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Love-Hate (Yugyeom)

request:  Hi can i please have a smut scenario for yugyeom of got7, where you both don’t like eachother and you visit their dorm room and things escalate (cuz I mean them thighs how can you not.) and the other members hear and tease afterwards…. I know this is wordy sorry 😅

genre: smut

author’s note: i suck at posting i know :(((( hopefully this yugyeom smut will be good for you pervy people ;) i hope you all like it

**nsfw under the cut! also, i got a bit carried away and made it super long??

warnings: dry humping, multiple orgasms, oral (female receiving), more stuff i’m leaving out

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Purple Flowers

Characters: Benny Lafitte x Reader

A/N: this is 100% for my darling @daughterofthebrowncoats i hope this makes you feel better, love! (also it ends in smut because literally nothing is better for cheering up than benny smut) (also sorry it got so long,,,i’m a wordy bitch)

Warnings: smut, language, unprotected sex, public sex

Words: 2274

Tags: just my fellow benny lover @ravengirl94 ;) and also i think @feelmyroarrrr like benny?

It’s quiet at the diner, and you sigh and rest your elbow against the counter, your chin on your hand.  The heat out was ungodly, so there weren’t many people out and about, which meant no casual customers in the weird lull between lunch and dinner.  Which meant nothing to do except stare out the window.  Not that you minded.  You loved taking time to just stare out at the small path leading away from the diner.  

It was set back a little from the road, surrounded by a few beautiful trees and a spattering of purple flowers along the path.  You thought they may be weeds, since they’d been there so long and they just kept coming back every spring.  But you absolutely loved them.  Benny didn’t understand; they were messy and scattered, and honestly a little ugly, but you loved the color they brought to the otherwise dull path.

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sixclawsdragon  asked:

DateSana for that ship meme, please. Congrats on 200 followers!

