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Animator: Kristof Serrand
Cat R Waul
Film: An american tail: Fievel Goes West (1991)
Studio: Amblin Entertainment

New animations and drawings are back ! I’m sorry for the lack of updates lately but I was very busy those last months. I’ve prepared updates for the next couple of months, I hope you’ll like them !

And I’m proud to say that you’re now more than 57 000 people following this blog, I’m so happy so many people still like traditional 2D animation ! Thanks guys !

And just so you know, since I’m very busy, I answer questions very randomly…


anonymous said: how abour casey? i haven’t seen much art of him! (and i’m sorry for your loss!)

honestly i adore casey so much? wherever he is now, i hope my boy is happy,, thank u sm! i forgot to draw his other eye but its an aesthetic so w/e

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Can I ask for a HC for Shinsou and Todoroki tickling there s/o for the first time and their s/o instantly just punches them in the gut. Once they realize who they just punch they freak out and say. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry! It's just reflex now." Turns out their s/o hates being tickled. Love your blog!

This. Is. Me.


  • They weren’t paying attention to him and he wasn’t feeling patient that day. It was meant to get their attention but what he didn’t know was that they had the reflexes of a frightened cat
  • He is not happy about being hit in the gut and takes his revenge by aiming quick jabs at their sides, ready for their attacks this time


  • The poor kid just wanted to tease them a little bit. He though it would be fun if he could even get a giggle or a yelp out of them but nooooo
  • He apologizes for frightening them and honestly is a bit disappointed that their reaction was so un-cute. He’ll kinda sulks until his s/o feels so guilty that they start tickling him back and they have a short game of tickles

bitchynightmarepost  asked:

OMG YOU ACTUALLY ANSWERED ME OMG IM FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW. Lol sorry I lost myself there for a second lmfao. OK. I'm good now. How would the rfa react to an mc that can purr like a cat? I can and my friends get a kick out out of it lol. Omg I love your blog senpai!!!

omg i would like that tbh 
i love this request lmfao

[ Admin Jiyeon ] 

RFA reacts to an MC who can purr like a cat


  • “Princess/prince.. that’s.. that’s cute but please dont do that again.”
  • He’s a bit sad he cant enjoy his princess/prince who can purr 
  • but he just asks for it 
  • “Babe can u do it again.”
  • “Zen no ur allergic to cats.”
  • “yeah but”
  • “no ur turning red pls no”
  • overall, he enjoys but still get allergic reactions
  • he’d boast you off to seven and yoosung lets be honest 


  • this puppy would love it 
  • his eyes would go wide and his mouth would open wide too 
  • silence
  • “mC THAT’S SO ADORABLE OMG” and he pounces on MC, just fanboying
  • let out the fanboy 
  • Like MC and Yoosung could be cooking and when he’d pat MC and they’d purr, he’d just squEAL AND HUG MC TO DEATH
  • “yes yoosung, I know, Its cute! I can do it! unlike rika who can just hiss.” (to all Rika fans, i’m sorry its just a joke)


  • bad cat experiences but
  • its so cute so she couldn’t resist grinning like a happy child it’s so cute MC picture it for me
  • “That’s.. that’s adorable. You’re so cute, MC.” Her eyes would light up and would pat MC  everytime MC did something right
  • “MC, can you do this for me please?”
  • “ok.” “Jaehee.. did I do it right?”
  • “yes, yes you did!” She’d pat MC and when she hears the purr, she’d me l t
  • like
  • yes MC please keep purring you are so adorable I cannot
  • “MC… I love you so much. Really.” 
  • “I love you too, Jaehee!”


