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wait guys if Andrew is pretty much a confirmed Space Nerd™ then it is pretty safe to assume that he’s a big Star Wars fan right???? (I’m listening to Yoda and The Force okay sue me) because we know he knows the media classics and Star Wars is a media/galactic classic and I am 6385274% here for this 

  • little Andrew identified so hard with Han and Luke because he was alone and angry and so not going to deal with your shit ((he shipped them so hard I stg OTP)) ((also helped him figure out that maybe Leia in her slave attire didn’t really affect him as much as a sweaty Luke training with Yoda))
  • he watched most of the series with Cass though, and moving past the heartache of never being able to be with her and watch marathon after marathon of their favorite movies together was really hard for Andrew
  • but then his cousin ((and the foxes)) happened
  • this is one of the things that helped Andrew bond with Nicky bc Nicky is the only person willing to sit through a whole marathon of sci-fi family drama ((lbr he just wants to see Andrew happy))
  • Andrew makes SW references all the time to annoy Aaron and the first time Matt witnessed one he choked on his coffee and immediately ran to the girls who dO NOT BELIVE YOU MATT I NEED TO SEE THIS FOR MYSELF 

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Summary: Dean Winchester was used as a DNA print for underground organization Manticore. When the well known hunter is also being hunted by the FBI, Manticore takes matters on their own hands. Sending his own clone, X5 4-9-2 a.k.a Alec McDowell.

Author: deanwinchester-af

Words: 1.4k

Beta: @sleep-silent-angel

Warnings: None.

A/N: Sequel of Mirrors. This fics are inspired by this gifset AU/Crossover SPN x Dark Angel. It was so much fun to write and exciting since it’s something new for me. I love Alec and I love Dean, I don’t think there was another better way to mix this great characters together. I’m very happy y’all liked the first one, hope y’al like this one too. (It will be the last one of this ‘fic’) Feedback is always very appreciated it ♥


Alec re-adjusted his finger on the trigger of the gun. Glaring at the older reflection of himself, it was an odd feeling, like watching a vivid form of reflection of his mirror looking back at him. Alec couldn’t keep a steady pulse, he understood the orders and what needed to be done. The longer Dean looked into the same shade of green eyes, the more troubled Alec had with firing his Glock pistol.

“Come on, kid.” Dean snapped, his brows furrowed, “You don’t want to do this,”

Alec clenched his jaw, tightening his grip on the Glock. He was seconds away from pulling the trigger. Dean sighed, licking his lips, clenching his jaw and maintaining his serious face.


Alec’s and Dean’s heads jolted at Max’s voice. Her eyes were wide as she hesitantly approached the scene. She pursed her lips into a thin smile, her eyes never leavings Alec as she reached him. Alec frowned in confusion, shaking his head slowly yet maintaining the gun leveled at Dean.

“What are you doing here, Max?”

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