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hiii so i'm a bi girl and ive just moved to a really big city and i wanted some advice if that's okay? cause the city i lived in before was kinda small and there were like 3 gay girls in total and no lgbt community in general. so i've got zero experience and idk how to meet girls?? do i go to lgbt meetings or something? would it be safe to try to meet people on the internet? sorry it's a shitty question i know ahah but i don't know who else to ask since i'm not out to many people helppp

Hi love! I have a few suggestions, but first, congrats on moving out and starting to mingle! That’s exciting! I think you should start by downloading Her, a lesbian specific dating app that connects you to wlw in your area. You can meet friends on there too, it’s not just for dating. Also, OKcupid is a free dating site that I know is really queer friendly! You can also go to your city’s local LGBTQ center and see if there are meetings, volunteer opportunities, and events you could help out with. Also they should be able to help you find local gay friendly businesses, bars, clubs, etc. Good luck angel! 

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