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…really, Hannibal ?

Garbage the chihuahua (or…trash mouse…) makes a return…and Hannibal is still at odds with the dog and it’s secrets. 

The real mystery is where Hannibal moved poor confused Will’s clothing so he’d have to come out and wander around in a towel more :p

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Only One - Jaehyun [3] (M)

A/N: Oh. My. God. I’m so sorry. Tbh I’m not very happy with how this turned out… my writer’s block was so bad like I was actually stressed writing this. I knew what I wanted to say but I was having a hard time putting it into words I guess… ughghgghghghgh I hope you guys like it anyways ;-;  hopefully part 4 will be less shitty *cries* [I didn’t even proofread jfc… I have a headache x_x] ffs i couldnt even come up with a decent title… my writing abilities have gone down the drain RIP im fired

-Admin Kay

Prologue   Pt 1   Pt 2   Pt 3   Pt 4

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Part 3 - Say No

Genre: Smut, Angst

Rating R

(sexual content, language)

Word Count: 2,969

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The bakusquad as youtubers

I have no impulse control lmfao.

- kaminari and Sero have a joint account and its mostly then doing challenges.

- if there’s a challenge they’ve done it I assure you. They even make challenges to do for themselves when they’re bored.

- also video the rest if the squad and sometimes the class when they’re doing crazy shit.

- they have like 2.5 million subscribers its hilarious.

- Mina is really into diy so she does a ton of those.

- she has hagakure on her channel a lot and they also do wardrobe videos (idk how to describe it sorry) like how to look like a million dollars on a budget.

- its not even clickbait she looks like she’s wearing some red carpet shit when she’s wearing like 25 dollar sandals.

- she also guests on kaminari and Sero’s channel doing challenges. When the three combine its hell.

- Kirishima due to his quirk does extreme shit all the time. Alligator wrestling, sky diving WITHOUT a parachute, out skiing an avalanche. He’s crazy.

- he also does challenges with his bros (and gal) and jfc its so bad these nerds.

- bakugou does cooking videos when he’s feeling domestic.

- then he tests his explosion powers against stuff at other times.

- wanna see him explode 50 watermelons in thirty seconds? Go subscribe.

- and like always the others pull him onto their channels to do shit. The “How many pokes until bakugou explodes challenge” “Steal his look for just $50” “Extreme mountain climbing with bakugou” (the only one he actually agreed to)

Restless Nights: Part Two

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Neither of you meant for it to happen, but now Bucky can’t sleep without you, and you can’t sleep without him. 


Despite being released from HYDRA, Bucky’s still got a predicament on his hands―that’s right, bad case of insomnia. He’s dealt with every situation thrown at him, before, during, and after his experience as the Winter Soldier. So the only logical solution to combat this losing battle is to come by a warm body to sleep with at night…but it’s not as easy as he thinks.

Warnings: sexual innuendos (too many double entendres, literally treat everything with a sexual connotation), 18+, inconsistent characterization (whoops!), extended metaphors (sorry?)

A/N: It’s only Part Two and I don’t even know what this series is anymore. This part is one big pun (no pun intended there either, jfc I can’t stop myself) and I’ve never been more ashamed. Can’t believe I wrote this. It’s cringe-worthy brilliance. I kept it short because there were too many puns. Here’s to hoping tumblr doesn’t fuck up formatting like with my other fic. Tags are open, send me two asks/ messages in case tumblr deletes it before I can see. 

Word Count: 1,003


IF YOU’RE DEALING with a smartass, then you’ve got to fire back an answer of equal or greater caliber, so when Bucky hears her make another one of those usual know-it-all comments, he enunciates each word slowly to maximize the blow. “I’d say fuck you, but then you’d probably misinterpret that. Am I wrong?” he asks, flashing his come-hither eyes at her in an augmented challenge.

She leans against the counter, casually watching him with interest. “Oh, bite me Barnes.”

