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Out of the Blue 02

Rated: M

Warnings: Explicit vulgar hybrid smut, knotting, dirty talk. 

Summary: Jungkook has only ever thought of his breeding clients as just that - clients, and he’s always quite indifferent to them since he only ever knows them for a short period of time. But then you come along, and he starts experiencing feelings that aren’t being manipulated by your heat. Real feelings, that he has never harbored before with anyone else.

Notes: in a world where shower sex is Effortless. LOLLL also plz enjoy the stereotypical dogs love peanut butter thing in this it brought me joy

Words: 5k

01 | 02

It was silent, save for the light clinking of the spoon Seokjin was using to stir his tea. Namjoon sat at the island in the middle of the large kitchen, staring down at his cup of tea which was untouched, worrying about one thing and one thing only.

“So what do you think they’re doing?”

Seokjin promptly stopped stirring his tea at the question and turned around away from the counter to look at Namjoon, his eyebrow raised and a small smile playing at his lips. “Do you really want me to answer that?” He sauntered over to the island where Namjoon was seated, taking a sip of his tea on the way over.

Sheepishly, Namjoon chuckled and ducked his head, cheeks turning red from the slight embarrassment and scratching the back of his neck. What a foolish question he had asked. “Oh- um, yeah, I guess not.”

“Yeah, they’ll be doing that for awhile,” Seokjin explained in amusement, taking a seat at the island across from him. “But later on, they’ll take a break.. Come downstairs, eat and drink something - recharge, perhaps. Don’t get it twisted though, you won’t be able to…. touch her, if you know what I mean. Not even a rub on the arm. Jungkook will be attached at her hip. He’s very territorial and possessive of his clients, I’m afraid. Well, I’m sure you know that well enough.”

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BTS reaction to their S/O being a different person around them than her friends

Anonymous said :

bts reacting to their s/o being a different person around them than her friends (so she’s cute and shy around him, but chatty and sarcastic with her friends) .

Hi cutie~thanks for requesting ! ..  here’s your requested reaction and I hope you like it >< .

Jin :

Jin looked at you in awe as he saw you jumping around and screaming with your friends. You were such a reserved person with him, he felt a pinch of jealously.

“Why don’t you act like that with me?” he questioned as soon as you left your friends .

“What are you talking about?” your shy demeanor reappeared .

“You act so energetic around them but not me” he frowned .

“You just make me shy I guess but I could try to be like that with you” a warm smile creeped onto his face as he crushed you in his embrace .

Suga :

Yoongi analyzed you, your personality did a complete 180 degree turn. Your actions were more extravagant, words were harsher and eyes brighter. He couldn’t believe how different you seemed .

“Since when are you so extroverted?” you smiled innocently at the realization of what he was talking about .

“I feel a bit more free around them I guess” he frowned .

“And you can’t be free with me?” his words were cold .

“I’m sorry, I promise I’ll behave like that more often” you raised your voice to seem brighter and threw yourself into his arms .

“I asked you to be more energetic not try to crush me” .

J-hope :

Hoseok felt sadness rise in his heart as he watched you and your friends from a far. He always thought his hyper personality annoyed you as you were very self-contained but seeing you screaming and running around with your friends made think differently  .

“Are you ok?” Hoseok hadn’t been his usually hyperactive self .

“Why can’t you be so exciting with me?” you cocked your head to the side with a nervous smile .

“Sorry if I made you feel bad Hoseok, if you want we can go dancing” his face lit up .

“Why are we still?, let’s go” .

Rap Monster :

Namjoon smirked at the sight in front of him. His once shy girlfriend was dancing around in public with one of her friends, this was a sight to behold .

“Where did that girl come from?, she’s really exciting” you blushed .

“I guess they bring out the wild in me” .

“And I can’t?” your face couldn’t have been hotter .

“You make me nervous” you blurted out. Namjoon laughed, exposing his winsome dimples .

“You’re adorable” you smiled and threw your arms around his neck excitedly .

“Let’s go get frozen yogurt” a small chuckle came from him .

“I’m loving this new you” .

Jimin :

A pout formed on Jimin’s face, he had never seen you so bubbly even when he tried to do it himself, he didn’t like that he couldn’t do that to you. For the rest of the day he didn’t really speak to you very much, his insecurity was prominent .

“Jimin, are you feeling aright?” you stared at him .

“Do I make you happy?” you sat next to him .

“Of course you do” he glanced at you, still didn’t feel reassured .

“Then why don’t you act the way you did with your friends with me?” you were a bit taken back .You flung your arms around him and begun to cover his face with kisses, your lipstick staining his face. His laughter filled the room, so you pulled away from him to look at your masterpiece, his face was decorated with lipstick which matched his blush .

“I promise to be more cheerful with you Park Jimin” you drew a cross over your heart ,Jimin’s smile brightened the whole room .

“You’re amazing” .

V :

Taehyung’s heart ached as his thoughts stirred. There you were screaming and running around with you friends, something you and him have never done. He wished that it was him you were doing that with .

“Jagi?” you walked up to breathless as he called out to you .

“Why can’t we do that?” he pouted ,so you sat on his lap as you caught your breath, this wasn’t something you did often.You lazily wrapped your arms around his neck .

“Why don’t you come join us?” he held you bridal style as he stood up .

“It would be my honor” .

Jungkook :

Jungkook’s emotions were all over the place, he was confused by your bouncy behavior, jealous that he wasn’t the one making you behave that way but mostly he was disheartened by the fact he never made you act like that. He stayed quiet as you two walked back home, usually he would be quite talkative .

“You ok?” he gave a slight nod. A blush came to your cheeks as you grabbed onto his hand, stopping him in his tracks .

“Why do you act so differently when you’re with your friends?” you scowled .

“I don’t know, it’s just so easy to be like that with them. When I’m with you I’m afraid you won’t like it” he smiled softly .

“Don’t be afraid, I like you even more like that” he squeezed your hand, you gave him a smile .

“Let’s have a race back to the house” you took off running .

“Hey that’s not fair!” .

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Right Here With You

Writer - @damndescendants

Requested - @crystalshines290

I was hoping that I could get a Harry Hook x reader where she is the daughter of Dr. Facilier and he is teaching her to sword fight and they are being really flirty and then she accidentally gets hurt and it gets super fluffy after that 

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader

Summary – While sword fighting, Harry accidentally hurts his lover, the daughter of Dr. Facilier.

Warning(s) - negative thoughts towards oneself, mentions of past injury (accidental and self-inflicted), injury, blood, angst, fluff

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All of This and So Much More: Chapter One [poly!hamsquad x reader]

Time Period: Modern

Word Count: 3.0K

Warnings: Swearing, underage (?) drinking

A/N: I didn’t think I was going to be able to get this finished and out, and I definitely wasn’t planning on dropping this until at least tomorrow night, but you all were so supportive and I really thank you for that.  So, have the next chapter (not sure how much you’re going to like me after this though so…)  Let me know what you think!  Also, if I tagged you and it didn’t work, or you asked me to tag you and I didn’t, please let me know!!

Prologue  Chapter Two

Month One (September)

“Hey darlin’.  How’d your first day of school go?” John asked as soon as you answered the Skype call.  

You could hear the crashing waves and see your friends sitting around the bonfire from the open door across the room.  They were celebrating the beginning of the school year, and once you talked to John, you’d be out to join them.

“Hey Jackie.”  As much as you were loving the Caribbean, you missed John.  Being able to see him and hear his voice brought a smile to your face.  “It was good.  There’s this little girl, Leta, who is the sweetest little thing.  She colored a picture and gave it to me today and she’s so smart.  I showed her a Junie B. Jones book and she was half way through it by the time school got out.”

John laughed.  “Did they have the Junie B. Jones books there or did you take yours with you?” You mumbled in response, but he couldn’t make out what you said.  Still grinning, he asked, “sorry, what was that.”

“I said I bought a new set and had it shipped down here with me.”

Even though he was still laughing, you could hear the fondness in his voice.  “You just met these kids and you’re already spoiling them.” You went to respond, but he cut you off. “Not that I’d expect any different from you.  It’s a good thing you’re doing.  I’m proud of you.”  

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Tommy x Reader

Prompt: #12: “I just want you to be happy” (Requested by smashablepieces)

When you first met Thomas Shelby, you could tell he was a very depressed man and not a lot could make him happy. However, even with knowing how depressed he was, you couldn’t help yourself from talking to him. His icy blue eyes lured you in and the next thing you knew you were sharing a drink with the handsome man.

Over time, he would find you in bars and offer to share a drink with you. He did eventually ask you out though and you couldn’t help but say yes. You didn’t know you were getting yourself into a world of illegalities and gang wars. You didn’t mind though; Tommy kept you out of it as best he could.

You had moved in with him and you were a part of the family. You spent your days with Polly while he was busy at work, and at night, you were with Tommy. You didn’t mind that you two didn’t see each other much during the day and when he got home at night he was always exhausted. You got to take care of him every night because of how tired he was.

You did notice, though, that he wasn’t really getting any happier. You didn’t think that you coming into his life would really make a difference, but he didn’t even seem happy to be with you. You had talked to Polly about it and she only said that he had his troubles and that they hindered him from really enjoying anything. You knew all of that though. You knew of his father abandoning him when he was a child. You knew of his night terrors from the war; hell, he still had them and you would have to calm him down. You knew there was a woman he loved who had left him for New York. You knew so many things that had happened to him and why he was never happy, but you only wanted him to be happy. That’s the only thing you ever tried to do for him, but nothing seemed to work.

So, you asked him about it one morning while you were watching him dress for another day at the betting house.

“Tommy?” He grunted in response as he buttoned up his shirt. “Are you happy?”

“Yeah, I suppose.” You sat on your knees on the bed.

“Tommy, please be truthful with me.” You muttered, causing him to turn around.

“I’m happy with you. Why are you asking such things?” He removed the cigarette from his lips to place a kiss on your head.

“Because it never seems like you’re happy. You always seem so depressed, and I just want you to be happy. Especially with all of the shitty things that have happened to you in your life.” He looked down to you before sitting next to you.

