be helpful to a beginner into astrology 

 some blogs that i recommend would be @airmom, @ninthhousemoon, @astrologyalien, @astrology-addict, @aesthetics-astro, @ascendingvenus, @astrawrlogy, @ayyries, @ayat-the-aquarius, @astrolocherry, @zodiacale, @cutestrology, @starlilium, @dorkycancerian, @airmom, @wizkhalibra (and more) 

nick sequel

on yesterday’s jack savage post kagrs touched on the topic of nick’s focus in the sequel and i’ve actually been thinking about that anyway so here is me talking about it. sorry i’ve been such a chatty cathy lately but i’m quite fond of disney’s zootopia, if you haven’t noticed, and i enjoy saying words relating to it

i’ll be the first to hold up zootropolis as a great buddy movie, but at the same time, there’s no denying that judy’s the protagonist. the focus is tightly on her. she’s in every single scene, with the sole exception of nick’s flashback, which is being narrated directly to her. nick, meanwhile, doesn’t actually show up until 18 minutes into the film.

the film is indisputably judy’s story. it’s her journey, her character arc. so it’d be awesome to switch things around in the sequel. give nick the primary focus, have his character development be front and centre.

don’t for a second take this to mean i want attention away from judy. it needs to be about both of them. and they don’t need to stick as closely to nick, at least physically. if the movie is made better by showing some scenes of judy by herself, then go for it. besides, their partnership should be on full display, because that’s what we’re all dying to see more of.

but partnership is about sharing. nick’s already been the deuteragonist, supporting judy through her story arc. it’d be nice to return the favour, is all.

then, thusly balanced, they can share the spotlight equally in zoopledoop 3

anonymous asked:

I think Ashley might be more inclined to answer this. 6.12 Quinn's ambiguous death (sorry can't let go) Anyone thats not on board with the Quinnspiracy I'm sorry but I don't get it? How can ppl NOT believe that Q is alive? If Gansa wanted Q dead he'd be DEAD - shot in the head would do it. BC are we meant to believe the Deltas (highly trained warfighters) were very bad shots &/or managed to somehow MISS Q's head & chest? Gansa did that for a reason & the reason is he didnt want to kill Q.

Ashley is super busy today so I’ll take it. You’ve given me a GREAT opportunity to post our laundry list of Quinnspiracy “evidence.” I worked on this with @pinkys143 when we were reaching out to a reporter… and I’m proud of it. It almost convinced me.

  • Carrie didn’t touch him (get a pulse).
  • He had just been given an alternate identity by Dar in the prior episode.
  • He was shot in the shoulders when all season long they had a running line about how the shoulder was the “safe place” to be shot.
  • He “died” last year and lived.
  • The light saved him last year and he walked into the light this year.
  • The whole plot this year was about fake news.
  • Half of season 3 was a big viewer fake out when Carrie and Saul plotted to put her in a psych ward to draw out Javadi.
  • Gansa has used the ruse trope in his other shows to fake-out the audience.
  • They never showed a memorial.
  • There was no cast send off for Rupert or press release from SHO confirming the send off.
  • It’s just bizarre storytelling to torture a character for two years without any redemption. Oh, and a three year love story in which nothing happened.
Just A Lil' Update

Sorry to bother you, lovelies. I’ve just had such a great day not to share.

Today, I had a unilateral breast reduction, to treat a condition called asymmetrical breast hypertrophy.

Surgery went perfectly! It’s my first surgery ever, too. I had no reaction to narcotics, so no vomiting (which I was a bit nervous about, since I have a family history of bad reactions to post surgery)!

I’m already back at my hotel room, so not need to even stay overnight in hospital.

I’m just so grateful everything went smoothly, to be happy and healthy, and that I can finally live my life to its fullest potential!

Sorry for rambling! Sending you dears all the positive energy I’ve been blessed with!💘

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Hey Emily, so sorry if you've answered this already. I do apologise for the repetition. I'm from Australia and I would love to be able to get a copy of your book. Is ordering still available at this date? Should I wait for the release date? Which website and payment method? So sorry to bombard you with so many questions. Hope you have a great day!

Hi! I’m going to write a post about it tomorrow and include links to where you can pre-order! I was just waiting until it was available on multiple websites so everybody has a choice when it comes to pre-ordering. It is released on the 1st of November but you can certainly pre-order. It’s also available to pre-order on Australian websites and they’ll be included in the post tomorrow.

I’m about to go to bed but check back tomorrow when I make the post about it to see what choices you have to pre-order if that’s what you want to do! Have a great day yourself!

UPDATE: More to come???

Hey so I just wanted to make a post saying thank you guys for apparating in wotl if you did. This event wouldn’t be that great without you. Sorry for taken forever to make this post!! I wanted to wait until I closed the survey on how we did. 