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it gets a bit confusing to me coz i have a male oc that looks like how i draw zarya orz I FORGOT ZARYA’S TATTOOS IM SORRY

Employee of the Month: Part 2/11

Pairing: Reader x Hwang Minhyun

Group: Wanna One (NU’EST if you squint your eyes and tilt your head a little)

Type: Probably Actually Fluff


Warnings: Bad Words(but less than I usually have, so be proud of me)

A Brief Synopsis:

The tale of Minhyun’s not that shitty job and how it provides a platform for you to exist in his life romantically. Kind of.

(the synopses are gonna be almost completely the same for every person lol sorry)

A/N: Sorry it took longer than expected. I’m shitty at time management. 

Name: Hwang Minhyun

Age: 22

Occupation: Live-In MaidHousekeeper

  • From the outside looking in, the fact that Hwang Minhyun chose this as his profession was astounding to virtually everyone
  • Honestly he could get any job he wants
  • He’s so diligent 
  • And handsome 
  • And meets so many job qualifications 
  • But “cleaning is my passion" 
  • It was actually a problem 
  • Arguably a kink
  • Nobody should trust a bitch with that many cleaning supplies
  • 6 dusters is too many dusters for one person
  • Hell 6 dusters is too many dusters for 6 people
  • He has probably killed someone and gotten away with it
  • And that’s how he ended up as a house keeper 
  • Not because he could flawlessly get away with murder, but because he was a clean ass bitch
  • Not that I really needed to clarify that

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  • so I watched Annabelle for the first time yesterday and I went in all excited cause it was hyped up to be great and I love the Conjuring movies but holy shit:
    • Okay so right off the bat, they open and close the movie with scenes about the Actual Annabelle Case, but then create a fictional plot around the doll??? What??? Why???
    • “Their daughter ran away two years ago so we aren’t allowed to talk about my pregnancy”
    • As someone who used to have an impressive collection of porcelain dolls…the are usually not that creepy holy shit. I’ve only seen one creepy porcelain doll in my life, and it’s in my kitchen as we speak. Still not as overly-dramatic as they made the Annabelle doll. In the actual, real life case, the doll was a Raggedy Anne, and frankly? That would have been creepier to use? Something so iconically innocent? This was just trying too hard.
    • Satanists breaking into the house, that’s a very common and relatable problem
    • The dramatic drop of blood from the girl’s neck onto the doll’s face, the Satanic symbol smeared in blood… 5 Edgy 9 Me
    • Okay you wanna know what the God damn scariest part of this movie was???? When the doctor firmly puts her on bed rest, and then she just continues to walk around and work and do her job normally???? Are you lost on the concept of bed rest???? She’s out here hearing noises and shit and I’m just screaming at my tv “WHY WONT YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR BABY???” bitch literally got stabbed in the stomach and thinks she can walk around like nothing’s wrong BYE
    • I was ranting about that literally all night
    • She tells her husband she wants to get rid of the doll, which is understandable, but then he just??? Throws it in the garbage???? Like 1) We know they’re having money troubles and 2) We know the doll was really expensive. Pawn it, you dumbass. You don’t have to tell the buyers a cult member held it in their arms after she slit her throat! That’s not information that needs to come up! This couple is just flat out exasperating.
    • All the zoom-in shots of her fingers at the sewing machine were 100% more nerve racking than anything else that happened in this damn film
    How the fuck did she not smell that fire
    • h o w