“I love you, (Y/N), and you make me happy. I may not show it, but you are the one person who makes me like my life. I may not smile, and I may not laugh; but that’s just who I am now. But, you need to know that when I’m with you, I’m always happy. You’re my girl and you wouldn’t be my girl if you didn’t make me happy.” He said all of this with a straight face, but you saw the emotion in his eyes. You smiled and pulled him to you in a hug.

“I love you too, Tommy,” You pulled back to kiss his lips before shooing him off to finish getting ready for his day at work.


So sorry it’s short! I hope you still love it!

10 Victoria’s Secret Models

Request by anon:  Hi! Can you do a Brendon Urie imagine where you have a mental break down and feel like you aren’t good enough for him but he comforts and reassures you?? THANKS

A/N- Based on the song by MAX


You sit in Brendon’s lap, on the couch, holding a large bowl of popcorn. Fall Out Boy’s performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and you, being a huge Fall Out Boy fan, obviously weren’t going to miss it, just like any other time they perform on tv. You automatically get pumped as My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark starts playing, fist pumping and shoving popcorn in your face like a maniac. You can feel Brendon’s laughs rumbling in his chest from behind you. Soon the models came out and begin walking down the runway, all of them wearing heels and barely any clothing, some even had on huge angel wings. As the show went on, you began to feel uneasy, looking at the models’ slim frames, flat stomachs, long toned legs and perfectly smooth skin. All of them are beautiful, perfect, desirable, ideal. You try and shake the thought out of your mind, looking up at Brendon, eyes still fixed on the tv. His eyes are beautiful and round, his lips plump and pink. He’s gorgeous without even trying. You always knew he was out of your league but you never though about how he felt, he obviously took a step down from his last girlfriend with you. You look down at your reflection in your black glossy phone screen, almost cringing at the sight after looking at the models on tv. You set the popcorn down beside you, no longer wanting it. You lean back into Brendon’s chest and he wraps his arms around you.
You watch the rest of the show, not really paying attention which sucked because you were usually so excited to see your favorite bands on tv. By the time it’s over, it’s dark outside and the only light is coming from the tv which is suddenly turned off. You stand  up and stretch, turning towards the couch to see Brendon yawning and setting the remote down beside him. He stands up and wraps his arms around your torso, resting his head on your shoulder.

“We should go upstairs.” He says groggily. You whine in response, just as tired as he is.

“Carry me…” He chuckles a little before bending down and scooping you up, carrying you bridal style upstairs. He places you on the bed and you immediately roll over, tucking your hands under your pillow. You feel the bed sink in next to you and Brendon kisses your forehead.

“Good night, (Y/N).” He whispers before laying down and going to sleep. You on the other hand, as tired as you are, can’t find sleep. You can’t stop thinking about how good those models looked. Sure, they were models, they’re supposed to look like the most ideal woman so you really shouldn’t be comparing yourself to them. The thing that’s bothering you is the fact that Brendon is the ideal man. You don’t deserve him, he deserves someone who’s just as good looking as him, someone who won’t make people question what he sees in you. Eventually, your brains wares itself out and you fall asleep.

When you wake up the next morning, Brendon’s not beside you. You yawn and scratch your head a little before going downstairs to find him making breakfast. You sit at the counter where there’s two plates, ready to be filled with food.

“Morning, babe.” He smiles and scoops eggs onto both plates. You send him a small smile.

“Morning.” He puts bacon and toast on your plates and turns the fire off on the stove. He grabs two forks and sits next to you. As you begin eating, you wonder what those models eat for breakfast. Definitely not this, right? They probably drink some healthy shake before going to Pilates or some shit. This thought creeps into your mind and you kind of push the food around on your plate. Once you both finish eating, he clears your plates, taking them to the sink.

“(Y/N), you barely ate any of your food.” He says as he scrapes the left overs from your plate down the garbage disposal.

“Um, yeah, I’m just, not really hungry this morning. I don’t know.” Before he can say anything else you go upstairs to get dressed. You go to the bathroom to wash your face and brush your teeth. You put your toothbrush back in the holder and look up at yourself in the mirror. You begin to notice all the imperfections in your face and body that you hadn’t before. You turn to the side and lift up your shirt a little, exposing your stomach. You rub your hand over it, wondering how much those models weigh.

“Babe…” You snap your head to the door where Brendon stands, leaning on the door frame.

“Y-you okay?” He asks, his eyebrows drawn up in concern.

“Yeah…I’m good. Sorry I’m hogging the bathroom.” You try and chuckle a little before walking past him and into the bedroom. You see him turn his head, following you with his eyes but you ignore him, starting to get dressed.

“Alright well I’ll be ready in a few minutes.” He says, turning on the faucet.

At the end of the day, after running errands, Brendon doing interviews and you doing work around the house, you and Brendon decided to watch a movie and share a bottle of wine. By the middle of the movie, you were both a little tipsy and no longer fully paying attention. You feel Brendon behind you, kissing your neck and putting his hands on your hips.

“Bren….what are you doing?” You try and move your head away from him, chuckling a little at your own awkwardness but he doesn’t stop, he just pulls you closer, trailing the kisses down to your shoulder.

“Bren, stop.” You shake him off.

“Why not?” He whines, you pulls yourself away from him, moving so you were sitting beside him now.

“I just don’t feel like it tonight. Sorry.” You say with a shrug. He sighs and runs a hand through his hair.

“Bullshit, (Y/N). What’s been going on with you? Ever since yesterday you’ve been acting weird.” You sigh and drop your head into your hands as tears well up in your eyes. He doesn’t realize you’re crying until he hears sniffles emitting from behind your hands.

“Woah, wait, what’s going on? Why are you crying?” He asks, moving next to you and putting an arm around you, rubbing your back. You exhale with a sob and lift your head up, wiping your face with your sleeves which is pointless considering you’re still crying.

“I just….when we watched the fashion show last night, I couldn’t stop thinking about how perfect those models are and I know everyone says not to compare yourself to models because they’re not real and shit but have you seen yourself? How am I supposed to walk around with confidence when you’re over here looking like a fucking Calvin Klein commercial?! You deserve so much more than ‘this’. ” You say, motioning to yourself.

“You must be embarrassed to even stand next to me when you’re clearly way out of my league.” You drop you head, staring at your lap and watch the tear drops fall onto your legs. Suddenly you hear Brendon laughing a little which makes you look up with red, puffy eyes. Why is he laughing? Because what you said is true and his entire life is a joke?

“W-why are you laughing?” You almost regret asking, not wanting to know the answer. He stops laughing but still has a smile on his face.

“Babe, I’m laughing at how ridiculous you sound.” Your bottom lip quivers as you stare at him, eyes still wide in confusion. He sighs and uses his thumb to wipe away your tears.

“(Y/N), you’re insane if you think that I’d prefer one of those photo shopped, stiletto wearing, “perfect” girls over you. All your imperfections are the things that make you so incredibly beautiful. I’m sorry if I haven’t been showing you how much I love you and that you’re more than enough for me.“ He says, looking you in the eyes.

“Brendon, there’s no way you’d pick me over one of them. They’re super models for fuck’s sake!” You argue, still not listening to him.

“I mean sure, they’re pretty, but even if ten Victoria’s Secret models walked in this room right now, I’d never take my eyes off you. Because you’re all I could ever ask for and I wouldn’t trade you for anything or anyone.” He says, holding your face in his hands.

You smile genuinely and press your lips on his. You never really cared about how you look to everyone else, you just wanted to be enough for Brendon. He’s definitely a catch, that’s for damn sure and you would do anything to keep him. When you pull away, you snuggle back into Brendon’s chest and he holds you tight. The two of you sit in silence as gently rocks you in his arms. 

“(Y/N)?” He asks quietly, breaking the silence. Your eyes flutter open as you snap out of the little trance he put you in.

“Yeah, Babe?” You ask. He doesn’t speak for a few seconds.

“Do you really think I could be a Calvin Klein model?”

A Dream Come True ~ part 3

part two here!

My first attempt at a RPF! I love Norman, but am nowhere near an expert on him, like I am with Jeffrey. 😜 So excuse my writing of him.  Also, let’s pretend that Jeffrey and Norman are single, no SO’s, no ties.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader x Norman Reedus

Word count ~ 2800

Warnings- NSFW, includes double penetration

Tags~ @stileswolfi @magikat409 @jasoncrouse @nothin-after-79 @magpiegirl80  @omgitss0y @binegan @metal-xo @mypopculturediva @angelofthenite @hotfornegan @a-queen-and-her-throne @mwesterfeld1985

  As tired as I felt, my muscles like jello, I wanted more. Needed more. I hadn’t a clue what would come next, but was excited. And more than ready.

 I was now lying between both men, and I never felt more at home. Norman’s fingers stroking my hair. Jeffrey rubbing my arm softly. I could almost fall asleep. But my mind was still reeling with what was to come.

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The backpack thief

(Not my gif, credits to the owner.)

AN : Okay, so this is my very first imagine and post here in Tumblr, so lemme know if you like it XD. I’ve been inspired by a post about Michelle being the one who has been stealing Peter’s backpacks.

Summary : Someone has been stealing Peter’s backpacks, and in one harsh night, he finds out who it is.

Warnings : A little bit of swearing.

Pairing : Peter Parker X Reader


Peter could no longer wait to rush out of the room and wear his costume on the nearest alley, watching the clock as the professor spoke, the brown-haired boy could not hold his anxiety. And then it finally happened, the bell rang freeing everyone out of school. Peter grabbed his backpack quickly and sped off, jumping off the school wall and running to a nearby alleyway. He took off his clothes urgently, then reached for the suit in his backpack. Finding it, the curly-haired boy dressed it, shooting a web and locking his backpack in a garbage can, hoping it wouldn’t be stolen this time. 

Time passed by, being almost 10pm. The boy was jumping through the buildings and saving the day as always, never letting the smile go off his face. But this day was different, it seemed that all the villains suddenly planned to attack in the same freaking day, exhausting Spider-man. When he came back to the alley, he was moaning in pain, having deep cuts on his chest. A kind of wolf-villain did that to him, and mysteriously, none of Stark’s suits came to see him as usual. Peter slowly walked to the trash can, watching somebody trying to cut his web off his backpack. Obviously, to steal it.