From the what I got as review it seems that everyone wants the event to come back!! Yay :D !!! So this event will happen again!!! On more serious note, it seems a few of you are confuse on somethings about this event/blog (maybe you’re new or never saw some posts from the past).  So here’s to make somethings more clear:

1) Only one person is working on the event/running this blog at this time. I know I say we a lot but I don’t like saying I in posts??? like we’re all in this together???

2) if you want updates for the event, and see posts without having to dig in the tags follow this blog!!! Oh my goodness!! If you want the lowdown on this event you need to follow this blog!!!! Half of this blog is meant to reblog posts so you guys don’t have to dig looking for them in the tags and the other half is to get updates. (I will make a different post on the subject if your posts aren’t showing up in tags)

3) I can’t force artist/fans to make posts or participate in general. If someone doesn’t want to make posts or reblog or like any posts at all, than there’s nothing I can do. 

4) If you want this event to get bigger you need to reblog posts about this event and tell friends about this event. I’m limited by my follower count (which isn’t much), and this event is very much word of mouth. If I had the money and tumblr had a good ad system I would totally buy ads for this event, but I can’t. sorry :(

5) There’s is around 2 to 3 months between the events so far, and I plan to keep it a few months between each event. I don’t spring these events up the day of. There have been a post for each event with the dates and themes circling around during those months before the event. 

6) So far each event’s theme is and has been picked by you guys via poll. The only thing I do is give a list of themes, add any that are in demand, and whatever themes that are picked I put them in an order that makes sense. Such as I put free day on Wednesday because it’s halfway through the week. Last event I put suits and transforming on opposites ends of the week because they’re similar but very different. 

I have decided that the next wotl that I will pick everything. Some of you seem to not get the whole “take this survey to choose themes” and will still get mad at me if two themes are similar. I will also pick the date sinces you guys get mad at that even if it’s part of the survey :/ …I already know when and I have most of the themes picked out. I’ll post the dates and themes soon!! :)

And Finally, I will be looking for an admin to help me with some stuff. I get really stressed with this blog and I think another admin would help. A big reason why I’m looking for a new admin is that it seems from the survey you guys want this blog to not only be about the event but also post/reblog about female character fromt toku in general.  I’ll make a different post about what I’m looking for an admin.

Thank you for reading!!! If you have any comments, questions, or concerns send me an ask or message. I’ll get to them as soon as possible.

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anonymous asked:

could you recommend me some european films to watch? the genre doesn't matter, and neither does the language. thank you <3

OH HEI ANON SORRY I forgot to reply to this and then I remembered now that another anon asked for movie recs ops okay I’ll try to be brief

  • italian: for comedies I love monicelli best (i soliti ignoti and l’armata brancaleone are my faves), fellini’s best is definitely 8 e ½ but you should probably see la dolce vita, leone’s movies are the best westerns (all of them) but corbucci’s the great silence is also a gem of a movie and all the neorealism is good tho my faves are rome open city, germany year zero, umberto D and the bicycle thieves. luchino visconti is your go-to for The Most Refined Director In Italian Cinema virtually all his stuff is great. for newer stuff… I like moretti’s movies but they’re not to everyone’s taste, matteo garrone is a v. good director tho not always to my taste but he might be to others, I loved they call me jeeg/lo chiamavano jeeg robot lately ;_; also ozpetek’s movies are fairly nice among the new stuff, and giuliano montaldo is where you should go for old school political movies - sacco and vanzetti is my fave
  • french: my fave french director is truffaut and I mentioned some movies of his in the post just above this, but I also really love renoir (la grande illusion will forever make me cry and the rules of the game is a gem) and cluzot (the crow is his best), I occasionally like godard as well tho with the nouvelle vague I’m… let’s just say I like truffaut best lol also ROBERT BRESSON GOD I LOVE BRESSON’S MOVIES pickpocket, the trial of jeanne d’arc, au hasard balthazar and the ladies of the Bois de Boulogne are some of my favorite things ;;
  • german: I could be more well-versed with germans but my uber-fave is wim wenders who I realize is kinda not a popular choice but hey I like whatever he makes iDEK. my fave is der himmel uber berlin along with the american friend, but I also loved buena vista social club, faraway so close (EVERYONE HATES IT IDK WHY I LOVED IT) and million dollar hotel (DITTO) and until the end of the world. I’m told fassbinder is excellent but I haven’t seen enough of his good stuff so I can’t say anything BUT out of recent german cinema I watched, the life of others and goodbye, lenin were really good, along with the downfall. however if you’re cool with silent germans, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out murnau, dreyer, lang and lubitsch and their subsequent american movies - murnau’s are all amazing esp nosferatu and the last laugh, with lang my fave german ones are M and metropolis and lubitsch is just.. everything he touched was gold okay, and same for dreyer (my favorite is vampyr but really a+++ stuff everywhere)
  • if you look here I have recommended a lot of british movies but I’ll leave a friendly reminder to check out my pal ken loach always because he’s the-best-ever, plus branagh if you want good shakespeare adaptations
  • swedish: I only know ingmar bergman fairly decently but BERGMAN IS A FUCKING AMAZING DIRECTOR so… the place of the strawberries, the seventh sigil and… ugh idk the proper english name but like, the virgin’s fountain or something of the kind are good places to start out
  • finnish: same as before, the only finnish director I know halfway decently is aki kaurismaki but he’s also a very amazing director. pls check out le havre, the man without a past and the other side of hope
  • russian: EISENSTEIN GUYS yeah okay I’m always at silent movies but battleship potemkin, strike and october are excellent ways to start out

aaand like my knowledge of spanish/portoguese classics is absolutely shit past luis bunuel but bunuel is an amazing fucking great director so anything of his you wanna watch is amazing. for the british/english language pls check out the other post. 