    • So this chick gets stabbed in her uterus and then falls on her stomach while inhaling smoke and you want me to believe this baby came out 100% fine?? K.
    • Why was their apartment literally bigger than their house had been
    • You know when I met John Zaffis and he was complaining that when every true ghost case his name is remotely attached to gets turned into a movie they never make a fictionalized version of him in the film but instead add in a priest that just looks like him, I thought it had to be an exaggeration…but they…they really did just create a priest and cast a guy that looks like him…why is this a curse he must bear…I don’t understand…Just put the man in your movies…
    • Literally what the hell was up with the kids on the steps did we ever get a full explanation for that????
    • Bookshop lady sees random woman outside, decides to run out and give her a free book for literally no God damn reason. more at six.
    • Okay so the doll somehow followed them to the apartment and that wasn’t a paranormal giveaway??? John, Mia, come on.
    • And okay I can respect her wanting to keep it and all but why would she put it in her fucking baby’s room are you kidding me. What sense does that make.
    • John was a Good Husband and I respect him but that boy was an idiot; Mia was a complete dumbass most of the film. So it was very hard for me to feel sympathetic towards them for most of the events??? idk
    • The ghost apparently couldn’t decide whether or not it wanted to be seen as 7-year old Annabelle, Adult Annabelle, or an Actual Demon…calm down? I get spirits like being dramatic but we need some consistency I’m sorry
    • Literally what the fuck was going on in that basement scene. Like…what
    • “You won’t mind if I just keep this one for myself then…” Um no Mia he should mind??? That’s a Literal Crime Scene Photo??? It’s evidence for the case??? You can’t just take it jfc
    • And the thing is??? She took that picture because she wanted to research the Satanic Symbol, but like??? We never actually did find out what that symbol stood for????
    • Local Woman Is Shown To Be Suicidal In The Past So We Won’t Feel As Bad When She Sacrifices Herself Later. More at six.
    • This doll just kept…deteriorating throughout the entire movie??? Like she collects porcelain dolls you’d think she be able to do something about that
    • Local Woman Figures Out Doll Is Possessed, Still Keeps It Right Over Her Baby’s Crib For A Bit. more at six.
    • When the John Zaffis Priest™ offered to take the doll I was just like…My dude. My dude. No.
    • Like FIRST OFF if anything fucking bless the doll and the apartment before you leave??? Come on??? You know this is a serious enough situation that you wanna call the Warren’s in but you’re not gonna actively do anything about it until morning? Bye.
    • “MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL” calm down, Satan.
    • John Zaffis Priest™ : *literally sees the ghost/demon of a girl who used to belong to his church standing a few feet behind him*
    • John Zaffis Priest™ : *decides that’s not his damn business and tries to enter the church and ignore it*
    • I was so pleasantly surprised he survived that honestly
    • Remember kids: If demons need your consent to steal your souls, than you need consent to have sex. Don’t be worse than demons.
    • That whole scene where the baby was screaming but you can’t find her??? We get it, you’ve seen Poltergeist.
    • Ooooh girl when she was bashing Annabelle’s head into the crib and then threw her on the ground- I was waiting for a shot where we find out that had actually been her baby. They fucking let me down there. That would off been a great scene (fucked up, but it is a horror movie after all)
    • Dramatic Scenes Of The Husband Running Home. Will He Get There In Time? More at six.
    • Why do they have to hold the doll as they kill themselves
    • I like how both women were immediately ready to die for the baby but the man was just like “why don’t we all take a breather and discuss this further over coffee” while a demon is wrecking havoc in the room around him
    • Local Woman Believes Her Greater Purpose In Life Is To Kill Herself So A Baby Will Live, more at RIGHT NOW BECAUSE IM PISSED ABOUT THAT FUCKING SCENE
    • Like if you wanna ignore everything but the base of it- Evelyn was only suicidal in the first place because she wanted to see her daughter again. Something tells me if your soul is sacrificed to Satan you WONT BE SEEING YOUR FUCKING DAUGHTER AGAIN
    • W H Y
    • U G H
    • And then the doll just ~mysteriously moves away from the crime scene alone~ and ends up in a fucking antique shop okay
    • Why did it take like a full year for John Zaffis Priest™ to get that picture of Mia and the baby developed for them
    • About 20 minutes after suffering through this film I found myself in a parking lot of a TGI Friday’s and got jump-scared by an old man in a car staring at me and I experienced more true terror in that one moment than I did during the entirety of this shit film
    • Overall: Waste of time and I feel lied to 3/10 do not recommend unless you’re really easy to scare

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Michael mell x reader revealing their kinks to each other which eventually leads to dry humping?? 😮

HELL YES JFC YES! Sorry it took a few days to get this up, my job and college got in the way of me solely working on this, so my apologizes. AND it may be bad, my bad, it’s my first time writing anything with dry-humping and I have no experience with it in the actual sense… SOOOO, yeah! ~🐳

Can I Just Admit? Michael Mell x Reader

You and Michael were sitting on his living room’s couch, listening to Bob Marley and high off your asses and both of you only in your underwear. You two are like THAT type of best friends and literally his parents did not care if they saw you two lounging around playing video games in your underwear together. Both of you had your heads leaned back against the couch. Your taller, geeky best friend was out with his girlfriend Christine, so it was just you and Michael that night. “Michael,” you hummed, looking over at your at your caramel-skinned best friend.

