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I'm sorry, but how the HECK did you get mugged by a butterfly?! XD I'm asking because the end of that last thing you reblogged cracked me up~

Alright everyone, buckle in for the butterfly story. 

So I was in New York City, which is basically the last place on Earth you expect butterflies to be an issue; I must have been about ten years old at the time. My family and I were at the Museum of Natural History, and the week we were there they had a butterfly pavilion- you know, one of those glass-and-metal half-cylinders with thousands of live butterflies flying around underneath. My family- in this case consisting of my mom, dad, grandmother (on my mom’s side), and little sister- insisted we go inside, with the exception of my dad, who wisely noped out of there. Understand that I’ve never been the biggest fan of insects; spiders in particular bother me (YES, science side of Tumblr, I know spiders aren’t technically insects; just shut up for now), but most insects tend to set me on edge. But I’d never really had a problem with butterflies up until that day. 

As we’re waiting in line to go into the pavilion, I notice that there’s a sign listing the rules of the enclosure. One of them said something along the lines of: “Butterflies will rarely land on guests; however, if one does land on you, please do not attempt to remove it yourself, as this will damage the butterfly’s wings. Wait for a staff member to assist you.” This is not the kind of message that I, a ten-year-old boy who is already kind of nervous around insects, am comfortable hearing; but my mom reassured me by pointing out the first line again, saying that the butterflies probably won’t land on me. 

So naturally I haven’t been in the room three seconds when a bright blue butterfly with what must have been a four-to-six-inch wingspan lands right on my leg. 

I instantly go rigid with fear and begin mumbling something along the lines of “Getitoffgetitoffgetitoffgetitoffgetitoffgetitoffgetitoff”. This proved to be easier said than done, as there were about three people working in the entire pavilion apparently, and all of them were giving tours. It took a full five minutes for our group to successfully get the attention of a staff member. During this time, the butterfly had flown off my leg, zipped around me, and landed on my hip. My mom theorized that it thought my bright red shirt was a flower; I firmly maintain that it was engaging in psychological warfare by gradually zeroing in on my head. And just to add insult to injury, my six-year-old sister took the butterfly’s side; she was sobbing because she thought I’d hurt the butterfly, while I’m the one about to drop dead of a heart attack. 

The instant the butterfly is off me, I turn and sprint out of the pavilion, calling back to my mom that I’ll meet the group at the exit. On the far side my mom apologized profusely; my little sister, on the other hand, had the gall to be indignant, on the grounds that she was the only one in the group a butterfly hadn’t landed on (other ones landed on my mom and grandmother during their tour). To this day, whenever I see a butterfly while walking around outside, I preemptively flinch away from it; maybe that means the butterfly won that day, but I’m not going to let another of those damnable insects have their way with me. 

And that’s the story of how I got mugged by a butterfly. 

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Hi! Hopefully this isn't repetitive. I'm writing a novel set in the 1940's. It doesn't focus much on the wars and stuff, but basically I need anything about 40's conflicts, Psychiatric care/hospitals and methods in the 1940's, any sort of cryptozoology/paranormal history in that area of time, and any sort of boarding school info, like lifestyles and how it worked and stuff like that. If that's too much, I'm sorry. Any help in any areas that sound interesting to you are fine. :) THANK


Pop Culture: 




Psychiatric care/hospitals:



Sexuality in the 1940s:

Racism in the 1940s:

Cryptozoology and the paranormal:

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You always shove your face to mine in mocking way so i just kiss you so that you will stop doing it aka taehyung likes to playfully mock yoongi right in his face and that one time where yoongi had enough of it so he kiss him and now taehyung is ignoring him and he kinda like the peace but at the same time miss the younger. P/s : taehyung cant stop thinking about the kiss so he avoids the older. Thanks btw

☛ Yoongi kisses Taehyung and likes it more than he thought he would.
✘ 750 words; college AU; fluff, fluff and more fluff.

And look, Yoongi really hadn’t planned any of this.

If he’s being completely honest, all Yoongi had wanted was a quiet hour at the library (what the fuck was quiet in their college library, but Yoongi could dream) and not get that annoyingly adorable freshman’s face shoved in front his every ten seconds. It made Yoongi want to wipe that horrendous teasing grin of his face.

