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Hey, so umm. I just moved in with my dad. And he is very homophobic. And I am a lesbian, and my sisters know, and my mum knew, but what should I do? I don't know if I should keep it a secret for now and risk him being mad later, or tell him now and see if he gets over it while I'm gone for the next two weeks or just not tell him at all, what do you think?

((OOC: This is a tricky one. Ultimately, love, this is down to you and what you feel comfortable with. The important thing, first and foremost, is to keep yourself safe. You live with him, he’s your father, and he’s homophobic. I don’t know to what extent, you would know better than I would. You just be careful, alright?))

Honesty Amongst Criminals (Mob AU! Sunggyu)

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Type: Angst Fluff

Request: It’s the mafia infinite anon and could you make it about Sunggyu?

For the au requests, would it be possible for you to do a mafia infinite reaction to finding out that you, their seemingly innocent best friend, are actually the boss of your own mafia? (You found out about them being in the mafia around the same time.) Also I’m sorry if that makes absolutely no sense

“Must be a special occasion if the boss actually is getting off her ass” Howon’s voice rang out as he put his phone away. “Your boss is a woman?” Sunggyu’s voice rang out as he shifted in the seat he was tied up in. Sungyeol rolled his eyes “what’s her name?” Sunggyu asked. The two males sitting in front of him remained quiet. Sunggyu chuckles “she’s a monstrous mobster though. She loves torture” he finished as he let out a funky laugh. “She hates guys like you, you know?” Howon spoke as Sunggyu noticed he was waving a gun around “why’s that? I come up into her night club and sell drugs? I though she would love that shit” Sunggyu cooed. “She hates druggies” Sungyeol told Sunggyu as he leaned his head back and smiled before looking back at Howon who was leaning on his gun. “You’re as crazy as she is I’m guessing?” Sunggyu states blankly “you have to rather special to get into her circl-” Howon was cut off by the doors behind Sunggyu flying open and harsh heels clicking on the black marble flooring.

A hand yanked his head back “damn baby. How did you know I like it rough?” Sunggyu felt breath warm his ear “Sunggyu shut the hell up” his eyes widened as he looked up. “That’s why boss wanted to see you” Howon mumbles. “Undo the cuffs” you told Sungyeol made his way over and undid Sunggyu’s cuffs.

You pulled a chair in front of Sunggyu as Howon and Sungyeol left the room. “Look at yo-” Sunggyu’s smirk and comment were cut short as your hand slapped his face with. His head stayed to the side “how mad are you?” he asked quietly as you turned him to face you. You managed to do some damage by busting his lip open. “You’re an idiot. Why the hell would you get invovled with the mob” you say as you and him shared a look that actually made your statement sound so dumb, you were a mob boss and you were asking him why he was involved with the mob? “Obviously you and I live in two different spectrums of pay. I need to make a living” he says “you could have told me-” “tell you what? I’m not good at living on my own?” he asked as you cupped his face.

“Kim Sunggyu we are best friends” you say “obviously we both have problems with being honest” he says honestly. “You’re never selling that crap in my club again” you say “you’re gonna work for me” you speak seriously “I don’t know the man I work for-” “the men that work for me are scarier” you promise giving him a wink “You’re going to just listen to me from now on” you tell him “I already do” he states as you nod in agreement “but now I’ll pay you for it” you finish as you lightly pat his cheek.


For background, I was already having a horrible day, so my usually pristine customer service manner was shattered. I’ve passed my last few Mystery Shoppers with 100% earning me a bonus from corporate, but today I could barely muster up a hello and a smile. I was doing my best, honestly. But still.

A lovely elderly gentleman (spoilers: he was not lovely) comes up to my till at the gas station to pay for his fuel. As I am counting his change, he launches into a full blown tirade about how he “hates coming here and never does anymore because of the service” and so I explain that of course I am sorry for his experiences, but am sure I am offering a nice change today? Apparently not.

“NOT YOU, your PUMPS, they always go over! I want to fuel up £X and it always goes over by a penny! No matter how soon I stop!”

