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Another Member Catches The Two Of You During Your “Alone Time”


Kai: Oh my god!

*Suho quickly forces you under the sheets to hide you from sight*

Suho: What’s wrong??

Kai: You’re doing that with others in the house??

Suho: Doing what?? I’m not doing anything

Kai: I know (Y/N)’s under the sheets

Suho: (Y/N)?? She’s at home! What are you talking about??

Kai: Suho, you’re digging yourself a hole

Suho: Nothing’s happening! I was sleeping!

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When D.O walked in on the two of you, he knew to be afraid. Kai hated being disturbed when he was spending ‘alone time’ with his girl

*walks into the bedroom*

D.O: Oh shit!

Kai: Out.

D.O: I’m sorry, I-

Kai: Out.

D.O: O-okay I’m leaving

*D.O slowly walks backwards towards the door*

Kai: Hurry!

*D.O runs out the room and Kai turns back to you with a smirk on his face*

Kai: Now… Where were we…

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After being caught by Chanyeol, Lay walks into the living room where he hears laughter from the rest of the guys. When Lay comes into view their laughs only increase

Lay: Yeah that’s it. Laugh it up guys! At least I can get a girl!

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*hears door creak open*

Chen: If we don’t move then maybe he won’t notice us-

Sehun: Chen?! Oh my god! Guys! Hey, guys! *leaves room*

Chen: Well it was nice knowing you (Y/N)

(Y/N): Chen? What are you talking about?

Chen: Oh nothing. Just that Sehun’s gone and told the other guys about this and now my life is over

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*Lay barges into your room with a large baseball bat in his hands*

Lay: Where is he??!!


Lay: Where’s the burglar??

Xiumin: What??

Lay: I heard (Y/N) screaming!

*you blush*

Xiumin: It’s not a burglar you freak!

Lay: Well why else would (Y/N) be screaming?? It’s like 2 in the morning

Xiumin: Urgh! Lay I swear to god if you don’t leave and let me continue then I’ll hurt you!

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*in the middle of a heated moment with you*

Suho: Baekhyun!

*Baekhyun immediately jumps away from you and quickly tries to cover himself up*

Baekhyun: What are you doing in here?!

Suho: What do you mean?? This is the living room! On the sofa?? Really?!

Baekhyun: Oh my god leave already!!

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Chen: The youngest is finally becoming a man!

Surprised, Sehun turns and throws pillow at Chen, missing him as he shuts the door just in time

Sehun: Yep. They’re never going to let me live this one down

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Baekhyun walks into the room looking down at his phone, not expecting you to be there with Chanyeol. You both don’t realise anyone’s walked in at first until you hear a loud scream

Baekhyun: AAHH! MY EYES!


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*Sehun walks into the room, eyes widening when he sees you and Kyungsoo together in bed*


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Hey there! I'm still getting used to this whole Tumblr thingy so that's why I am sending an ask instead of replying to the original post. Sorry. But I actually play a shit ton of d&d and I don't think there is one right way to build a backstory or draw your character. I CAN tell you however how I do it! So. I personally try to incorporate a bit of my own self/personality into my characters so they can be kind of related to me. I usually do Eladrins so it's mainly chaotic evil. Ok lemme send 2 ig

Thank you for helping me. I already have a character her name is audery she is a chaotic neutral fighter. By character background. Like I need an entire story for her. My DM wants a story for her cuase he does this thing where he make certain parts of our campaign focused on the players and it’s audery turn. But I don’t how to start or where to start. She is literally like worst qualities but she is a great character. And he is also asking for a picture and I need it by next wensday. So that’s what I’m asking for like. How to write a background when I’ve never thought of one.

When He’s Distracting
  • “I am NOT needy” he says as he shuffles closer to you and starts to play with your hair
  • tries to just sit in the same room as you when your busy but you’re actually just gonna do work and not make out with him???
  • “hey”
  • “hey”
  • “have you seen this?”
  • “what are you doing?”
  • “guess what harrison said to me today…”
  • “darling listen to me”
  • “please it’s really important”
  • but some how you’re still doing work and dismissing him with a “not now babe”
  • so it’s time to pull out the big guns and he strips his shirt off with a comment like “a bit hot in here, isn’t it?” and he can’t help but notice your eyes flick up at his torso, your tongue darting out to wet your lips
  • but somehow your resolve holds so he grabs a seat next to you and starts to pull you on his lap
  • “you can keep working just do it sitting on my lap”
  • and its been less than five minutes and he BORED and you’re still not paying attention!!!
  • “GOD how can you be reading?!”
  • he nuzzle his nose into your shoulder, presses his face into your back, leave little kisses on the nape of your neck
  • starts breathing over your ears, tickling you so you squirm and he can finally wrangle your laptop or book out of your hands
  • “MINE AT LAST!” he yells triumphantly and hugs you too him
  • “okay, okay. five minutes”
  • “uh huh, five minutes, love.” he smirks, helping you switch around so your straddling him
  • “I mean it!” you warn before kissing him
  • and suddenly its been 30 minutes and when you check the clock your eyes bug out and his grins at you
  • “muahahahahahahaha” he’ll laugh devilishly before pulling you back into a kiss

justin in a disinterested monotone: I cast prestidigitation and shoot sparks out of my fingers. cast minor illusion put myself in a dope outfit and start walking down the catwalk with all the style and panache I can muster. which is, I should know, a fucking lot.
griffin laughing: yeah roll charisma
justin still in a fucking monotone: oh that– that’s weird I got 30 because it’s so fucking fly. that’s very strange and interesting.

