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It takes weeks for Aaron to let Robert back into bed with him. And even then, there are nights Aaron can’t stop thinking of them together. In their home. In this room.

Sometimes Robert will turn to touch or hold Aaron and he pulls away with just a, “Don’t.” Robert knows that means this is a night Aaron needs space.

It always hurts, so much. But Robert understands. He understands it still plagues Aaron’s mind because it still plagues his as well. The only way he is able to deal is by Aaron’s touch, and sometimes he isn’t allowed that. He gets it, but it hurts.

So while Aaron has his back turned, Robert lays there, staring at the ceiling, holding back the tears that threaten to fall. Aaron is trying, really trying and so is Robert. But they can’t just pretend that what happened, didn’t happen. And that everything is okay just because they are still together.

The most painful part is that they are so close, so close they could easily touch, but they are still so far away. Robert could turn and say Aaron’s name, he could see him turn around and look in his eyes, he could touch his face and kiss his lips, and there would still be canyons of distance between them.

It hurts more than anything else possibly could. To be so close and still so far.

Robert sniffs before turning away and attempting to sleep before he hears Aaron sigh and move.

“Come ere then.”

Robert turns around and sees Aaron looking at him with this defeated look, but he can still see the love there. And he knows he should say no and let Aaron have his space, but he can’t deny he desperately needs Aaron’s touch.

So Robert moves into Aaron’s arms, where he knows he belongs, where he always will.

“I’m sorry.”

Aaron sighs and places a kiss on Roberts head, “I know. Let’s just get some sleep.”


“Please don’t call me that… my name is Logic.” (im dying over here w/ these asks on @logic-sanders)

character: *doesnt wish to be called their legal/birth name*
me: theyre either trans or someone hurt them. maybe both.

Me II (Layered)
The 1975
Me II (Layered)

The 1975 - Me Layered (version 2)

use headphones

From Enemies to Lovers PT:7

Kim Seokjin x Reader 

Genre: Angst & gradual fluff

Pt:1 Pt:2  Pt:3  Pt:4  Pt:5  Pt:6  Pt:7 Pt:8 Pt:9 Pt:10 Pt:11 Pt:12 Pt:13 Pt:14

Seokjin’s p.o.v

Before I left the dorm, I made sure Jimin was back home and was finally in bed. It was seven in the morning and I didn’t sleep a wink. I was guilty, and I felt so bad for everything that my mind was so clouded with thought, I simply couldn’t fall asleep. 

I saw a small bakery, already opened for business and I thought I’d bring something with me over to Y/N’s place, I know how much she likes the bread and cakes from here because she never fails to bring some over when she comes round. 

I quickly picked out a few things, paid and left. Y/N’s place wasn’t so far from ours, only a ten minute walk and you’d arrive. I stood outside her door and waited before I pressed the doorbell. But once I did, I realised that it was so early she was probably asleep. 

What. an. idiot. I couldn’t help but think that to myself. I was about to walk away, when the door opened. I turned back round and saw Y/N barefaced, slightly red and puffy eyes in a cute rabbit onesie that Jungkook had got her for her birthday last year. 

“Hi.” I managed to mutter out. Before she stepped aside, allowing me into her place. I had never been here before, although all the members have - I never bothered stepping foot into this place.

“Why are you here so early?” Her voice slightly cracked as she sat down on her sofa and I sat down beside her.

“I’m sorry, but it’s just that you said that I could come over anytime and I haven’t slept so I thought I’d come round now and I just-” she placed her hand on mine and looked at me.

“Did you bring that for me?” She said eyeing the bag of her favourite pastries. 

“Uh, um yeah they’re for you.” Her face lit up immediately as I handed them to her and she placed it on her lap. She looked into the bag slightly peeking at what I had picked out and she nodded as if to show that she was satisfied with my selection. She was just like a little kid, and it was actually adorable.

“Thanks, but why did you bring me pastries? You never buy me anything.” I snapped out of my thought before taking a deep breath, readying myself to apologise.

“Because I’m sorry, and people always say that food is the key to a girls heart and I know you like the breads and cakes from this bakery and I walked passed it before coming so, yeah I thought I’d pick something up for you.”

“Why do you hate me so much?” She said, now looking directly at me. Her eyes were still read and they looked sore, she must have cried a lot.

