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“Hey,” mumbled Tooru, eyes of ember and gold full of tenderness. Hajime knew that only he was blessed with this sight. He was gorgeous. (He wouldn’t tell this to Tooru though) 

“Hey, Sleepykawa.” Hajime couldn’t help a grin. He was blessed. (He wouldn’t say this either)

“So rude, Iwa-chan!” chuckled Tooru.

Lazy and quiet afternoons like this were by far his favorite.


A quick sheith animatic I threw together for Valentine’s Day ♥

this is supposed to be kind of a warm up before I start working on my bigger sheith project~

Home (Sidlink oneshot)

Here’s some more sidlink. This one is really short and fluffy but oh well.

Pairing: Sidlink (prince sidon x link)

Fandom: Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild

Rating: G

Word Count: 689 (Wow this one is really short sorry.)

Warnings: PDA

Most people just looked at Link strangely whenever he talked about ‘home.’ Out of all the places he had discovered during his travels, why would the Zora Domain be the one he considered ‘home’?

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more au ideas no one asked for
  • “you’re super short and i’m sorry but it’s really really cute whenever you try to reach that book on the top shelf here lemme help you- oh no don’t be embarrassed, your face is all red and you’re even more adorable now i am going to die” au
  • “i’m a biker and one day i was biking in your neighborhood while you just happened to be outside watering the plants and since you’re so goddamn cute i accidentally steered into a pole and now you’re giving me first aid (holy shit you’re even cuter up close)” au
    • “you’re biking through my neighborhood and you ran into a pole so now i’m really concerned and patching you up, oh my gosh you’re really hot even though you have a bloody nose” au
  • “i’m at a karaoke bar and i’m sober enough to realize that your voice singing my absolute favorite song is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever heard, and you caught me staring and winked at me oh shit” au
  • “you fell asleep on my shoulder on the plane ride and i would ask you to move but you look so comfy and adorable when you sleep. also you smell really good and the feeling of your breath on my skin is somewhat relaxing, maybe we can go out to lunch in this shitty airport when you wake up?” au
  • “you’re so perfect and i’m in love with you but i’ve never actually met you and you keep avoiding meeting up, so i called nev and max to help me figure out whether or not you’re catfishing me” au
    • “whoa it turns out you were actually just super shy and you’re even cuter in person pls kiss me in front of all these cameras” au to followup with that
  • “i’m a quiktrip worker and whenever I work a night shift, you always arrive and buy like 3 cans of redbull and you look exhausted, do you need some help? are you okay?” au
  • “you invited me to your brother’s/sister’s wedding as a plus one bc we’re hella best friends but we end up making out at the afterparty and now everyone thinks we’re fucking so uh,, u wanna go out for a drink sometime? try this whole couple thing out?” au
  • “my sister tried to set me up with her friend but little does she know that i am hella gay and i end up falling in love with her smoking hot brother, and whenever i hang at her place we always tell my sister that it’s for a date when really she’s now just trying to set me up with her brother” au
    • (this can be tweaked in any way to fit your otp :p)
  • “i’m one of those talk show stars that walks up to random people on the streets and asks them really obscure questions, and you’re really cute and camera shy and i’m sorry but it’s adorable how you stutter when you’re nervous, uh, perhaps when there aren’t so many cameras surrounding me i can buy you a drink?” au
    • “you just came up to me on the street and asked where the weirdest place i had sex was and i’m assuming it’s for one of those talk show things, but i’m really nervous because you’re really really hot in that suit holy shit” au
  • “will you stop flirting with me you just got seriously injured and i’m the EMT trying to tend to your wounds in the ambulance, i don’t give a fuck that i look cute when i’m concerned, you’re lucky you’re not dead you dipshit” au
  • “my mom/sister/dad/brother/best friend doesn’t know we’re dating but one day he/she/they walked in on us making out and started cheering oh my god this is so embarrassing i’m so sorry” au
  • “you have fire powers and i have ice powers and one day you save my ass and even though we’re supposed to be rivals, you’re actually really really cute and warm can i just stay in your arms forever bc i am perpetually cold” au
    • “you have ice powers and i have fire powers and i save your sorry ass from getting hurt/killed, okay i know we’re supposed to be rivals according to every legend ever but you’re adorable and wow you’re really cold, would you like me to warm you up?” au
  • “i’m so sorry i’ve been stowing away on your ship but i’m lonely and tired and starving with nowhere to go so please take pity on my poor soul bc you’re the sweetest pirate i have ever met and since we’re in the middle of the ocean now there’s no way you’re taking me back to land anytime soon” au
    • “i would be furious at you for stowing away on my ship if it weren’t for the fact that you look really sick and sad can i help you” au
  • “dude why did that siren take on my image to try and seduce you, is there something you wanna tell me” au
  • “I’m an elf with really bad aim so while hunting i accidentally shot you in the shoulder with an arrow i’m so sorry can i make it up to you in any way? oh shit you’re a wizard, please don’t turn me into a frog i’ll do anything you want me to” au
  • “we’re coworkers and all the other employees ship us so just for fun we all go out clubbing/to a bar but little do we know its actually a plot they set up to get us to realize our supposed love for each other. wait you’re actually a really good dancer and your laugh is so endearing and, holy shit, maybe our colleagues were right” au
  • “i catch you at the bus terminal shivering your ass off because it’s 30 degrees and for some godforsaken reason you’re wearing a short sleeve t shirt, so out of pity i lend you my hoodie and you look so surprised it’s the cutest thing i’ve ever seen, setting aside the fact that you’re a goddamn idiot, do you want to get sick?” au
    • (cont.) “you look so sad and cold that i just tell you to keep my hoodie b/c you obviously need it more than i do. a week later i see you at a coffee shop/book store/etc. and you’re wearing my hoodie which you look so fucking tiny and cute in, and you just saw me and you look super embarrassed; you offer me it back but i tell you it suits you more and we end up talking and i buy you a drink” au
  • “we’re partners in cupcake wars and i never realized how cute you look with frosting on your face until now but no distractions, we have to fucking pummel these other teams because we are the best goddamn cupcake company in the universe WE CAN DO THIS” au
  • “i’m swimming laps in a lake alone at night and i thought no one else was here but i just swam right into you and uh?? you’re not wearing a shirt and you’re hot as hell pl ease take me right here” au
  • “i took you to my family’s lakehouse and we went jetskiing which you were so adorably excited about b/c you’ve never been, and when we drove around on the water at ungodly speeds u held onto me b/c there was nothing else to hold onto” au
  • “my friends dared me to buy 20 condoms but i didn’t realize that the cute cashier would be working tonight so i avoided eye contact as i piled them onto the counter and please stop laughing so hard, oh my god it’s for a dare okay i’ve never had sex in my life and once you stopped laughing, i swear i fell in love with that sparkle in your eye as you grinned wildly at me and asked me out for a drink” au
  • “i accidentally called the wrong skype number and it turns out the person i called was you and you’re in a different time zone, so it’s 3am where you are and you just woke up and look fucking pissed but you’re cute so… let’s do this again when you’re not asleep. i’m more than willing to stay up into the dead of night to talk to you” au
  • “i’m a radio host who indirectly mentions you and flirts with you on my show but you’re so goddamn clueless, please just notice me i’m so desperate for you it’s kind of sad (see: welcome to night vale)” au

anonymous asked:

"Where did all these puppies come from?" Shiro to s/o

Okay but hear me out: Shiro and huskies. Husky PUPPIES. I’m dead. I’m officially dead.