“So, it’s you who has been stealing all of my backpacks?!“ 

You looked up at the man who approached you, getting in shock when you first saw that it was the spider-man. You’ve been taking spider-man’s backpacks?! What the actual hell?! Your jaw dropped as you looked at him, seeing that he was clearly hurt. You took one step closer to him, imagining that he wanted some explanation.

"L-Look, it’s not what you’re thinking, I-”

“It’s not what I’m thinking?!” He yelled at you, mumbling something when he felt the pain on his chest. He knew that you were familiar, he remembers hearing this voice everyday. Of course, it was the girl that sits in front of him in chemistry class, Y/N Y/L/N! He always looked up at you when he was bored, always getting his cheeks deep red when he saw how beautiful you were.

“I’m not stealing anything, I always get it back to the school near here. You know, to the lost and found…Although I found interesting that Peter Parker would protect his backpacks with webs…"

His eyes widened as you said his name, how the hell would she know that it was his backpack?! You were crossing your arms, watching what you imagined it was his confused face underneath that mask. 

"If you’re trying to guess how I know it’s yours, Parker, you shouldn’t put your name in your books. I’m an observer.”

“W-What?! Parker-who?”

You let out a laugh, grabbing his backpack and handing it to him. You heard him groan silently and quirked an eyebrow, moving your hand to his shoulder. 

“Man, you’re totally not okay. Come on, I’ll help you getting home. It’s clearly not safe to you go jumping in this state."

"I’m okay, it’s just-”

“Okay, tough guy.” You said to him with a smile, moving your hand to his back and helping him to walk. There was no way that you would let him go alone. It has been a while since you knew that Peter was spider-man, and you have never approached him about it. You imagined that he was busy with his spider-business, and you didn’t want to bother him. You two talked a few times in the hallways, him being your secret school platonic crush. You always laughed seeing his shirt’s puns, them getting more and more cheesy, but never stopping to be funny. 


You two managed to enter his room by the window, walking up the stairs. You made him seat on the bed, managing to take off his mask and seeing the hurt on his face. There were a few small cuts, making you put a hand on his cheek, worriedly. Your eyes met for a while, locking the gaze between his brown soft eyes and your Y/E/C ones. You looked down at his chest, your eyes widening as you saw the deep cuts on his chest, watching the blood falling towards the floor.

“Peter, what the hell?! What happened?!” He opened his mouth to tell you the story, but then you stopped him, denying with your head. “No, it doesn’t matter now, just tell me where the emergency kit is!” You were freaking out, making Peter put a hand on your shoulder and telling you to relax. He then took an emergency kit from under his bed, handing it over to you.

“I keep it here just in case that something like that happens…”

You nodded and took a deep breath, knowing that it would be necessary to put some stitches on his cut. You were mentally preparing yourself, sighing as you looked to Peter. He was the bravest boy that you have ever known, and he was just 17. 

“Okay, this is going to hurt…A lot.”


After you finished everything, Peter’s head was on your lap, him closing his eyes as he felt your hands play with his soft curls. You promised that you would stay just in case that something happens, because you were worried as hell about the boy. 

“How long have you known that I’m Spider-man?” He asked, opening his eyes and looking up at you to meet your gaze.

“For about two months.”

“Wait-Months?!” He almost yelled, sitting up and looking at your face with quirked eyebrows, he was surprised. “And you didn’t tell me?!" 

"Well…I didn’t want to bother you, and I barely know you…"

"But-How do you…You-That’s crazy!”

You shrugged and slightly laughed, looking down at your hands and playing with your fingers. Sorry Peter, I couldn’t help but freak out on my own, knowing that my crush was battling for Queen’s safety, and not giving a damn about his. I thought that you were super busy to care about the clumsy girl who hasn’t the courage to even say hello to you! You yelled, but this in your mind. There’s no way that you would tell him that. “Sorry, I thought that you were super busy, and I didn’t want to bother you with one girl freaking out…”

Peter’s heart melted as he watched you, the girl that has just stitched him has know that he is spider-man for months, and had never told him about that because she didn’t want to bother him. He let a small smile appear on his face, holding your hand and moving it to his lips, kissing it. The feeling of his lips touching your hand made your cheeks turn into a slight red, making you smile at the boy. 

“Y-You would never bother me.” Peter said, blushing as much as you, he was now rubbing the back of your hand with his thumb. “I w-was thinking that, m-maybe, if you don’t mind…wouldyouliketogooutwithme?" 

You quirked an eyebrow, confused about what he had just said. "Sorry, what? I didn’t understand.”

“W-would you like to go-Go on a date with m-me?” The brunette asked, his hand still on yours. “I-I mean…I know that you don’t really know me, and yeah, I’m spider-man and you’re the girl who takes my backpacks, but you’re awesome and I was thinking that mayb-” You cut him off quickly crashing your lips on his, then breaking the kiss with a huge smile on your face, you two blushing as crap.

“I’d love to go on a date with you.”

The boy's face lightened up, making him sigh in relief and lay down on the bed. 

“Great, just don’t try to steal my heart like you did to my backpacks.” The boy said, getting all the courage that he had inside his body.

“Can’t promise that.”  

Hard to Love

Intro: So this is my entry for the @yourtropegirl birthday challenge!  HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY YAY!  This was fun to write and took me a while to straighten out, but I think it came out well! 

This was based on the song: Hard to Love by Lee Brice

I wrote it so the lyrics (in italics and indented) are what Jim is thinking.

Pairing: Kirk x Reader

Word Count: 1,991

Summary:  So basically this was 4,000 words before I decided that the first part wasn’t related to the song that much and I loved the second part better.  

So basically the preface for this is that the night before this happened Jim and the reader went to a gala and Jim got really drunk and stupid and the reader stormed off back to the room. So that is what Jim is apologizing for and what the reader is mad about. 

- Enjoy! -

You woke up to the smell of bacon.  You rolled over and stretched, relishing in the warmth of the blanket surrounding you and reached for Jim.  You were met by an empty side of the bed and a dark realization of what had happened last night.  Tears of frustration and anger pressed at your eyes at the memory.  But you still smelled bacon.  

You rolled out of bed, tucking your unruly locks behind your ears and walked towards the smell, and sound, of sizzling bacon.   

Passing through the living room, you saw the couch had a blanket scrunched in the corner and a pillow thrown on the other side.  You were beginning to put a picture together and it all made sense when you saw a half-naked Jim in the kitchen, poking at a pan on the stove with a spatula.  He was wearing nothing but his boxers and you cursed yourself when you felt a shiver of longing curl over your body.  

“Mornin’.” You almost whispered, and weren’t sure that he heard you until his head snapped up from staring at the pan to look you in the eyes, taking in his t-shirt on you and your crazy sleep-styled hair. 

“Morning.” He breathed, as if he was relieved that you had not screamed at him or punched him in the gut yet.  

Those blue eyes, damnit.  They got you every single time.  He looked extremely apologetic as you took slow, tentative steps towards him, your bare feet tapping gently on the tiled floor. 

“I’m sorry.” Jim said, and his eyebrows scrunched together in the middle and you wanted to smooth out the wrinkles with your fingertips. 

“I know, and I am not ready to forgive you yet, but I just want to kiss you because I left on really bad terms last night and you look too damn cute right now.”  You frowned and leaned up on your tiptoes to press a gentle kiss to Jim’s lips, his soft lips caressing yours sweetly as you leaned into him. 

You almost got lost in the kiss but you pulled back, looking up into Jim’s solemn face and you pursed your lips.  You walked around to the other side of the kitchen counter and sat on one of the stools resting your arms on the cool surface of the marble counter top.  

You watched as Jim had an internal battle with himself as he moved the bacon around the pan half-heartedly.  

I am insensitive, I have a tendency
To pay more attention to the things that I need.

“What are you thinking, Jim?” You asked softly, and you willed the tears pressing at your eyes to go away. 

Sometimes I drink too much, sometimes I test your trust,
Sometimes I don’t know why you stay with me.

“I’m thinking I’m an idiot, that’s what.” Jim stated, still not meeting your eyes. 

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Attempting To Bake

Pairing: John Laurens x reader
Word Count: 718ish
T/W: None!
A/N: A little story for my Groffsauce Anon who was having a bad day. I love you, Honey♡
Tags: @justfangirlingaround

That was it. The last straw. You were completely done with people. It felt like no one cared how you were feeling and you were exhausted. Heading home you planned on just going straight to bed. You slowly creaked the door open, just enough for you to slip through. As if your day hadn’t been frustrating enough, your lanyard got caught in the door jam. Sighing you opened the door, holding your keys as far away from the door as possible when you shut it again. Setting your backpack down, you dropped the keys on the counter.John turned around from where he was int the kitchen at the sudden clatter of metal against the marble counter.

“Hey, baby,” he smiled your direction, but you were already headed to the couch, “how was your day?”

You just grumbled, falling face first into the couch, one foot hanging off. You heard him laugh a little as his footsteps came closer. You were completely done, but if there was one person to make you feel better, it was John. He always knew how to make you laugh or when to comfort you. He crouched down beside the couch and rubbed a hand on your back.

“That bad?” he frowned a little.

“Mhmm…,” you muffled into the pillow your face had landed on.

“I’m sorry, baby girl.” His hand came up to stroke your hair, “If you want to join me, I’m in the kitchen attempting to bake cookies, if not that’s perfectly okay, get some rest.”  

You turned your head to face John. How did he do it? How did he always make you feel better, even if it was just a little better, it was still better. His golden brown eyes were so warm and comforting as he smiled at you, before giving you a pouty look, making you laugh a little.

“Thanks babe,” you rubbed your eyes, “I’ll think about it.”

“Okay,” he pressed a kiss to your forehead before standing and returning to the kitchen.

You sat up from where you were sprawled out. Tucking your knees into your chest, you crossed your arms, resting them on your knees. Looking to the kitchen you saw John attempting to bake. He would glance at the directions, turn to get the ingredients and then quickly glance back to the little chart to double check that he was getting the right stuff. You smiled to yourself a little. He was so cute. You were still exhausted, but you opted to join him. Instead of helping though, you just hugged him from behind. 

“Hey, look who’s not face first into our furniture!” he teased you lightly.

“Shut up,” you nuzzled your face into his back, hugging him tightly. 

