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38. “Please, just let me show you.”

It’s unfortunate that one of the few things Aaron and Robert have in common are panic attacks. It’s just that their minds have been torn to pieces so many times that there comes a point where the stitching can no longer hold. It takes Aaron a long time to realise that Robert also deals with the snarling beast that crouches in the corner of every room. He’s too good at hiding it. Sometimes Aaron will notice something; a sudden intake of breath or a tightening of a fist, but nothing more.

It’s not until Robert is sat bolt upright in bed at three in the morning, clutching at his sweat-drenched shirt and heaving that he realises. It takes him a moment to absorb what he’s seeing, because this isn’t the Robert he knows. The Robert he knows doesn’t get scared like this.

When he’s broken out of his trance he sits up, crawling towards the end of the bed so he can face his husband. He reaches out to take Robert’s hand, but he snatches it away again, too terrified to move or be moved.

‘Please, just let me show you.’

Robert’s eyes are still faraway, but he lets Aaron take his hand, placing it against his own chest.

‘Breathe with me.’

The sit like that for ten minutes, Robert trying, ineffectively at first, to bring his breathing in time with Aaron’s. It takes a while, but eventually he’s steady. He lets his head fall onto Aaron’s shoulder. Aaron runs a hand up his husband’s spine.

‘It’s okay. You’re okay.’

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lance lance lance im so so sorry for doing this to you

-pidge and lance end up stranded on a planet somewhere. pidge is an angry mess and won’t stop crying, and shes blaming lance for letting them fall to the ground. lance is trying not to fall over from blood loss.

-shiro is staying up so very, very late, and he hears singing coming from the bridge. lance is singing an old lullaby his nana would sing to him, to calm his nerves. shiro takes it as lance just testing out his singing skills and thinks almost nothing of it. he doesn’t see lance crying.

-allura pushes too hard with everyone, and lance speaks up for all of them. ‘allura, stop. you need to stop pushing us so hard, most of us are teenagers!’ she doesn’t see reason for a while, until someone breaks down.

-coran is reminded of his son whenever he looks at lance. one day he calls lance by his son’s name by accident. the name is similar to lance’s brother’s name.

-a planet has some weird pollen that temporarily makes everyone change sexes, and it changed their body a bit too. everyone is confused over why lance was unaffected. (hint: it’s trans!lance and he’s overjoyed!!!! he gets a fully flat chest) 

-lance gets a personality changing virus. it only tears down the mask that he wears.