sorry this is probably as smooth as i can get it

I’m a bit tired of hearing “that girl looks like a guy” just because of some facial feature that is not cute and smooth like a fat baby’s bum.

Men and women are born in the same moment, you know (sorry, bible) so what makes some facial features “man’s prerogative”? you can get all the combinations is both cases sooo.

The nose is probably the biggest source of insecurity and so probably the most modified facial feature in girls, so many handsome men on tv are showing off all those beautiful varieties of noses while we se about 2 models of noses in girls defined pretty.

I have so many cute friends who worry about their nose shape, it’s been also one of my biggest insecurities too in the past, not anymore. 

Some of them don’t realize that changing that, in a number of cases, will just make them end up looking like every other cute girl, big whoop.

By the way I’m getting side tracked now, I am not here to complain about “who does what and why”, everyone can make their own choices and I don’t judge cosmetic surgery at all, if it makes you feel good you better do it for sure-

 I just think that handsome women are a bit underrated these days. 

The end.

Bye. Ciao. Adios.

Wear your face with pride gurls <3


Fiddauthor Week Day 1: First meeting!

Real smooth get away there, Ford, you didn’t even get his name! 

 He probably ran into a wall on his way out.

( This is actually based off of a post I saw somewhere on here, but for the life of me I can’t find it, if someone could find a link I would be forever grateful! )

Seventeen’s reaction to you being their first kiss

Hip pop Unit - (S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon)

I’m writing this as if you guys have massive crushes on each other and arent dating yet. If you want something different message me. Sorry if this isn’t what you wanted.

Anon requested: Can I get a reaction of seventeen reacting to the reader being their first kiss!! super fluffy please!!

S.coups - He would be wanting to kiss you for a long time and he would be so smooth but once he kisses you he would be blushing so hard. He would be so happy especially since isn’t his first kiss and hes had a crush on you forever. He would try to make you blush more then him by teasing you about the kiss.

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Wonwoo - He would give you this really soft and sweet kiss. The whole moment would be really swavey and smooth and when the kiss ends he would give you the most loving look ever. He would become a little awkward but probably hold your hand or do something equally as cute because he really likes you and doesn’t wanna ruin the moment.

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Mingyu - He would be really smooth but underneath he would be a mess and we all know it. He would be really nervous about the kiss because you look so pretty and its really hot and it’s both of your first kisses and he doesn’t wanna mess up. He would ace it giving you the best kiss you could ask for, like coups he would tease you and compliment you non-stop.

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Vernon - He would be oh so nervous like he would have tried to kiss you so many times its unbelievable. He would finally kiss you when your distracted and when you finally relax into the kiss he would pull back and turn into a blushing mess. He would be really giggly with that look like ‘I didn’t just do that.’ He would later on probably thank you because it was his first kiss and he really likes you and you were awesome ;). But not say it like that cuz hes an awkward boy

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Wow this was crap i need to get into my mojo so i’m sorry if this was bad x and i hope you liked it.

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Okay I just wanted to send you a random hc okay
Hc that Bruce likes to play with his kids hair like
Dick is ranting to (at) him and Bruce just kinda reaches out and starts fiddling with his soft locks until Dick settles down calmly
Tim is super stressed and has a headache from staring at his computer so Bruce kinda tugs gently at the roots of his hair and it soothes him
(“You need a haircut”
“I know”)
When Jay is feeling angsty and having Pit-dreams Bruce plays with the white tuft until Jason is sleeping at his side
Runs his fingers through Damian’s spikes when the kid is angry at one of his bros (*coughTIMcough*)
He also fixes it for them and stuff like Dick is rushing around excitedly getting ready for a date with Babs so Bruce makes him hold still and styles his hair
Tim has crazy bed head and Bruce smooths it down while Tim drinks his morning coffee (before coffee Tim can’t function)

That was long sorry


*squeals* too cute!! okay now watch me make this super sad. ready?

Bruce learned it from his father. It was probably one of those things that gets passed down through generations. Not that petting hair is so particular, but the way Thomas used do it, the little swirls and the tug on his bangs. And then Martha would tut and fix his hair gently.

Little Bruce kneels between his parents, blood staining his pants.