Even when he moved you followed, never breaking the hug. He laughed at times when you would correct him on how much vanilla to put in, or how to properly crack an egg without getting the shell in the bowl. But your tips were helpful. You closed your eyes, feeling his chest rise and fall, you were almost lulled to sleep, but then he moved again. Once he was done adding everything in the bowl, he stirred them all together. He felt you lean into him a little more. He figured you were probably tired.

“If you’re tired, why don’t you-”

“No,” you answered, hugging him a little tighter.

After a while of stirring, he began placing the fresh dough onto the cookie sheets. When the pans were full he walked them over to the over, setting the heat and timer, before turning around in your grasp. He leaned back against the counter as your head now rested on his chest. He finally held you back. You listened to his heartbeat. He rubbed your back while you leaned into him, resting and clinging on to him like a koala.

“So, tell me about your day?” he asked tilting his head, looking down at you. 

“People are just…mean.” you answered, sighing, “Work was just frustrating.”

“I’m sorry baby girl,” John rocked you a little, “You have off tomorrow right?”

You responded with a quiet ‘yeah.’ 

“Well, how about we stay home, eat these cookies while lounging around in sweats watching movies?” He suggested, brushing some hair behind your ear.

“You know how to speak to a girl’s heart John, you really do.” you looked up at him with a soft smile.

“Only yours, baby,” he kissed you tenderly.

UPBRAID (Jumin Han) 4


chapter 1 here

chapter 2 here

chapter 3 here

You had class tomorrow. 

 Zen brings you back to your apartment and before you could shut the door, “MC, can i get a hug?” He asks. You smile, giving him the biggest hug ever. 

 But then, he pulls away. In his head, he had planned it all, chosen the words, the perfect thing to do, but in the end, nothing. 

With an awkward smile, he sighs, “Just know, I’ll always be here for you. No matter what.” he says, then heads to the elevator. 

 Zen gives you warm feelings, he’s always always ALWAYS there for you. 

You fix your school things for tomorrow, grab your bag, and open your laptop. 

Upon opening the laptop, your phone vibrates. A message.

From Jaehee.

Good morning, MC. I have to request your presence tomorrow afternoon, at the milkshake place at the corner of 6th avenue and emerald street. Please? I hope to see you there.

You reply, sure thing, i’ll meet you at around 4pm :)

Resuming your school work, your journal article homework, writing about absolutely anything. You brainstorm, trying to think of topics. Taking a deep breath, you start typing. The words, ideas, they never ended, you just kept typing. 

It was time for lunch, you take two socks of different patters, slip on your black and white converse chucks, take your wallet, phone and head out.

Before leaving the building, you ask Shane, the receptionist at first floor if you had anything delivered.

“None that I know of, sweetie.” 

“Oh.” You say. Were you expecting anything? “Okay, thanks.” 

“Where you going hon?” He asks.

“Get some lunch.” You say. “Want me to get you anything?”

“You’re going out like that?” He changes the subject. 

You were wearing an over-sized purple shirt, shorts, socks that don’t match, low-cut converse, holding your wallet and phone

“Yep.” You say blankly.

“You do you, I guess.” He sighs. “I’ll have coffee.”

“The usual?” You ask, and he gives you a nod.

You head off to the all-day breakfast place and order a take-out of bacon and eggs, proceeding to go to the coffee & fruit shake place, you order Shane a large caramel macchiato and a pesto-chicken sandwich, and a mango fruit shake for yourself.

On your way back, waiting for the stoplight to go red for you to pass, your head starts to go back. 

“MC!” You heard a familiar voice, turning back, you see a bright yellow umbrella running towards you. “Its pouring, you might get sick. Let me bring you home, please?” You couldn’t help but smile, you felt butterflies in your stomach. He holds your hand and you two walk under a yellow umbrella in the pouring rain, to your apartment. “Thank you.” You tell him, making him smile. “Anything for you.” He replies. “Stay safe going home.” You tell him, as you walk to the building doors. “I will.” He looks back with the big grin on his face. 

“Lady, its a red light, might as well go.” A small girl passes by, snapping you into reality. “Right, sorry.” You apologize and hurry across the street, passing a few blocks and getting to the building. 

You could still remember that smile on his face, you miss it, don’t you?

You make your way inside, give Shane his order and go back to your flat. 

The next day, you pass in your article and everything else that was due that day, go to your second class and end at around 3pm. You change into a nice navy blue dress and white jack purcell sneakers, taking your small brown sling bag, that fits only your phone and a few dollars. 

Walking to the milkshake place, you notice a bunch of people with cameras and microphones crowding the place, you take a looks inside, scanning for Jaehee, and there she is. 

Surprisingly, you made your way inside, walk to the table Jaehee’s at and sit down. 

“Good afternoon.” She smiles. “Is there anything you want to order?” 

“Oh yeah, just a strawberry milkshake.” So you call the waiter, and order. 

You two catch up on work and school, as more people came to the shop.

“Why are there so many people?” You ask.

“There’s a photoshoot.” She answers. “I’m on a day off but Mr. Han asked me to go.”

“Jumin?” Your eyes grow big.

“Yes. He’s being shot right now.” She points at that corner occupied by a photography team. The lights were bright and your eyes searched for Jumin.

There he was.

“Mr. Han asked me to bring you here actually.” She blurts out.

“Me? Why?” You ask.

“I’m not entirely sure. He told me to contact you and bring you here.” 

You had a perfect view of him. He made alot of outfit changes. He first wore a polo, jeans, sweater and dress shoes, then he changed into a white shirt, a unbuttoned polo over it, blue jeans and shoes. He looked like an actual model.

“Its for Mr. Chairman’s friend’s clothing line. All their shops have a diner interior and vibe, so they decided to shoot here. Even if the history of the clothing line has no connection to diners or the 1940s. Strange.” She explains. “He’s not the only model today, but so far, all the shots taken are all him.” 

“I wonder why.” 

Jumin comes out of the bathroom wearing a different outfit, and same after a few minutes, another outfit after the other. He changes into another outfit, but a girl wearing a pretty black dress, a white coat and heels. She was gorgeous. Jumin sat on the stool by the counter and she sat infront of him, on the counter table. They looked like a couple. 

You don’t know why, but for some reason, it made your chest heavy.

They changed into a bunch of outfits and took so many shots together. They took a shot where he posed standing straight, while she was clinging on to him, her hands were travelling his body and her face was close to his. And Jumin looked at you, his eyes locked with yours find a place to have dinner?” Jaehee, being an amazing friend, took your hand and lead me out to the street. You two had dinner at a nearby cafe. On your way back, you were walking with Jaehee, you pass by a theater. 

And the most cliche thing ever, Zen comes out. He looks around and sees you and Jaehee. He stops, your eyes travel to his, which were locked on you. It felt softer and welcoming, different from Jumin’s. “Hey.” He smiles.

You all head in the same direction, since you all lived in that direction, until you reached this street, where Jaehee and Zen were to go straight, when your apartment was a few blocks away, going left. You hug both of them goodbye, and you continue walking.

The wind felt cold, and the skies filled with clouds. You knew you had to hurry up, but your feet were killing you. 

“MC!” Someone calls out. You look behind you to check. Your heart dropped. You turn to face him. And he walks towards you. 

“Hey.” His raspy voice greets.

“Hey.” You reply.

“How are you?” He asks.

“Good. You?” You answer.

“Terrible.” He smiles. You stay silent. He looks at you. “I’m sorry.” He says. Your heart felt heavy, you look down. “MC, say something please.” His voice sounds broken. But your heart felt broken.

“Jumin.” Your eyes start watering up. “Why are you like this? You make me feel like you love me and then you break me like I’m your toy. I don’t know why you’re still coming after me. You have a thousand girls waiting for you.” Your eyes stream tears down your face, and the rain starts pouring. “I’m trying my best. Why do you always hurt me? W-why do you always do that? I do love you Jumin, more than the world, but I’ve spent so much time crying myself to sleep, hoping you’ll love me again, and when you do, you break my again. What did I ever do, Jumin?”

His eyes grew big and his face looked shocked. “MC,”

“And now I’m here, with you, standing in the rain. Where’s your yellow umbrella now? Where’s the Jumin that told me he’ll never leave me? Where’s the Jumin that held my hand? Where’s the Jumin that I wasn’t afraid to love?” Your dress was wet, your shoes were soaked, you face was stained with rain and your tears. You wipe your eyes and look at Jumin. You’ve never seen that face he was making. He looked like he didn’t know what he was going to do. 

He looked at you, and his eyes looked tired, different. You sigh and lick your lips before speaking, “Maybe we should just stop. Let’s break this for good.” Your eyes continue pour, so does the rain. 

“If that’s what you want.” He sighs, turns around and walks away.

You couldn’t help but drop on the floor. That was it. 

You walk back home, in the rain. And when you get to the apartment, Shane calls your attention.

“Have you seen this?” He shows you an article on the internet,


The article was filled with lies, and harsh comments about you. It was as if they were scolding you, they were criticizing everything about you, upbraid.

Chamomile Tea

George Weasley x Reader

Harry Potter, Golden Trio Era
Summary: In order to get his mother off his back about his insomnia, George reluctantly heads out to go buy some tea that might help, but he finds something a lot more attractive than a box of teabags.
Characters (+Mentioned): Reader, George Weasley, Fred Weasley, Molly Weasley, Polly (OC), and Ava (OC).
Warnings: Mentions of Fred’s death, war, insomnia, sad George, and more death I guess?
A/N: And I, once again, suck at making good summaries, but anyways, this is genuine trash that I haven’t read over to check for mistakes. Sorry if there are any.

George never really liked tea all that much, the taste was occasionally bitter for him or maybe even way too sweet; even for a guy with a sweet tooth. But his mother insisted he buy a few teabags from the small tea store down the street from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. She had recommended that he go there because they had special teas that could help with almost anything.

He was beginning to have sleeping issues again, insomnia was his worst enemy at the moment and Molly kept telling him that he’d probably run away all his costumers because of how scary he looked; deep, purple bags under his eyes, disheveled hair and his eyes had lost their shine but they had been like that ever since he lost Fred in the war two years ago.

