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so for the longest time I’ve enjoyed the way ngozi has given smh significant numbers for their jerseys. like how we all love that holster and ransom are 4-11 respectively because they quite literally give us the 411 on hockey shit in bitty’s first year.

but I only JUST noticed that shitty’s number is 42, which for all you non hitchiker fans out there, is the answer to the question “what is the meaning of life?”

this could either refer to the fact that shitty is a little existential (though he’s no johnson), and likes to answer questions about the world in a way smh giggles through with good-hearted amusement. or it could refer to the fact that shitty is one of jack’s few real friends, and certainly one of his first ones at samwell. he was responsible for getting jack a little more out of his shell, aggressively befriending him and making his life worthwhile again. so alternatively, the meaning of life is shitty - is friendship.

never knew home had a scent (until I stole your sweater)

aka First time moving in together




Cassian x Reader

Words: 2549

Series Summary: Cassian and Reader Firsts – from meeting each other to the first time, first kiss, first fight, first “I love you”, to their (first) last breaths (maybe…that might be too depressing)

Time Cassian and Reader have known each other: 1 year

Chapter: 8/20

Prompt: Anonymous- “firsts” for cassian x reader please?!? (like first date, first kiss, first fight etc) :-))

Author’s notes: I am sorry this is so late! I got home from work and had to finish editing to make sure it was perfect. So yes. Here you go. Also I LOVE MENS CLOTHING IT’S SO COMFY AND BIG AND WONDERFUL ESPECIALLY WHEN IT SMELLS LIKE THEM. Hope you enjoy!

You and Cassian were best friends again. Well best friends who were secretly in love with each other, but best friends nevertheless. Your lives were back to normal. It had been a few months since your fall out and you were stronger than ever.

Everything was going relatively well between the two of you until Kay decided to blow up part of the base, by accident he claimed.

It all began with a sweater. Cassian’s sweater to be exact.

A tiny explosion on base (which was totally Kay’s fault) caused everyone to be thrown out of their respective rooms at three in the morning.

Everyone arrived in the hangar in various states of undress.

Many were wearing robes, some were actually dressed, and a few were in just boxers.

You shuffled out of your room wearing one of Cassian’s sweaters you had “confiscated” a few months ago. It was big on you and hung down below your knees. You had the sleeves rolled numerous times yet they were still long enough to fall over your hands.

“…Is that my sweater?” You heard a soft voice behind you.

Lazily looking down at your outfit you chuckled, “That it is.”

You turned around to face Cassian, “Are those my slippers?”

“Yes. Can I ask why you’re wearing it?”

You tilted your head confused at his statement, “What?”

“The sweater. My sweater. Why are you wearing it?”

You definitely blame your sleepy brain for your next response, “It makes me feel safe.”

After a beat of silence and a slight quirk of Cassian’s mouth, you realized what you had said. Stumbling over your words you frantically spit out, “Nope I didn’t say that. Ignore that.”

Cassian smile took up his whole face. He looked you up and down before his eyes widened, “Wait.  Isn’t that the sweater I was looking for months ago?”


“Y/N!” Cassian exclaimed, “I asked you for weeks what happened to it! I can’t believe you had it all this time. Have you taken anything else I’ve been looking for?!”

You scoffed, lightly blushing, “What no of course not why would I ever do that….?”

Lies. You always wore his clothes. His shirts to bed. His pants during cold days. His sweatshirts. You loved his shirts and sweaters the best. They smelled like him. They made you feel safe. You loved being able to cuddle up at night tucked in something that reminded you of him. You loved falling asleep surrounded by his scent. Especially if you were feeling particularly down or sad, his scent would wrap you in a cocoon of safety until you relaxed.

Before Cassian could comment at your clearly ridiculous response you heard your name screamed.

“Y/N! Cassian! Did you hear me? You’re rooming together. Alright everyone get to bed you have jobs to do in the morning.”

You looked at Cassian in confusion, “Wait rooming together?”

It turns out that the explosion, the one Kay had definitely caused, had knocked out the heat and power in half the rooms on base. Thus General Draven had to assign everybody rooms to double up on.

And who did you end up with? Cassian. Because of course you did. 

You weren’t as freaked as you thought you were going to be. You and Cassian had practically shared each other’s rooms for the past year, just not officially. Both of your closets were filled with each other’s clothes. Your books were on his nightstand. His mission reports were on your desk. You would have to run to his room early in the morning when you realized you had left something there. And Cassian would come knocking late at night asking for something as he left on a mission.

As you straightened up your room making space for Cassian, your heart was beating out of your chest. You laid on the bed your brain racing. You weren’t sure if this was going to end well, but you really didn’t have a choice in the matter. Would you be able to live with Cassian feeling the way you were feeling? Cassian and you still hadn’t had that dreaded conversation about your kiss all those months ago. You had both been putting it off for obvious reasons.

You didn’t want to fuck up your friendship.

Breaking you out of your thoughts, Cassian came stumbling through the door. He was lugging only one bag.

“I think the rest of my stuff is already here?”

You smiled pointing toward the closet.  

To say Cassian was ecstatic to be moving into your room was an understatement. He had been waiting for a moment like this. He had been sitting on his feelings for so long he was ready to do something about them. He just didn’t know how. But now that he was here in your room, a room that was the closest thing to home he had ever known. He knew he was ready. Moving into your room had given him the chance he needed to tell you how he really felt.

The second he entered your room he felt a sweeping warmth of love. You lay, still wearing his shirt, curled up on your bed. The second your eyes met his, your face lit up into the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. Dropping his bag, he quickly joined you on the bed, snuggling into your covers and breathing in your scent.

“So you clearly always wear my clothes to bed.” Cassian said. Your eyes were closed, but you could just hear the smirk on his face. 

You propped yourself up on one arm and rolled over to face him. “What would make you think that?”

“Oh I don’t know. Maybe it’s my rebel spy skills. Maybe I’m a genius. Or maybe it’s because there’s a huge pile of my clothes in your laundry bin. So you’re going to wear my sweater tonight?”

