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[id-ee-uh t]


1. Informal. An utterly foolish or senseless person


2. Informal. Arthur Kirkland’s unique way of expressing conformation. See the word: yes.

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“Artie, baby! It’s been too long!”

It had only been a few days since she’d seen Arthur, but Mrs. Jones liked to make a fuss. 

To Alfred, however, it had been long. What with exams coming up, Arthur did what he usually did- spent wasted hours squinting down at the words in his textbooks, locked away from any human interaction in his bedroom. The only explanation Alfred would receive was that an omega had to work harder to get into college. He supposed that was true, but it was hard to say that Arthur was even studying in the first place. 

He never really did like human interaction, and lately, he’d been conjuring excuses left and right for the sole purpose of not hanging out with Alfred. It was likely that the whole studying thing could’ve just been a complicated ruse, an excuse, something not a total surprise coming from the crafty little omega. 

Alfred rolled his eyes as his mother scooped Arthur up into her arms, peppering his face with wet kisses. “You’ve got to come sleep over soon. Alfred’s fussy, he’s always complaining about how cold the bed is without you!”

“Is that so?”

Arthur was smirking at him now, and it shouldn’t have bothered him. But considering the circumstances-

Alfred’s red-faced response was through gritted teeth, “Mom-” 

His mother, like every mother of a semi-attractive, popular alpha, was rather embarrassing. Not to the extent that the embarrassing-ness would only appear in the occasional campfire story, but rather more so. Her embarrassing-ness was something of a usual thing, more open to the public. 

She always chose the worst times, whether it was laughing at wine-mom memes at a funeral, or, in their case now, sharing a bit too much information in the midst of people that would’ve been better off without it. 

To take as an example, Alfred’s girlfriend. 

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Missed Call // Jin

Drabble game request: Jin + “Come over here and make me.” + Roommate AU | for anon(s)

Word count: 2,300 words (idk how it got this long, I’m sorry)

Character: Seokjin x reader

Warning: Extremely cheesy. Prepare yourself to cringe. Please put away small objects within range ( just in case you feel like throwing something at me and hit your computer screen instead)

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I Should Hate You But For Some Reason I Can't

AN- For princess-of-purgatory-and-bass….I hope you enjoy it:)

 (If you dont like it, or it’s not what you wanted, just let me know and I’ll rewrite it)

((( I decided to do this one so you didn’t have to wait until I finished all the stormy nights imagines….and Im really sorry for the slow updates, between the technical issues and my family having me run around, I haven’t had much time today.)) 

 Do it for him. You thought as you watched the amount on the computer go up….and up and up. You felt your heart slowly breaking as the numbers began to slow to a number too high. Do it for him.


Your hands shook lightly as you dug into your bag and slowly took out the money. There goes my paycheck.

“Thank you for shopping at Jet. Please come again soon,” the cashier said boredly as she handed me my change along with my receipt. You smiled weakly as you accepted the coins and your receipt, dropping them in your purse and lifting all the bags into your arms.

Rushing, you made your way back home, where you dropped the bags onto the floor. You sighed in content as the heavy weight was removed from your arms and onto the floor instead. Before you got lazy, you began unpacking, throwing the plastic bags away and tucking the groceries neatly into a large box.

“There’s five left…” 

You gnawed on the inside of your lip as you decided to deal with it later. Taping the box closed, you pushed it into the broom closet with huff. 


Your eyes widened as Tim’s voice rang out and you scarmbled to meet him.

“Happy birthday!” You exclaimed as you tackled the unsuspecting boy into a bear hug. You heard him say something that sounded like, “Itsh nut muh buthduy.”

“What?” He pushed you away as sucked in a breath before talking, “Its not my birthday. Not yet anyways. Not until tonight.”

You rolled your eyes, “Tim, the whole day is your birthday.”

“Well, not necessarily. See-”

“Tim, the whole day is your birthday…and you know what happens on your birthday? You get presents!” You squealed as you pulled him into the living room and pushed him down on the couch before running to you room and getting the small blue box. Just as fast, you returned to a seated Tim and practically threw the present at him.