“Yeah? What is it, (y/n)?” he asked you, his chocolate eyes eyes looking over at you.

For some reason you high when he looked at you. “Can I just admit something to you?” you asked him.

His eyebrows furrowed and he snorted, “Duh? Of course you can, (y/n/n). You know you can tell me anything, right?”

“You sure I can tell you this?” you laughed.

“You already fucking asked if you could admit it to me, so don’t wimp out, (y/n),” Michael said, leaning his head back, focusing his eyes on the ceiling fan above you two.

He has a point, (y/n). You started this… you have to go through with it, you mind told and encouraged you. Sighing deeply, you blurted out a quick, “I have a verbal domination kink!”

Michael choked on his own spit. He coughed, “WH-WHAT?!”

“I said that I have a verbal domination kink… and physical domination… and a dirty talk kink… and a finger-fucking one… and, and definitely a rough sex kink. LET’S NOT FORGET THE PRAISE KINK!” you exclaimed with a smile. Before the happiness morphed into embarrassment then you covered your face.

The caramel-skinned stoner gaped at you for a few minutes, trying to take it in. You wanted to tell each other your kinks this time? Well, he would admit, that was not the weirdest place your shared stoner conversations have gone: there was one time you two talked about alien anal probing and let’s just say it got really heated between the two of you. “O-oh… d-do I have to share mine now…” he asked.

“It would be nice considering how I just fucking told you mine!” you said.

Michael looked around the room, seemingly a little nervous. “I, umm, I like having my hair pulled… I-I think, I’ve never had any sexual experience so I, I wouldn’t know… I also like when someone deepthroats me…” he laughed nervously as your piercing, stoned gaze fell on him, “…I-I may have an exhibition kink… u-umm… I-I think that’s it for me.”

Your eyebrows raised at his mention of exhibitionism. “You like the thrill of being caught having sex, Mell? Never pegged you as the type, you kinky fuck,” you laughed and pushed yourself off the couch.

Michael immediately grabbed you by the waist and pulled you back onto the bed—more specifically, into his lap facing him. “I’m not kinky! At least I don’t like furries!” he exclaimed.

“Michael, being an exhibitionist is kinda really kinky! You get off on the thought of being caught having sex! That is kinky! And broooo, don’t shame the furries, you and I both know Jerm is one! We don’t kinkshame our best friend!” you exclaimed back.

“It’s not kinky, (y/n)! Jeremy liking furries is kinky! A next-level kind of kinky! Getting a thrill off being caught having sex isn’t so bad when compared to furries,” he said, his hands resting on your hips.

An idea cooked in your high mind. If Michael loves exhibition so much, why don’t I just give him a taste? you think to yourself. You had the advantage, you’ve had sex before with Jake, who had a very low-key exhibition kink. A smirk curled onto your face as you said, “You know what, Mikey? I’m going to prove to you how kinky exhibitionism is.”

Michael’s mouth closed and he looked at you with a slightly cocked head. “Uh… what?” he questioned, “How do you plan on pr—” Michael trails off into a small moan as you grind into him.

“Just shut up and let me show you,” you said, kissing his neck.

He didn’t know how to react, so he just sat there, with his hands on your hips. “O-okay?”

You rolled your hips against his once again, letting out a breathy sigh as the friction between your clothed crotches was delicious. Biting your lip, you muffled moans that threatened to escape you. As you ground yourself against him, one of your hands rubbed up and down his chest adorned with a Pac-Man t-shirt while the other was draped over his shoulder. Leaning your body forward for a different angle, you groan softly, “Does this feel good for you? Me grinding against you on the couch? Your parents could walk through the front door at any moment.”

