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Stiles/Liam- You Still Owe Me A Dance

Request-  Actually, yeah I do! Why don’t you have the reader realize she deserves better despite how much she loves Liam. So she starts dating someone who actually likes and respects her. Liam is sexually frustrates because she’s stopped sleeping with him. Liam finally realizes and does the right thing and you can decide if the reader takes him back of thinks it’s too late. Is that a good idea for part 2? Or is that too much? lol

A/N- It wasn’t too much and I actually really liked the idea, although I might have made it a little too teen-angsty. So yeah, this is part 2 to this Liam imagine. As promised, it is the 23rd and I’m now back to writing, but as many of you did, I learned Teen Wolf’s final season is coming up. I’ll post tomorrow about what direction the blog will go in and what will happen once the show is over. Enjoy guys! 

Tires squealed in your driveway as Stiles pulled to a stop, looking over at you with a pained expression on his face. “Sorry about that. He’s a handsome devil, but he’s old.”
He patted the dashboard of his jeep with a smile and you couldn’t help but laugh. Stiles looked up at you, slightly flushing at the smile on your face. “Is that weird?”
You smiled. “Yeah…but I think it’s kind of sweet how much you care about this thing.”
Stiles grinned. “Good, cause if I’m taking you out again, you’re going to be in this jeep a lot.”
“Again?” you asked, raising your eyebrows in surprise. “You want to go out again?”
Stiles blinked. “Of course. Do you…do you not want to? Because it’s totally okay if you don’t. I mean, I get it. I’m probably not your first choice, but I really like you.  And if you don’t like me as much, I totally understand.”
“Stiles, no,” you assured him quickly. “I…I really like you. I just didn’t think…”
     You trailed off, not quite sure what to say to him. After fooling around with Liam for so long, you were well aware of how little you meant to him. When you had promised to keep the whole thing a secret, you hadn’t realized how much of a toll it had taken on you. Keeping it hidden for so long had eaten away at you until you finally spilled your guts to Lydia one night at a sleepover.
      When she had given you a lecture on the moral questionability of even being involved with someone who was cheating, you had rolled your eyes, but known that she was right. No matter what Liam said, you were confident Hayden would have found out eventually, and as Lydia had also told you, you didn’t deserve to be nothing more than booty call.
“You’re so much better than that, Y/n,” she had insisted. “I’m appalled you even thought that you weren’t worth more.”
“Well it’s not like I have anyone else pining after me,” you had grumbled.
“Uh, not true,” Lydia had informed you with a raised eyebrow. “I happen to know someone very interested in you. Very.”
“Come on,” you had complained. “You trying to get me to date isn’t going to cheer me up. Besides, I don’t think I can handle another asshole, even if this one is single.”
“Oh, he’s not an asshole,” Lydia promised. “He’s probably one of the best guys I know, and I know a lot of guys.”
“Lydia-” you began.
“Just give him one chance,” she had cut you off. “Please?”
“Why are you so invested in my life?” you wondered.
“Because I want you to know that you deserve better than Liam,” she told you. “I’ve also never had a little sister and I need someone who will listen to my advice.”
She had smiled at you then, her green eyes wide and expectant. You knew she was kidding about the last part to try and cheer you up, but also that she was dead serious about the first one. As much as you didn’t want to believe her, Lydia had a point.
“Fine,” you agreed. “But only one date.”
      That was how you had ended up going out for icecream with Stiles that warm fall night. Much to your surprise, you had more fun with him than you had ever had with Liam. It was a short date, but in the little time you did have, you realized that you had been a bit jaded when it came to relationships. Not every guy was like Liam, you realized, especially not Stiles.
      He had been the perfect gentlemen all night, holding the door for you and paying for the icecream. On top of that, he hadn’t failed to make you laugh with his awkward but charming humor. You found that unlike Liam, Stiles actually wanted to talk to you and cared what you had to say. It was with him that you truly realized how messed up your relationship with Liam had been…if you could even call it that.
      “You didn’t think what?” Stiles asked, drawing you out of your thoughts.
      “I guess I just didn’t believe you were that interested,” you admitted. “Lydia likes to hype things up and then-”
      You paused, afraid that you were about to give away Liam’s secret. Lydia was one thing, but you weren’t sure about Stiles. Stiles still took note of it though and being the observant guy that he was, he could tell something was bothering you.
       “What’s wrong?” he asked. “I know you don’t know me that well, but if you want to talk, I’m all ears.”
Stiles was looking at you with those kind brown eyes and it suddenly didn’t matter how well you knew him, because you knew he was being sincere. You really liked him and if you wanted to go out with him again, you realized it would probably be best for you to be honest with him. That might not have been something you had excelled at before, but after all, there was a first time for everything.
“Okay,” you said hesitantly. “But you can’t tell anyone, Stiles. This thing…it would hurt people.”
“Hurt people?” he repeated. “Physically?”
You shook your head. “Emotionally…and you might not like me very much after I tell you.”
Stiles shook his head. “Y/n, nothing could make me do that.”
“You don’t even know what I’m going to say,” you said softly.
Stiles gave you a small, comforting smile. “I don’t have to. I know you’re a good person.”
A good person. Those words echoed in your head and you suddenly felt an anxious lump forming in your throat. God, Stiles had no idea what you were about to tell him. He was looking at you so expectantly and you knew that whatever perfect vision he had had of you before was about to be shattered.
“Y/n?” Stiles asked, his expression suddenly morphing into one of concern . “Are you okay?”
It was only then that you realized tears were welling up in your eyes, and the fact that Stiles seemed so worried only made the waterworks worse.
“I’m a horrible person,” you admitted as tears began to drip down your cheeks.
“Woah, hey,” Stiles said, leaning across the center console of the jeep to pull you into his chest. “What’s wrong?”
“Liam was cheating on Hayden,” you explained, your voice cracking. “And…and I only know that because he was cheating on her with me.”
You expected Stiles to push you away in disgust or start to lecture you like Lydia had, but he only held you there as he spoke softly. “For how long?”
“A few months,” you whispered.
“God, you’ve been keeping that to yourself for that long?” He asked.
“I told Lydia last week,” you explained as you pulled away from him slightly. “And…and she told me that I was worth more than that. And I decided that she was right, so I called it off. Liam was mad, but I just couldn’t do it anymore. I’d rather get hurt than have someone else get hurt because of something I did.”
Stiles was silent for a few moments, but then he said “You’re not a horrible person.”
“What?” You whispered, looking up at him with wide eyes.
“You’re not a horrible person,” he repeated. “You obviously called it off because you care about the consequences. You care about people getting hurt, Y/n, and maybe what you did was wrong, but you stopped. Doesn’t that count for something?”
“I don’t know,” you said softly. “All I know is that I was stupid. I wanted Liam so much that I never realized how little I meant to him.”
“Well,” Stiles stated. “Lydia’s right. You deserve a hell of a lot better than Liam. And I might not be that person, but you shouldn’t think that you deserve some lying, cheating jerk.”
You smiled sadly, wiping the last of your tears from your eyes. “Thanks, Stiles.”
“And maybe,” he continued hesitantly. “If you wanted to date someone who wasn’t a lying, cheating jerk…well, I’m always here.”
You blinked. “You…you still want to date me?”
“Of course,” Stiles told you. “I told you that wasn’t going to change how I feel about you.”
“You’re sure?”
Stiles nodded and grinned at you. “Positive. Besides, homecoming is coming up soon. I don’t exactly feel like going stag this year and it couldn’t hurt to have a beautiful girl on my arm.”
You blushed at Stiles’ words. “Okay then.”
Stiles reached forward and patted your hand, the one resting on the seat beside you. It was a small gesture, but it made your heart skip in a way Liam never had. What was happening between you and Stiles wasn’t passionate lust, but something much more meaningful. And as you sat there for the few moments before you went inside, you figured that this was better.

