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The Bet- (Logan Howlett x Reader) Part 2

A.N: So holy shit guys, part one really blew up! Holy crap??! Thanks so much for all the love for this story, hope this follow up does it justice. I’m totally up for part three if any of ye are interested! Sorry in advance if its not what you’d hoped for!! kinda had to fart it out in order to accommodate study, so sorry if it feels rushed.

Warnings: sex and anything and everything to do with it, domination, rough fucking. swearing.

Word count: 2418 (yeah I know, dunno what happened tbh)

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Marinette is wearing a flower in her hair and bee!Chloé cant control herself for the Marichat tropes.

im glad that maribee!marichat tropes are becoming a thing :P

words: 1695

“Okay, so it says I need to get a package of puff pastry.”

Marinette snorted and spoke with her mouth full. “Strike one. Store bought puff pastry is abominable.”

Queen Bee frowned. “Obviously I would get the expensive kind.”

“Doesn’t matter. It’s all sub-par. You gotta make that stuff from scratch otherwise what’s the point?”

“Not all of us live in a professional bakery, Marinette!”

Marinette stuck her tongue out. “That sounds like a ‘you’ problem.”

Queen Bee plucked up some of the mille-feuille crumbs from her plate and threw them in Marinette’s hair, laughing when the girl screamed in outrage. “Don’t sass me, I’m a superhero!”

Marinette shoved a foot against Queen Bee’s thigh, jokingly trying to shove her from her dainty perch on her balcony railing. “I’m giving you my professional opinion.”

“No.” Queen Bee reached over and tapped her on the nose. “You’re making things difficult by not giving me the recipe for these things and forcing me to do research.”

Marinette shrugged. “Family recipe. Sworn to secrecy. Sorry, my dear.”

“I wouldn’t tell anyone! Surely you’d trust me over anyone else.”

“Your sterling commitment to civic duty is not enough of a reason.”

Queen Bee pouted and handed Marinette’s phone back to her. “Fine. I’ll just starve then.”

“Or you could just come back during opening hours and buy some.”

Queen Bee smirked. “Why would I do that if I can just tap on your window and get some for free?”

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Hey Tink! So in 12x12 when Dean called Cas "devastatingly handsome" (no homo tho) and tried to hook Cas up with that waitress do you think the writers just threw that in as something to take up time or do you think there was a deeper meaning behind Dean doing it? Thanks :)

You mean when Dean hit on the waitress when she was stood right in between him and Wally? Where Dean was trying to assert his authority and man-cred? Where Wally clearly looked up to him enough to change his freaking order to match his like a child adulating a hero?

You mean when Dean seemed totally not fussed when she rebuffed him, just moved on, but then was pissy only when she subsequently hit on Cas?

You mean when Dean then, after having pulled the dimpled face of discontent (sorry I cant remember who called it that, but it is so accurate), then called Cas devastatingly handsome and continued to postulate until Mary had enough of his crap and took it back to the case at hand?

Yeah, Dean definitely wasn’t overcompensating for anything that may or may not be currently bubbling under the surface and come right to the forefront of his attention recently over the last few episodes, with Cas declaring that he means too much to him, potentially sacrificing himself for Dean and Sam and saying he is OK with that, that he wouldn’t regret it, then being branded as Cas’ weakness by an Angel who was himself weak because of perceived love for a human, then Dean coming to terms with wanting to hide less his repressed side… yeah there definitely is no build up to this….

Plus Dean never overcompensates his dude-bro hyper masculine side…

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*Nothing to see here*

Okay somethings I noticed about Blazblue:

1. in Continuum Shift, it feels like when Ragna was in the Kaka Village, THAt seems to be when he was the most chill/relaxed/happy in the ENTIRE series! At least to me. Never in the series have I seen him be THIS chill for THIS long, no swearing, no rage, no one giving him shit, nothing!

First, when Tao greets him, how does he respond?

Casually, like an old friend. with a smile (well he was kinda woozy from pain due to just falling a large height after fighting Carl and Nirvana), but the second one he is clearly awake, he doesn’t even get snippy when mentioning food to Tao ( we all know she kinda mooches off of him), but here he doesn’t seem to have a problem.

When Tao challenges him to a fight, does he groan, does he complain, is he mad?

No, he accepts her challenge (since she did say it was play), this isn’t a fight for his life or some other bullshit that makes his life more miserable, he’s having a friendly spar, nor rage or anything behind it.

I should also mention that despite the food not looking appetizing to him, he still likes it, so he had good food there.

And then the Kaka Kittens, I recall him getting pretty annoyed when they first were jumping all over him. But now, does he get all “Get off me you little furballs!” and is annoyed with them climbing him?

Again, NO. He shows no disdain for any of the Kakas. They aren’t giving him shit, not trying to kill him, not treating him like a tool or an idiot or a criminal or a villainous monster.

THIS seems to be where Ragna has been the most happy I’ve ever seen in the whole series in a way that has NO negative drawbacks.

2. In Chronophantasma, I didn’t expect this but, Bullet seems actually nice to people. At least those who Don’t have anything to do with her mission or who haven’t wronged her in some way.

When she sees Ragna basically explode into blood in the restaurant, she goes over to see if he’s okay.

And when he tries to tell her off and deal with his bleeding on his own, she still tries to see if he’s okay. Even after she recognized his as Ragna the Bloodedge, SS Class criminal.

Now originally, before the shift threw Ragna back here, she was cautious with him (since he IS the SS Class criminal, she might not want to take nay chances), but even then she doesn’t start shit.

Now it may seem like she’s playing coy and cocky here with that smirk and her tone at this moment, but Bullet never seemed to be the kind of person who’d do witty banter for fun’s sake. So I’d say she is being genuine.

Then when she met Amane, before she realized who he is, she was respectful and even offered to tell him about herself, no prompt at all or needing to coax info out of her.

of course she learns that he was the “instructor” that thought her troop was a troupe 10 years ago and she immediately becomes hostile, but I kind of get it.

Then we got Bang, out of everyone not involved with S7′s crap, he has the most interactions with her.

First, after falling post-getting his ass kicked by Jin (I feel like I’ve been here before), he ends up confusing Bullet for Litchi and groping her. Of course she punches him, but what does she do immediately after? call him a pig, get more mad?

She regrets her decision and then checks to see if he’s okay. Although she could just understand that he’s woozy from pain and if he had no other excuse she’d totally kill him. But still A+ for understanding.