“You know when you had that audition and the script you were following has something along the lines of using people?” She pursed her lips and nodded, taking in what I was telling her. “Well when you were practicing, I overheard you saying those lines and I didn’t know you were acting and that you’re even interested in that and I had no idea Namjoon was there with you. So ever since then I just decided to hate you.” I sounded so stupid right now and I knew it, she stared at me blankly, as if waiting for me to say something more, and it was true. I did have more to say. “I’m sorry, it hurt me too. Ignoring you, and being so horrid, it really did hurt me as well.”

“But why did it hurt you when you were the one who decided to hate me?”

“Because back then, I loved you.”

Would anyone like part:8? ♡

So I'm going to do a little drag

to be a drag performer you need a cool/goofy persona right?

So, here’s mine

“Why don’t women go for the nice guys?”

“I’ll be your Knight in Shining Armor.”

“A cactus for you, m'lady.”

“Don’t hate what you don’t understand.”

My King name is Mel Aady


@behindthemaddness HUGH IS SO SASSY @0:27 “A not American?” Holy crap babyyyy please give us more sass. On a serious note though, I can imagine that having people question your OBVIOUS accent gets rather annoying. Like the vid where Hugh defends Mads’ accent when it is brought up.


*man sings ‘Down Under’*

me and Rose Byrne alike: 

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please never do that again to ANYONE wtfffff

So what I’ve learned…

Hugh Dancy + accent related questions = just don’t

Hugh Dancy + accent =


He took on my drawl, ya’ll, and….I never want to type that ever again. I’m sorry. Now I’m cringing at myself..

Clip - “Fake fake fake” - at 11:59, 24.05

Eva: I wanted to write a causerie*, but I’m not funny at all, I find it really hard.

Noora: Yeah, I don’t understand causerie either.

Eva: I was really struggling. It’s like, there’s no use that I have a good day if we’ve got midterms.

(Eva and Noora’s voices drown out and we only hear Noora chewing the carrot)

Eva (muffled): Are you joining?

Eva: Sana!

Sana: Huh?

Eva: Are you joining us for McDonald’s?

Sana: No, I’m prepping for the midterm.

Eva: Ok.

Noora: Should we bring you anything?

Sana: No. No, thanks.

Eva: Yes..see ya!

Noora: Bye!

(Sana looks out to see Noora and Eva join Vilde and Sara. A familiar nose enters the picture..)

Isak: Has Sara nicked your friends?

Sana: What? No!

Isak: Right, ok. I’m kidding.

(Isak looks out and watches Vilde and Sara hug)

Isak: Fake fake fake fake.. girls..Sara doesn’t like Vilde.

Sana: How do you know that?

Isak: Because she bad-mouths her.

Sana: To you?

Isak: Mhm.

Sana: Are you and Sara friends or something?

Isak: We used to be together.

Sana: True. (pause) How could you stand being together with her?

Isak: Well, who knows.. It wasn’t a very sexual relationship, to put it that way. Chatting mostly. Thinking back on it now I was more of an online therapist than a boyfriend. Would’ve loved to have some cash now, for all that time I spent reading shitty messages about russ friends and so on. Couldn’t have given more of a fuck!

Isak: Hey. Sister groups are groups which are only defined morphologically?

Sana: No. Sister groups are groups that are similar in outer characteristics but can be completely different genetically.

Isak: I’ll go hang myself.*

* A causerie is a genre within writing which can be sort of a personal essay with a humoristic or ironic twist. Read more about it here, if you’re interested. Kåseri (causerie) is a very common task on midterms in Norwegian - it’s usually a choice of many because you don’t have to think too hard about language rules, and you can write in a more “verbal”, informal way.

** = Isak’s last comment (which probably sounds like a very disturbing thing to say) is very common “utterance” when you feel like everything’s fucked and there’s no hope left. Of course, people use it sarcastically.
And sometimes as an insult: for example, if you’re angry with someone, let’s say a guy who’s touching you and you’ve already asked him to go away, you could tell him “Gå og heng deg!” (literally: Go hang yourself!) which would translate to Fuck off! :)

Lastly, I’m sorry about the horrid translation of their conversation, about sister groups/species - biology is not my field - I barely understood what they meant in Norwegian as well :P Anyway, they’re talking about this, I believe: sister group

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and urd with 10C

“….m-my lord….you’re…–”

“I’m fine”

//Urd is just so done with life really XD