“Don’t be afraid, son,” his father croaks out as he lifts a shaky hand up. Cold fingers swirl into the boy’s hair. A final tug on the front and Thomas’s hand falls back to the ground. Martha tries to reach out, but can’t manage it. Bruce reaches up and straightens out his own hair.

“Don’t worry, Mother. It’ll be okay.” He means more than just his hair. He doesn’t truly believe it. Even so young, he knows. But the faintest smile Martha gives is a bitter-sweet memory.

Now Bruce swirls his fingers into his boy’s hair.

“Don’t be afraid, son.”

He tugs gently on the bangs.

“It’ll be okay." 

Changes (part 2) (AU)

(Negan x Reader)

part 1


“Dude! That’s not half an hour.” You just came out of the shower, barely 10 minutes after you went back to your own apartment, finding Negan standing in your kitchen.

“Sorry I’m just really hungry…” He says with a grin and looks you up and down while you clutch your towel tighter to your body and scowl at him, “You probably shouldn’t leave your door open, who knows what kind of fucked up stranger might walk in.”

“Yeah…I’m beginning to see that.” You roll your eyes and motion for him to sit down, “I’m gonna get changed, if you’re thirsty take whatever you want from the fridge.”

“Don’t have to go to such lengths for me just stay like this.”

“Can’t hear yooou~” You say in a sing-song voice while you walk to your bedroom.

“Alright what do you wanna eat?”


“Yes very smooth.” You shake your head, turning around to raise an eyebrow at him, “Seriously though what do you want?”

“I don’t really mind, preferably something that doesn’t fucking kill me.”

“I’m not that bad of a cook don’t worry, if I poison you it will not be an accident.”

“Now that’s reassuring, doll.”

You get out some stuff and start to cook some noodles, nothing special but you just needed something that was quick to make.

“You got up pretty early yesterday, what’s your job?” He asks while nipping on a beer he got out of the fridge.

“I’m a doctor.”

“Really? Well that’s good news.”

“Why? You need one?”

“Occasionally.” He says with a smile. You weren’t going to ask any further, because there was something about him you couldn’t quite grasp yet. He looked and acted a bit rough, though he didn’t particularly seem like a bad person.

“What? Not going to ask about my job?”
“I’m not sure I wanna know.”
Negan takes another sip before placing the bottle on the table, looking at you dead serious, “I’m a teacher.”

You furrow your brows for a moment, letting what he said sink in before you start to laugh, “Wait…you’re not serious, are you?”

“I am.”

“Well the kids must love you.”
“Nah they fucking hate me.” You both laugh until you remember your water, which is already boiling and concentrate on your food again.

You get out some plates and place everything on the table when you’re finished. There was silence while you ate but not the kind of uncomfortable silence that made you wish someone would already say something just to break it, rather the kind where you didn’t mind at all.

“I owe you.” Negan says, standing in your door after you finished your dinner, “You want to watch a movie or something tomorrow? I’ll order some food.”

“As long as you don’t try to cook yourself I’m in.”


Exo reacts to trying to seduce you while at the dinner table with the other members

omg you’re amazing. Stahp


Baekhyun: *is definitely a smug little bastard about it*

Don’t pretend like you’re not enjoying it


Chanyeol: *is probably also a lil shit about it*

Can’t stop won’t stop


D.O: *acts all innocent like the devil child he is*

Oh i’m sorry, was I doing something? 


Kai: *is weirdly casual about the whole thing until you turn to him then he turns into a greasy mother fucker*

Glad I caught your attention


Sehun: *horny Sehun is horny*


Suho: Y/N: You’re giving me your bedroom eyes in public

Suho: I know


Chen: *tries to pretend like nothing is happening until you decide to get your own back and start stroking his thigh as well*


Kris: *the second someone looks over at you he gets nervous and pretends nothing is happening*


Lay: *is smooth af as he keeps running his hand higher and higher until he hears you cough to cover a small moan*


Luhan: *definitely can’t keep his cool and the moment you shoot him a look he starts laughing*

Sorry, couldn’t help it. You’re such an easy target


Tao: *notices the blush on your cheek and the way you fiddle with your napkin like nothing is happening*

You’re cute when you’re flustered 


Xiumin: *when you try to push his hand away*

Are you trying to tell me you don’t like this??

Y/N: Just wait till we’re alone and I get to repay the favour