It’s all Taehyung’s fault, really.

And now they were kissing behind the bookshelves on alphabetically arranged Botany.

“Fucking dork,” Yoongi mumbles when they break apart, but that’s just Yoongi’s way of telling Taehyung he kind of (really) liked it.

Taehyung, on the other hand, looks terrified.

“Are you okay?” Yoongi asks concerned, because Taehyung looks like he’s just swallowed a coin or something and that’s not a good sign after you’ve just kissed someone, even if it is to prove a point.

But Taehyung just nods mutely and before Yoongi can do anything, Taehyung’s backing away shakily and walking out of the library.


“What’s up with Tae?” Jimin asks Yoongi a week later when they’re walking to the same History class.

“Ask him,” Yoongi mumbles, and okay he feels a little sorry about scaring Taehyung off like that, but in his defense, the guy was literally asking for it.

His face was two inches from Yoongi’s. What was Yoongi supposed to do?

(In his defense, Yoongi isn’t the type to not kiss a cute guy if the opportunity presents itself.)

Jimin cocks an eyebrow. “Every time he sees you in a five mile radius, he goes bright red and basically sprints off in the opposite direction. It’s like he’s mad at you or something.”

“Look, he’s the one whose been shoving his face three inches from mine all of last month and he’s mad I finally got annoyed about it and kissed him.”

You kissed Taehyung?” Jimin squeals, and Yoongi smacks Jimin’s forearm.

“Didn’t think he’d mind,” Yoongi mumbles, walking into class and plonking himself at the back.

“Look, I wouldn’t worry too much,” Jimin says at last, taking the seat next to Yoongi.

“What? Why?”

“Because,” Jimin smirks, “if I know Taehyung at all, he’s always like that when he has a crush.”

It takes Yoongi about half the fucking lecture to stop his cheeks from reddening and the other half to get Taehyung and the word ‘crush’ to stop flitting about his head.


Oh,” is the first word that spills from Taehyung’s lips when he bumps into Yoongi two days later in front of the cafeteria before breakfast.

“Hey,” Yoongi says, and he wants to ignore Taehyung’s unruly dark hair sticking out in every direction, his thick glasses just askew on his nose, his tired eyes and his pretty Daegu accent that slipped through the cracks when Taehyung wasn’t paying attention.

Yoongi really wants to ignore it all.

“Hyung, I- ” Taehyung trails off, voice cracking a little from disuse. Yoongi grins.

“Jimin says you’re mad at me,” Yoongi drawls, watching Taehyung’s eyes widen in shock.

I’m not - I never said that, I swear, Jimin says the stupidest things - ”

“Uh huh,” Yoongi smirks, taking a step closer to Taehyung. “He said it’s either that or you have a crush on me.”

Taehyung goes completely red then and Yoongi has to bite his lip to not let the laughter fall past his lips at how easy it was to get Taehyung flustered.

“I can’t believe he’d - Jimin doesn’t even know- ”

Yoongi clicks his tongue. “So you don’t have a crush on me?”

Taehyung looks to the floor for a while before answering. “Didn’t say I didn’t,” he mumbles, and Yoongi is sure he’s never felt more smug.

“If you have a crush on me,” Yoongi says, hovering his face so close to Taehyung, he can feel his breath against his lips, “then you shouldn’t mind this.”

Taehyung’s breath hitches and his eyes flicker to Yoongi’s lips and back at Yoongi’s eyes again.

“Mind w-what?”

Yoongi pulls away just then, tugging Taehyung by the hand.

“Me playing your stupid game,” Yoongi grins. Taehyung looks a little disappointed but Yoongi makes up for it with 8AM coffee and asking Taehyung out to movies next week and Taehyung looks like he will let Yoongi tease him a little longer.

Yoongi may be the tease, but Taehyung started it.

(Yoongi doesn’t mind kissing Taehyung at all though, so it’s kind of worth it.)

My Take on GM Her Monster

Whoopsie a bit late. In no particular order…

• The boys. ‘Nuff said.

• I understand Topanga taking Riley’s electronics because Riley’s her daughter and Topanga grounded her, but there was absolutely no reason for Maya’s phone to be taken away.