The tea she had mentioned, would apparently ease his nerves and allow him to get a good nights sleep so he wouldn’t feel as shitty as he did during the day…

He wrapped his jacket around him tighter, it was beginning to get a little colder now. He stopped for a moment after a child had ran past him towards the old wand shop with an excited look on his face, a woman following after him with a smile as she glanced around at all the odd stores.

The 1st of September was just a few days away and then another school year at Hogwarts would start. He strangely missed the place a lot, but who didn’t? It held several happy memories from when Freddy was still alive and they were pulling pranks and bugging students and teachers.

George’s eyes burned a little and he knew that the more he thought about his brother the more likely he was to break down in front of all these people and that was the last thing he wanted. He just needed to enter the little store and leave quickly, maybe if he drank one cup of tea in front of his mother—who had gone to stay with him for a little while, the Burrow was always very quiet since the rest of the Weasley kids had moved out—she’d stop nagging him so much about the stupid drink.

(Y/N) threw off the cap she was wearing and ruffled her hair a little, the hat making her scalp itch a little as she placed another box of green tea on the top shelf. She then rubbed her nose and began to stock the bottom shelf full of black tea.

She felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around, shrieking and dropping a box on the floor. Her shoulders relaxed a bit when she realized it was only Ava, her co-worker.

“Merlin’s beard! Why’d you sneak up on me?!” (Y/N) cried out.

“You’re late. I wanted to make sure you were all right.” Ava let out a small chuckle and plucked the box up from the floor and put it back in it’s place before turning back to the face the other girl.

“Yeah, sorry. I woke up a little late today and I still had to buy flowers to go out on Polly’s grave.” Her voice got a little quiet near the end but she kept her smile. Turning around, she picked up a few more boxes of teas and placed them on the shelf.

Oh.” Was all the Ava could muster.

Polly was one of (Y/N) closest’s friends back during her time at Hogwarts. They had met in their first year during Herbology and had stuck together ever since then, people often at times mistaken them for sisters. It was until the Battle at Hogwarts that everything changed. (Y/N) had her back turned for one second and a Death Eater had come out of nowhere, she was suppose to have Polly’s back but the flash of green light was too much for her to bare and suddenly, Polly’s body was falling in front of (Y/N) like a marionette who’s strings had been cut.

Ava knew that they were very close, often at times (Y/N) would come late to work simply because she got sidetracked sitting near Polly’s grave and just talking to her gravestone…

“I have to go organize all the products in the back, you have everything under control here?” Ava said, eyeing a lady in the corner of the store who ripped off the plastic and opened a few of the boxes.

(Y/N) gave a nod and turned to the old lady who was making her to the counter to purchase a few teas. She made her way over and rung her up quickly.

The sound of the small bell on the door ringing gained her attention and she turned her head over to see a man stepping inside the store, his dark eyes gazing over the place. (Y/N) immediately recognized him as George Weasley who owned the cute little joke shop down the street, it was quite odd to see him without the other twin beside him but she knew indefinitely, that she’d never see the two of them together again.

Everyone had heard of the death of Fred Weasley, even if she didn’t personally known him, (Y/N) had grieved. She had grieved for the loss of a fellow Gryffindor, of a brave man who fought for what was right, she grieved for his twin brother who’d never be the same after losing his other half.

Her eyes looked over his distinctive red hair and then down to the small hole on the side of his face where his ear was missing.

“Hi, how can I help you?” (Y/N) spoke loudly so he would turn his head over and see her, his eyes seemed a little dull as he made his way over to her, a weak smile on his lips which was odd to see because the boy normally use to carry around a large smirk on his face back when they attended school.

The war changed people so much that it was unbelievable, no one smiled the same anymore or had the bright happy glow in their eyes, people had died just because a foolish wizard wanted to rule over wizards and muggles.

If you asked (Y/N), the Dark Lord was a pathetic excuse of a wizard.

“I’m looking for something that could help me sleep at night.” George said in a polite voice.

He expected the young girl to eye him mysteriously and question his sleeping habits like anyone else would, but instead she gave him a knowing look and stood up from the chair she was sitting on behind the counter and made her way across the store and down into an aisle, George following closely behind.

“Chamomile tea.” She pulled out a box and handed it over to him, his eyes looked over her features for a moment, as if to admire them before looking down at the box.

“Does this.. taste good?” He asked nervously before he glanced at her again, her small lips and cute button nose. He would’ve slapped himself then and there for creepily looking at her but he didn’t want her to think he was crazy.

“Yeah, it’s one of my go-to teas whenever I can’t sleep.” (Y/N) said with a sheepish smile.

“You have trouble sleeping?” He wasn’t really thinking, and he couldn’t hold himself back from asking a personal question to a girl he had just met today, but it slipped.

She didn’t seem offended or angry, she just gave him one of those little smiles that could light up the whole room; the tiny smile that also made his heart beat just a little bit faster.

“Everyone seems to have trouble sleeping, this tea is always out of stock because of how many people come in here to ask about it.” He finally noticed the faint purple eye bags under her eyes that were going away. “I’m sure it has to be because of the war, we’ve all lost something, whether or not it was a person. Battles always seem to change people.”

(Y/N) pressed her lips together for a solid minute after realizing that the handsome twin could probably care less about her ramblings, she also didn’t want to bring up his twin. She smiled and looked up at him before moving over to the counter to ring him up, before he made his way out the door.

It was needless to say that instead of drinking one cup and throwing the rest away, he found himself quickly finishing it all up just to go back and see her.

At one point though, George finally got the courage to go inside and instead of buying more tea, asked (Y/N) to come over and enjoy a nice cup together, with him.

And he’d like to imagine Freddy with a halo of heaven light around him, grinning down at George and congratulating him for moving on.
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It's Worth | Bellamy Blake X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Requested by @newsameoldmistakes: Hello sis <3 I was thinking if you could write a imagine about Ark!Bell where he in his 16/17 yo are in home, but the reader came to see him and tell him about that crush she have on him, and he get all nervous bc Octavia aren’t hiden, so when the reader kissed Bellamy the little Octavia shows up asking him if she is his gf and idk, you can continue from here lol. Thank you soooo much sis, ly <3

Characters: ark!Bellamy/fem!reader, ark!Octavia.

Word Count: 1891 words.

The girl walked quickly through the halls of the Ark, causing people to glance at her. She was nervous and knew that if she took too long to arrive at her destination she would give up doing what she had planned (as she had given up many times before). That was the day she would finally confess the feelings she had for one of her closest friends, Bellamy Blake.

(Y/N)’s mind was far away. She was trying to avoid thinking about the future, how he would react and how it would affect their friendship (because it was usually those thoughts that kept her from confessing to him.)

So, to keep her mind from thinking about the future, (Y/N) had started to remember the past. Of all the years she’s been in the same class as Bellamy and he didn’t seem to notice her. He didn’t seem to notice anyone, actually. He just sat quietly in the back of the room. She doubted he had friends at the time.

Until the year she started to sit next to him and make attempts to talk to him, which seemed to annoy him at first, but he seemed to start enjoying the effort she was having to be friendly with him because soon he started to talk to her.

(Y/N) smiled slightly at herself with the thought that she had managed to become his friend. It was worth it. But the smile didn’t last long in her face, since soon she saw that she was in front of the boy’s door. She raised her hand and hesitated for a second before knocking. Don’t think too much, you can’t go back now.

The girl could hear the sound of something falling inside and Bellamy’s voice murmuring something hastily. She knocked again, feeling the nervousness increase more and more. (Y/N) felt the courage she had felt to go talk to him fading away with every second the boy took to open the door.

“Bell, it’s (Y/N)!” she said nervously.

After hearing that it was his friend who was outside, Bellamy opened the door slightly, being possible for her to see only his face.

“Hey, (Y/N).” his face and voice showed a little anxiety and confusion. “What are you doing here?”

She opened her mouth, feeling herself shaking a little, and looked around the hallway. That was certainly not a place she wanted to be rejected by someone. Although it didn’t have many people passing by, it still didn’t seem the right place for her confession.

The girl, in the midst of her nervousness, pushed the boy and the door so she could enter the house. Bellamy looked desperately at her as if he were about to pick her up and throw her out of his house, but he seemed to change his mind as he quickly closed thr door, his desperate gaze looking at one of the bedrooms that were behind (Y/N).

“I…” she started, feeling herself becoming a little breathless, which caused the boy to turn his attention to (Y/N).

“Something happened?” he walked to the girl and put one of his hands on her arm in a gesture of comfort (though he seemed to be very uncomfortable himself). “Do you…” he glanced back at the room behind (Y/N), but then returned to look at her. “Do you want to sit down?” he gestured to a chair next to them.

(Y/N) shook her head, looking at everything but him. She had to do it and she had to do it at that moment. “I’m so glad we’ve become friends, you know? It was hard because I thought at first that you hated me.” confusion appeared again in the boy’s face when he heard (Y/N) say those words, not knowing what she wanted with that. “I asked myself if it was worth trying to talk to you, I mean, you made no effort to make friends, so maybe I was just annoying you, you know? I always wondered ‘does that history nerd even want me to talk to him?’ and the answer that always came in my mind was 'worth a try’. And it was worth it, because now we are, like, best friends and-”

“(Y/N).” Bellamy interrupted her, making the girl finally notice the confusion on his face. “You’re rambling.” she nodded, playing with her fingers. He gave her a small smile, squeezing her arm, still trying to comfort her. “Just tell me what you came to tell.”

(Y/N) looked at him for a few seconds, feeling her cheeks heat up. “I love you.” she felt her heart sank as his eyes widened a little in surprise, which made her look at the floor. “You’re amazing and I love you. You’re so good, and kind, and you’re always looking after me and… And you’re kind of funny. Not so funny, but still. You’re always making me smile and I always try to make you smile too because it makes me happy to see you happy. I even pretend to get those mythology jokes you tell me because you seem happy when I do this and-”

“(Y/N).” Bellamy interrupted the girl again, causing her to look up at him slowly, noticing that he had a wide grin on his face. “You’re rambling again.”

(Y/N) started to nod again as Bellamy leaned toward her, pressing his lips against hers in a peck that made the girl’s eyes widen.

“Um…” she tried to say something, feeling her cheeks heat up more and more.

