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Hey guys! I’m sorry about the shitty edit for this because my photoshop broke itself and I’m sad so I just slapped words on a picture I took from the fanmeet in Chicago, but that’s not the important part anyway. I have reached 1k followers!!! I’m over that now actually! This is crazy! I didn’t think I’d ever get that many followers considering I don’t write or do anything here really except for just being here. And in the last little bit I haven’t been crazy active either but I think I’m back for a good amount now. But all I can say is thank you guys so much!! I’ve met a lot of awesome people here (even if we don’t talk a lot I still think about all of you!) and there’s a few of you who helped me through some really poopy times and I appreciate it soo much! I love you guys! ^^

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Doing this also made me realize how little of an amount of blogs I’m following(like half or more are inactive now) so I’m about to go on a following spree. Thank you again guys I’m still mind blown over this this is crazy! I love you guys so much have a good day/night lovelies <3

p.s I tried to make it alphabetical but I got too lazy to fix some of them.

Love Live! Sunshine!! Episode 8 - Kanan and Mari

it’s so sad that i cri evrytiem :’(

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ivymoon788  asked:

I've tried so many times, but I can't successfully draw messy hair..Any chance you could do a short walk through for it? I adore the way you draw messy hair.

Drawing messy hair requires understanding the basics of how hair works in general but I am far too lazy to explain that, so, well, here are some not so helpful tips!

Sometimes it helps to draw the hair neat and then edit it to make it all messy looking!

And since you asked for a walkthrough, here’s a really shitty walkthrough of how I draw the hair of my human Fi

Yeah… I’m not a good teacher. Sorry!

HQ PICS (432 total) - August 20, 2016
Little Mix Perform at the V Festival Day 1

(I’ve said this many times before but please credit if you use these, I don’t think that’s asking too much - I won’t share from day 2 if people aren’t going to be respectful)

hello lovelies! in celebration of me hitting my recent goal (500 followers!!!) and that over the past few months i have met some incredible mutuals that i admire and love so much, i’ve decided to make a long overdue follow forever! i cannot emphasize enough how much i appreciate every single one of you. thank you for always brightening up my dash with your beautiful blogs xx.

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// disclaimer: as i am making this it’s very late at night and chances are that i forgot to include some people, so make sure to check out my blogroll as well! every single blog that i follow is 10/10 and they all deserve recognition tbh xx.
Bleach is ending.

This series have been a very important part of my life.
I have read it for 12 years, I have learned to love every character, I have cried with Ichigo, Rukia, Byakuya and Renji. 

Bleach gave me Rukia,a strong female character that I could identify, she could kick your ass and still look so beautiful, she was me role model, i love her so much.
Also, Bleach gave me Ichiruki, my first ship, at first I didn’t ship them, but then Kubo keep throwing it in my face, and I started love them together, and even if they don’t become canon at the end, it won’t matter to me, i would still love them.

So goodbye Bleach, and thanks for the good and sad moments, the fights, your plot holes, thank you for the death and the strawberry and your  memories in the rain.

Ja ne Bleach.