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Yoo Youngjae’s Birthday Countdown - Day 7

G is for Glasses


“part of you”

i keep seeing parallels between spuffy & bliv and ngl i hope the izombie writers explore their relationship more 

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Last month, I had to put down my 16-year-old cat due to cancer. Today I found out that we can't afford the possible treatment for my other cat, who is 15, and we have to consider euthanizing him within the next few days if his blood work comes back with bad news. These are my childhood cats whom I've had since I was 6 and I'm heartbroken. Could I have some Pangur and Grim snuggle pictures to help me get through the day?

I’m so sorry, that’s devastating. it sounds like they’ve both had long, full lives, but it always hurts to lose family members. 

here are a couple P&G pics I had on my phone:

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Lance and Shiro reacting to their S/O making a sort of purr when they're sleepy and or getting their head scratched by them (paladins)?

They are short, but i thought this was super cute. AND I MADE SHIROS A LIL ANGSTY SORRY IT JUST HAPPENED


 It was getting late, and you and your boyfriend Shiro were under the blankets of your shared bed, having an innocent cuddling session. Since Shiro had been plagued with PTSD from his time imprisoned by the Galra, snuggling before sleep was the best way to prevent Shiro from having nightmares. Not to mention you get to have quality time with the black paladin. 

“Hey, Y/N.” Shiro’s voice distracts you from nodding off; His warm, and naturally protective embrace could make anyone drowsy.

After you respond with a quizzical hum, Shiro sighs.

“Do.. Do you get nightmares..?” He asks, his unsure tone hinting at his insecurity. You’re taken aback by his sudden inquiry, stiffening slightly in his arms, before relaxing back into him.

“Of course I do. Not as vivid, or frightening as yours I can imagine, but yeah. I’m sure everyone has at least once in their life.” You close your eyes, not wanting to go into it further.

Shiro looks at you with curiosity, before frowning. “Did you want to talk about it? Sorry if I upset you.. I shouldn’t have said anything.. I’m sorry I- Hey hey..” He shifts so he has a better view of your face, as he noticed a tear slip down your cheek. You hadn’t even realized it, before wiping it away. You didn’t want to think about the last nightmare you had, and doing so only made you confused and angry, but you didn’t want to burden Shiro with your problems. After all, Shiro’s visions were 100x as bad as yours.

 Still, it made you uncomfortable.

“It’s okay, love. I’m here.” He coos, holding you a little tighter than before.
He brought his human hand up to the top of your head, combing your hair gently through his fingertips. 

The sensation made you feel surprisingly relaxed, a breath escaping your lips you hadn’t realized you held. But with that breath came a soft purr from the back of your throat; a sound you didn’t know you could make. His hand stops almost immediately, thinking that sound was from discomfort, but continued as you nuzzled into his fingertips.

Shiro chuckles, kissing your forehead. You blush at his actions, burying your face into him, embarrassed.

“You’re so adorable. Did you know that?“ 


After touching down on a planet with a plant with similar qualities to grass, you knew you had to check it out. And with Lance being the homesick sinnamon roll he is, he just had to join you.

Running out of the castle you guys raced to see who could get there the fastest. “I’ll get there first!!” “No you won’t Y/N, get back here!”

After deeming the plant safe for humans, you practically threw yourself to the floor, taking off your shoes so you could feel the green substance between your toes. Without warning, Lance had lept ontop of you, pinning you to the ground, a smirk on his face. 

You brought your face closer to his, pretending you were about to give him a kiss, before uprooting some of the “grass” and shoving it down his shirt.

A smile spread like wildfire on your face, laughing so hard you had to steady yourself, as you watched him wriggle, trying to rid himself of the blades of “grass” sticking to his body.

“Grass wasn’t this sticky I swear!” He exclaims, moving uncomfortably above you, his expressions of disgust amusing you to no end. You had to wipe the tears forming at the corners of your eyes before calming down.

Instead of getting you back, he ruffles your hair, smiling at the prankster he’s created. He didn’t realize his action would cause you to release a small purr, pushing your head into his hand.

He face heats up, as you basically turned into a huge, adorable kitty under his touch. He used this opportunity to finally kiss you softly on the lips. He wasn’t ready to go back to his old life just yet, if it meant losing times like this.

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Kind of a stupid question, but I recently got a Mac and PS CS6 and whenever I gif, my gifs seem really low quality in comparison to my old gifs that were done on a PC and PS CS5. The settings I use to gif are the same and I'm using 1080p videos so I don't know what the problem is. Is it something fixable in PS settings or is it just my perception and in reality they're the same quality? Sorry, it's just been bothering me and I'm wondering if it's fixable.

I had the same problem when I transitioned from Widows to Mac. Once I’ve cropped the gif, I resize my gif and click “best for smooth gradient”:

One you have done this your gif will look smooth (at least mine do), then select all your layers/frames and “Convert to Smart Filter” them. Duplicate your gifs layers around 3 times, because this makes the edges thicker around your gif, then smart sharpen one layer. My settings:

This is what my gifs look like, as a result of this method:


I took some screenshots from P4DAN’s opening, its looks beautiful


Requested by cracraforfandoms:

Lex: “A man is measured by the quality of his friends, Clark.”

Clark: “Then I guess you’re the best friend I could have.”