  • who believes in love at first sight? Neither of them, but Yukimura doesn’t believe that a lot of time has to pass to make a strong connection. He has claimed people as his best friend for sharing snacks, made Masamune his rival after one fight, and has been the cause of at least one of Sasuke’s panic attacks when he actually went off with a stranger as a kid. Masamune is much more cautious when it comes to personal connections. 
  • who started liking the other first? They both liked each other pretty much right after their first meeting, but Masamune was the first to figure out that he likes-likes Yukimura. He promptly stomped that feeling back into the recesses of his mind. Masamune amps up his flirting tries to hint his affections without actually saying anything because he may be a confident flirter he is so much more hesitant with actually expressing affection because, aside from very few exceptions, him expressing love has always led to heartbreak. So he flirts and gives gifts and generally does everything to say he loves Yukimura without, you know, actually saying anything. Instead, he observes, waits to see if there is a time where his affection would not only be reciprocated but also not lead to disaster. Yukimura takes a little longer, but once he figures out his feelings he’s going up to Masamune, eyes, and cheeks blazing, more serious than he has been for almost anything in his life and saying that he loved Masamune and, if it isn’t unwanted, would he like to be boyfriends. Masamune smiles, a real one that softens his eye and takes years of hardship from the solid lines of his face and shoulders, and accepts because if there is anyone he could place his future with, it is this earnest, adorable man. Yukimura had the courage to confess, it’s only fair he matches it. 
  • who is more likely to suggest a romantic, candle-lit dinner? Yukimura, but he doesn’t suggest it. Masamune will just walk in and see two huge (and he means huge; Yukimura eats like a starved tiger) bowls of stew, one of the only dishes Yukimura can make perfectly, with candles lit in the center and an actual tablecloth spread out. Masamune will tease him about it, but seeing the effort and care makes something inside him go soft. Yukimura just likes doing sweet things for Masamune, likes seeing the glint in his eyes turn gentle and warm. 
  • who’s behind the wheel more often during road trips? Whoever can get to the driver’s seat first. They both love driving, though Masamune is partial to motorcycles rather than cars, and so like most other things in their life it’s a competition who gets to drive. They of course switch when they need/ want to, like if one is tired or sick or wants to take pictures, but it’s usually first come first serve for the driver’s seat. 
  • who sets up the tent and who gathers firewood during a camping trip? Yukimura, who has been on many “Nature Manstravaganzas” with Oyakata-sama and Sasuke sets up the tent. Masamune gathers firewood because, thanks to plant expert Kojuro, he also knows all the tasty plants he can gather to eat later while he’s getting wood. 
  • who hooks bait during a fishing trip? who catches more fish? They both hook their own bait because they are Tough. Though who catches the most fish flip-flops occasionally, Yukimura tends to win out in their fishing competitions. 
  • who insists on learning how to ballroom dance? Masamune already knew how to ballroom dance when he and Yukimura start dating! Yukimura was surprised to find old photographs of a young Masamune and older woman (who a written caption on the back of the photo named Kita), dancing at a party. Yukimura asked Masamune about it and expressed his admiration that Masamune had this skill. Masamune asked if Yukimura wanted to learn and that was that. If Masamune used it to sometimes sneak a feel of Yukimura’s butt or steal some kisses, well, call it his teaching fee.  
  • who goes all out on the other’s birthday? Both of them! Masamune loves throwing parties and Yukimura knows that Masamune loves parties. So they both gather everyone they know, Masamune’s Boys and their friends/ caretakers. Masamune will cook an honestly frightening amount of food, all Yukimura’s favorites including an insane amount of dango. Yukimura will have Sasuke help him make zunda mochi, much to Sasuke’s dismay. There will be a ton of music and drinking (for Masamune) and party games and dancing (for Yukimura) that will end in a birthday brawl between the two to end things. It’s not often they will throw a party this size, but it is always spectacular. 
  • who sings louder while cooking? while showering? Yukimura is unabashedly a shower singer. He sings loud and proud and if Masamune is nearby he’ll sometimes join in and it turns into an awesome karaoke battle for the ages, ending in them laughing too hard to continue. Masamune is the one that sings while he’s cooking, but it’s so quiet that it is almost buried beneath chopping, sizzling, and mixing. Yukimura thinks it’s a shame, Masamune has a lovely voice.  
  • who teases the other for said singing? Masamune, but it does lose some of its impact when Yukimura knows he likes it because he always tries to sing along. 
  • who insists on checking their zodiac sign compatibility every so often?  Neither of them are big on star signs, but every so often Masamune will look at them out of curiosity. Sometimes he’ll bring up something funny one of them says and the both of them will laugh about it, but for the most part, they rely on their own wills to guide their relationship, not the stars.  
  • who drags the other to fortune tellers at fairs? Yukimura because he finds them fascinating. Masamune likes to see Yukimura take these hacks seriously, worrying if they give a bad prediction or happy if they give a good one. 
  • who would carry who over the doorstep of a new home? Masamune, because if anyone is going to be the blushing bride in this relationship, it’s going to be Yukimura. Just because he’s shorter does not mean he gets the ragdoll treatment. Yukimura usually accepts in with some blushing and irritated words, but every so often he’ll sweep Masamune off his feet (usually when Masamune’s teasing goes too far) spinning him around the room before Masamune twists around enough to turn it into a wrestling match on the floor. 

anonymous asked:

let's talk zouis, honestly though it's frustrating seeing people say zouis is dead or this and that. when from what they've both said it seems they are on good terms again. perhaps not on the level of friendship they once were, but there's clearly still love there. i doubt we'll see them publicly hanging out for awhile, but i'm sure they maintain some level of contact especially after the past year louis has had. idk hopefully this isn't all wishful thinking on my part.

I can assure you you’re not the only person who shares that thought, love. I, alongside many other Zouies, think just that; Zouis’ relationship is still intact, even if its not presented for all of us to see. Which is fair, since its not our relationship after all; its theirs. There will always be someone with a negative opinion on Zouis, so its inevitable you’ll see people convinced Zayn and Louis have no interest in reconnecting, even now. Those people have never and will never care for the relationship Zayn and Louis have, so OF COURSE they want to believe they’re over. Their mind’s made up already. And that’s fine, I cant be bothered to worry about them.