“That history nerd is grateful for your effort to try to talk to him.” Bellamy started to caress her arm he was still holding. “In fact, he wanted to talk to you long before you did it.” (Y/N) felt her heart skip a beat as she saw the look Bellamy was giving her, so loving. “I love you too.”

A smile widened quickly on the girl’s face. She tried to process that that was really happening, that he had said it. Bellamy chuckled as she squealed excitedly before leaning toward him, pressing their lips together again.

(Y/N) closed her eyes contentedly, wrapping her arms around his neck as he pulled the girl closer to him by her waist. The two of them were so focused on the kiss that they didn’t even notice the little girl peering through the room that was behind (Y/N).

“Awn.” the sudden appearance of the other girl’s voice made (Y/N) jump away from Bellamy. She looked confused at the little girl standing in the doorway. “Is she your girlfriend, Bell?”

(Y/N), who was thinking of possible explanations about who the girl was, looked confused at Bellamy, who had that desperate look in his eyes again. He seemed to freezed for a few moments when he caught his friend’s eyes on him.

“This is…” he started, though it seemed he was having difficulty speaking. “This is Octavia.” he said simply. “O, this is…” he seemed to be debating with himself mentally, looking a little reluctant to say her name. “(Y/N).”

A gleam of recognition passed through Octavia’s eyes. She gave a smile to (Y/N). “So you’re (Y/N), my brother is always talking about you.”

(Y/N)’s eyes widened. Brother. She turned her gaze to Bellamy again, who was glaring at his sister with desperation in his eyes.

She didn’t know how to react, didn’t know what to do or say next. She looked at the little girl, who still looked excitedly at her, and then at Bellamy, who was staring with fear in her eyes at (Y/N). Her heart sank with that.

She could only imagine the fear he must have been feeling at that moment, the effort his family must have had to keep that secret for years and now everything could be ruined because she had discovered it. If she told a guard about that Octavia would be arrested, their mother would be floated and Bellamy… God only knows what would happen to him.

(Y/N) looked away from him, looking back at the little girl, smiling weakly at her. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Yeah, it’s so nice to finally meet you.” she agreed cheerfully. “Will you stay here for a while?” she looked at her older brother. “Maybe we could ask her to give her opinion on my stories.”

“O, I don’t think she-”

“Oh, yeah, I forgot to ask if you want to read it, if you don’t, I can read for you.” she stopped talking when she saw her brother’s reprehensible look on her. “Sorry, I got carried away.” she smiled shyly at (Y/N). “I’m not used to visitors.”

The (Y/L/N) girl looked pityingly at the little girl, giving her a small smile. “I’d love for you to read your stories to me.”

That seemed to make her excited again. “Don’t go nowhere.” she said running back to the room she’d left minutes before.

The older girl then turned her gaze to the boy, who still had a look of fear in his face. “Look, (Y/N)-”

“I won’t tell.” she cut him off, assuring him. Bellamy studied the girl’s face, looking for any hint that she was lying, finding nothing. He trusted her with many things, but he didn’t know if he could trust the secret about his sister to her, he didn’t know if he could trust that secret to anyone. (Y/N) placed one hand on Bellamy’s arm, trying to give some comfort to him just as he had done to her before. “I promise I won’t tell.”

She smiled softly at him, making him smile back, a look of gratitude in his eyes. “Thank you.”

“That’s what friends are for.” her words made a small smirk appear on his face.

“Are we really just friends?” she smirked back.

“I hope not.” they looked at each other for a few more seconds before pressing their lips together in a quick peck.

“I couldn’t find all of them, Bell. Your room is a mess.” Octavia said returning from the room with a few notebook papers in her hands.

“You’re the one who wanted to play there.” he defended himself as the little girl sat on the floor with the papers in front of her.

The two teenagers were about to sit across the girl when they were interrupted by Octavia’s voice. “Can she sit next to me?”

“It seems my sister is already stealing you from me.” Bellamy said playfully as (Y/N) sat down next to O.

Octavia looked at the older girl. “You know, it’s good that someone finally told Bell the truth about his jokes. Sometimes I don’t even know what he’s talking about.”

“What?” Bellamy pretended to be offended, though a smile was still on his face. “I thought you- In fact, I thought you two loved my jokes.”

“Most of the time I get them.” Octavia continued, smiling at her brother. “I just don’t find them funny.”

“I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only one pretending to find him funny.” (Y/N) commented with a sigh, making Octavia smile at her.

Even though they were talking shit about him, Bellamy couldn’t stop his smile from widening, which (Y/N) soon noticed. She smiled back at him as Octavia began to read the first of the stories she had written.

(Y/N) didn’t mind having to keep their secret to herself. It was worth.


Mrs. Lowman

Happy Imagine

We were complete opposites. YN was sweet and caring, with a stable job, a stable family and an ugly cat, who couldn’t have been loved by anyone completely sane yet she loved it to add to her lovable insanity, she chose me. She loves me and cherishes me like if I was the best man on this earth and I love it, I don’t deserve half of the love she gives me but I’m too selfish to let it go. So I did what any crazy man would do, I asked her to marry me, and for some stupid reason that made me the happiest man alive but also makes me feel something I would never admit. Fear.

She wore the ring in her finger with pride, a small diamond adorning the silver band but my crow on her low back made her even prouder and I can’t completely understand why would she ever feel proud of having something that relates her to me, to this life.

She wasn’t one of those crazy bridezillas, running around screaming at everyone. She barely made it seem like she remembered, only once in those three months we were engaged before the wedding she mentioned and it was to ask me if she could pick chocolate cake and of course I said yes, like hell I would say no to that angel by my side. After that she never mentioned it, we had a place and a time but longer than that I had no idea, only Gemma’s light comments about being excited or something in between those lines.

The day arrived and I barely saw my girl picking some things from our shared bedroom before heading out, not before giving me a small peck on the lips and I love you. I finally got up and found my breakfast on the oven, and in that moment I felt the feeling I dreaded the most, fear. Losing her scared me, this life came with retaliations, shootings everyday all day, kidnaps, even crow eaters. Not that I would ever get close to those girls ever again but I was still worried I’d ever do anything to hurt her, at the end I was the Tacoma Killer before anything. I took my kutte and took off, far away from where I was supposed to be.

Hours went by, I was seating somewhere lost in my thoughts when I felt my phone ringing. I was dreading looking at her pretty face in the screen but it was one of my brothers. Jax to be exact called two times in a row and I just couldn’t left the President hanging.

“Brother where are you?” was the first thing I heard but I still couldn’t make any noise. “Everything is set, she looks beautiful and everyone’s here”

“I can’t do it” I said slowly “Tell her I’m sorry but I can’t do it”

“Hap, let me be real with you bro. She’s an amazing girl, she’s sweet and she loves you. Don’t let her go so easily, if you could look at her this moment, she’s all smiles but her eyes are somewhere else. You still got time I’ll tell them you fell asleep or something”

The first thing I saw when I arrived at the cabin were all the blue and white flowers adorning the place, her favorite color. Everything looked rustic but it looked the way probably heaven looks like, all my brothers, my family were talking to each other and I saw Gemma look at me. She immediately came to me.

“Are you done with the cold feet? Your girl is a strong woman but I’ve never seen her sad before, I prefer the all smiles YN” he said and I nodded slowly “C’mon Happy” she said and I followed her inside.

At the end of the altar she stood, a flowy white dress adorning her body, a blue flowers crown on the top of her head and her beautiful hair moving with the wind. I walked fast trying to save myself from the embarrassment and took her hand with trembling hands.

“I’m sorry” I whispered taking her small hands in between my hard ones. “I love you so much, I’m ready” I said and I saw her smile at me brighter than the Sun.

“I love you Happy” she said in my ear while we danced at the rhythm of some old rock.

“I love you, Mrs. Lowman”

Hello, I finally realized my ask box was closed but now it’s open. Cat


–I got a very vague prompt where one of the girls (I’m thinking it was either Beca or Chloe) was in accident. I hope I got this right–

Chloe had ordered another mandatory “Bella Bonding Night”. No one bothered to argue despite it being the first week leading up to finals. Everyone was too tired and already in their pajamas to fight Chloe’s puppy dog insistence at watching The Notebook for what seemed to be the bajillionth time since they moved into the house together.

“Oh shoot,” Chloe said once opening the pantry to find no traces of popcorn. Popcorn was the only thing that would convince their co-captain Beca Mitchell to buckle down and watch the sappy romance.

“What’s shoot?” Stacie asked as she walked into the kitchen and grabbed two bottles of wine.

“We’re out of popcorn. And Twizzlers for that matter,” Chloe pouted.

“Uh oh. You know Shorty’s not gonna be happy.”

Chloe nodded and looked at the time on the oven. She had enough time to run out, right?

“Hey guys. I don’t smell popcorn and Amy just said we were watching The Notebook again,” Beca appeared from the doorway, wearing her own pajama shorts and one of Chloe’s green Barden hoodies.

“Uh, yeah. We’re out. I was just gonna go grab some from the store,” Chloe said, leaning over the counter to grab her keys.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll get popcorn and the Twizzlers we’re out of,” Beca said, taking the keys from the redhead’s fingers and grabbing her phone.

“I’ll be back soon. Feel free to start without me,” the DJ smirked as she headed out into the gloomy and rather ominous weather.


Chloe had told everyone to get comfortable and take bathroom breaks before hand. This was going to be a double feature with The Notebook and The Vow.

The store isn’t that far from their house. It was maybe a twenty minute trip in total, twenty five if you count Beca’s indecisiveness and thirty if you take in the rain.

Why wasn’t the DJ home after nearly fifty minutes? The redhead, and all the girls for that matter, started to get worried with the absence of their tiny DJ.

“Guys, relax. I’m sure Beca is fine. She’s probably just caught up in some traffic. We’ll wait ten more minutes before I call,” Chloe reasoned, pacing back and forth in front of the TV.

The ten minutes never came. After four there was a call through Chloe’s phone, Beca was the flashing name.

“Oh, thank god!” Chloe said as she answered the phone, so relieved Beca called her. “Beca we were all so worried and-”

Chloe’s blood rushed cold and her face went pale as the officer on the other side of the call told Chloe everything that happened.