With an uncertain look, he pulled the bow loose and lifted the lid. “Oh, thanks Y/N…what is it?”

“Its makeup…you know…to cover the bruises and scratches.”


“Tim, you’re not supposed to like it. No one ever like birthday gifts they dont want.”

“Oh, good. I was afraid you’d get upset.”

You giggled before gently taking the box away from him and grabbing his hands to oull him up. “Ok, so I wanted to wait until after dinner, but Im probably more excited than you are. Come on!”

You pulled him to the closet you had deserted only minuets before. With a grin you pushed him close to the door and stood back. He looked at the door for a second before looking at you. 

“You painted the door?” He asked, feigning excitement.

“No, you dork, look inside.”

He opened the door and spotted the large box. He pointed to it and you nodded before he dragged it out in one swift movement. He peeled back the tape almost as quickly and you realized, that deep down, he was just as excited as you were.

“Coffe beans?” He question as he held up a bag.

“Starbucks Meduim Rost Whole Bean coffee beans.”

“Really?!” He asked elatedly. You nodded, “42 bags.”

He stared at the bag in his hands for a second before suddenly standing and pulling you into a tight hug. You felt him smile into your neck as you laughed.

“Y/N, I love you. No one’s given me a present like this in years.” You pulled away slightly, “Not true. Damian and I picked out a gift on behalf of your family.”

“Another gift?” You smiled and nodded your head towards the shelf in the closet. He grinned at you before pulling away and reaching for the red box on the shelf.



“Y/N, you let Damian pick this,” Tim said as he held up a white build-a-bear dressed as Red Robin, but in the colors of Robin.

“Press his paw.”

When he did, Damian’s voice sounded from the bear, listing the reasons why Tim wasnt so terrible.

“I feel like I should hate you, but for some reason I cant.”

OUTSIDERS date with the gang:

ok so this was requested a lil while ago. and I’m sorry it took so long to do but yay! here it is. sorry If it’s lame : p


•picks you up at your house
•he takes you to see (ohh wait for it!!!!)
•. A M O V I E
•opened EVERY door of EVERY place you go too
•"Uh, Pony. This is the women’s bathroom. I can open the stall door myself ya know.“
•is super worried that your not having a good time
•"are u sure u don’t want a coke?” He asks for the 1000000x
•he stares at you when u talk and begins to blush.
•he wants to hold your hand but is afraid to ask
•u both relate deeply on home life issues . and it’s so cool and sweet because it draws you to each other and it feels magical to understand and relate and AHHH!
•he melts when u kiss him on the cheek good night.


•is stuttering and hesitant ing with every other thing he says
•apologizes profusely if he bumps your hand
•he’s soooo nervous •and it’s sooo cute •you and him go to the lot and look up at the stars
•"so beautiful….uh, the stars.“
•he’s so scared to tell u he likes you
•you hug awkwardly and part ways.
•he blushes. you blush. EVERYBODY BLUSHES! XD


•you go for a walk in the lonesome night
•you can’t take your eyes off each other
•your cuddling as you walk and it’s adorable
•"your eyes are so glorious.”
•he’s really extreme with his compliments
•he’s not afraid to kiss you\hug you
•he tells you he loves you
•your like
•"wait! We just met!“ XD


•makes gross/stupid noises in your ear
•takes you roller blading
•he catches you when u fall (aww)
•but is also the one to push you (aw..HEY!)
•he’s laughing because your laughing
•her really does love you. And his eyes show it
•your out goofing until like, midnight


•bores you to death about car stufff
br> •u wanna hang at his place but..
•his dad is there so u go to the Curtis’s
•the gang doesn’t mind it at allllll
• but Steve is acting embarrassed and bashfulllll
•"wants some chocolate cake?”
•he picks you up and spins you around and embraces you and it’s cute and he’s sweet. Ok. cool.


•brings you to an Amusement Park
•wins you the biggest TEDDY DUCHAMP BEAR (shout out to all y'all who understood this reference)
•he hugs you tight like he never wants to lose you
•you go see fireworks and rest your head on his shoulder
•he’s your big cuddly DARBEAR

–DALLY ( Yo I almost forgot to do him what is wrong with meee!)