“Hey, Beautiful.”
You smiled to yourself as Stiles spoke from behind you and leaned down to peck you on the cheek. You shut your locker and he pulled away slightly, staring down at you with that goofy, loving smile on his face. It had been two weeks since your first date, but there was no denying that you were both smitten. You had been hurt by Liam’s indifferent attitude, but Stiles was slowly healing those wounds. You had no doubt that he cared about you and you were quickly beginning to forget about Liam.
He, on the other hand, hadn’t forgotten about you. That much was obvious as he glared at you and Stiles from down the hall, gripping the lock on his locker so tightly that the metal was beginning to buckle.
He remembered that night he had come over to your house, expecting to do nothing more than what you usually did when you were together. After you had answered the door with a deep frown on your face, he realized that wasn’t the case.
“I can’t do this anymore,” you had stated. “This is wrong.”
Liam had scoffed. “What are you talking about? No one is going to find out.”
“It doesn’t matter,” you had insisted. “It’s-”
“Did you tell someone?”
“Maybe,” you admitted. “It wasn’t Hayden, but she would have found out eventually. I’m stopping this before that happens.”
“Y/n, come on,” Liam begged. “You don’t know what’s it like being with her-”
“Then break up with her!” you had practically screamed. “God, I’m so sick of you acting like you’re the victim when you’re the one cheating on her! I don’t care how bad you think she is. It would break her heart if she found out.”
Your voice had begun to soften, but Liam was just getting started. For a long time, you had been one of the best things he had, but now you seemed to be slipping from his fingers.
“You can’t do this to me,” Liam stated angrily. “You’ll be alone!”
You had narrowed your eyes and only then did you see how manipulative he had always been. “I think I’d rather be alone. Now get out.”
You had totally cut Liam off, ignoring the few calls and the mountain of texts he had sent you. You seemed to want nothing to do with him and after you had brushed him off, he was constantly frustrated and angry. Hayden had pointed it out a few times, but it was easy to blame it on his I.E.D.. Even though she was his girlfriend, Hayden was the least of his worries right now.
Down the hall, you were grinning and laughing uncontrollably at something Stiles was saying. You were doubled over as he rambled on, and Liam couldn’t block out what his senses were telling him. You looked happy, you sounded happy, and hell, you even smelled happy. That was just too much for Liam.
The loud crunch of metal hit his ears, and he look down to see that he had crushed the lock in his hands. He quickly peered around to see if anyone had noticed, but no one seemed to have heard the buckling metal. Groups of kids were passing through the hall, other students were still rooting through their lockers, and you were still there with Stiles, smiling in a way that Liam had never been able to make you smile.
He finally snapped, letting the lock fall from his hands as he headed down the hall toward you. He was sick of watching you slowly fall in love with Stiles when it was his arms that you should have been in. He stalked over, fingers gripping the straps of his backpack tightly.
You couldn’t see him coming with your back to him, but as you wiped the humorous tears from your eyes, you noticed the look on Stiles’ face.
“What?” you asked as you caught sight of the accusing look in his eye.
Stiles frowned as you, looking at you almost apologetically as he nodded over your shoulder. You glance back, feeling a sick twist in your stomach as you saw Liam coming toward you.
“Hey,” he said, shooting a glare at Stiles. “Can I talk to you for a second?”
You frowned in response. “Liam-”
“Y/n,” Stiles said, leaning closer to you in a protective way. “You don’t have to talk to him.”
Liam’s eyes narrowed, flicking from you to Stiles. “He knows?”
“You’re damn right I know,” Stiles informed him, leaning down. “You didn’t know how lucky you were Liam, and Y/n realized she deserved a hell of a lot better than you.”
“Oh and that’s supposed to be you?” Liam growled.
“Liam,” you scolded. “Stop it.”
You swallowed thickly, turning back to the taller boy next to you. He looked down at you with concern in his eyes, gauging your reaction. “Stiles, could I talk to Liam alone for a second?”
Stiles looked back toward Liam, eyeing him in disdain. “You sure?”
You nodded. “I’ll see you at lunch.”
He nodded reluctantly and headed down the hall, glancing over his shoulder the whole time, just to make sure you were still okay. A small smile graced your lips at his worry, but Stiles had no need to be concerned. When it came to Liam, you weren’t holding back.
“Why are you even talking to me?” you asked him quietly. “Hayden could show up any minute.”
“I don’t care,” he informed you. “So you’re with Stiles now? I wasn’t good enough for you, is that it?”
You blinked, shock blanketing your face. “Liam, I wasn’t good enough for you. You always wanted to talk about how awful Hayden was with me, but you weren’t going to break up with her. I was sick of being second best.”
“You were never second best,” Liam hissed.
“Well you could have fooled me,” you told him bitterly. “You never actually cared about me as a person, Liam.”
“That’s not true!” he cried.
“I don’t believe you,” you told him plainly. “You have Hayden and you can’t have me too, Liam.”
You turned away, hiking your bag up higher on your shoulder, but before you could step forward, Liam grabbed your wrist. “Please. Y/n, just wait.”
“Let me go,” you snapped, jerking your arm away.
“I-I miss you!” he told you quickly. “Y/n, I never meant to hurt you. I’ll tell Hayden, okay? I’ll tell her everything and then we can-”
“Liam!” you hissed. “You don’t even know what you’re saying. Look, whatever we had before, it’s over. I’m sorry, but I don’t feel that way about you anymore.”
“What?” Liam asked, his voice cracking slightly.
You shook your head softly. “Go back to Hayden, Liam. If you’re not happy, that’s you’re problem, not mine.”
You finally turned away, leaving him standing there in shock as you walked away. He had seemed hurt and sincere, but you knew he was only this upset because he had seen you with Stiles. You weren’t going to run back to Liam just because he had sworn he would break up with Hayden for you. You were done being that girl for him and you certainly weren’t going to run back into his arms.
While you knew that for a fact, Liam was sure he could win you back. He was determined to get you to come back to him and as you stalked away down the hall, he swore he was prepared to do anything to get that to happen.

