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Tom Holland Imagine: So Cute

Summary: You’re visiting Tom’s family for the first time and insist on buying them a bottle of wine so you don’t show up empty handed and Tom helps you pick what kind

A/N: I just really don’t know why Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling aren’t married… (also, sorry this is super short)

Warnings: none


“Toooommmmm!” I whined for about the 500th time within the few minutes we had been in the store.

Tom rolled his eyes playfully again as he pulled me into his side. We continued to walk through the store as we scanned though all the different kinds of wine.

“How do you not know what your parents drink!?” I asked.

“Y/N, it’s really not a big deal. You already bought them both gifts and you didn’t even have to do that! Honestly, you don’t need to be doing this, love.”

“Yes I do! I can’t just not get them something!”

“But you already bought my mother a necklace and my father a tie! You’re fine!”

“Noooo! I need something else for both of them!”

Tom sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. I began to wonder off on my own when Tom’s phone rang. He answered it after he mouthed to me that it was his mother.

I scanned over all the different brands and flavors and ages. How the hell am I supposed to know which one they like!?

I trudged back over to Tom and tried to get his attention to ask his mother. Tom kept shaking me off and pointing to his phone.

“I know, Tom! I’m trying to get you to ask her about the wine!” I whispered.

Tom waved me off and turned away from me.

I huffed, angry from the lack of attention and playfully bit Tom’s shoulder. Tom smiled at me over his shoulder before he began to playfully act like he was being attacked. I giggled at his stupidity and walked away over to another set of wine bottles.

I heard Tom hang up the phone and walk over to me. I smiled as he wrapped his arms around my waist and snuggled his face into the crook of my neck.

“My mother said she likes just plain old red wine. Nothing special to it.” Tom said as he laid a kiss on my collar bone.

I grabbed the bottle off the wall and headed to the check out. I slapped my card on the table before Tom could even think about paying for it.


“It’s my gift, Tom. Not yours.”

Tom held his hands up in surrender and backed away. I smiled and kissed his cheek as the cashier bagged the bottle of wine.

“Thank you.” I said to her.

I intertwined Tom and I’s fingers and walked to the doors. Just as Tom and I were about to leave, he heard his name being called.

Tom and I turned to see two girls smiling widely as they stood next to their parents. The girls looked at each other before they ran up to Tom and hugged him.

“Can we have a picture?”

“Of course.”

Tom took pictures with both of the girls, acting stupid and cute with both of them, clearly making their day.

I stood to the side and smiled at my boyfriend when I felt one of the girls tap my shoulder.

I turned to her and smiled kindly.

“Hi, Y/N. I know you probably hear this a lot but I just really think you’re beautiful. Tom’s really lucky to have a girlfriend like you.”

“No, I’m the one who’s lucky.” I said as I looked at the love of my life as he shot me a wink.

After the girls got their pictures, Tom and I headed to his parents’ house.

After we finished dinner with his parents, Tom and I headed up to his room to watch movies and cuddle.

As Tom watched Star Wars, I played on my phone and opened Twitter. I smiled as I saw the girls that we had met today had post the pictures the took with Tom.

Tom looked down when he felt me chuckle.

“What’s so funny, love?”

“Those girls from today. They took a video of us and made it into a gif.”

I held my phone up to Tom and saw him smile when he watched the gif of me biting Tom’s shoulder and then him acting like he was being attacked.

“Did you read the caption, darling?”

I pulled the phone back to my face and read what the girls had written.

“So we saw Tom and Y/N shopping for wine today and they were just honestly the cutest couple I’ve ever seen. Plus, they were total sweethearts when we asked for pictures. New #otp”

I smiled and leaned up to place a kiss on Tom’s smiling lips.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

The Chris Evans Mini-Series (One Shots)

Imagine your first Mother’s Day with Chris and your baby boy.

A/N: Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely moms out there. I know I’d be lost without mine. Here’s a quick (kinda quick) one shot, it’s written around my favorite couple and favorite little baby boy. ❤️

Chris laid awake next to you and watched as the first light of dawn came to behind the beige chiffon curtains in your master bedroom. It was Mother’s Day and he’d asked Kevin for a little time off his ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ press tour to go home and see you as it was your first ever Mother’s Day. He smiled to himself as he looked over at you, remembering the look you had on your face when he walked through the front door yesterday afternoon. He wasn’t meant to be home until early August, not even for a short four days. It was the greatest Mother’s Day present you could have gotten; Chris’ presence. You kissed him so long and so hard, the world around him spun.

His smile widened when he thought back to the look on his baby boy’s face when he carried him for the first time in four and a half months. Like every other parent who had to leave for long periods of time while their child was still a baby, Chris was worried that his son wouldn’t recognize him. He was afraid that Jack would see him as a stranger even though he FaceTimed the two of you every morning and every night. He was even hesitant to pick Jack up from his rocker, nervous his son would start crying if he did. He was so afraid that he just stood by the front door and observed his son from afar, feet glued to the ground despite your urging him to pick Jack up. Even Dodger urged him, nudging his best friend’s leg with his head.

You assured Chris none of what he was worried about would happen as you spoke about him with your son all the time. You showed him pictures, you watched interviews together, and little home videos you’d shot on your phone. You told Chris how Jack would light up every time he saw him, or heard him on the television, or your laptop, or some other mobile device. Chris managed to take a step closer upon hearing that, but still kept his distance. You sighed and decided to help move the meeting along, knowing the worries your husband were carrying on his shoulders were irrelevant. You walked over to Jack who smiled at you when you lifted him out of his rocker, bouncing him gently as you made your way over to Chris.

“You are so good with him,” Chris told you when he saw the way Jack looked at you, utterly mesmerized by his beautiful mother. “No no no,” he shook his head, taking a step back when you got too close. “I don’t want to scare him, Y/N. Just-” he huffed, “take it slow, please?”

“You’re not going to scare him, Chris,” you chuckled softly and took slow steps towards Chris, who looked like he was ready to run out the door. “Chris, stop.” You narrowed your eyes at Chris when he took another step back as you got closer. “You’re being ridiculous, so can you stop. Please?”

“Sorry,” he mumbled and released some of the tension from his shoulders, allowing you to approach with Jack. The closer you got, the tighter his shoulders got. “Oh my God, he’s not going to cry is he?” He asked you when he saw his son watching him curiously, his tiny head tilted to one side. “Y/N, is he going to-” Jack started laughing, making you smile and Chris flinch. “He’s got the cutest laugh,” Chris looked up at you with a wide grin; you nodded with the same smile. For a second, he forgot he was afraid and unconsciously reached for the hand Jack was holding out. “Hey, buddy.” Jack’s hand wrapped around Chris’ finger. “Have you been looking after your mama for me? Yeah?” Chris laughed along with Jack and you smiled at Dodger as the two of you observed their interaction. “You’re the man of the house now, aren’t you?”

“Do you want to hold him?” You asked and Chris nodded, but made no effort to prepare himself for the pass over. “Sweetheart, you’re not going to scare him. Look at him, he’s so happy to see his daddy. Trust me, it’s going to be okay. If he loves the try-hard mom, he’s going to love the natural dad,” you joked, drawing a smile to Chris’ face. “Here,” you carefully passed Jack over and Chris took him from you like an absolute pro. “See,” you kissed Chris’ cheek as he bounced your giggling son, “there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“Thank you,” he returned a kiss on your cheek then proceeded to kiss Jack’s. “For this, for him- for everything you’ve given me since we met.” You smiled, gently rubbing Jack’s back as you rubbed Chris’ arm. “How are you doing, Jack?” He spoke to your son with so much joy in his voice. “Are we cool?” Jack cupped Chris’ face in his hands and made soft noises with his lips, making you and Chris laugh. “I know, bud. I miss my beard too.”

Chris returned to reality when he heard soft noises come through the baby monitor. He quickly grabbed it from his bedside table and turned it off, slipping out of bed to attend to him. He was trying to give you the best day of your life, starting with some well-deserved rest. He knew you were playing it cool, but you were having a bit of a hard time doing the whole parenting thing without him. He’d wished he’d gotten you pregnant after his Marvel contract ended, so he could’ve been there for everything. He wanted the whole experience, but he’d only had half a pregnancy, an early labor, and the three months of Jack’s life. As much as he’d like to complain, he couldn’t; he had the perfect wife and the son he’d always wanted. Sure, he’d missed out on a little bit, but it was only the beginning. There was so much more to come that he was going to be there for.

“Good morning, Dodger.” Chris patted Dodger’s head as he walked past him to scoop Jack out of his cot. “Hey, buddy.” He rocked Jack soothingly, smiling when his son wrapped his tiny arms around his neck and rested his head against his chest. “I’ve missed you too, kiddo.” He held Jack as closely as he had last night, rocking his son to sleep before joining you in bed. “I know I haven’t been around, but I’ll be home soon. You and Dodger just keep taking care of your mama for me, okay? I promise I’ll be home soon, to take care of all of you.”

Chris carried Jack for a little while, pacing the room as he enjoyed the simplicity of holding his son in his arms. It was feeling he’d never, ever get sick of. It was peaceful, very zen-like to have Jack’s tiny body held against his chest; to listen to his soft breaths; to kiss his soft hair; to breath him in because babies always smelt good. Chris didn’t know why, but they did. He was so satisfied with his life at that very moment because he was finally a dad able to celebrate Mother’s Day with his wife and child; he was no longer just a son who had to take care of his mom. He was a husband, a father, and he had to show you how grateful he was towards the woman who’d given him that. He needed to make breakfast, and clean the house, and take out the trash, and fix anything that was broken in his absence. He needed to spend today, and the next two and a half days showing how much he loved and appreciated you before he had to leave again. You may have known already, but it wouldn’t have killed him to emphasize.

You instinctively woke at 6:25AM, like every other morning if Jack managed to sleep through the first light of dawn. You turned over and reached for your husband only to find the bed empty and the baby monitor turned off. You smiled because you knew what day it was and what Chris had planned to do for you while he was home. It was sweet, like everything he did. You stretched, grabbing his pillow and hugging it to your chest. Your mom was right about you knocking things out of the park with him, he was absolutely perfect.

You got out of bed and went into the bathroom to get cleaned up. You were coming out of the bathroom when you heard Chris’ footsteps and Dodger’s paws coming down the hall. “Shhh,” you heard Chris tell your babbling son. “We don’t want to wake your mama, I’m just going to sneak into the bathroom to brush-” You smiled at him as your three boys entered the room. “Oh, you’re awake.” He chuckled when you nodded, walking over to him. “Was it us? Were we too loud?”

“No,” you shook your head and held out your arms to take Jack from Chris. “I’m used to waking up early, as is Dodger.” You looked down at Dodger, smiling. “This little guy keeps us up and at it. Don’t you, bud?” You poked your son’s stomach, making him laugh and Chris smile. “You can go brush your teeth, I’ll watch him.”

