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My Take on GM Her Monster

Whoopsie a bit late. In no particular order…

• The boys. ‘Nuff said.

• I understand Topanga taking Riley’s electronics because Riley’s her daughter and Topanga grounded her, but there was absolutely no reason for Maya’s phone to be taken away.

• Is Isadora f*cking sick or something half the year?

• I really hates how Topanga clearly favoured Riley over Auggie. From experience, that stuff hurts like damn. At least Cory was there for his son.

• So let me get this straight. Cory basically spends class time dealing with his daughter’s problems by using comic books and a f*cking miracle drawer instead of teaching history?

• I applaud yet feel sorry for the class for putting up with unnecessary drama.

• Riley spends her whole life in her Bay Window anyway so grounding her for three weeks isn’t the most logical thing.

• A lot of people say that Topanga should’ve been harsher, but I think this is a matter of miscommunication on both sides. Topanga was clearly adamant on her daughter obeying her without considering what Riley wanted, but Riley also needed to know that she can’t just do whatever she wants just because she’s a little older than she used to be.

• Grow a spine, Cory.

• It bothers me how Riley drags Maya into all her problems. Like her fight with her mother should remain as a family only issue.

• Does Riley get paid for working at the bakery?

• Where’s Katy?

• I wish the writers would quit shoving the boys aside because I’m sure the boys also have some wonderful lessons to share (aka I’m still waiting for a racism episode)

• Also, running away over one arguement is a rash decision and ultimately not worth it. I’ve ran away twice (once because I was being bullied and another was depression-driven) and I tell you it’s not as easy as just running to your friend’s house and hoping your parents come looking for you. Chances are, your friend’s parents will call you family and you’ll be automatically busted (plus you can’t stay there forever). Also, you face a greater chance of crime ot harassment when you run away — and that’s only if you fully prepare yourself, unlike Riley. I honestly hoped GMW would take the topic of running away a little more seriously considering we have over a million teens living on the streets because of it, but as usual the show let me down.

French School System Info for Fanfic Writers

I’ve seen a lot of fics mentioning “Finals” or “Exam Week”. Honestly, there is no such thing at the end of every school year. There are however, final exams that are very special and come at special times.


This is what Mari and Adrien are going to pass at the end of the year. It’s a test for 9th graders that is basically their transition to lycee. There is a French, Math, and History section and that’s it (for people in french schools at least). 


This is a test I’m supposed to take at the end of the year (but i won’t because my mom realized that finals and brevet didn’t work for me). Anyways, you take this at the end of 11th grade, right before terminale. 


This is the final test you take at the end of your years in lycee that basically show if you passed or failed. You’ve already taken the French portion so here it’s what you’re “majoring” in. It can be BAC LIT or BAC SCI, whatever you decide.

So yeah finals aren’t really a thing, but these three tests ARE.

011: Film - Psycho

Sorry for not posting in ages! Summer has been pretty hectic (I moved) and after settling in, I am now in the second week of a film camp I’m taking that analyzes the history of film (basically we just watch movies in class). Anyways, these are some of my notes for a movie we started watching today, Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.