She even feels sorry for punching him and stays to help him, of course she covers it up.

she even resorts to saying “please”, which is surprising since later she is fully attempting to mug a guy for info just because she thinks him being scared means he’s hiding something, which shows she can have some restraint.

And after Bang starts mouthing off about Litchi’s rack, of course Bullet gets annoyed and punches him through a wall (based on what I heard), but once again she regrets it and even starts to question her own aggressiveness.

So it looks like Bullet, while still aggressive, knows when to tone down her hardass-ness, and is also a bit aware of her temper.

016. longdistancerelationship!yoongi

016. It’s okay. I couldn’t sleep anyway.
Pairing: LongDistanceRelationship!Yoongi x Reader
Info post (x)

A/N: I really tried to not make this angsty, but I couldn’t help myself (((((: #kms

You groaned as you felt your phone vibrate beside you, feeling around blindly for the item before holding it against your ear, eyes still shut as you were still feeling the effects of sleep. You let out a croaky hello and would have winced at the sound, but your soul had yet to collect as you were abruptly awoken from your slumber.


You jolted as you heard a familiar voice in your ears, opening your eyes to take a blinding glance at the caller ID reflected on your screen, before returning to the call. “Yoongi?”

“Did I call at a bad time? Crap, I forgot about the timezone difference. Sorry if I woke you up.”

“It’s okay,” you yawned, blinking to reduce the drowsiness that threatened to pull you back into dreamland, “I couldn’t sleep anyway.”

You heard Yoongi chuckle lowly in response, “You totally sound sleepy right now, y/n. Sorry I woke you up, I can call again next time–“

“No,” you replied firmly, “it’s fine. Did something happen?” You were completely awake now, as he let out a deep sigh from across the line. Throughout the three years that you had been in a long-distance relationship with Yoongi, you knew that only when he was deeply worried or anxious would he call you on impulse like this, for he usually opted to send you a text first, confirming that you are awake and available before calling you.

“It’s nothing. I-I can wait, you should go back to rest.”

“Yoongi, I’m completely awake now, so I won’t be falling back asleep anytime soon. You can talk to me.”

Yoongi sighed deeply, and you could imagine him lying in his bed, a leg propped up as one hand held his phone to his ear, the other massaging his temple lightly. You could tell that something was stressing him out just by the sound of his shaky breath, and you waited patiently in silence until he was ready to speak.

“It’s been a rough few days – I had three reports due and two mid-terms, one of which went really sour, and I just had enough of college and all this pressure to maintain my stupid GPA and I just miss you.”

Your heart ached as his voice broke towards the end of his mini rant, tears pricking the corner of your eyes as you wished you were halfway across the world, cradling his head in your arms as you calmed him down, whispered in his ears that everything was going to be fine, that all his worries would prove to be in vain when he got his results back.

And yet, all you can do was to give him as much comfort as you can through telephone static and your voice.

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Actually, is 147 and 127 with AJ, sorry. 💗

#127- “Teach me how to play?” + #147- “Zombies aren’t real, I promise.” (AJ Styles) —> From this drabble list

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        The game control was held loosely in his hands. AJ sat intently in the basement with his lips formed in a tight line, as he stared at the television screen playing lowly in front of him. He paused at the sound of bare footsteps creaking against the stairway. Your figure came up to the couch and placed a gentle kiss on his cheek.

           “AJ, baby it’s 12:55 at night and you haven’t slept all day. Why are you still awake?”

           “I forgot I still had this game. Stopped playing it a few months ago. I just got too busy to finish.”

           You rubbed at your eyes, focusing on the ghastly images in front of you: zombies, hunting, and the sight of blood splattering everywhere, as AJ resumed his game. Your feet shifted slowly; sucking in your breath for only a moment.

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Transcript: (Hey there, everyone! I mentioned a few days ago that on my next leg day workout, I would like to challenge myself to leg press the amount of weight I’ve lost, which is 170 lbs. The reason I wanted to do this is because, with every step in my day to day life, I used to carry 170 lbs on my body. You can imagine how difficult and taxing that would be over the course of a day. And, I’m here to report to you that it was actually surprisingly easy. Not in a smug, “Meh, that was so simple!” But, I was genuinely surprised that I was able to lift more than I thought I could. I’m not repping at that much; I’ve been repping at 130. What I really do think is this means I can do more on my leg days from now on, and maybe it won’t be too taxing. At least not as taxing on my body now as it was back then. Anyway, that’s what I came to tell you here today. Have a great day, have a great weekend. Just have fun, guys! Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re doing great. I promise you. Bye!)

My voice gets so high and squeaky when I’m nervous. Ahh! 

I had a video of the leg press, but the piece of crap video editor I was using online wanted $30 for me just to paste another 4 seconds onto my video length. By this point I just kind of needed to get on with my day! Sorry!

Also, just so it’s clear. I’m a novice at weight lifting. I know that leg pressing like crazy is totally doable, but a few months ago this probably would have been murder for me!

Anyway, these are more or less my thoughts.

  • I can lift more than I thought, even though I’ve yet to do sets this high.
  • It was empowering to learn that what used to cause me daily aggravating pain and turmoil is almost no challenge at all for the body I’ve been creating all these years.
  • Rather, it filled me with strength and energy.
  • I will only become stronger than this.


I feel like we should start a project for Jin to show him we love him. Like honestly he deserves so much more than he gets. I dont want to say this but sometimes I think it would be better if he left BTS because he could do so much more and be what he is worth. They don’t give him enough lines, or screen time.The third muster just pissed me off.Like what the fuck was that? He was so hurt that he didn’t even have a single line. He literally gets overshadowed at every single thing. I am not going to call other members out but seriously bighit needs to come to their senses. When I read the awake lyrics I really felt so bad that he feels so left out, and that he can’t be as good as the other members. He has so much potential. I was just told that SM tried to scout him and get him to join them but he refused. I really wish he would have joined with them because things would probably be different. He is such a humble and sweet guy and he always tries to keep a smile on his face no matter what goes on inside him. I really do feel for him. He shouldn’t have to feel like this. He shouldn’t have to feel like he isn’t good enough, because damn HE IS. He needs to be shown more appreciation by A.R.M.Y. I have honestly heard so many people say he doesnt get lines because his voice isn’t as good as Jungkook’s. Ok people JK is my bias and I love that boy so much but I COULDNT DISAGREE MORE. Jin IS NOT less than anyone. He is good and amazing as he is. Just stop with demeaning the guy ffs. Sorry for the rant but I literally saw these comments on twitter, and other pages on fb and I had to share my thoughts. 