Also sorry this one wasn’t as good as either of us hoped for, I promise I’ll try again later!

– Ryan

“Where did all these puppies come from?” You hear the deadpan come from behind you, and you have to will yourself to turn away from the collection of Husky puppies at your lap. You sit on the floor, where it’s easier to have them climbing and stumbling all over you.

Shiro looks down on you with a look that can only be defined as disapproving.

“Look at how cute these puppies are, Shiro, there’s–”


“But Shiro–”


“You don’t even know what I was going to say.” You pout at your boyfriend, and holding one of the pups in your arms, you carefully stand up. He resists your cute charms even with a puppy in your arms. Damn, he’s gotten good.

“Whatever it is, it’s not a good idea.” He shakes his head at you, crossing his arms. It’s the stern father routine. But you think you can shake him.

“So what, is abandoning them on some random planet – that may or may not be hospitable – a better idea?” You raise an eyebrow at him, and he looks down to the puppies. Without your lap there, they’ve begun to climb on top of themselves, and give out tiny, squeaky barks.

“W-well…” Shiro falters, and due to his moment of weakness, he’s ensnared by the trap the puppies pose. The smallest puppy approaches him, and tries to climb up his leg, yipping the entire time. Each time the puppy falls, she gets right back up and tries again.

Shiro’s heart breaks and melts at the same time, and you know he’s finished. You smirk.

“Looks like she’s chosen who she wants to be with.” You say, turning from Shiro who caves, and bends down to scoop the husky into his hands, and look at the litter of the six remaining puppies. “Time to find out who else belongs with who.”

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Five Things Tag

Thank you very much @small-and-nerdy​! Cute smol bean, as deigned by the ever sagacious @viridian99​. Your answers were a riot. Who eats lemons like oranges!? 😭

Five Things You’ll Find In My Bag

  • My favourite pink lipstick (if I accidentally forget it, I go back to grab it)
  • A packet of mints
  • Mobile phone
  • Credit cards/cash
  • Keys (my handbag/clutch thing is pretty damn small so you can’t fit anything beyond the essentials).

Five Things You’ll Find In My Bedroom

  • This huge hanging portrait of my Dragon Age: Inquisition Collector’s Edition tarot card deck I got framed. Not into tarot reading, but the art is gorgeous.
  • My two limited edition UE Boom speakers for when I’m cranking up that music.
  • My signed copy of A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. Always rereading a few pages here and there.
  • Having said that: my Kindle.
  • There’s this board I bought to hang up merchandise I’ve purchased from various conventions. Mostly anime stuff.

Five Things You’ve Always Wanted To Do

  • Make a movie (freaking Damien Chazelle: only 31 and already has an Oscar for Best Director).
  • Read the entire canon of literature.
  • Steal my best friend’s dog.
  • Become fluent in my second language.
  • Control time.

Five Things That Make You Happy

  • When you’re so engrossed in a good book/video game/story time seems to stop.
  • Going to the cinema.
  • Eating good food. Seriously. Nothing beats a good meal.
  • Hanging out with family and people I want to hang with.
  • There’s this moment in the middle of the night when all your worries and responsibilities fade away; it’s this perfect moment of bliss where you straddle the lines between today and tomorrow, and all of tomorrow’s tasks can go screw itself because you exist in this space where the moment seems to stretch on forever. You feel me?

Five Things I’m Currently Into

  • SLBP and Tumblr; they go hand in hand these days.
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda.
  • La La Land’s original soundtrack.
  • Romance novels. Hey man, there are some great romance authors out there.
  • Having said that, books in general: the one I’m currently reading is called Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance– a beautiful memoir, but also a fascinating sociological and cultural exploration of white working-class America. Highly recommended.

Five Things On My To-Do List

  • Get a haircut.
  • Buy that plane ticket to see my best friend so I can steal her dog.
  • Get more sleep.
  • Catch up on so much: friends, reading, TV shows, life.
  • Beat my brother’s ass so hard in this card game we’re currently playing with visiting relatives and then lord it over his head for the rest of our lives. Petty af, but he’s beaten me too many times. We’ve had actual fights about this. 

Five Things People May Not Know About Me

  • Mentioned it a few times here, but if you met me in real life you’d be surprised at how truly introverted I am. Not shy, but the introversion is real.
  • Must write in complete silence. No music. No talking. No disturbances. Nothing. You know that image of a lone writer sitting at a cafe with their MacBook? MY ASS. As if that’s real. Same goes for prolonged reading of any kind. It’s why I wait to read fanfiction; can’t do it on the go.
  • I swear. A whole lot. Think you’d be shocked. But the real deal is only in front of family/close friends.
  • My parents are as much my friends as they are parents to me.
  • It actually makes me really sad that my best friend’s dog doesn’t like me as much as I love her. 😭😭😭

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3 Billion Dollars [Part 9] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

Originally posted by s-tttop

Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped.

Genre: Angst? fluff?

Warning: None really

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8} {part 9} {part 10} {part 11}

A/N: Sorry this one is really short. Although the next one is gonna be intense. I hope you like it! My inbox is always open.

~ Brooklyn


Ji Yong woke up from the sunlight that shined into your room. It took him a minute to take in his surroundings, a lazy smile coming onto his face as he remembered what happened the night before. He looked down, confirming the events of the night. He smiled down at your sleeping figure. The light shined down on you at the perfect angle, lighting up your hair and giving your face an angelic look. Ji Yong draws light patterns on your skin with his thumb as he closed his eyes. He stayed with you, relaxing before he had to go back to work.

Ji Yong watches as you stirred in your sleep, slowly waking up from your dream. He smiled and brushed your hair back from his face. Slowly you woke up, your eyes opening. You look up at Ji Yong, who smiled down at you. You gave him a half-hearted smile, only to close your eyes and nuzzle your head against his chest until you got comfortable. He smiled, pulling you close to him again.