“Yes. Problem?”

“Nope. No problem. Good night Y/N.” Cassian said reaching out to brush your hair back from your face.

You smiled leaning into his hand, “Goodnight Cassian.”

Living with Cassian was easy. You complimented each other perfectly. You showered at night. He would shower in the morning. He would leave the book he was reading open on the table. And you would make sure to mark his page so he wouldn’t lose his place. You would fall asleep at your desk working late at night on mission reports. And Cassian would make sure to carry and tuck you into bed.

You thought it would be weird. But it wasn’t. You were fine with sharing a bed, because you had done it so frequently over the past year.

There was the tiny problem that you were head over heels in love with him. But you set a rule for yourself to curb that issue.

That rule prohibited you from cuddling with him.

However, clearly your subconscious had different ideas. You made sure not to act on your feelings when you were awake, but somehow you subconscious thought that was stupid.

Every morning you would wake up tangled with Cassian. Sometimes on top of him. Sometimes facing him. Sometimes facing away from him with his arm over your waist. And it was the best sleep you ever had. Nothing was better than having someone you loved sleeping next to you.

Because of this you would try to move yourself as far away from possible from Cassian. But it seemed the further you moved away, the closer you would end up to him.

Cassian noticed the day after he moved in that you had stopped wearing his clothes. He tried to get you to wear something, but you would ignore him. He would even purposefully leave out a shirt that you could wear, but you never touched it. As the days passed you still refused to wear anything of his.

He could tell you missed wearing them.

However, he didn’t plan on saying anything until one night he came home late to find you sleeping restlessly in bed. You tossed and turned and pulled at your shirt.

So the next night when he came home, he handed you one of his shirts and got into bed.

However, instead of putting it on, you dropped it and climbed into bed right next to him.

You decided that fighting yourself wasn’t the right thing to do. So you gave in.

You turned to face him and snuggled into his side, breathing him in.

His arm fell around your body and pulled you in closer.

He slowly stroked your back and you were asleep within a few minutes.

You had something better than Cassian’s clothes. You had Cassian himself.

You would wake up every morning before him. You would lie there just staring at him for a few seconds before having to forcefully drag yourself away from his body. Sometimes if you were brave enough you would run your hand across his face or through his hair. However, you always gave him a kiss on the forehead before you quickly scurried out of the room.

Little did you know that Cassian was awake every morning. The second you left he would open his eyes and smile.

Though rooming together was perfect, along with all the wonderful memories came the more… unusual ones.

Cassian and you quickly made a pact to never tell anybody what crazy things happened in your room.

Unusual occurrence #1:

You had a strange habit of going out of your way to do things.

So when you approached the problem of getting something off the top of the shelf in your bedroom you didn’t do it the normal way. 

You decided to do something you had only ever done once in your life.

After stomping over to the training room, you entered the air vent on the far side. A short climb later and the vent dropped you off right into your room, above your shelf.

Hanging halfway out of the vent to grab what you needed from the top of your shelf, you flinched when the door to your room opened.

You slipped slightly, “Fuck.”

You heard a sigh, “I thought we were done with air vents Y/N. Didn’t you learn your lesson last time you got stuck?”

“Bite me.” You growled, grabbing what you needed and climbing back into the vent.

You swore you heard Cassian mumbling, “gladly”, but you had to have been mistaken.

Unusual Occurrence #2:

You usually weren’t in your room during the day. You typically had a shit ton of work to do around the base either in the intelligence center or the hangar.

But somehow you had found yourself going back to your room in the middle of the afternoon.

You were exhausted. You hadn’t slept well last night. You were worried General Draven was keeping something important from you. So you decided to pack up early and go back to your room for a mid afternoon nap.

However, when you opened the door you froze.


There was Cassian. Sitting cross-legged on the ground, playing a guitar and singing to a group of happily beeping droids.

His head shot up and he abruptly stopped playing. The droids beeped angrily and rolled toward you aggressively pushing you out of the door.

“Um….I guess I’ll come back later?”

Unusual occurrence #3:

Cassian was proud to say that he had never been truly surprised by anything you had done. And you had done a lot of weird shit.

That all ended the day he walked in on you dressed in a poofy sleeved princess wedding dress looking positively miserable.

Your arms were crossed and you were scowling at the woman who was flittering around you like an excited chicken.

“Beautiful!” The woman exclaimed in a thick accent. She pulled your arms down, but you quickly crossed them again, “No!” She scolded.

You pouted and the woman turned around, catching sight of Cassian standing frozen in the door, “Husband?”

Cassian saw you freeze and then slowly turn to face him. Your face was devoid of color and your mouth wide open.

“Yes?” Cassian asked, just as you screamed, “No!”

The woman tsked, “I see. I shall leave you.” And then she was gone.

Cassian opened his mouth, but you beat him to it.

“Don’t say a fucking word.”

Cassian nodded and then backed slowly out of the room.

Unusual occurrence #4:

After walking in on Cassian singing to a group of droids you didn’t think it could get any weirder than that.

You were wrong.

Nothing beat the night you came home to find Cassian sitting on the floor wearing one of your shirts. Though that wasn’t even the weirdest part. Kay was blow drying his hair.

The shirt was so tight on him you didn’t know how he could even move.

Before you could even ask, Cassian cut you off.

“All my shirts are wet?” He said shrugging confidently.

“But why is Kay blow drying your hair?”

Cassian looked guilty, “I may have exploded the washing machine?”

Kay began shooing you out the door by blasting you with blow dryer, “But wait! That doesn’t explain why Kay is blowing drying your hair?”

A few weeks later the base was back to normal and everyone began moving back to their own rooms.

Everyone but Cassian, that is. 

Cassian was nervous. He didn’t want to leave. He wanted to continue living with you. So he decided that he would just act like he didn’t know he was supposed to move back. He still hadn’t made a move so he had to stay.

A day passed. Cassian was still there. A week passed. He was still there.

