sorry this isn't the best quality

I think this is so helpful on deciding how to wear your hair according to your dress type! Also if your dress is cap sleeves wear your hair down, half up or an updo!👗

prplzorua  asked:

your Danny and "C-dubs" interactions give me life, your art is like super amazing, i wouldn't be surprised to see Danny or clockwork himself make more time puns, i wonder what would happen if they ever had a time pun competition, ho do you think would win? anyway keep up your great Work :)

You have excellent ideas, friend.


okay i know i know all i’ve been editing recently have been alm and celica but its just fun to experiment with them xD

i meant to use their heroes art, but it didn’t really fit well, and i did kind of want to try out how the galaxy overlay edit thing would work on them, so here ya go!

this could actually be phone backgrounds. huh.

anyway, here’s alm and celica again! xD

stormx  asked:

Sorry to be negative, but... Maybe the best use of WotC resources isn't a third unset when we ended up with a standard environment that has 5 cards banned?

Unstable used very little of development’s time and zero of the FFL. Also, my time has very little impact on the quality of the Standard metagame.

I’ve never actually drawn something for Sonic’s birthday- it’s always been smaller pieces, so I figured this was in order~
In other news: drawing Green Hill Zone traditionally is very tedious.
*please do not use this art in any way without my given permission-thank you!*