Michael gasped as your clothed clit scraped against his clothed hard cock. “I-it feels amazing, (y/n),” he breathed out, his hands pulling your hips against his. “And, and… I know they could… it makes me feel even hotter than I already am.”

“You’re a kinky fuck,” you spoke quietly, leaning your forehead against his. The hand over his shoulder moved to his hairline near the base of his skull. You ground your hips against his harder and you buried your hand in his hair. His chocolate eyes clashed with your (e/c) ones and the hunger behind them left you utterly breathless. “I’m going to…” you softly spoke, unconsciously leaning forward; your lips desired to taste Michael’s and you’ll be damned, they were going to get that taste.

Once both your lips touched and a whole new feeling washed over you both. Michael’s hands gripped your hips tightly as he pulled you against him with new vigor, and your hands both flew to Michael’s hair—your hips grinding down with new voracity. Neither of you could stop the moans that tore through your bodies nor did you want to stop them.

The moan that tore through your caramel-skinned best friend was more of a growl than a moan, and it made you whimper in pleasure. Michael’s hips started to gently roll back against yours, adding to your shared pleasure. One of his hands traveled up from your hip into your shirt, lightly tracing a trail to your boob, he started to caress it through the fabric of your bra.

Your hips bucked against him wildly when he did that, and you tore away from his lips just to moan out a, “Jesus Christ, Mikey!” The moment that left your mouth, Michael was thrusting more vivaciously against your panty-clad cunt, leaving you unable to roll your hips against him for the briefest of moments. However, you began to roll your hips back against him, gasping as his hardened cock rubbed against your clit. Throwing your head back slightly, you lightly pull on Michael’s hair.

He bit his lip and moaned louder, rutting against you with more powerful, desperate motions. The hand up your shirt had pushed your bra up and he was pinching your hardened nipple gently, while the hand on your waist moved to small of your back. He pushed your rolling hips further against his in such a way, Michael lost his breath and his hips stuttered for a moment. “Fuck… this is so hot, (y/n/n),” he groaned into your neck.

“I-I agree,” you moaned, pulling his hair more. The harder he rutted against you, the closer you got to your climax. It was thrilling: dry-humping your best friend on his couch.

Michael and you kept rolling your hips against each other, groans and moans grew louder and more heated. Your wetness was starting to seep through your panties and Michael felt it and it only made him go faster and harder. “Fuck, I think I’m gonna cum, (y/n)…” he mumbled against your lips.

Pulling his hair, you smirked against his lips, “Me too, Mikey. Fuck, me too.”

Moving faster against your clothed cunt, Michael eventually groans loudly as he cums in his boxers. You moan quietly in his ear at the same time, having gotten off just at the same time.

The two of you sat there, hands everywhere on the other’s body, faces flushed and panting. “Well that was…” he panted out.

Hot and intense?” you question with a blissful smile. He nodded and you continued, kissing him again, “Yeah it was. God, I love you, Michael Mell.”

Michael’s eyes widened as you said that, because he knew you meant it in a more than friendly type way. “I-I love you, too, (y/n),” he answered after you stopped the kiss.

Jinx Listens and Reacts to TBTP 3x06 “Into the Black”

As always, intelligible screaming, cursing, crying, and spoilers are in here. I can’t believe this is gonna be the last one.

TBTP fandom, it has been a wild ride. I’m glad and so thankful to have had all of you by my side during this shows run!

And, for probably the last time and for good luck, let’s get this show on the road!

also meet in the fucking pit terry miles i know youve done something bad in here 

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anonymous asked:

Youre so selfish theres people who didnt get anything tickets and youre over here with 3 like how big of an asshole can you be? Cant you give others a chance to meet them jfc youve met them like 80 times

Yup im an asshole but im not gonna feel bad for getting tickets. Im gonna say what i said last year. I work my ass off and im gonna spend my money on what makes me happiest. Im sorry you didnt get any and im sorry other people didnt but that isnt my fault. I didnt personally buy out a venue.
If i didnt get any, i wouldnt be shitting on the people who did.