• Is Isadora f*cking sick or something half the year?

• I really hates how Topanga clearly favoured Riley over Auggie. From experience, that stuff hurts like damn. At least Cory was there for his son.

• So let me get this straight. Cory basically spends class time dealing with his daughter’s problems by using comic books and a f*cking miracle drawer instead of teaching history?

• I applaud yet feel sorry for the class for putting up with unnecessary drama.

• Riley spends her whole life in her Bay Window anyway so grounding her for three weeks isn’t the most logical thing.

• A lot of people say that Topanga should’ve been harsher, but I think this is a matter of miscommunication on both sides. Topanga was clearly adamant on her daughter obeying her without considering what Riley wanted, but Riley also needed to know that she can’t just do whatever she wants just because she’s a little older than she used to be.

• Grow a spine, Cory.

• It bothers me how Riley drags Maya into all her problems. Like her fight with her mother should remain as a family only issue.

• Does Riley get paid for working at the bakery?

• Where’s Katy?

• I wish the writers would quit shoving the boys aside because I’m sure the boys also have some wonderful lessons to share (aka I’m still waiting for a racism episode)

• Also, running away over one arguement is a rash decision and ultimately not worth it. I’ve ran away twice (once because I was being bullied and another was depression-driven) and I tell you it’s not as easy as just running to your friend’s house and hoping your parents come looking for you. Chances are, your friend’s parents will call you family and you’ll be automatically busted (plus you can’t stay there forever). Also, you face a greater chance of crime ot harassment when you run away — and that’s only if you fully prepare yourself, unlike Riley. I honestly hoped GMW would take the topic of running away a little more seriously considering we have over a million teens living on the streets because of it, but as usual the show let me down.

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sometimes i see posts and feel so certain that destiel is real, but other times i read things that make me feel crazy for even shipping it, and make me wonder if i am just biased :(

Hey there! :)

I’m sorry you feel that way. And I get it, I relate to this, because I have felt this way for a long time, actually. :p There is awesome meta out there that gives you high expectations that the SPN writers fail to meet every single time. There are the critics who dislike Destiel and say that you are delusional for at all seeing what you see. And so on, and so forth. 

But here is what you’ve got to remember whenever you are in doubt: just stick to the facts.

FACT #1:

“I killed two angels this week, some of my brothers. I’m hunted, I’ve rebelled, and I did it, all of it, for you.”

An angel who has existed for millions of years, within the space of a year threw away everything he knew, even his own family, because of one simple human being. Not for Heaven, or humanity, or the greater good. For Dean. He forgets about everything he’s ever believed in, all for a guy he met a year ago? It’s the classical angel falls for a human love story, no matter how you try to twist it.


FACT #2:

Dean pining over his  so-called platonic dude-bro on SPN:

Sam pining over his lost love on the actual same show:



Show runner Jeremy Carver himself slipped Misha Collins a note to play Cas as a jilted lover in episode 9x06. If the show runner sees their relationship like that, how are YOU supposed to see it? 


Ironically something that I have just reblogged:

Now parallels  between shows (even when those shows are on the same network) are always debatable. They are often interesting, but don’t necessarily have to mean anything. But this is the same show. These are the same writers. Using the exact same dialogue for a couple that is clearly not platonic, and one that they keep claiming is platonic. You make of that what you want.


There are many different ways to put this, but if we call a spade a spade, Cas has literally been shown pining for Dean

And Dean has literally been shown pining for Cas

“You look sad when you think he can’t see you”. These two gave that sentence a whole new meaning on so many occasions, not just the two examples that I just gave.


The everybody knows trope. When one person jokes about it, it’s just teasing. When two persons do it, it’s a coincidence. But when everyone does it…

Enough said. Three times is a pattern. Even more times is… well, yeah. 


Most looks between them are open to interpretation, no matter what we want to see. They seriously are. However, some of them are so blatant, that not much room is left to give your own spin to it…

Pining, longing, lusting. I tried to come up with better labels, but found none. 



Every interpretation is valid, no matter what anyone says. In fact, fan interpretations are the reason any show will even LIVE to see a season 10. 

