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heyyyyy. can you please write some hug headcanons for kuroo and bokuto (separate)?? thanks in advance. sorry that this isnt really specific oops. have a great day!!

Don’t worry! Imagine this is the reason why I am alive!



  • He loves cuddling in general, he is a little bit clingy.
  • So everytime he sees you he casually throws his arms around you, doesn’t matter if you are a couple or not.
  • Although, you are the only one he is hugging that much and that passionately.
  • His hugs are soft and gentle, like a comforting blanket, it makes you feel all fuzzy and warm inside.
  • Loves it when you sink your fingers in his hair while hugging him, he won’t admit it, but you can definitely hear him purring. 
  • If he’s in a playful mood, his hands will go down your back slowly, aiming at your bottom. (Yes, he is a tease).
  • Often buries his head in your neck, it tickles a bit.
  • If something is troubling him, you can feel it. He clenches your shirt then, your hugs really help him to feel better.


  • He is totally affectionate too, will use any chance he can get to hug you.
  • His hugs are strong, but make you feel safe and protected. (I mean look at those arms)
  • The longer the better, he cuddles you as long as he wants and it will take long.
  • You can smell his lovely scent, which makes you feel happy instantly. It’s not some kind of perfume, just his natural scent.
  • Sometimes you can feel how he gains positive energy while hugging you, he usually takes a deep breath then.
  • Snuggle your head down in his chest, he will melt.
  • If he is super happy, he will pick you up and swirl you around. His laugh is so cute.
  • He often rest his forehead against yours, a little habit of his.
[fic] won’t you come and put it down on me

phichit/seunggil for the @yoirarepairmonthly​ prompt “luck”

it’s russian roulette, only the bullets are chocolate-covered nuts and the gun - isn’t a gun, but it certainly can shoot.

(on ao3)

“In chocolate Russian Roulette, the unlucky one gets spicy stuff in their mouth. In Phichit’s Russian Roulette, you might just end up with a dick in your mouth,” he says, beaming while he holds out a bag of foil-wrapped candies to his audience.

“The only kind of dick that would fit in there is Leroy’s,” Seunggil says, pushing around the unfinished vegetables on their plate with a fork.

Phichit waves dismissively. “That’s for another day,” he says. “Nah, these are regular chocolate - only one of them has an aphrodisiac in it.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad,” Leo says. “Guanghong once gave me Valentine’s chocolate with his blood in it.”

Guanghong chokes on their drink. “Th-that was once!” they say. “My sister was the one who - she said it was like a spell - ”

Leo fiddles with fork. “It - it’s not like you needed to cast a spell…”

Guanghong turns even redder.

Phichit pretends to wipe a tear away from his eye. “Ah, that’s youth.”

“That’s youth,” Yuuri agrees, wiping sauce away from their mouth.

Guanghong ducks their gaze, flustered. “Um - did you make the chocolates yourself?” they ask, peering at the candies. “They’re cute!”

“See, shoujo manga is good for something after all,” Phichit says, throwing up a v-sign. “Though the manga that gave me this idea isn’t something you can call shoujo.”

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sending you a ship: taegi

Shops for groceries

Yoongi always stops by the grocery store on his way home. He and Taehyung agreed long ago that Yoongi would handle all the budgeting and as long as Taehyung sends him a list of things they need, things run smoothly. More often than not, though, Yoongi ends up buying extra snacks because Taehyung had made some off handed comment earlier that day about craving said snack.

Kills the spiders

Neither. It’s not that Taehyung’s scared of spiders but rather that he doesn’t see the point of killing them when he can just let them go outside. Yoongi used to reach for the vacuum hose/nearest boot without hesitation every time he saw a spider but after that one time he killed one in front of Tae and had to deal with the younger’s crestfallen face and “that really wasn’t necessary, hyung, what did the poor thing ever do to you?” he feels a bit guilty and has learned to just scoop the thing up on a piece of paper or in a jar and let it go outside.

Comes home drunk at 3am

I can see them both coming home drunk at 3am but I think Taehyung would be the slightest bit more likely. Bro nights out with Jimin always end up with Taehyung completely shitfaced and even after dating for a couple of years, Yoongi still doesn’t know how to handle a drunk Tae. As with sober Tae, drunk Tae is really unpredictable and Yoongi never knows if he’s going to come home grumpy and irritable or as a giggly and handsy mess.  Whatever the case is, though, Yoongi’s always quick to adapt whether it be to impromptu dance sessions in the living room, to Taehyung wordlessly slipping under the covers, or something inbetween. 