“Happy Mother’s Day, sweetheart.” He leaned over to peck you on the lips and you smiled. “I’m going to go brush my teeth first, then I’ll come back and give you a proper kiss.” You chuckled and nodded, bouncing your son as you made your way back over to your bed. Dodger joined you, sitting down in front of you and resting his head in your lap.

“How did you sleep, handsome?” You asked your son, smoothing his bedhead with your hand.

“It’s definitely good to be back in bed with my wife,” Chris answered from the bathroom. You laughed and he poked his head out with a toothbrush in his mouth, “oh. You’re talking to Jack,” he said, his words muffled by his brushing.

“Yes I am,” you smiled. “But I’m glad you slept well too, handsome.” You winked at Chris, earning a wink back. “And you, Dodger.” You cooed and scratched his head. “Anyway, Chris.” You looked back up at your husband. “I am really glad to have you back in bed too, it’s been awfully lonely without you around.”

“I know it has been,” Chris murmured, careful not to get any toothpaste anywhere. “I’ll be home soon though.” He walked back in to rinse and spit, then came back out as he dried his face with his face towel. “And then we can actually be a team like I promised.” You smiled and nodded. “I’m really sorry I haven’t been around to help you.” He walked over and sat down next to you; you passed him Jack and he held his son close to his chest. “Really, really sorry.”

“Don’t be,” you shook your head, kissing his cheek. He pressed his lips together, eyes filled with guilt. “Darling,” you chuckled, rubbing his back. “You didn’t run out on me, you went to work. It’s not your fault you’ve been away, you’re making money to provide for this family. So don’t apologize, okay? You haven’t been far, you know I always carry you in my heart.” He cracked a smile and leaned in to kiss you. “I love you,” you told him then met his lips.

“I love you too,” he whispered. “And you’re getting everything you deserve today, don’t you worry.”

“I’ve already gotten everything I need,” you smiled at him. “My three,” you glanced from Dodger, to Jack, to Chris, “beautiful and perfect boys.” Chris chuckled, leaning in for another kiss. “Yeah, I don’t need anything else.”

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Imagine #65

A/N: Remember when I told you I’d do an imagine based off of a previous imagine (IMAGINE #52) I did? You can read that first if you’d like, but I’d be concentrating on only one part from there.

“How he shows you he loves you:  It was the gesture you found adorable because it didn’t only mean that he loves you but it also meant something else for him. When you’d go out grocery shopping and would already be checking out the items you’ve bought at the check-out counter, Isaac would wrap his arms around your waist and rest his head on either your shoulders or on top of your head.”

I actually forgot about this until I stumbled upon Jess and Gabriel’s vlog… you can watch it here >> X <<  (it’s at 10:00 mehehe) so you can say that it was also inspired by the video LOL! And like always, if any errors occur, my apologies :)


“Okay, I’ll be right back.” Isaac placed a kiss on your cheek before going ahead and looking for the specific cream you used to make your famous carbonara that Isaac and the pack seemed to love, it would always be gone the minute you’d place it on the table.

As you looked through the aisle that contained the canned mushrooms, you pushed your cart towards the middle in search of the usual can of mushrooms your mother bought when she taught you the recipe.

While you moved the grocery cart further in search for the brand, you felt as though someone was following you. You didn’t mind it though since you thought that you were only imagining things, and since the grocery was packed with people doing some last-minute buying for their meals for Thanksgiving, your mind could just be playing tricks on you that maybe the person was just doing the same thing and looking for the same brand of mushrooms.

Pushing the cart some more, you finally stopped to reach for the brand you were looking for on the shelf. Once you were checking to see if it was the right one, a figure suddenly approached you making you jerk in surprise and drop the can.

Shortly after the can of mushroom slipped through your fingers, you heard an ow coming from the person in front of you.

“Oh my, I am so sorry.” You apologized almost frantically, trying to reach for the can that unfortunately dropped on the person’s foot.

“No, no.” The man said, stopping you from reaching the can. “It’s fine, here, let me.”

“Thank you,” you replied, taking the product from him and putting it in the cart. “Sorry about your foot, by the way.”

“Yeah, no big deal.” He just scoffed, acting like it didn’t bother him. “Just glad it was a pretty one who dropped it.”

At this, you suddenly felt taken back at his words.

“Yeah, sorry.” He suddenly apologized with a chuckle, “I’m not really good at this but I just had to say hi-”

“Oh,” It was the only thing you could think of at the moment, not really sure how to respond to the sudden forwardness this guy was emitting. “Well, hi to you too.”

“- And can I just say how pretty you are?” He smiled before reaching out his hand and introducing himself. “I’m Daniel, by the way.”

“Hi, Daniel.” You reached your hand and shook his.

As he tried to attempt to make a conversation by asking you what were you doing here (boy, I’m grocery shopping, what does it look like I’m doing?), your fingers started to fidget with the ring on your finger as you nodded with a smile and replied to some of the questions he asked. At this point, you were trying to muster up the courage of not being rude and just telling him straight out.

“So, could I maybe ask you-” At that, you cut him off from continuing his question any further.

“I’m… actually married.” You stated. Hearing the words, the guy looked a bit shocked as his eyebrows furrowed saying, “wait, what?”

“Yeah,” The guy looked down on your finger for confirmation. And when he saw the golden band and the large sparkling rock on your finger, all he could manage was an, “Oh.”

“But, like, you’re really young.” The guy looked at you again.

“Yeah, I’m Y/A.” You replied.

“Wow, that’s fast,” All you could do was just smile.

It wasn’t too long before he bid goodbye saying that it was nice talking to you, embarrassment could be seen in his face, and it didn’t take long for Isaac to come back with an arm full of the creams you needed for the pasta.

“That’s a lot,” you could only giggle when he had the big smile on his face showing that he was proud that he didn’t get lost in the groceries again, but he shortly noticed something was up – that something happened while he was away for a good 3 minutes.

“What happened?” He asked worriedly, almost dropping the packs of cream on the floor as his shoulders seemed to sag.

“There was a guy-” you whispered.

“There was a guy?!”

“Shh!” At the volume Isaac asked with, you tried to hush him because you didn’t know if the person was still in the hearing distance. “Not here.”

“A guy?!” he shouted in a whisper. “What happened? What guy? Who’s the guy? Where is this guy?”

He looked around the aisle as his ears turned a pink shade, a shade you knew all too well when he got mad or annoyed at something or someone.

“What happened, Y/N?” He asked repeatedly.

“Later, Isaac.” You replied in a low voice while you pushed the cart farther from the aisle you were at. “I just want to leave.”

At those words, your husband’s eyes widened and the pink shade that colored his ears turned darker. “That bad?”

Isaac looked behind the both of you, eyes still looking for any particular guy.

“Isaac, let’s just go.” You hooked your arm with his trying to pull him away as you pushed the cart in front of you to the checkout.

While you were placing the products you bought, you suddenly caught a glimpse of Daniel a few check-out counters behind you. Isaac noticed this and turned to see where you were looking at and almost the exact time he spotted the guy you were talking about, he saw Daniel was looking at you.

You waited and watched as the prices showed up on the screen while the lady manning the counter checked the product’s and bagged them in the brown paper bags, her small talks making you smile.

As you waited for the other products to be bagged, you felt strong arms wrap around your waist and a chin on top of your head. Isaac’s arms pulled you against him as you looked up and saw that he was looking at you with a smile, the giggle you were trying to hold down was showing as your lips pursed - you already felt the vibe that he already knew where the guy was and this attempt was to show that you were already with someone else – that you were already married to someone, for crying out loud.  

The Riverdaily Rundown - 08/25/2017

Hey hey hey, mah dudes. It’s Sam here! We are gonna get this show on the road real quick ‘cause there has been so much content today.

Like so much content. A beautiful wave of content. A Jesus blessed storm of content. It’s all thanks to RAS, some dedicated fans, and the cast members. Let’s give them a round of applause. Without y’all, we’d be fucking miserable.

Alright, let’s go bitches!

Hey, Bughead fans, guess what! WE GOT SOME MOTHERFUCKIN’ CONTENT UP IN THIS BIATCH! I ain’t just talking about lil’ photoshopped cartoon characters or shit! I am talking about legit content. I am talking about pictures from filming. I am talking about RAS being a frickin’ doll face. It’s great. It’s amazing! It’s just ugh. Let’s just talk about it!

RAS was an absolute babe, today. Not only did he bless us with an amazing photo of mechanic!Betty and mechanic!Jughead, he also blessed us with a beautiful caption that pretty much confirms endgame for bughead. (x) @sprouseharts

This photo. This caption. This tweet. Ugh. It’s amazing. It’s beautiful. I am more excited about this tweet than my own birthday. (it’s cool I hate my birthday) I’m more excited about this tweet than the Second Coming. I’m more excited about this tweet than I am about that left over piece of meat lovers pizza in the fridge.

It’s just fucking exciting (or I live a really boring, shitty life one of the two).

Here’s another post that compares the two mechanic!Bughead images we’ve gotten so far. It will murder you. My ghost lawyer is currently backed up filing my own lawsuits, so I’ll have to refer you to his colleague if you need one too. (x) @bugheadjones-the-third

@brittalundin​ also joined in on the fun! She tweeted out her support for mechanic!Betty as well! I’m glad to see that the crew is on the same page as the fandom! Or maybe the fandom is on the same page as the crew…? Idk. I’m just glad we aren’t trying to murder each other anymore! (x) @sprousehartinvestigation

Remember that time when I was glad that we weren’t murdering each other anymore? Yeah. About that. That’s a fucking lie. We’re murdering each other better than ever folks.

How do I explain this fandom? Easily. We hate each other. That’s all. That’s all there is to it. Pure hatred. So pure it has been formed into a new element. We’ll all be receiving a nobel prize this year for aiding in its discovery. Please wear semi-formal to formal wear. Thank you.

Anyway, why do we hate each other? I don’t know. Probably because humans live off of emotions and hatred/anger is a very strong one that can easily be given into. Also because there are a ton of different ships coming out of this show/comics and nobody seems to respect anyone else’s.

Or maybe because everyone gets worked up a little too much. I mean probably not right? It’s not like this fandom get worked up about a meme.

Except, wait, this fandom does get worked up about memes. (x) @thejugheadjones

Archie Comics’ twitter posted a very funny (and historically accurate meme) depicting the relationship between Betty, Archie, and Veronica. I got a good kick out of it, but it seems like some of the fandom just wanted to actually kick people because of it. By some of the fandom I mean the Barchie side of the fandom.

Look, dudes. I get it. You love your ship. You don’t see a lot of content from you ship in the comics or the show lately, but are you really gonna get pissed over a meme?

Yeah. Probably, huh?

To make matters worse the Bughead and the Varchie side of the fandom went off on the Barchie side of the fandom and shit just got hectic.

Gotta go change the sign from “1 day(s) without fandom fighting” to “0 day(s) without fandom fighting”. We were so close to beating our record of two days, guys. C’mon!

Dogs. Dogs are cute. Dogs are adorable. Dogs deserve love.

Cole. Cole is a person. Cole is probably adorable but like idk I don’t know him. Cole most likely deserves love.