•says things that make u bashful and uncomfortable
•hugs you from behind
•talks about johnny
“Ya know your kinda cute.”
•talksss about johnnyyyyy
•"hey I kinda like you.“
•talks about john–
•you like him tho.
•cause that smirk
•and yooo that laugh gets you Everytime


•is aggressive
•calls u “woman"br> •so you playfully put him in a choke hold
• he apologizes and he’s sooo cute when he does
• he rubs the back of his neck and grins widely
• he likes to pick u up
• tickle u
• annoy u in a way
• he kisses you when your upsettttt


•young, wild, reckless-love.
•u too go EVERYWHERE .
•you do everything together.
•your literally best friends who are in love.
•you high five more than you kiss.
•you fall asleep on each other all the time

there ya goooo y'all . I know I always say I’m not into the Outsiders . but I still love themmmm❤️❤️❤️hope y'all like this!k. Bye.


Genre: fluff, smut/mature

Character: Min Yoongi x reader (oc)

Prompt: “Let me spoil you tonight, Princess.”

Summary: He has a special way to help you wipe away your fatigue after a long day. And tonight, it is all about you.

a/n: I have so much writings piling up in my draft and this one was actually one of the oldest (lmaooo I am so lame), I wrote this in the middle of my packed deadlines but then I have been too busy and tired to re-read and edit this. Plus I ended up posting Heat which had almost the same topic *shrugs* Sorry if this is lame, it’s just a simple fantasy when I just wanted to be spoiled by my dear beloved Min Yoongi. Enjoy! 

Originally posted by vmiin

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Jicheol prompt

Where Jicheol is in an established relationship and Seungcheol is a hopeless fool when it comes to producer!Jihoon. He walks into Jihoon’s studio to give him the rap part for their new song and is greeted by the sight of the younger in all his producer-at-work glory. And instead of just giving him the rap part, Seungcheol starts to shove every random things that he owns into the younger’s lap despite Jihoon’s perplexed look.

“Here’s the rap part you asked for. Also here’s my credit card, my house’s key, my driving license, my yogurt coupons, my hand in marriage, my heart, my life. You can take them all too.”

Munakata vs Suoh in K Return of Kings PV
Cuddle Session - Jimin


Can u make a scenario where jimin is in cuddle mood and acts like a baby w his gf omg please i need fluff and thankkssss :D


Cuddle session + playful tease with jimin pleaseeeee. Thanks your writing are so gooood

A/N: Since the two requests are similiar I made it into one scenario hope you don’t mind c: I’m sorry for taking too long, I was busy and not really in the mood to write ; - ; it came out a bit too lame but I hope you enjoy reading it anyways~

Genre: Fluff

Words count: 791


You’re sitting in your room, watching a movie on TV while waiting for Jimin to come over from practice. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. It’s only 11PM and Jimin’s practice is supposed to end in half an hour from now. Wondering if it was really him, you paused the movie and rushed over to open the door.

“Surprise~” Jimin cheers, throwing his hands in the air as soon as the door opens. You blink at him, moving aside to let him in. “I thought pracitce ends in 11:30?” You half ask half say, and he simply grins at you, leaning in to press his lips against yours for a sweet peck.

“Yeah but it ended earlier than usual so I’m here now!” He says happily and you smile at him. It’s been a couple of days since you’d last seen each other and you missed him so you’re more than happy that he’s in front of you.

“I just started watching a movie not too long ago.” You tell him and head back to your room. He hurries behind you, wrapping his arms around you before you walk into your room. “Do we have to watch a movie?”

“Well, if you told me you’re coming early, I wouldn’t have started watching it.” You say as a matter of fact, squirming a bit as his breath tickles your neck and trying to keep walking but he was making it hard for you to do that.

“But I wanted it to be a surprise.” He whines, and you chuckle, turning around in his arms to face him. “Why don’t you want to watch a movie? It’s very interesting! Dead people and stuff.”

Jimin raises his brows. Every normal girl would pick a cliche rom-com movie to watch, but you always went for action movies. Shaking his head in amusement, he then purses his lips. “But I want to cuddle.”