  • Y E S 
  • MC and Jumin were sitting down, just having a normal conversation and when he patted MC and MC purred, he just Mr. Han.exe. stopped working
  • He just stared at MC and just s h o o k
  • then when he started working back, he asked if MC can do it again and when they did, he just became the most happiest person
  • also more cat projects 
  • more cat projects! MORE AND MORE!
  • the whole C&R can turn into Cat & Cuteness 
  • which means Jaehee and Zen will hate jumin more and yoosung and seven will pr a i s e jumin


  • when MC and him were arguing and MC purred because of something (probably a feather flying around) he froze
  • “..what was that. Let’s stop this argument right here and now. You can purr? OMG  THAT’S AMAZING MORE PRANKS TO COME AND MORE ZEN GETTING ANNOYED!”
  • “I can do better. Jk. I cant.” 
  • He l o v e s it
  • he also recorded it once and sent in to Jumin in high quality and bribed him
  • “MC can be your model because she can do this and that.” 
  • he agreed
  • 707 and Jumin are now cat partners 
  • Again, RIP Jaehee!
  • zen being annoyed 25/8

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sorry but i want to say I looove this blog. i've been having a rough time and the cute cats/pets and "horrible drawings" cheer me up a whole lot. i'm sorry you've been bothered by shitty ppl lately, you don't deserve that :( I hope you have a nice week! free of garbage terfs

so this blog began as a place to post pics of my cats because my family/friends were getting sick of being texted them, and slowly turned into a place where I come to relax & learn & peddle my art. to hear that OTHER folk now come here to relax is kinda cool and makes me happy!

the last couple weeks have been stressful, but it’s my responsibility to maintain an environment I’m comfortable in, and I’m certain I’ll get better at doing so ✌️ thank you for your ask!

Looking through the files on my computer I found…that. I wish I didn’t remember drawing it, but I do. So after overcoming the embarrassment, I decided to redraw it. And this is the result. I’m still far from where I would like to be (to draw as good as @papabay is my goal), but dammit, I have improved, and I’m excited to think that in two years I will look at the 2017 drawing and feel embarrassed too. That’s the best thing about art, right? you’re always improving.

And I want to thank @papabay, because thanks to them (I don’t know papabay’s gender and I’m learning to use gender neutral pronouns, so I’m sorry if I haven’t used it correctly) I didn’t stop drawing. I hated how I drew, so for less than a year I stopped, because it was really frustrating, and I couldn’t bear it. But I didn’t stop following the talent and work of @papabay, and that encouraged me to start again. Being as good as @papabay (sorry for the extreme tagging) was my reason for giving it a try again and creating this blog, and although I know I won’t reach they (again, gender neutral pronoun), because they keeps improving (and very fast), I won’t stop, not again, not now that I have your support. Thank you very much, to @papabay and to all of you, especially thanks to @gracie-sketchy-cat @fruitysmellz @ninjaellis @tabine @nairil-daeris @asiantwinkies @tentenhyuga-toranokuma because you really back me up and oh man I’m so happy when I see your comments in my work. I’ll shut up now, I promise, it’s just that I’m happy. Thank you very, very much.

chloeolivialuce  asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you'd do a request where the rfa plus v and saeran have a mc obsessed by cats, especially her own. Like she's the sort of person to spend hours looking at cat photos and such. I've grew up with a family cat that I've had for almost ten years and I now have a one year old cat who I spoil so my whole family is a cat family. Thanks, sorry if this is confusing! Good luck on your blog!!

Aw kitty cat 🐱

(Sorry I’m struggling on a couple characters for the tickling kink so i’ll post it tomorrow)

Yoosung : while he wants to be a veterinarian, he’s not completely crazy about animals or cats, but he does think they are cute. He’ll use the opportunity of his s/o’s experience to ask them a lot of questions on cats so he can learn stuff that’s not in his books. He won’t really follow his s/o’s adoration on cats or spoil their pet very much but he’ll try to get along with it.

Zen : oh boy, out of all the animals out there it had to be a cat. He’d be conflicted because hhhhh cats but also, they make his s/o happy and that makes him happy so hah what do you do in this situation ? Well, Zen would decide to make an effort every once in a while by stuffing himself with medication for his allergies and staying with his s/o while they pet their cat but most of the time, he just stays far away from them, sulking because he wants to be spoiled too.