These two creatures put together creates an infinite aura of happiness. Which is why we are so blessed (praise be to Jesus) to have these adorable photos and videos of both Cole and Dog together. (x) @rarecolesprouse​ (x) @gershwinn


Film her? I don’t even know her! *ba dum tss*

Nah, but the cast did some filming today, and it looks pretty rad. Like mega rad. Like the most rad thing that could possibly ever rad.

We’ve got some great pictures of a fishy looking scene going down in a shady side of town between Ronnie and a rival gang member? What is this? This is not okay. I am not prepared for this, right now. (x) @bronwynn

Deep breaths be damned! I am freaking out right now and living for it!

Here is some more in depth explanation of what happened during today’s filming from a fan who was present. It may be kind of a spoiler, but it’s definitely interesting! (x) @forsythe-p-jones

Cole was seen leaving a building, presumably to film. As he was leaving someone yelled that they liked his shoes and he did a little jig. This jig will forever go down in history as the best impromptu jig of mankind. Cole Sprouse will be receiving a golden globe and an emmy for his jig work. Tune in next friday to get the full, hour-long scoop on what truly went through his mind as he did his jig and the full story behind it. (x) @hobooutsider (x) @sprouseharts

Archie Andrews is a motherfuckin’ gansta. When he goes, he goes hard. We he fights, he punches first. When he does graffiti, he makes weird ass smiley faces. (x) @juggiesbetts @zumpie

Oh, Archie, dear. Congratulations on making Weenie Hut Jr. customer of the month. The fandom and I are so proud.

But not really. Boy, look. I know you’re going through some internal trauma and shit, but please explain to me why you are graffiting a happy face? Is it some deeper meaning shit? Are you putting on an act? Are you showing the world what it wants to see from you? Or do you just really like smiley faces, buddy?

#nojudgement #lies #lotsofjudgement #pleaserespondinMLAformattedessay

Wow. Here are some great pictures from today! A lot of fans managed to meet the cast and get pictures up close as well as far away! They are literally so beautiful they will make your eyes burn more than staring at the eclipse for 7 hours.

(x) @sprouseharts (x) @sprouseharts (x) @sprouseharts 

Also here are some gorgeous pictures of Madelaine Petsch! (x) @riverdales-daily

People are freaking out because Lili posted that picture of Cole with a dog on her instagram. That’s really all I have to say about that.

Here is some Varchie content that @veronicadvalle provided us with once again! (x) the parallel between these scenes hits me in the feels, man!

#deadagain #callmylawyer


Now here’s just some content ‘cause I’m sick and I’m tired and I’m ready for sleep.

Gifs! (x) @tommensbaratheons (x) @anti-aureate

Funny Memes! (x) @zumpie (x) @bugheader 

Agreeable Textposts! (x) @musingmola

Fanart! (x) @gogenevieveart (x) @sprouseharts

Alright, folks! That’s all I got! I just want to give a huge thank you to @juggydunes for making my little gif header! I didn’t even have to ask, they just did it on their own accord! I love you so much! This means the world!

Sorry for the shitty (and late) rundown again! Sick Sam is a dead Sam! Haha! Hopefully I’ll be better soon! Lots of love!

Peace out, witches!


Hi everyone! This is part one of my first request, I hope you enjoy it 😘😘

You sat in your seat at Church, your stomach aching with nerves. Your hands were clenched into fists and your knuckles were white.
It wasn’t easy being the only female in the Sons Of Anarchy. You had to work harder than the rest to earn your patch, and you knew that not all of your Brothers took you seriously. You killed for them, fought for them, anything you could to prove your worth.
You watched as the rest of the club took their seats. You sat next to Bobby and couldn’t help but notice the empty seat next to you. Juices seat.
Everyone looked at Jax as he took his seat at the head of the table and began to speak.
“There is a rat at our table” he said.
Your heart sank, your worst fear coming true.
Juice had come to you last night and told you everything. He had made a deal with Roosevelt and Potter, stolen the coke and killed Miles to cover himself.
He had suspected that Jax knew, and now you knew that he was right.
You’d been seeing Juice secretly for months now, but you’d never realised what he was doing behind the clubs back. You didn’t like it, no you hated what he’d done. But you understood it. His whole life Juice had wanted to fit in, to have a family. He had found that with the Sons and when that was threatened he panicked.
Your hands shook as you waited for what was coming. You didn’t hear what everyone was saying because you knew what this meant. He had betrayed the club, there was only one way to handle it.
“Let’s vote. Juan Carlos Ortiz to meet Mr Mayhem.” Jax said, his face grim.
You watched as all your brothers voted yes, voted to kill Juice, voted to kill the man you loved.
All faces looked at you and you stood.
“I can’t do this” you said, your voice shaking.
They watched as you removed your kutte, confused looks on all their faces.
“I love Juice. We’ve been together for months. I can’t be a part of this” you said and dropped your kutte on the table before leaving the room.
You could hear the uproar as you walked out the doors.
Gemma looked at you as you passed her, her eyes watching you curiously.
“What’s going on sweetheart?” She asked as you pushed past her.
“I’m sorry, Gem. I have to go” you said and stormed out of the clubhouse.
You sat on your bike and fired her up, buckling your helmet before driving out of TM for the last time.

You ran into your house, you’d seen Juices bike outside so you knew he was there.
He stood when he heard you slam the door.
“Juliet, what are you doing here?” He asked you, worry all over his face. He wrapped his arms around you.
“Get your bags, Juan. We need to hurry” you whispered as you broke away from him and headed to your room. You grabbed all the clothes out of your drawers and wardrobe, tossing them into the duffle bags you’d had out just in case it had turned out like this.
Juice stood in the doorway watching you, unable to move. Your hair was a mess and your face was stressed as you moved around the room, grabbing things off shelves.
“You should stay, I can’t let you go down for my mistakes” he said solemnly.
You stopped moving and turned towards him.
“I will not let them kill you Juan, not until my body is cold. I’m with you”
You turned to the bags and zipped them shut before lifting them and marching towards him.
“We need to go. Now.”
“I love you Juliet”
“I love you too Juan”

Jax stormed into your house, Happy and Chibs right beside him.
They stormed through the house til they reached your room and saw the scattered clothes and empty drawers.
“Shit!” Jax shouted, realising you had ran away with the rat.
“It’s okay Jackie boy, we’ll find them” the blond president nodded, and walked out of the house.

It had been 10 months since you’d left Charming. It hadn’t been easy, you and Juice had spent the first months on the run, shifting from town to town, never believing the club would stop looking for you.
You’d ended up in a small town in Florida, staying at a cheap motel that became your home.
You got a job at a local supermarket and Juice found work at a video game store, which he loved.
That night, you were sat in front of the tv, absentmindedly rubbing your small bump. You were four months pregnant.
Juice was ecstatic when you told him, and went straight into fussing over you.
You both knew it wasn’t ideal, you both wanted kids and you knew he’d be a great father, but starting a family on the run wasn’t exactly the plan.
You watched as the lotto draw came on the screen. You never really cared for the gambling, but you’d bought a ticket today, deciding to Try your luck. The numbers began to appear on the screen for the jackpot and you grabbed the ticket next to you.
Your mouth dropped as you stared between the ticket and the screen, your heart beating out of control.
“Juan!” You screamed.
He came running out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around him loosely.
“What is it? Is it the baby?” He asked as he knelt beside you, still wet from his shower.
You couldn’t speak, just stared at the ticket in your hands.
“Juliet! What’s wrong?”
“Juan” you whispered before shoving the ticket in his face.
He looked at you confused before looking at the ticket. He raised an eyebrow and you pointed at the screen.
His mouth dropped and his eyes went wide.
“Does this mean..”
“We won Juan! We won!” You screamed and threw your arms around him.
He stared at the numbers on the screen again.
You’d just won $670,000

You woke up a year later, to the sound of your screaming daughter.
You rolled over and looked at the clock next to you: four in the morning.
You groaned and sat up.
“Stay babe, I got her” you smiled at Juice and watched as he got up, wearing only his boxers and walked into the nursery.
After you won the lotto, Juice had played the stock markets, tripling your money overnight.
He did this the whole time you were pregnant and now you had enough money to never work another day.
You’d bought a mansion in Florida, making sure to put everything in your daughters name, Isabella Jones, still nervous the club could find you.
You’d decided to use your mothers maiden name as her surname. You didn’t want to risk the club finding out and you’d left both yours and Juices names off her birth certificate.
You laid back in your king bed, stretching and looking up at the beautiful white ceilings and hanging chandeliers. Who woulda thought a girl like you would end up with chandeliers in her goddamn bedroom.
You heard Juice talking to Isabella in the next room, her nursery.
You knew you wouldn’t get back to sleep so you stood, your feet touching the soft white carpet, and walked in.
It was a real princess room, Juice had picked out everything, from the pink wall paper, to the four poster bed, with pink and white silk draped over it that she wouldn’t even use for a few more years.
You smiled as you watched them.
He held her to his chest, rocking her gently and telling her stories.
He spotted you watching him and smiled widely. God, you’d never get sick of that smile.
You walked over and wrapped your arms around them, kissing her forehead.
“I love you Juan. I love you Isabella” you cooed.
He smiled at you “we love you too mommy”

That night you and Juice were curled up on the couch, next to the cracking fire and watching your tv. Your tv that filled half the wall, that is.
You were waiting for the chinese you’d ordered to arrive. You had hired staff when you bought the mansion, mostly locals, but you’d let them have the day off, enjoying having the house to yourselves.
You heard a knock and Juice stood.
“Chinese is here” he grinned at you as he dropped your hands and walked into the foyer.
You heard the door open.
A minute passed and he hadn’t returned.
“Juice?” You called, standing and heading to the foyer to see what was taking him so long. “Is the Chinese here?”
He stood on the marble tiles, frozen in place.
You looked at him and walked over to the hall table that stood against the large oak walls. You quietly opened the drawer and grabbed the gun inside. Never taking your eyes off Juice.
“It’s not Chinese,” he whispered, still not moving.
You walked over quietly and stepped behind Juice, your gun pointed.
Your heart dropped as you looked into a face you never thought you’d see again.
The face of Jax Teller.

Imagine – Slow Dancing with Dean Ambrose after a fight

Word Count – 1487

Warnings – Angst, Drinking

A/N – Sorry for being off schedule lately. I’ve been super busy with going to doctor appointments almost every day and school. Hopefully I can get back on track soon!


Vince McMahon gave you and your boyfriend Dean Ambrose three weeks off since you’ve been working nonstop for four years. You both were so excited, you finally got time to be with each other without worrying about staying in character backstage! Nothing could go wrong! At least that’s what you thought.

The first few days were nice, staying at home and relaxing on the couch together. Catching up on The Walking Dead. But the rest of the week has been lonely, for you anyways. Dean’s always out drinking with his hometown friends, which you didn’t mind if it was just for a few nights. But it’s been every night for almost two weeks now. You both go back to work in a week, it’d be nice to spend the last week of your vacation with him!