Rainy. Out of control. Teen dropped their phone. Went to reach for it. Swerved. Crashed into Beca.

“Is she?” Chloe couldn’t dare say the words, choked up by just the thought.

“She’s okay. You’re her emergency contact and we’d like you to come down here as soon as possible.”

Chloe nodded, shut her eyes, breathed.

“Yeah. Of course. We’ll be right there.”


Chloe took Amy’s Jeep down to where they asked to meet. Beca wasn’t out of the crash yet but she was asking to see the redhead. Apparently it was the only way the stubborn DJ agreed to be taken to the hospital. If the redhead was there too.

Amy was driving because in her words, “you ginge, are in no state to drive”.

CR was up front with her as Stacie and Emily consoled the redhead in the back seat.

Lilly, Ashley, Jessica, and Flo were told to stay home and wait for any news. They didn’t want to bring everyone in case the news was unexpected.


They pulled up to flashing lights and two completely crushed cars. Chloe gasped and pushed through Stacie to get out of the car, running into the pouring rain to see her Beca.

“Beca!” Chloe screamed, tears already leaking as her clothes were completely soaked through.

“Miss I’m going to need you to step back,” an officer said, creating a body block.

“I’m her best friend. I’m her Chloe. I’m her emergency contact,” Chloe said, rambling as she could barely make out the rest of her crushed car.

“Miss, please come with me,” another officer said, ushering the girl to the wreckage.

“Becs,” Chloe breathed, seeing the small brunette inside the wreck still, crushed inside.

“Oh. Hey Chlo,” Beca said, smiling weakly.

“You’re hurt,” Chloe kneeled down beside the girl, stroking hairs out of her face.

“Yeah,” Beca nodded with tears springing from her eyes.

“Beca I’m so sorry. I never should have sent you out in the storm.”

“I’m sorry, Beale. I wrecked your car,” Beca said as she tried to laugh. The only noise that came out was wheezing though, which broke Chloe’s heart.

“Beca I don’t care about my car. I care about you.”

“Do you care about the popcorn?” Beca asked.

“The what?”

“The popcorn.”

“No, Beca. I don’t care about the stupid popcorn,” Chloe cried silently.

“That’s too bad. ‘Cause I got your favorite,” Beca smiled and lifted her arm, revealing the perfectly pristine box of popcorn.

“Beca,” Chloe laughed through her tears, earning a smile back from the DJ.

“I’m okay,” Beca promised.

“Good. Now let’s get you to the hospital,” Chloe said as she motioned for the medics to come forward.


“Becs,” Chloe whispered as she lay her head on the brunette’s shoulder in the hospital bed.

“Hm?” The DJ lazily responded with close eyes and complete stillness.

“I love you,” Chloe whispered again, snuggled closer and nuzzling her face in the crippled girl’s neck.

“I know. I love you too,” the DJ whispered back.

“No. I love you love you,” Chloe said ever so quietly, so that it was almost unheard.

“I know. Why do you think you’re my emergency contact?” Beca said again, her eyes remaining closed.

“I want to kiss you,” Chloe said, turning her head so it was inches from the brunette’s.

“I would be okay with that,” Beca said, a small smile appearing.

“Just tell me if it hurts,” Chloe’s voice was so quiet that not even a mouse could hear it.

“I sprained my ankle, broke my wrist, and got four broken ribs. I don’t think the lips are gonna be the things hurting,” the DJ snarkily responded.

“Then clearly you’ve never kissed me before.”

That just about shut the DJ up, albeit some moans, but that doesn’t count.

Love or gratitude ? BTS Jimin (M) chap 05

“pairing: JIMIN X  reader y/N

                ft Yoongi

Genre: angst/smut/ best friend

M= mature contents

summary: what will you do when all of sudden you find your self getting married to someone used to be your best friend’s lover just because he turned to be a father !!!


chap 01

chap 02

chap 03  

chap 04

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you changed into a comfortable sweater a pair of dark jeans and changed for the girl then going down to wait for her dad to come pick her,

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Percy finding out nico is trans?

“Nico it’s okay. I’m not mad.” Percy rested his hand on Nico’s shoulder. Nico stared at the floor and wiped a tear away before Percy could see it. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I just… didn’t know if you wanted to still be with me after finding out I’m a girl.” Nico’s voice cracked on the last word. Percy hugged Nico’s back. “It doesn’t make a difference to me. You are still the same person I’ve been falling for. And besides, I’m bisexual, gender means nothing to me.” 

Nico’s lips lifted ever so slightly. “I should have told you.” Percy turned Nico to face him, “no, it was your secret. I’m glad you did tell me though. Thank you for trusting me.” Nico did smile this time before kissing his boyfriend. 

Unwritten Romance

Unwritten Romance

(Bobby X Reader X June)


Genre: School, Romance, Smut, Fluff.
Warning: Sometimes Mature Content

Summary: My mom always told me that bad boys, always break your heart, and if I want to start my romantic life, in the university I could make it happen!

You know to be with a cute man who could love me back, but being honest, I’m behind being popular or even cute  ( Or that is what I think), so my romantic life hasn’t been that great.

But it seems like my romantic life, will not go as I planned.

Words: 1319


I have been admitted to the school of my dreams, the acceptance letter came a few weeks ago, and now I am packing my stuff, ready to move to another city, 

My mom is literally crying because I’m leaving, but at the same time, now she is planning what to do in her free time, now she has all this time for herself, and I won’t be around to hang with her anymore.

My dad doesn’t live with us, he is a business person, who lives in another city, marrying a different woman, every year…. But is pretty awesome, he being rich, I can have my wonderful car, and some nice stuff and the best thing I don’t have to worry about my university fees.

Still being born in a good family background, didn’t help my dad to cheat on my mom, and you know that kind of history….

But then I’m moving to the other city, I decided that I won’t take my car, instead, I wIll use the old one that my mom has since being a teenager a second generation Camaro, its an old car but an awesome one, I have always wanted it. My mom gave it to me for making it to the university.

Even if I have enough money on my cards, I still want to live the kind of life everyone has, and be able to understand another point of view, of the life and some struggles. You know like living undercover, will try to look for a part job, and have some friends, who don’t only want to be friends with me, for my family business, but finding some real people.
Being born with everything is more boring than many people think.


It was a cold morning when I arrived at the dorms, Building C Room C-15, I was looking for my room when I noticed, it was a mixed room, Many girls and boys were in the hallways, living their lives, and I was just new in all of this mess.

Y/N: ( I talked to myself in low voice) I was sure that I applied to a not mix dorm. The nights will be so noisy… 

I Grabbed my phone and dialed to the management dorm office, and asked what happened?, when I said, that I wanted an only girls dorm, it seems the one who makes the list, got me on the wrong one, and the worst thing,  all the dorms were already taken. 

I was mad, but I couldn’t do anything about it, so I take a full breath and went to my room, it was still empty with just my stuff there.

Y/N: Great all alone, now I can pick the best room, and can have the nicest view.

I picked this university dorm, because they have around 3 rooms each and a big place to study, a little kitchen, and personal bathrooms, it was just perfect!
Some workers that my mom send, helped me to settle everything, and I, of course, picked the best room of the three, I was just nervous waiting who my next roommates will be…

Classes start next week, so I went to look around the dorms, asking where the laundry place is, and the C Building cafeteria, I was going downstairs, when I see this couple, kissing and making out, like there was no tomorrow.

Y/N: oh wow, they are like eating each other. ( I noticed that I said that in out loud, and regretted it, covering my mouth with my hands)

He then stopped kissing the girl and turned to look at me… He was smiling, making his eyes turn into lines, and then ask me…

Unknown Man: Wanna Join?
Y/N: What? oh no sorry, ( my face was just red and I run downstairs….)

Great my first day here, and I am already invited to join in a what?… I was still embarrassed and not paying attention at all, when I bump into someone  when I feel the hot liquid in my breast… Great!, ( I could smell the caramel macchiato…. ) this day could not go worst…

When I turn to look who has spilled all the coffee over me, he was standing already there, worried, offering an apology…

He was a tall handsome man, with an angelic smile, and he looked at me with an apologetic face.

Unknown man2: Oh I’m so sorry! I wasn’t paying attention, are you ok? Did you burn yourself? 

He gave me a couple of napkins, and I started to clean the mess…

Y/N: I’m fine! Thank you don’t worry, I wasn’t paying attention as well, how about you? Are you ok?

Unknown man2: Oh yes I am! Thank you, Are you sure you are fine? … Are you new? Cuz I haven’t seen you around here. new?

Y/N: Oh yes I’m sure! I barely got here today! Nice to meet you! I am __________ Bleen, and you are?

Unknown man2:  Donghyuk, My name is Kim Donghyuk! oh no! What to do!  I am so Sorry for your clothes! 

He looked at me and noticed my breast, trough the wet shirt, making it more noticeable, his eyes were fixed in my breast.
I tried to cover it, but he noticed he was looking and quickly reacted to offer me his hoodie, At first I was hesitating but I realized that I didn’t have another choice but to accept it.

He removed his hoodie 

Donghyuk: Here borrow it, you can give it to me later….

Y/N: Thanks a lot, I will change and give it to you in a bit! just tell me what is your room number, and I will….

Donghyuk: Room C-16! Just ask for me!

Y/N: C-16? Oh wow! Really? Mine is actually c-15!

Donghyuk: Oh really? What a coincidence!, Awesome! now we have a pretty neighbor!

Unknown man: What is happening here? why are you so happy Don?

The tall man put his arm in Donghyuk shoulders and then turn to look at me, with his huge smiling face, that I started feeling the heat on my face,  it was redder than the normal recognizing him, it was the guy from the stairs….

Donghyuk: Oh Hyung! Let me introduce you to our new neighbor! This is ____!

Unknown man: Oh, you! 

Donghyuk: Did you meet her already?

Unknown man: Not really, She saw me kissing with Nala, that I invited her too.

He then he winks at me, that I forgot how to speak….

Y/N: I… didn’t mean to… I.. am .. sorry…(oh shit I forgot what I was going to say)

The words would not come at all, ok god! take me now, please!.

Donghyuk: Hyung, don’t be mean she is new! Ignore Him y/n he is just kidding….!