You walked into lunch composed, but you were simmering with anger under the surface. You couldn’t believe Liam had the audacity to say he would break up with Hayden, now of all times. It pissed you off to no end that he would break someone’s heart just because he was jealous, but the minute you walked over to your usual lunch table, that anger melted away. Stiles was sitting there with an open seat next to him, one that was no doubt reserved for you.
As you came closer, he looked up from his macaroni and met your eyes, concern splayed across his face. The minute you sat down, he didn’t hesitate to ask “Are you okay?”
“Yeah,” you told him quietly. “Liam was saying all these crazy things, like how much he missed me and how he was going to break up with Hayden.”
Stiles raised his eyebrows. “You’ve gotta be kidding me. What did you say?”
“I told him I’m not that girl for him anymore,” you explained.
Stiles knew you were trying to act casual, but he could tell Liam’s words had affected you. “Hey, you don’t have to worry about him. You did the right thing.”
“He was using me,” you said softly. “And at first I was okay with being used, but now that I’m not, he’s suddenly head over heels for me. I tried to end things, but this is going to follow me around forever now. I’m always going to be the girl that he used.”
“Y/n,” Stiles said softly, reaching out to place his hands on your shoulders. “That’s not who you are. You’re so much more than that, okay? You might have made a mistake, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to ruin you forever. You could be bitter and angry because of this, but you’re not. You’re kind and sweet, and I smile whenever I look at you, because I know you’re going to walk up and make my day a million times better.”
You swallowed, having no idea what to say to such sweet words. None of the the things that Liam whispered in your ear had ever made you feel like this. He certainly hadn’t tried this hard to cheer you up either. As you looked in Stiles’ warm brown eyes as you sat across from him, you knew you had made the right decision.
“Thank you,” you whispered in his ear, leaning forward and wrapping your arms around him in a tight embrace.
“Any time,” he said softly, giving you a comforting squeeze.
You and Stiles both would have been content to stay in your own little world for a bit longer, but a loud cooing from behind you caused the two of you to pull apart slightly.
“Aww,” Lydia remarked as she set her tray down next to you. “You guys make my day.”
“You’re welcome?” you offered questioningly.
“Please tell me you’re taking her to homecoming,” Lydia told Stiles. “Because if you don’t, I might have to shove that fork down your throat.”
Stiles’ eyes went wide, flicking down to the fork on the table next to his tray. He reached out and pushed it even further away from Lydia, eyeing her carefully. “Well, I asked before you threatened me.”
Lydia squealed in delight. “How did he ask you?”
“He just kind of asked,” you told her with a shrug.
“What?” Lydia demanded. “You didn’t go all out? Stiles!”
“It was kind of spontaneous!” he protested.
“And I said yes,” you assured her.
“I’m pretty sure I would have to shove a fork down my throat if she didn’t,” Stiles joked.
You laughed and playfully smacked him on the arm, and Lydia rolled her eyes. “Whatever. This means we have to get ready for the dance together. Stiles can pick you up from my place.”
“Homecoming?” another voice asked, and you looked up to see Scott and Malia walking toward you with their lunch trays in hand.
“Yep,” Lydia told Scott. “And you all better be going.”
“I don’t know,” Scott said sadly, thoughts of Kira flashing through his head. “I’m kind of single right now.”
“Well I’m going,” Malia informed you all. “I’m not missing an opportunity to dance.”
“I’m single too,” Lydia informed him. “And so is Malia. You’re going if I have to drag you by your hair.”
Scott sucked in air through his teeth. “Guess I can’t really say no to that.”
“Perfect,” Lydia said with a beaming smile. “All of us can go as a group.”
Lydia suddenly looked over and shot a wink toward you and Stiles, and you couldn’t help the smile that appeared on your face. You hadn’t exactly been stoked about homecoming before, considering the fact that it was just another place that was harder to avoid Liam in. But as Lydia began to talk about it more and Stiles reached out grab your hand under the table, you were beginning to think that maybe you could have a great time after all.