FACT #9 

None of this necessarily proves that Destiel is canon, but it IS proof that this ship is as valid (if not even more) as basically all canon straight ships on TV right now. Don’t ever feel weird or insecure for seeing what you see. This is either the most epic slow-burn love story ever told, or the biggest queer bait in the history of ever. Which one of the two it is, time will tell, but meanwhile, don’t let other people make you feel bad about this because it is not a male/female ship. 

Also, I am sorry for taking 5 days to answer you, because I had a crazy busy week, but stuff like this just makes me sad, and I hope this helps you, or any other Destiel shippers who have doubts. 

A/N: It is 14 pages on word. I am so sorry. lol. I got carried away.


You’re What?

(Vic Fuentes)

We didn’t start our family in the traditional way. Quite the opposite actually. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. We’ve always been unconventional.

The first time I ever met a Fuentes was in 8th grade. Mike and I were forced to be partners for a history project. Which was both of ours worst subject. Let’s just say, we did not ace it.

Mike and I immediately hit it off though. We had basically everything in common and by the end of that week I was pretty much begging my parents to adopt him so we could hang out all the time.

I’m still convinced we were separated at birth. We’re literally the same person.

About a month into our friendship Mike invited me over one day after school. That’s when I met the other Fuentes. Victor.

God, I hated him. He was so condescending and snide. Just because he was a grade higher than us he thought he was king shit.

Everything about him irked me. His stupid hair and annoying laugh. His mind numbingly long explanations of things. We get it, you’re smart. Shut up! Oh! And don’t even get me started on the way he teased Mike. I just wanted to deck him sometimes. No need to be so mean dammit.

It took about a year of me planning his murder about once a week for him to finally grow on me.

But then it happened when I slept over one night.


“Hey there.” Vic whispered as I woke up wrapped in his arms and a blanket.

“What happened?” I asked extremely confused as to how I ended up in this position.

“We all fell asleep about half way into the movie. Mike on the floor.” He informed me motioning to floor in front of the futon we were currently on. “And us here. You looked cold so I figured since we only had one blanket we’d have to share. Plus body heat always helps.”

“Oh. Ok. Makes sense.” I yawned snuggling closer to Vic. He’s quite cozy.

“Ya know, you talk in your sleep.” Vic chuckled after a moment of silence.

“I do?” I blushed. I never knew that. “What was I saying?”

“You informed me of how stupid my hair is. And that I should start wearing hats because apparently I’m going to bald early.”

“Oh my god are serious?”

“Mmhmm.” He nodded causing me to laugh hysterically for some reason. It’s a wonder we didn’t wake up Mike.

“I am so sorry.” I wheezed out between laughs.

“It’s ok.” Vic giggled.

After I had managed to contain my laughter I noticed Vic staring at me. And before I could process he was leaning in for a kiss. It wasn’t a long one but long enough for me to realize something.

“I’m sorry.” Vic whispered after I didn’t say anything for a minute.

“I-It’s alright.” I stammered. “Umm….I’m going to go sleep in your brother’s room. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Y/n wait……I…..umm……good night.” Vic sighed looking upset.

*End of flash back*

When I got to Mike’s room I flopped on the bed and let my thoughts drown me. It’s safe to say I didn’t sleep that night. But I did come to the realization that I have a massive crush on my best friend’s brother.

It was awkward for a little while after that night and I didn’t go over as often as I did before.

Until Vic showed up on my door step a couple weeks later and asked me out on a date. And we’ve been inseparable ever since.

After Mike and I graduated the 3 of us moved out together. Vic and I in our own apartment and Mike in one just a few doors down.

During this time Mike and Vic had met the rest of their band. Jaime and Tony. Or shall I say the man child and the mute. They were definitely an eclectic bunch.

Jaime and Tony moved in with Mike but it was basically like they all moved in with us. They were constantly over. Thank god the apartment manager refused to let them have band practice here, or they’d all be dead right now.

Vic being the smartest of us all got excepted into college. Between school and band practice he couldn’t work much so I picked up odd cleaning jobs with my mom.

What the other boys did for work I will never know, but they always had money. Honestly I was afraid to ask. But they had leant us some a few times so I couldn’t complain. And plus I loved them like the brothers I never wanted.