It was weeks later.

Everybody had already moved back into their rooms, but Cassian was still in yours.

He didn’t seem to be going anywhere.

And you didn’t care.

A week later you walked into the room to see Cassian standing next to two packed bags.

“You- um… you don’t have to leave. “ You said.

Cassian smiled, “I know.”

Your brows furrowed glancing down at his bags.

“I’m going on a mission. I’ll be back next week.”

“Oh. Right. I’ll see you soon?”

He nodded and you stepped forward pulling him into a hug. He buried his face in your hair, holding onto you tight.

And then he was gone.

The next few days were torture. Sleeping without Cassian for the first time in weeks was horrible. You had gotten so used to his warmth that your bed felt cold and empty without him.

Even wearing his shirts wasn’t working. 

However, you didn’t have long to deal with it, because a few days later Draven called you in for a new mission.

A big mission.

An undercover mission.

Five months?!” You exclaimed staring at Draven in disbelief.

Draven nodded, “You have two hours and then you’re gone.”

You left the room in shock. A five-month mission. And Cassian wasn’t even on base. You couldn’t say goodbye. You wouldn’t see him for five months. Five months.

You thought back to your last moment with him. His arms tight around you. Your face buried into his chest. You held onto that moment as you packed up your ship and headed off on your mission, your chest tight with anticipation and longing.

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Next up: how can I live without you (when it makes me feel as if I lost a part of myself) aka First time separated for 5 months


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Do you think kagami is a sexist writer (referring to seraph of the end)?

Hi anon! sorry for the late answer, college happens ;_; 

Okey so, uhm, yeah. I think he is a sexist writer. But… I thought everyone was aware of that??? ONS has idk 4, 5 years? we’ve all noticed this at some point. In the LN’s, for example, Sayuri was almost raped, even though it was said that she was pretty strong, and yeah yeah the hiragi mens are stronger, whatever like… was that necesary for the plot?

I also read somewhere that Mito was okey with Guren doing that to her?? or something (i haven’t read all the novels so i’m not sure about this information) wtf dudes, wtf.

the manga is more evident, of course: all the guys being stronger than womens, always rescuing them even if again it was point out that they were suposed to be stronger since, you know, had more years of training?? and I think we all agree that Krul losing against Ferid has zero reasons Oh, and of course, all the girls have to be in love with the protagonist. Why!? i would never understand this, Yuu and Guren are not that likeable. And yeah, it’s a shounen, and it’s supposed to be for men, but that doesn’t justify it. 

If you are talking about sexism in the last chapter, well, I first thought that both (men and women) were supossed to had sex/desire to awaken the power of their demons, I thought it was something logical, since are demons, but then I discover that it was just for girls, like: 


It just has zero sense. Again

Maybe, the reason for me to not be angry, is that I know how kagami write her female characters: in the worst posible way. And by this time, everyone should know it. I dropped ons some time ago and just for curiosity entered to the tag and found all of this.


Although, it made me kinda curious that when Sayuri (and Mito, it seems) went through the same thing, not so many people argue about it? like, i do saw a post with very few notes and nothing more, and when is about Shinoa may or not may sleeping with Yuu (let’s pray for this to not happen, my baby Shinoa deserve better) all the fandom explodes

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Prompt where Lyanna and Elia raise their three children together because Rhaegar has disappeared and he shows up again during a Stark/Martell family reunion to find both his ex-lovers are together?

(hi anon for the part where I’m filling old prompts that y’all thought I forgot: have fun)

It’s probably very cliché that it starts when they literally crash into each other at the supermarket.

Or better: Elia’s cart crashes against Lyanna’s while she’s distracted because her eldest daughter is running off towards the sweets counter, and Lyanna is just glad she had her own kid on her back and not in the front.

“Sorry,” Elia tells her, “you know how it is with -” she says, and then she never finishes the sentence.

Lyanna imagines why - finding yourself in front of the woman your ex-husband had a fling with, who caused your split and who also has a kid from that same ex who has also conveniently vanished into thin air before he was born is probably not what Elia had in mind for today.

“Er,” Lyanna says, “no problem. I know.”

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lately I keep feeling like college isn’t for me. like for the past 10 years I dreamt of doing pre med and was set on it for the longest time but after one year of college idk. I thought it would be different but I’m more miserable in it than I was in hs. I took a wide variety of classes to see if maybe i just didn’t like what I was pursuing but I felt the same thing. i just feel so outta place and my dad works his ass off to put me here I feel like such an ungrateful bitch. my mom tells me how much she wished she would’ve went and my friends just tell me I dislike it because I’m lazy. idk what to do. im so unhappy.

Rookie || Yoon Jeonghan

Anon requested: Hii, first, I LOVE your blog so much. You’re my absolute favorite. Also, I was wondering if I could request a scenario where you’re a new rookie idol and you really like Yoon Jeonghan and he actually likes you too? Thank you so much in advance. <3 

Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 811
A/N: Can I just say how sorry I am for how late this is omg like its been sitting in my inbox for at least a month so I hope this is what you wanted!

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Oikawa Tooru and Iwaizumi Hajime. Friends since childhood, lovers since high school. They’ve always been by each other’s side, even now, when they’re both in college. They’d both agreed that it’d be easier to room with each other, but rooming with the flambouyant Oikawa meant signing a contract that - somewhere, maybe it was in the terms and conditions - meant that Iwaizumi had agreed to little to no sleep at all.

Oikawa Tooru [ 10:58PM ]: Iwa-chan, are you awake?

Oikawa Tooru [ 10:59PM ]: I can hear your sheets moving but i dont know if that’s because you’re moving in your sleep or because you’re awake.

Oikawa Tooru [ 10:59PM ]: Well, anyways, i was thinking about something.

Iwaizumi Hajime [ 11:00PM ]: i swear to God, Shittykawa. I have an in-class assessment tomorrow.

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:00PM ]: I had a brilliant idea for my writing class and i want to tell you.

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:01PM ]: oh. Sorry.