Plus dont get me started on the cjen banner. That was totally bullshit on their part. like utter crap and 100% absolute disrespect towards Jin. I felt so disgusted by that move like honestly. How can they do that? I can’t even imagine how he would feel if he saw it. He would be so hurt like thats insulting.  BTS IS NOT BTS WITHOUT JIN. There is no BTS without jin or without any member. They should really apologize to him because HE DESERVES THAT APOLOGY. That was the last straw for a lot of ARMY’s and it should be. Jin has been disrespected, sidelined, and made to feel like shit for a long time now. It should change and its time we showed him just how worth it he is and just how much we care about him.

The Choice Is Yours.

Until dawn fanfiction AU.
Summary: Hello whoever is reading this! This is my very first fic on tumblr (yey finally). Many thanks from @mpfanfics for letting me use some of the dialogue of her fic: Long Way Down. That fic was also a big inspiration for this one. So this story will be about your point of view (a character who doesn’t exist in the game), but the twist is you will have a choice in dialogue, actions and there is also THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT. Dialogue will change relationships, while action will change what you do and the butterfly effect will change your view in the game itself. For example: you can hide or run. If you run, you will survive or go to a different location. If you hide, you die or stay in the same location. Also, for the other characters, they will all live (so good ending) and their actions are the most general ones from the game, like matt seeing Emily cheat, the bitch fight, Emily gets bitten, etc. So I hope you’ll enjoy this!

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First Christmas (1995):

a/n: this was first posted for the Undercover challenge about a month back but since it’s the start of a new set of stories for me, I’m re-posting  :)


Her father loved Christmas. When he was home, he woke them up with Christmas music played at full volume, singing booming carols as he cooked breakfast, decorated the house, put up lights outside. He may have been stern the rest of the year but throw a little holiday cheer his way and he was yours for the duration.

Every year, he bought each of his children an ornament for Christmas. He would have them on the tree, there name painstakingly written on the bottom and the year, for them to find Christmas morning. Once they’d moved out and taken their collections with them, he continued his practice, either mailing the decorations or, in Scully’s case, he’d slip it on her small, artificial tree wherever he visited wherever she was living at the time, be it a dorm, with a roommate or on her own.

Sitting on her couch, lights dim, television off, radio silent, she debated with herself whether to put up a tree at all this year. She’d managed to wrestle the tree box from the hall closet and now it sat mocking her in the middle of the living room, ornament container beside it, filled with memories she wasn’t sure she could deal with this year.

After 20 minutes of painful debate, her depression won out and standing to shove the boxes back in the closet, she stopped when she heard a rapping on her door, two knocks then one.

Only Mulder would have a special knock, like she was the clubhouse and he was the newest member.


As he pushed past her, she followed him with her eyes as she shut the door, confusion pushing one eyebrow skyward, “What’s up?”

“I am locked out of my apartment. I thought I grabbed my house key when I left for my run but I didn’t.”

Thinking about the whistling winds blowing past her window, she looked at him, studying him unconsciously for signs of frost-bite, “did you run over here? In this cold?”

Pulling his stocking cap off and stuffing it into his pocket, “Naw. Used my Hide-a-Key to get my car key and drove over here to get my house key.”

Now she smiled, “why don’t you have a Hide-a-Housekey thing, too.”

“I have you instead.” Giving her his best, tooth-glinting grin, “so, what are you up to this fine, frigid evening?” She was going to claim laundry but his sharp eyes caught the tree box, “oooh, Christmas decorating. Need any help?” Shifting from one foot to the other, she hesitated a moment too long with her answer and Mulder’s face fell, “or not. I don’t mean to intrude.” Pulling his hat back out, he gave her a smile that told her he wasn’t annoyed, “my mother never let us help with the tree. She always said it was her thing to do alone.”

He looked so genuinely pitiful that she heard herself telling him, “no, it’s okay. I just …well, actually, I was debating putting it up at all. With dad gone …”

Mulder cut her off, hand going automatically to her arm, lightly gripping her elbow, “oh, crap. I’m sorry. I totally forgot.”

Reaching, she took his hat and stuffed it back in his pocket, “but I changed my mind. Stay and help me figure out where to put it. What do you think, by the window there or over by the fireplace, closer to the door?”

They had only been together for a little over a year but he knew her well enough to know she was full of crap, however, given he wasn’t a soulless bastard, he let it go, “I like it by the window, myself. Then the lights reflect of the glass and it looks pretty cool.”

“Then by the window it goes. If you want to start getting the tree pieces out, I’ll move things around.”

Doing the tiniest of step hops at he turned towards the box, he rubbed his hands together, “Christmas!”


After the third time Mulder poked himself in the eye and Scully couldn’t see straight from laughing so hard, he declared it break time. The tree, now assembled, was still naked, the lights in a giant wad of twisted insanity that Mulder took one look at and tossed at her, “you have the patience for this nonsense.”

“Then I elect you to go make the hot chocolate.”

“Anything’s better than that nightmare.” Heading into the kitchen, he yelled to her, “you got any Christmas music?”

“You don’t know me at all, do you?”

Head buried deep in the fridge, “then play me some. It’s too quiet in here.”

“You are very bossy for somebody who doesn’t have a house key right now.”

His smiling face popped up over the open door, “pretty please?”

Hauling herself from the couch where she’d just settled down, “I’m doing this for me, not you.” Soon, low holiday music filled the apartment and the pair of them were drinking cocoa, Scully also de-tangling lights while Mulder burned his tongue. “There’s steam for a reason, Mulder. It lets you know you’re going to scald your mouth.”

“One can only wait so long though, Scully.” Taking another sip, he winced, “damn it. Still too hot.”

“It’s been 8 seconds!”

“That is at least three seconds longer than I’d normally wait.” Taking the string she’d already straightened, he began hanging them, “you should be proud.”

Eventually, the tree had lights and Mulder flipped open the ornament box, staring in slight awe, “dang. This is not your run-of-the-mill, bulbs only Christmas tree, is it?” When she didn’t answer, he looked up, catching her just as she attempted to stealthily swipe off the tears that suddenly poured down her cheeks. Not sure what to do, he met her eyes briefly, then, of their own volition, his arms raised, aiming towards her with the full intention of giving her hug.