Luckily, for the those of us who remain optimistic about Zouis, they themselves give us all the reassurance we need. The twitter fight was one, passing incident; Even the best of friends and the closest of families fight sometimes, but people we love can always be forgiven, if you trust they’ve learned from mistake. I can only speak for myself, but I saw the remorse in Zayn’s actions not too far after that happened. Beyond the heat of the moment, Zayn has shown he definitely wants to work things out with Louis and that the love on Zayn’s end wasn’t done for.

I mean, between congratulating the boys on DMD,

favoriting very obvious Zouis fanart,

reassuring fans he was not intentionally removing his Bus 1 tattoo,

favoriting the photo of Louis and Freddie,

then spoke out firsthand as to why he did that,

And of course, reaching out to give Lou his condolences about Jay.

If people really question Zayn’s effort to right his wrongs after all this, then there’s simply no getting through to them.

Louis has had a hard time lately, and had to get over a lot of emotional hurdles, im sure. But when it felt right for him, and when he needed the reassurance he could reach back out to Zayn, he did so in private.

Which is absolutely understandable and pretty much expected. I gladly accepted this information secondhand, because they needed to take the interaction at their own pace. Time has gone on and Louis has now publicly addressed him reconnecting with Zayn again in multiple interviews, which I linked to another post here. As well as complimenting Pillowtalk and explaining how they’re working through issues of the past.

Though neither have spoken up or shown any new interactions lately, it would be absolute stupid to see all of this stuff I listed above and still say Zouis is over. It’s clearly not. I trust they know how to navigate the rebuilding of their friendship now that they have a mutual means of communication, so I’m just going to trust that they’ll speak up when it feels right. And they’ll meet up when the opportunity strikes. Zouis is anything but over, don’t pay the naysayers any mind. Zouis will come back when they’re meant to. Stay positive, babes!

anonymous asked:

I'm the shooting draft script for the move Veronicas mom reacts much more realistically to veronica "dying". She screams and even cried that she wants her baby back. But yeah, she doesn't really.... emote in the official movie..

that scene is hilarious because it’s immediately followed by a super awkward family dinner where even the cat is uncomfortable 

daniel waters said in the commentary of the movie (and i’m not going to scrub through that for the exact quote) that he didn’t think that the sawyer’s should be very emotional as a family. he said that the “well i guess i picked the wrong time to be a human being” scene where they’re all arguing was too emotional even though he described it in the script as the sawyer family being “on fire”. and that scene wasn’t even That emotional. so i’m not sure that mrs sawyer being described as being “frantic” can really be taken at face value. it’s very possible that the performance that made it into the final cut was exactly what daniel waters envisioned. it’s also possible that you’re right and daniel waters did want her to act frantic, because although that’s not really in line with the character of mrs. sawyer, it is in line with the movie’s message about the reaction to suicide

also in looking up this scene in the script i found a line that was criminally unused in the final movie which is after veronica shoots jd she says “don’t worry. these are ich luge bullets”

siiriusblxck  asked:

Meta for prongsfoot too 😎

Doing the Meta thing || Accepting

Obviously, this varies with verse or with players etc. But my views on Prongsfoot as a ship in general and my usual go to is what I’m going with here. 

Please imagine for me, a world in which homosexuality only became legal in 67 (oh wait is that the real world?), a Wizarding world which is highly prejudiced in many areas. I think, at one point, JK may have said that the Wizarding world is accepting of homosexuality, but I don’t believe we have been given any evidence of this. Dumbledore is the only canonically gay character we know of, and yet this was mentioned after the books. It’s neither relevant to the story, nor acknowledged. So I am coming from this place here, from the place of what the world and attitudes were like in that time period. Wizard or not. 