So we are talking about 76’s A.SALT RIFLE and DIET HEAL UP® can.
But there is more…

I wondered what the small font says, and - hey, thanks reddit!


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Not this again. No no no! This was meant to have stopped since he came back. But here you were. Another night of waking up drenched in a cold sweat and struggling to breath. You sat up and pulled your knees to your chest, quietly shaking as tears ran down your cheeks. It took a few minutes and many deep breaths to convince your mind that it was all a dream. Just as you were achieving some semblance to calm, strong arms engulfed you. Panic set in once more and you tried to pull away, but those arms held you firmly in place.

“Shh shhhh. It is all okay,” Akande told you, his deep voice soothing you. “I am here. You are safe. Nothing can harm you, I promise.”

You buried your face into his chest and let yourself be practically swallowed by his large form. He felt like home should: sturdy, warm, and safe. To the world he was a menace, a security threat. But to you he was security. And you couldn’t bear to think about him being torn away from you. 

“It’s not my safety I am concerned about,” you explained, voice muffled against his skin. 

You felt him tense around you. Only now was it dawning on him just how much you worried. He always prioritised the mission, the goal, above his own safety. He was being hunted on every continent and every news station portrayed him as a dangerous monster. He had thick skin, he could brush this off. But now if he imagined if the situation was reversed and the fear he would harbour such fear for you. At that his grew a tad tighter. 

“You do not have to worry about me. I will not be taken from you. It will be their doom if they try,” he assured you.

He lay back down, dragging you down with him so you now rested on his chest. He ran his fingers through your hair, each stroke taking away some of the fear. Your once rapid heartbeat slowed to match his steady rhythm and each rise and fall of your new pillow assured you he was here. You were no longer afraid to drift off. You knew that if the nightmares came back to haunt you then you would simply wake up with Akande here to comfort you and protect you from those dark dreams. What he never told you was that his dreams were not always the most pleasant, but waking up next to you drove all that away. Both of you were safe in each other’s arms.

what niall has done ever since the break started: (or even before)

  • enjoying his life, traveling around the world and hanging with friends
  • dedicating his time and money to charities to help people in need many many times
  • blessing us with cute and random videos/pictures on social medias
  • working hard on his new music, being all passionate and humble to share his own creations
  • never afraid to voice his political views and raise awareness
  • being all friendly and kind with his fans, keep interacting with fans on twitter and even film videos to answer each questions
  • literally taking times to write handwritten letters for the fans
  • being genuinely supportive to his band mates, constantly like/retweet posts related to the other boys’ solo projects, leaving cute comments under their pictures, always praising the other boys in his interviews
  • loving one direction with his entire heart
  • still dominating the chart with the song he released a year ago
  • never bragging nor being arrogant despite his global success, always staying humble and grateful to the audience, still getting overwhelmed by fans sometimes
  • always providing positive vibes and happiness

what some of y’all have done instead:

  • calling him fame-seeking for doing a lot of promotion (as if that’s not how promotion works)
  • accusing him for “copying other boys’ solo projects” (when he was literally the first one to release solo work and announce tour plans)
  • saying he’s only mentioning 1d to gain fans (then why wouldn’t he just go gain fans from audience outside the 1d fanbase, if he’s really that “desperate for fame” ??)
  • hating him for whatever reasons you find from spinning the wheel
  • ?????? seriously what are yall doing

Keith is a hunter & Shiro a big softie wolf (?) together are hunting nasty purple cats that are killing womens in Arus forest lol that’s why Keith is crossdressing also thats was Lance idea (plus the fake boobs).

Those two meet when Keith started hunting in Arus, he was working near Altean before but the situation in Arus forest was getting awful with all those murders (womens mainly) so his team make a plan to attract the attention of the killers. Pidge & Hunk make the strategy (they know Keith not gonna follow it but whatever) and Lance’s idea that nobody wanted to make but he has a point.

Arus forest is too dense & dark and its hard to see anything even with Pidge’s maps, then Keith took a wrong turn and almost falls down a cliff but Shiro saves him—

and blahblah gonna stop now _(┐「ε:)_


also…..I draw something other than just doodles? no & I draw things with a deep meaning? also no lol

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The blue oceans, the white clouds, green grass… I… I can’t see any of it.