But all of those shenanigans are what lead to our little family. As backward and unexpected as it may have been.


“Are you ok baby?” Vic questioned quite concerned as he walked into the bathroom.

I had been hunched over the toilet puking my brains out all morning and begging for someone to please kill me.

“Yea. I think I just got a stomach bug or something. You know me, always sick.” I sighed leaning up against the wall behind me.

“Ok. Are you sure?”

“Yea I’m fine. I’m going to make an appointment though. Hopefully they can get me in today.” I reassured Vic not wanting him to worry.

“I hope it’s nothing.” He sighed handing me my toothbrush.

“Probably is. No need to worry.”


After I had cleaned myself up a bit and Vic left for school I called my doctor. Luckily she had a cancelation that day and I was able to go in shortly after I called.

“So what brings you in today hun?” The nurse asked as I sat on the exam table.

“I’ve been sick the past couple days. Throwing up, fatigue, and dizzy spells.” I listed my symptoms.

Vic thought today was the first day I was feeling sick. I hate keeping it from him but I just hate to make him worry. He has enough on his plate as it is.

“Just the past couple days?” The nurse confirmed as she typed.

“Yea, this is the third day.”

“And when was your last period?”

“I don’t know. About a month ago. It’s so irregular lately it’s hard to keep track.” I explained trying to think back.

“Ok. I’m just going to take your vitals and then the doctor should be in shortly.” She informed me grabbing the blood pressure machine.

“Thank you.” I smiled as she walked out of the door after taking my blood pressure and temperature.


“Good afternoon Miss y/l/n.” My doctor greeted as she walked into the room.

“Hi.” I smiled feeling really nervous for some reason.

“So you’ve been feeling sick recently?”


“With some vomiting and dizziness? How long?” She questioned reviewing my chart.

“Mmhmm. Today is the third day.” I informed her.

“Well all your vitals look perfect. It’s most likely just a stomach bug but I’m going have you go down to the lab so we can run some tests.” She smiled closing my chart. Thank god I’m still on my parents insurance. Lab tests are not cheap.

“Alright.” I nodded kind of disappointed. I really want to know what’s wrong with me.

“It’ll take a couple days to get your results back so just go ahead and go right out to the nurse’s station and make an appointment to come back and see me in a few days. Then just head on down to the lab.”

“Ok. See you in a few days. Have a good day.”

“Thank you. You too. Goodbye y/n.” She smiled comfortingly and patted my back.

“Bye.” I sighed in reply as I walked toward the nurse’s station.

“Hey darling. How did it go?” Vic greeted as he walked into the kitchen.

“Fine. My vitals were normal so she’s going to run some tests and then I’ll go back to see her in a few days." 

"Ok. Well I hope everything is alright.”

“Yea. Me too.” I sighed. I was actually pretty worried.

“Do you want me to go with you when you go back?” Vic asked moving me so I was sitting on his lap.

“I would love you to, but you have school.”

“I can miss.”

“Nope. You cannot mister.” I shook my head. He had missed enough with band stuff. I wasn’t going to make him miss more. “Don’t. I’m not changing my mind.” I warned. Did he really think the pout was going to work on me?

“Come on. I’ll make you some dinner.” I laughed kissing his nose before I got up and walked to the fridge.


“Good afternoon Miss y/l/n. Feeling any better?” My doctor asked as she walked into the exam room I was in.

“Not really. I’ve developed some other symptoms though. Last night my boyfriend brought home Italian food for dinner and I usually love alfredo but as soon as I smelt it I started throwing up. That’s never happened before.” I explained.

If I’m being honest I felt like it got worse over the past few days.

“Ok. Well let’s take a look at your test results.”

“Hmm. Well I seem to have found the problem. You’re pregnant.” She informed me rather casually.

“I’m what?!” I practically yelled.

“Pregnant. Almost 3 weeks to be exact.” She added looking at my chart again.

“Holy fucking shit. Sorry. Excuse my language.” I apologized covering my mouth. “But I thought morning sickness didn’t start until later in the pregnancy.”

