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Hi Baby » Oli White

Request: Anonymous said Hey I just want to say your imagines are great!! Could you possibly do one were you were dating oli for about 2 years and you found out you were pregnant and you left him without any mention of the baby because you didn’t want to ruin his career and you meet again in a club and you then go onto introducing him to his child.

I changed it a little x

You had been friends with the YouTuber Oliver White, or Oli as he was better known as since you were teenagers. You had met when he moved to your school when he was in Year 9 and you were in the year below him and after four years of being as thick as thieves, he asked you out. You said yes, albeit being 17 and never having a boyfriend before.

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Almost Not Really [Spideypool fic]

ssree said: Spideypool: Peter gets a Deadpool hoodie. And it’s the awesomest, comfiest hoodie ever, and he isn’t giving it up no matter what people say about Deadpool. 

prompts are open again! 

“Woah! Dude!” Harry stopped in front of him, eyes wide and alarmed, staring at Peter like he wasn’t wearing pants.

Peter looked down. He was wearing pants. Awesome. “What?”

“The sweater.”

This morning his limited edition Deadpool hoodie had arrived in the mail. Limited edition for several reasons most of which involved Deadpool being somewhat of a criminal and not entirely popular with the majority of citizens or other heros. Peter, however, thought this was the comfiest damn sweater he’d ever worn in his life. It was quality fabric, Wade had definitely found the right people to sell his design - which looked amazing. It was the perfect shade of red, the Deadpool logo was part of the shirt instead of this stuck on crap that would eventually peel off, and there were thumb holes.

“It is. The. Best. Hoodie.”

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i haven't got a sister so it's fine

prompt: ‘i haven’t got a sister so it’s fine.’ 'i know but if you did i’d take good care of her, i just want you to know that.’ but little did josh know that y/n bradley existed and she was ready to come out of hiding.

note: i’m so sorry for the lack of writing on my account. i’ve been so busy with school i haven’t had a chance to write anything decent hence the quality of this..holidays are 2 weeks away so i will try to improve the quality and frequency of imagines until then i wanted to say a huge thank you to the 300 of you who have clicked follow xx


“y/n what’s wrong?” your roommate queered as you let out an exhausted sigh.

“i’m sick of the lies, the secrets and the deception” you groan whilst tugging your headphones from their jack port. “i just want to have a normal family.”

you’d just finished watching josh’s newest video, released onto his ever-growing channel zerkaa. watching josh’s videos made you feel a combination of both proud and depressed, for reasons more tangled then a spider’s web.

“head up kiddo, you know that none of this is your fault so why do you let it get you down?” your flat mate who doubles as a lifelong best friend responded.

“because i expose myself to bullshit like this, he literally just said and i quote 'i haven’t got a sister so it’s fine.’ hate to break it to you mr famous youtuber, but i’m real and we share DNA!” you exclaim whilst waving your arms to express your point.

“chicky” you cringe at the nickname appointed on you. “either you speak to your mum about patching things up, or you let this crap go. and i’m talking videos, twitter, the lot. even if you’ve never met him, it’s not healthy to stalk your brother and his mates.”

she’s right, you just don’t want to admit it. you contemplate your options, two very different extremes you’ve got lying on the cards.

“fuck it” you reach for your phone tucked away in your purse “it’s been long enough.”

as the phone dials, the a million and one possibility of this going wrong race through your head. this could bring up so many different emotions for mum, josh mightn’t agree to your proposal, dad might overrule everything.

“hello sweetie, what’s up?” her gentle tone travels through the receiver.

silently praying the following words don’t ruin her mood you initiate the conversation. “mum i’m ready. i want to meet josh.”

i hold my breath while awaiting her response. after a draining couple seconds of utter silence she speaks in a voice so quiet that the sound of the kettle boiling would cover it completely. “i knew this day would come, i had been preparing for it. i’ll see what i can arrange with Josh and your father. but please y/n prepare yourself for the worse.”

“i will mum, and i won’t go through with it if you don’t want me too.”

“you’ve waited long enough, and i’ll support you through every decision you make.”

“thanks mum, i’ve got to run. love you.”

you pick up the piece of toast, placing it between your teeth and leaving the plate in the sink for later. you wave a goodbye to y/bf/n who’s head is buried in the morning paper before jetting out the front door.

work is the perfect excuse for you to forget about this mornings events and the video you desperately wished wasn’t etched into your cerebral cortex.

while picking at your salad during lunch hour you receive a text. a feeling ascending from the pits of your stomach told you exactly who had sent the anticipated message.

from: mum
'good news, i spoke to josh and he’s agreed to meeting you. be wary that this is all new information to him, and that he’s still coming round to the idea. he said i can give you his address and if you want you can swing by sunday afternoon about 3 pm. love you sweetie, ring if you need xx’

sunday it is, you thought as another text came through with Josh’s address.


you could literally see the nerves bundled inside just by watching your shaking fist make contact with the large wooden door of Josh’s home.

taking an awkward step back you glance around the neighbourhood subconsciously thinking if you should make a run for the car and pretend you were never here.

you can’t help but think how your life could have been so different if it were not for mum’s 'whoring’ around. it’s a thought that crossed your mind constantly even before you had notified Josh that you exist.

you even imagine what growing up with Josh would have been like. maybe you and Josh would have bickered as children, or maybe you’d have dated one of his friends resulting in him getting protective and annoyed at you. maybe you’d even have that unbreakable sibling bond and people would assume you were twins. but i guess we’ll never know.

“ugh” the dark skinned boy who opened the door stood speechlessly scratching his almost bald head. “we, um. we don’t take fans at the house” he moves to shut the door behind him.

“wait” your hand reaches for the crack between the door and it’s frame, not caring if it gets broken in the process. “please hear me out! i’m a relative of josh” you blurt out without thinking.

“i’m sorry love, i think i’d remember if josh had a hot cousin or something. please leave the premises befor-”

“jj, stop! that’s my sister” you instantly recognise josh’s voice just as you had jj’s due to many hours spent watching their videos online. only this time it’s real. in the flesh, in front of your very own eyes stood your older brother.

well shit. it’s too late to back out now.

“sister?” jj along with josh’s other roommates nosely inquire as they exit the kitchen, one with a mouthful of food.

“haha funny story” josh scratches the back of his neck. “so this is my little sister y/n” he ushers me in the door directing me to the sitting area while the three clueless boys trail behind.

“i’m sorry, what?” vik exclaims whilst rubbing his eyes as if he’s trying to escape a bad dream.

maybe this isn’t vik having a bad dream but instead what’s about to be a nightmare of your own…


was looking for this to be longer but like i said, i haven’t had the time. hoping this will suffice x