“I have to go to work princess,” Ji Yong said. You groaned but didn’t move. He laughed lightly and brushed his fingers through your hair, detangling it slowly as he brushed them through. You relaxed into him more, refusing to get up. He chuckled deeply, and you could feel his chest vibrate. “I don’t want to either, but I have to.”

“Don’t go,” you whined quietly. He smiled down at you. You leaned off of his chest and looked up at him. You guys stared into each other’s eyes for a minute. He continued to stroke your hair, lightly pushing back all small strands.

“I don’t want to princess,” Ji Yong said quietly. He pulled you closer, kissing your forehead lightly. He pushed you away from him enough for him to look at your face. He smiled softly, your eyes shining as you stared at him. He lightly pushed you away from him so he could get up. You followed his actions and sat up on the bed. You wrapped your arms around his waist, leaning your head against his back. He smiled and chuckled lightly. “I’ll be back tonight okay?”

“Promise?” You asked. You pulled away from your hug and looked him in the eyes. He smiled at you and nodded his head.

“I promise.” He got off of the bed and stood up. You watched him as he bent down and grabbed his shirt, putting it on. He smiled at you and petted Ai as he slept in the sunshine. He rubbed your arm and sat down on the bed next to you. “I don’t expect you to bounce back easily after seeing that. If you need anything from me, and I mean anything, time, a hug, anything let me know. Okay?”

“Okay Yongie,” you say. You smiled softly at him. He returned it with a smile of his own and pulled you into a tight hug that you leaned into. After pulling away he got up and headed towards the cream colored door. He smiled one last time at you before opening the door and leaving.

You sighed as you aimlessly petted Ai. The image of your dad still seemed to haunt you every time you closed your eyes. The fact that you were now without any family also seemed to repeat in your mind. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. You opened your eyes and got up and headed for the shower, needing something to relax now that Ji Yong was gone.


Things had gotten better after talking to Ji Yong. You had felt a bit better in the house, feeling more protected and loved than you did before talking to him. You had grown to be more comfortable around the house. It was a blessing that you honestly deserved.

A few months had passed since the incident at your house. You had accepted a few things since then, but it took a lot of nightmares, Ji Yong’s cuddles, and a lot of ranting. Time really does heal the heart though, and as you continued to learn about how the mafia works, the more independent you became. You depended less on Seungri and Youngbae to lead you everywhere, although you still had guards thanks to Ji Yong’s. People began to give you better looks as you walked pass them. It was a good new change.

You had also developed a schedule in the past few months as well. You would wake up with Ji Yong next to you, holding you tightly against him. He’d leave with a small goodbye and you’d get ready for the day. You’d read or draw a little while eating breakfast, wanting to spend a little time for yourself before you got started.

After an hour later Seungri and Daesung would knock on your door and take you away for training. Seungri would work on your knife throwing, spending forty-five minutes on just throwing than another forty-five working on new stuff. Daesung helps you with hand to hand combat. He’d practice with you for thirty minutes then works on new stuff for an hour. It became your main stress reliever. The physical exhaustion becoming the best easiest way to sleep easily, other than Ji’s cuddles.

After your training though you’d go to lunch with Mr. Kwon. He’d ask you how everything was doing, how your training was going, and if you’re feeling comfortable. Mr. Kwon had started to become a private therapist to you. He listened as you talked to him about your family. Although he wasn’t fond of your dad, he did seem to care about you and your wellbeing. It was nice. He seemed to understand what you were going through. He understood the pain of losing family, and that one similarity had helped start a connection between the two of you.

The rest of the day would be just you in your room. If you were lucky one of the four boys would join you and you’d talk. It was relaxing at this point, a good time to bring your heart rate down after training. It was also the time where you would run errands if you needed too. When the kitchen was running low on food one of the boys would take you to the supermarket and help you pick out food. It was always one of your favorite times of day because somebody was always with you whenever you needed a friend.

Your all time favorite time though was right before you’d go to sleep. Ji Yong would slip into your room before you’d get in bed. He’d take off his shirt, and occasionally his pants, and he’d slip into bed with you. He’d hold you against his chest and you would talk about your day. He’d talk about the meetings and the crazy people he’d meet, and you’d talk about your time with the boys, making sure to avoid any mention of training. It was relaxing, especially when he’d run his hands through your hair as you’d talk. As you fall asleep he would kiss your forehead and fall asleep as well. When you’d wake up, you’d be right next to a sleep Ji Yong and you’re ready to start the day.

Although today was a little different. You woke up next to Ji Yong, like usual. You watch him leave with a smile, wishing him the best of luck today. And you got ready for your day, a quick morning shower to wash away any trace of sleep, brushing your teeth, and Ai’s mandatory petting that he demanded to have. It seemed to be a good morning. As you waited for Seungri and Daesung to go to training with you, you heard something. It wasn’t a usual something, but something that sounded off. It was a thumping sound, but it was a bit faded. Although it wasn’t something major, but you couldn’t help the feeling that something is wrong.

Ji Yong frowned as he heard something crash. It wasn’t the sound of glass breaking, but the sound of something hard hitting the ground. What alarmed him the most was the sound of gunshots that followed the noise. He looked at the oldest Seunghyun alarmed. Grabbing his gun, Ji Yong left his office and went towards the sound, Seunghyun following behind him. He frowned as his mind flashed to you. As Ji Yong went into the lobby he saw who caused the problem. In front of him stood Flynn, a gun in his hand and an array of dead bodies littered around the ground. Flynn smiled wickedly at Ji Yong.

“Looks like I finally got the Dragon out of its cave. Nice to finally see you face to face G Dragon.” Flynn talked so smoothly and effortlessly, it made Ji Yong frown.

“You better have a good reason to show up here,” Ji Yong said. He his anger easily, but he still planned how he was gonna slowly kill Flynn. Flynn smiled and then looked at Seunghyun.

“The infamous T.O.P, ruthless to those who oppose him and his family. Never thought I would get you out here.” Seungri came rushing into the lobby, Youngbae and Daesung following behind him. Flynn looked at the boys amused. Each of them had a weapon in their hands. “Looks like I really brought out the big boys.”

“What do you want?” Ji Yong said. Annoyance filling his voice. Flynn looked behind Ji Yong his smile softening as he saw a female figure in the distance. Ji Yong’s eyes widened as he heard your voice.