Complete with trying to snatch his change from me. But I’ve had enough of my day today.

“Actually sir, the vast majority of customers don’t have a problem with our pumps, and we are one of the busiest around on a Sunday! I’m sorry you may have had some difficulties.”

“No! You wouldn’t know! You’ve no idea who MEANT to go a penny over! PEOPLE JUST DON’T MOAN TO YOU!”, he moaned.

“AND you can’t tell me it’s just me! IT’S EVERYONE. THESE PUMPS ARE RIGGED JUST NOBODY ELSE TELLS YOU. In here telling me it’s my fault I didn’t stop the pump in time, you’ve NO IDEA about petrol pumps or how this shop works! YOU’RE PART OF THE PROBLEM!”

“I don’t think anyone really wants an extra penny with their fuel, but, it isn’t too common an occurrence. Most people can use them just fine. Here is a receipt from the customer before you. They got the total dead on. And this one. And this one. And this one. And this one. And this one.”

And carried on calling receipts after him as he stormed away. I’m sure a customer complaint will be on the way, but I know I am safe with my job (especially given the reasons for my horrible day, but that’s not a story for here & now). I’m just utterly sick of the way people treat us, and I have been working in retail for a decade!

By: Astromayhem

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Hello. I love your art style and 6 months ago I found your YouTube Channel and absolutely loved it. I like the comic of TLOZ you post here, one of the best comics I've ever read. (Sorry if my English isn't really good, not an English speaker xD). Also I have a question: ¿Where do you get your inspiration from? I hope you read this. I wish I could animate like you :,).

Thanks for subscribing and reading my trashy comic I’m happy you like it and I’m also thankful cat fans and zelda fans can go hand in hand! And THANK YOU for sending me an ask!!

I guess my stories come from the fact I really like magic?? My grandma really likes faries and used to always talk about them when I was a kid (We had a fairy statue and my mum used to write teeny tiny handwritten notes from the faries and leave them there for me to read) and that’s sort of bled into who I am. All 3 of the current projects I’m working on involve Goddesses and magic in some way so go figure… But they’re also pretty political. I love shipping trash but I love death drama and badass swordfights just as much. One of my projects is about a wish granting bunny tearing down a monarchy in place of diplomacy and the other’s about a monarch trying to reclaim her power so I’m a little conflicted about where I stand on oppressive ruling classes these days…..

Art-wise I’m a maSSIVE WEEB with Haruhi Suzumiya, Madoka Magica and Spice and Wolf being my favourites, so they probably have influenced me a lot!! But my current art style is a bit of a jumbled mix.. I used to draw pretty differently and I actively changed it overtime before University. I think my biggest influences were probably two comics called Hemlock and another called Trying Human by IntroducingEmy. They really shaped the style I work in! Although these days it’s a lineless and bootleg Breath of the Wild artstyle so what do I know?/

Keep arting and animating and I’m sure you’ll find your feet soon enough. People aren’t lying when they say it takes practice and literal years of hard work to get better and I still have a lot to learn but push yourself to try new things and don’t give up!! I believe in you!!

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I have this problem where I feel super uncomfortable and weird when my skin touches my other skin like between my toes or breasts. For my chest, the only time when it feels okay is when I wear my binder. Although I have a binder for dysphoria, this discomfort is different from that and is more based on positioning? It's keeping me from sleeping. Obviously I can't wear a binder when I sleep. Sports bras used to help; they don't anymore. Have any suggestions? (Hope this is an okay place to ask)

This isn’t something that’s bothered me, so I’m probably not the best person to give advice wrt it. But maybe positioning your blanket/s and pillows over your chest in a certain way could help prevent your skin from rubbing against other skin? I don’t really know, sorry.

It’s not necessarily safe to sleep in sports bras though, so it’s good you don’t do that anymore.

If any of my followers have any advice or suggestions for anon, please do feel free to add to this post.


Thank you so much for all the hard work and all the good memories. No matter what, Storias will always be here to support you! ♡ #4yearswithhistory