You roll your eyes and grab his hand, leading him to your bed. “We can cuddle while watching the movie.” You tell him and plop down, patting the empty space besides you.

“But [Y/N]~ it’s not fun to cuddle while watching a movie~” He started whining and you can’t help it but shake your head at his childish antics. “Stop acting like a baby. You should thank me for not telling you we can cuddle after the movie is over.”

He pouts but you simply stare at him, not giving up. Finally, he lets out a sigh and fall down beside you. “Fine.”

You quickly move to sit between his legs and his hands automatically wrap around you as he pulls you closer to him, making sure there wasn’t any space left between your bodies. Your back was pressed against his chest and you could feel his heartbeats, a smile creeping on your lips because his heart was beating faster than normal.

You press play and the movie resumes playing. The two of you stayed in the same position for a while and you couldn’t be more happy right now. Suddenly, you feel Jimin’s breath on your neck, followed by his lips pressing lightly against your skin, but you didn’t react to it, not really minding it despite the butterflies it gave you.

“[Y/N]… this movie is boring…” Jimin whispers in your ear, pressing a kiss right below. You shiver but remain quiet which was a mistake because soon enough, Jimin decides to start tickling your sides, causing you to whine and plead him to stop but he didn’t listen to you.

“I’ll stop if we stop watching the movie!”

“F-Fine!” You can’t help but agree. He stops tickling you and you pant loudly, reaching out to pause the movie.

“Urgh, you’re so annoying.” You pout as you look up at him and he simply smiles, leaning down to kiss your cheek. “I’m sorry, but I didn’t watch the movie in the first place.” and then he kisses your nose, then your forehead and then your lips.

You pull away, your lips slightly pursed as you were still a bit annoyed that you stopped watching the movie because of him. You don’t say anything and he simply stares at your pouting lips, trying to resist the urge to kiss them. But he fails, and his lips are on yours once again.

The kiss lasts for less than a minute before his lips wander down to your neck, leaving teasing kisses all over the skin. It doesn’t last for too long before he moves away and lays down on the bed instead, pulling you along with him. His arms are hugging you and one leg is over yours, keeping you close to him.

“Let’s stay like this for a while before I go take a shower.

Title: Magnitude

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Ed/Oswald

Word Count: 5641

Warnings: Unbeta’d, virginity, anal sex, blowjob, insecurity, body issues, more insecurity, lame riddles, fluff, seriously just way too long

Notes: This is *way* too long for what was initially just supposed to be sorta fluffy porn. I hope you guys like anyways. I’m sorry it took so long to get another fic out! Hopefully next time I won’t lose my shit and write so goddamned much for a simple thought, haha.

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anonymous asked:

whenever i try to do something enjoyable it never lasts for more than a minute because a voice in my head says "ugh, no wonder you hate yourself so much" "you like doing THAT?" "i would hate myself too if i did that" and it wont stop

Hey you’re not lame for enjoying anything as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. If you enjoy it then you deserve to enjoy it. Anything that makes you happy is great and valid


“Good morning, hey Lucky,” Khalil started as he picked the phone for Lucas. “What’s up?”

“The sky!”

Khalil snorted a laugh. “Lame, dude, very lame and old! What are you? 40? My dad uses that joke!”

“Oh, sorry !” Lucas chuckled nervously on the other side. “So… do you work today, Khal?”


“Do you have any plans today?”

“Not really,” Khalil chuckled.

“Well… I was wondering…” He started.


“I mean if it’s not asking to much and all…”

Khalil chuckled. “Yo, Lucky Lucas, wanna go out on a date with me?”

“Hey! I was going to ask that!” Lucas complained from the other side. Khalil smiled imagining clearly Lucas face on the other side.

“You were taking too long, dude!” Khalil laughed. “So, I decided to take the initiative. So, want to?”

“I am asking that!” And there was a deep breath. “Khalil, do you wanna go out on a date with me?”

“I don’t know, I’ll have to check my agenda!” Khalil joked. “You know how it is. I am a very busy teenage socialite!”

