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If you're looking for prompts, some Stan and Dipper bonding is always great! Like maybe playing cards or Stan showing Dipper to box?

Stan taught Dipper how to play Poker, and turns out, he’s really good at it 


guess who hasn’t eaten all day

Steven Universe: the carnival cotton candy of cartoons. Light, fluffy, colorful and 100% Sugar (aha look what i did there). You can only really eat so much of it though, before you puke on the tilt-a-whirl

Star vs. the Forces of Evil: that milkshake with sprinkles that you dip french fries into, sweet and colorful but with the fries you have something of substance to chew on

Regular Show: doritos. Just a big fat bag of doritos. Everyone likes doritos but the older teens/college students have a weird relationship with them

Bravest Warriors: “Kettle corn?? That’s a fun time snack!”

Adventure time: sandwich, but not just any sandwich. That one sandwich you ate every day over that one summer when you were a kid. You know the one. It’s the sandwich that now every time you taste it you’re brought back to that hot midsummer afternoon with that sandwich in one hand a juice box in the other with your feet dipped into the creek behind your house, minnows nibbling your toes as you laugh through mouthfuls of peanut butter and strawberry jelly

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Man I'm sorry everyone's being super dumb and cissexist. I got that post first thing when I read it. I'm a trans lesbian and lemme tell you the struggle of trying to find a sapphic girl who's willing to date me. You wouldn't believe how many people have told me "it's not gay if there's a dick involved". People are frickin dumb.

Right? It’s not fun. Hell, I’m not even particularly interested in dating, much less sex, but it kinda sucks to think that it’s mostly off the plate if I were. The effort of finding someone who might be interested is too great to bother with if it’s not a top priority.

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Not gonna teach him how to dance with you - Larry. 💙💚

okay so this has to be a best friends to lovers au. 

harry grew up next door to louis and they were the sort of codependent best friends that everyone wished they could be. shared everything, told each other everything, families didn’t even blink when the one not actually related to them was there at the dinner table (or, more often, when harry was downstairs making breakfast for the tomlinson-deakins after spending the night gossiping with louis until they fell asleep sharing the same pillow).  

and so, of course, harry is the first person louis comes out to and then, inevitably, harry has his own Realization and pieces it together - not only does he love louis, his best friend ever, but he loves louis. he tells louis he thinks he likes boys too and they have a good cry about it, and inside harry’s chest glows with a little raging hope that tells him all he needs is a little confidence, and then he and louis can go from best friends to boyfriends. harry squirrels away every little hint louis mentions about marriage (”think i want a big wedding, haz, what do you think?”) and proposals (”it should be huge. massive. what’s the point otherwise? shout it from the rooftops, you’re in love!”) and romantic clichés (”i honestly think i’d die if someone did one of those romantic scavenger hunts for me. can you imagine? just knowing they put in all that effort, just for me.”), thinking of the day all the little facts he’s piled up about louis will come in handy. 

but, also of course, it’s never that easy. school and friends and harry’s fears get in the way and soon they’re adults, and harry’s been in love with louis for half his life. he’s dated a little but nothing that stuck, and he lived through each of louis’ short-term boyfriends too, glad to see the back of them when they leave.

harry tells himself every morning, “today’s the day. today i tell him.” 

but then. 

in comes a new boyfriend, but this one is different. this could go one of two ways - he could be an utter douchebag, of course, and as you continue reading you hate him more and more on harry’s behalf. but what’s even worse is thinking about this new boyfriend, let’s call him tom, being a genuinely great guy. 

because louis has good taste, right? so of course this boyfriend is beautiful, and he’s kind, and maybe he donates money to charity and adopted an old blind dog so it wouldn’t die in a shelter and he helps babysit louis’ youngest siblings without complaint. 

and harry wants to hate him. and he does, a little. he’s always going to hate anyone who can rest their hand on louis’ waist without garnering snickers from their friends, or anyone who can refer to themselves and louis as a “we” and it means something. but also.. he sort of can’t hate him. 

so harry watches, his stomach getting heavier with each new day, as this guy inserts himself into louis’ life. first as “this guy i’m seeing” and then “you know, tom, we’ve been out a few times” on to “tom, my boyfriend.” he has to watch as all of louis’ smiles are directed at someone else when all these years, they’d been for harry; no other boyfriend captured louis’ attention, no one else was as large a presence in louis’ life as harry had always been. 

and tom, being the good guy that he is, wants to know harry. he wants them to be best friends too, says things like “i know you’re the most important thing in louis’ life, but i hope there’s room in it for me, too” and god, how harry wants to hate him. but he’s still there, still waving harry off when he tries to pay for his own meals when they’re out together, still trying valiantly to find a friend so harry can double date with him and louis. 

then it gets worse. maybe it’s valentine’s day, or their anniversary: either way, tom wants to celebrate, and he wants to do it right. so he asks harry. 