James is drawn to Sirius the second he meets him. He’s loud, just like James. He’s brash, confident, good looking and not only laughs at James’ jokes, but makes his own. He thinks the sun shines out of James’ arse, and James is accustomed to being treated that way by his parents. He’s drawn to it, he’s drawn to him and the more the two get to know one another, the more he starts to appreciate and love Sirius as a person in his own right and not just someone James wants to impress. 

From the second they met, James was touching Sirius. Shoulder claps, a casual arm slung over the other, a man hug, a high five. James touches Sirius like it’s the most natural thing in the world, he offers love freely and without conditions to those he’s chosen. He doesn’t know how to love anyone in any other way, has only experienced the unconditional love and adoration of his parents and as such, accidentally teaches Sirius what that is. Teaches him what touch can mean, teaches him how to love and be loved with little to no expectations other than being yourself. 

As they get older, James starts to notice the little things about Sirius. He notices the way he smiles, when it’s genuine, when it’s not. He knows what’s going to make him laugh the loudest, knows every expression on his face. He knows when he’s pretending to be fine, knows when he’s so angry that he’s going into that dark place that James doesn’t always understand. He knows everything there is to know about Sirius Black and yet, he doesn’t know his own feelings. He tells himself over and over again, that he loves Sirius as a mate, a brother. Laughs along when people make jokes about how close they are, joins in because it’s funny. It’s not true, so it doesn’t even matter. 

it starts with a kiss. An experimental snog, practise for when they do the real thing. A chance to give one another tips. It’s what James tells himself every single time, it’s the way he rationalises it in his head. It’s not gay if you’re using it to improve your technique with girls. It’s not gay to feel a dick if you don’t actually look at it. It’s not gay if you put the dick in your mouth as long as you don’t make eye contact. It’s not gay if you’re not the one getting it up the arse. On and on, a variety of excuses as their relationship advances. A variety of ways he justifies it in his head, with both boys too terrified to have an actual conversation about it. 

James has no issue with people loving who they love. But the fact is, he simply doesn’t understand. In his mind, a man and a woman end up together. They get married, they have babies and for a long time he simply doesn’t even know that being with a man is an option. Not properly. Not in an official capacity. In all honesty, there isn’t many people to look up to in that regard. He doesn’t have a wealth of healthy gay relationships to look to as a reference point, he has tradition, how the world works and just the norm. It doesn’t enter his head to push for more with Sirius, because quite frankly, he doesn’t even know he can have it. 

There’s a variety of ways a Prongsfoot story can go. One of them being Sirius feeling as though James chose Lily. He chose her over Sirius, when in reality, James didn’t even know there was a choice to make. He didn’t realise Sirius was even an option, and yet he makes the other man feel inferior anyway. Without meaning to, without ever having wanted to. Or Sirius makes the move, he tells James how he feels when they’re in school. He sends James spiralling into a gay crisis, agonising over what that means for his life, if that’s possible and realising that he really fucking wants it to be. He wants it to be so fucking much because until it’s said out loud, James didn’t know what he could have, or how much he wanted it. 

In the end, whatever the situation, nobody will ever love Sirius the way James does, and nobody will ever love James like Sirius. There will never be another person in their lives who not only knows all their flaws, but cherishes them, who love one another because of them and not in spite of it. They are wrapped up in everything one another and will always be that way. 

Brand New Moves - Smut

Originally posted by i-fuckworldus

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 3,319

Request: hi! first let me just say i love all ur fics, you’re an amazing writer! second, i was wondering if you could do a smut based off the song brand new moves by hey violet were y/n used to be stiles bff but moved away and now she comes back and yea. thank you!   

AN: Sorry this took so long, it got really wordy but I kind of love how it came out. Big thanks to @toppunks cause she came up with the plot.


When you were 16 you had moved away from Beacon Hills. Your father’s job had transferred him away, and you’d been completely heartbroken, having to leave all your friends behind. You’d miss everyone, but not as much as you’d miss Stiles. Stiles Stilinski was your best friend and the love of your life.