Makes Breakfast

Yoongi but only because he wakes up first and even though it takes him a sluggish half an hour to finally get up out of bed, it takes a sizable army to wake Taehyung up. By the time Taehyung finally stirs, Yoongi’s already showered and started to make breakfast. Even though Yoongi will never admit this aloud - at least not infront of Taehyung - he loves the way Tae comes up and hugs him while he’s busy cooking, loves the way Taehyung nuzzles his nose into his hair and wraps his arms tight around Yoongi’s waist, before sleepily muttering “G’morning.”

But that’s not the reason why he likes making breakfast, not at all.  

Remembers to feed the fish

Taehyung! Even though Taehyung can be really absent minded and forgetful when it comes to things like taking out the trash or washing dishes, when it comes to feeding the fish, Taehyung never ever forgets. Well, neither does Yoongi but he figured that since taking care of the fish is one of the few things that Taehyung actually remembers to do, he’ll let Tae handle it on his own. 

Decorates the apartment

Taehyung and Yoongi both but Taehyung does it more often. He’s always swapping the pictures in the picture frames or hanging new frames up, changing the welcome mat or buying new crockery to decorate the china cabinet. Taehyung’s also better with his hands than Yoongi is, he’s the one that puts up all the shelves and the hammers the nails in the walls. When it comes to decorating for the holidays though, they always do that together. 

Initiates Duets

Yoongi because he loves hearing Taehyung sing and loves the way Taehyung’s eyes wane into adorable half moons and crinkle at the corners when he hears Yoongi sing along with him.

Falls asleep first

Yoongi always falls asleep first. On nights when Taehyung’s away on a schedule, Yoongi tosses and turns and barely manages to get in a few hours of shut eye but when he’s wrapped around Tae, with his face buried in the crook of Taehyung’s neck and Tae’s arm thrown over his waist, sleep comes easily. 


@ask-badlydrawnyoungviktor Of???? Course?????? Hello, gorgeous! Why would I ever deny a picture to someone as amazing as you!!!

Umm… I do want to tell you, though… if you’re really younger me… hang in there? Things will get better. You’re going to meet the most amazing guy, and he’s going to make your life so amazing… so just hold on a little longer, okay?

((Hii!! Viktors in crop tops are my life))

Imagine you and Raph were hanging out, doing random stuff. You two had been on the ground for a while, snacks and drinks surrounding you. Raph, finishing his soda, crushes it and tosses it across the room, outta sight, outta mind. He reaches around your back to grab another one, but he can’t quite reach it. He grumbles, then casually asks “hey, (favorite term of endearment), mind passing me the soda next to ya?”

You stop reading, only shifting your eyes from the pages to Raph. “What’d you just call me?”

Raph, registering what he had said so absentmindedly, purses his lips, not saying a word.

The rest is up to you.


         ↳ anonymous asked: aaron tveit or laura osnes

If you can be a good example to other people, why not try to be that person? I have a bit of a people pleaser in me, but not so much so that it’s out of control.


@paperlemonpaper asked me for fic recs a long time ago whoops sO HERE’S SOME OF MY ALL-TIME FAVES IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER
(ps take note that like,, several of these have the secks in them)

  1. Cake Or Break by Crollalanza
    (DaiSuga w/ background IwaOi)
    It had been an accident - an actual accident - that had brought Sawamura Daichi to a pleasant, sunny side street in Tokyo on his way to work. But then he’d caught sight of an angel with quicksilver hair setting out the tables at a cafe, and he’d stopped, dumbstruck. And when the waiter-cum-owner-cum-angel-in-human-form had turned around and smiled, all the breath had left his body. A story about chance meetings, the importance of cake and how a sack of icing sugar can change your life. 
  2. National Hot Dad Alliance Is Now Calling… by dicaeopolis and OwlinAMinor 
    (Focus on friendship between Daichi, Kuroo, Bokuto, Oikawa and Ushijima, w/ DaiSuga, KuroKen, BokuAka, IwaOi and UshiTen)

    Sawamura Daichi: What the fuck.
    (Or, the captains’ squad interactions that definitely happen outside of canon, presented in Skype chat form.)
  3. Wingman Watari by SatyrSyd37
    (MatsuHana, KyouHaba, KinKuni, IwaOi and Best Wingman Watari)