“you know louis better than i ever could,” he says, pleading. “what would he want? what does he love more than anything in the world?” 

and harry’s torn. because if he says what he wants, then tom is going to do the exact opposite of what he should, and louis will be angry and maybe they’ll even break up. or, if he says what he knows he should, he’ll help tom wow louis with the date of his dreams, basically shoving the two of them down the aisle and leaving him alone watching them go. but… but louis would be happy. and that’s all harry wants, really, more than having louis for himself. for him to be happy. 

so he does the right thing. he helps tom start planning a scavenger hunt, a massive, full day of finding clues at all louis’ favorite places. harry suggests starting with a tea at louis’ favorite shop, so he’ll be in a good mood; he tells tom that louis’ favorite place to go when he needs a moment alone is the rooftop of their old flat building, a little garden hidden away from the world; he helps plan so that at about two o’clock, when louis always gets hungry and crabby, he’ll be able to stop in for a bite at the bakery he and harry visit almost every weekend. he knows louis loves spectacles, so he tells tom to set up a fireworks display. he knows louis likes an audience, so he tells tom to have their families and friends involved wherever possible. 

when tom mentions, in one of their planning sessions, that he’s been looking at rings, and this scavenger hunt is so romantic, maybe he should just propose at the end, harry swallows down the bile in his throat and pulls out the final piece of knowledge, the piece de resistance. 

because in louis’ mum’s backyard back in donny, there’s a tree, and carved into that tree is LT + and a blank space, surrounded by a carved heart. louis put it there the night he came out to harry, and he whispered into harry’s ear that when he found the boy of his dreams they’d come here, and they’d carve his initials in next to louis’. harry tells tom to end there, that if he wants to propose, that’s the place to do it. it’s a secret he’s never told anyone else. 

so the day comes, and tom is planning to be there to meet louis at the end, under that old tree in jay’s backyard in donny, and harry, because he’s a masochist, will be the one guiding louis through the scavenger hunt through the day. 

which is a mistake on both tom and harry’s parts, because that means louis spends all day feeling loved, and cherished, and in a romantic haze, and he’s spending it all with harry. they watch fireworks as the sun sets and louis lays his head on harry’s shoulder; harry squeezes his eyes shut and hopes the sun never fully disappears so they don’t have to move on. 

but it does, and they’ve collected all the clues and made their way from place to place, and then it’s time to go to donny. harry follows louis through his mum’s house, the lights all dark, before he stops at the glass door leading to the backyard. the tree is surrounded by candles, the ground dotted with rose petals. off to one side, tom is there in a tux, looking nervous. on the tree, louis’ initials and the heart have been illuminated with a thin string of lights. 

louis, when he turns to harry, doesn’t say anything about the obvious proposal coming his way. he just says, “i’ve never told anyone about that heart on the tree.” a slight narrowing of lovely, sharp eyes. “no one but you.” 

and harry, so in love with this boy for so many years, blinks back a few tears and says, “you found someone whose initials belong in that space with yours.” 

louis looks at him for a long time, so long a tear actually does escape, and louis wipes it away with his thumb. “don’t go too far,” he says, then steps quietly out into the backyard where tom is waiting. 

but harry can’t just stay, not for this, so he leaves louis’ old house and walks, his feet leading him in endless circles as he tries not to think about louis saying yes to someone else, but then his phone buzzes in his pocket. come back, louis says, and harry’s helpless to obey, even tonight. 

so he goes back. walks through jay deakin’s quiet, dark house, to the glass door looking out into the backyard. louis is there, tom isn’t; maybe he’s getting a car to take them to a hotel? or maybe changing out of his tux? harry doesn’t care; he steps out onto the grass and walks to louis. 

“i said no,” louis says. 

harry stumbles, his eyes wide. “you said no? why? why wouldn’t you say yes?” 

louis shrugs. “tom is a perfect guy, and he’ll make someone else very happy. but he’s not perfect for me.” 

and then he looks at the tree, and harry follows his gaze, and there, under LT +, is HS. LT + HS. and under that, looking newly carved, is forever. 

“it’s always been you, haz,” louis says. and later they’ll talk about how they’ve both been pining but scared for so many years, trying to move on even when they couldn’t. but tonight, next to this tree, surrounded by candles and the memories of growing up and falling in love, harry finally, finally pulls louis close and plans on never letting go. 

That moment we were all Deadpool


In honor of the animatic I made exactly one year ago today, I slapped this together last night.

I guess this is more of a preview, since I wanna do more of this later this week. (And an excuse to draw Bill having to deal with a bunch of incompetent, useless triangle babies.)

(Credit for audio goes to, of course, @weirdmageddon. Thanks bruh.)




aaAa here it is!! Bokuaka from shilles’ atla au!!

I really really love this au *o* you’ve chosen all the elements so well for everyone, I’ll probably draw more of it in future!!

Pas de Dork.

HAHA, in reference to that earlier ask–I couldn’t resist doing a terrible drawing of terrible-ballet-bro Erik. 

Yeah no, he wouldn’t last a DAY in the corps…too much invasion of personal space…too much Sorelli…