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A fun, easy-to-use format if you, a public figure, is dragged into an apology for a destructive history of sexual harassment or assault!

Hello. I want to address the stories told to [reputable New York-based print publication] by these [number] [type of person you sexually preyed on while taking advantage their trust in a professional environment]. I just want to say right now: these allegations are true. I am writing this letter to [verb that isn’t quite a synonym of “apologize”] to the [synonym for “beautiful”] women I’ve hurt in the past. I’m [adjective that’s not “sorry”] for taking out my [dick].

I came of age at a time when standards were different. It was [any time in human history that wasn’t like three weeks ago]. Almost anything was acceptable. It was okay to [verb you’d do on a farm] women. I saw my father once [verb you’d do in an Orange Julius] a woman with a [noun you’d shoplift from a Sharper Image] he found at [Lids hat store]. That was just the norm back then. You could basically do anything to a woman, especially if she was a [number less than or equal to six]. I mean, in the eyes of the law a woman less than a seven is a [type of house pet]. You’re allowed to take them to the vet. I heard that once. Again, I’m [word that’s not “sorry”] about my [dick].

I honestly don’t remember the allegations about my [dick]. I have a pretty bad memory. I don’t even remember what happened in [episode of acclaimed AMC or Amazon drama]. I used to have to read Wikipedia between episodes of [Halt and Catch Fire or Bosch] to remember what happened the week before. How could I forget [extremely detailed recap of season 2 episode 5 of Halt and Catch Fire “Extract and Defend,” which is the one where Cameron and Joe cross paths, sending Cameron into a tailspin and Gordon searches for connection as he absorbs difficult news]! So of course I wouldn’t remember corning a woman in the bathroom at our [place of work] and going to [verb] her [noun] and then taking out my [noun] and making her [verb] it while blocking the [door or window] so she couldn’t [verb] even if she wanted to. That just wouldn’t really make an impression.

Look, I’m not afraid to admit it. I am a cute little pervert, and so is my [dick]. I am sick, just like [friend or co-worker who is an actor on a streaming show or a member of the United States senate that you want to throw under the bus to take the heat off your apology] who is also definitely a predator, I have proof. I have harassed all kinds of women. [Nationality] women. [Other “nationality” which borders on racial slur] women. I made both [famous tennis playing sisters] watch me [way of cleansing one’s body with water while standing up]. I’ve always thought [female fast food mascot] was very attractive and I once ordered a venti [favorite flavor of Frappuccino] and put my [dick] in the cup so it would look like the Starbucks mermaid was sucking my [dick]. Look. How many times do I have to say it? I’m [not quite “sorry”].

In my defense, honestly, you can’t say these women weren’t a part of the problem. Of course they were asking for it, why else would they be named [female name that ends in “i”] or [literally any other female name]? They would walk all around you at parties wearing [type of clothes] clothes. Can you believe it? [Type of clothes] clothes! You could clearly see their [non-sexual body parts]. Come on. How was I supposed to resist? If a woman really didn’t want the attention, why would she be wearing her [body part]? She[any amount of the letter “e”]esh!

This story has encouraged me to address other aspects of my life. I will go to rehab for being an a[dick]t. What I’ve learned from this ordeal is that I am an extremely influential [profession] who is admired by [number between three million and all] people and could’ve been [a more academic profession] if I had wanted to, everyone in my family thought so, I just didn’t want to go to that many years of grad school. Also, in other news, I now choose to live as a [gay or religious] man. Please give me and my [gay or religious] [dick] our privacy.

Again, I would just to end by [gerund that is not “apologizing”] one more time. Please [Christian noun] for me as I go on this journey of recovery. And hey, cut me some slack: at least I’m not [Woody Allen].


[Your name] and [your name]’s dick

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Hi! Hopefully this isn't repetitive. I'm writing a novel set in the 1940's. It doesn't focus much on the wars and stuff, but basically I need anything about 40's conflicts, Psychiatric care/hospitals and methods in the 1940's, any sort of cryptozoology/paranormal history in that area of time, and any sort of boarding school info, like lifestyles and how it worked and stuff like that. If that's too much, I'm sorry. Any help in any areas that sound interesting to you are fine. :) THANK


Pop Culture: 




Psychiatric care/hospitals:



Sexuality in the 1940s:

Racism in the 1940s:

Cryptozoology and the paranormal:

jenna headcanons for jenna week: day five

Day five- Random AU (Draw/Write about Jenna in an AU of your choice) this is late sorry @jenna-week

okay so this is gonna be a hogwarts au aka. the most self indulgent thing i’ve ever written in my life. but on on the bright side im probably gonna make a whole series out of this so uh STAY TUNED I GUESS! @the-mangoos-n-craem