When she went from sad face to panicked face, he realized what he was doing and stopped, politely excused himself to the bathroom instead.

He wanted to hug her.

He wished he could hug her.

But what kind of line would that be crossing? And was he supposed to cross that line? Who actually decided where the line was? Did there even have to be a line?

By the time he decided it would be safe to return to the living room, not having answered any of his bathroom-concocted questions, she seemed calmer. Her face was dry, her eyes were clear and the only hint of anything wrong was her red nose, the product of swift nose-blowing with off-brand tissue resembling sand paper.

Shoving his hands in his pockets, he rocked on his stockinged heels, “I should probably head home. Let you decorate in peace.”

She genuinely didn’t want him to go though, “wait. Please, stay. I didn’t mean to make things uncomfortable. It’s just … I mean, dad loved Christmas and he gave me a lot of these ornaments and …”

Screw the line. Wrapping his arm around her shoulders, he turned her into him briefly, “I’d like to stay but it’s up to you.”

For an overwhelming moment, she was surrounded by that smell of his. She still hadn’t been able to figure out if it was aftershave or deodorant or soap but whatever it was, it consumed her senses and she found herself hugging him tightly around the waist while he buried her head in his shoulder, fingers at the edge of her hairline, palm cupping her skull.

Long before either one wanted to stop, they stepped back in perfect unison, both sheepishly smiling, eyes darting anywhere but at each other until Mulder chuckled, “apparently 1.5 years of partnership equals an 18-second holiday hug.”

Honestly, she wasn’t sure if he was serious and giving him what he already lovingly thought of as her inquisitive, ‘are you full of shit’ eyebrow, “were you counting?”

“There’s a good chance that being the psychologist I am, I did analyze the length of that hug but the sugar addict in me decided I needed to try my hot chocolate again so I broke it off.” Picking it up, he burned his lip, “dang it. Still hot.”

Laughing at him, she took his mug and began blowing on it, “you are hopeless.”

And it hit him like a fucking lightning bolt, rattling his brain and thumping his heart.

She was blowing on his hot chocolate.

She was freaking invading his hot chocolate with her peppermint breathe.

He was totally screwed.

He never thought he’d be so completely aware of the moment he fell in love with somebody.

Nearly giggling at the sudden rush of understanding but managing to remain simply smiling, “we should probably get to that tree, shouldn’t we?”

Scully tilted her head, a confused half-curving mouth showing over the edge of the mug before she handed it back to him, wondering if she should ask why he looked suddenly like the Cheshire Cat with a major secret, “here you go.”



Each ornament had a story and she told him a handful as they hung them up. He never asked, leaving it up to her to share or stay silent, taking the ornaments as she handed them to him, being much more careful than he ever thought he could be.

He imagined if he broke one, she’d never speak to him again and his world couldn’t handle that.

Once everything was up, Mulder slid by her and turned the living room lights off, leaving only the glow of the tree to illuminate the room. It cast a myriad of colors across her face and he couldn’t help but gaze openly, his cheeks pulling back for a smile but never quite making it, too engrossed in the vision before him to finish the expression. She noticed because, really, how couldn’t she notice him blatantly staring at her. Finally, “why do you keep looking at me like that? Blink or something so I know you’re still alive.”

He blinked slowly in her direction, then, not dissuaded by her attempt at breaking the spell, “you’re beautiful.”

It was a three second incredulous expression followed by a half-second of something more before she shook her head, blush spreading fast up her face and down her neck, “that hot chocolate went straight to your head, didn’t it?”

Reverie done for the moment, he chuckled, “yup. Happens every time.”

When he let a yawn slip a few minutes later, she touched his arm, then slid her hand up to his shoulder, patting him lightly on the back, gently turning his towards the door, “’m going to kick you out now. It’s late and we need to work in the morning.”

Without voicing any of the ten arguments for staying he had racing through his mind, he turned, pulled his coat on and said goodbye, debating another hug but not wanting to be slugged for it. After slipping out the door, she locked it behind him and was just about to turn the tree off and head to bed when he knocked.

Remembering suddenly, she glanced through the spyhole just to make sure, then pulled the door open, placing her copy of his house key in his hand, “I’ll be expecting that back tomorrow morning.”

“G’night, Scully.”

“G’night, Mulder.”


The next morning, as she puttered around the living room gathering her shoes, current book, dirty hot cocoa mugs, something caught her eye. Turning towards the tree, it only took a moment to realize, an instant to smile, a second to wipe the sudden, stray tear dropping from her eye, then half-a-blink to break into a grin.

Hanging on her tree was a Santa hat wearing Alien Head ornament.

Upon examination, she found the year written on the bottom in Sharpie, Mulder’s hand unmistakable, even in four simple numbers.

She might have to yell at him for breaking into her house.

But maybe not.

A hard day

Harry Styles - 1586 words


“Fucking hell you can’t be serious.” I mumble under my breath, ferociously cleaning the counter top as the new internship has once again spilled a week’s work all over the white marble, I swear I could murder his ass. “I am so sorry, Y/n. I wasn’t looking and -” I hold up my hand, not in any way in the mood for the shit he has been pulling in the last few weeks on my behalf.

“It’s almost five just go and we’ll start new on Monday.” I mumble, trying my absolute best to keep my anger at bay. I’m drenched in fluid, sticking to my skin as I bend down to give the floor the same treatment as I did for the past fifteen minutes with the counter top. He doesn’t say anything else but just shuffles away from me and out the door to collect his things. I swipe the droplets of sweat that have formed on my brow away from my face, other hand digging through my pocket in search for my phone.

Sorry, have to cancel dinner plans. Problems at work. Be home later. xx

The text is swiftly sent and I groan out loud this time. Harry had booked a reservation in one of my favorite restaurants because he had a feeling we had been living next to each other instead of living with each other. My heart pounds in my chest when I think how disappointed he will be when he receives said text, but if I didn’t clean this immediately it would stain over the weekend, leaving light red splotches everywhere and probably it would turn sticky too. The last thing I wanted was getting yelled at for something that stupid fuck did. Even though I shouldn’t be the one cleaning this but to be honest, I don’t trust him with cleaning supplies either.

Maybe he could take one of the boys with him for a nice meal, Louis had been really drained lately with all the problems in his life so he could use his best mate right now. I’d just eat some of that left over chicken from yesterday.