anyway, my only advice is avoid von trier and his pals because i’ve never seen such pretentious movies in my entire life :P

A Rant Regarding The Great Comet

I am posting this on behalf of the recent news i have been hearing about regarding how Okieriete Onaodowan, aka Oak will be stepping down from his role as Pierre in the broadway Production Natasha, Pierre, and The Great Comet of 1812 to “make room” for Mandy Patinkin to undergo the role in August. I was quite enraged when I learned this, not because I think the producers/casting directors made this decision out of racism, but because no matter the reason it is still extremely unfair for Oak. If you don’t mind, i will provide some reasons to defend my opinion.








(Yes, I’m sure Mandy Patinkin will do great, but nonetheless Oak deserves better. And most articles did state that he will be returning to his role in the fall or winter, but it is still unacceptable.)

That is now all I have to say.

Thank you for reading this, if you did.

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My fav Phan moment is when someone asked Dan "What would you do if you had 30 seconds left to live?" and he responded "ring phil" It's just the cutest thing ever ^-^


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whoa I didn't know there was more than one way to describe demiboy (or demigirl&deminonbirary but I'm gonna be using demiboy right now since I am one)??? like nano and magi are great prefixes??? since I'm like more boy (75% ish) than agender (25% ish) I'm a magiboy h o l y.... magical demiboy Fancy I'm love this??? Sorry if I does make sense but honestly good idea for a positivity post: magiboys, magigirls, and maginonbinary are ~magical~

oh my gosh ur so cute aaaaaaaaaa im so glad ur a magical magiboy my dude!!! *throws sparkles*

i also greatly appreciate ur typing style

 - mod daria

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Okay so youre like, SO GOOD at writing characters that arent inherently villainous in a villainous fashion. If that makes sense. Basically im in love with your traitornari scenario and ive reread it about 1,000 times. Would it be possible to get something similar but with villain!deku? Like, it doesnt have to be nsfw (altho thatd be great) but ive been itching to read one where the s/o is totally down to betray everyone cause they love him so much?? Sorry if this is a bother,,

asdhadasdasdaswdasdiu;ashd I’ve read this message so so many times now and it made me so happy. Thank you so much for saying that it means a lot. But YES making sweet characters be not so sweet is really fun and I’d love to do the same for Deku. I can’t really guarantee that same level of nsfw so it would probably come out more nsfwish. 

Anyway I love the premise of this so please go ahead and send in the request. Add in a little more detail if you like and I’ll have some fun with it.

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My fav phan moment is when they're doing the radio show and that song that's like "I won't give up on us..." is playing (idk the title sorry) and the boys just look at each other

they just expose themselves and I live for it

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One of the things that bothers me so much about this Broadway season is that many of Great Comet’ defining aspects were things repeatedly praised in Hamilton only last year, yet they were largely ignored in GC’s production. 

Everyone (not just the Broadway tumblr fanbase, I’m also referring to the mainstream media) praised Hamilton for its diversity, and rightfully so. And while Great Comet was not as diverse as Hamilton, its use of racially blind casting should be used as a model for all future productions. Denée Benton, a black woman with natural hair playing a romantic lead of a prominent musical about old Russians, is damn groundbreaking. Oak’s upcoming turn as Pierre proves this commitment to diversity by the show. Yes, Hamilton did this last year, but one show acting in this way does not excuse ignoring others for doing the same.

Everyone praised Hamilton for seamlessly blended together multiple genres of music; again, rightfully so. Great Comet did this to an even greater extent. Dave Malloy’s score beautifully combined seemingly every genre to create a cohesive, genius piece of work. He utilized these different genres to describe his characters so subtly no one realizes he’s doing it. I could take for pages about how his score is a damn masterpiece, but the point lies in that Hamilton was widely praised for doing the very thing Great Comet is being ignored (or even downright criticized) for.

Finally, many praised Lin’s using of an unconventional source material to tell an excellent Broadway musical. But, again, Dave Malloy looking at a tiny sliver of a classic novel and deciding it should be an electropop opera musical? How? He took something so frequently adapted and made it incredibly original in ways many do not realize. It’s quite frustrating to see writers using the War & Peace origins as only an introductory statement instead of the praise it should be.

tl;dr: I’m just really pissed so many people ignore Great Comet’s successes in the very categories they praised Hamilton for okay sorry for the rant