“Flynn oppa?”

anonymous asked:

Your You neso is adorable, i love the >:) face that it she has o(≧▽≦)o. I was inspired to get one as well after your You birthday trip and I was wondering what size yours was? Sorry about the scrub question, I'm fairly new to nesos ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

Aaah, don’t worry! I’m fairly new to nesos as well! You-chan is my first nesoberi and I’ve had her for less than a month :)

You-chan is flattered that you think she’s adorable (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

She’s from the MJNN Summer Uniform set! MJNN stands for Mega Jumbo Nesoberi Nuigurumi and refers to a specific size of neso — about 40cm in length and 20cm in height aka big enough to hug. Her head is even bigger than mine (:D)| ̄|_ They’ve been releasing one neso for this set every month for the past few months. All the first years and second years have already been released, I think… Dia? just came out, and Kanan and Mari haven’t been released yet.

As for buying a neso, I’m not sure where you’re located, but your best deal would be getting a neso from a UFO machine in Japan (bring someone who’s good with UFO machines to a game center with you and you can get one for real cheap! (•̀ ∀ •́)ﻭ✧). If you’re not in Japan, you’ll pretty much have to pay at least USD$40 to get one. There’s one left on Amazon for about USD$44 (shipping included) and two left on Amazon JP for ¥2950 (without shipping). Mandarake usually stocks nesos as well, but I’m pretty sure You is sold out by now (she came out waaaay back in December). Major cons usually have at least a few dealers who sell nesoberi, though You will sell out faster, and usually for a more expensive price because of her popularity. Yahoo! Auctions is also an option for buying nesos secondhand.

Nesoberi sizes can range from keychain-size to a whopping 50cm in length. There’s a nice guide to neso size here, if you’re curious!

mellarkablegirl  asked:

for a prompt request: single mom katniss takes her infant daughter to college because her babysitter cancels , and her classmate Peeta helps take care of the kid so K can concentrate. .

So this took me a loooong time, and I’m sorry for that, @mellarkablegirl. I had some trouble with this prompt because it’s a little out of my comfort zone and I tweaked it a little bit. I hope that’s okay and that it’s worth the wait.

A HUGE thank you to @papofglencoe for the quick beta work and encouragement!!<3


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Request: May I have a Bellamy blake imagine with prompt number 1?? Ps: love your writing

1: “You’re the only thing left that is important to me now.”

Requested by: anonymous.

AN: This ones really short, and i’m sorry. I just didn’t have much inspiration for it! Sorry!

Warnings: none.

Originally posted by chatnoirs-baton

You stood next to Bellamy in a comfortable silence, feeling the guilt radiate off him as you watched Octavia stalk off in anger. You winced when you caught sight of Bellamy again, his face bruised and bloodied. He deserved it, you knew, but that didn’t help the fact that maybe Octavia had taken it a step too far.

“Bellamy..” You whispered, reaching up to help him but he shoved your hand away.

“Please, Y/N. I deserved this. I deserved this. I need this.” He said, frantically trying to take in all the pain and it made you feel even worse.

The crowd had gone off, too concerned with Octavia but you had stayed. You needed to. There was no where else to go. Not now. Not now when the man beside you had killed the only important thing left to you.

You looked to Bellamy, staring in a mix of pity and hatred because he’d killed your grounder brother despite falling in love with you. But staring at him, you should hate him. You should hate him as much as Octavia apparently did, but you just couldn’t find yourself to do so.

Not now. Not when you’d really end up alone otherwise.

So instead, you shoved his hand away and helped him, ignoring the way he stared pathetically at you.

“Why…?” He whispered, his breath hitting your neck. You shook your head, hatred in your eyes but your heart swelling with pity.

“You’re the only thing left that is important to me now.”


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Request :  Hi you’re taking requests right~? Could I please ask for a scenario with a doctor!jimin? The plot is up to you ^^ Thank you 💖💖

Authors Note: Hey! So I’m making this a hate turns into love type of story. I’m also probably going to turn this into smut cause Jimin deserves a smut, esp with how he’s been making me feel lately. LOL. Anyway, I dont know how many parts this is gonna have but I’m thinking the maximum is just three. So, stay tuned. I’m also sorry if there are errors, I tried proof reading but I know I always have mistakes either way. Hope you enjoy! Tell me what you think ;)

Note: There is a slight mention of blood, nothing major but I still have to warn you.


Fuck shit. Fuck. Shit.

Fucking shit. 

You throw your head back, eyes trying to look anywhere else rather than on the cut on your best friend’s leg. You tap your foot unconsciously against the porcelain tiles, listening to the constant cry of the baby a few beds away. You nibble on your lower lip, your fingers drumming against your thigh as your thoughts start consuming you. 

“Y/n Calm down, I’m not dying.” You hear Yoongi say and you all but glare at him, your jaw locking as you place your hands on your hips. 

“You’re bleeding a god damn lake, Yoongi. I swear, I dont even know why you’re so calm about this.” You growl, eyes scanning for the nurse you had talked to earlier. 

“She said a doctor would be here soon, just calm down.” Yoongi sighs before leaning back against his bed, grabbing his phone and checking his social media accounts. 

“I will not, you could get an infection or fucking bleed to death. You are not dying on me today, Yoongi. Now where the hell are the doctors here?!” You growl, gaining the attention of the rest of the patients waiting to be attended. 

“Ma'am, I’m so sorry but we’re really short staffed today.” One nurse had muttered, checking on one of the patients beside Yoongi’s bed.She eyes you nervously as you glare at her only to be called out by Yoongi, telling you not to scare the poor girl.  

“How do you become short staffed at a hospital? Is that even legal?” You mumble, eyes scanning the hallway before you catch sight of a shade of white. 

“What about that one? Is he a doctor?” You ask the nurse, pointing to the blonde haired boy who was looking down at his phone, hands buried in the pockets of his white coat. 

“Ah,” The nurse purses her lips “Yes but-" 

"Hey! Doctor blonde!” You call out, hands waving as you try to get his attention. The said doctor furrows his eyebrows but continues to walk forward, ignoring your attempt.

“Hey! Do you hear me or not? Blonde boy!” You all but growl, feeling the irritation seep through you at the amount of bad service you were getting. You were about to call out to him again, a list of insults floating in your mind, but he snaps his head up, eyebrows arching as he places his phone back in his pockets. 

“May I help you?” He asks, his gaze threatening, telling you he wasn’t pleased with the way you had called for his attention. 

You couldn’t give a damn what he thought.

“My friend is bleeding like hell here and before any nurse can touch him they apparently need consent from one of the doctors.” You place your hands on your hips “We’ve been here for an hour and no doctor has even tried looking at him." 

"Well I’m sorry but I’m on my break. Another one of my colleagues will probably tend to him soon.” He shrugs, just about ready to walk away. 

“Listen here short fry, another one of your colleagues will be tending to a lot more people if you don’t check on him. NOW.” You hiss, watching as he stops on his tracks, his arms suddenly tightening as he his jaws clenched.