It takes me almost two hours to get the place clean again, without my feet sticking to the floor whenever I thought to myself it was okay now, causing me to grunt and start over again. I feel disgusting, tired as hell and I am so dreading that walk home today. Why in earth’s name did I think it was a good idea to walk to work today? It would take me fifteen minutes of wavering through people to get home, if traffic wasn’t a bitch at least. I could smell the sweat and whatever the fluid contained on my skin, and I know it is obvious for my passerby’s as well. Although the scowl on my face is something to stare at as well.

The wind as picked up drastically since the sun shone onto my features this morning, only chilling me even more, making me curse under my breath at my stupidity of walking home. My feet stomp across the pavement as I take the last turn, heading down the street where Harry’s and I’s flat lay at the end of the street. It’s already dusk before I push my key into the hole, heaving my body through the door opening and sighing when I saw the light out, indicating Harry’s absence. I also didn’t receive any response on my text from almost three hours ago and I hope he isn’t too angry with me right now.

I smile when I go to the side table near the door to drop my keys and see the single tiny sunflower resting on the mahogany, fingers toying with the stem as I bring it to my nose. Harry was always a very attentive boyfriend, and he knew I actually despised roses after one bad boyfriend ages ago, also remembering a sunflower was one of my favorite flowers. “Harry?” I call out, no response heard from around the flat. He must be out. My feet take me to the kitchen and as soon as I flick on the light, the little card on the table immediately catches my eye.

I grab it in one hand and open the fridge with the other, my thumb brushing over Harry’s neat handwriting before I let my eyes glance away from the white paper and spot the chicken I mentioned earlier and pull it out of the fridge, a clatter echoing through the deserted kitchen as the hard plastic comes into contact with the dark wood. My hands are now free to open and examine Harry’s card, smiling immediately when I see the word ‘love’ splattered across the front.

I’m sorry you’ve had a horrible day.
Go take a bath, and I’ll be home before you know it.
And don’t eat the left over chicken.

Love, H. x

I shake my head as I simultaneously roll my eyes at him knowing me all too well as I drop the card again on the table, picking up the flower and making my way through the hallway to the bathroom.

I don’t know how long I spend in the tub, it could have been just five minutes or over an hour, but I feel refreshed, renewed and I am totally over all the crap that has been thrown my way in the past week. This is what I needed, some time to think, to vent and to realize how lucky I am to come home to Harry, enjoy his warmth and his skin, fully well knowing others aren’t near that lucky.

I simply clothe myself with a silky, light blue robe that’s mostly reserved for after sex with Harry, but I wouldn’t mind some action tonight, who knows.. Maybe I might get lucky.

I’m humming along to a tune that has been stuck in my head for weeks, fingers brushing through my tangles of wet hair as my bare feet pad along the tiles towards our bedroom. I hope Harry’s not taking very long anymore because all I want to do is cuddle up to him on the sofa, not even caring what he wants to watch. A sigh leaves my lips as I see my boyfriend laying carelessly on our bed, hands behind his head as his eyes are closed, a faint smell of pizza filling my nostrils as I close my eyes again.

“Smells good.” I hum, Harry opening his eyes to shoot me a small grin, pushing himself to a sitting position, his hand patting the clear spot next to him. “You seem relaxed.” He states as he watches me crawl onto the bed towards him, on hands and knees as I press my lips to his shortly.
“I feel relaxed, just what I needed.” I smile as I let my eyelids flutter open again to stare into his deep green eyes. “Then I won’t ask what happened today.” Harry chuckles and I roll my eyes as I let myself fall down onto my bum, tucking my bare legs underneath it as I stare at the pizza box.

“Please don’t, I think I might actually start to feel my heart accelerate again.” I chuckle as my fingers toy with the cardboard box, silently hoping he’d say I could dig in because I can feel my stomach rumble in protest. “The only way I want your heart to be palpitating is when I’m on top of you.” A gasp leaves my lips as I let my flat hand slap against his biceps, Harry not even flinching at my movement. “Dig in, otherwise it will be cold.”

I grant him a graceful smile as I flip the box open and immediately stuff a piece of pizza past my lips, chewing loudly and humming in appreciation. “I thought you were out with Louis or something.” I mumble, mouth full, very unattractive to be exact, and a blush creeps up my cheeks as I see Harry grin sheepishly at me. “I stopped by him for a second, yeah. But I wanted to spend the evening with my very troubled girl.” I roll my eyes again but press my greasy lips to Harry’s cheek never the less.

“I have one other small surprise in store for you, by the way.” Harry calmly states and I raise my eyebrow at him while I stare at him, not averting my gaze from the pizza box.
“Love actually.” My mouth opens as I widen my eyes at him.
“Bitch, that is your favorite chick flick. Don’t try to play it off like I want to watch it.” I feign mock hurt and Harry bursts out laughing, his hand squeezing my thigh affectionately.

“The thing about romance is people only get together right at the very end.” Harry quotes proudly, chin up as he closes his eyes. I take the DVD from his hands as I squeeze his thigh while I push myself over him and land onto the floor with a soft thud, kissing his hairline briefly as I mutter the words that always made me cry while I am on my period.
“If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that love actually is all around.”
“Well yeah, you live with me.” Harry states dumbly and I laugh heartily, enjoying the rest of the night stuck to Harry’s side, squeezing him closer every time an awkward or amazingly sweet scene crosses our small television screen.

Lots of love,
L. xox

Cursed- Part 2

After Cursed, which you can read here, I got a ton of requests for a sequel. So here it is! Enjoy, darlings! XOXO

Summary: Cas x reader deal with the effects of being hit by a lust spell.

“Sam, I can’t do this for two and a half more days. You have to do something. Do your nerd thing with your laptop and find a way to fix them!”

I wasn’t sure what Dean was so mad about. Cas and I had just been feeding each other breakfast. Well, technically, we had been making out in between feeding each other bites of breakfast. Regardless, I didn’t know why that should upset Dean.
I held out my finger for Cas to lick the syrup off of it, and sighed as he gently sucked and grazed his teeth across my skin.

“What did I say about touching?” Dean yelled, causing me to jump.

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Ashton: teacher smut, daddy kink, lots of spanking

Addy’s P.O.V.

