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Do u maybe ship marceline and bubblegum aka my two children whom i love v much aka my otp too? Like I feel so alone in the ship currently and aaah I respect the fact u ship Finn/Marceline but I'm not a huge fan sorry I'll leave now

I think I like Bubbline as much as you like Finnceline so yeah it’s alright but I’m not a huge fan. Plus, I’m pretty sure there are A LOT of Bubbline fans out there so I don’t think you’re as alone as you think you are :)

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i actually followed u bc of your archie and maxie art, especially because of how little art there is of archie. you portray him differently than a lot of other artists and it makes me happy to see how you draw him because its a breath of fresh art. soft archie is good archie. sorry if this is rambly but i really like ur art. also!!!!!!! your coloring wowie its so nice <3

Aaah thanks!! ;;o;; i personally think that for someone who cares a lot about pokemon he must be a bit soft inside, even though he’s all tough and scary outside. I love exploring beyond his looks, that’s why i drew him cuddling poochyenas and azurills, stuff like that ^^ and thank you! Colours confuse me a lot so hearing that is a huge relief for me!


Cute Little Leprechaun

Sorry, not sorry for the huge septiplier spam-Septiplier-[Jacksepticeye x Markiplier] About Septiplier, I know it’s not an actual thing. It’s called fanFICTION for a reason. Just enjoy the story and it’s characters!

Summary: Mark loves teasing his easily-embarrassed boyfriend, Jack, especially when he finds out he’s ticklish.  [WARNING THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! AAAH! I love this one! I couldn’t get enough flustered!Jack online so… Also, this is in a no-youtube AU kinda thing. IDK. Just think of them as not celebrities like they didn’t meet through Youtube. And idk how i did with the nickname part. All in all, i don’t know, but I like how it turned out!

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About Takizawa (quick ramble before the next chapter)

I know the new chapter is soon but I didn’t have time to write this earlier than now so… Well here goes. :)

As I noticed, it seems my old metas/answers to Anons on Seidou’s character, his inferiority complex and his relationship to Akira interested a few more people after the last chapter, so here are the links if anyone else wants to (re)read them.

Yeah, I know these posts are old but they still make sense to me and don’t contradict canon for now so… Well, it’s just how I see things :)

Additionally, I just wanted to say that, whether you enjoy his character or precisely in case you don’t like him at all, it’s important to remember that he was not initially written to be as likable as Kaneki, Amon, Juuzou and other characters like them.

You know the whole “we can’t all be heroes” trope? Well this trope was almost entirely illustrated by Takizawa back in TG, until he was abducted by Aogiri and turned into a half ghoul.

What I mean by that is that Takizawa, a good investigator, never had extraordinary fighting abilities (like Arima or Suzuya), he never had extraordinary perceptions (like Akira) and he didn’t have the strong heart and iron will others showed (like Amon) because he was a normal human, never meant to become a hero like Amon (whom he saw as such) or someone worthy of so much praise like Suzuya or Akira, despite wishing so much for it.

You could say he was aware he was nothing special or that he had trust issues because of his inferiority complex (or both), but in the end it doesn’t change anything: when the Anteiku raid arc happened, he showed how normal and human he was, scared of dying during the equivalent of a war, even if he initially became an investigator to protect people.

I remember some people called that being cowardly and others just shrugged because Takizawa never had as much presence as Akira, Amon or Juuzou during the first 14 volumes of TG, so he never seemed to be important until he came back as the “Owl”, the crazy but strong one eyed ghoul of Aogiri, even less likable than before for a lot of readers, despite knowing that he probably went through a terrible ordeal when you see what he became.

All that to say… Whether you like him or not (or hate him) is up to you but I just think it’s important to realize that his character, because of the way he was written, contributed like many others to the diversity of the TG cast by Ishida-sensei and for that he is interesting as much as the other characters are, even if he’s not as noble as a lot of them.