Jaehee : she has war flashbacks of all the pain Elizabeth caused her and oh man, she’s having a hard time not glaring at her s/o’s cat. She wouldn’t want to be in the same room, alone, with that cat but otherwise, she’ll just ignore its presence. But if it starts leaving hair all over the place, she’ll start being a lil bitter at the kitty cat so I hope her s/o’s cat is a sweetheart who doesn’t make a mess and who’s quiet too because otherwise, she won’t really want to keep it, sorries

Jumin : he already knew his s/o was his one and only but now, it’s confirmed : s/o is Jumin’s soulmate, it’s written in the cats blessings. He would love his s/o’s cat as much as Elizabeth and would spoil everyone in this little family, nothing’s too good for them. He’d love how they act with their cat, he’d find it adorable but he gets jealous though so watch out yes he gets jealous of a cat, moving on

707 : another match made in heaven. He’ll be so happy to finally have a cat he can pet whenever he wants without having to hack into Jumin’s security. He’ll spoil his s/o’s cat but not in the same way as Jumin, rather, he’ll turn that cat into a famous internet meme by constantly posting pictures of it in weird outfits and buy it a bunch of toys and plushies (like daifuku the shiba inu 😗).

V : aww anything that’s fluffy and cuddly is V’s friend! I think he’d like how elegant and calm (some) cats are and he’d love it if he could take photos of his s/o and their cat together, or just the cat alone (or just the s/o alone too). He wouldn’t mind at all how obsessed his s/o is with their cat, he wouldn’t get jealous either looking at you jumin, he’d find it adorable and would unconsciously smile at them with hearts in his eyes when they cuddle with their cat. Also, I feel like animals love him and just flock around him for no reason so heh, his s/o’s cat will probably love him right away.

Saeran : a bit cautious at first because he’s never had a pet and it looks both small and fragile but also, those sharp claws and intense eyes would make him a bit scared. But then, he sees the squishy little toe beans and he needs to boop them. And he does. And that’s how he started loving cats. He actually finds it comforting to hold one and hide his face in its fluffy tummy. If his s/o spent too much time with their cat and ignored him, he wouldn’t handle it very well so look out for that.

Can I just say, with all this hate going on, that to all of my fellow Otayuri writers and readers, I love you so much, every single one of you is a gift to this fandom and I hope you all know how cherished you are <3 <3 <3 @phaytesworld @severeminx @russianfeya @theinsanefox @angstgods @victuri-oh-nice @paxohana @aphhun @blownwish-blog @boxwineconfession @ded-i-am-just-ded @chelleinhelle @notyourusualfairytale-au @neveraines @bamboozledflirt @ghostmoonchild @francowitch (don’t know why it won’t let me tag you my love) @loveactually-rps @ellipsesarefun Keep being creative and supportive, this community has brought me so much love and happiness, and I hope it continues to bring the same to you all <3 (I’m really sorry if I’ve missed someone, yell at me for it later >.<)

darklightandsomethingelse  asked:

Hello! I'm super excited for your new blog! I was wondering if you could do an odd kind of request for me? How would the RFA react to an MC who coughs a lot. Like, they're not sick, it's just a tick and they're insanely insecure about it. It mainly acts up when they're nervous or stressed. You can ignore this if you want, I understand, but regardless I hope your blog does well!!

hello there, hun, it’s good to know you’re so excited! I think it’s been a week already?? and everyone’s been so nice and welcoming, ahh  now let me tell you, there’s no way we would ignore requests like this! I’m so sorry for taking so long, though, I just wanted to read a little about it first. I hope you like it! 

- Admin Cat Mom.