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:01PM ]: Good night, Iwa-Chan

Iwaizumi Hajime [ 11:02PM ]: if i wasn’t so tired, i’d go to the bathroom and puke. Don’t send me love hearts.

Iwaizumi Hajime [ 11:02PM ]: Good night, Oikawa.

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:02PM ]:

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:03PM ]:

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:03PM ]: i can hear you laughing, Iwa-chan. The screen divider isn’t sound proof :’)

Iwaizumi Hajime [ 11:03PM ]: Shut up, Shittykawa.

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:03PM ]: you were the one who was trying to muffle their laughs!

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:04PM ]: So mean, Iwa-chan.

Iwaizumi Hajime [ 11:04PM ]: so annoying, Oikawa-chan.

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:05PM ]: Good night, Iwa-chan

Oikawa Tooru [ 11:05PM ]: May the aliens look over you and protect you

“Oikawa, don’t you even message me. I saw the light of your phone.”

“Okay, fine, I won’t message you.”



“I need to sleep, ‘Kawa.”

“What happens to love? What even is love? And what happens to it-”

“Oikawa, please.”

“-after you stop loving someone? If Rose and Jack stop loving eachother, what would happen to their love for one another? I think love is like… water. It’s always the same. Evaporation doesn’t change the water - the water is just in a different form. So, does that mean that love changes after you… fall out of love?”

“Look here, shittykawa. You’re going to be quiet and let me sleep, for both my sake and yours. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to ruin that pretty face of yours, would you?”

“So, you admit that my face is pret- Iwa-chan, don’t throw your book at me! The pages will be damaged!”

“Good night, Oikawa.”

“What about your book-”

“Good night.”


“Good night.”

Oikawa Tooru [12:00AM]: Morning, Iwa chan!

“You little shit, let me sleep!”

“You weren’t asleep yet?”

“No, because you’re humming of ‘My Heart Will Go On’ is annoying.”

“Annoyingly beautiful? On pitch?”

“Annoying. Fullstop.”

“Hey, Iwa-chan, do you think the aliens get lonely?”

“Oikawa, for the love of each and every god in existence, you’re a 21 year old man in college, not a 7 year old.”

“I’m just asking, sheesh.”

“Good night.”

“But do they? Are there different races of aliens?”

“Oikawa, I will strangle you if you ask another question about aliens without changing your course to an astronomy one.”

“So mean, Iwa-chan.”

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:47AM ]: isn’t It weird how 12AM comes before 11AM??

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:47AM ]: so time goes 12-11AM

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:27AM ]: and then 12-11PM

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:28AM ]: why doesn’t it go 1-12AM and then 1-12PM?

Oiakwa Tooru [ 12:29AM ]: who ever designed the concept of time is stupid

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:29AM1 ]: Iwa-chan I’m having a life crisis right now

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:37AM ]: I tried to search it up but it seems like the concept of time was changed over the years

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:37AM ]: so i don’t know who actually created the concept of time

Iwaizumi Tooru [ 12:38AM ]: I can and will not hesitate to block your number

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:38AM ]: That won’t stop me from talking to you :P

Oikawa Tooru [ 12:40AM ]: Iwa-chan?

“Are you awake, Iwa-chan?”

“…what’s that smell?”

“Mac and cheese!”

“Oikawa, what the hell? It’s almost 3 in the morning and you’re having mac and cheese?”

“Do you want some, Iwa-chan?”

“No. Let me sleep.”

“Okay, Iwa-chan.”

“Night, ‘Kawa.”

“Don’t you mean… 'Kawaii?”

“Shut up, Shittykawa.”

“You aren’t you when you’re hungry. Want some mac and-”

“Shut up, will you?”

“So mean, Iwa-chan…”

Oikawa Tooru [ 3:59AM ]: I slept for almost one hour. It’s a miracle.

Oikawa Tooru [ 3:59AM ]: Mac and Cheese?

Oikawa Tooru [ 4:00AM ]: more like snack and miracle

Oikawa Tooru [ 4:00AM ]: okay sorry Iwa-chan.

Oikawa Tooru [ 4:09AM ]: I was thinking

Oikawa Tooru [ 4:09AM ]: I know I can be annoying

Oikawa Tooru [ 4:09AM ]: and a pain in the ass and I just wanna say sorry

Oikawa Tooru [ 4:10AM ]: for a lot of things.

“…you okay there, 'Kawa?”


“Don’t you think it’s a bit late to apologize, Shittykawa? After all these years?”

“mm… sorry, Iwa-chan.”

“I’m just kidding. Hey, are you crying? ”

“N-No! Why would you suggest that?”

“…Are you sure you’re okay, Oikawa?”




“You know I love you, right?”


“No matter how annoying you are.”

“I know.”

“Okay. Get some sleep, then.”

“Good night, Iwa-chan.”

“Good night, Oikawa.”

Oikawa Tooru [ 4:12AM ]: I love you too, Iwa-chan

A Sign From The Universe ( Alexander x Reader )


Summary: Alexander meets (Y/N) at the top of the college’s bell tower as she has intentions of committing suicide.

au: Modern college

Warnings: Mention of- self harming, suicide, depression

Word count: 735 ( IM SO SORRY IT’S SO SHORT )

a/n: Day 3 of @hamwriters Write-A-Thon which is to pick a book plot and get inspired! I chose to loosely loosely base this fic on All The Bright Places. ( sorry this came out a bit late )


You stood at the top of the bell tower. Depression was hitting you hard. It had you crying yourself to sleep every night and leaving cuts on your arms frequently. You could end this all. Right? You had nothing to live for. Nothing to lose. The best person in your life, your older sister Mia recently passed away from cancer. She was your rock. She helped you through your years of deep sadness. She helped you be 4 months clean. But she was taken away from you. Just like that. Your parents had always hated you. They always told you to be more like Mia, because Mia was their only perfect child.

