sorry this looks crappy

AAAAA JUST WANTED TO SAY THANK U FOR 1000+ FOLLOWERS ;A; it the most i ever had h hh – This is also kind of a redraw of this,, hhhh ill try to be more active here,,, try being the key word hahaha


✧ God of Calamity  | YATO | Happy Birthday to my fab Yumii~ (๑♡3♡๑)ノ♪


TURИ: What if George Washington definitely told bad dad jokes


Someone asked me to make this a while ago, and I lost the ask D: but I still remembered the idea, so here it is

Sorry if it looks crappy it’s not my best work :/ I kind of rushed it cause my laptop has been giving me trouble lately. I’ll go back and fix this someday, but for now it’ll just have to do

“And goddamn it, Jackson, stop nibbling my neck. trying to focus here?”

Something I’m working on. :D This’s just a colored sketch 
Dammit Percy you look crappy sorry