 "What did you just call me?“ He angled his head back to look at you and you arch your eyebrow up to challenge him.

Short fry.“ You smile "So, are you going to do your job or what?" 

His mouth flies open in a scoff as he fully turns his body to look at you "What makes you think I’d want to help you after the way you’ve just spoken to me?”

“How about my complaint letter if you don’t?” You shrug. Screw good manners. You could see the pain in Yoongi’s face and if he wasn’t going to get treated soon, you didn’t mind unleashing hell. 

You watch the tightening of the doctor’s jaw, his gaze just about ready to cut you if he could. He takes one look at Yoongi before he lets out a sigh and starts walking forward. The smile that spreads across your face has you covering your mouth then clapping your hands.

“How’d you get the cut?” The doctor asks Yoongi as he checks the wound with caution. 

“I was out skateboarding and tripped, I kind of hit this metal rod and it opened up.” Yoongi explains and you hide the shudder that runs through you, remembering how he had called you for a ride to the hospital after the incident.

“Its nothing too deep, it’ll need stitches though and you’ll probably have to be injected to avoid an infection. I’ll get a nurse to work on it immediately and I’ll write you a prescription for pain killers.” The blonde doctor mumbles, writing a few things down while the nurse beside him nods attentively at his instructions. 

Once he was done, he gives Yoongi a light pat on the shoulder before turning around and locking eyes with you. 

“Thank-” You were about to say but the sudden smirk that covers his lips makes the words die down in your mouth. He stuffs his hands back in his pockets before he’s walking forward, bumping against your shoulders in the process. 

“You owe me for this, princess.” You hear him mutter, low enough that only you had heard. 

Owe him? 

You frown at the hallway where he had disappeared off to. The more that you thought about him, the more he started seeming familiar.

As if you’d seen him before

You purse your lips in silent thought only to jump when you hear Yoongi’s scream of pain once his wound was being cleaned. 

“I’m fine, Y/n.” Yoongi groans through the phone and you have to bite back a smile as you balance a number of boxes in your hands. The set of books you ordered had finally arrived in the mail today and you had not expected them to be boxed separately, and in such large boxes at that. You navigate yourself down your building’s main halls, lightly pressing on the elevator button while balancing the phone between your shoulder and ear. 

“Is Hoseok there? Who’ll be cooking your dinner? Are you-" 

"I’m fine. I’m ending this call, goodnight.” Yoongi quips, suddenly ending the call and your mouth immediately flies open in shock. 

“Min Yoongi! You asshole!” You growl to no one before hearing the elevator doors ding open. You step inside, relived to hear the footsteps of someone else behind you. 

“Excuse me? Could you press the button for the 15th floor?” You call out behind the pile of boxes constricting your view. 

“Sure.” Was the curt response of your companion and you sigh happily as you lean back against the steel wall, listening to the low drone of music playing in the background. You unconsciously look down, eyes studying the dark gray sneakers of your mystery companion. Your eyes slowly lift up, widening slightly when you see how tight his jeans had hugged his thighs; which were obviously shaped with muscle. 

You bite your lower lip in interest, suddenly feeling the need to at least see this mystery person’s face. With thighs like those, you were predicting him to be a six foot tall athlete with ripped arms and a smile that could kill. You had let your imagination run wild until you heard someone clearing their throat, snapping you out of your reverie.

“It’s the 15th floor.”

You jump up in shock, letting out an embarrassed laugh as you step forward. A wave of shame starts vibrating through you due to your indecent thoughts and you do your best to glue your face against the boxes you were holding as you step out the elevator doors. 


You had not expected him get off on the same floor as you, had not even expected him to be walking at the same direction as you. You frown as his footsteps match yours, even stopping when you had stopped. 

You were getting suspicious, maybe your mysterious thigh man was actually a crazed murderer. Once you stop in front of the door of your flat, you drop the boxes and turn around, ready to confront the crazed man. You open your mouth but no words come out when you’re greeted by the back side of Mr. Thighs as he opens the door of flat right across yours. You immediately shut your mouth, dropping your hands as you watch him jiggle his keys a few times before the door finally opens. You try to peak over his shoulders and see his face, just now realizing that you had never seen your neighbor a day in your life. You frown as he shuts the door behind him, not even revealing the corner of his cheeks or even the color of his hair that was tucked away under a red beanie. You purse your lips in regret before you’re shrugging your shoulders and turning back to open your door.

 So Mr. Thighs lives right across from me. 

                                                  (After 3 days) 

 "I think I lost them.” You mutter to yourself, shoulders sagging as you look at the horrible state of your room after tearing it apart just to look for your glasses. 

You let out a sigh, ruffling your hair as you turn and make your way back towards the kitchen. You switch on the TV, grabbing the knife from the kitchen counter as you return to chopping ingredients for the meal you were preparing. You take one glance at the TV, eyes smiling as the current group you were addicted to takes the stage. You hum their songs blissfully, even swaying to the beat, totally oblivious to the damage you were doing. 

“FUCK!” You scream once the knife had dug into your skin, blood immediately runs down your finger due to the small cut. You stare at your hand in horror, another wave of nausea vibrating through you. You had not known that you had let out a loud scream, had not even realized that you were shaking on the ground till a pair of hands suddenly take yours into their own. 

“What happened? Did you do this to yourself?” Your lips had dried, your mind blank as you just glanced up at who had came to your rescue. 

“It’s not that bad.” He mutters staring at your hand “It’s just bleeding a lot. Are you scared of blood?" 

You don’t answer. You just blink up, trying to see him clearly but your own fear was blinding you as you push back tears. 

"Where’s your first aid kit?” He asks again, more soothing now. 

“Second drawer to the left.” You had finally spoken, voice barely a whisper but still enough to relieve him. He pats your head lightly, moving across the room to grab the said kit before he’s back by your side. 

“This’ll sting, okay? It wont last long.” He warns you and you nod. A hiss escapes your lips as he cleanses the open wound, doing his best to be as careful as possible. A few tears slip past your cheeks and you wipe them away with the back of your free hand, embarrassed to be crying in front of a stranger. After a few minutes, while he was bandaging your wounded finger, you had finally calmed down. 

“There, all done.” He mutters, head lifting up to look at you. Once your gazes had locked, your eyes immediately widen and your mouth flies open. 

“You-You!” You gasp, using your injured hand to point at him only to groan at the sudden sharp pain that ran through you. 

“Dont do that! The wound’s still fresh!” He clicks his tongue, taking your hand back in his hand and examining it. You frown at him, eyes narrowing as you pull your hand away. 

“You’re that mean doctor a few days ago! What the hell are you doing here?” You mutter, holding your hand against your chest “Are you stalking me?" 