A gust of wind hit you, causing your hair to sway in the wind and the droplets of tears clinging to your face to fly away. There was nothing but a low metal fence surrounding the bell tower. You could easily jump off. What was holding you back? This felt like the solution. You climbed over the metal fence, you were on the other side. One little step and your done. You started to breath shakily. What. Was. Stopping. You. Maybe there was something that was going to come your way. To stop you.

You just wanted someone to just hug you. Lie by your side on those sleepless nights. It wasn’t that much to ask for. Just someone to comfort you when you’re sad. To tell you that they’re there. You lost that. You lost Mia.

“What are you doing!” You heard a strange yet familiar voice call from behind you.

You didn’t respond.

“Please don’t do what you’re thinking of doing.” The boy said again.

You turned your head to see who it was. A boy with long dark hair wearing a green hoodie. It was Alexander. You were in some of his classes but you never spoke to him. He on the other hand, was always making the most noise in class, shouting at a boy named Thomas.

“(Y/N)?” Alexander whispered. “I-Is. Is that you?”

You turned your head back to face the sky. Still reluctant to reply. How did he even know your name? A larger gust wind hit you. Almost blowing you off the edge.

“G-Get down from there. I don’t want you to do this to yourself. I know what you’re experiencing.”

“What? You’re experiencing the death of your sister! The only person that helped you with your depression? Do you have parents that both hate you and wished it was you that died and not their other child!” You shouted back, emphasising on the right words.

“No. My father left my mom and I when I was very young. And my mom passed away a few years ago.” His voice cracked.

“I’m sorry.” You signed.

“It’s. It’s okay. Really.”

“Why are you here?” You asked. Maybe in a harsher tone than you intended.

“I saw you from down there.”

“No one asked you to come here. You should have left me to jump.” You paused. “I don’t need someone watching me as I die.”

“Please (Y/N). Stop being so harsh. I’m trying to help you.”

“Well no one asked for your help!” You snapped back at him.

“I was in the exact same position you’re in right now when my mom died.” He told you. “I had nothing else to live for. I wanted to be with my mom. She was sweet, she was the only one that believed in me.” He rambled.

“What made you go on.” You asked. Still facing the sky.

“I knew that she wouldn’t want me to kill myself. She would want me to continue with my life. Do something good in life”

You tucked your hair behind your ears and looked down.

“Make your sister proud (Y/N)”

You realised that it was not worth the jump. You knew that Mia was looking at you. Wanting you to make her proud. So you slowly climbed back over the fence. You ran over to Alexander, falling into his arms, crying loudly this time.

“Sssh. I’ll be here for you okay?” He whispered gently as he pushed the little strands of your hair off of your face. Alexander’s grip around you grew tighter.

“Promise?” You asked


Alexander was your sign from the universe, your sign from Mia, telling you not to jump off. Alexander was always there for you.

Prompt #4

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I absolutely adore your writing! The imagines are always so sweet. I was wondering if you could do prompt number four. Maybe an abused reader (self harm if you’ll do it too) who truly believes that statement and Newt tries to make it better, and make them feel loved and wanted? Sorry if it is too, much. Thank you bunches!

4.) “There’s no love left for me.”

♦ Thank you!!! I actually don’t write self harm. Sorry, hun! I hope you don’t mind what I wrote though! ❤

Sadness was no stranger to you. Growing up you often felt left out and alone. Once starting your school years at Hogwarts, you met Newt Scamander, someone also like you. He too struggled to fit in and together you two formed an unbreakable friendship. 

You were currently traveling together as he wrote his book. It was late and you were inside his case cleaning up in the tiny hut. Newt was out doing his final rounds with the creatures before heading off to bed. 

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On a scale of 1-10, how much are the boys fuckboys?

Randy— 7, had a major fuckboy phase that spanned late seventh to the end of freshman year smh.

Bob— 9, the worst kind of fuckboy- the kind that literally doesn’t care.

Curly— 8, he’ll even cheat. He can’t help it, but Curly fuckboy isn’t as despicable as fuckboy Bob.

Steve— 8, chicks man.

Johnny— 2, he’s not a fuckboy bc he’s SYMPATHETIC

Darry— 5, football player in high school 🤷🏼‍♀️

Dally— 9, worst species of fuckboi.

Ponyboner— 4, I wish he was, so, “Ponerboner” would be correct.

Two-Bit— 7, if you wanna he’s more than likely down ;);)

Soda— 8, I’m sorry but he’s a fuckboy.

Tim— 7, he’s a fuckboy but he’s not all that careless.

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do you have some anime recommendations? :)

Hey! Sorry I received this like 4 days ago but I only just finished my finals so i’m answering now hurhur. Actually I’m not sure why you’re asking me because I only got into anime late last year, but here are some that I have watched and loved!!

1. Hybrid Child

Do you want to cry your eyeballs out? Are you a sucker for suffering? Do you want to know how much emotion you can invest into just 4 episodes? Then this is the anime for you. Brilliant art, MUSIC, and plot. I literally created an account on myanimelist just to leave a review for this. It’s that good.

2. Boku Dake ga Inai Machi

A friend recommended this to me by chance. Was hooked from the first episode, binged it in one afternoon. Crunchyroll’s most heartwarming scene award should have gone to this anime but it was robbed by yuri on ice ep 7. Has one of my fav opening themes as well.

3. Akatsuki no Yona

While Yona’s flip-flopping personality is a little annoying, I have yet to see an anime that properly develops so many characters so well. I’m attached to all of them. Also, music is fantastic. Incorporates traditional instruments like the koto and erhu to stay true to the time period. 

4. Gintama

Listen. You haven’t watched anime if you haven’t watched Gintama. Characters breaking the 4th wall to criticise the show’s lack of budget, surprisingly well-written dialogue despite the show being one massive shitpost/meme, over-the-top cesspit-level humour. It’s all here folks. 

That’s all I have to recommend for now, but these are really worth your time i promise!! 