Today was my first day back at Octavia High School. I’m a sophomore this year and I couldn’t be anymore happier. I’m not that loser freshman anymore. I’m still a loser, but at least this year I’m a sophomore.
My best friend for over 10 years had moved over the summer to Florida. Now I’m completely alone. I have a lot of guy friends (not a slut, just less drama) and very little girl friends. I never really connected with girls. I never understood how one could stay in a shoe store for hours and hours. I mean like how do you do that?
Bellamy, my best friend since we were literally two, took me to school this morning.
“So Ads, you excited to be a sophomore?” He asked
“Eh, I guess” I replied
“I heard we have a new English teacher that’s a total babe. I don’t want competition with the ladies” he said chuckling
“Haha, he’s probably married anyway Bellamy. ” I said
“Yeah you’re probably right. I’m gonna go head and go to class. See ya later Ads.” Bellamy said then ran off.
I entered the school building and as I did so, I ran into somebody.
“Oh my God, I’m so sorry” I said and then looked up to who I had bumped into. He was tall, and he had curly light brown curls and whiskey colored eyes. And a school badge. Crap.
“It’s alright love” he said while looking me in the eyes.
“A-are you the new English teacher?” I asked
“Yes I am” he smirked and then he grabbed my butt and kept on walking.
Did the new teacher just grab my ass?
The day went by pretty fast. I was not looking forward to my next class. English: Mr. Irwin.
I walked into his classroom and was literally eye raped by him.
I sat down in the desk in the back trying to get as far away from him as possible.
“Hello class I’m Mr. Irwin and I will be your new English teacher. I’m a nice guy but I don’t put up with your teenage crap. Listen to me and obey my rules and we’ll be okay. If you do not punishment will be taken” he said looking at me and then to his computer.
“I’m gonna take roll” he said and started calling our names.
“Benny Jones?” He asked
“Here” Benny replied
“Addison Blake?” He asked
“Here, I go by Addy” I said and he smirked.
Once he finished role he just started to talk about the books we were going to read. I just ignored him and played on my phone. The bell rang. Thank you God.

“Miss Blake, stay in here” he said
Oh great.
When all the other kids were out, he shut the door and walked over to me.
“What did I say to you kids about me?” He asked
“I don’t know” I said quietly
“I said that you shall obey my rules. You were not paying attention to me, you were on your phone the whole time” he said
“Do you know what happens to people who disobey my rules?” He asked.
“You give them detention” I replied
“No sweetie, bad girls get spankings” he said.
Spankings. Was he going to spank me? I used to love to be spanked by my guy friends. I kinda had a daddy kink but I would never admit it. Getting spanked actually felt good, but I was kinda scared of Mr. Irwin.
“Bend over my desk” he said
I didn’t.
“I said bend over my desk! 10 extra ones!” He said.
I gulped and bent over his desk.
He pulled down my jeans and started to spank me. With every slap I could feel my butt getting redder and redder. He finally stopped. I got up from his desk and started to pull my pants up. “I’m not done” he said and sat down in his chair. “Over my lap” he said.
I bent over his lap and he started to spank me again. I felt my stomach getting excited and I started to cum all over his jeans. Oh shit. I did not just cum on him.
“Baby girl likes to be spanked, does daddy need to use his belt?” He asked
My butt hurt, but I really wanted him to spank me till I couldn’t walk. He undid his belt and told me to bend over his desk again. He spanked me hard with the belt and the he started to gently rub my butt.
“Daddys baby just learned her lesson” he said while planting a kiss on my butt.
“Let’s do this again” I said

Awe, a face only a mother could love,

Sorry I didn’t say much about how this little fish, other than that it had turned up in our backyard. But @lightning1999 pointed out that they are poisonous, totally correct, so thought I’d add this.  

Like loads of small fish with crap chances against something with a big enough mouth big for it to fit in, Synchiropus Splendidus (Mandarin Dragonet) has utilised other methods of protection, (and hey I understand it’s problems, I’m getting to be the smallest guy here on Tracy Island).  Plus, it has the added problem of not having scales. Instead it exudes a disgusting mucus over it’s body which not only smells like Virg’s old socks but which is as poisonous as Grandma’s…… (if I finish this sentence and she ever finds my diary, I’m toast.  So use your own imagination).

These little guys also have a spine for territorial fights with other males and for use if it’s inside a bigger fish’s mouth.  

But happily for humans all this protection is to ward off predators and isn’t aimed at humans, unless of course you’re fool enough to put one in your mouth.  


Should you touch it at all?  I personally would like it if you didn’t, they are happiest living wild.  People try to bring them into captivity but they hate it in aquariums, usually starving themselves to death.  So, no please leave them where they are.

I agree totally with @lightning1999 – look, because they are fascinating beautiful little things, but don’t touch.  Thanks Lightning.

Sometimes I need other people to remind me that I’m not a trash human for turning something in late?

So I had this paper due last Sunday but my thesis shit was due Monday so I was like hey, I don’t think I can do both at once, I’m sorry. And my teacher, who was on my reading committee, was like totally understandable. Gave me an extension til tomorrow.

And this week I’ve:

  • Submitted my thesis shit
  • Almost died via banana (the allergic reaction knocked me out for like two days)
  • Made plans to fly home to take care of my mom who has cancer
  • Come down with a nasty fucking cold sore
  • Not been able to work on my paper

So like it’s almost due again and I just don’t – I have some research done but this week my brain has been shit and I’ve been mostly just crying a lot

so idk I asked for another extension and I guess I just need a boost saying that it’s okay to do that and that I’m not terrible or taking advantage of my prof’s kindness or something

*clutches chest* I forgot (ok not really, but it’s kind of been a while and the full effect has worn off) how much feels Jasper being startled about the MC teasing him in week 5 gave me! Like oh no…help…i can’t handle it!

btw this is totally like *the* scene that made me go “oh crap…oh crap i…Elisabeth bb you’re going to have to romance that now…sorry hamin!” like this scene gave me SO MANY conflicting feels about her route the first time I legit had to stop playing for a little while

actual talk shit/get hit éponine thénardier

My “Hi! I actually passed this as part of my short story for a CW major and it’s my first time writing fluff but everybody liked it so meh” offering of the waiting behind you in line but ‘excuse you me did i just hear you talking shit about my favourite superhero there SON’” college AU persuasion. 