The night before you’d left he had snuck in your window, and he’d hugged you close, with whispered promises of keeping in touch and visiting someday. Before he left you’d gathered up your courage and kissed him, something you’d always been afraid to do. You’d never forget the look on his face, his mouth in a perfect o, his eyes wide. He hadn’t said anything, offering you a smile and climbing back outside. You had stood at your window and watched him climb into his beat up jeep and drive away, hoping you’d see him again.

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anonymous asked:

Hi :) I want to say that I don't understand why the heroines always wear heels on movies or TV shows, when it is the most uncomfortable thing to walk ... I suppose it is because that when we imagine a heroine, I don't know... but I imagine them tall and strong but when I see the heels when they fight it's just look ridiculous I don't know if it is just me...

Hey! You know, your opinion actually caused me to do a lot of thinking about a conversation I had with some friends earlier this year. It regarded the same idea of women in comics, tv shows and movies wearing heels at the most impractical of times. It led us down a road, not of criticism, but of asking why.

We’ve all heard and probably participated in the debates of women in power and/or iconic women wearing heels regardless of where they are or what they are doing. In some ways as a society, we double-think the ideas because we see women doing certain tasks in heels and fangirl over them, telling our queens to slay all day and stick it to the patriarchy (And she did it all in heels!!). Then we see them at other times and criticize because… why are they wearing heels though? (That’s sexist. Why are men forcing us to wear heels?).

So in my contribution to the discussion I considered the history of heels in society and how that compares to today. 

Without giving a full-blown history lesson, during the 16th-17th century (possibly for a time after, my memory is patchy), heels were worn by men and women alike. Specifically they were worn by monarchs and nobility to showcase wealth and nobility – see Queen Elizabeth I and King Louis XIV for the role they played in that fashion statement. Of course at the time, the heel itself was a bit more practical than what we see now.

Moving forward, the Enlightenment contributed to men disowning heels from their wardrobe. Heels were frivolous and unnecessary in politics, art, and science – much like the women that wore them, yeah boys? 🙄

Moving forward once again, women were made to wear heels in pornographic material because it accentuated their lines and curves – parts of the body that were used to showcase sexuality so, income heels being a tool for the male gaze.

So these days, both in reality and entertainment, a woman’s femininity, sexuality and attractiveness have become linked to a source or form of power. All of those features are things that cause people to simply look at a woman. If a woman isn’t the subject of attention, she has no power… right? So stereotypically, when a woman feels attractive and has all eyes on her, it is assumed that she feels powerful. 

(Of course there is the argument of the difference of what makes an individual woman attractive to others, or feel attractive in her own right but with that confidence is the common denominator more often than not. With that, we get pulled into the debate of what is or should be considered conventional beauty. It is too broad to be generalized).

Now the criticism. Specifically, the feminist criticism (the entire feminist vs. feminist argument is really something that be can discussed at length… separately). Of course, heels are also seen as oppressing and patriarchal – it adds a sense of control in what makes a woman feel powerful. Again, speaking of feeling attractive, there is that effort to feel sexy in order to attract the male gaze and thus feel confident in oneself and in return, powerful. So this is where that stigma comes in. Alongside that, there are the obvious downsides to wearing heels regularly. The impact it has on your body – not just your feet, but your legs, hips, spine etc. Your entire sense of balance is thrown off. Even if you do have the ability to walk and run in them (not me!). So the criticism for women is that we are expected to wear heels an in turn, mutilate our bodies to be considered more sexually attractive by exaggerating the physical features that attract the male gaze. Power equates to beauty and style. Not practicality and comfort…… right???

Now as you said, and most would agree, they are not practical in any sense of the word for your ‘every woman’ in the work place, at the market, or at home (Is that a thing? Yeah, it is). So naturally they aren’t for our heroines that run across rooftops, jump from speeding trains to sports cars, roundhouse kick aliens, spend a day being chased by dinosaurs, or punch out Nazi soldiers. All in a day’s work.