Wanted Ch.4

Sorry for posting kinda late. @assbuttwithwings @roxy-davenport @pastelbronagh @cozyjaws

A/N: If you’ll like to be tagged just ask. Feedback is welcomed. 
Pervious Parts

Year 2002

John and a fifteen year old Mikayla sit in a small diner in Dunsmuir California eating breakfast drinking coffee. The waitress comes around refilling Johns mug.

 “I’ve never seen a teenage girl drink coffee and read the newspaper with her old man.” 

“Oh he’s not that old.” Mikayla teases getting a chuckle outta John. They sit there eating silently looking at the newspaper. “Found something.” Mikayla says sitting up tossing the paper to her dad. “Three people went missing in a week. All the victims are female and all seem to be a member of the local church possible case we should check it out.” He reads the news article as Mikayla finishes eating her pancakes doing research on her laptop. The waitress comes back getting the empty plates.

“Can I get you folks anything else?”

“How bout a slice of that apple pie.” Mikayla smiles and John looks her with furrowed brows.


“Ain’t it a bit early for pie?” 

“It’s never early for pie dad.” She smirks when the plate of pie is placed in front of her. She takes a bite and sits back happily chewing on the crumble pie. After a moment John chuckles to himself. “What’s so funny?” She ask. “Oh nothing, just you remind me of someone who also loves pie as much.” Mikayla shrugs her shoulders at this continues eating the slice. On their way to the motel they stop seeing a bunch of cop cars outside the church.

“Stay in the truck.” John orders pointing a warning finger at her. She raises her hands in defense shrugging her shoulders. Once he steps out the truck she slouches down in the seat putting her boots on the dashboard flicking the rubber band on her wrist something she does when she’s impatient. She sighs blowing her hair out her face looking lazily to her left and spots a strange man standing on the outside of the church on the far side away from the cops. Mikayla squints seeing he has blood on him. She quickly grabs the keys, locking the truck doors getting out. She ducks avoiding being seen by her father. Once he steps in the church Mikayla darts out from the bush she’s hiding behind and makes her way to the side of the church. She takes the knife she keeps in her left boot and grips it tight to her side.

She looks around the corner seeing the man enter the back of the church. “I don’t think that’s a good idea dude.” She murmurs to herself. She runs to the doors and stops not seeing him in the hallway. She opens the door on the side of the hallway to find it empty. She continues her search through the other doors. As she enters the second to last room and finds the dead victim from the crime scene. She steps over the police tape line and walks over the body. Not wanting to touch the body she she moves the girls head with the tip of her boot.

“Just what I thought, vamp.” She says examining her neck. As she’s about the leave the room she hears the sound of boots coming from the hallway. She hides behind the open door and waits for the person coming closer. When she sees the figures shadow she jumps out ready to slice and dice but they grab her wrist fast stopping her. She looks up to see it was her dad. “Didn’t I tell you to stay in the truck!” He scolds. “Yyyesss, but I saw a vamp walk in here so I took the chance in investigating.”

“How you know it was a vamp?”

“Cause there was blood all over him. He was standing on the other side of the church out of sight. The guy seemed scared I’m guessing he’s the one that killed the girl.”

“Alright well lets get outta here, you are staying out of this you’re not a hunter.” He grabs the collar of her jacket dragging her out the church. 

“I do all the research and stuff for you and uncle Bobby so close enough. I just don’t hunt cause you both won’t let me me.”

“Maybe because we don’t want you dead.”

“Dad I can protect myself, I almost had you back there.”

“Yeah, almost.” He says starting the truck up.

Mikayla sighs leaning back on the seat with arms crossed leaning her head on the window. The rest of the day they go around asking questions about the church and victims. Later on at night John is in restaurant picking up food inside since it was pouring out and just wanted to bring the food back to the motel. Mikayla is playing the air drums rocking out to the music in truck. She finishes her drum solo opening her eyes seeing a black figure in the distance from the restaurant. She leans over and turns the windshield wipers on and squinted seeing the same man from the church earlier.

She gasp thinking about going after him but she decides not to piss her dad off again so she leans over and flashes the head lights in the restaurant. It takes a moment for John to notice and he quickly gives the cashier the money grabbing the food running back to the truck. 

“What is it?” 

“Its the vamp I saw him over there he disappeared in the woods and it looked like he was in a hurry!” She rambles. John reverses outta the restaurant and in the direction Mikayla gives him. They drive with the headlights off to be unseen. After a few minutes they spot a barn in the distance.

 “Alright stay here I’m going in.”

“Are you crazy there can be a whole nest in there!”

“Mikayla I’ve got this.”

“Dad I can help.”

“No, you can’t. Your staying in truck and I mean it Mikayla.”


“No buts! Now don’t argue with me.” He raises he voice.

“Now pass me my knife in the glove compartment.” He asks. She gets it out and hands it to him and he suddenly handcuffs her to the steering wheel.

“Dad what the hell!”

“You’re not going anywhere. Stay in the truck! Now if I’m not back in ten you know what to do.”

“Go straight to Bobby’s.”

“Atta girl.” He nods closing the door. She sits there leaning against the bench seat of the truck and grunts out loud leaning her head on the steering wheel. She sits for ten minutes getting anxious he wasn’t back yet. “Come on dad where are you?” She whispers checking the time on her watch. She scratches her head stoping when she realizes she’s wearing a Bobby pin. She takes it out and after a minute she’s free. She quietly gets out the truck going to the back opening the case with his weapons grabbing a machete. She grips it tight holding it eye level walking to the side of the barn. It was quiet too quiet.

 She’s suddenly grabbed from behind across the chest the person covering her mouth to block screaming.

Mikayla braces herself and flips the guy forward over her knocking him down. She maybe small 5’4, but she was strong. John and Bobby had her take self defense classes and other material arts classes to be prepared for anything. He goes to get up but once he’s on his knees Mikayla swings the machete at his head slicing it off.

She continues her search about to turn a corner when she hears footsteps coming closer she stiffens immediately ducking behind one of the wheel barrels of hay. The footsteps get quiet and stop. She stands up which is a bad idea because she’s suddenly punched in the face by the man she saw a the church. She stumbles back and he charges at her tackling her down. He is way bigger then her so she gets the wind knocked out her when he takes her down. He inches his face close to her his fangs out ready to bite.