There are varying degrees of dislike and hate, and going to the supermarket would - to Éponine, at least - rate at “if you were a person, I’d wish you the sensation of a thousand lost sneezes for the rest of your natural life. And then some”. Suffice to say, if it would only cost her 20 bucks to get her roommate to go, she’d fork it over every single time. But alas, said roommate has drawn the line at processed food, ever since she’s had that flier shoved down her throat by one of the overly zealous hipster activists at school, and 20 sad bucks do not hold their appeal anymore. 

“Go organic or go yourself," Cosette had said, flipping her hair over her shoulder and smirking that evil pursed-lip smirk of hers. 

And this is how Éponine ends up at the nearest shop, hugging junk food and a six-pack to her chest, waiting in what seems to be the slowest-moving line in the history of slow-moving lines. She’d listened to two songs already, post-punk blasting at two bars past decent earphone listening, before an old woman clucked noisily right behind her, muttering something about "I could hear that trash from where I’m standing, young lady”. 

And it’s not that she hates grumpy old women who smell faintly of starch, but seriously, she has been in line for at least ten minutes now, grumbling behind three more people and a stingy yuppie who is arguing with the cashier over the merits of InstaBake, and it still doesn’t seem as if this trip to hell would be over soon. This is supposed to be the express lane, for crying out loud. 

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Bad times😞

This has been a pretty crap week. Started last Monday with my ED dietitian telling me I am not gaining or increasing my food because I am trying to make myself as small as possible in the vain hope I will disappear and not have to face reality. I have not stopped thinking about this all week. Had a bit of row with my mum a few weeks back and then my H via FaceTime. I was totally broken by this as H is in Saudi working and I hate rowing.

I have started to self harm myself, deliberately banging my elbows off door frames about 40 times. Basically till my hand and arm goes numb. Another way to punish myself for being a failure. Lying to my H by saying it I fell in the dark going to bathroom.

I have been having problems getting a breath for a while now. Putting it down to low blood pressure but this week I have got weird “electrical” tingles in my head, and my vision had been blurred on and off for a while now.

Oh and yesterday my H told me my hair is bigger than my face. I look like a fragile China doll and that hurts the most. I hate him thinking of me like that. So far from the woman he fell in love with😓😓😓😓😓

I have to see ED dietitian on Weds and she gave me homework. I have to write a list of things I have will give me self confidence and self care ideas. All I have written so far is please help me!!! I have no idea. She keeps stressing the importance of making myself my priority and not telling everyone to just back off and leave me alone. Easier said than done.

Please can things get better for me soon. I do not think I can keep a hold for much longer. Well I am going to phone for an appointment with GP tomorrow as I need to get more help.

I Can’t Loose You - Isaac Lahey Imagine

Request: Yaaaay thank you💖 So Isaac and the reader are like besties and they spent most of their time together (the reader is a human btw but she is like a genius and she is part of the pack) and she is talking to Isaac about life and stuff and he says “honestly I don’t think I’m ever falling in love” and stuff like that how love is a waste of time and like that haha and the reader is like “sure Lahey, I wanna see you later with somebody” joking but deeply hoping he is lying bc she has a massive crush
Part 2 haha: a massive crush on him (but she plays it cool) and one day they are walking around the woods doing some spy work and being awesome and she saves Isaac from getting stabbed or smt but she gets hurt, like really bad and Isaac takes her to the hospital and stays there with her (she passed out while bleeding) and she wakes up after some time and everything is back to normal but now Isaac as actions all weird in school (I’d love you if the reader says smt like “of course I’m in school…
Part 3: …just bc I almost bleed to dead doesn’t mean I’ll miss school”) and the reader basically kidnaps Isaac before getting to lacrosse practice and they go to a classroom and she starts questioning him for his odd behavior and he is like “you almost die how do you want me to act? You are my anchor and idk what I’d do without you, you are the one who keeps me sane, in that hospital i almost lost you, I’m sorry but I’m in love with you…” And a lot of fluff about how much they are in love

A/N: ok… So this was a MASSIVE REQUEST but it was WORTH IT, so, I took my time to do this the best as possible. Hope you like that!

WARNINGS: the word “shit” and some ortography fails :)

MASTERLIST (updated)

