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it’s a warm afternoon and i have been happy
on the first day of first grade
we told everyone our favorite ice cream flavor and i took too long
to pick just one
he comes home and sometimes i can just see it
in the bags under his eyes
all the tension piled up high like my building blocks
he wasn’t happy today like me
but mommy greets him at the door with a kiss
telling him the food is ready
and i think it helps a little
just a little
then we all sit down because he likes dinner together
and bayla starts interrupting about her first day of pre-k
i want her to be quiet
why can’t she stop
if she would just stop-
too late
so i just flinch as he explodes
screaming with that big voice
too loud too loud
for my first day of first grade
mommy always said i was just like him
i liked to write like her
and draw like her
but i was determined like him
and fiery like him
i liked it sometimes when she said i was like him
but then he would scream so loud my little body would turn to stone
and i would remember
why i never wanted her to tell me it again
now i’m big
i live far away from them and i’m not around when he explodes
but i will come home from a long day of work
and my partner puts the dishes back without cleaning them right
and says something snippy by accident
and keeps interrupting
and just won’t stop
if he would just stop-
too late
he looks at me with round eyes
and i beg the universe to let me take back my scream
but i can’t
so i beg instead on warm afternoons
please God, don’t let me become him
don’t let me become him
don’t let me become him
—  Miriam K, but i’m afraid i already have

shh don’t tell anyone she’s reading on the job when she should be learning the dewey decimal system 


Starry Boy | Wen Junhui icons

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If you’re a lover, you should know
The lonely moments just get lonelier
The longer you’re in love
Than if you were alone

House of Memories - Panic! At The Disco

Marcus and Oliver have as much of a tumultuous history as an unpredictable future. A choice in their hands, regrets heavy on the mind, what will happen next is anyone’s guess.

100% real big brother spoilers!!!!!!1!1!!

ok my cousin’s best friend’s mom’s boyfriend knows a guy who is a producer for CBS and he told me what happened!!!!

ok so first julie revealed the houseguests!! there are sixteen of them and they all entered the house omg

ok so then there was this competition where someone is the head of household and apparently someone won it!!

then that person had to nominate 2 people for eviction????!!? like OH MY GOD!!!11?1?1?1!1?

that’s all i know so far but i’ll keep you guys updated!!

He Doesn’t Deserve You

Summary: You move into your new apartment and have an awkward run in with your neighbor, making a very interesting first impression.

Warnings: angst, sexual tension (minor), smut, Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader

A/N: I have so many drabbles to write but I needed a break and I thought this up. I was going to make this into a series but I didn’t wanna start another one so I just wrote it as a long fic (hence why it’s a little jumpy / fast paced). If you guys like this I can write a short series similar to this story (with some changes). Just let me know.

You looked around your new apartment, it was fully decorated with your things and it filled you with utter joy. You sighed as you sat on your bed, popping open a bottle of wine to let it breathe, waiting for your friends to show up. A knock on your door sent you flying towards it.

“Courtney! Michelle!” You swung the door open with a proud grin on your face. “How do you like the place?” 

“It’s so cute!” Michelle shrieked as she brushed passed you, taking in her surroundings. 

“Hmmm, not enough Star Wars decor.” Courtney followed Michelle, chuckling as she passed the hanging pictures of you guys from college.

“Raegan couldn’t make it?” You cocked an eyebrow, worried for your newly engaged friend. “She too busy with Noah?”

“Technically, she’s planning the wedding and driving him nuts.” Michelle giggled and poured herself a glass of wine. “Now, let’s get this pizza eating, wine drinking, and Netflix bingeing started!” 

Four episodes into the first season of Grey’s Anatomy and the three of you were blabbering, laughing, drunk idiots. You were shouting at the tv, telling the characters that they were doing regretful, silly things. You were voted the door answerer when a loud banging echoed in your apartment. 

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