    It begins as an accident. Watari never planned on setting up all the members of his volleyball team, but, for some reason, it turns out he’s the perfect matchmaker. (also known as the getting together stories of the ships listed in the tags)
  4. Answers Without Questions by SecretMaker
    Koushi had learned a long time ago to stop wanting things. He learned to stop wishing, letting his eyes linger too long, wondering what it would be like if only. There were no if onlys in Koushi’s life.
  5. Police Dog by surveycorpsjean

    Yahaba takes home a gruff looking, beat up dog. He patches his ear, and wraps his leg, and goes to sleep. The next morning he wakes up to a hot guy rummaging through his kitchen. “I took a pair of your shorts.” He says, standing up and away from the fridge. “Hope that’s a’ight with you.”
  6. Lost With You (Take My Hand) by airblends
    When a missed stop or ten lead to an involuntary day trip to Kyoto for Matsukawa and Hanamaki, they find that maybe the journey really is its own reward sometimes.
  7. Do Unto Others by darkmagicalgirl
    Over time, Kunimi has realized he really likes having Kindaichi look after him.
  8. Plus One by safra

    “Did you know we’re dating?”
    “What? Says who?”
    “Says everyone apparently.”
    “Oh,” Hanamaki frowns for a few seconds before shrugging and turning his attention back to the chocolate fountain. “Nice.”
  9. Close To The Chest by darkmagicalgirl
    It takes Yahaba thirteen years to realize he’s different from the other kids, one to figure out how to hide it, and two more to learn to be happy just the way he is. Yahaba’s journey ft. an extremely annoyed Kyoutani, best friend in the world Watari, and loads and loads of good senpai Oikawa.
  10. The Truth Is Out There by shizuoh
    (IwaOi w/ background KuroKen)
    “I work at NASA,” Hajime said, setting down his coffee. Oikawa immediately jumped up and slammed his palms against the table. “I’ll suck your dick if you tell me about the aliens.”
  11. 30-Day HQ Writing Challenge: Kinkuni by emerald1963
    “"I don’t swim,” said Kunimi flatly, redirecting his gaze to his book.
    Kindaichi gasped. “You can’t swim?! Akira, that’s just wrong!” He grabbed Kunimi by the arm and dragged him out into the sunlight. “Come on, I’ll teach you!”
    “If you insist,” muttered Kunimi."When Seijou goes to the beach, Kindaichi gets more than he bargained for.
  12. Right In Front Of Me by shions_heart
    "I don’t think we should hang out so much anymore outside of practice.”
    Kunimi Akira’s parents have expectations. People assuming he and Kindaichi are together because of their constant proximity is not conducive to these expectations.
  13. Hella Gay by helloyesIamtrash
    Though no one knows how or why, at midnight on a person’s 16th birthday, they get writing on their wrist, almost like a tattoo. This writing, whatever it says, has something to do with your soulmate. It’s usually something like the first thing they say to you after it appears, or an inside joke you two will have, maybe a phrase they say a lot. Simply a push in the right direction, fate’s little nudge-nudge wink-wink about what future you have in store. This is the story of what happened on Matsukawa Issei’s 16th birthday.
  14. One Step Forward by parasolghost
    At the end of their middle school days, Kunimi begins to wonder if what he feels for Kindaichi is a bit different from close friendship.
  15. Creatures Of Logic by ectoBisexual
    When you turn eighteen, your soulmate’s name is supposed to appear somewhere on your body, as if written in their very own handwriting. When Kunimi wakes up on his eighteenth birthday, he doesn’t know whether to be surprised or not.

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“museums make you prove antiquities are legit these days. when they ask where you got it, what do you say? it’s not against the law to rob my own grave?”

Author Spotlight Thursdays

Author: @silvercistern // silvercistern

  • Fandoms: Haikyuu!!, The Hunger Games, Yuri!!! On Ice, Hunter X Hunter
  • Alt. Sites: 
  • Notable fics: bitter, Sayuri, Corpora Permutavere, Character Development
  • Mod’s comments: I know quite a few bokuaka shippers have a problem with how Bokuto and/or Akaashi are characterized in some fics. With silvercistern’s fics, that’s not an issue. Her fics are super fun reads and a great way to pass the time (or procrastinate on your homework, like me). I think the first the first fic of hers I ever read was Corpora Permutavere, and from the first chapter I was hooked. She had me checking for updates first thing in the morning and constantly throughout the day, because I was so excited to read the next chapter. 