Tonight was the worst though. You were sitting on a bench inside the airport, eating Mc Donalds and hopping Dean didn’t forget he was supposed to pick you up.

“Are you coming?” You texted him about 7 minutes ago, still no reply. “Maybe he’s driving” you thought to yourself.

15 minutes go by and now you were getting furious. You called him a few times, still no answer.

It was 9:30 PM and you had your last straw. Dean was supposed to be here at 7:40 and he still isn’t here and even worse not returning your calls. You stood outside in the freezing rain, catching a taxi and telling him to drop you off at your house. Your leg was bouncing nonstop the whole car ride along with you playing with your fingers, trying to keep your calm and checking your phone.

You thanked the taxi driver, got out of the car and stomped to the door while shivering in the rain. You didn’t even think to bring a jacket or an umbrella. You went inside and found Dean drinking whiskey with his legs propped up on the couch.

“DEAN, FUCKIN’ AMBROSE!” You yelled, slamming your keys down on the table.

“Oh.. hey babe! You made it!” He burped after, slurring his words

“Yeah, thanks to a taxi driver. What the fuck happened?!”

“What do you mean?”


“I was? Oh.. My bad..” He frowned.

“You’re a fuckin’ drunk.” You growled, walking away. While you were walking away you heard him say “I love you” but you slammed the door.

You woke up the next morning to Dean asleep on the couch. You grabbed a bucket along with a glass of water and medicine and put it on the table next to him, slightly waking him up.

“Good morning darlin’” He said tiredly. You just gave him a stare, making him confused.

“What’s wrong?”

“You don’t remember?” He shook his head, grabbing it in pain

“You were supposed to pick me up from the airport. I called and texted, waited forever and decided to just stand in the damn rain and wait for a taxi. I come home and you’re drunk off your ass! At 10:30 at night!” His heart ripped apart.

“Y/N, baby, I’m so sorr –“

You cut him off, slapping his hand away

“if you were sorry you’d clean up your act, Ambrose! You go out and drink so much, what if you drive home drunk and get in a crash and get hurt, or die! Do you know how much that would destroy me? You don’t care either way. I’m tired! I’m going to say what I said last night, you’re a drunk! Get your shit together!” He didn’t answer, knowing you’re right.

“I need to go, I need air.. I’ll be back later. Hopefully you’ll be here and not out drinking with your buddies. It seems like you care more about drinking then you care about me…”

You grabbed your keys along with a jacket and left, leaving him broken hearted and alone.


You braced yourself for the arguments that were about to come as you pulled into the driveway, seeing Dean’s car was still here. “Maybe he didn’t go out” you thought to yourself, hopping you were right and that his friends didn’t just pick him up or something.

You walked in and your breath was caught, not believing what your eyes are seeing. The lights were dimmed, candles on the windowsill, Dean standing in the middle of the room with roses in his hand, and a huge trash bag in the other that was filled to the top. He was wearing his leather jacket and cleaned up jeans along with his black tank top he always wears.

“What is that?” You asked, nodding your head towards the bag. He shook it, hearing bottles clink together as he did.

“My alcohol. Empty. Down the drain, sweetie. I don’t want to be this way anymore.. I don’t want to hurt you anymore. And if you don’t believe me here’s a video.”

He walked up to you and pulled out his phone. He pulled up the video and pressed play.

“Hey darlin’. You’re out somewhere mad at me, which you have every right to be. I’m sitting here at home, and I’ve taken in every word you’ve said over the last few weeks and… you’re right. I need to quit, or I’m going to kill myself. I’ve already called and told my friends, they asked me if I could come out tonight and I told them No. It felt pretty good, actually. Knowing I get to stay home with the love of my life and cuddle up on the couch with her. I’m rambling sorry, anyways… I don’t want my life to end short. I don’t want you to think I’d put ANYTHING in front of you! You come first. Always. I want to grow old with you, have little Deano’s running around the house. And of course because you want one… a cat.. Even though I can’t stand cats if it makes you happy we can get one, but not right now since we’re always on the road. I want to live and be happy with you, so that’s why I’m doing this.”

He picked up a bottle of whiskey and poured it down the drain. You could tell he hesitated for a second, but you both knew he wanted it to be done. The video went on for a few more minutes then it ended.

You looked up at him with tears in your eyes as he had some in his too. He passed you over the roses and gave you a soft smile.

“I love you more than you’ll ever know. I know I’m not good at being romantic, but I hope this was alright.”

“You dork, of course I like it! I love it!” You punched his arm, making him rub it but smile.

He turned around and grabbed the remote, turning on the radio and playing “Crazy Girl” By Eli Young Band. You raised your eyebrow, giving him a smirk

“Country, Dean Ambrose listens to country?”

“Not really, but when I heard this song it made me think of you. I’m not good at this, but will you dance with me, darlin’?” You shook your head and blushed as he placed his hands on your hips, looking down and smiling trying to hide the blush coming across his cheeks.

You two swayed back and forth as the music played softly. You leaned your head on his chest, feeling his left hand move to your back and his right go in your hair, running through it gently as he hummed along with the song. You felt like you were in heaven. Hearing his heartbeat and feeling the vibration of his humming coming from his chest. His heaven was just having you in his arms.

The song ended. The look of love in his blue eyes as he looked down into your y/e/c eyes and hearing his heartbeat quicken as he watched you. A smirk running across his lips as he leaned down and kissed you, tugging his fingers in your hair and you with your arms around his neck. You were a lot shorter than him so he picked you up and kissed you again, leaning his forehead against yours and kissing your nose.

“Did you really mean it? We can get a cat in the future?” You asked excitedly, making him chuckle

“Yes, in the future. But for now all I want is you. You’re all I want. Not booze, not drunk nights with friends. I could stay like this forever if we added wrestling into it.” You both laughed, kissing each other again.

You finally had your Dean back.

Anon asked: Can u please make an imagine about Dj Rupp where you get mad at him for his new music video because there is a part where 2 girls are touching him inappropriately and he makes it up for you? Please ? 😁❤️

“Y/N, your gonna wanna check out your man’s new video” my bestfriend Maggie shouted from the kitchen, “it dropped today?” I whipped out my phone, “yeah and I don’t think your gonna be too happy.” She walked into the room with a sincere look on her face, i furrowed my brows. “Your kinda freaking me out, but okay?” I searched up Dillon’s name and the video popped up. I sat there and watched it, Maggie was completely correct. I wasn’t pleased at all. Would you be pleased if you saw your boyfriend of 2 and a half years touching females and letting them touch and kiss up on him? No. I threw my phone, “y/n… Chill” Maggie came to me, “why does he not ask me shit before he does it” I cried out. This was the 3rd time he’s done something like this and every time before he disregarded my feelings and I’ve had it. I’m a woman not an object and I’m not about to be disrespected. I sat there thinking as Maggie tried relaxing me, “he’s got one coming when he steps in that door.” I got up and sat on the kitchens island in plain view of the door.

An hour later Dillon pulled up along skate and Derek and entered the house. “Hey bab–” he stood there, he knew I was mad. “What’s up?” He questioned, Derek and Nate looked at me and knew Dillon was in for it. “You know wassup.” I rolled my eyes, “are we finna do this shit again.?” He rolls his eyes, I took a deep breath in and hit my fist on my leg. “I’m so sick of this man” I laughed out, he stood quiet. “I’m sick of the miscommunication, the fucking secrets, the disrespect and the lack of appreciation Dillon” “what the fuck are you talking about” he scoffed. “Don’t act stupid dillon, you never tell me shit no more, you kept the whole video concept away from me, you kissed some females and let them touch you and shit, you’ve done this 2 other times and when I tried fucking talking to you legit laughed in my face and said you wouldn’t do it again, stupidly I fucking stayed because I’m in love with you. I try and chill with you and have our random date nights and you never have time for me but got time to go with your boys?” My brows scrunched up as I gestured over to Derek and Nate. “I get it, I’m no longer your priority and that’s cool, I can get any one I fucking want but I only want you but I’m so done to be honest” I hopped off the counter, “you are over reacting” Dillon laughed, “bro” Nate held on to his shoulder.

I laughed to myself, “you know what, I always over react in your eyes so lemme do us a big favor, I’m done. Consider yourself single and no longer held down.” I let tears slide down my face. “Your not leaving” Dillon laughed. “Dillon I am. I hope your happy. Let’s go mags” I grabbed my purse and walked past him, he grabbed my wrist. “Where are you going?” He looked painfully at me, “that’s no longer your concern, Imma dip catch you whenever kiddo” I pulled my wrist and walked out the house. I made it into Maggie’s car and the whole time cried, I layed on her sofa and relooked over every memory. I got message after message from Dillon.

Dills ❤️✨: babe.
Dills ❤️✨: please come back.
Dills ❤️✨: I don’t wanna loose you, please I’m begging you.
Dills ❤️✨: baby, I can’t live without you. Please don’t do this to me…
Dills ❤️✨: Y/N…
Dills ❤️✨: I love you please don’t do this to me, I don’t wanna wake up without you there.

I know me and him aren’t over, but I need him to appreciate me and show me that he cares. Until then, I don’t wanna be around him. I layed there for the next 3 hours looking at every memory of me and Dillon and decided to check his Twitter. One of his tweets caught my eye, it was 2 hours ago. I clicked it and it directed me back to his Instagram, up popped up a picture of me and Dillon when we went to Puerto Rico with Nash. “11/7/2015. I’m never one to be all cakey, but this female means so much to me, y'all don’t even know. 11/7/2015 her birthday and the day I made the woman I wanna marry… Mine. I admit I’m a screw up, I do stupid shit and I question everyday how does she put up with me? Today we had a big fight because I made a stupid choice of not speaking to her. I didn’t write this for y'all to send her hate, so please don’t. I wrote this to just hopefully get at least a text back. Y/N I’m sorry for not talking to you, for lying, for not appreciating you but please don’t leave. I’m trying so hard to work on me, for us. At the end of the day none of these females have what you have, they don’t have good cooking skills, amazing humor, sarcastic jokes, a sexy ass attitude, the best lips in the world and a smile that makes me fall in deeper love with you… Every Time I see you, I get so nervous as stupid as it sounds, I turn into a child with a crush. I love you, and your attitude and everything just everything. Please respond to me, the thought of you leaving and finding someone that’s not me, kills me. It wouldn’t make everything I fucking have worth it, if your not here with me. Please baby respond or at least see me. Love your baby face dill 😔❤️🐷”

I stood there and thought,

Me to Dills ❤️✨: I’ll be home in 10.
Dills ❤️✨: oh thank god. I love you ❤️
Me to Dills ❤️✨: whatever.