"No.” He frowns before running his hand through his hair “If I’d stalk someone, it definitely wont be you." 

"Then why are you here? How’d you get in?” You ask, eyes scanning him in question. He was in a plain gray shirt paired with dark blue pajama pants, his hair slightly disheveled and to top it all off, he was barefoot. 

Just where in the world had he come from? 

“I was making dinner then I suddenly heard a scream. I stepped out the door to check and I heard you scream louder so I started knocking on your door.” He shrugs, standing up then frowning at the mess that had covered your kitchen counter top. 

“I live across the hall.” He mutters, grabbing the wash cloth by the sink and starts wiping off any trace of blood that had spread over the counter top. 

Across the hall? A sudden image of masculine thighs cross your mind and your mouth flies open as you point at him. 

You’re Mr. Thighs?” The words were out of your mouth before you could stop yourself and you immediately wince as you turn away from him, your cheeks reddening. 

“I’m what?” He chokes out, eyes watching you in fascinated humor. 

“What? I didn’t say anything.” You feign innocence as you walk towards the fridge, hoping to ignore him. 

“Yes you did. Mr. Thighs? Is that your nickname for me?” The teasing tone of his voice irks you and you turn to look at him with a glare only to find him lifting up his pajama pants and exposing his thighs, studying them quietly.

“Well, they are pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.” He smiles, eyes twinkling as he meets your gaze yet again. You feel your entire face heat up as you grab a random carrot slice and fling it at him only to have the blonde boy laughing out loud.

Oh wow

Your anger had immediately subsided at the beautiful sound that caressed your ears and you suddenly felt the need to make him laugh even more just so you could hear it again. You clear your throat in embarrassment at your thoughts, turning to look at your ingredients and shivering when you see a few trails of your blood on them. 

“Guess I’ll have to order take out.” You sigh to yourself. 

“You can come over and eat at my place.” The doctor smiles at you “I was cooking earlier and I think I made more than what I could eat." 

You arch an eyebrow at him, doubting his kindness as you cross your arms over your chest 

"I don’t even know you." 

 "I’m Jimin, but I’m also Mr. Thighs, remember?” He laughs and this time, instead of sounding beautiful, his laugh had just irked you. You grit your teeth as you stomp towards the doors, throwing it open and smiling the most sarcastic smile you could muster.

“Get out.”

The young doctor arches an eyebrow at you, eyes scanning you up and down and you curse the heavens for the fact that you had chosen today of all days to wear your yellow duck printed shorts. 

“You’re really something, aren’t you?” Jimin shakes his head, his expression vague “I just helped you, two times to be exact, and all you can be is rude to me.”

“Did I ask for your help this time?” You arch an eyebrow, ready to counter his sarcasm with your own.  Your blood starting to boil, sure you were thankful but with all the cockiness that was vibrating off of Jimin, there was no way in hell you were going to just kiss his ass for it.

“No.” Jimin shakes his head as he slowly walks towards you “Which is why I’m annoyed at myself for even bothering.”

“Well you can be annoyed once your inside your own home.” You smile sweetly at him, eyes batting as you bob your head to the side “Right now, I need you out of mine.”

Jimin presses his tongue against the inside of his cheeks, his temper rising as he stands less than a foot away from you. You meet him head on, your gaze unwavering as you motion for him to exit. He steps out the doors but turns to look at you, a sinister smirk plastering itself on his face. 

“You still owe me, princess.”

“Another time, short fry.” You bite your lower lip happily at the look of anger that crosses his face but before he could even open his mouth to retort, you slam the door shut. You let out a maniacal chuckle before turning back towards your kitchen, searching for take out menus you’d hidden around.

Jimin stares at your door in complete and utter reverberation. Never in his life had he ever been treated the way he was a few minutes ago. At first he was going to allow that incident at the hospital to pass but after having a door slammed to his face, Jimin had decided he was not taking this standing down. 

Short fry? Short fucking fry? 

Oh no. Jimin was not one to let things pass without there being any retribution. The doctor had helped you two times, and two times have you embarrassed him. 

No, no. Jimin was going to get you back.

This. Means. War. 


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Imagine #7 // JB

REQUESTED // Where your as famous as Justin (singer) and u guys are at a meeting about the song y'all are going to write 😛 (they’re together)

A loud clap from across the room caused you to jump away from the heavy make out session insinuated by your boyfriend. You were somehow under the impression that you two would be alone in the studio for the night, which was obviously false information. Looking up, you recognized the small crowd loading into the small black room as some of Justin’s friends and then buried yourself in his chest, not bothering to get off of his lap to hide your affections. You listened as the boys greeted each other, a few of them rubbing your back in greeting as Justin told them how tired you were - which wasn’t totally a lie.

Having been on tour non-stop for the past six months, it was the first day of your week and a half long break before the other half of your year long tour. You and Justin had met through your manager, Scooter Braun and hadn’t been able to hide for feelings for each other from the start. It wasn’t a surprise, though, that during your time off you were now being expected to work. Of course, you loved to write music, plus it had been months since you had confirmed your relationship to the media and promised a duet. You hated letting your fans down for any amount of time.

“Scooter just asked me to check in and make sure you guys were at least a little focused on music,” Justin’s friend, Brandon, said - you could hear the teasing smile in his voice. Soon, you felt Justin’s finger hook around your chin which he gently pulled up so he could peck your lips lightly. Then, as if that small, tender kiss had brought you back to life, you sat up and occupied your own chair after hugging each of the new guests, “Remind me why he thinks that locking you guys in the studio on Y/N’s first day back is a good idea?”

“Other than the fact that you’ll get it on all over all the equipment,” two of Justin’s other friends, Za and Khalil, cracked up over this as Za was patted on the back for his seemingly extremely humorous comment.

“We promised the fans a song awhile back. This is the first time since Y/N’s tour started that we’re together,” Justin shrugged, ignoring the other pair’s immaturity, “In his words, this is killing two birds with one stone because we get to be together and we can finally get this duet out of the way,” he yawned right after saying this, picking up his notepad from the table behind him and skimming over what you already had - a chorus that was mediocre at best.

“You’re both about to fall over, though, how are you supposed to make bangers like that?” you both shrugged in response to Khalil as Brandon took the pad out of his hands. Grimacing, you looked away from his unpleased expression as he began rubbing things out with the eraser before scratching things in their place. This continued for a couple minutes as the rest of you began throwing a ball back and forth that Za had pulled out of his pocket. 

“Okay, I suggest we at least order some food before going any further with this,” Brandon told you both as he placed the pad back in Justin’s lap. This continued for awhile after an order for food was made - passing the pad of paper around the room as contributions were made to the song. Of course, you and your boyfriend were the ones to add the most but it didn’t hurt having talented friends to give advise and make sure you knew when something written didn’t make sense or didn’t fit right.