“I’m so hungry.” He growls. Mikayla gets him off guard when she punches him in the nose hard with her knuckles. He growls picking her head up and slamming it down hard. Her vision becomes blurry for moment. Her legs were somewhat free as he hovers over her. She raises her knee high hitting him in the sweet spot.

She chuckles at this flipping over to her stomach to grab the machete. Right when she did he gets ahold of her ankle dragging her to him she flips herself quickly but he knocks the knife out her hand and grabs it himself. Mikayla gets up quickly, he swings the knife side to side at her as she backs up. The last one he gets her good on her right bicep. She gasp immediately grabbing it. She takes her hand away seeing the blood. The man stands there staring at her in hunger. He charges at her again this time Mikayla manages to slip by him and he trips falling on the knife stabbing himself.

Mikayla runs to him quickly flipping him over taking it out his stomach and chops his head fast, it hit the wall and bounces off her. She streaks a little throwing it off. She gets up and sighs wiping the sweat and blood off her forehead. “Sorry tubby I’m not your dinner tonight.” She takes of her plaid shirt tying it around her bicep for pressure to stop the bleeding leaving her wearing her bloody white tank top. She suddenly hears laughter and snaps her head up seeing it was coming from the second floor from inside the barn. She steps quietly in hiding behind the stacks of hay. 

She looks around seeing dead vamps on floor through out the first floor of the barn. 

She hears her dads voice coming from upstairs this time. Mikayla steps over the dead bodies and heads to  to the ladder. She puts the machete on the loop of her jeans and climbs up slowly trying not to make noise. When she reaches the top she spots her dad tied against one of the post. In front of him was a blonde women in a leather jacket and black jeans. Mikayla figures she was the packs leader. “John Winchester, you think you can just get away with just trolling in here without a plan and just take down my pack by yourself. Don’t think so.” Mikayla walks closely behind her holding the machete up. John sees Mikayla, you can he was clearly pissed but still glad to see her.

“You’re not going anyway Winchester!” She spats at him. John just smiles at the vamp.

“What makes you think I won’t get outta here.” He says to her.

“Cause you were stupid enough to come to the nest alone.”

“Think again blood sucking bitch!” Mikayla says as the blonde turns around and gasp as Mikayla swings slicing her head off swiftly. Her body falls to the floor as her head rolls off to the first floor. John looks at Mikayla’s appearance looking like a true hunter with blood all over her holding the machete up high and a face with so much confidence. John knows she was natural. “I told you to stay in the truck.” He scolds at her. So much for a happy father daughter moment. She cuts the ropes from behind the post setting her dad free. “Your welcome.” She scolds backed walking away leaving John there. 

“Hey don’t you walk away from me young lady!” He yells. Mikayla ignores him jumping down to the first floor of the barn going back to the truck. The ride to the motel is quiet. When they make it there she just grabs the food and goes in the room and they eat quietly to themselves. John doesn’t say anything he knows giving Mikayla space was the way to let her calm down. She’s stubborn just like him. She stands by the mirror looking herself, blood all over her clothes and face.


“Come here, let me see your arm.” John says as he sits on the bed with the first aid kit. She doesn’t say thing she just plops down next to him. He unites her shirt from her arm and frowns at her wound. “How it happen?” 

“Vamp came at me with the machete when he knocked it out my hands.” 

“Pretty deep definitely gonna leave a scar.” He passes her a clean wash cloth to bite down on.

“This ain’t gon’ feel good.” He says holding the bottle of whiskey and her arm ready to pour. She places the cloth in her mouth and braces herself. John pours it on her arm as Mikayla curses are muffled. She exhales and spit the towel out as he was done. “Now you know how I feel when you patch me up.” She stays quiet as he stitches her up only noise she’ll make was a hiss from the needle going in sensitive areas.

“You know I’m proud of you today.” He says suddenly as he was finishing. Mikayla looks at him with a raised eyebrow not sure if those words really just came out his mouth. “You are?”

“Of course I am you were a true hunter today. You didn’t show fear once full confidence. You took out two vamps and their pack leader without breaking a nail.”

“Well I kinda did.” She chuckles lifting her hand up. 

“Alright go wash up careful with the stitches.”


The next morning after leaving the motel Mikayla goes back to sleep in the truck with one of Johns jackets over her face blocking the early morning sun. When she wakes up she stretches hitting her knuckle on the window. “Ouch!” John chuckles shaking his head. 

“How long I been out?”

“Four hours.”


“Didn’t get much sleep I presume.”

“Nope too much adrenaline from last night.” She smiles and looks around and is immediately confused seeing they were at a school. More like a college.

“Why are at… Stanford University?” 

“Just wanted to check something out.” Mikayla looks around trying to think on what he wanted to check out. 

“Why don’t you go get us some coffee and stuff.” He says handing her some cash.

“Yes sir.” She salutes and hops out the truck and makes her way across the street to one of the school cafés. She stands in line waiting humming to herself patiently.

When she gets her order she struggles to balance both coffee cups and the bag of donuts. Not paying attention to where she was going she trips bumping into someone and dropping the donut bag but someone catches it just in time before it can hit the floor. “Got it” she hears. She looks up to see a very tall boy definitely over 6 foot with a brown bowl cut that curves out the ends. A real cute smile and hazel eyes. “Sorry I’m such a klutz I should’ve been paying attention.” 

“Its no problem, names Sam.” He introduces handing her the bag. 

“Mikayla.” Sam looks at her with confusion.

“Have we met before?”

“Uh I- I don think so I don’t even go to school here.”

“Oh okay sorry you just.. you seem familiar like I know you from somewhere.” He confesses.

“No problem. My dad and I are just passing through town.”

“Thats a pretty gash you got there.” He says pointing to her arm.