“Woah,” Stiles remarked as you stepped into the gym, arm in arm. “They really went all out.”
You looked up in awe at the sparkling star cutouts plastered to the walls, the glittering sheets of cloth hanging from the ceiling, and the multi-colored lights that kept shifting and dancing across your faces. Considering last year’s homecoming hadn’t had nearly this much effort put into it, you had to say you were impressed.
“This is so much better than last year,” you agreed.
“Of course it is,” a voice remarked from behind you.
Lydia grinned as you turned around, a proud smile painted across her red lips. “I wasn’t on the homecoming committee last year…and I have to say Starry Night is a great theme.”
“Guys!” Malia complained as she weaved through the crowd toward you. “Hurry up! I thought you said you were going to dance!”
She stood there with her hands on her hips, fingers resting on the red fabric of the dress she had reluctantly put on. Her hair was done up in cascading curls and the expression on her face was one of exasperation. Malia had been itching all night to get up and dance, and there was no way she was going to do it without the rest of you.
“Come on,” you said as you grabbed Stiles’ hand. “Let’s dance.”
Stiles grinned as you pulled him through the crowd, but as you weaved through the thick sea of other kids, you caught sight of one familiar face in the crowd. Liam was leaning against the wall reluctantly as Hayden stood next to him, beaming while she chatted with one of her friends. She looked incredibly happy, but Liam was the exact opposite. At least he was until caught sight of you.
When he glanced up from glaring at the floor, he felt his breath catch in his throat as he saw you moving through the crowd. He swallowed thickly at the way the dress you were wearing fit your body and he thought you had never looked more perfect. But that was when he realized that you were tugging Stiles with you.
His face instantly morphed into a sullen expression and it had everything to do with the way you were smiling. You looked so happy with Stiles, which was what drove him crazy. Liam thought he had been able to make you happy when you were together, but he knew he had never been able to make you feel the way Stiles did.
“Liam,” Hayden said, irritation clear in her voice. “What are you looking at?”
“Nothing,” Liam told her sullenly.
“Aren’t you going to ask me to dance?” she asked him, raising her eyebrows.
Liam swallowed, shooting one last glance toward your back disappearing into the crowd. “No.”
“What?” Hayden demanded, her cheeks slightly flushing.
Liam bit the inside of his cheek. “I need to tell you something.”