(you know your internet is bad when it takes 10 downloads to get the full picture jfc)

ANYWAY, I commissioned the wonderful @masthya to draw Hanallua (don’t judge me I love their art okay) and I’ve been staring at those legs for 30 minutes :’)))) Thank you so much Mas ;A; (ALSO THOSE DOC MARTENS FJKFHZKFJHZEF)

The amount of sheer beauty in this piece is so amazing im just shook???? I should stop speaking before I end up rambling like last time (im so sorry)

Anyway pls bear with me, I love Mas’s art ( their commissions ) and they deserve all the love in the world <3

mansaeboysbe  asked:

hello sunshine, can I please request 18 + my boy Soonyoung? Thanks 💕☀️☺️

bee!!! a member of the SSS, Soonyoung Support Squad!!!! for our lil hamster child!!! im sorry for putting this off for so long olgjdjlg

18. “I always overthink, just let me do something thoughtless for once in my life.”

“That story never gets old,” you laughed, your lips pursed on the thick straw of your bubble tea. He sat adjacent from you, his knee brushing against your thigh occasionally and his arm skimmed your shoulder whenever he moved. He lightly chuckled as he sipped on his drink, “Well, good thing I never get tired of telling it.”

You got up and discarded your cup, him shortly following suit. He linked arms with you and looked down at you with his usual cheesy smile. “Let’s hit the shops!” You laughed and nodded even though he had already begun tugging you to the nearest video game shop.

You went around your usual route within the mall: checking out video games, dragging him into a clothing store if anything had a sale, maybe hitting the food court another time to get something small to eat or drink, dragging him to more stores, him dragging you in the arcade in which you defeat him in all the games, him sulking and wanting to go to another store or home.

His arm nuzzled comfortably between yours, fitting perfectly in the crook of your elbow. You couldn’t help but feel a fuzzy feeling in your chest every time he touched you, but you only shook it off. He was just your best friend. And this was just a friend date. Right?

That was until the walk back home.

“Hey, Soonyoung… Do you like anyone?” You casually inquired, hoping to have some closure of the funny warmth spreading in your chest.

He kicked a rock, his eyes seemingly focused on the dirty sidewalk. After a moment of silence had passed, you worried whether he was uncomfortable talking about it and opened your mouth to speak up when he beat you to it. “Yeah…. I think I do. For a long time, actually.”

Your heart sank, your head turning from his perplexed expression to the way your hands balled in your sweatshirt pockets. “Ah, I see…” You ignored the increasing sagging of your shoulders and the tight constriction of your chest. “How about you?”

You sighed, a huff escaping into the cold air. “I’m not sure. Maybe? Maybe not? I didn’t really pay attention, or rather I didn’t realize I did until recently.” He slowly nodded, a small puff leaving his lips as well.

He paused before opening his mouth again, “I don’t know… if I should tell them. I mean, I don’t wanna ruin the friendship we have…And they probably don’t reciprocate the feelings.” “Hey, you don’t know that. They could just be hiding it or too shy to do anything about it. If you really like them, you should let them know. The more you overthink, the more it’s gonna consume you.”

His steps slowed down to a stop. You turned around, your brows knitted together. “Soonyoung? My house is still a block away.” He looked down at the ground, his expression hard to read. His Adam’s Apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed thickly. You tried again. “Soonyoung…?”

“Y-you’re right. I always overthink, just let me do something thoughtless for once in my life.” He finally locked eyes with you, his gaze boring deep into every fiber of your soul. “What do you mean–”

It came much like how he entered your life: unexpected, spontaneous, but full of energy and passion. It all happened too quickly – the space between you decreased drastically with every stride he took. Your train of thought abruptly crashed, just as how his lips met with yours.

lmao ok that was pretty bad :’)) sorry for putting this off for so long again!!! the ending really sucks as per usual :’)))) Send me more “40 prompts”!

- “i am now going to proceed to stay up till 4am on the internet.”
- “as usual.”

there’s a good chance that dan hasn’t even noticed phil fell asleep yet.