“Oh yeah I got that uh from tripping and the wood fence got me good.” She nervously laughs.
John on the other hand was looking right out window watching his two kids talk to each other after many years. Brother and sister can’t even recognize each other. He smiles at this and was glad he came down to check up on Sam. Sam introduces Mikayla to Jessica his girlfriend and says their goodbyes. Mikayla climbs into the truck sees her dad grinning to himself. “What?” She ask her mouth full with the donut.


Daddy’s little angel

twistedjasmine said:

Fluffy little cute stuff with Dean and your and his 4 year old daughter? Maybe like him taking her to her ballet classes and her falling on his chest, etc. Please and Thank you

@twistedjasmine sorry it is late. I made it a residual instead of classes and added a little uncle Sam in the mix. Hope you like it :) 


“Will daddy be there?” Your daughter asked for the eight time as you desperately looked through your purse trying to find your car keys.

“Daddy is working. I know he will try his best to make it home,” you answered without looking back still with your head buried in your purse trying to hold back the swearwords. Where did you put those damn keys.

“But I want him to see me dance tonight,” you immidately turned around. Those keys would have to wait. You looked at your daughter who looked back at you with her dads green eyes. She was holding back her tears but you could tell she sad by the tone in her voice. She was trying to be strong for you like she always was but you dropped to your knees those keys would have to wait. “Sweetie. Daddy is doing his best to make it. There is nowhere he would rather be. I will film it if he doesn’t make it I promise. We’ll watch it together when he and Uncle Sammy get home.”

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hurricane pt 4 (sebstan)


connections are formed again. but is it too late?

warnings: fluff, time skips, bad writing

pairing: seb stan x reader

word count: 2.1K

a/n: here’s the end; i’m sorry if this isn’t what you wanted but man, i lost inspiration for this one a while ago tbh. didn’t want to leave you guys hanging though. 

Originally posted by little--batman

pt 1  | pt 2 | pt 3 | end


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Hi @melsisalady22! I am so sorry that this is so late (the computer I am using has been messing up these past few days)- but here are your gifts for the @descendantssecretsanta! The first is a BenxMal (Bal) aesthetic, and the second is a non-spoiler quote from the novel ‘Return to the Isle of the Lost’ [Melissa De La Cruz]. I really hope you like the presents, and I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, and have a brilliant new year!

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Hi!! Do you have some advice on organizing time and putting effort into multiple classes? I'm taking six classes and I find it difficult to dedicate time to each class even though I find each class individually interesting :/ I'm struggling with my harder classes (Chem/Econ/Bio), but if I didn't have to worry about other classes, I think I would be doing better (and I'd probably love studying them more). How would you go about this? Thank you <3

hey! so sorry for the late response! if you don’t already know I’ve been sicko this week. anyways, hopefully this answer gets to you and helps you.

I understand this problem 100%, since I delt with this 2 years ago when I had to manage 3 classes on top of 4 very big ones, every class-day leaving at 7am and getting home at 6pm.

That was my worst year of high school because of that. I didn’t know how to study and manage my time like I know now, and my teachers didn’t help at all.

The most important parts for me are to (1) plan, (2) prioritize, (3) study smarter and (4) quit procrastinating.

         1. Plan

I have a separate post on how to do a study schedule, so click on the link BUT basically write a list of everything you want to do and spread it on a time period. be very realistic. If you don’t know how, set 3 tasks per day at first, and work your way up if possible.

Get a planner/calendar with all your deadlines are visible and you don’t forget anything. Feel in control.

          2. Prioritize

It’s inevitable. You only have 24 hours in a day. You have to make your mind focus.

e.g.  if you have 3 hours to study in a day and chem is really urgent, start with that, for an hour. so now you have bio and econ homework to do but also have to revise for a physics quiz. The physics is the least urgent one, but the most difficult. So you spend an hour on physics and 30 mins for each of the bio and econ homework.

Basically you play with the time periods of your study schedule, depending on what is the most difficult class at the moment and what is most urgent.

This works every time, even if you have only 1 hour, divide in 40, 20, 10 mins chunks. Every. Minute. Counts.

For number (3) Study smarter and (4) quit procrastinating, I have separate posts on those, so click on the links.

If you’re coming from them and want more info, basically what you have to do is try to make the time that you actually spend studying worth 10x what it is worth now.

Make it super efficient, get your study techniques down, focus, really concentrate and get down to it. If you don’t know what is the best study technique for you, I highly recommend the one I described in this ask.

NOW!!!!, I left the best one for last, so if you take only one thing out of this, this. should. be. it. >>>>>>>start early. Always and every time. Especially if you have a ton of classes.

Imagine that you want to revise 14 hours for a test for bio. But you can’t afford to study 14 hours in revision week because you also have to study for chem and econ and physics and etc in the same week….. impossible.

If you start revising 3 weeks or 2 weeks instead of 1 week earlier, you can afford to study those 14 hours. 14 hours of revision in 3 weeks is around 35 mins per day. In 2 weeks is 1 hour per day.

Instead of doing 14 hours in 1 week, spread it in a bigger frame of time, you’ll be less stressed because you know for sure you’ll be able to fit your revision. And actually studying 30/60 mins every day for 3/2 weeks is better for your memory.

You’ll be able to study more every single day, because you’ll only need to study 30/60 mins for each class.

If this all sounds confusing, it’s honestly because you haven’t applied it yet. Once you start getting into the hang of discipline and productivity, listen, your life will get a 180º degrees turn.

Everything I mentioned so far made my study life so much efficient, I will try to explain it as many times as I have to, some parts are about change of mindset so hopefully you understood most of it.


If you are doing your best, you are doing enough. Classes are tough, multiple classes are tougher. You can take amazing grades, you also can retake if you need to.

Don’t forget to talk to your favorite teachers and tell them what’s on your mind. A teacher should know what their students can handle, be able to give tips, and at the very least prioritize the information they have to know.

(thnk u for reading, why do my answers always get so long???? ok goodbye now <3 <3 <3)

BTS: Jungkook fluff/angst


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