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what would the rfa's reactions be to mc having a very pissed off looking face but being a really huge softie? thank you!

Includes some spoilers for the different member’s routes

- very surprised
- you’re very nice in the chatrooms so he hadn’t imagined you’d always look angry
- he doesn’t really care though
- people always think he’s emotionless because of his expression so he can relate on a level
- the two of you look very threatening together
- like a mafia couple overruling everything

-but super loving with each other

- he thinks you’re a tax collector when you first show up
- whAT
- he thinks you’re perfect though
- learns pretty quickly how to read your facial expressions
- when you first visit one of his rehearsals everyone is low-key concerned you’re there to kill someone
- but Zen is like nO this is my PRINCESS and she is GORGEOUS
- likes to mess with you so you get annoyed and pouty because it’s so cute

- this poor puppy
- he constantly thinks you’re mad at him when you first start seeing each other regularly
- of course you’re beautiful in his eyes but what if he did something wrong
- overtime he learns not to worry so much
- saw you get actually mad once over someone making fun of his eye and that was terrifying
- he knows the difference now

- she doesn’t mind at all
- she has experience with people who look annoyed or angry a lot Jumin
- but maybe you shouldn’t serve tables at the café
- she’s very quick to learn your different facial expressions
- likes surprising you so your face gets all happy and soft

- is not expecting it at all
- all the selfies he saw of you were smiling and happy
- when he watches you on the CCTV he worries that something’s upsetting you
- and when he shows up at your apartment he starts believing you’re annoyed at him fueling his belief that you don’t want to know the real him
- but you’re so sweet is she really annoyed?
- he slowly stops worrying about it
- it’s just how your face rests
- and you’re perfect, including that