  • she’s a half blood (half blood father muggle mother)
  • she grew up in england even though her father was born in america and her mom’s italian
  • so basically: no close family history at hogwarts (although she has a HUGE family so probably there’s some third cousin who’s gone) and she’s nervous as heck bc she doesn’t really know what to expect??
    • although on the other hand this means there’s no pressure to be in a certain house,,,,
  • at the train station she’s v scared and a bit teary bc she doesn’t want to leave her parents and muggle friends behind af;ldkjsl;afdks so when jenna gets on the train she’s just looking for an empty compartment of which there are basically none
    • near the end of the train she’s giving up hope and she walks into a compartment she thinks is empty but there’s a few first years sitting in there
    •  immediately jenna apologizes and tries to walk away but this girl bounces up from her seat and swings the closing door open and says, “come sit with us!! what’s your name? this is,” she added, pointing behind her, “jeremy and michael and we’re all new to hogwarts. oh, and im christine by the way!” and well. jenna hasn’t figured out she likes girls, but flip if christine’s swinging black hair isn’t mesmerizing, and she seems to actually want jenna to sit down, and maybe even be friends? and that’s an offer far too tempting to resist, so jenna grins, and says, “i’d love to sit with you. my name’s jenna.” and so the train ride flies by, and she barely even thinks about how much she misses her parents already, and how terrified she is to be sorted….
  • as soon as the train reaches the station jeremy rushes off to go throw up (he gets carsick) and michael, unwisely perhaps, follows close behind
    • and so jenna sticks with christine
    • they make their way to the boats but when it’s time to go jere and mike are nowhere to be seen so instead jenna and christine find themselves in a boat with two girls named chloe and brooke
    • jenna doesn’t. quite know what to think of them — brooke smiling quietly at them, looking rather green with seasickness and fear, chloe asking almost as many questions as christine (”what house do you think you’ll be in? where’re you from? do you know any magic yet?”) in a notably more aggressive fashion, though she says nothing outwardly mean
    • finally their boat hits the shore (brooke practically collapses onto the dirt in relief) and jenna follows christine as she — there’s no other way of saying it — skips after the professor up to the castle
    • after a few minutes of nervous waiting around in the great hall the first years are told to line up by last name and christine impulsively hugs jenna before dashing up to the front of the queue 
    • therefore jenna is a blushy gal as she slips into line in front of another girl with a cloud of fluffy dark hair who grimaces tensely at her and whispers, “i’m madeline russell. what’s your name?” and they joke back and forth a few moments, with madeline at one point reaching out and fixing the twisted sleeve of jenna’s robe and jenna later laughing aloud until people start to stare and she quiets down
  • so as rolan is one of the later names in the alphabet jenna has to stand, stomach churning, and watch as each of her — well, she’s afraid to call them this after knowing them for such little time, but — friends are sorted into different houses — jeremy and chloe into slytherin, michael and brooke into hufflepuff, and christine into ravenclaw
    • but at last it’s her turn and madeline murmers, “you got this!” encouragingly in her ear
    • she’s a bit sweaty and downright terrified jenna is not a fan of all the eyes on her
    • after maybe twenty seconds with the sorting hat it’s determined: gryffindor!
    • shaking, she goes to sit with two boys who she will later learn to be rich and jake…
    • she’s SO relieved that the sorting went okay but quickly realizes she’s not with any of her friends — especially after the hat shouts “ravenclaw” nearly the second it touches madeline’s head
    • what will happen next?? who knows not me
  • ok this is a lot longer than i expected it to be and im tired so that’s all…. for now
  • if you read all that you have my unending love and support im highkey nervous to post this so

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You always shove your face to mine in mocking way so i just kiss you so that you will stop doing it aka taehyung likes to playfully mock yoongi right in his face and that one time where yoongi had enough of it so he kiss him and now taehyung is ignoring him and he kinda like the peace but at the same time miss the younger. P/s : taehyung cant stop thinking about the kiss so he avoids the older. Thanks btw

☛ Yoongi kisses Taehyung and likes it more than he thought he would.
✘ 750 words; college AU; fluff, fluff and more fluff.

And look, Yoongi really hadn’t planned any of this.

If he’s being completely honest, all Yoongi had wanted was a quiet hour at the library (what the fuck was quiet in their college library, but Yoongi could dream) and not get that annoyingly adorable freshman’s face shoved in front his every ten seconds. It made Yoongi want to wipe that horrendous teasing grin of his face.