I approached the house, grabbing my purse and making sure to keep my guard up. I opened the door and called out for Dillon, I had no response before making it to our bedroom. On the bed stood a big bear, with flowers and a picture of when we went on our first date. Cute if you ask me, I wanted to forgive him in that moment but I needed a little more begging. “Babe..” I heard him step in, “yeah” I sternly said, he walked over to me holding one of my hands in his, “I’m sorry…” He rubbed over it with a finger. I rolled my eyes, “okay.” “Baby, I really am. I get it I get that I’ve been acting like a fucking ass but man I don’t wanna loose you. Your legit everything to me, it would kill me to see you happy with someone that’s not me. I wake up everyday blessed to be next to you, to have the memories I have with you and to go to sleep every fucking night with you. I’m new to this being in love shit and it’s not an excuse why I shouldn’t have asked you but dammit I’m begging literally to give me another shot, I have a lot I wanna make up to you. I wanna spend the rest of my days with you and I’m gonna learn to tell you everything before I do it just please don’t leave.” He pulled me into his arms holding me tight breathing quicker than ever, I took a moment for everything he said to sink in. I pulled back, “Dillon… I” his eyes turned to the side painfully as he let my hand go. “Of course I forgive you, you think you’d loose me that easy? Hell no, I just wanted to teach you a lesson stop being an ass or next time Imma really leave” he turned back smiling brightly as ever before lifting me off the ground and planting a soft gentle kiss on my lips. “ I fucking love you and Imma make up for everything.” “I love you too and you can start making up by putting a movie and having a day to just cuddle me” I laughed “yes ma'am” he laughed placing me down before putting a movie in and lying in bed with me. As stressful as he may make me, it’s worth every tear,sweat, heart ache and headache.

Armed and Awkward

Bucky Barnes X Reader

The reader offers to let Bucky stay at their apartment while he adjusts to the modern world and works through his post HYDRA PTSD. When they find out about his metal arm, they tell him it’s beautiful and makes the whole situation awkward. The reader then shows him their arms covered in tattoos. “People judge me because of my arms too.” (Written as if the reader were Tony Stark’s sister but could also be read as Male!Reader)

(First Bucky fic, been wanting to do something with him for awhile and this came to me one day. Not my GIF. send me requests!)

“Maybe a little bit to the left?” You were staring at a vase of fresh cut roses you’d just brought home that morning. Something about their placement on the kitchen table didn’t feel right. You slid the vase several inches to the left. “No.” You shook your head. “Maybe the right?” However scooting the flowers to the right didn’t seem to improve the feeling either. Maybe, you conceded, it has nothing to do with the flowers.

You pulled out a kitchen chair for yourself and sat down. Steve Rogers was on his way over with his friend Sergeant Barnes. You hadn’t been given all the details but you knew the Sergeant had been brainwashed by HYDRA at some point. He now needed a place to stay where he could adjust to the modern world and work through the mental trauma that HYDRA had so graciously saddled him with.  You immediately offered up your apartment. For one it was a lot quieter than the compound where the Avengers were always coming and going. Secondly you got pretty lonely being at your place all the time alone. It would be nice to have a roommate who understood your chaotic lifestyle. Lastly Steve was cashing in on every favor you and your twin brother, Tony, owed him.

“Ms. Stark, I believe Captain Rogers has arrived.” A disembodied voice explained. It was the voice of your brother’s artificial intelligence program JARVIS. Somedays you wished you never let Tony install the infernal thing, other times it was actually sort of helpful. This day it was the latter.

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Best Friend! Calum Imagine that I thought of when I saw this part of the video. the Gif was made by majorclifford (if you don’t follow her go do it she’s the best.) Pls remember that this is my first imagine to eVER post on here (omg i know) so pls don’t hate I know it’s not amazing. You can find Part 2 HERE!

You had recently found out that your boyfriend, Jake, of a year and a half had been cheating on you, leaving you devastated and heartbroken. Tonight you felt a little unsure of yourself, being in the state you were in, and decided to have your best friend over to keep you company. Calum and you had been laying cuddled up on the couch watching your favorite show for the past 2 hours now, only moving from your position a few times when your phone lit up on the coffee table. It lit up again and you decided to actually check who it was this time instead of just glimpsing at it. Calum moved his arm from around you allowing you to lean forward but as you looked at the name on your phone, your whole body froze. You felt Calum shift next to you, looking over your shoulder at your phone screen. You heard him breathe deeply, knowing very much that Calum dislikes this asshole who ripped your heart in two. He reached around you, taking your phone into his grasp and reading the messages you had from him, but you sat frozen, not having expected to hear from your ex ever again. You felt Calum’s arm slide around your waist, pulling you into his chest as you instantly relaxed.

That was until you looked at your phone and read the messages.

Baby I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for it to happen.

I miss you so much

Please forgive me

I need to see your face one more time baby. Please.

Calum noticed you reading the messages and quickly locked your phone, not letting you read the last message. “Calum what did the last one say?” you ask him, your voice soft and shaky.

You felt his chest rise with his deep breath and you knew he was contemplating on whether he should tell you or not. “Calum?” you ask again, looking up at his face, seeing that he looks a little worried.

“He said.. he said he’s coming to your house.” he was watching you intently to see how you respond, but you didn’t have time to respond. There was a hard knock on your front door and all of the air in your body dispersed. You had no idea what to do. Do you go out there and tell him to leave? Let him in and see what he has to say? You looked at Calum who was now removing himself from you, but you grabbed his arm, not wanting him to get into this. There was another sharp knock on the door and your voice shook as you spoke. “I can get the door Calum.” You said, not sure if you could actually make it there without bursting into tears. You knew Calum could tell you were lying, gently shaking his head and sitting on the coffee table in front of you. “(Y/N), it’s okay. I’ll just tell him to leave. I promise. I’ll be right back.”

You watched his back as he walked away from you, but decided to watch from around the corner and slowly got up and peeked from around the corner as Calum opened the front door. You couldn’t see him but you could hear his low voice and your heart lurched, not knowing how to control the tears that began flowing down your cheeks.

“Where is she? And why are you here?” you heard him spit out, obviously pissed it wasn’t you who answered the door.

“She doesn’t want to see anybody right now.” Calum answered coolly, but you knew he was on edge by the way his jaw twitched. “She’d love to see me, I’m sure of it. Move out of my way.” Jake replied, trying to slide through Calum and the door, but Calum was quick to stick his hand out, blocking him from walking any further into your home. You noticed his hand clenching and unclenching by his side and you began to worry about someone throwing a punch knowing that Calum has been wanting to get a hold of Jake since you told him about what happened, and Jake was known for a bit of a short temper.

“Sorry, Mate, but I believe you’re wrong. The only person she wants right now is me and I’m here, so you’re free to go. Bye now.” Calum lightly led the unwanted from your entry way, you moving forward a little to see out the door better, but as you moved forward you stepped on the edge of the blanket you had around you, falling forward a little and bumping into the wall next to you. Both heads snapped up to the sound and Jake shoved through Cal at the sight of you, walking quickly and grabbing your face in his hands. “Baby-“ he didn’t have time to finish as Calum grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, yanking him out the door and into your yard as you stood stunned by his touch, but quickly back to reality as you rushed out the door. “Calum!” you shouted, but were ignored as he and Jake got into a heated argument.

“Alright, I fucking told you she didn’t wanna see you so you can just get your ass out of here, got it?” Cal was fuming as Jake shoved him, saying you could speak for yourself on who you wanted to see and you knew that if you didn’t get between the two your front lawn was about to become a blood bath.

Rushing from the porch you got between the two and grabbed Calum’s face, making him look at you. You were almost scared by the hate you could see boiling in his eyes, but it all quickly faded as he saw the look on your face. He pulled you into his chest, kissing the top of your head and moving you behind him so you were safe and out of reach from Jake.

“If you ever come back here, your ass is dead. Got it?” Calum threatened, not wanting to say anything that could frighten you even more, but he almost lost it when Jake began laughing, not scared at all of Calum’s threat. “Yeah, okay kid. Nice try.”

At that, Calum lurched forward, throwing his fist straight into Jake’s jaw making him stumble from the unexpected impact. As you went to step in front of Calum, Jake threw a punch intended for Calum’s stomach, but instead hit you in the stomach, knocking the wind out of you as you kneeled down to the ground. Jake stood stunned at what he just did, but Calum was quick to react giving Jake a solid punch to the face, then bending down next to you. “Babe, are you okay?” he asked gently trying to look at your face. You just barely shook your head no, which was all Calum needed. He hooked his arm under your knees and behind your back, Jake forgotten on the ground. He laid you down as soft as humanly possible not wanting to hurt you anymore.

“What can I do babe? How can I help?” he looked at you worried, not knowing what to do to help you since he’s never seen you in this state of physical pain before.

“Lay with me. Please” you whispered, that being all you could get out. He smiled softly at how simple your response was and helped you move so he could lay next to you. You grunted as a pain shot through your stomach from moving to quickly, a single tear rolling down your cheek. Calum looked at you with sadness in his eyes as you gave him a soft smile as if to show him you were okay. He finally laid down next to you and you laid down on top of him, your head on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry that happened.” He said quietly after a few minutes of silence. You gave him a soft “mhm” suddenly becoming tired, which Calum quickly caught on to.

“Go to sleep. I’ll be right here when you wake up Princess.” At that, you shut your eyes, but not before Calum let out a soft “I love you, (Y/N),” as he kissed the top of your head.

 Sucker For Love


(e /c) – eyes color & (h/c) – hair color

He was here, his favorite flannel and black skinny jeans. Michael was literally stressed out, a mess, he asked (Y/N) on a date before he goes on tour and now he was back in town.

Since Michael met (Y/N) at Jack’s (Barakat) Birthday party, he knew he was a sucker for love .. Her (E/C), her (H/C) and her smile, haunted him every night !

-That’s ok Michael, is just (Y/N) .. What am I saying ? It’s fucking (Y/N) !

He knock on her door, and wait for her .. seven white roses in his left hand and an awkward smile on his face. He could hear Neck Deep’s lyrics from the inside of the apartment. (Y/N) always loved pop punk, she goes at Warped tour more than twice and .. she was everything he want !

-Hey ! Mike hello ?

-.. Oh hey .. sorry i-i was thinking

-That’s ok !

Her laugh was the most beautiful sounds he heard in his life !

(Y/N) never wore clothes like dresses .. but it was ok for him, she was beautiful in her (too big) white shirt, her skinny an her Jeffrey Campbell.

Both of them were singing the songs on the radio, like idiots, screaming lyrics on the top of their lungs. She liked Michael’s old Ford Mustang .. he bought the car like two days after she said, she liked black ‘69 Ford Mustang. He was a sucker for love !

He aslo dyed his hair black again 'cause she said he looks a bit like JB. Armstrong like that and he liked it !


-What ?

-I don’t like him and his stupid blond hair !

-Michael he just tried to be polite

-Polite my ass yeah !

Now Michael was hating the waiter, because he smile to (Y/N). He can be a real child, but (Y/N) this side of Michael too !

-At the end he’s gonna give your his number !

-And i’m not gonna call him Michael !

-We’re on a date .. respect that dude !

(Y/N) laugh and starts to eat her food, but Michael, him keeps looking at “the stupid waiter and his stupid blond hair”

-Michael eat, we are here to have a good time !

-Wait, I try ..