So back to the first question. Why? Again, fashion and that sense of power that comes with the previously discussed double standard. So no my love, it definitely isn’t just you. It is, indeed, ridiculous and the never-ending debate cycle continues to be just that – a cycle. 

On the bright side, we are beginning to see more boots. They’re wedged, but they’re boots. Many may not realize that comfort and practicality are winning for some. I wish I could find the article I read earlier this year, but there was a report that a significant drop in the percentage of women that more often wear heels in the work place or casually. Even Gal Gadot recently talked about her decision to wear flats as opposed to heels. So I think it is safe to say we will continue to see that change (so long as dudebros like Whedon stay out of the way). Thanks for the ask! Sorry it got a bit wordy.

new-recipe  asked:

The chocobros are rooming in a cheap motel one night when they suddenly get a notification from management that the hot water turns off at 10. Prompto, whom usually takes a long time to take care of his hair, is still in the shower. With only 15 minutes left, Noct decides he’s just going to hop in. How would Prompto react to Noct suddenly joining him in the shower?

(oops this got a little long sorry I’m a wordy kinda gal!)

“W-what?!” Prompto splutters, water in his face, as arms suddenly appear around his body, reaching in front of him to grab the small bottle of shampoo. (Ignis won’t let them use his nice, fancy shampoo he keeps for himself, it’s motel freebies for everyone else).

He can’t see yet, trying to rub the water from his eyes, contacts out and certain things fuzzy around the edges though. But he knows without seeing that it’s Noct, it has to be. He’d know those spindly arms anywhere.

“What?” He says again. Finally he can see, and he turns to face Noctis, naked and in the shower with him, shampoo-sudsy hands already running through the bird’s nest his gelled hair had become.

Noctis is trying to look like it’s nothing, as he lathers the shampoo through his hair, nonchalant, that he’s Noctis I-do-this-all-the-time Lucis Caelum. But he doesn’t do this all the time, and Prompto can see through the facade.

There’s a slightly sheepish smile on Noctis’ face. “Sorry, dude, hot water turns off in like fifteen minutes, and you’re a shower hog. Can’t go to sleep smelling like a voretooths mouth.”

Prompto’s nose wrinkles in distaste at the thought, but helpfully it distracts him from, well his naked best friend, in the shower with him. Be cool, he tells himself. Pretend it’s normal. Half of your life is spent pretending everything’s normal. You can do this. Noct is acting like it’s nothing, so Prompto goes with it.

Prompto forces a laugh. “Yeah man, I wouldn’t be sharing the bed with you tonight if you smelled like that,” he jokes. He turns away from Noctis then, to finish the last of his shower routine. It’s a bit weird, but he may as well, and continuing it is better than standing there staring at Noct but trying to pretend he’s not staring at Noct.

“Hope you’d like the floor then,” Noctis jokes back, “cause there’s no way I’m giving up a bed tonight. I’m beat.”

Prompto grabs a bottle of some fruity smelling shower gel, a bit too sweet for him, maybe, but paupers in motels can’t be choosy. “I’d fight you for it,” he says, lathering up the shower gel in his hands.

Noct’s pushing at him then, wet hands on Prompto’s equally wet and very naked shoulders. “Switch.” Prompto feels himself pushed out of the spray of water - the shower really isn’t big enough for two full grown men, even if those full grown men are rather average sized twenty year olds.

Noct’s acting like this isn’t anything weird is both weirding Prompto out, and making it easier for him to pretend it’s all fine, too. He tries not to let his eyes wander across Noctis’ backside, but it’s right there in front of him; what the hell is wrong with him, he’s a terrible, terrible best friend.

“What kind of place turns off the hot water at a certain time anyway?” Noct’s saying then, standing under the spray, washing the shampoo from his hair now.
“Cheap places that can’t afford to have it on all day and night?”
Noctis huffs, as if the logic of that annoys him.