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If you still taking the 3 sentences prompts, Elams - Philip's first day of school 😊

“Do you think he’s okay?” Alex leaned across John’s lap, putting his head in Eliza’s and wrapping an arm around her neck, essentially pulling both of his partners’ attention to himself. Eliza sat the book she had been reading aside and ran her fingers through Alex’s hair, while John rested his hands on Alex’s legs and continued his work. 

“He’s perfectly fine, Alexander,” Eliza promised, kissing his forehead and scratching gently at his scalp. 

“Philip’s the most social kid I’ve ever met, with your mouth and Eliza’s charms he’s golden, he’s going to make school and his classmates his bitches.” John agreed. “Now, get back to your work before you spend the next week overworking to make up for five minutes of worrying about your son.” 

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maybe something with kandreil and pet names okay

my favorite. :’) me and @ghstczerny have had so many conversations about this im dead

SO i don’t really see kandreil as a sappy pet name kinda relationship but… bear with me here:

  • obviously we know andrew uses “abram” for neil, but he mostly just calls his boys “day” and “josten.” like 90% of the time. it’s sentimental in andrew’s own way, though.
  • he’s not really one for endearments like “love” or anything
  • but when he’s really worked up (read: getting his cock sucked) and he’s got his hands fisted in neil’s hair he’ll look down at him and say “oh fuck, baby” and neil loves it
  • (once more: andrew uses baby in bed and it’s the hottest thing ever. he only says it in bed tho and will fight anyone who brings it up in any other context) (PS. if you’re into this, check here)
  • neil likes to call kevin “k” for some reason. it started as a joke but it’s cute and kevin secretly likes it (fight me on this). usually he only does this when it’s just the two of them but one time he slips up and says it in front of andrew, who immediately makes fun of them.
  • (after this, andrew will call kevin ‘k’ when he’s being all sarcastic)
  • neil knows not to call andrew anything except “andrew” because he hates it usually, but sometimes when he’s really sleepy and/or tipsy other things will slip out, like “love.” andrew’s like “shut the fuck up, josten. you’re never drinking again” but secretly he’s pleased.
  • KEVIN…….. ok, we all know kevin is the king of dirty talk. he calls neil pretty boy when he’s fucking him. also baby boy. i write about this often. :’)
  • occasionally when neil is being particularly fucking annoying outside of the bedroom (like at practice) kevin will call him these things just to watch him go wide-eyed and flush bright red. bonus points if he does this in a language only neil/andrew and neil can understand
  • our boy kday is also capable of being a giant softy, though, and if he very occasionally cards callused fingers through his bfs’ hair and mumbles v sweet french endearments, well…….. no one is gonna argue with him, he’s too fucking cute

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“You and I are at a sushi restaurant and you’re continuously snagging sushi off the belt that I have to pay for and you don’t seem to be going to stop anytime soon but you look so cute when you’re eating with that smile on your face what the hell man” AU. For Analogical or Prinxiety, or even both!

oh! i am not really the best writer! i wrote this anyway, im really sorry if it isnt what you wanted, my friend! i am not a great writer ^^; i did rly enjoy writing this tho, and wouldnt mind doing smth like this again!!

Roman inwardly screamed as Ann snatched another piece of sushi of the belt. This was almost the 14th one, and now Roman was left wondering if Ann was doing this on purpose, or if he actually didn’t know how this system was supposed to work.

He made a small sound as Ann snatched another one, but bit his lip to keep himself from saying anything, this was an anniversary date after all, and he had to be the gentleman.

While refraining from saying anything, he did take time every time that Ann did it to look at his face. Ann usually wore a neutral expression, or a sarcastic smirk, but after stealing some tuna on rice, a small, but extremely genuine, smile graced his lips. He then plopped the sushi in his mouth, letting his expression drop again, and turning his attention back to Roman.

Roman chuckled slightly, making Ann tilt his head to the side.

“What are you laughing at, Princey?” He said, raising his brow.

Roman simply shook his head fondly, bringing one of Ann’s hands up to his mouth, brushing his lips softly across the other’s knuckles. Ann turned pink, and Roman locked eyes with him, attempting to convey his sincerity.

“Ann, you are the love of my life, you make me endlessly happy. Happy anniversary.”

this was abundantly gay whoops, lmao hope you enjoyed it!!!!