“It all depends on the person. And unfortunately since yours did start so early it seems that you’ll be having it throughout the entire pregnancy.” She explained to me but I wasn’t paying the most attention. I was in too much shock.

“I’ll give you some time.” She tried to comfort me after a pretty long silence. “Why don’t you go home, discuss it with your boyfriend, and then you can let me know your decision. And we can go from there alright?” She finished and I just nodded still not having words.

“I’ve been trying to get your attention for 10 minutes.” Vic sighed when I finally looked up from the hole I was burning in the floor from staring at it so hard.

I had come home from the doctor still in shock and couldn’t bring myself to do anything but stare at the floor and try to figure out how I was going to tell Vic.

“Oh. I’m sorry.” I whispered and Vic moved to sit next to me on the couch.

“Are you ok?” He asked rubbing my back soothingly.

“I’m not sure. I have to talk to you.” I choked out with a shaky voice.

“O-ok.” Vic stuttered out looking at me nervously.

“I…..umm…..I’m-” I tried but couldn’t quite get it out.

“Are you breaking up with me?” Poor guy looked almost in tears.

“God no.” I shook my head grabbing his hands. “Vic. I’m pregnant.” I sighed looking straight into his eyes.

“You-ya-you’re-preg. Wha-? Pregnant?” He stammered not breaking eye contact.


“H-how long?”

“Almost four weeks. That’s why I’ve been so sick.” I explained feeling a little relieved it was finally out there.

“Holy fucking shit.”

“My reaction exactly.” I chuckled trying to lighten the mood. But that failed miserably.

“I….uh…..I-” Vic stumbled rubbing his face. “We’re just kids y/n. We can’t have a kid. What are we going to do?”

“I don’t know.” I shrugged because I honestly had no idea.

“Oh my god.” He repeated over and over face in his hands.

“Hey. Calm down. It’s ok. We don’t have to discuss or decide anything right now. I don’t even know what I want to do yet. So let’s just relax, process on our own, and we’ll talk about it tomorrow ok?” I tried to comfort turning him to face me.

“I love you.” I whispered leaning in to kiss his nose.

“I love you too y/n.” Vic sighed before grabbing my face and kissing me relentlessly.

Hopefully that means he’s not too mad.


I hadn’t slept hardly at all last night worrying.

I had just turned 19. Vic was all of 20. I had no job. Vic only had a part time one. Neither of us knew a damn thing about kids. I’m an only child and Mike and Vic are incredibly close in age so that doesn’t even really count.

What the fuck are we going to do?


“Shall we talk?” Vic asked coming up behind me and kissing my neck as I stood at the kitchen counter.

He had just got home from school and I was washing my dishes from lunch.

“Yea.” I sighed taking his hand so I could lead him to the couch.

“So first I should say that, I’m not getting an abortion.” I stated rather firmly afraid that that was what he was thinking.

“I know baby. And besides, I wouldn’t want you to get one anyways.” Vic shook his head cupping my left cheek to try and comfort me.

“Ok good. So our options are keeping them or adoption.”

“Either way we’re going to have to tell our parents.”

“That’ll be fun.” I rolled my eyes sarcastically.

“Well your parents won’t be so bad. The worst will be your dad. And after he threatens to shoot my dick off for the millionth time he’ll be over it.” Vic laughed lightly.

I honestly couldn’t tell you how many times my dad threatened him with various things. But chopping/shooting his dick off was a common one.

“True. But you know Mama Fuentes is going to castrate you, right?” I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Oh trust me, I know.” He chuckled.

“What are we going to tell the boys?” I asked just before we heard loud footsteps in our living room.

I guess we missed the door opening. Why the hell did I ever give those boys a key?

“Tell the boys about what?” Tony asked flopping down in the recliner.

“Oh nothing. Not important.” I smiled as I turned to face the boys better.

“Y/n. You better tell me. Don’t make me sit on you.” Jaime warned moving towards me.

“No! You can’t!” Vic yelled throwing his arm out to stop him.

“What? Am I going to crush the baby?” Jaime laughed looking to the other boys who also chuckled a bit. When neither of us said anything Jaime gasped, “No!”

“There’s a little Fuentes in there?” Mike smiled as wide as he possibly could.