“Move, dude, my turn,” Prompto says, and they switch again, bodies almost brushing in the close quarters. Prompto might not mind, except it’d be too damn obvious to Noctis just how much he doesn’t mind, and he doesn’t think he’s ready for that conversation, at all.

Prompto stands there, let’s the water rush over him, clean him of the shower gel, before he rinses the conditioner from his hair. They finish the shower quickly, well aware of the time and neither wanting to suddenly be caught under a sudden freezing cold spray of water. It would probably be a good thing for Prompto, but he tries to ignore that.

Noctis is out first, drips all over the floor as he wraps a towel around himself, so Prompto turns off the water before climbing out as well. When he turns, it’s into Noct’s appraising gaze, his eyes intent, as they rove over Prompto’s body. When that gaze meets Prompto’s eyes, sees that he’s been watching, there’s a hint of colour, rising high on Noctis’ cheeks.

Prompto finds his towel, covers himself quickly, finds himself with a suddenly dry mouth and a lightness in his chest. He sees, can almost pinpoint the moment, as Noctis pulls the cool guy attitude back on, covers himself with it almost like the towel covers his body.

“Next time, maybe don’t spend a hundred years in here, yeah?” His mouth twitches up into a half smirk, before he turns to leave the bathroom. “Nice ass, by the way.”

Then Noct is gone, the door closing firmly behind him, and Prompto’s left standing there, mouth on the floor, wondering how he’s meant to take that.

What the fuck, Noct? he thinks to himself. That, perhaps, he thinks might be a conversation for later.

And before he gets dressed, Prompto totally doesn’t try to look at his backside in the mirror, assess whether Noct is telling the truth or not. Maybe he’ll have to ask his best friend about that later, too.

Secrets and Jealousy

Rating: T
Imagine: Imagine a guy trying to impress you by pretending he is an FBI agent. Hotch witnesses this and becomes so jealous he kisses you in front of everyone after showing off his authentic badge.
Notes:  Basically you’ve been dating Hotch for almost two years but no one knows about it. You go to a bar with the team and a guy hits on you causing Hotch to get jealous and out you to everyone. This got incredibly long and I had to cut out a lot. I was going to include what happened when you and Hotch got home which got way steamier than I was intending. So, if you guys want I can submit that in a different post. So, yeah. Hope you guys like it. Sorry about the length, I get too wordy.

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Anonymous requested: Imagine being Obi-wan’s padawan and Rex falling for you after you spend time on Anakin’s ship. Then he admits how he feels after you get injured in battle

A.N: I think I lost the original message but luckily I saved the prompt in my drafts. It got a bit wordy (sorry not sorry) and I kinda wrote it under the idea that the reader actually had a mentor before Obi so they’re a bit older? Idk make what you will~ 

It was odd, being away from your master for so long, but you could hardly complain. Your time spent on Master Skywalker’s ship had been amazing. There was, of course, bad times; the missions that sent your nerves on edge and the mistakes you still let get to you sometimes, but all in all it had been good. 

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(I recommend clicking for bigger size!) Around July I was playing around with the what-if idea of the 7th star piece being in the shiver region from paper mario, and the group going into starborn valley to get some rest and ask questions about where it might be (spoilers, the crystal palace) I think the majority of it just came from me wanting to write about how Geno would be introducing his friends to an old, familiar childhood town while all the present star children are super confused at the stranger group walking to merle’s house. I was working on and off on this while working on a bigger project, but it was a nice little coincidence that I was about finished with it near christmas, haha. I have a picture of them at the crystal palace too but it’s highly wip-ish still.

I can definitely say for the few of you following me on here who understand what I mean, that it’s been a long while, and let’s just say expect some things in the future ;) I struggled with some stress issues for a while but in this spring, I got my bearings and began to get back in the swing of things, and long story short it’s a great feeling to have a personal project again to work and build on and I do owe it to having and meeting some really good friends on here and irl. Happy holidays and for today, Merry Christmas! (Sorry I get so wordy on things like this, I guess it just feels lackluster for me to leave short messages)

(ps I got persona q!!!)