  • always gets startled by your cough.
  • like enough to make him stop his LOLOL matches just to check on you.
  • should he be worried? it’s been going for a while and you don’t seem to be getting better.
  • when he starts being vocal about his concerns, you have to explain to him that is just a nervous tic of yours.
  • …oh, oHHH.
  • now that you mention it, he thinks he’s heard something about it before? it just didn’t cross his mind that that was your case?
  • immediately apologizes for making you feel bad if he did.
  • he then asks what’s making you anxious, is it him? is there something he can do to help? 
  • okay, he promises to control his jumpy self.


  • “babe, are you okay?”
  • it’s not a conversation between the two of you until that particular question comes up.
  • since he thinks you’re either choking or getting sick, rubbing or softly patting your back has become a thing now.
  • and while you’re thankful that he cares, you gather courage to explain to him that it’s just a tic you’ve had for quite a while.
  • …well, don’t you worry, my dear! your knight in shining armor can change his tactics to make you feel better.
  • from now on, if he catches you coughing, he’ll hold your hand, kiss your cheek, or do anything to help you calm down if you’re feeling stressed.
  • if that seems to trouble you as well, he’ll give you space without making a fuss.


  • is worried sick about you.
  • and after discovering it’s not a common cold, she’s very subtle at first and comes up with solutions to calm your cough.
  • she offers you a variety of home remedies: herbal tea, honey, even salt water gargling!
  • she eventually asks if you are ill or suffer from a chronic condition.
  • when you explain your situation to her, she’s 100% understanding and supportive.
  • I mean, she has her own nervous tics due to her stressful job.
  • if stress and anxiety are the problem, she will for sure suggest you healthier coping mechanisms.
  • she’s not going to push it, though, she doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable or insecure because of her.


  • as soon as he notices your cough, he straight up asks if there’s something wrong with your health.
  • there are just so many conditions that could explain it aside from a common cold…
  • yes, he asked his doctor for some advice about chronic cough before talking to you.
  • and he insists that he can help you find out the exact cause along with a proper treatment.
  • but when you tell him the real reason behind it and how self-conscious it makes you feel, he apologizes for troubling you yet he doesn’t take back what he suggested before.
  • if you feel like you need some help, he’ll give it to you without a second thought, and if not, he promises to never bring up the subject again.


  • sweet bean has been monitoring you and your cough for the past few weeks without saying a word.
  • because ever since he asked if you had a cold and you denied it, he figured there must have been something else going on.
  • and he’s been doing tons of actual research.
  • one day he opens the door and just
  • “stop whatever it is you’re doing and come with me, ma’am! we’re going on an adventure!”
  • this adventure consist of both of you trying different activities to help you relieve your stress, and if it works, he decides to do it at least once a month.
  • he also gets you toys and gadgets that can help you when you’re anxious (made by none other than his amazing self and to your liking).


  • “uhm? MC, why are you coughing so much?”
  • he gently puts the back of his hand on your neck to check your temperature.
  • “wait a second, you don’t have a fever? you don’t even look sick, what’s the matter?” uh oh, time for an explanation.
  • he nods quietly, he understands, and he doesn’t make a big deal out of it, instead he reassures you that everyone has their weird little tics that they’re embarrassed about, and that it’s okay.
  • for example, he tends to reach for his smoking pipe when he needs to think, and he has a habit of picking at his scabs when he’s nervous.
  • he looks so calm and collected while making his point.
  • still, if your tic is hurting you, he begs you to let him know as he’ll always be there when you need him.
  • actual angel.

highresolutionnerd  asked:

Hii! May I please have domestic fluffy HCs of Shinsou with his female S/o please? I love your blog! Hnnghh

My beautiful 💕 finally I’m answering one of your previous asks! I’m sorry it took so long! I feel like we’re sharing the same love for Shinsou and that makes me just so happy? Thank you for loving my blog, I love you pretty 💫