“I don’t know about Fuentes, but yea there’s a little person in here.” I sighed rubbing my non-existent bump. Not yet at least.

“A little Fuentes.” Vic nodded before smiling widely.

Being quite shocked by his response I gave him a look as if to say ‘Are you sure?’ and he just nodded.

“Guys, can we have a minute?” Vic asked grabbing my hand and leading me to our room.

Vic sat on the bed legs crossed and motioned for me to sit on his lap facing him.

“You mean it?” I whispered into his neck.

“Yea. I really want to keep them.” He replied holding me tighter.

“Me too.” I grinned from ear to ear.

We just sat there wrapped up in each out for a while letting it all sink in.

“Holy shit. We’re going to be parents.” Vic chucked in disbelief before grabbing my face and kissing it all over.

“GUYS, WE’RE GOING TO BE UNCLES!” We heard Mike yell from the other side of the door which caused us both to erupt into laughter.

“I love you y/f/n.” Vic smiled kissing my nose.

“I love you too Victor Vincent Fuentes.” I whispered running my fingers through his hair.

“You too little bean.” He giggled rubbing my belly.


About a month later we figured it was time to tell out parents. Mine were first.

“That’s amazing honey.” My mom cheered as she tucked my bangs behind my ear. “I still think I’m too young to be a grandma but that’s ok. I’m happy for you sweetie. And I’m here no matter what ok?” She reassured looking toward Vic too who smiled in reply.

“Victor-” My dad started.

“I know sir. I’m really sorry. I don’t know what to say for myself. Please don’t ha-” It was my dad’s turn to cut Vic off now.

“Son, all I was going to say was officially welcome to the family. And that you better take care of my daughter and grandchild.”

“Really? You’re not mad?”

“Not at all. You two are grown ups. You make your own decisions. And we’re here to support you in those decisions. Besides, I’ve always liked you and your music. So if she’s going to have a baby out of wedlock, I’m glad it’s with you.” My dad smiled at Vic patting him on the back.

“Thank you Mr. y/l/n.” Vic sighed in relief.

“Call me y/d/n.”

“I love you daddy.” I smiled widely hugging my dad tight.

I would always be a daddy’s girl.

“I love you too baby girl.” He whispered kissing the top of my head.

Vic’s POV:

We had already told y/n’s parents and they took it pretty well. Mine were going to be a totally different story though.

Batten down the hatches.

“Mama, Papa…..y/n is pregnant.” I barely blurted out as we stood in my parent’s back yard.

It was Sunday, which meant family dinner. I figured now was as good a time as any. At least there were witnesses in case either of them tried to kill me.

My mom immediately started yelling obscene things in Spanish. Thank god y/n didn’t know much Spanish because she’d probably be in tears right now.

“Mama. Calm down. You’re going to be an abuela. Be happy.” I whispered to my mother quickly.

“Lo siento mijo.” She sighed before taking a few breathes and turning to y/n. “Congratulations sweetie. You’re going to be a wonderful mother.”

“Thank you Mama.” Y/n replied shakily probably still a little shaken up from the yelling.

“I would prefer you two be married, Victor.” My dad spoke sternly giving me a disapproving look.

“I know. Soon enough though.” I smiled slightly kissing y/n’s cheek.

Way ahead of you dad.

“My little grandbaby. I’m so excited. My mom finally had a smile on her face as she placed a hand on y/n’s ‘bump’.

My parents were definitely not happy but that’s just fine. They’ll learn to live with it. We’re adults. We know what we’re doing. I hope.


Y/n had really taken what our parents said to heart. Her dad saying ‘out of wedlock’ and my father making it known he was not happy about us not being married.

I had already planned on proposing to y/n even before the conversations with our parents. And I decided our anniversary would be the perfect time. Which just so happened to be about a month and a half later.

I cleaned the whole house, cooked us dinner, set up candles everywhere and even bought y/n a new dress just for the occasion. Everything was perfect.

She was so surprised she instantly burst into tears. Hormones I guessed.

Although we were having a baby together and had been in a relationship for quite a while, I still about fell out of my chair when she said yes.


"Fuck you Fuentes! You’re never getting anywhere near me again!” Y/n yelled at me in between pushes.