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Birthday: June 5th 

Gender: uuuuh Demiboy/Agender not totally sure

Relationship status: taaaaken <3 by @lynel

Favourite Colour: any color really but i love warm colors

Pets: one beautiful dog

Wake up time: recently 10am-12pm

Love or Lust? i’ll take either honest

Lemonade or Iced Tea? Lemonade! dont have iced tea a lot

Coke or Pepsi? Coke

Day or Night? Day AND night

Text or Call? Text
 for sure

Met a Celebrity? met my fave cartoon director/voice actor

Light or Dark hair? me?? dark hair!

Short or Tall? again if its asking about me then Tall

Chapstick or Lipstick? Chapstick if anything

City or Country? City
 all the way

Last Song I listened to? You Are My Sunshine by Elizabeth Mitchell

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ch. 28

Title: Overtures
Fandom: Thunderbirds TOS
Rating: T
Warnings: none really
Characters: Virgil Tracy, John Tracy, Brains, Tin-Tin Kyrano, OCs

This story has been hanging around for quite a while and it’s the 3rd in a long story arc. This is chapter 28 of the story and it is not finished. (I’m kinda stuck as to what scene to write next.) You do have to know where the story is coming from for it to make any sense whatsoever. Sorry it’s so long; I’m an incredibly wordy writer!

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making a binder out of compression shorts

hi! i’m the anon who sent in the ask about making a binder out of compression shorts. i’m sorry it took me so long to get this in, school took over my life. as i said in the ask, i don’t have in-progress pictures of my version of the binder anymore, but hopefully this words-only guide will help some people who cannot get a proper binder at the moment. the tutorial is a little longer than it probably needs to be, but i was extra wordy to compensate for the lack of pictures.

please read this through in its entirety before beginning, especially the notes at the end! i know it’s long, i’m sorry!

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Maid-Ashton Irwin

Smut smut smut oh my gosh I cannot believe I wrote this but I hope u like it

*One month before*
“So what are your biggest fantasies?” Your boyfriend Ashton asked you as you were lying in bed together one night. The two of you had a great sex life but you both knew that talking about sex and what you liked and felt comfortable with was just as important as actually doing it.

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While it’s easy to assume that Funamusea blocked other countries from their sunahama logs for being rude to them, we don’t know anything for sure. Funamusea hasn’t said anything about it themself, and I’m beginning to suspect that it may just be a mistake on their part. 

Think about it. Perhaps they forgot to set something up properly, or wasn’t able to fix something because they were so busy. They’re making two mangas, quite possibly four games, along with their other projects. Not only that, but they have to deal with their piss-poor health and their own unspoken personal problems too. If they really wanted to cut us off from them, then why is the rest of the site available to us? Why is it only the sunahama log that’s blocked? It’s a possibility that they had domain troubles and then the block ended up happening, or that the sunahama log needs specific maintenance to maintain it, we don’t know. 

I don’t see why they’d want to block foreign users from their content right now anyway, unless something serious happened again. Translators still work on their biggest projects (Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, Ice Scream, Obsolete Dream, the games itself), and it doesn’t look like Funamusea has told any of them to stop. And, again, the main site itself is still available to everyone. 

I haven’t seen any solid evidence for any of the supposed reasons that have been cycling around, and it’s beginning to make me wonder if any of them had even an inkling of truth in the first place. Please don’t spread rumors– it doesn’t do anything good for any of us, and only serves to make the fandom panic more.

I’ll end this by saying that it’s not smart to assume anything just yet. Be patient. If it doesn’t work out, then it doesn’t work out. And if it does, then that’s great. Just try not to get swept up in the panic and believe everything that’s being said. 

Anyways, this is long! Thanks for reading.


for columbiaskies

It’s funny; some people, how they say they’d never steal? But you’ve got a family, kids to take care of. You’d do anything. That’s why I’m not angry.