-Everything is ok ?

-Was ! Said Michael. Everything was ok, before you came dude !

-Michael ..

-No, it’s true, he smile at you as if you were alone, or a piece of damn meat .. first my friend she is on a date, with me ! And second she’s human not a bloody piece of meat ..

-I’m-i’m ..

-You know what we are fucking leaving ..

(Y/N) said his name in a small voice, but his eyes said everything .. The moment when he dropped $40 on the table, she knew he was upset, they were having a good moment, Michael wasn’t that shy as usual, no he was kind of flirty tonight and she liked it !

He was drumming on the steering wheel and she could see the anger in his eyes.

-Michael ..

-Please, no !

-Ok ..

She didn’t dare to say anything more, no she was sitting next to him, the radio was playing some old songs, they both like .. but none of 'em was singing..

-Ok, maybe it was a bit too much, but this fucker was looking at you like you were meat or i don’t know what .. and I lose my..

-Mike, I’m a big girl you know I don’t need anybody to defend me .. but thank you.

-I think i’ve got pizza leftover and beers at home, it’s ok ?

-Beer and pizza are always ok !

-Cool ..

She put her small hand on his, and he smile at her.


Michael apartment was a bit of a mess, but living with Luke was something ! Guitars on walls, a full collection of CDs and DVDs. A big TV, a couch with some flannels and a calvin klein boxer on it.

-Sorry it’s a bit messy but Cal was here today so i didn’t have the time to clean up ..

Lie ! Michael called Calum in the afternoon so the Kiwi could help him to clean his place with him, and help him to get ready ! The bassist even forgot his wallet on the coffee table.

-Oh Mike you should really check out ROAM !


-Yes, good pop punk and they’re big fan of you guys !

He nodded, and gave her a beer with a straw, another of her strange habit that Michael loves more than everything in the world. Everyone thinks she is weird but to him, she’s cool !

-I’m sorry for the ..

-Michael, let forget it please !

-Ok ..

He was looking at her and he didn’t says anything, no he was just looking at her with passion, just like when he play for thousands and thousands people. But she was different, (Y/N) was his special one !

She was smiling, and watching Oli Sykes on TV, Bring Me The Horizon, was one of her favorite band, so once Michael bought her tickets and they went to the show, he almost kissed her on Can You Feel My Heart, but he didn’t .. no, he only kissed her cheek.

-Eh ..

She turned her head to see him, but he put his lips on her. After all this time he finally kiss her, but she didn’t move .. she was like frozen or dead.

-I’m sorry .. I-I s..

She cut him, and kissed him, her hand on his cheek, she was smiling against his lips and his hands were on her waist. He was living one of his other dreams..

-I’m in love with you .. Like seriously in love !

-That’s ok, I’m too !

They both laughed, and kiss again, and again.

Lost in their own little word, they were kissing on the couch, Michael’s hands moving on her body, and hers in his hairs. They were making out, on Michael and Luke’s couch ..

Luke didn’t expect to find two people on his couch after his video games night with Calum and Ash .. he didn’t expect (Y/N) and his best friend making out here, almost naked in his apartment after their date.

-Huh.. hey .. hi ..

-Luke ?

-Hi, guys !

Michael took the plaid to hide (Y/N) and himself, even if Luke already saw him naked plenty of time, on tour, here, back in AUS. And Luke, he was simply laughing !

-I’m going to my room .. and hi (Y/N) !

-Hey Luke ..

She was laughing, and Luke was red like a tomato ..

-Oh god ! He says

-What a night !

-Yeah but i finally kiss you !

-True !

In the end Michael was a sucker for love ! In love with her !

Ok i think it suck a bit (ok a lot) but yeah ! 

Requests/ Masterlist


Phil Lester -  He meets you for the first time

“She’s nearly here” Dan smiles looking up from his phone to look at his best friend Phil Lester who is sat across from him.

They are currently waiting for you - Dan’s friend -  from back home because Dan hasn’t seen you in a really long time and he also thinks that you would really like Phil.

You notice Dan as you walk up the street, the sun is out so the two boys are sat outside of Starbucks where you agreed to meet them. They don’t notice you at first because they seem to be in deep discussion even though they laugh every now and again, you try to make out what they are saying but you fail miserably 


“You’re going to really like her” Dan smirks squirming in his seat

“What makes you say that?” Phil asks with a laugh

“Although she isn’t my type she is extremely beautiful and you both have the same sense of humor” Dan explains knowingly 

“If you say so” Phil laughs throwing his head back but then something catches his eye making him look over his shoulder, he smile drops and his eyes widen.

Dan watches Phil’s reaction then looks in the direction where Phil is looking making him notice you. Dan stands up and walks over to you pulling you into a tight hug, you look over his shoulder at his friend Phil who you have seen from YouTube videos and you smile at him.

Phil stays completely still for a couple of moments until Dan lets you go but then all of a sudden he jumps up scraping his chair making you wince.

“Hi” he whispers blushing a deep red colour

“Hey” you reply with a smile making him blush an even deeper colour, to cut the awkward feeling in the air you pull him into a hug which shocks him at first but he quickly wraps his arms around you and rests his head on your shoulder.

“You give great hugs” you giggle as you pull away and he blushes again, what is it with him and blushing? you wonder silently 

You look over at Dan who is grinning at the two of you and when he spots you looking over at him he raises his eyebrows suggestively as he looks between the two of you and this time for a change you feel your cheeks heating up.

You had confined in Dan that you liked Phil, of course you liked what you saw from his videos because for all you knew he could be horrible in person but you had told Dan all the same and he had promised he would set up a meeting for the two of you using the excuse that it was a chance for the two of you to meet which was still true because you hadn’t seen each other in such a long time since Dan moved to central London but the main reason behind it was because you like Phil and Dan though you would get along with him really well.

You sit down in between the two boys and you feel Phil’s eyes on you so you can’t help but look over at him and when your eyes meet you both snap your heads away in opposite directions.

“Just going to take a phone call” Dan says and he is clearly lying but neither of you say anything, as he walks past his nudges you with his elbow to silently tell you to talk to Phil so you pick up the courage to finally do it.

“So…” you start awkwardly “Your video’s are really funny” 

“Thank you!” Phil says loudly before sinking into his chair which you can’t help but laugh at and he smiles at you 

“Dan has told me a lot about you” he adds

“Oh really.. don’t believe a word” you wink and his smile continues to grow

“Where have you been hiding all this time?” Phil asks out loud but very quietly, you almost miss is but you just about hear him

“Well Dan moved to Manchester for Uni and stuff and i never saw him which meant we never got to meet” you shrug and when you look at Phil he looks kind of sad

“I’m sorry i took him from you, he told me you used to be close” he sighs 

“Oh no don’t worry about it! I’m glad he is happy and has such a good friendship with you and now we have met up now hopefully we can see each other more… you too” you quickly add in a questioning tone 

“I would like that a lot” Phil grins biting his lip “How about we swap numbers?” he suggests

“Yes lets…” you reply picking up your phone

“You’re adorable, if I’m not being too forward i would like to take you to dinner at some point” he asks not looking into your eyes from being too shy

“You’re not too forward at all, i would love to” you reply and you notice over Phil’s shoulder to see Dan smirking at you like he knows exactly what has just happened.

Phil does end up taking you out on a date and you have so much in common causing your relationship progresses and where ever you go Dan likes to remind people that he set the two of you up.

For The First Time – A Danisnotonfire One Shot (As requested by Anon)

****Author’s note: this imagine takes place where the reader and Dan have been together for a really long time, and are going through a rough patch with fighting and lack of empathy. This is also inspired by the song “For The First Time” by the Script. Please enjoy****

“Fucking hell, (Y/N), can’t we give this a rest?” Dan said, rubbing his temples from exasperation.

“This isn’t something that will just go away by ignoring it,” I shot back, frustration getting the best of me.

Fighting was now a daily routine for Dan and I. Tonight’s topic was money. Quite exhilarating, I know. Passive-aggressiveness used to be our go-to relief, but now it’s gotten to a point where we’ll scream in each other’s faces without any inhibitions. I guess this is what happens when two people have been together for years.

“(Y/N), I don’t know why you’re fucking preaching to me about making an income when I’ve already got a nice flow coming from YouTube, PLUS working BBC Radio with Phil. Won’t you just trust me to support you?”

“No, Dan,” I said, “I’m not going to depend on you and your fucking YouTube job. How the hell can I trust something so temporary?!”

Dan’s eyes ignited in rage. “You wouldn’t have to depend on my ‘temporary job’ if you got up off your lazy ass and looked for one of your own!”

My eyes widened. At that point, it was crystal clear we had both crossed the line. I knew we were both to blame for letting this escalate to such a drastic level, but I couldn’t even think of beginning to apologize. All I knew to do was to leave. I grabbed my jacket and purse off the table, and walked out the door, making a point to slam it behind me.

Stomping down the sidewalk in the brisk air gave me a chance to decompress. The night sky instantly began to calm my nerves. I walked past a few markets all the way to a nearby park, and sat down on a bench. I breathed slowly. In. Out. My heart was still racing, but not at the velocity as before. In. Out. I uncurled my fingers from the fists I had formed. In. Out. I blinked, and felt a single tear run down my face. In. Out.

I started reminiscing on the several months before our downwards spiral, when all we felt was love and compassion towards each other. He would open doors for me, pull out my chair, and even wrap his hand around my waist when we’d walk across the street. Common chivalry felt so special coming from Dan. I’d be eager to listen to him every time he wanted to talk about a new video game or what video ideas he had. Staying up all night, talking about anything and everything, was the norm for us. We’d fuck like animals, and make love with only the deepest passion. But most importantly, we never forgot to say how much we appreciated each other, and expressed our love endlessly.  

My heart felt heavy in my chest. More tears streamed down my face, and I didn’t bother to wipe them away. How could we let this go on for so long? Our love, which had felt warm and welcome before, has now turned cold and spiteful. For a few minutes, I sat there, wallowing in my sadness, but I soon felt pathetic. I remembered Dan’s words. “You wouldn’t have to depend on my ‘temporary’ job if you got up off your lazy ass and looked for one of your own!” I do have a job now. A job to fix me and Dan.

I sprang up from the bench, and started on my way home. I felt excited, scared, and most of all, relieved. Relieved from knowing I finally had an opportunity to dispel this fighting nonsense. I stopped in one of the market places, and grabbed two cheap bottles of wine. At the checkout counter, I saw a cute Pikachu keychain dangling from a display case. I plucked it off the hanger, and pushed it towards the cashier along with the wine. He rang me up, and I quickly picked up my items and rushed out of the store.

When I reached the front door, I took a deep breath. In. Out. Everything could either go perfectly or fail miserably. In. Out. In either case, I’ll know once and for all how strong me and Dan’s relationship really was. In. Out. I clutched the Pikachu keychain, and prayed to God that our love was still alive. In. Out.