“I know darling. I’m sorry.” I tried to sooth wiping the sweat from her forehead with a damp cloth.

“You’re lucky I love you.” She growled pushing my hand away.

“I know. Very lucky. I love you too.” I sighed taking her hand as the doctor asked her to push again.

Y/n just shook her head breathing hard. Poor girl.

“Hey, look at me. One more ok? That’s it and then we get to meet our little bean.” I whispered and she nodded her head squeezing my hand tighter.

“It’s a girl!” The doctor yelled over our baby girl’s screams and held her up to show both of us. “Dad.” A nurse said handing me scissors so I could cut the umbilical cord.

“Wait. Where are you taking her? I want her.” Y/n whined, tears starting as a nurse took our crying baby to the other side of the large hospital room.

“They’re just going to clean her up and make sure everything’s fine and then you can have her. I promise.” I soothed combing my fingers through y/n’s hair. She just nodded in response before pulling me in for a passionate kiss.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you.” Y/n sniffled when she finally pulled away.

“It’s ok baby.” I chuckled slightly. She has every right to yell at me.


“Does the little one have a name yet?” A nurse asked as she walked in the room interrupting y/n’s babble about bows and tutus. I think she was the most excited about getting to finally play dress up with someone honestly.

“Sayer. Sayer Reese.” Y/n smiled at the nurse.

Y/n had told me very early on in her pregnancy that she’s had all of her kids named since she was 13. Which meant I didn’t have much say.

But I wasn’t complaining. I liked the name. It was a special name for a special girl.

“Y/l/n?” The nurse questioned before she continued typing.

“Oh no. Fuentes. Sayer Reese Fuentes.” Y/n looked at me and smiled as wide as possible. And I couldn’t contain my grin either.

“She’s gorgeous y/n. She looks just like you.” I swooned as I scooted closer to y/n on the quite large hospital bed.

“She’s got your nose and smile though.” Y/n giggled poking Sayer’s nose.

“God, I love you so much y/n. I can’t wait for you to be my wife.” I cooed kissing the top of her head a few times.

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited to become Mrs. Fuentes. I love you too Vic.” Y/n whispered looking up to kiss me.


Today was our first full day back at home. We had gotten in really late last night and y/n was still asleep.

The boys were on their way over though to finally meet Sayer since y/n had refused to let them come to the hospital. She was afraid she might actually strangle all of them if they did. And I couldn’t really blame her. Those boys were a fucking handful sometimes.

“Hey Bean. Are you ready to meet your uncles?” I asked Sayer and she smiled in response. “Yea?” I giggled. This little girl made me so happy, you have no idea.

Just then I heard the boys clamber through the front door. “Shh. Y/n is sleeping.” I scolded.

“She’s gorgeous man. I’m so happy for you.” Tony complimented patting me on the back.

“Look at those hands. I see a bass player in our future.” Jaime chuckled raising Sayer’s arms casing her to smile again.

“Yea right. Y/n already chose her career path. Ballerina.” I laughed.

“Yea right. Leave her with me long enough and she’ll be burning tutus.” Mike said sounding rather cocky.

“She will not Michael. You will not corrupt my child.” Y/n scolded as she hobbled into the living room.

Mike rushed over to her to help her walk a little better. “I’m just kidding. Here, you want the couch?” He questioned.

“Recliner.” She smiled up at him and he helped her get comfortable.

As soon as she was settled she made grabby hands at me so I would bring her Sayer.

We all sat and talked for a while until Sayer started to fuss.

“Alright. It’s feeding time boys. I love y'all but you gotta go.” Y/n teased and the boys all obeyed. But not before saying goodbye to their brand new niece.

“I love you y/n.” I whispered kissing y/n’s cheek ever so gently not wanting to disturb my daughter’s meal.

“I love you too Victor.” Y/n sighed placing her hand on my cheek and pulling me in for a proper kiss.

This was my perfect little unconventional family.

011: Film - Psycho

Sorry for not posting in ages! Summer has been pretty hectic (I moved) and after settling in, I am now in the second week of a film camp I’m taking that analyzes the history of film (basically we just watch movies in class). Anyways, these are some of my notes for a movie we started watching today, Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.