“Alright, JB, I know I’ve been doggin’ on you a lot tonight man, but…” you giggled as Brandon held the pad once again and Justin sighed loudly, “Listen, I just think you should seriously consider putting ‘do do’ in a song right now. Like I’m a serious artist and even I want to snicker and say ‘doo doo’. Also,” Justin turned his chair towards you and rolled his eyes so only you could see, causing another round of giggles to leave you, “Justin, seriously! If you try to rhyme ‘shampoo’ with ‘do do’, people are going to hate on you, rightfully so.”

Eventually, despite the boy’s bantering constantly, you finished your song and managed to get it recorded and perfected before you had to leave again for tour. You came to miss that memory and vowed that that would need to become your song writing process from then on, and not minus the constant distractions of bantering and random making out. This was your creative process.


This is a super short one and I’m really sorry about that. I want you to know that I truly appreciate all the love even when I’m experiencing creativity block and laziness. I’m really happy that you like my stuff and I want to continue putting out cute content like this and also sexy content like something I may or may not be working on. Feedback is appreciated and requests are too! Talk to you again soon!

Jealous of the model

Just had a sudden Idea, I know I shouldn’t be slacking off when I’m supposed to be writing Irish’s Slight-Reverse au, but I really couldn’t help it!

Lila was never one to get attached too quickly, her parents were diplomats and they constantly moved around. She learned over time to just have temporary friends, and to get that she lied.

She never thought it would backfire when she met Adrien Agreste. He was blonde, with green eyes and a cute smile, easily had Lila crushing on him at first sight.

So why did she feel like shoving him out of the way, or growling when he got close to her friend.

It was confusing at first, when she first met her friend, it was shortly after she had been Akumatized.

“Look, it’s the Superliar.”

“How could she be so cruel, treating Ladybug like that?”

Lila knew she shouldn’t have rejected Ladybug’s apology, she practically spat in Paris’ hero’s face! It was a bad decision on her part, but it was too late to do anything about it now. Yelping, Lila bumped into someone else, knocking her off her feet, she really shouldn’t space out when walking. She was about to apologize, when she saw who it was.

Chloe Bourgeois, daughter of the mayor, and the constant cause of her bullying. The blonde was cruel and stuck up, constantly calling her a Superliar, and untrustworthy, the blonde was particularly harsh when she was just managing to make a friend.

“Eww, look Sabrina, it’s the Superliar! Watch where you’re going!” Lila opened her mouth to defend herself, only to be cut off.

“Oh no Sabrina! she’s going to lie about me knocking into her.” The way Chloe spat out ‘her’ was too much, she spat it out like she was talking to the scum of the earth, and it hurt. Unable to stop the tears, Lila barely heard someone sticking up for her before she ran outside.

It was painful, she was always alone, the one time she was going to stay in place long enough to possibly make a friend willing to stay in contact with her, and it was ruined.

She was going to be alone now, no one would hang out with a filthy liar like her.

It would be like when she was younger, and everyone bullied her for being different, for who her parents were, for where she came from, everything was crashing down.

“Lila?” A voice suddenly called, causing said teen to whip her head up, her teary amber gaze meeting a sparkling blue gaze. She hadn’t noticed she was shaking, in fear, anger, or from how tense she was. She was waiting for the insults, the sneer, the disgusted look.

But it never came.

“Hey, don’t let Chloe get to you, she is always like that.” the girl said as she sat down in front of Lila, who had just noticed she was sitting under a tree, and she gave her a reassuring smile.

“Why?” Lila wanted to cringe, her voice came out watery and hoarse from crying. The blue eyed girl just tilted her head, she was obviously confused.

“What do you mean ‘Why’?” She asked, however Lila stood up abruptly, she was afraid this girl would turn out like Chloe, pretending to be her friend only to suddenly toss her aside, she didn’t want to be hurt. Glaring down at the ground, and trying to stop the tears from falling again, Lila clenched her fists.

“Why are you talking to me? Haven’t you heard what everyone says?” Lila asked, this time wincing at her throat, had she really been crying that loudly for her throat to feel raw?

“About you being a liar? Of course I heard them.” Lila felt her stomach drop, she was terrified, the girl was plotting. She had to be.

“But so what?” Lila snapped her head up to look at the girl, who had stood up, the sun making her raven locks look blue.

“Everyone lies now and then, of course you were a little over the top, it’s not too late to fix it. Besides, Chloe is the one who spread those rumors. You can’t trust her, she’s a brat, and mean enough as it is.” She said, and Lila wanted to run, but she was frozen, she didn’t know if the girl was lying or not.

“Even I have lied, I don’t like lying, but sometimes there are things best kept a secret.” She said, offering a water bottle to Lila.

And then Lila’s heart skipped a beat.

“I’m Marinette! I hope you’ll be my friend!”

After that, she was reintroduced to Alya, and introduced to Nino, and the rest of Marinette’s class. Apparently, Marinette was well respected by her class, and well liked much to Lila’s dismay.

Everyone trusted Marinette’s judgement and Lila was accepted by the rest of the class, everyone willing to give her new chance.

Except Chloe and Sabrina, of course.

However, hearing that Marinette liked Adrien, her previous crush, had Lila feeling an unfamiliar feeling.

Bitter, protective, possessive. It was like a an uncomfortable grip on her chest whenever she saw Adrien talk to Marinette. Marinette would get blushy and utterly adorable, and Adrien seemed to be desperate to get Marinette to speak in full sentences to him.

There was one uncomfortable time when Alya invited Lila, the boys, and Marinette to go hang out after school and watch a movie. Adrien had bumped into Marinette and knocked them both off balance, causing him to end up in a suggestive position.

Of course Lila wouldn’t let that go, and she had easily separated the two.

Since then, Lila wouldn’t let Adrien get too close to Marinette, always finding an excuse to keep him from being around.

Even to the point of glaring at him, After all, he stole all of Marinette’s attention.


Marinette was hers.

Well that was pretty much it, I wanted to write more, but I have college work I really shouldn’t be putting off. Sorry for it being rushed!


Pairing: ReaderXReid

Inspiration: Imagine by @imaginativefandom

A/N: I really liked this imagine and was inspired to write a little story off of it, hope you all like it :) Also this is a really short one so sorry!!

“Come on pretty boy, you’ve never had one of those ‘love at first sight’ moments?” Derek chuckled, leaning back in his chair as he put his feet up on his paper covered desk. 