By the way, I plan on continuing the lapdance story, no need for you to beg 😘

 For now, here we are ~

Shinsou Hitoshi

  •  He and his partner are having at least two cats and they have the cutest nicknames you can imagine
  • Shinsou’s favorite sight is coming home in the late afternoon, seeing her asleep on the sofa with their cats sprawled over her. The setting sun is dying the cotton candy clouds in a dusty pink and the last twinkling yellow sunbeams are dancing on her sleeping countenance. Seeing her peaceful face and her chest slowly rising up and down he can’t help, but rub his eyes every time. If this is a dream, please don’t wake him up
  • He watches everything she does with the utmost admiration. It’s one of his favorite past times to just sit close to her and let his eyes travel over her delicate frame. It happened more than once that she was talking to him and he was so lost in her, he couldn’t hear her angelic voice until she frantically gestured in front of his face. Every time this happens he will scratch his head and flash her an apologetic smile and she will grant him that captivating laughter of hers
  • They both like movie nights a lot, entangled on the sofa, their cats lazing around and all their favorite food/snacks on the table in front of them.

“Toshi, watch the movie, not me”, a warm laughter fills the room

“I’m sorry, I cannot help it, nothing is more mesmerizing than you”

“Oh cut it”, she laughs again “I didn’t know you are such a hopeless romantic”

He nuzzles his face in the crook of her neck, inhaling her comforting scent and enjoying the peace of this moment

  • Sunday mornings are always spend with breakfast in bed, particularly Shinsou making her favorite dishes and a cup of hot, steamy coffee/tea/cacao. Usually, she will find a little gift or a flower accompanying her meal tray. It’s not something big, but something he caught her unconsciously saying she wanted it, it’s his little way to spoil her. Actually, he wouldn’t mind giving her anything she wanted, even if it would be expensive. The loving smile dancing around the corners of her curling lips is worth more than anything he could ever buy

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I can´t actually believe this…I know that 101 is not that big crazy number FOR YOU but baby let me tell you…FOR ME IS A FUCKING LARGE NUMBER  :) 

I am sooooooooo happy,please just let me enjoy my little milestone.I ´m so happy…oh…did I already said that? WHAT EVER I´m happy.

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You are always there for me! (I mean that you like my work,I think?)

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Notice me senpai !!

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I love you and  you love me and you know it…  ;)

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I lo-love you…*run like a moe girl that is to embarrassed to wait for the respond of her senpai*


I see what you did there…clever.


You are the first one that give me a like.You are MY FIRST and I will never forget you.


You are my first request tat wasn´t anon.

But thank to @all ,even if you only read 1 of my Hc/posts It doesn´t matter I really appreciate that.All my gratitude is for you.

Making this tumblr page and writing help me a lot with my depression.Now I don´t feel like a useless potato that was in bed like a little shirty version of me Now I feel appreciate by you guys all the persons that like my stories.

A quick thank you to @thehoneybuddhadefender.You may be don´t know why BUT days ago I made a anon question of how to start a HC blog and You told me that paraphrasing “ go for it”.Maybe you don´t remember or may be I dream that (because it was to beautiful to be truth),what ever it was that you.

All that comes to my mind now is…Thank you so much you guys.

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(I am the cat and you are the baby)

And my brother told me that I am making a big deal over this and maybe that´s true ( I am making a big deal out it that´s for sure) but I don´t care.

I don´t know anyone of the blogs that I mention(sorry If I am being to much) you don´t have to respond or any thing.If you don´t want to.

-Are you going to do this again?

-Fuck yeah! 

-Your embarrassing your self…

-I don´t fucking care.I´m to happy to think that.

Hey, I’m having some trouble paying my bills due to an unexpected shortage this month. My parents are unable to help much due to paying into taxes this year. If anyone can help, that would be amazing. There’s a donate button on my blog, or my PayPal email is

I’m still sending my cat Kiri to the vet (next Thursday!), so the money I raised for that is set aside already, thankfully; I’m just having issues making my other bills like phone and house payments. We ended up $400 short of what we expected at the beginning of the month and J’s latest paycheck was small as he’s been sick and his kidney stones are flaring up again, plus my neurology appt had a high copay since our insurance is shitty now.