It’s all Taehyung’s fault, really.

And now they were kissing behind the bookshelves on alphabetically arranged Botany.

“Fucking dork,” Yoongi mumbles when they break apart, but that’s just Yoongi’s way of telling Taehyung he kind of (really) liked it.

Taehyung, on the other hand, looks terrified.

“Are you okay?” Yoongi asks concerned, because Taehyung looks like he’s just swallowed a coin or something and that’s not a good sign after you’ve just kissed someone, even if it is to prove a point.

But Taehyung just nods mutely and before Yoongi can do anything, Taehyung’s backing away shakily and walking out of the library.


“What’s up with Tae?” Jimin asks Yoongi a week later when they’re walking to the same History class.

“Ask him,” Yoongi mumbles, and okay he feels a little sorry about scaring Taehyung off like that, but in his defense, the guy was literally asking for it.

His face was two inches from Yoongi’s. What was Yoongi supposed to do?

(In his defense, Yoongi isn’t the type to not kiss a cute guy if the opportunity presents itself.)

Jimin cocks an eyebrow. “Every time he sees you in a five mile radius, he goes bright red and basically sprints off in the opposite direction. It’s like he’s mad at you or something.”

“Look, he’s the one whose been shoving his face three inches from mine all of last month and he’s mad I finally got annoyed about it and kissed him.”

You kissed Taehyung?” Jimin squeals, and Yoongi smacks Jimin’s forearm.

“Didn’t think he’d mind,” Yoongi mumbles, walking into class and plonking himself at the back.

“Look, I wouldn’t worry too much,” Jimin says at last, taking the seat next to Yoongi.

“What? Why?”

“Because,” Jimin smirks, “if I know Taehyung at all, he’s always like that when he has a crush.”

It takes Yoongi about half the fucking lecture to stop his cheeks from reddening and the other half to get Taehyung and the word ‘crush’ to stop flitting about his head.


Oh,” is the first word that spills from Taehyung’s lips when he bumps into Yoongi two days later in front of the cafeteria before breakfast.

“Hey,” Yoongi says, and he wants to ignore Taehyung’s unruly dark hair sticking out in every direction, his thick glasses just askew on his nose, his tired eyes and his pretty Daegu accent that slipped through the cracks when Taehyung wasn’t paying attention.

Yoongi really wants to ignore it all.

“Hyung, I- ” Taehyung trails off, voice cracking a little from disuse. Yoongi grins.

“Jimin says you’re mad at me,” Yoongi drawls, watching Taehyung’s eyes widen in shock.

I’m not - I never said that, I swear, Jimin says the stupidest things - ”

“Uh huh,” Yoongi smirks, taking a step closer to Taehyung. “He said it’s either that or you have a crush on me.”

Taehyung goes completely red then and Yoongi has to bite his lip to not let the laughter fall past his lips at how easy it was to get Taehyung flustered.

“I can’t believe he’d - Jimin doesn’t even know- ”

Yoongi clicks his tongue. “So you don’t have a crush on me?”

Taehyung looks to the floor for a while before answering. “Didn’t say I didn’t,” he mumbles, and Yoongi is sure he’s never felt more smug.

“If you have a crush on me,” Yoongi says, hovering his face so close to Taehyung, he can feel his breath against his lips, “then you shouldn’t mind this.”

Taehyung’s breath hitches and his eyes flicker to Yoongi’s lips and back at Yoongi’s eyes again.

“Mind w-what?”

Yoongi pulls away just then, tugging Taehyung by the hand.

“Me playing your stupid game,” Yoongi grins. Taehyung looks a little disappointed but Yoongi makes up for it with 8AM coffee and asking Taehyung out to movies next week and Taehyung looks like he will let Yoongi tease him a little longer.

Yoongi may be the tease, but Taehyung started it.

(Yoongi doesn’t mind kissing Taehyung at all though, so it’s kind of worth it.)

My Take on GM Her Monster

Whoopsie a bit late. In no particular order…

• The boys. ‘Nuff said.

• I understand Topanga taking Riley’s electronics because Riley’s her daughter and Topanga grounded her, but there was absolutely no reason for Maya’s phone to be taken away.

• Is Isadora f*cking sick or something half the year?

• I really hates how Topanga clearly favoured Riley over Auggie. From experience, that stuff hurts like damn. At least Cory was there for his son.

• So let me get this straight. Cory basically spends class time dealing with his daughter’s problems by using comic books and a f*cking miracle drawer instead of teaching history?

• I applaud yet feel sorry for the class for putting up with unnecessary drama.