“You’re twenty, you dick!” Lucas laughed through the phone.

“With this face? I’m certain people will ask my ID,” Khalil laughed louder. “But seriously, dude, of course I’ll go.”

“Okay! So, we’ll meet in Widenburg in Old Town District, by the fountain, for a drink and maybe some pastries and stuff,” Lucas chimed excitedly.

“That sounds good,” Khalil smiled. “At two okay for you?”

“Yes, perfect! I’ll see you there, Khal.”

“Cya there, Lucky Lucas,” Khalil smiled.

anonymous asked:

i just wanted to say thank u 4 existing and following me on ig ur like mi idol and i almost cried when u followed me

SORRY I TOOK SO LONG TO ANSWER FKSNDKNS thank u so much aaAA i can never wrap my head around it whenever i get asks like this bc im definitely too lame to be anyone’s idol LMAO BUT THANKS ALL THE SAME I’M VERY GRATEFUL

I’ve had it shitty for awhile now and I’m honestly so tired and about to give up on life since things are too much. So tomorrow I’m going to have a Monsta x day where I’m on Tumblr all day long (I’m always on Tumblr, but) and only listen to and think about Monsta x. I really hope that will help and make me forget about life for a moment. I know it’s lame, but I really need a break emotionally.

seska-haru-uchiha  asked:

Hey, long time no see!! I just wanted to hear your opinion on SasuNaru.. What do you think about the ship? They're kind of like Neji & Hinata (when it comes to yin & yang).

hi dear! I’ve been hiatus in a while, busy with other stuff :’’’’3 aaa sorry for the late reply TwT // about sasunaru I can tell why people ship them together after looking at their backstory and how naru-chan is too clingy over his saskue hehe it’s so cute :3 they’re hate each other first and built strong relationship development after & completed each other like nejihina, same pattern

what kimi meant to say that they’re canon and real

Hi, onwingsofleather! I’m your gifter for Makorra Gift Exchange! Sorry for taking so long to finish it… anyway, i hope you like your gift :)

And why would Mako be wearing his detective uniform at the South Pole??? Well… probably he jumped on the first ship to the Southern Water Tribe, because Korra has been away for too long and he just misses her so much to mind changing his clothes before leaving… (*´∀`*) lol sorry

winterblackburned  asked:

10, 18, 33, 41! 💕

sorry this took so long to answer!

10. how does art or music make you feel?

it all depends on the art of music. both have made me feel a range of emotions

18. are you pro freckle?

yes!!! freckles are wonderful and i love them! and i have freckles too so yeah :)

33. what has been the highlight of your week?

the week was pretty sucky bc it was the first week back to school but i’m gonna be lame and say a person bc…yeah he makes me happy oops

41. have you ever seen the ocean?


dreamy asks

firebolt-101  asked:

Hi! So I was wondering if you have headcanons for Sirius having anxiety? Sorry if that's kinda a lame topic for you... you don't have to post anything if you don't want too.

sirius with anxiety is actually one of my personal headcanons so i’ll try my best!