Sorry about this, friends. I wish I could offer commission but I can’t draw, or really do much of marketable value at all, since I REALLY doubt anyone needs to commission a bunch of sonnets or crappy Skyrim mods. I can proofread things, though, so if you’ve got something you want swept for grammar/spelling/formatting, I can maybe do that; hit me up.

ID #13044

Name: Maria
Age: 17
Country: France

Hello there ! My name’s Maria. I was born in Amiens, France a lovely town in the north of Paris. I’m currently living in Sofia , Bulgaria as a psychology major. Why ? I’m doing it because you can change people’s lives with it, it can help you understand so much about treating different kinds of behavior . It explains how I feel and how I act and I love applying it. But that is the point of Psychology… to discover why people do things and I want to be part of that! I currently work as barista … good tips.
I like pets a lot , mainly cats. I watch a lot of TV series , anime , YouTube ecc… so from there comes my tendency to fangirl and rant (sorry ,trying to minimize it ). My music taste changes but right now I mostly listen MCR (even though they broke my heart ): ) , Guns and roses and No Resolve. Writing , art and photography are my current passions with swimming close behind. Anything you want to know ? Just contact me !

Preferences: Anyone is free to contact me but preferably between 16 and 20 years old . Don’t be shy ! Hope to hear from you soon <3 !

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Dad post something funny on this blog my hecking cat died today in the morning and I don't want to be sad for the rest of the day (Really, he died today.) So post something funny Like, Now

Isn’t me showing you guys how my life falls apart more and more every single day funny enough

Just kiddin, I’ll try to post something funny if I can, anyways I’m so sorry for your loss

Q & A

I was tagged by the amazing @seanisnotinteresting!!! Thank you love!

Rules: answer all the questions and tag 20 people you would like to know better

Name: Kyla

Nickname: Ky, Kay

Zodiac: Gemini

Height: 5"5’

Orientation: panromantic demiromantic asexual

Eithicty: white

Favorite fruit: Apple

Favorite book series: After Dark

Favorite flower: rose

Favorite scent: lavender

Favorite color: black

Coffee, tea, or cocoa: tea

Dog or cat person: I love both but mostly dog

Average hours of sleep: 5ish

Favorite fictional characters: Leala, Chealse, Sin (After Dark)

Number of blankets: 2

Dream trip: London

Blog created: June 2016

Number of followers: 40

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@maxisprettygay @panromantic-prince
ID #36888

Name: Becks
Age: 19
Country: England
Hiya, I’m Becks and I’m really really terrible at talking about myself.
I’m on here to find some friends because i really don’t have any! I lost my friend group once I finished school/college and chose to get a full time job instead. They didn’t like that and it seems they really don’t like me now hahahaha.

I sound like a really typical girl when I list things about me (sorry not sorry)

- i love makeup but suck at doing my own
- music is a huge passion of mine (i love pop punk)
- i get payed and sponsored to blog and chat rubbish
- you will never find me not wearing vans
- i have 4 tattoos
- i love sphynx cats

I’m pretty open to talking to anyone as long as you let me ramble on about nothing and send me cute pictures of cats.

In all seriousness though - I’d love to be able to talk to people 24/7 but letters are cool too!

Preferences:  Ideally at least 18+

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Hey cats, is there a masterlist of autistic terms and stuff?? Because I only found out a few months ago and I'm only now finding the words that explain different things. Thanks!

Disregard my last ask, I found one ;-; sorry for not looking more closely at the blog v-v

Glad you found it ! :) In case any new kittens were wondering, the list can be found in our Autism 101 post. There’s also our important links page, our FAQ, and our autism 101 tag for helpful posts !

- Sister Cat