You are in your room, Isaac laing on your bed with some textbooks and pens. You are sitting on your chair desk while writing some stuff on your planer. Isaac just stares at the ceiling and he doesen’t say anithing. “You okay?” You ask. Since you two were little kids, Isaac and you were besties. Always playing together, laughing,… The thing Isaac don’t knows is that you had a Massive Crush on him since high school. He made a really big change. You never say that to anybody because you were afraid of ruining your friendship with him and also, you didn’t wanted to ask him because, who knows, hecould send you to the friendzone and that would be awkward and sad. “Yeah, everything okay, just, thinking” he says without movng his eyes, that they were staring at the cieling. “Bout’ what?” You say. He is your best friend, probably he had a problem or something, and, we know, Isaac Lahey is really shy when it comes to feelings and confessions… He takes a deep breath and says “I-I don’t know, future things in general I guess” “Like what?” This wasn’t studying, but you wanted to know. “Do you thing you’re going to fall in love and that stuff?” you blush, the thing you wanted to say was ‘of course you idiot! I been falling for you since freshman year!’ But of course, you shuted up and say a simple “I don’t know, do you?” to response.  He looks at you and says “No, I don’t think so.” “Why do you say that?” You ask “Cause honnestly, I don’t think I’m ever falling in love” you wanted to cry and eat ice cream, like he just broke up with you. Now you knewed taht you didn’t have any chance to be with him, since he didn’t love anybody. Before, you thinked that you could have some chances wiht him, since every girl who wanetd to flirt with him, Isaac didn’t wanted to, you thinked that maybe he was waiting for someone special. But now, now you have a clear mind and idea of his love life. you try to play cool and you ask “But why do you think that? Because there’s no cute girl in high school doesen’t mean that you couldn’t fall in love for someone later.” He continues staring at you and he sits correctly, since he was laying on the bed. “I don’t know, I just thing love is a waste of time, you are always thinking about that special person, and valentine’s day? Oh, valentine’s day, all material stuff.” He was talking with a really serious tone, so, you didn’t think for a moment he was lying, but of course, you couldn’t know that since you weren’t any supernatural stuff. “Sure Lahey, I wanna see you later with somebody” you joke and smile at him. He looks at you and moves his eyebrow like he was thinking. Ater some sconds of awkward silence, you decide to cut that off and you say “Anyways, what about if we study for the test of tomorrow? Well, if you study the test since you were doing anything.” He smirks and comes to the desk and you start studying.
You help Isaac for the test that you guys haved tomorrow and when he understands the lesson, he leaves, but, before leaving through the window he waves at you and say a “See ya”. It was tomorrow, test day! Great. (It’s, it’s not great) the only thing that was great, it was the fact that it was friday. You get up et ready eat breakfast,… And you leave. You go to the school inside Stile’s jeep since he is your neighbour and, he had a car. While you two make the way to the school, you decide to talk after some minutes of silence “So, um… You ready for the test?” You make a fake smile “W-what test?” He makes a surprised face looking at you very quick but then looking again to the road “You know, maths test?” His jaw drops and he slaps a hand on its face “Crap.” “You didn’t remembered the test Stiles? It’s really easy, you’ll see, it’s just that homework we had a week ago, but with diferent exercices.” You try to calm him down “the thing is, I also didn’t made that homework…” “Oh,” you didn’t know what to do, so you shut up “By the way, are you and Isaac a couple yet? Cause I see that boy every day leaving out of the windowof your room…” You put a horrified-face and you start to blush. “What? He doesen’t come everyday, he just comes mondays, wednesdays, and fridays, tuesdays and thursdays has lacrosse trainings” you said that like if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Oh, of course, I’m sorry ms.Lahey” he teases and you hit him (jocking) in the arm “Oh c'mon, we’re just friends mr.Martin” you tease “Hey!” “Okay,okay, I’m sorry” you smile and you two make the way to the school. After the last bell rings, you go directly to isaac’s locker to wai for him. Two minutes after, he arries and says a “Hey, rad for the pack meeting?” “Oh, crap, i almost forgot that!” You say. Today was friday, and like every friday you had pack meetings… Cooooool. (It’s, it’s not cool) isaac and you go together walking to scott’s and start the pack meeting. “Okay guys, so, we have to go to the woods. Again.” Scot says like a total true alpha (okay that was a lot srry) “Ok, so, with ho are we going today?” Isaac asks while he puts his scarf “Oh, wait scarf-boy, we still need to make the plan” stiles says with a sarcastic tone and isaac just ignores him, he is used to that. “I found some hunters, and they are killing every werewolf that they found, so we must be carefull.” Scott says with a worried tone. “Perfect. Now, with who are we going?” Isaac asks again “why do you care so much?” Lydia asks him “well, cause last time i needed to go with stiles, and, well, he runs really slow. I needed to be behind him al the time. We arrived the last ones.” Scott starts to think and you decide to interrupt “So, what if I go with you Isaac? I mean, I am in the track team, i run faster than stiles, and stiles can stay with lydia at the car while they wait for us. And you scott, can go see the 'boss’ of that hunters and kic his ass” everone was staring at you with a surprsed face. “Wow, next time can she be the alpha?” Stiles ask but everyone ignores hi and the pack start getting ready. The pairings were: isaac and you, scott alone, and stiles and lydia. You arrive at the woods and everyone starts etting ready. While you and isaac start to walk in the woods, searching for the hunters, an arrow flies and hits a tree that was really close to you and isaac. You two turn around and see two hunters that wanted to kill you two. Isaac’s eyes glow yellow and with a swift movement his claws appear from his hands. You start to fight one, and isaac the other. When you finally kill him, you see isaac that he continues fighting the hunter so you o help him. While you go, you see that the hunter has arrows with wolfsbane so you decide to take his bow. He was really quick and before you could do anything he shots an arrow to isaac. You run as fast as you can for saving him, and you did, but the arrow stabbed your stomach. You start to see everything blurry, the only thing you hear is Isaac yelling at you but you don’t understand what he says cause of the eco that is in your mind. Isaac brings you to the hospital, now unconscious from what happened. After hours of surgery, eerything should be okay. Youa re resting at the hosital bed and isaac is watching you, tears falling from his face while he is sitting with a chair next to you. Next day (it was Saturday), you wake up and the first thing you see is a sleepy isaac lahey sleeping on the chair. You wake him up and you ask with a really soft tone “What happened?” Nothing but one second right after you say that, he opens hs eyes and he puts a surprised face and he doesen’t doubt but hug you “I-I was thnking i was about to loose you Y/N” he says with a broken voice. “Well, you see me here” you smile at him. Next monday you were really successfully healed and evrything was back to normal, well, not everything, Isaac Lahey wasn’t back to normal. When you guys had class together, he never seated with you, at lunch he never was next to you, and stuff like that. He was acting really distant and weird. The last class of the day was economics with coach. Right after you enter in the class coach stops you and he asks you “What are you doing here Y/N Y/L/N?” “I-I’m going to class.” He looks at you with a surprised face and he says “Wait are you in school? Afetr what happened the other day? I heard that from the news or something” “Of course I’m in school, just because I almost died doesen’t me I’m not going to the school…” “Wow, you’re a surviver. It happened the same at me once.” He tells you. The class starts and as always, Isaac doesen’t talk to you.
The class finish, but before leaving, isaac, isaac lahey talks to you for the first time. “Y/N, today we have an extra training at Lacrosse, I’m not going to your house today. Sorry” he wasn’t even loocking at you, he was loocking at the floor like a little kid. “Sure”. Before he could go downstairs to the locker’s room, you take his arm and push him towards the first empty class you see. You close the dorr and you stop him from leaving. He seats on a table and starts playing with his fingers. “We need to talk Isaac” you say while you cross your arms. “About?” He asks ike nothing happened “Look, I just want to know why do you never sit, talk, or be with me because I’m getting tired of this shit” “You almost died, how do you want me to act?” You’re hallucinating “um, i don’t know isaac, like you care?!” You started getting really mad “Are you serious right now Lahey? Cause I swear-” “You almost died there Y/N, you’re my anchor and i don’t know what i’d do without you. You’re the one who keeps me sane. In that hospital I almost lost you, I’m sorry but I love you” he was standing up when he was saying that and you didn’t know how to react. You walk towards him and you kiss him. When you just press his lips against his he throws his lacrosse back at the floor and he puts his hands on your cheeks. You move your hands, one on his neck and the other making the way to his perfect blond (kinda) curls. “Do you really need to go to the freakin’ lacrosse practice?” “Nope” “Good” that was one of your best mondays. At the end of all maybe he was actually waiting for someone 'special’.

-Hope You Liked That! Request Are Open <3-