You leaned against the wall next to Lydia, watching as the crowd shifted with the thumping music overhead. You were currently waiting for Stiles to come back from the bathroom, where he was trying to sew the rip in Scott’s pants that the Alpha had acquired ten minutes before. Luckily, Lydia had brought a sewing kit in her clutch and all you had to do was hope that one of them knew how to sew.
“You look happy,” Lydia pointed out with a smile.
“I am,” you told her with a grin. “Stiles is amazing.”
“Aren’t you glad you listened to me?” she asked proudly. “You have to take my advice forever now.”
“I wouldn’t go that far,” you joked.
She rolled her eyes. “Oh, whatever. I’m totally going to stand in your wedding and then we’ll see who’s laughing.”
“Lydia!” you complained.
She playfully nudged you in the shoulder, causing you to grin back at her, just as the song changed from a fast-paced club song to a slow one. People slowly began to dissipate from the dance floor, only leaving behind different sets of couples.
“Can I have this dance?” a voice asked from beside you, causing you to glance over to find Stiles wiggling his eyebrows.
“Of course,” you told him with a laugh, taking his hand and letting him pull you toward the dance floor.
You paused somewhere in the middle, reaching up to place your hands around Stiles’ neck. In return, he reached out to snake his arms around your waist. You began slowly swaying to the music, turning in slow, tiny circles. Stiles looked down at you lovingly, his brown eyes warm and full of adoration.
“You look so beautiful right now,” he said softly.
You smiled, flushing slightly as the compliment. “You’re not too bad yourself.”
“Well, I had to at least try to compare to you,” Stiles told you and then after a few moments he said, “You know, I’m really glad you said yes.”
“Why wouldn’t I have said yes?” you asked. “Don’t couples go to dances together?”
“I meant to Lydia,” he told you with a smile. “When she wanted to set you up with me. I know you were hurting. You had no reason to agree to go out with me, but you did. And I’m really glad.”
You smiled, looking up into his brown eyes. “Me too.”
Stiles leaned forward and you knew he would have kissed you right then and there, if not for the voice that caused his lips to pause and hover over yours. “Y/n!”
Stiles quickly leaned back and you glanced over your shoulder, only to see an angry blur of curls stalking toward you. You recognized Hayden immediately and you quickly pulled away from Stiles.
Before you could even finish the rest of your thought, the stinging pain of a slap tingled across your cheek. You stumbled back in shock, bringing a hand to your cheek as Hayden glared at you with rage on her face.
“Woah, Hayden-” Stiles began, but she paid no attention to him.
“You slut,” she spat, leaning closer to you. “You slept with Liam.”
You stared at her, feeling the heat of a hundred stares on your cheeks. By now, everyone in the gym was looking at you, either staring in pity or amusement. Your face was bright red, partially from the slap and partially from the embarrassment, but that wasn’t stopping Hayden.
“That’s right,” she continued, her voice sharp as a blade. “Liam told me everything. He told me what you were doing. He told me all the times it happened.”
“Did he also tell you that I called it off?” you asked her, finding some semblance of courage.
Hayden sneered. “Why should that even matter? That still doesn’t change the fact that you’re a whore.”
She looked from you to Stiles, crossing her arms over her chest. “I bet he has a girlfriend too.”
Hayden’s eyes flicked over to you one last time, before going to Stiles again to land the final blow. “I’d get tested if I were you. Who know how many guys she’s slept with?”
Your breath caught in your throat and you felt tears begin to well up in your eyes. It was bad enough that you already felt awful about what you had done, but now the whole school knew about it. You didn’t think it was possible to feel worse than you had before, but you realized that this was a whole new level.
“Hayden!” another voice cried, one that made your blood begin to boil.
Liam shoved his way through the crowd, eyeing his girlfriend in horror. He opened his mouth to say something, but she quickly shoved past him in a flurry of curls. “Save it!”
After she was gone, his blue eyes flicked over to you, and he quickly hurried forward. “Y/n, I’m sorry-”
He reached out to put his hand on your shoulder, but you smacked it away. “Stay away from me! We’re over. We’re never going to be anything but over.”
You turned away from him, pushing through the thick crowd as you wiped hot tears from your cheeks. You felt so suffocated, trapped in the crowd as you tried so desperately to ignore the whispers following you everywhere. Angrily shoving through the doors, you stepped out into the empty hall and let out a sob of frustration.
It echoed out into the silent, dark hallway and for a few moments, your humiliation had no witness. Thankfully no one had followed you…or so you thought.
“Y/n?” a voice asked quietly, causing you to flinch.
You slowly turned, almost afraid to see who was behind you. Stiles was standing there, hands in the pockets of his suit. His face was red and flushed from the heat of the gym, but worry was still etched across his face.
“I am so sorry that happened to you,” he told you sincerely. “No one should have to go through that…Y/n? Are you okay?”
You stared at him, wiping away the dampness of the tears that had yet to cease.
“Shit, right,” he swore. “Of course you’re not okay. Why would you be? I mean, I’m not even sure that I’m okay after that.”
Despite what had just happened and the fact that you were standing in the middle of a darkened hallway and crying, you laughed softly.
“Ah, so she’s alive,” Stiles remarked quietly. “I could go get Lydia if you want. I think she wanted to run after you, but I got here first.”
“It’s fine,” you whispered. “You should go back inside.”
“And leave you out here alone?” Stiles asked. “Of course not.”
“Hayden’s right,” you told him, crossing your arms over your chest self-consciously. “I am a slut.”
“Hey,” Stiles scolded. “Don’t say that, Y/n. It’s not true.”
“I slept with her boyfriend behind her back,” you stated, your voice wobbly.
“Yeah, well, he slept with you too,” Stiles fired back. “And that isn’t exactly a one-man crime. You made a mistake, but so did he, okay? And honestly, she should be slapping him.”
“Thanks,” you said softly, although you still felt awful.
Stiles sighed and stepped forward. “Y/n, please look at me. You’re not a bad person. In the past few weeks that I’ve spent time with you, I’ve gotten to know an amazing girl. You’re so kind and you’re so warm, and I just…I don’t want you to get down on yourself just because Hayden said something awful about you. I don’t care if she said it in front of the whole school. Hell, I don’t care if she announces it on the local news. It doesn’t make her right.”
You swallowed. “You really think that?”
“Yeah,” Stiles told you, reaching up to brush tears off your cheek with his thumb. “I do.”
His thumb moved down to your chin, gently lifting your face as he leaned down. You knew he was giving you time to push him away if you wanted to, but as upset as you were, it occurred to you that you didn’t. You closed your eyes as his lips met yours, reaching up to wrap your arms around his neck. He kissed you slowly, meaningfully, and with none of the ravenous hunger that Liam ever had. As much as you had liked that at the time, you realized that you liked this so much more. Stiles was taking his time, appreciating everything you had to give in a way that was completely unique to him.
When he finally pulled away, he said “I get it if you don’t want to go back in there, but I know you were having fun. You shouldn’t let anyone ruin that for you.”
“Yeah,” you agreed. “You’re right.”
“Besides,” he said with a grin. “You still owe me a dance.”
You smiled and reached out to grab his hand, tugging him back toward the gym. “I do.”
You braced yourself as you prepared to walk back into the dance. You didn’t know whether or not everyone would notice and stare again, or maybe they would just carry on having their own fun. Either way, you were ready to face it, because no matter what happened, you had Stiles right there beside you.