“’Love at first sight’ isn’t real, love by definition is an intense feeling of deep affection.” Spencer spoke, flipping through a pile of files in search of the one that Penelope had asked him to find and analyze. “You can’t have affection for someone with out knowing them at all. What most people experience is lust at first sight and they call it love because they don’t understand simple emotions.”

“What about soulmates?” Prentiss suddenly spoke from her own desk, having been listening in on the conversation since t first began a few minutes ago.

“Soulmates aren’t real either.” Spencer spoke, finally finding the file and removing it from the pile, opening it and beginning to look over it. “You can have a lot in common with someone, however in the end no one is a carbon copy of each other on a personality level. Even various twin studies have shown that while genetically two people can be identical, their personalities are determined by the environment and who they surround themselves with.”

“What about the story with Zeus?” you suddenly spoke, the new voice causing everyone, including Spencer, to look up at you. You were standing next to Hotch who was also looking at you now, a small smile on his face.

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“The story goes that people were put on this Earth with double of everything, then one day Zeus got angry and ripped all the people in half.” you continued, glancing around at everyone in the room, meeting with all their eyes for only a moment before moving onto the next. 

The only eyes that caught you into a firm stare were Spencer’s, his hazel brown eyes locking you in. 

“And even if that story seems completely ridiculous and you don’t believe in soulmates, it’s a comfort to most people to believe that no matter how messed up they are there’s someone who will love them.” you finished, bringing your small rant to an end only to have the room fill with silence. You still didn’t remove your eyes from Spencer’s, his own eyes not moving away from yours as well.

“Well everyone, this is our new agent (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” Hotch spoke after a moment, a smile still on his face, the realization of how well you would fit in with the team only now hitting him. “We have a few more papers to fill out in my office but after that I want everyone to meet in the conference room so we can start going over a new case.” he instructed before beginning to walk towards his office, you following him closely. 

“You sure you don’t believe in ‘love at first sight’?” Derek chuckled the moment Hotch’s door closed, looking at Spencer’s slight opened mouth and wide eyes.

i understand that in the fandom it’s become a joke and a running gag to make fun of levi’s height, but you also have to realize that levi is actually kind of self-conscious of his height, which is?? completely related to his malnourishment and lack of access to sunlight growing up. in the world of snk it shouldn’t be funny that he’s short, and it shouldn’t be used as an insult (completely disregarding the comments canon characters make about his height, bc they don’t know any better). he’s humanity’s strongest; while he IS not what people would expect, his height doesn’t matter. squad levi 1.0 didn’t care about it, his other comrades didn’t care about it, idk why other people would. and, at some point, those who did care made him feel dissatisfied about it.

not to mention, levi is simply not a man you’d like to cross, because when he doesn’t have enough mercy to let him give into generosity, he could crush you with his bare hands. him being short doesn’t diminish how strong and quick he is, it doesn’t disregard how hardwired he is as a soldier; just a fair warning, if you keep bringing up his height he will likely make you think he’s going to break your arm with how hard he grips you, just to put you in your place. he’s very obedient and does adhere to a structure and won’t hesitate to kick you off your high horse.

Winter Love- Part 4

Hey guys!!! Finally here! This one is really short, sorry about that!


Word count: 736

Warnings: None

Originally posted by 107th-infantry

Nat and you prepare more dinner than usual, since Mr. Barnes has told you that Steve is also coming tonight. Quickly, you set up the table and go back to the kitchen to start bringing in the plates. Carrying the main dish, you smile politely at the family and Steve.

When the dinner is finally over, Winifred tells you and Nat to join them in the living room. The both of you agree happily and seat in one of the sofas. Steve finishes explaining a story about how he broke his arm last summer while climbing and Dot looks at you, a sickeningly, sweet smile plastered on her face.

“(Y/N), why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself? I mean, we already know everything about Nat.”

“Uh, my life is really boring, actually.” You try to smile as best as you can.

You cross eyes with Bucky, who is staring at you deeply, and you feel your heart tighten.

“Oh, c’mon!” Dot leans a little bit forward, her eyes looking challenging. “Just something… What about your family? What do your parents work as?”

“I don’t really talk with my parents.” Trying to avoid details, you look at Nat, searching for some help.

“I don’t believe you!” You shift your weight in your seat, feeling uncomfortable. “You don’t even speak with your mom? Who doesn’t speak to their mom?”

“I just don’t have a nice relationship with her.” Before Dot can continue with her questions, Nat stands up, taking your hand.

“I just remembered that we have some tea pastes left! We should probably bring them.” Nat smiles and forces you to get up, quickly taking you to the kitchen.

When you arrive, she looks at you apologetically.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, don’t worry about it.” You smile at her and she rubs your arm.

Nat grabs the tea pastes and you put some ice cream on a bowl and sit on the counter.

“Are you coming?”

“No, I’m going to finish my ice cream and go to sleep.”

“Okay, good night.”

“Night, Nat. And thank you.” She winks at you and leaves the kitchen.

After what feels like hours, you are devouring your third bowl of ice cream. Hearing a sound, you leave your phone next to you on the counter and look to the door. Bucky appears and you automatically smile.

“Hey there, Nat told me you would be here.” He smiles back at you and walks until he is in front of you. “I’m sorry about Dot, she shouldn’t have pushed you to explain that.”

“It’s okay.” You give him a small smile.

“It’s not, really. She was very rude.”

“Don’t worry about it, I’m serious. I have no problem in talking about my family situation, but she makes me uncomfortable. Just that.”

“Still, I’m sorry. I’ll told her to back off. Anyway, what are you eating?”

“Ice cream.”

“God, I love ice cream.”

“You want some?”

“Sure.” Bucky gives you a big smile and puts his hands next to your sides, his whole body leaning towards you.

You can feel yourself get tense at his action and you look for a while at his blue eyes, memorizing every single detail you can. You grab a spoonful of ice cream and he opens his mouth, ready to eat. Laughing, you put the spoon on his mouth and he slowly licks it off, making your cheeks go red. Bucky groans and closes his eyes at the taste.

“Such a good ice cream.”

“I know.”

He smiles at you and, in that moment, you feel like the whole world stops around you. No one else to bother you, just you and Bucky staring into each others eyes. His blue irises shine with force and they seem full of constellations. You can’t avoid your gaze falling to his mouth, his plump, red lips giving you a smirk that makes your head spin. You see how his mouth moves, but you can’t hear what he is saying, too focused on his lips moving slowly. Before you can process what he just said, he starts walking away. You close your eyes and take a deep breath.

“(Y/N).” You look at him as he stops in the doorway. “Come tomorrow and ski with us, you and Nat both.”

“O-okay. Yeah, perfect.”

He winks at you and finally goes away, leaving you with a head full of confusing thoughts.


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