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So, I did a thing.

I got bored yesterday (and increasingly desperate for a Marauders Era series), so I wrote this. It’s just the very beginning, but I think that if there were a BBC or HBO “Marauders” show, it ought to be framed by Harry’s third year, when the reader learned who they were and how they connected to Harry’s past/why the are relevant.

I don’t think the trio would make an appearance very often at all, but they are a nice way to structure the show and give the audience an idea of why the Marauders are important and when the bulk of the series takes place.

In short, the series would start from year 5, when the Marauders successfully become Animagi, then follow other major events such as Snape’s worst memory, Sirius running away from home, Sirius’ “prank” on Snape, James and Lily dating, falling in love, and getting married then having Harry, the Marauders being inducted into the first Order of the Phoenix, up to Sirius and Remus’ fallout and finally James and Lily’s deaths, and Sirius’ arrest, played against feasts toasting to the Boy Who Lived.

And all while their last few years at Hogwarts become increasingly dangerous as the outside world (and Voldemort’s army) begins to play a greater and greater role. 

And a whole bunch of characters could be featured that we know about in Harry’s era, but whose backstories we don’t know so well, like Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Black, Bellatrix Black, Regulus Black, the Longbottoms, the McKinnons, the Prewetts, perhaps Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Harry’s grandparents (how did they die?), etc etc. 

We’d come to feel the betrayal and the fear and mistrust of the First Wizarding War, not knowing who to trust and who not to trust, while the Marauders and co try desperately to hang on to their love for each other.