A Night at the Fair! Part 1

i’m really sorry about it being so long, i have no idea how to do a ‘read more’ thingy so ill just apologise greatly now about it clogging up your dashboards! Sorry!

Rae wasn’t looking forward to the fair at all, a night spent watching Finn and Olivia together sounded more like hell than the fun she had been promised by Chloe. Even Izzys infectious giggling when she saw all the bright lights at the entrance couldn’t cheer her up. She’d promised though so here she was. She took a deep breath to calm herself.

Why the fuck did i agreed to this!

She reluctantly followed Chop, Izzy and Archie through the crowd towards the burger van. However she’d been feeling before was nothing compared to feeling she got deep in her stomach when she saw Finn and Olivia stood waiting for them, they were facing each other with sickening smiles plastered across their faces.

you can do this!

Rae slowed down dragging her feet, watching as Izzy went and hugged Olivia. While Archie ran straight at Finn jumping up and down, the couple of cans he’d had on the way definatley having an effect on him. The closer the gap between her and Finn got, the worse she felt. Pretty soon she’d have to say hi, make conversation and act like everything was great.

I can’t do this!

I can’t do this!

“Rae” she turned towards he name, breathing a sigh of relief as she spotted Chloe rushing towards her a huge grin on her face. Pulling her into a hug she thankfully led her away from the gang, away from Finn and Olivia and over to a small group of men.