• Riley spends her whole life in her Bay Window anyway so grounding her for three weeks isn’t the most logical thing.

• A lot of people say that Topanga should’ve been harsher, but I think this is a matter of miscommunication on both sides. Topanga was clearly adamant on her daughter obeying her without considering what Riley wanted, but Riley also needed to know that she can’t just do whatever she wants just because she’s a little older than she used to be.

• Grow a spine, Cory.

• It bothers me how Riley drags Maya into all her problems. Like her fight with her mother should remain as a family only issue.

• Does Riley get paid for working at the bakery?

• Where’s Katy?

• I wish the writers would quit shoving the boys aside because I’m sure the boys also have some wonderful lessons to share (aka I’m still waiting for a racism episode)

• Also, running away over one arguement is a rash decision and ultimately not worth it. I’ve ran away twice (once because I was being bullied and another was depression-driven) and I tell you it’s not as easy as just running to your friend’s house and hoping your parents come looking for you. Chances are, your friend’s parents will call you family and you’ll be automatically busted (plus you can’t stay there forever). Also, you face a greater chance of crime ot harassment when you run away — and that’s only if you fully prepare yourself, unlike Riley. I honestly hoped GMW would take the topic of running away a little more seriously considering we have over a million teens living on the streets because of it, but as usual the show let me down.

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sometimes i see posts and feel so certain that destiel is real, but other times i read things that make me feel crazy for even shipping it, and make me wonder if i am just biased :(

Hey there! :)

I’m sorry you feel that way. And I get it, I relate to this, because I have felt this way for a long time, actually. :p There is awesome meta out there that gives you high expectations that the SPN writers fail to meet every single time. There are the critics who dislike Destiel and say that you are delusional for at all seeing what you see. And so on, and so forth. 

But here is what you’ve got to remember whenever you are in doubt: just stick to the facts.

FACT #1:

“I killed two angels this week, some of my brothers. I’m hunted, I’ve rebelled, and I did it, all of it, for you.”

An angel who has existed for millions of years, within the space of a year threw away everything he knew, even his own family, because of one simple human being. Not for Heaven, or humanity, or the greater good. For Dean. He forgets about everything he’s ever believed in, all for a guy he met a year ago? It’s the classical angel falls for a human love story, no matter how you try to twist it.


FACT #2:

Dean pining over his  so-called platonic dude-bro on SPN:

Sam pining over his lost love on the actual same show:



Show runner Jeremy Carver himself slipped Misha Collins a note to play Cas as a jilted lover in episode 9x06. If the show runner sees their relationship like that, how are YOU supposed to see it? 


Ironically something that I have just reblogged:

Now parallels  between shows (even when those shows are on the same network) are always debatable. They are often interesting, but don’t necessarily have to mean anything. But this is the same show. These are the same writers. Using the exact same dialogue for a couple that is clearly not platonic, and one that they keep claiming is platonic. You make of that what you want.


There are many different ways to put this, but if we call a spade a spade, Cas has literally been shown pining for Dean

And Dean has literally been shown pining for Cas

“You look sad when you think he can’t see you”. These two gave that sentence a whole new meaning on so many occasions, not just the two examples that I just gave.


The everybody knows trope. When one person jokes about it, it’s just teasing. When two persons do it, it’s a coincidence. But when everyone does it…

Enough said. Three times is a pattern. Even more times is… well, yeah. 


Most looks between them are open to interpretation, no matter what we want to see. They seriously are. However, some of them are so blatant, that not much room is left to give your own spin to it…

Pining, longing, lusting. I tried to come up with better labels, but found none. 



Every interpretation is valid, no matter what anyone says. In fact, fan interpretations are the reason any show will even LIVE to see a season 10. 

FACT #9 

None of this necessarily proves that Destiel is canon, but it IS proof that this ship is as valid (if not even more) as basically all canon straight ships on TV right now. Don’t ever feel weird or insecure for seeing what you see. This is either the most epic slow-burn love story ever told, or the biggest queer bait in the history of ever. Which one of the two it is, time will tell, but meanwhile, don’t let other people make you feel bad about this because it is not a male/female ship. 

Also, I am sorry for taking 5 days to answer you, because I had a crazy busy week, but stuff like this just makes me sad, and I hope this helps you, or any other Destiel shippers who have doubts. 

011: Film - Psycho

Sorry for not posting in ages! Summer has been pretty hectic (I moved) and after settling in, I am now in the second week of a film camp I’m taking that analyzes the history of film (basically we just watch movies in class). Anyways, these are some of my notes for a movie we started watching today, Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.