  • okay so sirius has anxiety but it takes him a while to fully understand that because for years he’s believed that anxiety is when you’re shy and afraid to talk to people and he’s never been able to relate to that
  • it’s peter who actually asks him about it, one day at the end of their first year after seeing how sirius deals with the exam stress
  • and of course he dismisses it at first, but as he becomes more familiar with himself and his anxiety he realises it’s not really something he can brush off anymore
  • his anxiety mainly shows through procrastination. sirius will put something off for as long as possible because it’s simply too much to think about and then get overwhelmed when he actually has to deal with it
  • this results in many sleepless nights spent in the commonroom finishing essays and practising spellwork
  • it’s usually peter or james that will stay up with him, because they all agree that remus needs his sleep and james has trouble sleeping most nights anyway
  • the simplest things can trigger his brain into overthinking every single action or word and there’s only a certain extent to which he can ignore it before he tunes himself out of his surroundings
  • the rest of the marauders are experts at identifying when sirius is having an attack because he’ll become extremely reserved and unresponsive during a conversation
  • they usually find the nearest empty classroom available and just sit there for a while. remus rubs sirius’ back and helps him to even his breathing whilst james and peter guard the doorways
  • afterwards sirius is always very moody because he feels vulnerable and he hates feeling vulnerable
  • it’s not completely obvious unless you know him really well, but his humour is darker and there’s venom within his sarcastic remarks
  • he flinches at particularly loud noises or bright flashes and these are the things that make his hands shake uncontrollably until he can find a quiet place to calm down
  • when this happens, he’s always tapping on things as a way to control it, and it’s james who eventually suggests braiding his hair as an option to keep his hands busy
  • this leads to sirius gaining a braid everytime he’s particularly stressed, only to take them out and start again the next day. somedays he’ll end up with no braids and once he was caught with twenty seven
  • it gets pretty bad once he’s disowned by his family. he worries about regulus and his future and schoolwork and exams and his friends and being a burden and everything is all too much for him
  • mcgonagall knows from watching them over the years and she always makes sure there’s an empty classroom available for use, and especially during exam season
  • after they leave hogwarts, and the threat of voldemort is even closer, sirius can’t sleep. he spends too much time thinking about james or remus or peter or any of the order members and worrying for their safety and he doesn’t know how to get rid of the thoughts once they’re there
  • after marlene is killed, sirius is extremely reluctant to leave anyone alone. he hates being away, even for a little while because he can’t stand the possibilities that enter his brain when he is
  • he learns that voldemort is after james and lily so naturally he offers to be their secret keeper but he’s constantly plagued by the idea that he’ll somehow fuck it all up, let the wrong thing slip up to the wrong person, and he can’t handle it
  • he distances himself from remus as much as possible because he’s too paranoid that remus is secretly a spy and so he turns to the only other person he can trust
  • in azkaban, the dementors heighten his anxiety. he can’t sleep, and his thoughts are so loud inside of his own head that he wants to scream and he’s pretty sure that he does but it’s hard to tell when everything is so damn  l o u d
  • when he finally escapes, he thinks things might be okay again. he has remus, and now he has harry too, and although he still worries about them both, he knows they’ll be okay this time
  • he’ll floo the fireplace in the gryffindor comonroom for seconds at a time just to make sure harry’s okay because his anxiety can often trick him into thinking otherwise
  • grimmauld place is full of horrible memories and it flares his anxiety like crazy so that somedays he feels like he’s back in azkaban. remus is the only one who understands when he comes over and sees the amount of braids in sirius’ hair
  • he’ll shut himself up in buckbeak’s room when it gets too loud and/or quiet downstairs, he finds the hippogriff to be excellent company
  • he realises one of his biggest worries has come true when he hears about harry going to the ministry to rescue him. all he can think is ‘it’s my fault if he gets hurt’ over and over again and his hands are shaking and he’s sweating all over because he can’t lose somebody else
  • he doesn’t; but they all lose him

sonntag-me-in  asked:

Hi could you maybe write a fic for me where Jeremy and Matt are dating before they're hired at AH and the other workers slowly find out (either they're seen kissing or holding hands or just stare at each other for too long). I'd love you if you did

Pairing: JereMatt

Notes: I hope you enjoy this! I’m not very familiar with the pairing and i know it took me forever to write this for you which I am really super sorry about! So yeah, here is some jerematt with literally none of the main AH guys bc who wants those lames when we could have the lovely lets build team + caleb?

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quick drawing for my friend @sayaka-hime who requested some marichat, my favorite :*

my headcanon is that chat likes to constantly be leaning against mari whenever he can (feeling her weight against him is comforting), so this pic is ~supposed to be~ her leaning against a wall after school waiting for him and him sidling up on the other side and nudging the back of her head with his own n being snarky like “hey princess, ya miss me?”…or something equally lame lmao (this scenario sounded cuter in my head omg….)

I like to think chat gave her one of his jackets and feels a rush of pride whenever he sees her wearing it (it takes him his all not to turn around and look at her while she dozes off in the middle of class cuddled up in his too big jacket eheh)

anyways sorry for the long story lol I hope you like it!!!