“Right this is Ian” Chloe pointed “That’s Ben, that’s Joe”

“An this…” Chloe released her grip from around Raes neck and went and stood behind the last of the men “Is Saul” She wiggling her eyebrows suggestively then she walked off to where Ian and the other guys were stood in a group laughing.

Saul gave her a huge smile, she looked over at Chloe confused then back to Saul. What was Chloe playing at.

Fucking Chloe!

She smiled back feeling uncomfortable. She wasn’t good in these kind of situations and Chloe knew that, but she’d still fucked off and left her……. typical Chloe.

“You look nice”

Is he talking to me?

“What?"  Rae wondered if she’d heard right.

"You look nice” He repeated with a laugh.

“Thanks” Rae laughed relaxing slightly.

“Chloe’s told me alot about you”

Rae’s face dropped.

“Don’t worry, its all good” Saul laughed.

“Oh thats good then, i dont need to kill her” Rae faked a laugh, she glanced over to Chloe again to see her looking back with a huge grin on her face. Rae couldn’t be angry with her, afterall Chloe thought she was doing something good. She gave her a small smile then looked  back at Saul who was still staring at her.

The conversation with Saul seemed to just flow, she wasn’t used to guys openly flirting with her. So when Saul offered for her to hang out with him and the rest of them she agreed. Happy that she had something to distract her from the awful night she thought she was gonna have.

“Come on” Saul said, he grabbed her hand and started to lead her away.

Rae looked back at the gang messing around, part of her wished she was staying with them, but the other part was so glad to be getting away from Finn and Olivia. Knowing she wouldn’t have to watch them be all loved up together made her smile genuinely for the first time since entering the fair.


Finn looked up to see Rae walking away into the crowd hand in hand with that Saul bloke.

I can’t believe she’s fucked off with him, she doesn’t even know HIM!

Finn kicked the ground looking down at his feet. He turned back to the gang adament that he was going to enjoy himself too.

no more moping about, Rae’s clearly not!


Hanging with Saul was proving to be a good idea, they seemed to get on really well. Chloe, Ian and the rest of the guys had wandered off somewhere leaving them to just walk around talking. Even though she didn’t find him that attractive it was nice to talk to someone who listened and cared what she thought. But after a few hours conversation started to sag, so Saul had suggested they play some games.

“Here do you want a go?” Saul asked holding out the last ball.

Rae shook her head, she threw like a girl ironically and she didn’t want to look stupid. He gave a small shrug then threw the ball, knocking the remaining metal bottles down.  Saul pumped his fist agressively and laughed in the stall holders face as he passed him the stuffed animal he’d won.

Rae wasnt paying attention, she was too busy searching the crowd for a glimpse of Finn. She knew she shouldn’t watch them together. She knew the pain that would linger deep down after seeing them, but she couldn’t help it. It was her fault she wasn’t with Finn anymore so it was like her way of punishing herself for being weak. She was pulled from her thoughts by Saul’s hand squeesing her arse.

What the fucks he playing at?

“Wheres Chloe?” She asked using it as an excuse to move away from him and scan a different part of the crowd.

“Dunno” He mumbled turning to look too.

Rae knew full well she was only two stalls down pretending to struggle to hook a duck, she’d spotted her before on her search for Finn, but she carried on pretending to scan the crowd til Saul nudged her on the arm.

“Shes there” He pointed

Rae looked over to see that Chloe had got what she was wanting, Ian was now pressed up behind her, his arms reaching forward holding onto the rod with her. They hooked one straight away and Chloe was rewarded with a stuffed frog teddy.


Finn felt his stomach drop as he watched HIM slide his hand down Raes back and gave her arse a quick squeese. He couldn’t see Rae’s face, so he had no idea if she liked it or not.

What does it matter Finn? She’s not your girlfriend anymore!

He kept telling himself the reason he cared so much was because he didn’t trust this Saul guy, but it wasn’t just that. The thought of her being close with any guy made him feel like he’d swallowed a lead weight.

He hated the way they were now, they weren’t close anymore. He missed just hanging out listening to shit reggae, he missed her going on about anything and nothing. He missed her!

You need to fix this Finn!

“Should we go on the big wheel?” Finn was pulled from his thoughts by Olivia nudging him on the arm.


don’t do it to yourself!

She spotted them all back at the burger van.

Probably Chop’s idea!

Finn looked so happy as Olivia fed him a chip.

She turned back to Saul with a sigh, why was she being this way. Saul was being lovely with her. He was making it pretty clear that he liked her so Why did she keep wishing she was here with Finn instead, when she could see he’d clearly moved on.

She had to stop this, she needed to focus on Saul. On the guy that she hadn’t pushed away……..yet!

“So, what would you like to do now?” She asked giving him the best smile she could muster.

“You want some food?” He shrugged pointing over to the burger van. Rae felt herself tense, she found it hard watching Finn with Olivia from across the field, she couldn’t handle standing next to them, they’d try and talk to her and then she might just punch Miss Bailys and ice square in the face.

