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◤αlwαyѕ & ғorever⌟


       birthdays were always a big thing for the twenty five year old. whenever it was someone’s birthday, anyone could bet that he would be the first person to rush over & give them the bountiful of gifts he had bought for them on such a special occasion. well, kendall was no different. although, instead of the numerous amount of physical items he could’ve bought from all of her favorite stores (which, of course, he did so for the woman to open on her actual birthday), his gifts took the form of horseback riding through the mountains & canyons, riding the aerial tramway, hitting the countless markets, eating lunch at one of the top spots in palm springs, and finally making a trip to their best spa. it was an eventful day, to say the least, all of which leaded up to the present. dylan had just pulled into their driveway, putting his car in park before turning to his girlfriend, a wide smile plastered across his face. “okay, one more surprise for the night. are you ready ?” he inquired before moving to exit the vehicle & making his way over to the passenger side in order to hold the door open for kendall. taking her hand once she was out, he led her up the slight stairs into their home through the front door. after they had left the house at seven in the morning, he had an entire crew come to the house & set it up exactly as he described. rose petals all over the floor in the dining room, as well as the table, candles lit on every other spot, every single possible favorite food of the model’s on display on the dining table. it was a lot of work organizing everything according to his love’s taste, but it was all worth it to see the beautiful smile he absolutely adored on her features. sending another smile to the brunette once inside, he squeezed her hand & took her into the dining room & moved to then wrap his arms around her frame, “romantic dinner for two ?

So, I was at the counter in the gift shop the other day when a girl of about five years old came up to me. There was a boy next to her, who looked like her twin brother, and the little girl grabbed my hand. She then told me, completely seriously, how Mickey ears are “for kids”. She even pointed at the pair on my head. So I reached over the counter where the rack of Mickey ears was, and I grabbed two. I put one on her brother’s head, gave him the other to hold, and told him to give that pair to his sister when she wanted to be a kid. Then I looked the girl in the eye and said, “my ears are for the kid inside me.” The two of them ran back to whoever was looking after them, and I paid for my things, plus the two pairs of ears. I hope they’re having fun.

Carter kept close to the walls, not sure if she should have come at all. Venturing far enough to get herself a drink, she vaguely registered someone talking to her. “Huh? Um, no, I don’t dance. Sorry.” She mumbled, barely having paid attention to them.

My Lady Love || lady-marion-loxley

     She didn’t have a clue what she was doing, not really, she was just sort of doing as she was told. She had spent her life doing that, just doing what other people told her to do, but she honestly preferred this to what she was coming from. Though she had never run a bath for someone else before, and she had never scrubbed a floor before, or polished shoes or fed horses-all things she was expected to do now. She had been on her own for probably two weeks before she found the home of Lady Marion and Sir Robin, though she had never heard anything about the latter or even met the former. 

     She had wandered to the small town of Nottingham, tired and hungry for reasons she never revealed. But a man of the church was kind enough to give her water and bread, promising to find her work so she may start a new life there-something she desperately wanted. Any life was better than the one she was coming from. She had slept in the church for two simple nights before a woman came from an estate from the other side of the village to offer her a job as a maid in a local house hold. She was the head maid in a house hold run by a woman whose husband was away in King Richard’s war, a respectable woman who took care of his father. The job came with a place to sleep and food to eat so she was grateful and took it right away.

     That was how she ended up here, carrying a large bucket of boiling water across the house to fill up the master’s father’s bath. And that was when it happened, she bumped slightly against the giant bucket she had in her hands, causing some to slosh out onto the floor and her foot to slip. She gasped, feeling like everything was suddenly moving in slow motion as she tried to catch her balance, already knowing she would fail, shutting her eyes as she whimpered at the fear of the burns she would have. 


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There was nothing Rose loved more than overcast days. It wasn’t sunny. It wasn’t raining. It was just perfect, well perfect if there were a light breeze to cool them down after a particularly eventful Quidditch practice…

Rose snapped out of her thoughts and ran her fingers through her hair. “Sorry eh? Hadn’t even realised you’d walked up. What was it you’d been saying?”

“…To be completely honest with you, I’m still wondering how this whole thing is going to happen.” Arthur spoke to the person standing next to him as they chatted about the game that they both had been invited to take part in. “Do you think they’ll tell us what to do or where to go?”


Deja stretched and lazily laied on the edge of the fountain in the park near her school. Such a boring day. She finished assignments an hour ago. I was starting to get a little warmer than it had been, but the small young woman was swaddled up in an oversized sweatshirt.

“A five minute nap, couldn’t hurt right?” Well it could but cat naps were necessary with the sunhigh overhead like this.

One after the other, Beth’s feet continued to move at rapid pace in front of her when she snapped out of it. Her baby blues darted all over the crowded city street as paranoia over took her for a moment. She hadn’t been in such a cramp street in a long time from what she can remember and if she had… there were walkers. She couldn’t remember how she got to this place, where she had come from but suddenly, her head began to throb. The petite blonde reached up to the large bump on top of her head to subside the overwhelming pain but as she did, she stumbled into a hard body. 
“Sorry… sorry..” she said just barely under her breath, not noticing who the figure was as she kept walking.