Unknown man: I’m Jiwon! you can just call me Bobby!

y/n: thanks for the hoodie! I will return it to you later! 

Then I turn and starting running, leaving them behind me, I was extremely embarrassed, in front of that jerk that I didn’t even know what to do, I went rushing to my room.

Donghyuk was watching Jiwon with a sad face.

Donghyuk: Hyung Don’t be mean, she is new.

Jiwon: Mean? I just introduced myself to her and she left, I didn’t do anything!

Donghyuk: Well just don’t be mean, try to be friendly with her, she is one of the new neighbors next door.

Jiwon: Nextdoor? oh well, Daaaamn! The new girl is hot!

Donghyuk: I don’t think she will fall for you!

Jiwon: Are your sure? wanna bet? 

Donghyuk: I am not betting, just leave her alone, is her first day.

My first day and it is already a mess.

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02 /08/ 2017

                                                                     PART 2 ->

Hello, READERS! This is a new history that will be coming out each week! Every Wednesday will have a new chapter, please follow our new history, share with your friends, reblog if you like it!

Shannon threatens you. But it ends well. NSFW.

Authors note: First Shannon smut. I enjoyed writing this. So I hope you enjoy reading it. ALSO we all know that Shannon would not be like this because he is a cute fucking marshmallow. ALSO I don’t own these gifs&Pictures they all belong to the rightful owners. I’ve just found them online. 

WARNINGS: Smut, Adult language, fluff. 

Shannon Imagine. 

6 PM. Finally Shannon arrived home after last nights argument. He stormed into the living room, where I quickly rose after hearing the door slam. “Why are you being so stubbon Y/N?” Shannon shouted continuing on from our text messages. “Me?” I yelled back “I’m not the one who isn’t denying what happened” I finished. “I have already told you, nothing happened. That woman in the club tried to hit on me, but I told her I am seeing someone” he tried speaking in a softer tone. “So what did she whisper into your ear and why did she kiss you? Moreover why did you fucking allow it?” tears now burning their way down my face. “Fuck me Y/N.  I couldn’t control that kiss, I tried to pull away. You know that, you saw everything”. The angry tone back in his voice. “And what did she whisper” I asked not really wanting to know the answer. “Do you really want to go there” he threatened walking up to me, his face against mine, watching my tears fall. “Do not intimidate me Shannon” I pushed passed him. He grabbed my wrists and backed me up against the wall.

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When One Door Closes, Another One Opens- Caspar Lee Imagine

Word Count: 1,750

Request:  100 with Caspar?, “You’re the love of my life, but I’m not yours.” (from Si and Liv’s prompt list)



It’s a crazy thing. Some people think it’s tragically beautiful, but that’s bullshit. It hurts.

Certain things you see or do, remind you of what you what once had. The restaurant of your first date, the stuffed animal won for you at a festival, the smell of cologne that lingers on some of your clothes.

And then when you see them happy with someone else, that’s the worst.

You and Caspar had been broken up for a little over four months. You had been together since you were 17. You two were pretty serious. Even back then. When you graduated high school, Caspar YouTube career was starting to take off. You decided to join in him in his move to London. It was a big step. You both were still young, but crazy and excited for what life had in store for you. Now at 23, six years later it was all over.

You didn’t understand what went wrong. Sure, no relationship was perfect. You fought and had disagreements like everyone else. However nothing significant stood out in your mind, that would lead to the end of your relationship. It seemed as though one day something changed. Caspar started acting more distant and less interested. There was disconnect and miscommunication. You tried to ask what was wrong and to talk about it, but he didn’t want to.

You remember the night your relationship ended so vividly. It was a Tuesday night. You were sat on the sofa watching tv and scrolling through your phone. Caspar had just gotten home from hanging out with the boys all day. He said a simple hello to you and then proceeded to the kitchen, plugging in his phone. A few minutes later, you felt the sofa slump down next to you. Caspar turned to face you. Then came the dreaded phrase no one likes to hear, we need to talk.

He didn’t tiptoe around his feelings this time. He laid everything out on the table. He explained that for the past few months, he felt like you were growing apart. You two were at different points in your lives and you weren’t teenagers anymore. Then he took a deep, long sigh and blurted, “I think we should see other people.”

You couldn’t believe it. The boy you had loved for six years, the boy you thought was the one, broke up with you.

Of course you were in pain, your heart felt like it had been stomped on. You were hurting. And rightfully so.

After about a month, you felt like things were finally starting to improve. But then the unexpected happened, Caspar started seeing someone, a girl named Maddie. You felt your heart sink into your chest once again.

How could he move on so fast?

Did your feelings not matter to him?

Did they start talking while you were still together?

So many questions left unanswered.


You still were feeling kind of shitty, but your best friend Eleanor dragged you out of the house to go grab a drink.

“You need to stop worrying about what he’s doing with her. Look at this as a good thing, you can finally see what else is out there. So many guys would kill to have a girl like you!” she said, handing you a cosmo, while taking a sip of her own.

You took your finger and traced the rim of the glass, “Thanks El. I know it’s silly, but I just want some answers and closure. You know? Don’t I deserve that after being together for six years? I’m tired of feeling guilty and like it’s my fault.”

Eleanor glanced at you with a smirk on her face.

“What?” you asked, wearing a puzzled expression.

“Give me your phone.” she held out her hand to you.

You hesitated, “Why? What are you going to do?”

“Just do it.” she insisted.

“Alright..” you reluctantly handed your phone over to her.

You saw her quickly type something, then slide the phone back over to you. You were still confused, but just placed the device to the side and carried on with your conversation. Suddenly, you felt the counter vibrate and saw your phone light up.

“Eleanor you didn’t!” you gasped, when you saw the name attached to the text on your screen.


You could feel the knot in your stomach, as you unlocked your phone to read the text. It read:

Why don’t we meet tomorrow for coffee and talk? Does 10 work for you?

You just sat there speechless, staring at the message.

“Well? What does it say?” she asked with an impatient tone.

You snapped out of your trance, “Oh! Umm..he wants to meet for coffee tomorrow.”

“Perfect! Now you can get the answers you want!” she cheered.


Before you could get out what you wanted to say, Eleanor interrupted you, “You’re going! I’m not going to sit around anymore and watch you hurt. You deserve some answers! Go!”

She was right. Nothing would get better if you didn’t go. You had to do this for you and your heart.

~The next morning~

You sat nervously inside the local coffee near your flat, waiting for Caspar. You looked down at your phone, checking the time what seemed like every 10 seconds. When you looked back up towards the door, you saw a tall blonde out the window.

It felt so weird seeing Caspar walk through the doorway, after what seemed like forever. He met eyes with you, then made his way over to your table. He took a seat across from you, giving you and awkward way and slight smile.

It was quiet for a moment or two until Caspar finally spoke up, “It’s nice to see, been a while. You look good.”

You smiled at him, “Thanks. So do you.”

Moment of silence again

The smile disappeared from your face. You put your hands in your lap, thinking of how to word what you wanted to say. Suddenly it just all started to pour out,“I asked you..I asked you to come here, not because I want you back or anything. I just wanted know, how or why you moved on so quickly? I mean I know we’re broken up and you can do what you want. It’s your life. But to be honest it kind of felt like a slap in the face. We were together for so long…and just like that, two months later I’m replaced.”

Caspar listened intently. He took a sip of his coffee and then set it back down on the table.

You continued as your eyes started to water, “Did you hurt or feel any sadness whatsoever? Because I sure as hell did. I had to accept the fact that, you’re the love of my life, but I’m not yours. Do you know what that feels like?” you cried.

Caspar moved to the chair next to you, putting a caring hand on your shoulder, “Can I tell you something?”

You nodded, wiping away some tears from your cheeks.

“You and I had an amazing six years together. I don’t regret that. I wouldn’t change that for the world. You taught me so much and we have wonderful memories. You were my first love, my first everything. I made the decision I did, as cliche as it sounds because we changed. We didn’t change in a bad way. We just grew up. I would never intentionally hurt you (Y/N). You know that. I’m sorry for breaking your heart. And of course I was sad, but it wouldn’t have been fair to either of us to keep dating. Especially with the way I was feeling. That would have just hurt more. I want nothing more than for both of us to be happy. Most importantly you, because you deserve that. You’re amazing and someone is bound to see that.” he stretched his arms out, asking for a hug and you accepted.

You’d think being in his arms would bring back old feelings, but it didn’t. As least not as much as you thought. Even though some of it was hard to hear, you realized that Caspar genuinely cared about you and your feelings. You felt like you finally got what you needed.


You both sat in the cafe a little bit longer, chatting before parting ways. You agreed to stay friends. You had been in each other’s lives since before you could remember. It would silly to throw all that away.

As you were leaving the coffee shop, you shared one last hug. “Remember make sure whoever finds you, knows how special you are and is worthy of you.” he said softly.

“Thanks Caspar. I will. Take care.” you smiled back, waving goodbye.

You turned around to head back to your flat, while also texting Eleanor how it went with Caspar. You were so busy on your phone, not paying attention, and felt yourself harshly bump into someone. Making you trip and fall on top of them. You lifted yourself a little to see the person’s face. It was a handsome man with dark hair and beautiful blue eyes.

You quickly snapped out it, realizing you were still lying on top of him. You got up and brushed yourself off, “I’m terribly sorry! That was totally my fault!” you stuck out your hand to help him up.

He smiled at you and laughed, “That’s quite alright. Most girls wait til the third date, before they surprise me like that.”

You laughed along nervously, “Well I can assure you it won’t happen again. Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Yeah I’m fine! I think I’ll survive.” he reassured.

You stood quietly for a moment, “I hate to be rude, considering I just ran you down and all, but I’m expecting a friend at my flat.”

“Oh yes of course. You shouldn’t be late.”

“Have a good day and I’m sorry again!”

“Don’t worry about it! I’ll be alright. Have fun with your friend.” You started to walk off when you heard him call out to you. “But just in case I’m not, could I maybe have your number? You know, in case I need medical attention and they can contact you.” wearing a big smile on his face. You blushed, shaking your head while letting out a laugh.

You didn’t know why you did it, but you gave mystery man your number. Who knows? Maybe he could be Mr. Right.