“Na i’m good” She tried to act cool but inside she was secretly pleading for him to suggest something else, anything else.

Please! Please! Please!

“I’m gonna get a hotdog, you sure you don’t want anything?” He asked placing his hand on the small of her back and leading her to the van and towards guarnteed pain.

“Rae!” Archie shouted as he spotted them.  Bouncing over to her with a huge grin. “Wheve’ve you been hiding?” He slurred slightly giving her a hug.

“Just hanging with Saul” He released her and dragged her over to the gang only letting go when she was stood firmly between him and Chop.

“You sure you don’t want anything babe” Finns head shot up at the word 'babe’ to see Saul stood behind Rae with his head rested on her shoulder. She gently nodded and smiled, watching him as he went to line up before turning back to the group.

“So hows it going Raemundo?” Chop asked with a suggestive smile.

“Alright” She shrugged.

“Who’s he Rae?” Izzy said looking over at Saul who was now being served.

“One of Chloe’s mates” Rae said turning to her with a smile “He’s in his twenties”

If Finn could rub Olivia in her face then she was gonna do the same with Saul.

“He seems abit weird” Finn said much to Olivias annoyance.

“Na, hes really cool” She replied with a little smirk.

Ha is Finn bloody Nelson alittle jealous!

Rae looked down at her watch to see it was only eleven. Time seemed to have gone so slowly, she realised how much she wished she had stayed with the gang when Saul appeared at the side of her and signalled for them to go.

She gave them a quick wave and followed Saul over to a nearby bench. Sitting down next to him she allowed him to put his arm around her. Uneasiness washed over her. She didn’t like how his hands were always somewhere on her, either around her shoulders, holdings her hand or squeesing her arse. She was pretty sure that he’d tried to grope her tits as well earlier but she’d brushed it off as accidental. 

This is getting to be beyond a joke!

“You don’t look like your enjoying yourself?” Saul asked glumly before taking a huge bite out of his hotdog.

Was it that obvious?

“I am” Rae plastered on a fake smile. Although she wasn’t she didn’t want him to know that. He looked genuinely down that she wasn’t enjoying herself. Although his touchy feeliness was part of the problem it wasn’t why she was feeling so down.

Saul didn’t seem convinced “You wanna get outta here?”

Rae looked over at the gang wistfully wishing Olivia would just bugger off.

She watched as Olivia wrapped her arms around Finn’s neck and move in for a kiss. Rae looked away quickly before she saw anything else, just the thought of them kissing made her go cold. The overwhelming need to be as far away from them as possible now outweighed the uneasyness she felt about Saul.

“Yes please” She smiled

Rae ignored the suggestive smile that spread across his face. Hoping it was just her mind playing tricks on her.

“There’s just something i want to do first” He said stuffing the last of his hotdog into his mouth messily.


Finn pushed Olivia back lightly before the kiss went any deeper. He wasn’t in the mood for her constant affection tonight. He ignored her groan and looked around spotting Rae in the distance being led towards one of the stalls. They stopped and Saul picked up a big wooden gun on a chain, he was clearly trying to impress her.

Clearly he doesn’t know Rae!

“Finn, whats up with you tonight?”

Finn reluctently turned to Olivia who clearly wasnt happy.

“Nowts wrong” He shrugged, this wasn’t the time and place to be having this conversation. He just wanted to have fun, which was proving to be very difficult.

“Really?? Thats all your gonna say?"   He watched as she turned and huffed off over to Izzy and Chop.

He knew he should follow her and appoligise, but he didn’t. His head was all over the place and he wouldn’t of known what to say so  Instead he looked back over to find Rae staring back at him, her back to Saul while he played with the gun. He watched as she turned her head slightly and said something. he must of replied because she began to turn back around.

No Rae, look at me! Please!

It happened before Finn could do anything, Rae turned to look at Saul just as he was turning to her, resulting in the gun colliding with Rae’s nose. She hunched over, her hand up to her face in obvious pain.


"Oh shit, sorry Rae” Saul said flinging the gun back onto the stall ledge. He placed his hand on the small of her back.

holy shit this hurts!


Rae looked up to see Finn jogging over, the rest of the gang close behind.

Hello everyone. I was actually not sure if I wanted to make something like a follow forever but a few days ago all of a sudden I decided to check my old ff tag and all those memories just hit me, I felt like I was getting old for some reason although I’m just 18 idek, I felt a little bit emotional because lots of things changed, I mean our boys grew up and all you know, then I checked people who I’m following and saw most of them are not even online anymore and well yeah I don’t know where I was going with that but here we are. I wasn’t around in 2013 much so I didn’t make a follow forever last year but since the first thing I do in the mornings became checking my tumblr again, I decided to make a favourite blogs of 2014 edit!  Well done me! That was my little story, I don’t know why I needed to tell you all these but okay moving on.

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