I dug my keys out of my purse, and unlocked the door. I opened the door, dropped my keys into the key bowl, and walked up the stairs, step by step. When I reached the top of the stair case, I could see Dan sitting at the dining room table, his back facing me. He was holding a beer with his head hung low. It hurt my heart to see him this way.

I tiptoed towards Dan, trying not to alarm him. I worked my way around the table so I could be directly in front of him, and set the wine down on the table. He picked his head up. His face was red and puffy, which was evidence that he had been crying as well. I looked into his eyes apologetically. I sat down, pushed a bottle of wine across the table to him, and half smiled. “It’s the cheap brand, I didn’t have much cash left in my wallet,” I admitted. He chuckled, sniffling his nose, and smiling back at me softly. “Whadd’ya say we pop a bottle open, have a glass, and play some Legend of Zelda?” I offered lightheartedly.  He smiled even wider, and nodded his head ‘yes’.

20 minutes into playing the game silently, Dan paused the game abruptly. “I’m sorry, (Y/N).” He said abruptly, yet earnestly. I looked at him, feeling guilty and sorrowful. “I’m sorry, too, baby. You’re right; I really should get a job. And your job is so amazing and supportive. I only said what I said because I’m scared and jealous.”

“I was wrong in the way that I said it. I was way too harsh, and I only want you to feel safe and comfortable. I shouldn’t have let it get out of hand. I’m sorry, (Y/N). I’m so sorry.” Dan apologized profusely.

We both had tears in our eyes. I choked on the lump in my throat, barely even able to speak. Instead of saying anything more, I just straddled him and wrapped my arms around him, giving him a bear hug. Feeling his warm body against mine only made me pull him closer. He instantly hugged me back, digging his face into my neck. Holding him felt like coming up for air after being underwater for a super long time.

“I love you so much,” I half-whispered, voice breaking in the process. “I love you so much, too,” Dan said, muffled by my neck. I brought his head out from my neck, and kissed him deeply. I kissed him with the passion and love that had been withheld from this relationship for way too long. He kissed back, with equal effort and feeling. We soon had to pull away to catch a breath. We looked into each other’s eyes, and laughed over our cries. I stroked his cheek, which was wet from tears. I kissed his cheek gently.

“I don’t want to fight anymore,” Dan said quietly, “it’s quite exhausting.” I chuckled, and put my hands in my pockets. I felt something small and fuzzy, and quickly remembered what it was. I fished it out of my pocket. “A peace offering?” I suggested, dangling the Pikachu keychain in front of him. He busted out into laughter, and stared at the keychain in admiration. He grabbed it, and held it to his chest. “God, I love you so much,” he said.

The warmth of our relationship returned in its full capacity. We were stronger than ever at this very moment. And for the first time in a long time, I felt in my heart that everything would be okay. 


Summary: Zelda Ruiz is an 18 year old mexican/american mutant, she can stop and travel through time, when she arrives to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, on her first day she meets Peter Maximoff, the silver haired guy with awesome musical taste who turns out to be her teacher.

Parts: 6/?

Fandom: X-Men | Days of Future Past | Apocalypse.

Love interest: Peter/Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver.

Characters: Peter Maximoff | Anne Marie / Rogue | Bobby Drake / Iceman | Pyro | Cypher |

Warnings: Main character falls in love with Peter Maximoff, her music professor. | 12 year age gap | Swearing | Spanglish | Spanish |

Notes: At first this was going to be a Reader x Peter fanfic but it was really hard for me to do it so I created a main character, but you can imagine it’s you.

The story takes place in 1990.

I am really sorry if my English kinda sucks but it’s not my first language.

Feedback is always welcome.


“Zel! Where have you been?” Anne asks, she’s sitting on the couch, drawing.

“Uh, I, I…”

“You went to Coney Island.” She says, I feel the color leaving my skin.

“How do you know that?”

“Zel, you’re carrying a pink dinosaur, and you smell like sand and cotton candy.”

“Ohh, right, sorry, I’m just a bit tired.” I leave Gunther on my bed and walk to the wardrobe, I take out Peter’s Pink Floyd shirt and a pair of cotton pajama shorts.

“I’m going for a soda with Bobby and John, want to come?”

“Sure, give me a second.”  I get up, grab my hoodie and close the door behind me.

We arrive to the cafeteria, Bobby and John saved us a seat next to the window, I make my way to the table while Anne gets the drinks.

“Zelda.” Bobby says.

“What?” I sit in front of them.

“Why are you wearing Maximoff’s shirt?”

“This is not Maximoff’s shirt…” I begin to say.

“It’s his favorite shirt, everyone knows that, he says it brings him good luck or something.”

“Zel, have you been secretly hooking up with him?” John asks.

No I haven’t been hooking up with Maximoff, but damn, I wish I had.

“Why would I be hooking up with Maximoff John, it makes no fucking sense.” I grunt.

“Then, why are you wearing his shirt?”

“this shirt is Doug’s “ I blurt the fist name that pops into my mind.

They are still laughing when Anne arrives with the drinks.

“Whoa guys, what did I miss?” Says Anne as she sits next to Bobby.

“Zelda says she’s wearing Doug’s shirt, I say it’s bullshit, that shirt is Maximoff’s.” Bobby says.

“Of course is Doug’s…”

“Maximoff? There’s no fucking way that shirt is Maximoff’s.”

“Thanks Anne, finally someone is speaking with logic.”

“But, I don’t think that shirt is Doug’s either, I believe you are having a secret affair with someone, you went to Coney Island today and I’m 100% sure you weren’t on your own, you suck at fair games and you were carrying a pink dinosaur.” She smirks.

“I-I was with Doug, for real.”

“Look, there he is.” John points at the door, Doug is standing there, searching for a table, wearing blue pajama bottoms and a white shirt. “Why don’t we ask him?”

“Don’t you dare Lighter.”

“I want to know too Zel.” Anne laughs.

“DOUG! OVER HERE!” Bobby waves at him and he makes his way to our table.

“Hey guys!” I stand up, giving him an awkward hug. “Um, hey Zel:”

“Doug, we’re so happy you are here, we wanted to ask you a question.” John chuckles.

“Um, yeah, it’s okay.” Doug is the kind of person that “Um's” a lot.

“You see that shirt Zelda is wearing?” Bobby points, Doug nods. “Is that shirt yours?”

Fuck shit fuck shit fuck shit crap.

“Yeah, of course it’s his shirt, right honey?” I say, resting my head in his shoulder.

“Is it Zel?” He shooks his head.

“Yeah, totally, you gave it to me after we slept together last night.” Bobby and John open their eyes in surprise.

“Oh, right babe.”  Doug holds my hand, I look at him. “I’m going to kill you.” He whispers.

“No shit, since when have you been dating guys?” Bobby asks.

“Um, we’ve been dating for about 4 hours.” Doug nods.

“You got to third base before being his boyfriend, Doug, you’re officially life goals.” Johny says, he lets out a grunt after I kick him.

“And when were you going to tell us, it’s not fair Zel, we share a room and you never told me you liked Doug.”

“We were waiting to make it official, he asked me to be his girlfriend today at Luna Park.”

“Yeah, I took her to the Cyclone, and we had Ice Cream.”

“Well, congratulations lovebirds, I’m amazed but you guys make a cute couple.” Anne greets us.

The rest of the night passes in a blur, we move from the cafeteria to one of the common rooms, the one that happens to be next to Peter’s room, and I’m stuck with Doug, we share one couch, I sit on his lap while we talk, Bobby, Anne and John go to sleep an hour later, I try to go but Doug grabs my hand.

“Zelda, would you please explain me why did you tell everyone I was your boyfriend?” Doug asks, he seems mad, I don’t blame him.

“If I tell you, promise me you won’t tell anyone, not Anne, and specially not Bobby or John.” I beg.

“I won’t but you better have a good reason because I’m about to kill you right now.”

“It’s Maximoff.” I sigh, “We’ve been hanging around since that day at music class, when we sang The Cure’s Lullaby.”

“Wait wait wait, you’re telling me that you’ve been sneaking all around New York with Maximoff? The rumors were true then.”

“Yeah, I mean, we’re good friends, but if Xavier finds out, he’ll kill me, he already lectured me about boundaries between professors and students.”

“Zel, you know my mutation allows me to read body language and to understand the truth within every sentence you speak?”

“Doug, you tell me that everytime we talk.”

“You are in love with him, madly in love with him.”

“I know, but he’s like a shit ton of years older than me, and that would never work.” I sit back on the couch and bury my face in a pillow.

“Zel, I’ll help you, you’re one of my best friends and if you’re in love with Speedy Gonzales, I’m going to help you.” I start laughing.

“Thanks Doug, you’re the best, please don’t kill me.” I say, hugging him.

Peter’s POV.

When Wanda was six, I took her to her first day at school, I stayed there, while she waved me goodbye before entering the classroom and way after the doors were closed, in that moment, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach, and I realized how much I loved Wanda, I mean, I obviously love her because she’s my little sister but I was 16 and I didn’t really worry about any other things than stealing video games and records, but I realized how much it would hurt me if something happend to her, I wasn’t going to let anybody hurt my little girl, I owed that to my mom, my dad was a dick, but that didn’t mean I was one too.

Charles, Hank and Logan appeared in my front door a week after, we broke into the Pentagon and released Magneto, according to Logan, we had changed the future, saving the mutants from the Sentinel program that Bolivar Trask was desinging, they thaught me I could use my powers for the greater good, but it wasn’t until 1983 when I decided to do something about it, I joined Raven, Jean, Scott, Kurt, Hank and Charles to defeat Apocalypse and his horsemen, we became the X-Men’s second generation alongside with Ororo.

Two years later, I told Magneto he was my father, he was shocked at first, and he became distant, shortly after, I learnt I had another sister, Lorna, and Magneto had no other choice than to work in our relationship, we’ve improved since then, and I get to see the girls pretty often, but I never felt like I belonged.

I mean, Xavier’s was great, everyone was pretty understanding and supportive, but I always felt like an outcast, partly because of Magneto being my dad, but I always longed for someone who liked the same things I liked, someone who enjoyed music, comic books, videogames, someone I could talk to about my problems, about concerts, the girl I wanted to introduce to my girl, the kind of girl who would play with Wanda and her Barbies because she wanted to, but that person never arrived and I eventually got used to the loneliness.

Lorna and my mom set me up for blind dates but it wasn’t okay, I believe they didn’t get the concept of having chemistry with someone.

I tried college and I dropped it on the third semester, it was just too boring, why did we have to study about the color symbolism in every damn Shakespeare play if threats like Apocalypse were wandering freely all around the Universe? Somehow my dad convinced Charles I’d be a good teacher, so he offered me to teach music, and I’ve been teaching here for 3 years, and my mom was glad I had a steady job.

And then Zelda arrived.

With her sharp questions, sarcastic comments, her blue hair and her hazel eyes, filled with curiosity,  and her smile is enough to light up even the darkest of my days.

On Friday’s, after binge watching horror movies, she’d fall asleep in my arms, while whe listened to The Smiths, Radiohead or whatever she wanted, she had taken the control over my record player.

