sorry this is a really quick sketch

quick will sketch


Sorry for completely unrelated blog posts, but I like sharing art. I’ll always tag just off-character posts with OOC and my art, so you guys are welcome to block the OOC tag at least! So you don’t get all the crud.

I also go back and delete a lot of OOC posts after a while.

This is quick sketch fan art of Flora from 2kinds! I drew a REALLY old drawing for him back as a child (2003? 4?) and wanted to see how Flora would look in my current style really fast. 

Enjoy :)


I’m sorry that this isn’t very good. ^^“ Its late at night and this is only a small quick sketch. I promise that I am better than this. @burebu-luxiu MemoryFell is quickly becoming my favorite Undertale AU. I love how lighthearted and soft it is! I also really love Papyrus… but I am a shy person, so that’s why I hid when Papyrus turned around. 😂I just want a hug… I drew myself based on my icon that I made.

Sorry for not being super active but I’ve been working on a really big animation so I haven’t been able to just doodle lately /cries in corner/ 

Anyway, a quick sketch of Killua because he’s my favorite and because I need to frigin’ learn how to draw him proper. 

anxiety-instinct  asked:

do a sketch of daryl and rick i need it thanks bye

Do you ever sit down to draw a nice quick drawing and then your brain is like “no. we’re finishing this shit through and through.”

Well anyways that happens to me a lot

Send me the name of a character and I’ll do a “quick” sketch of them

*I’m sorry it took forever to get around to these asks*


Some more of these kids + some other cuties! I’m having a lot of fun designing these human-ish characters of of the Alola Pokemon, and I’m probably gonna keep on rolling with it. Sorry for all of the sudden Pokemon stuff, I don’t really know why I haven’t posted more art of it before since I’m a pretty big fan! 

Quick summary of the new guys too!

Bev- Lin’s older sister and caretaker. She’s very happy-go-lucky and cares a lot about her little brother. In their free time, she trains Lin in wrestling and self defense. Lin hopes to be as big and strong as her some day, but won’t admit it.

Samson & Velma- The cutest couple on the beach! They moved down closer to the beaches to open up an ice cream business together. Rowan, Lin, and Poppy pretty much visit every day to get their favorite ice cream.

Ms. Drake- A local kindergarten teacher that often runs into these kids at the beach during her life guard duty. She’s very nice and very sweet, and is always finding away to get a good workout in! She’s often their for the trio when they need help or advice.

And that’s it! Drawing these guys has been really fun for me, and I plan to do more, but if their are any Alola Pokemon in particular you guys want me to draw human-ish designs for, let me know, I’m all ears!