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I’m Just Me

Pairing: Dean/Trans!Male!Reader

Request: you should do something where dean and whoever it is are hunting and its a secret but they’re trans and using dun dun dun ace bandages to bind and they pass out during the hunt and dean doesn’t know whats wrong and flips out and lectures them on why ace bandages are wrong and then fLUFF idk just and idea- @a-r-u-a-l-a

Tags: Transgender (ftm) reader, unintentional transphobia, basically Dean’s confused for a bit but you can’t really blame him because he’s trying, fluff, potentially bi!dean (?)

Words: 1863

Note: I really hope this is okay! I’ve never written anything like this so if I offend or did something wrong, please let me know so I can fix it!!!! xoxo also sorry for the shitty title

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jeonjunkfood  asked:

can we talk about how jungkook always holds jimin in a specific way: one hand on his bicep, the other on his shoulder?? it makes me wanna scream

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jikook hugging will be the death of me tbvh. Okay hold on! before i get to the specific way of kook holding jimin, i feel like sharing this with you (Yes i did some research bout hugs just cause I’m such trash XD)


Does this sound familiar to you???

Reverse hug- One person approaches the other from behind and puts arms around waist with full body touch and possible leans head on shoulder. hugged person puts hands over hugging hands and possibly leans back with head against huggers head.”

“It means Relaxed affection between trusting partners”

OR this?

Lovers , as anticipated, have more freedom to touch each other and wish to express more passion and caring. In this case, the man and his partner have a sort of standard setup to embrace each other:

The man will lay his arms around the waist or lower back of his lover and pull closer around the hip area, while the lover will wrap  hands around his neck or shoulders, or will lay hands gently on his chest

Does this scream jikook enough????

Originally posted by queenparkjimin

This is personally my fav-kook pulled jimin slightly towards him, while swaying to the music. After watching bts’s vids, I totally get that Kook loves to hold other members this way (he did it with Yoongi and hobi , but they’re no more than just friendly touches, not a single sign of intimacy, tho there’re still signs of affection and admiration) but doesn’t this look way too intimate to be called a bro-thing? He never does this with other members, not that i know of. Is it just me being delusional? I hope not. This was off cam btw. so no pretense defs.

ONE HAND ON SHOULDER, THE OTHER ON HIS BICEP. possessive af, don’t you think? I mean…

What’s more comforting than resting your head on your boyfriend’s shoulder?

I swear he has Jimin’s arm fetish.

Yeah he had to be behind Jimin. just had to.

I mean, Who’s the birthday boy here? He thought that it was a perfect time to flirt with Jimin? In the middle of bday boy’s speech? Mindblowing.

Of course he had to be with Jimin on his birthday.

*these were taken from V App vids ONLY. I’m afraid I’d not get ANY sleep if I were to include other moments XDDD. I mean, J.U.S.T L.O.O.K A.T T.H.E.M*


Look at him fondling Jimin’s jacket. He didn’t realize that, did he? Cause that’s such a normal thing to do

Originally posted by lovely-jikook

Let’s get this straight. They were on stage, in front of hundreds of people, and yet Kook still couldn’t keep his hands off him? One word to describe this- BOYFRIENDS.

@jeonjunkfood I hope you have your meds ready. ^^