But it wouldn’t be funny if we were to only like the hero-types right? :) Although, Takizawa’s fate is hardly something defined right now as everything is possible considering that he’s facing Akira, one of his greatest rivals (in his mind) but also his big crush so… I doubt any characters of Ishida-sensei is bound to stay in only one role anyway, but we’ll see~~ 

Sorry for this huge thing, I just needed to write it out before the next chapter :)) Let’s wait for spoilers now ^_^

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IM!!!!!!!!!!!SO!!!!!!PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!OF!!!!!!!!!YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!FOR!!!!!!!!!!!COMING!!!!!OUT!!!! that is such a huge step that is sooo hard to make and youre so courageous for doing that we all love you and all your followers are your proud parents sorry i dont make the rules but we're so happy for you honey

AAAH THIS IS SO SWEET i’m actually gonna start crying :( thank you so much i love you??

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Seriously, your hcs are all im waiting for everyday!! Much fluff, much wow, much lovesssss Do you think you could write bout their first -cough- bed scene -cough-? How ht initiated it (or was it gs who wanted/asked for it)? Hehehe Much loves!!!

aaah, thank you so much, anon!! ( /)w(\✿) im really happy you like them!! and here i am finally with the ones you requested!! so, they got a bit out of hand, and more than single specifics headcanons they are more like a huge detailed scenario of how i imagine it happening, but hopefully you will enjoy this anyway!! i hope you’re still around to see this and sorry for the late reply!! also tagging @heytian because he would never forgive me if i didn’t

warning: SOME NSFW HEADCANONS UNDER THE CUT (also this is long even for my usual standard)

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Happy 9 Million!

It’s a liiiittle bit late, but congrats on reaching 9 millions subscribers @therealjacksepticeye!! That’s such an amazing huge number to reach. I’m not so good at drawing humans, but I hope this is good enough >u< Because you deserve the best, you awesome, amazing, wonderful, funny, caring person. Thanks for everything you do in this community, you really are one of a kind. Sorry I am awful at writing this kind of thing. On to the next million!! 

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oh gosh well i think nz is agender but identified as a guy after white people came and took over nz and brought their western ideals and shoved them everywhere but lately they’ve been trying to take back their culture and everything else and are finally comfortable again sitting cozily outside of the gender binary and i think it’s the cutest thing TTvTT

and poland is genderfluid (to no one’s surprise) and is usually androgynous until xe wants to be recognized as male or female and xe always dresses really nicely and has no problem correcting people when they misgender xir and always supports newly open genderqueer people by being super adament about not letting rude cishet folks trample all over them and wow oh wow (/)v(\)

and hungary is bigender and goes between male and female although she generally prefers identifying as female but now that she’s older she knows that thinking she was a guy as a kid didn’t come from nowhere and sometimes he likes to put his hair in a ponytail and go around town charming the ladies and striking up conversations and everyone knows him as being a huge darling and he’ll come back home and take off his binder and the rest of his clothes and put on a cute skirt and happily make dinner thinking about the things she’ll talk to the townsfolk about when she comes back again and wow bigender hungary makes me excited ;v;

sjdfhs thank you so much for asking!! sorry this is so long TTvTT

              +350 CELEBRATION & FOLLOW FOREVER!

I’ve been in this fandom for two months and woah, I would have never expected to meet so many wonderful people and amazing writers! Not only did I have the chance to create absolutely stunning plots and threads, but I’ve also found really good friends that I hold oh so close to my heart. Okay, I don’t want to be too lovey dovey for now so this is a general THANK YOU to all the people who have decided to follow me and thus give me a chance! I’m really thankful and happy to know that so many people are interested in me and in my little fox - You all made me oh so awfully happy
So yeah, I hope we’ll have the chance to keep on enjoying each other’s company for a very, very long time. ❤

1 - Also, yes, I got lazy with the graphic, I’m sorry.
2 - The list doesn’t have a specific order, really.
3 - Woah, the list became huge - SORRY.

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