That night, afterI left Zelda in her room, I felt the kind of pain you feel when you miss someone, I take two hours to convince myself that I need to make a move before I screw everything up, and I make up a plan.

When I open the doors of my room, I hear her voice in the common room, my heart beats faster as I speed up to find her, she’s sitting in some guy’s lap, with her head resting on his shoulder, I recognize him, Doug, he’s in her class and has his arms wrapped around her shoulders, giving her small kisses on the top of her head, and the sharp pain I felt when I took Wanda to school on her first day, comes back.

I speed back to my room, taking out a backpack from underneath the bed, I begin to fill it with random clothes

I wait, as the voices fade away in the hallways, I lock my room and walk to the front door, I close it behind me, and start running, it takes me a while.

I don’t want to think, but I can’t help it either.

She’s fucking 18 Peter, she’s not into you, don’t you see? You were his toy all the time, she was just playing with your feelings.

I try to keep running, but focusing on the road is difficult when tears are blocking your sight.

I finally give up, somehow I arrived to a park, and throw myself into the grass, sobbing.

It’s the first time I ever cried because of a girl, and it sucks, because I love her.

Till the End of Time: 12 Days of Christmas, Day 2 - You got a little something there.

Second Person - Words 1.8k


You’d only just placed Adie down to bed. She’d spent most of the evening awake and both you and Harry had hoped that since she had she’d sleep most of the night now. Making sure that your phone was hooked up to the monitors in the room you made your way downstairs, your bare feet quiet against the warm timber.

The second I stepped foot into the kitchen the aroma of fresh baked cookies flooded my senses. The house was warm so it didn’t surprise you when you walked into the kitchen to see Harry in just a pair of sweatpants with his hair tied up in a bun.

Leaning against the frame of the entry way you watch as he starts to add more flour into the large bowl. He had a concentrated look on his face, his eyebrows furrowed slightly as he looks down at the cook book. It was a recipe he knew of by heart and something that he had already cooked four times today but he wanted to get them perfect.

Every single batch of cookies he made were a different shape with different icing patterns. It was Adie’s first Christmas and even though our two month old wouldn’t be eating the sugary treats he wanted to make it perfect for her even though the actual day was still two weeks away.

“We should get some sleep.” Your voice is quiet but you still manage to startle him.

After he recovered from the initial fright that you had given him as his eyes flicked up to yours with a sigh. “Maybe you could help and I’d have it done quicker.”

Shaking your head you walk towards him slowly. Once you reached him you leaned into him your hand softly following the hemline of his sweatpants and tickling at the warm skin of his back. He straightened up and slipped his hand around your waist as he pulled you into his side.

“Is there any reason why you’re doing this for her? She isn’t going to remember.” He let out a deep sigh and looked down at the mess of flour and eggs he made on the previously clean marble table top.

The bright green of his eyes meets yours as he looks down at you. “We’ll remember it. The first Christmas of our very first child and I feel sought of bad that your parents aren’t going to be there so I want to make it up to you and make it perfect for you as well.”

You didn’t deserve this man. Every day no matter the occasion, even if it was just a normal day he always managed to surprise you with how much he loved you and what he’ll do for you. Now he was showing that love for your daughter as well.

A bigger smile covered his face as you cupped his cheeks and pulled him down to you. His lips started to move slowly against yours, keeping it sensual and relaxed because it was what you needed after a day with a screaming baby.

“What do you want me to do?” You watched as his eyes sparkled with mischief.

You squealed quietly when he suddenly tightened his grip around your waist and hoisted you up onto the dirty kitchen counter. You eyed him as his hands roamed over your thighs. He loved seeing you like this, dressed casually and relaxed after putting your gorgeous child down and resting in his arms.

“Stay,” With one word he raised his finger and mockingly pointed it at you as he made his way back to the bowl. “Watch your gorgeous husband and baby daddy, make you some cookies.”

Letting out a nervous chuckle you watched him pick up his whisk. “You really do need sleep don’t you?”

Sleep was probably I good idea for the both of you but you stayed like he had requested and watched as his muscles flexed with every mix he made. You were craving the chocolate batter that he was mixing and any second that he looked away your finger was secretly dipping into the bowl.

Once he had finished mixing he placed the spooned out cookies onto a tray and placed it into the freezer to bake tomorrow since you had finally convinced him to come to bed with you. Your eyes were fixated on the muscles of his back as he lifted the tray, your mouth slowly sucking the last remnants of the chocolate from your finger.

Even after pregnancy your hormones were all over the place. It wasn’t something he complained about though, he was happy despite it never going past a make out session.

“You know,” His deep voice begun as he came back to stand beside you. You couldn’t see what he was doing but you could tell he was fiddling with something on his other side. “Santa’s going to put you on the naughty list now. Don’t eat my batter.”

The second those words come out of his mouth you knew he was going to do something. You held up your hand to him eyeing him suspiciously as he turned to you with something held in his hands. “Don’t you dare,”

He smirked at you and stepped closer to you. You tried to slide back on the counter but his hand was quick to shot out and grab your knee to prevent you from moving. “I’m not going to do anything because I’m nice and I’m just going to point out that you have a little something there.”

Your mouth dropped as flour was rubbed into your cheek while Harry was stood in front of you trying to hold back his laughter. You shook your head at him indiscreetly sliding your hand to the side to collect your own excess flour. He wouldn’t get away easy.

“That was naughty Harold and do you know what naughty boys don’t get,” Your hand was full now and your eyes were still locked with his that were quickly growing lustful. Slowly so he didn’t expect what you were about to do you bought your hand to his face again like you were going to kiss him. “They don’t get kisses.”

You didn’t even try to hold back the laughter as his eyes narrowed at you with a layer of flour down the side of his cheek. He shook his head and grabbed the tea towel from behind him. “I’m sorry,” he begun with a fake pout, lifting the towel to wipe your face, “Can I have a kiss now, I’ll be nice.”

Pulling the towel from his hand once you felt that your face was finally clean, you moved it to wipe his. “Nope you’re getting coal in your stocking and no kisses.”

“Well Mrs Styles, like you said I’m naughty boy and I’m just not going to obey the rules.” You didn’t have time to even finish wiping his face before his lips were back on yours.

You laughed against his lips welcoming his arms as they wrapped around your waist and pulled you into him, your legs wrapping themselves around his waist as he stepped in between them. He deepened the kiss when he felt the closer connection to you his lips quickening there pace before he slips his tongue into your mouth.

It was only a short but deep kiss as my phone suddenly started to go off behind us as well as his in his pocket. The second you hear the beeping noise you pull back from your husbands lips to see your screen lit up with the video of your crying daughter, her arms jutting out in frustration.

Looking back up to Harry you see him looking down at your phone as well. His hands squeeze your legs before he meets your eyes again. “Do you want me to go and get her or clean up?” His eyes were soft now whatever fun experience you were just having forgotten as your little one called to you.

Perfect husband. Naughty or nice. “You go get her and I’ll clean.”

With a smooth shake of his head he places you back onto your feet. You grab the sponge thinking that he’s walked away but only seconds later do you feel his hand connect with your bum sharply. Your mouth dropped again as you saw him run from the room. “Still going to be naughty.” His voice carried behind him as he quickly made his way up the stairs and away from you.

Shaking your head at your husband you finish wiping up the flour that covers your counter. It didn’t take you long since Harry had already washed all the pots that he had dirtied so it was only the counter you had to clean. Grabbing your phone you make your way up the stairs while switching off all the lights.

As you slowly make your ways up the stairs you walk past Adie’s room and see that she isn’t in there anymore but you can hear Harry’s voice in your bedroom at the end of the hall. Again you found yourself leaning against the doorway as your eyes concentrate back on your husband now with your daughter held against his chest.

“You’ve been a good girl. You’ve only been here for two months but you sleep most of the time so that’s good.” You smiled at his words and walked into stand behind him.

“Daddy’s naughty though, we’re supposed to be weaning you into sleeping into your own room.” Your voice was sarcastic as you looked up to the two most important people in your life.

Harry placed Adie down into the bassinet that was positioned close to you side of the bed completely ignoring what you had just said. Once a sleeping Adie was now comfortably wrapped up Harry turned back to you his arms gently wrapping around you waist in a way of asking for forgiveness.

“You got a little something there.” He had already removed everything he had rubbed over your face so you were confused by his words. “Don’t worry, I’ll get it.”

He was kissing you again as he gently lifted you back onto the bed. What a fibber. You still allowed him to kiss you though. It was again only a quick one but you enjoyed everyone he gave you. When you were both comfortable under the sheets of your bed, you run a hand through his long hair.

Adie would be awake in a couple of hours for a feed so you just cuddled yourself further into him savouring in the warmth he provided as you used the valuable quiet time you had to catch up on the sleep you needed.

Alright, I’m going to try this. Apparently it’s a week of thanking artists and showing them your appreciation so I’ll try and thank some very cool artists (graphics makers/editors included)! Thanks to the very lovely edwarddelrics for having me in their post ヾ(´▽`)

- - -

In no particular order:

suzuyajuzoo for your side blogs dedication how do you manage, consistent graphics when episodes and chapters come out, on point color game, and all around very cool person to talk to – especially about Juuzou ^^

preciousghoul for always putting out a bunch of edits of different varieties (from magazine type edits to twitchy gifs) and always up to chat no matter the topic when shall we elope ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

riley-annette for your vintage/editorial styled sims edits that make me go “wtf you can do that in the sims??” you also have really cute digital art and I look forward to you trying out new things with your edits also #1 bae

vetur02 for your very cool art work that has me going “how??” every time. I really like your rough textured style and your tokyo ghoul fanart brings me back to life from the dead

yanderechild for your distinguishable colorful style that contrasts with the dark tone of your art *whispers* aesthetic. Your little gif animations are a great touch and bless your ayahina fanart

risarodil for your amazing and fun lettering and typography work. You are a great inspiration for getting more into type design and I hope you have a ton of more success with your work!

kahmurio for being one of the first artists I followed on Tumblr and I have never regretted it. You have such pretty art, especially with your lighting and blend-yet-rough style (can’t think of a better word haha)

ghostbri for your minimalistic and textured style art. Your style is so cool and every piece you churn out is amazing and very polished, it’s like something out of an animated film -admires you from afar-

shouty-y for your tokyo ghoul fanart that ranges from snapchats to sidecuts and from funny to serious. Your art is always such a pleasure to see on my dash and I look forward to more!

raiidens for your rad moving manga graphics. You have such a great variety and I always enjoy seeing what kind of technique you will be using next you also have great taste in video games cough

kaneki-e for your amazing manga graphics and your use of textures and colors. It’s very cool to see you pick up new stuff quickly with AE and you are a chill person to talk to. I can’t wait to see more of your AE adventures, especially when you get your new PC ^^

- - -

Okay I really suck with writing stuff my vocabulary only consists of “amazing” and “cool” so I’m really sorry if my words to you guys seem short. I’m pretty sure I left out some people accidentally but everyone who creates and/or supports creativity has all my love :)